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Kevin Lee Issues Challenge to Conor McGregor - MMA Fighting

Published on Oct 4, 2017 293,731 views

Kevin Lee discusses his outfit, his UFC 216 opponent Tony Ferguson, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, his response to Mickey Gall's callout, the recent Las Vegas shootings, and more.


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  • Last campy
    Last campy 1 year ago He talks about Tony being a weirdo, looks like he hasn't seen himself on the mirror
  • Ryan W
    Ryan W 1 year ago Pain In Your Ass Lol!
  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 1 year ago Pain In Your Ass haha exactly.
  • Ash K
    Ash K 1 year ago Thats swag white people wouldn't understand
  • KinjiMuto3
    KinjiMuto3 1 year ago "You're dressed like a champion" Ariel throwing shade or has a low rate perception of a champion these days.
  • boalc
    boalc 1 year ago KinjiMuto3 😂
  • slushymatis
    slushymatis 1 year ago KinjiMuto3 I think the latter. Because he acknowledged Conor at one point as well. 🙄
  • RamenLover
    RamenLover 1 year ago Everything is alright it look like a boxing robe of something except for that retarted scarf,Alest tie it around ur mouth so u look better
  • 21k
    21k 1 year ago Sarcasm bro
  • iAmReckless
    iAmReckless 1 year ago His idol is obviously Conor McGregor
  • Ju Blue
    Ju Blue 1 year ago iAmReckless So just to be clear if you dress crazy and care about fashion then your a Conor fan?
  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez 1 year ago iAmReckless they are not similar at all
  • Olap skies
    Olap skies 1 year ago One of the dumbest things you Conor fans continue to say, Conor's whole gag is Americanized. You can find a million people who act like Kevin Lee in Detroit. No one is copying a Copy (Conor).
  • Viktor Cheng
    Viktor Cheng 1 year ago Olap skies especially when Conor is bumping Notorious B.I.G. During his walkout. Conor fans will say it’s Irish music.
  • irish brother
    irish brother 1 year ago iAmReckless Anyone with half a brain can see that he tries so fuckn hard to be like Mcgregor,you will get the simple simons that can't see it though LMAO
  • Lord of the belts: The return of the KING
    Lord of the belts: The return of the KING 1 year ago When has Conor even worn anything even remotely similar to that? For Christ sake he is dressed up like he is going to some S&M gay club or something.
    LEE KING SNATCH 1 year ago +Lord of the belts...How do you know what they wear in an s&m gay club?
  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 1 year ago Worst Hot take of the day. Are you Skip Bayless?
  • burrite
    burrite 1 year ago +Hunter 45 nice English you hillbilly
  • irish brother
    irish brother 1 year ago Viktor Cheng Smh It's only a fuckn song,you listen to Justin Bieber but that don't make you him now does it???? lmao
  • Cody Boyd
    Cody Boyd 1 year ago iAmReckless that’s good. Look at what Conor has done for the UFC and how much money he has made. If you’re in that game and not looking up to Conor then who are you looking up to? The name of the game is making money.
  • Joe Lates
    Joe Lates 1 year ago (edited) And obviously Conor idolizes Floyd. And where is Floyd from? Michigan! Isn't that where Kevin is from?
  • David McNaboe
    David McNaboe 1 year ago and mcgregors idol is ali and alis was gourgeous George and so on. real fights fake beef, the guy is just trying to make as much money as possible, cant blame him. McGregor didn't invent the world.
  • Mini Thin
    Mini Thin 1 year ago Did he say he’s fought The Who’s who at 155? Is that chiesa? 😂
  • blo fo
    blo fo 1 year ago he said 'we' lol hearing problem?
  • Josiah D
    Josiah D 1 year ago IF you dont know Chiesa, you dont know mma.
  • Assad Khalif
    Assad Khalif 1 year ago Blo fo. I know right? people just hate for no good reason man.
  • Emil Ugrinov
    Emil Ugrinov 1 year ago his point is Chiesa is the only one known. And that's true, especialy compared to who Tony has fought.
  • Ricky R
    Ricky R 1 year ago Josiah D you mean hype job fighting cans? Yea he lost.
  • Tom Simon
    Tom Simon 1 year ago Not his fault that no one wants to fight him
  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla 1 year ago You don't have to fight the who's who to get a shot at the lightweight title anymore. Just have to go 1-1 with Diaz.
  • ScorpionXII
    ScorpionXII 1 year ago McGregor couldn't submit Chiesa if his life depending on it.
  • thatcuriousguy
    thatcuriousguy 1 year ago (edited) a year and half back surgery laid off chiesa too lol.
  • VitalYFZ
    VitalYFZ 1 year ago (edited) Kevin hasn't faced a single person in the top 5 at 155 lbs. Not sure what who's who list he faced but OK. Also, him saying Conor isn't a tough fight is beyond ridiculous. Conor will KO him easily if he tries to stand with him. We all know Kevin would be shooting left and right for take downs if he faced Conor. Show some respect. Conor is the reason you're making good money. He's trying his hardest to be like Conor in every way.
  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson 1 year ago dude hasnt been allowed in the top ten. when he was he took chiesa back an choked him unto a inch of loosing conscious
  • panbuffman
    panbuffman 1 year ago "He he he he uhh wel you know he umm you know heyummm he know you know he he ye nah fo me dey gon doo wut dey gon ummm ya know do uhh damn. Thanks Ariel." - Kevin Lee
  • Raul Macias
    Raul Macias 1 year ago panbuffman wowwww 😁😁👍👍
  • Humble Anarchist
    Humble Anarchist 1 year ago Lmao!
  • stephen cross
    stephen cross 1 year ago Lmao spot on. That must of been hard to type.
  • MMA filthy casual
    MMA filthy casual 1 year ago Legendary
  • highmetalman6
    highmetalman6 1 year ago LMFAO!!
  • Martin Solomon
    Martin Solomon 1 year ago He know, he know
  • Lewis
    Lewis 1 year ago panbuffman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jose munoz
    Jose munoz 1 year ago panbuffman savage 😂😂😂
  • Jeremy Shirley
    Jeremy Shirley 1 year ago "He he he he uhh wel you know he umm you know heyummm he know you know he he ye nah fo me dey gon doo wut dey gon ummm ya know do uhh damn. Thanks Ariel." - Kenny Florian
  • Goutham Reddy Kotapalle
    Goutham Reddy Kotapalle 1 year ago (edited) spot on!! ferguson's gonna humble this kid's ass for sure.
  • Nick Fauss
    Nick Fauss 1 year ago Wonder where he got the idea for the scarf...
  • Young Lad
    Young Lad 1 year ago trippie redd
  • Kristopher Lovell
    Kristopher Lovell 1 year ago Young Lad no conners suit stupid
  • Young Lad
    Young Lad 1 year ago Kristopher Lovell that'd make sense if he made the bandana 😂
  • jey1989jey
    jey1989jey 1 year ago Cowboys and Indians?
  • rzrselliott
    rzrselliott 1 year ago Randy Couture and Conor McGregor
  • Dean The fag boi
    Dean The fag boi 1 year ago Kinky sex
  • Viktor Cheng
    Viktor Cheng 1 year ago Nick Fauss this look is copped from DMX this is his look. Supreme is a huge brand name which made the bandana.
  • boalc
    boalc 1 year ago Young Lad you can't he this stupid😂you're trolling right?
  • Young Lad
    Young Lad 1 year ago KID DC your comparing a custom made suit to something that supreme dropped haha
  • rainmaker_oz
    rainmaker_oz 1 year ago chris jericho surely
  • DirectorZito
    DirectorZito 1 year ago He got the shirtless idea from Connor
  • goldenlungs
    goldenlungs 1 year ago Boii lol youre a clown
  • PoachedJohn
    PoachedJohn 1 year ago From scooby doos Fred
  • Frank table
    Frank table 1 year ago WESTBROOK #okc
  • Cody Boyd
    Cody Boyd 1 year ago Nick Fauss it’s made by supreme. It’s not even his idea.
  • Spamming Lockdown
    Spamming Lockdown 1 year ago (edited) Kristopher Lovell you’re an idiot if you think Conor is the only one to wear a red bandana
  • Tatsuya K_M
    Tatsuya K_M 1 year ago The gay guy who played Rembrandt in the warriors
  • Vood jin
    Vood jin 1 year ago Justin Bieber
  • Michelle Prior
    Michelle Prior 1 year ago You gotta be joking right??
  • Aj
    Aj 1 year ago BOY it's a supreme bandana! Supreme been well known years before McTapOut 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Da'Bones * Sosa Rick Grimes
    Da'Bones * Sosa Rick Grimes 1 year ago Chris Jericho
  • Yo Jordon
    Yo Jordon 1 year ago Cringe Mcgregor
  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 1 year ago Looks hella gay. I wouldn't rock it but I don't got a fight to promote
    ALEX MASON 1 year ago I think he invented it
  • rima cidih
    rima cidih 8 months ago @Kristopher Lovell lol damn conor was the first person to put on a bandanna?
  • AwesomeFitnessScience
    AwesomeFitnessScience 1 year ago Whoa Kevin, you got to go through El Cucuy first bro
  • lonely cat
    lonely cat 1 year ago Either one would whoop Conor's ass. Those guys ain't no midgets like those guys Conor beat up.
  • Frankie Joseph
    Frankie Joseph 1 year ago Hahahahaha
  • MaLJaY Worldstar
    MaLJaY Worldstar 1 year ago And who did Conor go through for that light-weight title?
  • Alfonso Hernandez
    Alfonso Hernandez 1 year ago MaLJaY Worldstar a guy shorter than him... None of these two are
  • chai jinjie
    chai jinjie 1 year ago ANd Khabib
  • The Boss
    The Boss 1 year ago MaLJaY Worldstar his lightweight title fight was fixed asf
  • Alfonso Hernandez
    Alfonso Hernandez 1 year ago MMA luva Lightweight you dumb ass
  • Garrett Gustafson
    Garrett Gustafson 1 year ago The Boss your a dumbass
  • VIP
    VIP 1 year ago CalvinHuynhFitness he's no Floyd, trying to act the part , you know the saying , n rich.. be nice if he could speak in sentences
  • Geechi Liberace
    Geechi Liberace 1 year ago (edited) MaLJaY Worldstar Conor was supposed to fight dos Anjos before he pulled out. The fight vs Eddie was what was owed to him by Dana.
  • metalsquirrelgamer
    metalsquirrelgamer 1 year ago CalvinHuynhFitness im saying lmao! This is bad for Lee if he is thinking about connor before even beating Tony.