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Day 9 Review of Jen Selter Home Workout Program | Fitplan App | Fitness & Weight Loss

Published on Feb 27, 2018 682 views

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My thoughts on Day 9 of Jen Selter's Home Workout Series on the Fitplan App!

Hey guys!

So after 8 days on my personal Fitness Challenge using Jen's workout program... I found out I was doing the routine wrong! lol.

I didn't understand how Supersets worked and so I was not doing the superset workouts back to back but rather moved on to the next exercise and came back once all the exercises were done.

I am so glad I made this discovery because my workout was SUPER intense today and I am looking forward to see how tomorrow's workout goes! #JenSelterChallenge

I hope you enjoy this video!!

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Quynh Pham

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  • Jeanne T
    Jeanne T 1 year ago Omg I THOUGHT U WOULD HAVE LIKE 1 mil followers WTF ? Ur content is so good and refreshing and u edited the video so good with such a good light and u really knew how to explain everything I will try now the program of Jen too thank u a lot keep up the good work ur body looks great