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Dwayne Johnson's INSANE Diet and Workouts That Make Him RIPPED

Published on Oct 30, 2018 3,027,936 views

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Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as “The Rock,” is famous just as much for his body as he is for his career achievements. Though he’s been a football player, a wrestler, and a movie star, The Rock may be more famous to millennials from social media. This is because he’s very active on Instagram, where he chronicles his life for millions of people to see. Of course, being The Rock, much of Johnson’s life revolves around working out. His hard work and determination are the focal points of many of his videos, as he details his daily diet and exercise routine to motivate his viewers to be the best people they can be. For this reason, The Rock can add another title to his vast repertoire: “Motivational Speaker.” At 46, Dwayne Johnson is the pinnacle of physical fitness, and the conditions that created such Hercules-like proportions are worth describing in detail. So, without further ado, here are the myriad reasons why The Rock is so impossibly ripped!

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  • jeff ghant
    jeff ghant 4 months ago Who the hell bullied the Rock? Kratos? Thor?
  • cr Addict
    cr Addict 1 week ago Hahaha a kid at my school is called "Thanos"
  • Bake Master
    Bake Master 1 month ago They bullied him when he was the pebble.
  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins 1 month ago It was Shaggy
  • Boom Shakalaka
    Boom Shakalaka 2 months ago jeff ghant Jason Statham
  • Aditzu 96
    Aditzu 96 2 months ago Hulk maybe
  • Zeeno1 Gamer
    Zeeno1 Gamer 2 months ago Thanos, my friend
  • Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson 2 months ago Maybe kane
  • Michael Baseball
    Michael Baseball 2 months ago Thor would be the only one
  • AllForKixM8
    AllForKixM8 2 months ago Thaaaaannooooossssssssss
  • OofMaster2007 •
    OofMaster2007 • 3 months ago vsauce did :p
  • Scot Williams
    Scot Williams 3 months ago Well the one who did iT pissed him of allot🤣🤣🤣
  • Reload
    Reload 3 months ago Shaggy at 100%
  • Darwin Go
    Darwin Go 3 months ago Maybe it was....the boulder
  • I hate morgz
    I hate morgz 3 months ago Probably Thanos,Darkside,maybe even Batista or big show
  • DomSki PL
    DomSki PL 3 months ago Ive heard he had beef with thanos lately
  • Marian Arzoiu
    Marian Arzoiu 3 months ago In his childhood man....maybe even rayman lol
  • Ahmad Kaoud
    Ahmad Kaoud 4 months ago Thanos, probably! ^_^
  • Music and Football Playlist channel
    Music and Football Playlist channel 8 months ago He's a hard worker. An example for all
  • avegoodtime
    avegoodtime 2 months ago @The seventh sin He just added 50 lbs of muscle in his 40s. With no gear. Sure.
  • Jeff Marley
    Jeff Marley 3 months ago kevin leigh Samoan. Not Hawaiian.
  • Brokeboi Acey
    Brokeboi Acey 4 months ago Hes probably taking TRT
  • The seventh sin
    The seventh sin 7 months ago @kevin leigh 🤣wtf,sure bud I guess
  • DonnyMoon
    DonnyMoon 7 months ago @kevin leigh Big ????? he ain't big man ... Rich Piana was big enz enz
  • - Alexmegamind -
    - Alexmegamind - 7 months ago Sue Shi with a hell load of money
  • kevin leigh
    kevin leigh 7 months ago @The seventh sin keep dreaming kid, all actors that need to look buff for movies take Tren HGH Test and even some insulin. he works out hard and eats well yes but a man in his late 40s will never be that big with out big intake of drugs. he is half Hawaiian (indian) these people do not go bald easlily, long term drug abuse of the above mentioned will give you acne and hair loss
  • The seventh sin
    The seventh sin 7 months ago @Rehino Mora II u misspelled proof
  • Rehino Mora II
    Rehino Mora II 8 months ago You misspelled steroids
  • ShufflesMcGee1
    ShufflesMcGee1 6 months ago Came to the comment section looking for excuses. Was not disappointed.
  • mwazi mwazi
    mwazi mwazi 8 months ago My craziest exercise is standing up for the TV remote
  • Christian Chappell
    Christian Chappell 4 hours ago Lazy bastard
  • Dan Tui
    Dan Tui 2 weeks ago Hahaha 🤣
  • Liam Pearson
    Liam Pearson 1 month ago mwazi mwazi agree
  • Brody Heffernan
    Brody Heffernan 1 month ago Searmirror1601
  • Gerhard van Jaarsveld
    Gerhard van Jaarsveld 1 month ago 😅
  • AllForKixM8
    AllForKixM8 2 months ago Lmao XD
  • BTS a.r.m.y bts
    BTS a.r.m.y bts 3 months ago (edited) And charging your phone
    I AM THANOS 3 months ago mwazi mwazi yes
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 3 months ago Lol
  • Sōsu Kami
    Sōsu Kami 4 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Rock King
    Rock King 5 months ago Hahahahaha😆
  • Eb_K kemy
    Eb_K kemy 5 months ago x
  • I’m A Lamborghini
    I’m A Lamborghini 5 months ago wheres my McDonald’s
  • ali habib
    ali habib 6 months ago Pathetic
  • Abhi Raj
    Abhi Raj 6 months ago 😂
  • Matiu
    Matiu 7 months ago or trying to find it, then go ask everyone have you seen the TV remote, look under the couch? checked your left hand lately? lol
  • watch list why
    watch list why 7 months ago Lol... crazy
  • Adrian Browneyes
    Adrian Browneyes 7 months ago Fat fuck
  • Norman Herrera
    Norman Herrera 7 months ago mwazi mwazi wow nice
  • Da _Tesus
    Da _Tesus 8 months ago Haha
  • BadBoyz
    BadBoyz 8 months ago Lol
  • Totally Not Barry
    Totally Not Barry 8 months ago He trained so hard that he lost his hair
  • Christian Chappell
    Christian Chappell 4 hours ago Lol
  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson 1 day ago So get who are u
  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson 1 day ago Saitama
  • famguy218
    famguy218 5 days ago I hear excessively weight lifting can increase your DHT, which makes you go bald
  • Noah Pickerill
    Noah Pickerill 6 days ago Bru he’s one punch man
  • Burnt Bread
    Burnt Bread 2 weeks ago Saitama
  • kevin leigh
    kevin leigh 3 weeks ago @Road to Pro hahahah keep drinking the cool aid
  • Road to Pro
    Road to Pro 3 weeks ago @kevin leigh That's not true at all. It is mostly the genetics.
  • Miracle Tilo
    Miracle Tilo 1 month ago LOL
  • JustLars
    JustLars 1 month ago Opm xD
  • Amanda Barlow
    Amanda Barlow 1 month ago Siatama
  • Mark Barrios
    Mark Barrios 1 month ago The rock is cooking
  • Jaylyn Webster
    Jaylyn Webster 1 month ago I don’t think he lost his hair because he trained to much
  • Gabriel Kotokwa
    Gabriel Kotokwa 1 month ago Maybe he lied and his workout is: 100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10km run At first you'll wish you were dead You need 3 meals a day Just a banana is fine in the morning
  • Sour Lemon
    Sour Lemon 1 month ago One puuuunch!!!! Man!!
  • suicidal
    suicidal 1 month ago saitama
  • Jamie Coxe
    Jamie Coxe 1 month ago O
  • Beneficial Knowledge
    Beneficial Knowledge 1 month ago Is it creatine why he lost his hair. Or roid
  • David Jenkins
  • Mittan Mitra
    Mittan Mitra 2 months ago he used to Tream his hair every second day ...
  • AllForKixM8
    AllForKixM8 2 months ago How???????
  • Lelouche vi Britania
    Lelouche vi Britania 2 months ago WHAT ARE WEEBS DOING HERE
  • Sharan Narahs
    Sharan Narahs 2 months ago Is it so? 🤔🤔
  • Lucifer Boy
    Lucifer Boy 3 months ago The rock is lying the true thing he did was 100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 100 squats 10km Every day but don't forget the banana
  • Oceanic 11
    Oceanic 11 3 months ago Love OPM. OPM = One Punch Man = Over Powered Man
  • tarek zeina
    tarek zeina 3 months ago Saitama
  • scott677
    scott677 3 months ago Totally Not Barry r/foundthemobileuser r/itswooooshwith4os
  • Dragon fire 1479
    Dragon fire 1479 3 months ago Caped baldy
  • Darwin Go
    Darwin Go 3 months ago One punch man
  • Little Rissole
    Little Rissole 3 months ago Totally Not Barry 😂😂😂😂
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 3 months ago Saitama
  • I hate morgz
    I hate morgz 3 months ago One PUNCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 3 months ago Saitama sucks goku is what he is
  • Michael Lawlor
    Michael Lawlor 3 months ago That's what happened to my hair. Thanks pal. 😂
  • Pratik
    Pratik 3 months ago Caped Baldy
  • Narwhale said Hi
    Narwhale said Hi 3 months ago Did 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups and squats and a 10 kilometre run everyday
  • Tashia Joynt
    Tashia Joynt 4 months ago Totally
  • adam hamwi
    adam hamwi 4 months ago Saugat de cuber he is one punch man
  • Crystal Light
    Crystal Light 4 months ago He’s sexier bald 👨‍🦲 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • William Solia
    William Solia 4 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    FMECREW_ KEVIN 4 months ago Saitama
  • ali bahr
    ali bahr 4 months ago Oh i see what u did there😅😅
  • Danny
    Danny 4 months ago Dwayne "Saitama" Johnson
  • Ty'Mir Wes
    Ty'Mir Wes 4 months ago Saitama aka one punchman
  • Dragon Ball Super
    Dragon Ball Super 4 months ago And then became saitama 😂
  • Lucky Lubis
    Lucky Lubis 4 months ago :D
  • Sōsu Kami
    Sōsu Kami 4 months ago @Lucky Lubis 😔
  • Sōsu Kami
    Sōsu Kami 4 months ago Opm
  • Jeremy Camacho
    Jeremy Camacho 4 months ago That actually could be a reason
  • Gap
    Gap 4 months ago Nah he did 100 push ups, 100 pull ups, 100 squats and ran 10km everyday.
  • Matt T
    Matt T 5 months ago Totally Not Barry he’s ripped don’t hate
  • Reaganation #
    Reaganation # 5 months ago @Saugat de villiers the one punch man
  • KaiPotatos
    KaiPotatos 5 months ago Nope he didn't want hair so what he still looks hot af and sexist af
  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell 5 months ago Totally Not Barry it couldn’t Handel it
  • taskforce juanforjuan
    taskforce juanforjuan 5 months ago @kevin leigh r/wooooooosh
  • Our Lord and Savior Tachanka KingDestroyah
    Our Lord and Savior Tachanka KingDestroyah 5 months ago He's sataimas bigger cousin
  • Bashn Dafash
    Bashn Dafash 5 months ago @Vysh Never heard of him
  • Lantorn
    Lantorn 5 months ago (edited) Yea he did 100 push-ups 100 sit ups 10km and slept in hot temperatures etc everyday
  • Elad BG
    Elad BG 6 months ago Saitama
  • J. G
    J. G 6 months ago Dwayne saitama johnson
  • Fam camarena Diaz
    Fam camarena Diaz 6 months ago ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
  • Rigor Berzerk
    Rigor Berzerk 6 months ago @NEW M dude it's a joke off of One Punch Man calm down
  • NEW M
    NEW M 6 months ago Baldness is not a disease. It is hereditary Or Hormones lacking in Viamins. He had a thin hair before on His early Age.
  • Rigor Berzerk
  • Nicola Evans
    Nicola Evans 6 months ago Saitama
  • FruitySnackZ _
    FruitySnackZ _ 6 months ago Lol
  • Moskeee Gaming
    Moskeee Gaming 6 months ago Saitama
  • Immortal Kid1
    Immortal Kid1 6 months ago Saitama
  • taskforce juanforjuan
    taskforce juanforjuan 6 months ago Saitama
  • iHypeGamingHD
    iHypeGamingHD 6 months ago What is Saitama?
  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 6 months ago Steroids causes hair loss.
  • chimmy the jamless mochi
    chimmy the jamless mochi 6 months ago i'm just about to comment saitama but everyone else is more faster than me😂
  • Jonas Draper
    Jonas Draper 6 months ago Woo-woo saitama!!!! That's what motivates me to go very hard in the gym. I know.... I'm a weeb 😂😂😂
  • IMunchieOwO
    IMunchieOwO 7 months ago Rocktama
  • Rᜀᜁᜊᜒᜁᜈ᜔
    Rᜀᜁᜊᜒᜁᜈ᜔ 7 months ago Lol
  • Hypezt
    Hypezt 7 months ago Saitama
  • Totally Not Barry
    Totally Not Barry 7 months ago R/wooosh
  • Giannina Bianca Ang
    Giannina Bianca Ang 7 months ago Reminds me of one punch man
  • Draw Monster
    Draw Monster 7 months ago One PUUUUUUUUUUUNNCH!
  • My Crazy Life
    My Crazy Life 7 months ago Bald is beautiful
  • Jesus M
    Jesus M 7 months ago One Punch!!
  • MGengarEX
    MGengarEX 7 months ago Saitama
  • Time3to3fly9488
    Time3to3fly9488 7 months ago Yes why Does that sound so familiar lol
  • Jechtaeon
    Jechtaeon 7 months ago Also a side affect of roids
  • OrionJockCEC
    OrionJockCEC 7 months ago That's funny because you are a very good jocker
  • Novk
    Novk 7 months ago I love One Punch Man.
  • Generál Martin
    Generál Martin 7 months ago @kevin leigh you Don't get it... That's what happened to one punch man
  • kevin leigh
    kevin leigh 7 months ago (edited) thats the drugs taking affect. long term drugs give you bad acne and make men go bald
  • Generál Martin
    Generál Martin 7 months ago Haha Saitama Johnson
  • Lucky Lubis
    Lucky Lubis 7 months ago @Saugat de villiers if saitama reads your comment he would be sad
  • Vysh
    Vysh 7 months ago @Saugat de villiers one punch man. Ever seen it?
  • Saugat de villiers
    Saugat de villiers 7 months ago Who is saitama
  • yerrnemm
    yerrnemm 8 months ago saitama
  • Vysh
    Vysh 8 months ago Saitama
  • Sara Quinn
    Sara Quinn 8 months ago Saitama
  • Jefferson Vieira
    Jefferson Vieira 6 months ago (edited) 100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats 10 km running EVERY DAY FOR 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!???
  • J Mendez
    J Mendez 4 days ago Lucifer Boy 👌
  • Mike B.
    Mike B. 1 week ago Are you Jefferson Vieira or Herschel Walker???? 😳👍👍
  • taskforce juanforjuan
    taskforce juanforjuan 2 weeks ago @Lucifer Boy everyone forgets the banana
  • Phil Marlin
    Phil Marlin 2 weeks ago You will eventually get stronger over time and your progress will stall if you don’t make the exercises more challenging as you build the strength necessary to complete them
  • Samuvel Stephen
    Samuvel Stephen 2 weeks ago One punch man, is that you??
  • Andrew Killen
    Andrew Killen 2 months ago And to build spirit, no heat in winter and no cold in summer
  • Lucifer Boy
    Lucifer Boy 3 months ago Don't forget the banana
  • Jefferson Vieira
    Jefferson Vieira 3 months ago @Christian GamingYT of course!!!!???!!?
  • Christian GamingYT
    Christian GamingYT 3 months ago One Punch Man??
  • Arsi Cluv
    Arsi Cluv 4 months ago Me: watches all the fitness things he’s done Also me: eating three whole bags of chips in a day
  • Plazys
    Plazys 1 month ago Arsi Cluv bruh
  • aleena patrick
    aleena patrick 4 months ago The Rock is the real life "One Punch Man".
  • Random Content
    Random Content 8 months ago HE IS IN HIS FORTYS????? Oml I’m mind blown
  • the guy 3
    the guy 3 1 month ago @Hugh Lightheart He's 64 mr. Liar.
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 1 month ago @Noud sun of a beep let me say it bitch
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 1 month ago @Rigor Berzerk racist
  • Ger -
    Ger - 1 month ago Turned 47 three weeks ago
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 3 months ago @kevin leigh why should he she is a slut
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 3 months ago Slu noud and the last one but mabye not the least on drugs
  • Anthony Abboud
    Anthony Abboud 3 months ago Oooo you like him no offence
  • Gareth Johnstone
    Gareth Johnstone 4 months ago Holy SHIT! You can look good beyond 23?! Noooooo?!
  • William Solia
    William Solia 4 months ago @Random Content That's why he's considered to be one of Hollywood's most attractive actors lol because he's an old cunt 😂😂😂😂 and he looks better then most younger people 😂😂😂
  • I’m A Lamborghini
    I’m A Lamborghini 5 months ago He’s got a beard
  • Rigor Berzerk
    Rigor Berzerk 6 months ago He's also black so you know what that means
  • Farhod Alimov
    Farhod Alimov 6 months ago He is 46
  • Royce Krueger
    Royce Krueger 6 months ago Kitty Cats I want you to blow my big penis.
  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 6 months ago @HAWG! How are you gonna delete me lol
  • HAWG!
    HAWG! 6 months ago @Matthew Richards I will delete you also if your get disrespectful.
  • Adi Da Gamer
    Adi Da Gamer 6 months ago 40s
  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 6 months ago @HAWG! Yea that's why I said it for him what R u gonna do about it
  • HAWG!
    HAWG! 6 months ago @Matthew Richards you notice he didn't reply.
  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 6 months ago @HAWG! No
  • lokie10
    lokie10 6 months ago I'm in my 30🤯🤯🤯🤯
  • Hugh Lightheart
    Hugh Lightheart 6 months ago He’s 49
  • Hami Saho
    Hami Saho 7 months ago owman
  • ozzy
    ozzy 7 months ago 💉💉💉💉
  • HAWG!
    HAWG! 7 months ago @Andy W delete your comment
  • kevin leigh
    kevin leigh 7 months ago drugs will make you look strong well into your 60s
  • Matthew Hamman
    Matthew Hamman 7 months ago @Andy W real mature
  • Andy W
    Andy W 8 months ago Slut
  • Random Content
    Random Content 8 months ago Noud Wow
  • Noud
    Noud 8 months ago Kitty Cats 46
  • Manuator
    Manuator 1 month ago Saitama will be so proud, that rock lost his hair by insane workout!!
  • Ol Marr
    Ol Marr 7 months ago The rocks says. Test is best. 😎
  • Farehan Eljechi
    Farehan Eljechi 1 month ago Y’all know what they say about people that have power *saitama picture pops up* THEY RISK HAIR FOR POWER
  • 10,000 Subscribers without videos?!
    10,000 Subscribers without videos?! 6 months ago My mind: He trained so hard he lost his hair... Also my mind: OMG One Punch Man Reference!
  • noone noone
    noone noone 5 months ago My best work out. Hmm. Yep. Rolling out of bed. Yeah. # 1 for sure..
  • Karina
    Karina 1 month ago Hold up a portable gym? Do this with my house please, thanks.
  • Dennis Svensson
    Dennis Svensson 7 months ago (edited) I see a lot of excuses in tho comment section. Why not just start with getting a gym membership, pay a good personal trainer for a exercise programme and get a good diet plan adopted for your goals and health? Stay away from drogs, including steroids and alcohol and avoid garbage food and sweets on a regular basis. Get some good quality sleep, learn how to deal with bad stress (you can't avoid it all). And stay consistent.
  • Dennis Svensson
    Dennis Svensson 4 months ago @Big Daddy yea i know. Its dyslexia, I'm almost as bad on my native language. :/
  • taskforce juanforjuan
    taskforce juanforjuan 5 months ago Drogs
  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 6 months ago I wonder what you edited..still have some grammatical errors
  • Dennis Svensson
    Dennis Svensson 6 months ago I haven't mentioned anything about The Rock not using steroids. But I bet that 90% of them that wrights "he's on steroids" etc either don't train at all, or don't have the knowledge/discipline on how to reach there goals. And maybe setting the bar and expectations to high.
  • ACG 9
    ACG 9 7 months ago Dennis Svensson the rock is 100% on juice bro.
  • James Vernon
    James Vernon 7 months ago Lol as somebody who has taken steroids in the past, once you know, you know. This guy is on steroids.
  • Zalate /\/\/\________
    Zalate /\/\/\________ 7 months ago @Mitch well people need personal trainers for motivation so that they'll push you throughout the journey
  • Mitch
    Mitch 7 months ago Dennis Svensson you don't even need a personal trainer anymore, all the information can be accessed via the internet, training and diet plans, all they have to do is just put the work in
  • Junior L LP
    Junior L LP 1 week ago Wait so he modelled his regular workout regime after my lord. (I’m Christian)
  • Maladys_Way_Tarot
    Maladys_Way_Tarot 3 months ago 9:26 why does everyone look normal except Tupac. Lol. Other that that loved the video to the gym now. 💪🏽💗👍🏾
  • Carolyn Lawson
    Carolyn Lawson 5 months ago Carolyn Lawson fan Dwayne Johnson Book DVD CD History 🙂😀😉👊✌️🤞👌💪❤️
  • Truu Bluu
    Truu Bluu 3 months ago The biggest thing I got out of this is his sick playlist on spotify