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Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

Published on Apr 5, 2019 4,367,209 views

"You can bury me in orange chicken when I die, and that will be a really beautiful funeral."

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  • Chinyere Korie
    Chinyere Korie 3 months ago "I have no portion control, if it's infront of me I'm going to eat it all" I am Lindsay.
  • Klxr lol
    Klxr lol 1 day ago Me 😂
  • Dunya's world
    Dunya's world 1 week ago meee lol
  • Skye Grace
    Skye Grace 1 week ago Same
  • Redsauce 57
    Redsauce 57 1 week ago I’m Lindsay but I do that all day and not just have one meal
  • Wolf Thing
    Wolf Thing 2 weeks ago Chinyere Korie yep same
  • ada de la paz
    ada de la paz 3 weeks ago #relatable
  • Kiko
    Kiko 1 month ago Yet she eats one meal a day .... girl
  • Ali kassem17
    Ali kassem17 1 month ago 🙄 🙄 🙄 😑😑😒😒😒
  • LiveLife LikeDev
    LiveLife LikeDev 1 month ago Omg same
  • Victoria Lawlor
    Victoria Lawlor 1 month ago Sameeeeeeeeeeee
  • Mia Shelley
    Mia Shelley 1 month ago Same at family gatherings there’s soooo many snacks
  • KittyClawz_Meow
    KittyClawz_Meow 1 month ago #relatable
  • Laylany Gonzalez Salazar
    Laylany Gonzalez Salazar 1 month ago Chinyere Korie that’s my mood
  • Alexis DelPrete
    Alexis DelPrete 1 month ago but then she didn’t eat the cupcake 😂
  • 귀염둥이Kittycat
    귀염둥이Kittycat 1 month ago This is literally me
  • *[galaxy_potato]*
    *[galaxy_potato]* 1 month ago Same
  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224 1 month ago I am too
  • Saliha Said
    Saliha Said 1 month ago Chinyere Korie #true
  • Mico Amadeo
    Mico Amadeo 2 months ago Chinyere Korie mood
  • DepressedGachaKai
    DepressedGachaKai 2 months ago Chinyere Korie #relatable
  • FreedomWriter3
    FreedomWriter3 2 months ago "Just because you look a certain way doesn't mean you're doing things the right way. Just because you look a certain way doesn't mean you're doing things the wrong way. Bodies are just different." I felt that on a spiritual level!
  • Family양파
    Family양파 4 days ago Esther Johnson Some people just have a body that where even if they ate a little they gain a lot of weight
  • Sanya
    Sanya 1 week ago The clip played at the time I read ur comment
  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin 2 weeks ago I don’t really understand why she thought that after saying how little Lindsay eats. Yes she should drink more water and has some things in her diet that aren’t perfect but even her takes outs are healthy so she can eat the popcorn. It doesn’t matter how much calories it has but what else she eats.
  • jkbkjnj kjhkjbnjk
    jkbkjnj kjhkjbnjk 2 weeks ago @Arlene Santana exactly. I've gained weight eating super healthy and lost weight on junk food just because I don't eat as often.
  • Caramel Yummy
    Caramel Yummy 2 weeks ago FreedomWriter3 Omg I started reding this right when she said ir
  • Jordan Simmons
    Jordan Simmons 2 weeks ago Very judgmental all of you. Jazz has openly talked about overcoming ED and any kind of disordered eating can seriously affect your body. My friend had very disordered eating for years (diet pills, bulimia etc) and now it’s hard for her to lose weight because she damaged her metabolism.
  • Apoorva S
    Apoorva S 3 weeks ago @Esther Johnson she is actually eating as healthy you can without being on a diet. A thin person could have the same diet as her and not gain weight. She also has a workout regimen. Bodies are just different
  • cat lover
    cat lover 3 weeks ago @Esther Johnson People can have pcod or thyroid issues. Hormonal imbalances can affect how much you weigh by the way
  • Justine Julia
    Justine Julia 3 weeks ago @Cleaning Up I mean part of that is true, but genetics DO play a factor in weight loss which is why some people highly struggle with losing weight. I have had extensive conversations with rd's about this because my familial genes regarding weight are horrible and a huge reason I developed such bad anorexia and orthorexia is because of the fear of turning out like my parents. Jazz eats pretty normally here and if you actually pay attention to her, she is regularly active. Some people are just gifted with slim bodies and some people are. Sure weight can tell you a little about someone's health, but some people can be at a higher weight AND be healthy and some people can be skinny AND be unhealthy. Just let her do what is right and good for her recovery and do what is right for your recovery
  • Ethniana Grande
    Ethniana Grande 1 month ago Esther Johnson Well keep in mind many things play into being overweight ex:Very slow metabolism genetics diabetes (type 1) You name it. And she truly seems to be doing things right. Also diets can go very wrong.
  • Arlene Santana
    Arlene Santana 1 month ago Esther Johnson it’s about portioning your food mostly tho, there’s skinny people who eat just junk but they’re unhealthy but they don’t eat everyday, there also over weight people who eat healthy cause they eat too much. bodies are different too but it’s mostly just about the eating habits
  • Lisa Ware
    Lisa Ware 1 month ago Esther Johnson exactly. Going from one eating issue to the other end of am eating issue will never help
  • Esther Johnson
    Esther Johnson 2 months ago But it isn't really true. I mean if Jazzmyne was actually eating healthy she wouldn't be overweight. I applaud her for getting through an ED but now she's on the other side of the scale. She needs a healthy balanced diet. No hate.
  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 3 months ago I NEVER EVER eat breakfast the ONLY time I eat breakfast is if it’s on the weekend or we go out to eat for breakfast
  • Gaby
    Gaby 13 hours ago Same asf.
  • Danh Hoang
    Danh Hoang 1 day ago Bruh, I would die without breakfast. I have at least 600-800 calories for breakfast
  • hi
    hi 2 days ago Thats not really good for you. I suggest eating breakfast its the most important meal of the day.
  • Singing Singer
    Singing Singer 2 days ago If I wait to eat lunch and no breakfast I literally feel like I haven’t eaten in like weeks lmAo
  • Ok whatever I do just don't judge me
    Ok whatever I do just don't judge me 3 days ago I dont eat breakfast bc I'm never hungry in the morning but I'm 45 kg and I'm a 12 yr old
  • Alex Lin
    Alex Lin 1 week ago Sara Patterson apparently you lose 30 minutes of your life every time you don’t eat breakfast
  • Nora O.
    Nora O. 1 week ago a lot of the time i don't have enough time (during school) but if i have a lot of extra time i'll eat something small. too big and i feel nauseous
  • angie btw
    angie btw 2 weeks ago Gaurav Dubey I weigh 51 kg
    WINNIE LIN 2 weeks ago Sara Patterson same!
  • TypicalDisaster
    TypicalDisaster 2 weeks ago Same , can't really be bothered
  • nobody
    nobody 2 weeks ago Same
  • Avery George
    Avery George 2 weeks ago SAMEEEEEEEEEE, only for me even on the weekends i dont eat it unless im trying to be HeAltHy
  • gianna noelle
    gianna noelle 3 weeks ago Same. I think it's because of school. I'm in 8th grade and every morning I get nauseous. So I dont eat.
  • Breona Warren
    Breona Warren 3 weeks ago Same
  • Lilly Wallis
    Lilly Wallis 3 weeks ago Well if you eat it on weekends then you do have breakfast
  • Army Forever
    Army Forever 3 weeks ago Same
  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things 3 weeks ago Sara Patterson me too
  • Blazerous Fire
    Blazerous Fire 3 weeks ago @Gaurav Dubey same!! Thinking of joining a sport to keep myself active and fun, like volleyball
  • Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey 3 weeks ago @Blazerous Fire Mee too ! I am 75kg now because doing some Gym these days !! 😅
  • Blazerous Fire
    Blazerous Fire 3 weeks ago @Gaurav Dubey me too, well I'm 74kg
  • Channie Vxbes
    Channie Vxbes 3 weeks ago Same
  • Ella M.
    Ella M. 3 weeks ago Breakfast is practically more important than lunch, so when i eat a good meal for breakfast i skip lunch or dinner.
  • Evie Addy
    Evie Addy 3 weeks ago even a banana on a morning wouldn't do you arm
  • Olivia Rules
    Olivia Rules 3 weeks ago Same. But I hate breakfast food.
  • jude
    jude 4 weeks ago I'm late but SAME
  • Skinnie Legend
    Skinnie Legend 4 weeks ago I NEVER EVER EAT BREAKFAST oH bUt eXcEpT eVeRy 2 dAyS In a wEeK Or wHeN We gO oUT bUt I NEVER EVER EAT BREAKFAST ....ok
  • Kathelina Rose
    Kathelina Rose 4 weeks ago It is very bad for your health tho
  • Mimi.icons AJ
    Mimi.icons AJ 1 month ago Same
  • Temi
    Temi 1 month ago Same XD
  • BTS_hui_53 shnx
    BTS_hui_53 shnx 1 month ago Same
  • The FBI
    The FBI 1 month ago Omg same
  • S.F. Studios
    S.F. Studios 1 month ago Me too
  • Tran Bao
    Tran Bao 1 month ago So relatable
  • Madeleine Boucher
    Madeleine Boucher 1 month ago r u ok?
  • syd the squid
    syd the squid 1 month ago i’m 34 kg and i never eat breakfast period.
  • sketch girl taylor
    sketch girl taylor 1 month ago so your 169 pounds?@Gaurav Dubey
  • pulltra 405 000
    pulltra 405 000 1 month ago Same I don't eat breakfast in the morning and then lunch at school isn't in till 12:55 so I don't normally eat anything untill one
  • sily sister
    sily sister 1 month ago ARE YOU EVEN HUNGRY IN THE MORNING-
  • LiveLife LikeDev
    LiveLife LikeDev 1 month ago Really?
  • xX Cloudy xX
    xX Cloudy xX 1 month ago Same
  • i am a potato UwU
    i am a potato UwU 1 month ago (edited) Well science shows if u dont eat breakfast u have chances to get fat lol .. Not being a being a mom rn just telling .. And plus ur breakfast should be bigger than ur lunch and dinner :)
  • Micheal Scott
    Micheal Scott 1 month ago I literally only eat dinner just cause I’m never hungry
  • VIctoria Nkereuwem
    VIctoria Nkereuwem 1 month ago Same
  • Matilde Simoes
    Matilde Simoes 1 month ago @The Skinny LEGEND you know that it is normal for some people to weight 77 kg and not be "fat", due to how tall they are and for their composition, because muscle weights more than fat
  • TealSeal5683
    TealSeal5683 1 month ago Same
  • gar67 gar67
    gar67 gar67 1 month ago @Suga is my Husband I mean I don't really have a desire to eat much
  • Suga is my Husband
    Suga is my Husband 1 month ago That’s not good! If you don’t eat breakfast it doesn’t fuel your mind to work throughout the day and you end up being spacey because of it, and not eating breakfast can make you gain weight super fast too! Make sure to at least have a granola bar before you leave! 🙏
  • gar67 gar67
    gar67 gar67 1 month ago Same I usually just eat something small during the day and just eat dinner 💀
  • Good _Vixbes
    Good _Vixbes 1 month ago :O I’m surprised!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!!
  • Shahne' Green
    Shahne' Green 1 month ago Same
  • Regan Treece
    Regan Treece 1 month ago Girl, same. And we don't go out for breakfast.
  • Rink_D
    Rink_D 1 month ago Same, cuz I am really nauseous in the mornings and just wanna puke
  • Emma Petrelli
    Emma Petrelli 1 month ago Sara Patterson same
  • Just_a_nobody
    Just_a_nobody 1 month ago Same
  • Krissytal 10
    Krissytal 10 1 month ago same but that’s only because I don’t have time to 😂
  • Kawaii potato
    Kawaii potato 2 months ago Sara Patterson sameeee
  • c o w b o y c h e c k
    c o w b o y c h e c k 2 months ago @emmies world I thought you said you don't eat breakfast but then you said you did???????
  • Kaitlynn McClain
    Kaitlynn McClain 2 months ago I’m a late night eater I just snack throughout the day no breakfast
  • fucklove xo
    fucklove xo 2 months ago u kinda do eat breakfast because breakfast is when u BREAK your FAST so u kinda do
  • Gentiana Kaloshi
    Gentiana Kaloshi 2 months ago Same!
  • Kylie Thrasher
    Kylie Thrasher 2 months ago Same!!!!!!
  • Zelo
    Zelo 2 months ago Same
  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 2 months ago Sara Patterson same. I just don’t have the time to. Damn it, school!
  • Depressed Potato
    Depressed Potato 2 months ago Oh, well that's pretty unhealthy .
  • daniela ramirez
    daniela ramirez 2 months ago same
  • cynicallygreen
    cynicallygreen 2 months ago Want a medal?
  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 2 months ago Ksjjk972 1 no it isn’t a lot of people don’t eat break fast it’s prolly the easiest meal to skip
  • nataliaaa
    nataliaaa 2 months ago um well done idk? i always eat a big or average breakfast and i’m still skinny so it’s fine
  • Laura Maloney
    Laura Maloney 2 months ago Sara Patterson ikr
  • Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга
    Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга 2 months ago Sara Patterson OOMG! 5th grade drama
  • eXo_Keemstxr
    eXo_Keemstxr 2 months ago Sara Patterson no one cares
  • Blast Heart
    Blast Heart 2 months ago I eat breakfast daily, but it’s usually just a bagel.
  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 2 months ago Same
  • Raquel Fernandez
    Raquel Fernandez 2 months ago not having a breakfast make a super descompensation into your body, doesn’t make you lost calories, actually ur body hold back more calories because isn’t having food after a long period of no eating, so it tries to hold back the calories that you need to wake up and do all your morning things, if ur trying to lost fat, skipping breakfast isn’t helping
  • TheReal LisaPizza
    TheReal LisaPizza 2 months ago hey i added a new dare video and would be grateful fr some feedback negative/ positive feedback welcomed. Thanks!!!
  • super judy
    super judy 2 months ago Sara Patterson that is soo me
  • Natz_Playz
    Natz_Playz 2 months ago Sara Patterson Ssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • random_gamer_alert 69
    random_gamer_alert 69 2 months ago I never eat breakfast and sometimes skip lunch
  • Mackenzie Hardy
    Mackenzie Hardy 2 months ago Me too cuz I sleep in until 10 minutes before the bus gets here
  • Sofía Jiménez
    Sofía Jiménez 2 months ago You need to have breakfast.
  • Celia Garza
    Celia Garza 3 months ago Same
  • 지민이Jiminie
    지민이Jiminie 3 months ago Sara Patterson SAME!!!
  • The Skinny LEGEND
  • thatartchannel
    thatartchannel 3 months ago SAME
  • Oli Ren
    Oli Ren 3 months ago same
  • sǫᴜɪᴅ
    sǫᴜɪᴅ 3 months ago SAMe
  • Cassi's_ last
    Cassi's_ last 3 months ago I would skip breakfast during my anorexic period. (Sorry, don't mean to be a bring down) Idk how other ppl manage. 😂
  • sophie stella
    sophie stella 3 months ago Sara Patterson same
  • CrazyCurlyFry
    CrazyCurlyFry 3 months ago Saaammme
  • Landen Bradley
    Landen Bradley 3 months ago Sara Patterson same
  • Ksjjk972 1
    Ksjjk972 1 3 months ago (edited) Not eating breakfast is SO BAAAAAD for you
  • Felicity's World
    Felicity's World 3 months ago Yeah same. I only have breakfast at school sometimes or if friends come over
  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith 3 months ago Same!
  • Gacha Galaxy
    Gacha Galaxy 3 months ago Same
  • Misplaced
    Misplaced 3 months ago Saaamme
  • TypicalDisaster
    TypicalDisaster 3 months ago Oh same
  • Giovanna Amâncio
    Giovanna Amâncio 3 months ago Sara Patterson yessss me too
  • tHe GoAtT
    tHe GoAtT 3 months ago Sara Patterson SAME!!!
  • Elsayed Yassin
    Elsayed Yassin 3 months ago Same over here
  • Ell Rebxcca
    Ell Rebxcca 3 months ago Oh honey I eat breakfast twice a day😂
  • Shadi Abbas
    Shadi Abbas 3 months ago Sara Patterson I’m like this too xd
  • Antoine Willams
    Antoine Willams 3 months ago Sara Patterson morning
  • Lillian Moomey
    Lillian Moomey 3 months ago Sara Patterson omg sameeeeee it makes me wanna puke
  • nadine ferguson
    nadine ferguson 3 months ago Same
  • Luis Navaro
    Luis Navaro 3 months ago Plug walk
  • F U
    F U 3 months ago Sameee
  • Kadence Charles
    Kadence Charles 3 months ago Well done mate?
  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 3 months ago 💘💘💘 thank you for all the likes and comments it really means a lot to me . Me and my BFF are in a big fight rn and she’s not very happy when I did nothing to her except tell her I had other friends
  • S t r a w b e r r y M i l k
    S t r a w b e r r y M i l k 3 months ago Same except not on the weekends.
  • Terri N.
    Terri N. 3 months ago Sara Patterson sameeee
  • Fenty God
    Fenty God 3 months ago Same
  • emmies world
    emmies world 3 months ago I don't eat breakfast nd ligit half a sandwich nd a small breakfast
  • Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey 3 months ago (edited) Then also my weight is 75kg !!😅
  • Eliana O
    Eliana O 3 months ago Sara Patterson same
  • Alexa Millan
    Alexa Millan 3 months ago I have 1 meal a day with 100 snacks
  • Brianna Johnson
    Brianna Johnson 1 week ago Same, my mom thinks I'm crazy.
  • Unicorn Gamer
    Unicorn Gamer 2 weeks ago Idk why but I don’t eat a lot I literally eat 2 meals a day with no snacks..............I haven’t eaten today either
  • Elizabeth Glasby
    Elizabeth Glasby 2 weeks ago Same sista
  • Yadira Peña
    Yadira Peña 2 weeks ago Lot of snacks
  • GDChris M
    GDChris M 3 weeks ago pimples here i come
  • Ꭱaya Eliz
    Ꭱaya Eliz 3 weeks ago Oh same sometimes I eat nothing .
  • DJDaGod
    DJDaGod 1 month ago Me too
  • Madeleine Boucher
    Madeleine Boucher 1 month ago ME tho
  • Liv Milan
    Liv Milan 1 month ago I can relate soooo much 😂
  • Zoe Lifland
    Zoe Lifland 1 month ago THATS ME EVRY DAY
  • F Basurto
    F Basurto 1 month ago Cannot relate
  • Rebecca O Mahony
    Rebecca O Mahony 1 month ago @eirin mikalsen hahaha I ate about 6 hours after I posted that I had some lovely McDonalds 😊😊
  • Bangtan Girl
    Bangtan Girl 1 month ago @Rebecca O Mahony eat and beware of the ULCER
  • eirin mikalsen
    eirin mikalsen 1 month ago Rebecca O Mahony Girl eat
  • Rebecca O Mahony
    Rebecca O Mahony 1 month ago It's nearly 4 in the evening and I haven't eaten yet the last Time I ate was 24 hours ago........ help me
  • Wack Mack
    Wack Mack 1 month ago Same lol my mom doesn’t think the snacks make me full but girl they do
  • Fave.lilmunchkin
    Fave.lilmunchkin 1 month ago Same
  • KittenCupcake Lover74
    KittenCupcake Lover74 1 month ago Lo
    MEH MEH 2 months ago Alexa Millan me when I was 10
  • Noora Ali
    Noora Ali 2 months ago me
  • _.analog._
    _.analog._ 3 months ago Jazz's idea with the water in the morning is so genius like ive been dehydrated A LOT and imma start doing that
  • Dani Cuervo
    Dani Cuervo 6 days ago drinking 1 to 2 glasses of water in the morning before breakfast helps w/ digestion and speeds up your metabolism for the day!
  • Josh Saggers
    Josh Saggers 2 weeks ago If your dehydrated drink water, it’s not hard
  • Azra Aysima
    Azra Aysima 3 weeks ago I used to drink lots of water in the mornings before school, and one day I just threw up for that reason xD
  • Lalalz 3014
    Lalalz 3014 1 month ago I keep a bottle of water on my nightstand so if it’s the middle of the night and I’m dehydrated (I have a medical issue that doesn’t allow my body to retain water) I can just drink however much I need to be comfortable
  • Jen Nardone
    Jen Nardone 1 month ago I like to do two cups of water with breakfast so it distracts from the drinking water 😂
  • leslie
    leslie 1 month ago (edited) What I do is that I drink 2 liters of water every day and my skin has gotten better and I'm rarely hungry....
  • Sssophie
    Sssophie 2 months ago @Winter Rose I tend to overheat in restaurants eating a big meal semi-fast (I'm always slower than other eaters, so there's more pressure in public) So maybe I'll do that, drink loads of water before a meal
  • perla vv
    perla vv 2 months ago And you could get clearer skin
  • Al Wa
    Al Wa 2 months ago 16 ounces with breakfast 16 ounces with lunch 20 ounces drink workout 16 ounces with dinner there all your water inktakw for the day
  • Kegne kenkai
    Kegne kenkai 2 months ago I drink two cups of water every morning before my workout and then a cup every 1 1/2 hours to keep hydrated. Try it out! You won't pee all the time as if you'd drink every hour.
  • AustraliaVEVO
    AustraliaVEVO 2 months ago Water also helps you feel full, eat less, and lose weight
  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose 2 months ago I've always been told that every time you feel hungry you should drink an entire glass of water first. Just chug it, if you have to. Our brains aren't always great at differentiating between thirst and hunger, so you might not actually be hungry, you're thirsty! Also, drinking water before meals helps you not overeat.
  • sumayyah Islam
    sumayyah Islam 2 months ago I always drink 500ml of water before I eat my breakfast.
  • Cassi's_ last
    Cassi's_ last 3 months ago I literally drank 3 cups of water this morning because I was trying to get rid of water weight. (Ik, counterintuitive.) IT WAS PEE CENTRAL ALL DAY.
  • Saucy Jiminie
    Saucy Jiminie 3 months ago burns food in microwave Me-sees steam Ooooo am I a chef?
  • Jiminie Mochi
    Jiminie Mochi 2 weeks ago @%% Mmmm if you don't accept K-pop then you don't need to reply to us also why can't you spread positivity and not hate
  • monica donnelly
    monica donnelly 3 weeks ago I don't remember posting this comment ^
  • %% Mmmm
    %% Mmmm 3 weeks ago Armies are not welcome including all of the Kpop groups fandom ex. Once Blink Buddy etc.
  • %% Mmmm
    %% Mmmm 3 weeks ago @MAR IA we don't care
  • %% Mmmm
    %% Mmmm 3 weeks ago @Gintoki Sakata get out
  • MAR IA
    MAR IA 1 month ago HOLY SHT ARMY!
  • Franki Page
    Franki Page 1 month ago And I opp
  • Gintoki Sakata
    Gintoki Sakata 1 month ago Hello @Sausy jiminie ARMY.
  • _Omq_its_Syd_
    _Omq_its_Syd_ 1 month ago Saucy Jiminie omg hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha
  • Ashley Vasquez
    Ashley Vasquez 1 month ago Well hello there fellow ARMY HEHE If you are Saucy Jiminie then i am SAUCY JUNGKOOKIE🙃 (im not funny i know 😔
  • Jade Kennedy
    Jade Kennedy 1 month ago Saucy Jiminie I think that’s smoke
  • lalisa
    lalisa 1 month ago Quirky
  • Not You
    Not You 1 month ago That might be smoke 😂😂😂
  • Hikari Lani
    Hikari Lani 1 month ago I know this line gonna be on comment section!!
  • monica donnelly
    monica donnelly 1 month ago TSD Kim *smoke
  • Sarah Beattie
    Sarah Beattie 2 months ago Yasssssss
  • 7Lawaneeena
    7Lawaneeena 2 months ago You're sooo special
  • Ve Nus
    Ve Nus 3 months ago Wow so quirky !
  • Luis Navaro
    Luis Navaro 3 months ago Plug walk indeed
  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha 3 months ago (edited) So I'm not the only 1 who feels like they're gonna throw up in the morning😂😂
  • The All Things Channel
    The All Things Channel 1 week ago Same honestly
  • Kaecee XoXo
    Kaecee XoXo 1 week ago C Hundur it helps to eat like two tums before you get out of bed, then get ready, and then eat breakfast :)
  • K - IDLE
    K - IDLE 1 week ago I’ve always felt like that lol I thought it wasn’t normal , so I just never eat breakfast lol and at school when everyone eats their breakfast in the morning the foods also make me nauseous idk why
  • camila soto
    camila soto 1 week ago Honestly I thought I was the only one OMG 😮
  • Hopeless Pepperoni
    Hopeless Pepperoni 3 weeks ago Bro sameeee
  • Kettle
    Kettle 3 weeks ago Starlight Gacha I feel like that at night.
  • Kelly Jellybean
    Kelly Jellybean 3 weeks ago Me too
  • Ren Jeon
    Ren Jeon 1 month ago Starlight Gacha nope
  • Temi
    Temi 1 month ago Nope 😂 I always feel like throwing up
  • uHhm
    uHhm 1 month ago Josephine Jeffrey let me save everyone’s life real quick.. TUMS or anything that helps with acidity
  • Your Queen
    Your Queen 1 month ago Starlight Gacha nope
  • Katie Akin
    Katie Akin 1 month ago I used to feel that way (in high school), but now I eat breakfast, even if it’s something small
  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha 1 month ago @Tayla Joseph I'll try That out lol😂
  • Tayla Joseph
    Tayla Joseph 1 month ago Tea ☕️ helps settle my stomach
  • Nellie Anayia
    Nellie Anayia 1 month ago Me to
    ARMY WORLD :D 1 month ago Starlight Gacha nope :)
  • introvertednerdz 2805
    introvertednerdz 2805 1 month ago I always feel nauseous and sick in the morning. And no I am not pregnant. I'm only 13, it's been like that since I was a baby. Sometimes eating makes me feel even more sick and nauseous.
  • destiny bearor
    destiny bearor 1 month ago no
  • KBeatsPanda
    KBeatsPanda 1 month ago No I just think I’m gonna die from not eating for 10 hours
  • Sub to Pewdiepie
    Sub to Pewdiepie 1 month ago I also get it, I’ve figured out it’s bc of stress ( well I know when I throw up or am nauseas in the morning it’s usually bc I have something I’m stressed about that day)
  • Kimmy 26
    Kimmy 26 1 month ago Same I tried taking water in the morning i felt like puking 😫😭😭
  • bellaheavnly *
    bellaheavnly * 1 month ago And imagine if you had to drink a jar of water every morning. 🤢
  • Julia Allison
    Julia Allison 1 month ago Me, sometimes I think I have morning sickness I'm a virgin 😂
  • Nimbiskawaii :3
    Nimbiskawaii :3 1 month ago Yes
  • caitlyn
    caitlyn 1 month ago @Aileen DeMong exactly!
  • Aileen DeMong
    Aileen DeMong 1 month ago For me it’s at night. Just randomly i’ll get a headache and/or get nauseous for an hour. Then I’ll feel fine and be able to go to sleep.
  • Fly Makeup
    Fly Makeup 1 month ago @zippy me too
  • Ewa Słomka
    Ewa Słomka 1 month ago Yeahh, that was me for like 3 yrs, but it's gone since I started eating breakfast(usually oatmeal)
  • Ainmhí Witch
    Ainmhí Witch 1 month ago I seriously thought I was alone in that too lmfao
    AVOCADOS & AVOCADOS 1 month ago I’m with you I feel like throwing up when I have breakfast
  • msalexander126
    msalexander126 2 months ago People always look at you crazy when you say you don't eat breakfast lol
  • Willows Meadow
    Willows Meadow 2 months ago Monlight Gacha same
  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha 2 months ago @Rotund Rat noo!😂
  • daniela ramirez
    daniela ramirez 2 months ago noppp
  • I like donuts and bands
    I like donuts and bands 2 months ago Nopee you ain't alone 😂
  • John John
    John John 2 months ago Monlight Gacha you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach side either
  • Jacquelin Jordan
    Jacquelin Jordan 2 months ago Omg everyday! I use to think I was always pregnant 😂 I would tell my boyfriend omg I’m nauseous, I’m pregnant but it’s just me.
  • Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга
    Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга 2 months ago Yall should get it checked out, thats not normal
  • Janeaya Craig
    Janeaya Craig 2 months ago I feel like that
  • Rotund Rat
    Rotund Rat 2 months ago lol you are just pregnant mate
  • Madison Fair
    Madison Fair 2 months ago i get like that BECAUSE i’m hungry
  • Aurora Kenner
    Aurora Kenner 2 months ago @Starlight Gacha yup 😊
  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha 2 months ago @Aurora Kenner Oh Oops thanks
  • Aurora Kenner
    Aurora Kenner 2 months ago They're* but no that's me to
  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha 2 months ago (edited) @xxAndreaxx Thats what happens to me😂😂😂
  • xxAndreaxx
    xxAndreaxx 3 months ago Shailee Lopez this sounds so bad but even the thought of eating in the morning make me feel like throwing up even more, I don’t have an eating disorder I swear 😂
  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson 3 months ago Ikr! So comforting to realize
  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha 3 months ago @Sakura Mio yeah same that's why i don't eat breakfast
  • Tfue
    Tfue 3 months ago C Hundur I have it
  • Tfue
    Tfue 3 months ago I have acid reflex and sometimes randomly ill feel like I’ll throw up and it really sucks
  • Sakura Mio
    Sakura Mio 3 months ago Shailee Lopez I do. Especially when I eat in the morning
  • C Hundur
    C Hundur 3 months ago Acid reflux! The only thing I've found that really helped me was taking a 12HR Zantac before I fall asleep, but some people recommend sleeping elevated if you can.
  • godsamir nawrozada
    godsamir nawrozada 3 months ago I feel like vomiting when I stay in bed for hours and haven't brushed my teeth
  • Josephine Jeffrey
    Josephine Jeffrey 3 months ago Shailee Lopez nope.
  • lil asian boi
    lil asian boi 1 month ago 4:02 “I don’t wanna cupcake” this is literally never me.
  • simple忍
    simple忍 1 day ago WHY ARE YOU ARGUING OVER GRAMMAR.
    WINNIE LIN 2 weeks ago lil asian boi that’s so me!
  • milana day
    milana day 3 weeks ago i mean when i’m tryna lose a pound or two then that’s so me like if my mom makes rice i’ll be like “did you make any chicken with it” cuz ion want the rice
  • Adam Elaasar
    Adam Elaasar 3 weeks ago Same
  • kiley wolf
    kiley wolf 3 weeks ago @Colorless Studios idk man, i just see them as two different words. like i would say "want a" as "wanna" irl, but i wouldn't spell "want a" like that. for example, "gonna" is "going to" and in my eyes "wanna" would be "want to." "i want a go to starbucks" vs. "i wanna go to starbucks" the first one sounds and looks weird, right? maybe it's just up to personal preference, but to me that's how i spell it.
  • Colorless Studios
    Colorless Studios 3 weeks ago @kiley wolf They tryna tell me how to spell even though "want to" and "wanna" mean the same thing, one is just in 'slang' which is perfectly acceptable too.
  • Colorless Studios
    Colorless Studios 3 weeks ago @kiley wolf Well yeah, just like "u" and "you". They both mean the same thing though, don't they? 🤷‍♀️
  • kiley wolf
    kiley wolf 3 weeks ago @Colorless Studios i mean, wanna and want a when spelling are two different things,,,,
  • The FBI
    The FBI 1 month ago @Colorless Studios savage
  • Colorless Studios
    Colorless Studios 1 month ago @DIY mizo slime kidzz Vanhmingliani Tochhawng But I don't wanna say it correctly.
  • DIY mizo slime kidzz Vanhmingliani Tochhawng
    DIY mizo slime kidzz Vanhmingliani Tochhawng 1 month ago @Colorless Studios *want a
  • Colorless Studios
    Colorless Studios 1 month ago @DIY mizo slime kidzz Vanhmingliani Tochhawng People(including me) say "wanna" instead of the proper "want to". It isn't incorrect.
  • DIY mizo slime kidzz Vanhmingliani Tochhawng
    DIY mizo slime kidzz Vanhmingliani Tochhawng 1 month ago *want a
  • sunflower lizzy
    sunflower lizzy 3 months ago or maybe you’ve just been pregnant since you were little
  • zoot zoot zoot zoot
    zoot zoot zoot zoot 1 week ago I always am nausous in the morning to but i am not pregnant
  • Lulu 21
    Lulu 21 1 week ago NO
  • Titi Adams
    Titi Adams 2 weeks ago lmao
  • Scarlett Azzopardi
    Scarlett Azzopardi 3 weeks ago Just like the doctor Phil lady who said she’s been pregnant for 3 years 😂
    FIGHT ZONE 1 month ago Yo point is ?
  • slyfox 104
    slyfox 104 1 month ago sunflower lizzy oh that sounds soooo wrong
  • Blossomstar 4
    Blossomstar 4 1 month ago ...
  • ya ya
    ya ya 1 month ago All my girl friends are like that too😔
  • Clocobear 29
    Clocobear 29 2 months ago Lol
  • Skylar Boerger
    Skylar Boerger 2 months ago I know I have
  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson 3 months ago sunflower lizzy 😂😂
  • Jamia Iero And the Past Pacifists
    Jamia Iero And the Past Pacifists 3 months ago (edited) That's a very horrifying concept XD
  • ramya rao
    ramya rao 2 months ago As a non-American I feel that's a lot of junk food(both sides).But again that's just me. Not a shade, just an observation
  • _zulu. .inc_
    _zulu. .inc_ 1 hour ago Diana DxD bruh do u realize that in asian countries they literally under-eat. so Id say that’s unhealthy
  • Aero
    Aero 5 hours ago I'm American and even I noticed it was a lot of junk food lol
  • Gaby
    Gaby 13 hours ago No you're definitely right. Neither of them eat veggies.
  • emma bloom
    emma bloom 6 days ago SAME!! i’m italian and the whole video i was like “that’s kinda unhealthy”
  • katie dennett
    katie dennett 1 week ago I’ve been to America a shite ton of times and you can’t get away from the fact most people you see are either huge/overweight and the 10% that aren’t are probably anorexic. You can’t complain when someone points out the truth
  • Aayma Syed
    Aayma Syed 2 weeks ago @okay ! stfu and go listen to ur panic at the disco lmao
  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin 2 weeks ago Aayma, what is wrong with you if you think that is fat.
  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin 2 weeks ago okay! Pointing out diffences between counties isn’t hate.
  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin 2 weeks ago Take out isn’t nessecary junk wood and not all these looked unhealthy.
  • Marina
    Marina 3 weeks ago I was kind of shocked watching this too because this would be SO expensive in my country (at least what's available here)
  • Grandma Barbra
    Grandma Barbra 3 weeks ago kobe kobe yup that's how I see America now I get it
  • kobe kobe
    kobe kobe 3 weeks ago That's America for you
  • Grandma Barbra
    Grandma Barbra 3 weeks ago ramya rao I agree as a non American I feel like they eat a lot of junk food, but also I feel like American people try to be in a diet while they can’t give up junky food. I mean I get it they are used to that kind of life style but eat some home made food people! (I’m not saying all Americans)
  • Ur wifi
    Ur wifi 3 weeks ago i live in Finland nd eating junk food even once a week is very uncommon. And i also like tried to make american pancakes and i ate two and wondered how someone could eat them for breakfast. Tbh im proud of those who stay healthy there bc it must be pretty hard bc of all the junk food
  • Mikayla canupp
    Mikayla canupp 1 month ago Many americans can choose an unhealthy lifestyle and it is noticeably alot of our population but that doesnt mean even close to everyone some of us are pretty careful of that cause we see it so often
  • okay !
    okay ! 1 month ago Aayma Syed saying “no hate” doesn’t make it okay. You’re completely insensitive, rude and disrespectful.
  • Marla Tinker
    Marla Tinker 1 month ago Omg that's what I thought too. Also all this plastic waste😣
  • Aayma Syed
    Aayma Syed 1 month ago Arent u fat as well tho..just assuming from ur profile pic. No hate just wondering :p :*
  • Liv's Good Vibes
    Liv's Good Vibes 1 month ago @Wack Mack so just bc most of America is overweight means we can consider all of America to be unhealthy?? I don't think so.
  • Liv's Good Vibes
    Liv's Good Vibes 1 month ago @Mojoyogi ! yes thank u
  • Liv's Good Vibes
    Liv's Good Vibes 1 month ago Not all Americans are unhealthy.....
  • Wack Mack
    Wack Mack 1 month ago That’s very true most of America is obese or overweight because of how many fast food places are in America
  • monny287
    monny287 1 month ago @Mojoyogi ! It should bother you, because it's true. Something like three quarters of Americans are overweight or obese and it has to do primarily with diet and inactivity. This diet seems to work for both of them and they appear to be healthy, which is great, but my problem is that it normalizes this type of diet for Buzzfeed's demographic, which is younger than both participants. And while I love and appreciate that Jazzmyne is really open with her struggle with eating disorders AND that she mentioned that she won't follow the other diet if it triggers ED thoughts, I'm not a fan of the fact that they included one of her ED behaviors in the video (the cereal in the cup). For one, kind of insensitive of her friend to do that on camera, and for another, again...normalizing unhealthy behavior for Buzzfeed's demographic.
  • Scuba Diver
    Scuba Diver 1 month ago Not everyone eats like that. I bet some people in other countries eat the weekend I’ve been binging (periods ugh) but it’s not an everyday thing
  • Kristýna Pokorná
    Kristýna Pokorná 1 month ago I totaly agree
  • natalie m
    natalie m 2 months ago Yup. In a lot of places, junk food is like... A majority of the options (healthier or fresh food can be HELLA EXPENSIVE, depending on the area) . And if that's not the case, it's how they're raised
  • Mojoyogi !
    Mojoyogi ! 2 months ago Diana DxD my point is it’s not right to say all of one group of people are the same.not ALL Americans Are unhealthy
  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 2 months ago I'm an American.... it's a lot of junk food. But that's how a lot of Americans eat. I think the only junk food I have in my house right now is a box of frozen waffles 😂
  • Diana DxD
    Diana DxD 2 months ago @Mojoyogi ! well Americans are very unhealthy
  • Mojoyogi !
    Mojoyogi ! 2 months ago That’s what every none American says. Not gonna lie it bothers me a bit to say that Americans are so unhealthy.(not saying you)
  • RainbowShook Y
    RainbowShook Y 2 months ago ramya rao as an American, your right 😂
    SINGING OBSESSED 2 months ago Lindsay: over cooks eggs UuUuUuU.....look at that steam aM i A cHeF?
  • Danielle Shields
    Danielle Shields 1 month ago Hahahah mood💜😜
  • chels e.
    chels e. 3 months ago everyone in the comments is suddenly a nutritionist lol
  • shak
    shak 2 months ago The way food is packaged in America and how processed it looks is so upsetting to me.
  • shak
    shak 2 weeks ago @Mojoyogi ! It's not my problem. It's only my problem when I visit America because nothing looks or tastes right.
  • shak
    shak 2 weeks ago @Person I'm not. I'm British
  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green 2 weeks ago @Liv's Good Vibes no problem!
  • groggychart 123
    groggychart 123 2 weeks ago Then change it instead of complaining about it
  • Timmy thick Vol.2
    Timmy thick Vol.2 2 weeks ago Too bad
  • Liv's Good Vibes
    Liv's Good Vibes 3 weeks ago @Hannah Green that's fine! Thanks for explaining to me!
  • Hannah Green
    Hannah Green 3 weeks ago @Liv's Good Vibes they were saying there is too much waste in America as a country, which of course is impacted by the people but it isn't a complaint about the people, its more directed at the country (sorry if that didn't make much sense). I think what I'm trying to say is that talking about the country is different than talking about the people from that country. For example, I personally Don't think saying that Japan is behind on gay rights and liberation due to gay marriage not being legally recognized would be offensive to the supportive gay communities found in the city, in fact I would say that they would probdbly agree that our country is a bit behind on acceptance. Sorry if that's a going a bit off topic with that example
  • Liv's Good Vibes
    Liv's Good Vibes 3 weeks ago @Naz my point exactly.... The majority, not everyone is like that. And also, it's nobody's fault that the population is big.
  • Naz
    Naz 3 weeks ago @Liv's Good Vibes the majority of it is. and you have a large population which amplifies the issue
  • Person
    Person 3 weeks ago You look like you would be American lol
  • Anastasia Ostapenko
    Anastasia Ostapenko 3 weeks ago Thanks......
  • kay Jack
    kay Jack 4 weeks ago shak people dont want to take the time to cook these days.its sad.
  • Space Strawberry
    Space Strawberry 1 month ago As an American I hate how much food is packaged and processed, it's so wasteful and it's super damaging to the environment. I usually don't care much about "being green" but when it's super unnecessary & could easily be fixed I don't like it (it's not even hard all companies have to do is use less plastic and use paper or cardboard instead or something)
  • Sara Liliana Buitrago Aguilar
    Sara Liliana Buitrago Aguilar 1 month ago Yeah it's not great but the cheapest option is ordering out, that's why there's so much obesity
  • Liv's Good Vibes
    Liv's Good Vibes 1 month ago So are you saying all Americans are bad and unhealthy?? This kind of comes across as offensive to me bc ur implying all of our food is processed and wasteful...
  • applecinnamon
    applecinnamon 1 month ago Having breakfast delivered at home, that... I don’t know man. There’s already so much waste in all the packagings you can find in the supermarkets, imagine adding to that the cost of the fuel+plastic+paper... I hate our society.
  • Jouly
    Jouly 1 month ago I know right????
  • Maia Fernández
    Maia Fernández 1 month ago *in USA
  • The Bloody Hound
    The Bloody Hound 1 month ago @Kristýna Pokorná i am guessing you're eastern european
  • Kristýna Pokorná
    Kristýna Pokorná 1 month ago In my country it's very unussal to buy meal in MC Donald, Subway etc. It's very strange to me that someone orders a breakfast, I've never seen it before. We cook usually ourself or go on lunch to restaurants. In restaurants they have special offer of food every day, which they make it in bigger amount and the food is lot cheaper. Or you can just order from normal offer, but that's more expensive.
  • Shelby :3
    Shelby :3 2 months ago preach
  • Mojoyogi !
    Mojoyogi ! 2 months ago shak go change it
  • C C
    C C 3 months ago (edited) Gotta be honest, jazz’s meal plan is the balance I hope to have one day. It’s so great how she can talk about her past with an ED so openly. Ps I also won’t and can’t (at this point in recovery) eat cereal out of anything except for a cup or my hand. I hope your recovery is steadily progressing and one day soon we won’t feel the need to do these trivial disordered things ❤️
  • Andria B
    Andria B 2 days ago @Apoorva S Calm down, snowflake. The adults are talking - your input is useless.
  • Apoorva S
    Apoorva S 3 weeks ago @Andria B Overweight/obese people know it's not healthy, you're just here in the comments hating people for being fat and that's kinda disgusting. Go get a life
  • Justine Julia
    Justine Julia 3 weeks ago @Nora Curtis ummm...ya you are clearly ignorant on what anorexia and restrictive eating disorders are...weight is ONE TINY aspect of eating disorders and is mere side effect. SAYS NOTHING ABOUT MENTALITY. The fact that she still avoids certain foods and still to this day cannot eat cereal in anything other than a cup shows she is not mentally recovered, despite the progress made.
  • TheSportsGuru
    TheSportsGuru 1 month ago @C C I eat like crap a lot of the time but I also make sure to eat healthy and exercise when I'm able to, and I'm a perfectly healthy weight because of it. Crappy eating doesnt always lead to being overweight sure, but people can keep from being overweight and overcome being overweight except in the absolute rarest of circumstances when it's biologically impossible. If you aren't striving to become healthier in all aspects of your life, then you're selling yourself short. It's that simple.
  • yuhz1m1
    yuhz1m1 1 month ago Love and (((hugs)))