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BFFs Swap Diets For A Week

Published on Apr 5, 2019 3,319,874 views

"You can bury me in orange chicken when I die, and that will be a really beautiful funeral."

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  • Chinyere Korie
    Chinyere Korie 1 month ago "I have no portion control, if it's infront of me I'm going to eat it all" I am Lindsay.
  • DepressedGachaKai
    DepressedGachaKai 3 weeks ago Chinyere Korie #relatable
  • Mico Amadeo
    Mico Amadeo 2 weeks ago Chinyere Korie mood
  • On My Block Edits
    On My Block Edits 1 week ago Chinyere Korie cccxcv .
  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 1 month ago I NEVER EVER eat breakfast the ONLY time I eat breakfast is if it’s on the weekend or we go out to eat for breakfast
  • Eliana O
    Eliana O 1 month ago Sara Patterson same
  • Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey 1 month ago Then also my weight is 77kg !!😅
  • emmies world
    emmies world 1 month ago I don't eat breakfast nd ligit half a sandwich nd a small breakfast
  • Fenty God
    Fenty God 1 month ago Same
  • Terri N.
    Terri N. 1 month ago Sara Patterson sameeee
  • Kiki LoNeLy
    Kiki LoNeLy 1 month ago Same except not on the weekends.
  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 1 month ago 💘💘💘 thank you for all the likes and comments it really means a lot to me . Me and my BFF are in a big fight rn and she’s not very happy when I did nothing to her except tell her I had other friends
  • Kadence Charles
    Kadence Charles 1 month ago Well done mate?
  • F U
    F U 1 month ago Sameee
  • Luis Navaro
    Luis Navaro 1 month ago Plug walk
  • nadine ferguson
    nadine ferguson 1 month ago Same
  • Lillian Moomey
    Lillian Moomey 1 month ago Sara Patterson omg sameeeeee it makes me wanna puke
  • Antoine Willams
    Antoine Willams 1 month ago Sara Patterson morning
  • Shadi Abbas
    Shadi Abbas 1 month ago Sara Patterson I’m like this too xd
  • Bettyunforgottenx
    Bettyunforgottenx 1 month ago Oh honey I eat breakfast twice a day😂
  • Elsayed Yassin
    Elsayed Yassin 1 month ago Same over here
  • Leticia G
    Leticia G 1 month ago Sara Patterson SAME!!!
  • Giovanna Amâncio
    Giovanna Amâncio 1 month ago Sara Patterson yessss me too
  • GCSalem
    GCSalem 1 month ago Oh same
  • Misplaced
    Misplaced 1 month ago Saaamme
  • Gacha Galaxy
    Gacha Galaxy 1 month ago Same
  • Madison Smith
    Madison Smith 1 month ago Same!
  • Felicity's World
    Felicity's World 1 month ago Yeah same. I only have breakfast at school sometimes or if friends come over
  • Ksjjk972 1
    Ksjjk972 1 1 month ago (edited) Not eating breakfast is SO BAAAAAD for you
  • Landen Bradley
    Landen Bradley 1 month ago Sara Patterson same
  • CrazyCurlyFry
    CrazyCurlyFry 1 month ago Saaammme
  • sophie stella
    sophie stella 1 month ago Sara Patterson same
  • Cassi's_ last
    Cassi's_ last 1 month ago I would skip breakfast during my anorexic period. (Sorry, don't mean to be a bring down) Idk how other ppl manage. 😂
  • Squid is duck
    Squid is duck 1 month ago SAMe
  • Oli Ren
    Oli Ren 4 weeks ago same
  • thatartchannel
    thatartchannel 4 weeks ago SAME
  • The Skinny LEGEND
  • 지민이Jiminie
    지민이Jiminie 4 weeks ago Sara Patterson SAME!!!
  • Celia Garza
    Celia Garza 3 weeks ago Same
  • Sofía Jiménez
    Sofía Jiménez 3 weeks ago You need to have breakfast.
  • Mackenzie Hardy
    Mackenzie Hardy 3 weeks ago Me too cuz I sleep in until 10 minutes before the bus gets here
  • The Pyscho Killer On The Lose
    The Pyscho Killer On The Lose 3 weeks ago I never eat breakfast and sometimes skip lunch
  • Natz_Playz
    Natz_Playz 3 weeks ago Sara Patterson Ssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • super judy
    super judy 3 weeks ago Sara Patterson that is soo me
  • TheReal LisaPizza
    TheReal LisaPizza 3 weeks ago hey i added a new dare video and would be grateful fr some feedback negative/ positive feedback welcomed. Thanks!!!
  • Raquel Fernandez
    Raquel Fernandez 2 weeks ago not having a breakfast make a super descompensation into your body, doesn’t make you lost calories, actually ur body hold back more calories because isn’t having food after a long period of no eating, so it tries to hold back the calories that you need to wake up and do all your morning things, if ur trying to lost fat, skipping breakfast isn’t helping
  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee 2 weeks ago Same
  • Blast Heart
    Blast Heart 2 weeks ago I eat breakfast daily, but it’s usually just a bagel.
  • eXo_Keemstxr
    eXo_Keemstxr 2 weeks ago Sara Patterson no one cares
  • Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга
    Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга 2 weeks ago Sara Patterson OOMG! 5th grade drama
  • Laura Maloney
    Laura Maloney 2 weeks ago Sara Patterson ikr
  • nataliaaa
    nataliaaa 2 weeks ago um well done idk? i always eat a big or average breakfast and i’m still skinny so it’s fine
  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 1 week ago Ksjjk972 1 no it isn’t a lot of people don’t eat break fast it’s prolly the easiest meal to skip
  • cynicallygreen
    cynicallygreen 1 week ago Want a medal?
  • daniela ramirez
    daniela ramirez 1 week ago same
  • Depressed Potato
    Depressed Potato 1 week ago Oh, well that's pretty unhealthy .
  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 1 week ago Sara Patterson same. I just don’t have the time to. Damn it, school!
  • United
    United 5 days ago Same
  • Kylie Thrasher
    Kylie Thrasher 4 days ago Same!!!!!!
  • Gentiana Kaloshi
    Gentiana Kaloshi 22 hours ago Same!
  • TSD Kim
    TSD Kim 1 month ago burns food in microwave Me-sees steam Ooooo am I a chef?
  • Luis Navaro
    Luis Navaro 1 month ago Plug walk indeed
  • Ve Nus
    Ve Nus 1 month ago Wow so quirky !
  • 7Lawaneeena
    7Lawaneeena 3 weeks ago You're sooo special
  • Sarah Beattie
    Sarah Beattie 2 weeks ago Yasssssss
  • Monlight Gacha
    Monlight Gacha 1 month ago (edited) So I'm not the only 1 who feels like they're gonna throw up in the morning😂😂
  • Josephine Jeffrey
    Josephine Jeffrey 1 month ago Shailee Lopez nope.
  • zippy
    zippy 1 month ago Shailee Lopez no, I guess our digestive system just really hurts when it gets going because I’ll get a stomach ache randomly in the morning
  • godsamir nawrozada
    godsamir nawrozada 1 month ago I feel like vomiting when I stay in bed for hours and haven't brushed my teeth
  • C Hundur
    C Hundur 1 month ago Acid reflux! The only thing I've found that really helped me was taking a 12HR Zantac before I fall asleep, but some people recommend sleeping elevated if you can.
  • Sakura Mio
    Sakura Mio 1 month ago Shailee Lopez I do. Especially when I eat in the morning
  • Logan Pavlovic
    Logan Pavlovic 1 month ago I have acid reflex and sometimes randomly ill feel like I’ll throw up and it really sucks
  • Logan Pavlovic
    Logan Pavlovic 1 month ago C Hundur I have it
  • Monlight Gacha
    Monlight Gacha 1 month ago @Sakura Mio yeah same that's why i don't eat breakfast
  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson 1 month ago Ikr! So comforting to realize
  • xxAndreaxx
    xxAndreaxx 3 weeks ago Shailee Lopez this sounds so bad but even the thought of eating in the morning make me feel like throwing up even more, I don’t have an eating disorder I swear 😂
  • Monlight Gacha
    Monlight Gacha 3 weeks ago (edited) @xxAndreaxx Thats what happens to me😂😂😂
  • Aurora Kenner
    Aurora Kenner 3 weeks ago They're* but no that's me to
  • Monlight Gacha
    Monlight Gacha 3 weeks ago @Aurora Kenner Oh Oops thanks
  • Aurora Kenner
    Aurora Kenner 3 weeks ago @Monlight Gacha yup 😊
  • Madison Fair
    Madison Fair 3 weeks ago i get like that BECAUSE i’m hungry
  • Kimberly the rabbit
    Kimberly the rabbit 3 weeks ago lol you are just pregnant mate
  • Janeaya Craig
    Janeaya Craig 2 weeks ago I feel like that
  • Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга
    Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга 2 weeks ago Yall should get it checked out, thats not normal
  • Jacquelin Jordan
    Jacquelin Jordan 2 weeks ago Omg everyday! I use to think I was always pregnant 😂 I would tell my boyfriend omg I’m nauseous, I’m pregnant but it’s just me.
  • John John
    John John 2 weeks ago Monlight Gacha you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach side either
  • I like donuts and bands
    I like donuts and bands 2 weeks ago Nopee you ain't alone 😂
  • daniela ramirez
    daniela ramirez 1 week ago noppp
  • Monlight Gacha
    Monlight Gacha 1 week ago @Kimberly the rabbit noo!😂
  • Willows Meadow
    Willows Meadow 6 days ago Monlight Gacha same
  • msalexander126
    msalexander126 1 day ago People always look at you crazy when you say you don't eat breakfast lol
  • ɑղɑӏօց
    ɑղɑӏօց 1 month ago Jazz's idea with the water in the morning is so genius like ive been dehydrated A LOT and imma start doing that
  • Cassi's_ last
    Cassi's_ last 1 month ago I literally drank 3 cups of water this morning because I was trying to get rid of water weight. (Ik, counterintuitive.) IT WAS PEE CENTRAL ALL DAY.
  • sumayyah Islam
    sumayyah Islam 3 weeks ago I always drink 500ml of water before I eat my breakfast.
  • Winter Rose
    Winter Rose 3 weeks ago I've always been told that every time you feel hungry you should drink an entire glass of water first. Just chug it, if you have to. Our brains aren't always great at differentiating between thirst and hunger, so you might not actually be hungry, you're thirsty! Also, drinking water before meals helps you not overeat.
  • AustraliaVEVO
    AustraliaVEVO 3 weeks ago Water also helps you feel full, eat less, and lose weight
  • Kegne kenkai
    Kegne kenkai 2 weeks ago I drink two cups of water every morning before my workout and then a cup every 1 1/2 hours to keep hydrated. Try it out! You won't pee all the time as if you'd drink every hour.
  • Al Wa
    Al Wa 1 week ago 16 ounces with breakfast 16 ounces with lunch 20 ounces drink workout 16 ounces with dinner there all your water inktakw for the day
  • perla vv
    perla vv 5 days ago And you could get clearer skin
  • Sssophie
    Sssophie 2 days ago @Winter Rose I tend to overheat in restaurants eating a big meal semi-fast (I'm always slower than other eaters, so there's more pressure in public) So maybe I'll do that, drink loads of water before a meal
  • sunflower lizzy
    sunflower lizzy 1 month ago or maybe you’ve just been pregnant since you were little
  • Lexolotl !
    Lexolotl ! 1 month ago (edited) That's a very horrifying concept XD
  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson 1 month ago sunflower lizzy 😂😂
  • Skylar Boerger
    Skylar Boerger 2 weeks ago I know I have
  • Clocobear 29
    Clocobear 29 1 week ago Lol
  • shak
    shak 2 weeks ago The way food is packaged in America and how processed it looks is so upsetting to me.
  • Mojoyogi !
    Mojoyogi ! 3 days ago shak go change it
  • ramya rao
    ramya rao 4 days ago As a non-American I feel that's a lot of junk food(both sides).But again that's just me. Not a shade, just an observation
  • RainbowShook Y
    RainbowShook Y 4 days ago ramya rao as an American, your right 😂
  • Mojoyogi !
    Mojoyogi ! 3 days ago That’s what every none American says. Not gonna lie it bothers me a bit to say that Americans are so unhealthy.(not saying you)
  • Diana DxD
    Diana DxD 3 days ago @Mojoyogi ! well Americans are very unhealthy
  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 3 days ago I'm an American.... it's a lot of junk food. But that's how a lot of Americans eat. I think the only junk food I have in my house right now is a box of frozen waffles 😂
  • Mojoyogi !
    Mojoyogi ! 2 days ago Diana DxD my point is it’s not right to say all of one group of people are the same.not ALL Americans Are unhealthy
  • C C
    C C 1 month ago (edited) Gotta be honest, jazz’s meal plan is the balance I hope to have one day. It’s so great how she can talk about her past with an ED so openly. Ps I also won’t and can’t (at this point in recovery) eat cereal out of anything except for a cup or my hand. I hope your recovery is steadily progressing and one day soon we won’t feel the need to do these trivial disordered things ❤️
  • hannah grace
    hannah grace 1 month ago Her diet was not balanced at all
  • C C
    C C 1 month ago hannah grace balance looks different for people in recovery from restrictive eating.
  • Stella
    Stella 1 month ago Her diet isn’t very healthy though
  • hannah grace
    hannah grace 1 month ago C C Yeah I get that because I’m in the same place but both their diets are just so unhealthy.
  • C C
    C C 1 month ago (edited) Stella I never said it was ‘healthy’ I said it had balance that I wish to one day have, which to clarify means that she eats what she wants and she doesn’t tell herself ‘no’ to foods that are unhealthy. She no longer defines her worth by what she eats. Regardless of the content of your diet, this is an attitude that should be celebrated. She makes sure she eats multiple times a day to keep her blood sugar levels stable and that also reduces urges to binge.
  • C C
    C C 1 month ago hannah grace neither of their diets are the picture of ‘healthy’. But they absolutely fall within the category of *normal eating*. Which in ED recovery is a really helpful definition to learn and try to achieve. Obviously Jazz has put a significant amount of effort into recovering from disordered eating and I only wish to compliment her and commend her on her efforts, not to say her diet is perfect or the picture of health. Just that I am glad that she is taking care of herself, that she is letting herself eat and enjoy food.
  • LONA L
    LONA L 3 weeks ago @C C AGREED GIRL!! balance is more important
  • Michaela x2
    Michaela x2 2 weeks ago The people criticizing this comment are out of whack. They really don’t understand disordered eating or “healthy” eating anyways
  • Sarah Holness
    Sarah Holness 4 days ago hannah grace I think this video doesn't really show Jazz's diet very well since Lindsey was trying to pick stuff she liked from it so was always more likely to go with the junkier food on the list
  • Nora Curtis
    Nora Curtis 3 days ago @C C shes over a size 20, clearly she has recovered from restrictive eating.
  • C C
    C C 3 days ago (edited) Nora Curtis not sure what the purpose of your comment was. It reads to me judgmental and like you don’t understand that disordered eating can happen at all sizes. Honestly how is pointing out her size adding to this conversation at all? What does her current size have to do with a past eating disorder other than that if she was underweight during her struggle she’s clearly restored now. But you don’t need to be a certain size to struggle with an eating disorder and that is completely backed by every up to date ED clinician. Is her body offending you?? For what purpose was this comment, maybe just reflect on that bc I don’t need an answer these are rhetorical questions.