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Ichabod Crane-Headless Horseman Song

Published on Oct 19, 2014 389,157 views

  • T. G. Wolven
    T. G. Wolven 2 years ago This turned out to be unusual in the fact that the bad guy was in a sense the real good guy while the good guy was truly a bad guy Brom truly loved Katrina while Ichabod wanted to marry Katrina to get rich
  • Adrian Adonis
    Adrian Adonis 1 week ago @Ruth Nield One word: Overlord. The PC game, not the anime.
  • GeraldTheBusDriver
    GeraldTheBusDriver 3 weeks ago @Maxwell Williams your rigt Ichabod has a jew nose
  • GeraldTheBusDriver
    GeraldTheBusDriver 3 weeks ago Brom is like me a good lookin muscular guy that likes girls sexually, not a tall skittish guy that likes girls for money nobody likes gold diggers
  • Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic
    Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic 2 months ago @Jan-Ida Ripton That's a little trickier, as she did start the rivalry between Brom and Crane for shits and giggles...
  • Jan-Ida Ripton
    Jan-Ida Ripton 2 months ago But does Katrina love Brom? That's the real question
  • Alexis Oppenheim
    Alexis Oppenheim 3 months ago I wish Gaston learn from Brome by doing pranks instead of killing the killing the Beast. That could be the American version of Beaty and the Beast and who will be the beast the business man or an handsome street boy who’s an womanizer.
  • Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic
    Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic 4 months ago Ichabod Crane: the Original Hans.
  • Team of Food
    Team of Food 4 months ago @Ruth Nield invader Zim
  • Eleanor Hogan
    Eleanor Hogan 4 months ago True but he is greedy especially when money is involved.
  • Lord Genesis
    Lord Genesis 4 months ago @Eleanor Hogan seriously doubt that Leanor lol. he may have been an ugly string bean but he still had class unlike the douche she wound up with.
  • Eleanor Hogan
    Eleanor Hogan 4 months ago Ichabod was also probably planning a "little accident" for Katrina too, probably planning to kill her after their honeymoon so that he would be a rich widower.
  • Lord Genesis
    Lord Genesis 7 months ago @Chew Bosska Yeah he only tried to beat the shit out of ichabod just for harmlessly flirting with his gf. gtfo out dude xD you cant be serious. Brom is a grade A douche bag. Katrina knew it too she wasnt using anyone for shit.
  • Chew Bosska
    Chew Bosska 7 months ago (edited) Thing is though, Brom was mischievous but there was never any malice. He just liked Katrina and she liked him, but she led Crane on a false quest of "love" just to make Brom jealous
  • Lord Genesis
    Lord Genesis 7 months ago not really dude
  • Hard Luck
    Hard Luck 7 months ago @Rated Sophistikated He was lying about being a greedy filthy Jew that wanted to use her father's fortune to start a bank where he could rip off the whole town. The Headless Horseman was actually pretty based.
  • Rated Sophistikated
    Rated Sophistikated 7 months ago @Banana Bob Katrina liked Ichabod so much why did she marry this brute once she heard him disappeared? I don't think Ichabod died, he probably just got out of town scared.
  • Rated Sophistikated
    Rated Sophistikated 7 months ago @Hard Luck What was he lying about exactly?
  • Banana Bob
    Banana Bob 7 months ago T. G. Wolven true! I always thought the same thing! Brom was never really bad, even though he did pranks and jokes all across Sleepy Hallow. Brom WAS a bit jealous of Ichabod so he used this song to scare the crap out of him. And I really love this song. In the end, Ichabod did possibly die, but Brom gotten his dream and married Katrina.
  • Hard Luck
    Hard Luck 7 months ago @Rated Sophistikated Ichabod was a lying hook nose thief who wanted to marry her for her father's wealth.
  • Rated Sophistikated
    Rated Sophistikated 7 months ago How do you figure? Ichabod was in love with Katrina, who's to say Brom loved Katrina? He only wanted to take her from Ichabod, I never understood how she ended up marrying this jerk.
  • Aaron Rose
    Aaron Rose 8 months ago There's a book called Soon I will be Invincible which has a supervillain as a protagonist.
  • Hard Luck
    Hard Luck 8 months ago Maxwell Williams  Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 10 months ago Gabriel Gonzales he was but atleast he didn’t want to marry for money, and he’s actually more relatable when you love someone you try anything to get that person.
  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington 10 months ago Ruth Nield ya Sweeney Todd is technically a villain protagonist I believe and the phantom of the opera etc
  • Michael James
    Michael James 10 months ago they will call that which is good evil and that which is evil good twister
  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales 1 year ago Would you agree that Brom was also an arrogant ass, though?
  • HankReardenFan101
    HankReardenFan101 1 year ago They deserve each other. Katrina bullied Crane too.
  • 00wolfmoon
    00wolfmoon 1 year ago It's possible Ichabod did actually love Katrina. Her fortune was just a bonus. It's unknown if Grum did actually love Katrina or if he just felt entitled to the most beautiful woman around.
  • rstein926
    rstein926 1 year ago Brom is very similar to Gaston as both are muscular, both are black haired, both are handsome and both have a love rival Ichabod and Beast respectively but unlike Gaston Brom won his love.
  • Adamguy2003
    Adamguy2003 1 year ago It's debatable if Brom truly loved Katrina. For all we know, he could have been just as much of a gold- digger as Ichabod and the others. Plus, he was shown to be kind of a bully in how he treated Ichabod earlier (Albeit not a very successful one, as his efforts kept backfiring on him).
  • Neftali Rivera Jr
    Neftali Rivera Jr 1 year ago Very insightful,so true!
  • Fluffy Panda
    Fluffy Panda 1 year ago T. G. Wolven It's called a cruel Irony
  • jmd2789
    jmd2789 2 years ago T. G. Wolven It's weird. As a kid I always thought Brom was bad. But watching as an adult, you realize that he's actually the hero, and Ichabod is a piece of shit.
  • Tamara
    Tamara 2 years ago T. G. Wolven I always thought that.
  • Captain Imagination
    Captain Imagination 2 years ago T. G. Wolven yes it's true he did wanted to get rich but never done anything wrong to oppose the main villain or shown doing acts of cruelty and amorality like murdering Brom Bones, steal Katrine's money or kidnap her and force her to marry him and was a very nice guy.
  • Ruth Nield
    Ruth Nield 2 years ago @kevin morin Eh. Granted, technical work requires a different kind of brainpower than memorizing useless trivia like I do, so I'll give you that. :D
  • Kevin Mengele
    Kevin Mengele 2 years ago T. G. Wolven no, y'all are just neckbeards, cuz if y'all were nerds y'all would be making tons of money doing technical work that requires brainpower
  • T. G. Wolven
    T. G. Wolven 2 years ago @Ruth Nield ^_^ Aren't we all?
  • Ruth Nield
    Ruth Nield 2 years ago @T. G. Wolven Pff, I'm not insightful, I'm just a friggin' nerd XD
  • Face Off
    Face Off 2 years ago @Ruth Nield Yeah Alexander DeLarge
  • T. G. Wolven
    T. G. Wolven 2 years ago @Ruth Nield Very insightful and well pointed out
  • Ruth Nield
    Ruth Nield 2 years ago That's why the proper word for a main character is protagonist, rather than strictly 'hero.' Same reason the protag's opposition is an antagonist, not necessarily a villain. For example, ever heard of a villain protagonist?
  • Face Off
    Face Off 2 years ago nicely put
  • Maxwell Williams
    Maxwell Williams 2 years ago That's cause Ichabod is a Jewish banker-ninja who's very lucky
  • Le Bas-fond
    Le Bas-fond 2 years ago This is why I love the Disney version so much, because it's so true to the original story. :)
  • Michelle Davie
    Michelle Davie 3 years ago Ichabod is like Shaggy. He eats so much food but he stays so skinny lol
  • Aidan Devine
    Aidan Devine 1 week ago They would be good friends.
  • Rocskatu
    Rocskatu 2 weeks ago Or he's just a giant fucking stoner
  • Juana Kravitz
    Juana Kravitz 4 months ago A woman’s dream to eat so much and still stay skinny lol 😂
  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 5 months ago Ha! Ha! That's funny, because it's true.
  • Jonathan Sayah
    Jonathan Sayah 8 months ago I envy their cartoon metabolism.
  • General Heavy
    General Heavy 1 year ago He has a high metabolism
  • Mark Minnema
    Mark Minnema 2 years ago @Panda B The food the women cook for him is supposed to represent him getting laid.
  • Jackalope B95
    Jackalope B95 2 years ago Don't be vulgar Mark Minnema!
  • Jackalope B95
    Jackalope B95 2 years ago I'd like to eat a lot and remain skinny. But alas, it cannot happen.
  • rstein926
    rstein926 3 years ago Plus like Shaggy he is a coward.
  • Deanna Chavis
    Deanna Chavis 8 months ago Brom = Gaston Ichabod = Shaggy Katrina = Cinderella
  • Aidan Devine
    Aidan Devine 6 days ago Symphony Loughlin same.
  • Symphony Loughlin
    Symphony Loughlin 6 days ago Brom reminds me of Captain Hook.
  • Aidan Devine
    Aidan Devine 1 week ago Icabod:Goofy Brom:Tigger Katernia:Clarabelle Cow
  • Tadicuslegion78
    Tadicuslegion78 2 years ago I love this short so much, it's one of my favorite Disney productions because it's the right amount of comedy and horror plus Bing Crosby singing, how is that not awesome
  • Shaydys, The Shadow Queen
    Shaydys, The Shadow Queen 4 months ago Yeah, I miss this Disney. I mean, they still do horror comedy via The Haunted Mansion and a little bit in other films (certain villains like Dr Facilier come to mind), but I feel like they don't do it enough publically.
  • Brittney Burns
    Brittney Burns 3 years ago as old as this i grew up with this and i always thought he reminded me of gaston
  • emmaplayz101
    emmaplayz101 2 months ago True lol
  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 5 months ago Brom never reminded me of Gaston, until I saw this again as an adult. Also, Katrina looks like Disney's Cinderella. now Brom reminds me of Gaston, & he kind of looks like him, too.
  • Liam Barber
    Liam Barber 6 months ago Disney was known to reuse character designs for the sake of speed and ease, so spotting one character in a different short or film is nothing strange.
  • The Goatman
    The Goatman 6 months ago Shes the inspiration for Cinderella then
  • Gregor Baby
    Gregor Baby 8 months ago And Katrina looks like Cinderella
  • Abi Janelle
    Abi Janelle 1 year ago omg yeeeeeessss!!!!
  • Nina Hassel
    Nina Hassel 1 year ago He was the inspiration for Gaston so that's not strange.
  • Ethan Partington
    Ethan Partington 2 years ago 💸💵💴💷💶💰
  • mrbakuganbrawler134
    mrbakuganbrawler134 3 years ago Anyone else think that Katrina looks like the Disney Cinderella
  • Diego Bareno
    Diego Bareno 10 months ago With a little bit of Slew Foot Sue from Pecos Bill.
  • klassicalmuzik
    klassicalmuzik 2 years ago mrbakuganbrawler134 yes they do. But if you think about it their personalities are completely different. Katrina is materialistic, kittenish, and perhaps maybe a little vain. Cinderella is humble, meek, and passive. Yes she's engagingly beautiful but she's not flirtatious like Katrina.
  • Joshua Shaffer
    Joshua Shaffer 2 years ago Fun Fact: This film predates Cinderella (1950) by one year. The same animators and animation supervisors worked on the films around the same time, like Production Manager Ben Sharpsteen. Animation designs and style were all uniform between characters, which is why Katrina looks so much like Cinderella. Those two also share similarities with Grace from Make Mine Music, The Golden Harp from Mickey and the Beanstalk, and Slue Foot Sue from Melody Time.
  • Savannah Nason
    Savannah Nason 2 years ago @Phillip Lomeo Oh my bad... :)
  • Phillip Lomeo
    Phillip Lomeo 2 years ago + Savannah Nason The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad came out in 1949, just a year before Cinderella.
  • Savannah Nason
    Savannah Nason 3 years ago @TheDreweMaster Indeed, and to prove my point this lovely little feature came out the same year as Cinderella 1950.
  • TheDreweMaster
    TheDreweMaster 3 years ago +Savannah Nason Sounds right.
  • Savannah Nason
    Savannah Nason 3 years ago +TheDreweMaster an anti Cindy if you would.
  • TheDreweMaster
    TheDreweMaster 3 years ago A jerky version of her perhaps, yes.
  • Niall Dempsey
    Niall Dempsey 3 years ago +mrbakuganbrawler134 Yeah she does. Fun fact: Cinderella came out one year after Ichabod and Mr Toad. :)
  • tripp cory
    tripp cory 3 years ago 1:53- I bet that the other townsfolks joined in the song to scare Ichabod cause they realized what a selfish jerk he really was
  • Graceful Gaming
    Graceful Gaming 2 years ago (edited) the guy whos singing looks like gaston and the blonde looks like cinderella
  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 5 months ago Ummm, of course they look like those other Disney Characters, because if you look at them, you can see the immediate resemblance.
  • The Goatman
    The Goatman 6 months ago This was sung by Bing Crosby
  • CJ the human
    CJ the human 8 months ago Grom and Katrina
  • Rachel DeRosier
    Rachel DeRosier 8 months ago @WishfulThinkingArt Also, Marc Davis animated Katrina, who also did Cinderella, Alice, Tinkerbell and Maleficent. He was the go-to animator for all the pretty women characters.
  • Deanna Bailey
    Deanna Bailey 8 months ago That's what I thought!
  • bizotically_yours83
    bizotically_yours83 8 months ago @WishfulThinkingArt That is awesome.
  • WishfulThinkingArt
    WishfulThinkingArt 9 months ago Andreas Deja, Gaston's supervising animator, took inspiration from Brom Bones, since Milt Kahl, who animated Brom, was Deja's mentor at Disney. I guess it was a nice love letter to one of the Nine Old Men. :-)
  • Unicorn X
    Unicorn X 4 months ago I don’t know about you but I came here after Thomas Sanders’ new video. :/
  • Ethan Corpuz
    Ethan Corpuz 1 week ago me to
  • https://Furan.
    https://Furan. 2 weeks ago yes
  • Unicorn X
    Unicorn X 1 month ago LPGV Studios yes and thank you
  • LPGV Studios
    LPGV Studios 1 month ago A man/woman of culture I see.
  • JDH0116
    JDH0116 1 year ago The beauty of Legend of Sleepy Hollow, every character was not black and white good or evil. In fact, personally, Ichabod, Brom, and Katrina were really all in some way unlikable.
  • spazman12342
    spazman12342 3 weeks ago @ladynekochan To be fair, this Ichabod is only interested in her money, too.
  • ladynekochan
    ladynekochan 8 months ago Disney's version of Ichabod has him as rather charming. The original Ichabod was a cruel school master and was only interested in Katrina for her family's wealth. I read the original story back in the 8th grade and let me tell you I was a little disappointed!
  • NPC982471 45
    NPC982471 45 8 months ago JDH0116 how so?
  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 2 years ago the first time I saw this was when I was in high school. yeah I remember me and my classmates watching this in class. 😊
  • Mrq Yaskn
    Mrq Yaskn 4 months ago That is cool i watch this when i was a child even as an adult i still love this movie best part is when the horse laughing in the woods
  • KnightwingwithaK
    KnightwingwithaK 7 months ago that is how I saw it the first time, scared my class when I let out a sardonic laugh randomly
  • Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat
    Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat 7 months ago Courtney Johnson I was in elementary school
  • The Slick Killa
    The Slick Killa 7 months ago @NPC982471 45 So what are you trying to say, you bitch ass piece of shit. What black people can't enjoy something without someone waiting for them to say they were offended by it? Damn! It's people like you who are the reason why we can't evolve as an society. But your not human, you're some sort of goblin or troll that feeds off of hate, negativity, and other peoples misery. Go crawl back under your bridge where you belong. BITCH!!
  • JustinThePirate
    JustinThePirate 8 months ago I think its fine
  • Brer Oswald
    Brer Oswald 8 months ago Irinby100 This film is definitely not geared towards children. It’s something anyone can get enjoyment out of.
  • NPC982471 45
    NPC982471 45 8 months ago are you sure you didn't think about how horribly racist this is? Because, "dontcha know? Everything is racist!" lol.
  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 2 years ago @Irinby100 Welcome
  • Irinby100
    Irinby100 2 years ago Courtney Johnson Thank you !! <3
  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson 2 years ago @Irinby100 All I remember is that I was in high school at the time.I graduated in 2009.
  • Irinby100
    Irinby100 2 years ago Courtney Johnson How old were you at that time? I teach English at High School and my students usually read this story.The thing is that there isn't a good film version of the story (the Tim Burton version is great , but It has nothing to do with the book!).Sometimes , I consider to use the Disney version; but ...maybe it's childish for teenagers...what do you thing about this?
  • Tulga Badrakh
    Tulga Badrakh 1 year ago ''black or white or even red'' it's nice to hear that the Headless Horseman wasn't racist despite the time period he lived in XD
  • Goth Nerd
    Goth Nerd 1 week ago Well when it comes to these things you can't afford to be fussy or racist
  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 1 year ago I like to think the Headless Horseman was real and it wasn't a prank. Either way this creeped me out as a kid and still creeps me out but I love it.
  • Creative Dreams TV.
    Creative Dreams TV. 5 months ago @Perid0tStar I was thinking the same thing
  • Kestrel raptorial
    Kestrel raptorial 7 months ago Then this party here is having way too much fun singing the song a murderous ghost in their midst.
  • Perid0tStar
    Perid0tStar 8 months ago My read on it was that the horseman was real when I was a kid-- I'm probably overthinking it nowadays but sometimes it can be fun to consider stuff from another angle. When you consider that Brom made sure to put in Ichabod's head that if he went to a specific place he'd be safe (and being very superstitious) after telling this story to all the important people in the town, Could Brom have been setting Ichabod up to murder him himself? That way, if the townspeople got suspicious 'Oh wow I guess it must have been that monster..."
  • KingCrabJake
    KingCrabJake 8 months ago LyricalXilence I know this is very late, and idk if you will even read this, but I think that at first it was a prank, but the guy left after awhile, and then the headless horseman actually came. The guy was prancing him at first, but I believe the real headless horseman came after
  • Adamguy2003
    Adamguy2003 1 year ago This version of the story does seem to lean more to the possibility of the Horseman being real.
  • SheppyDog927
    SheppyDog927 2 years ago This is just like that scene in over the garden wall when they were singing about the beast in the tavern
  • hathats
    hathats 3 months ago In the OTGW Art book pat says they turned to this for reference :)
  • hello
    hello 5 months ago SheppyDog927 omg yes!
  • That Guy From That Thing
    That Guy From That Thing 2 years ago SheppyDog927 Right?!
  • Brett Rockford
    Brett Rockford 2 years ago adhfan75 The idea of Brom Bones and Gaston came from Casey at the Bat.
  • fanny3211
    fanny3211 2 years ago SheppyDog927 While this movie might have had some influence on that tavern scene, it is primarily focused on homaging 'Betty Boop'.
  • adhfan75
    adhfan75 2 years ago LOL Yeah I think MUCH of BATB was inspired by this little 1950s animated short. Brom Bones was the inspiration for Gaston, and even Ichabod's opening scene where he strolls through he village with his nose buried in a book, was coped for Belle's opening scene in BATB. lol
  • satyr1968
    satyr1968 1 year ago What's really scary is Brom Bones' disappearing sandwich.
  • Joshua Hot Sauce Swain
    Joshua Hot Sauce Swain 8 months ago satyr1968 haha 30 years of watching and I never saw that before
  • Mella Bella
    Mella Bella 3 years ago Bing Crosby is a classic in himself!
  • Tyson Bastien
    Tyson Bastien 1 year ago Mella Bella *in and of himself
  • Mike Desilvestri
    Mike Desilvestri 2 years ago One of the greats.
  • Marlon L
    Marlon L 2 years ago Real singing talent!
  • smlifyrasor
    smlifyrasor 1 year ago Ok.. Who's the jerk that put cayenne pepper in the salt shaker? lol
  • hexum7
    hexum7 2 years ago (edited) BROM was nicer than his brother. GASTON LE BONES
  • Brenda Forster
    Brenda Forster 8 months ago Alex Painter (Whoosh) Maybe his French cousin, perhaps?
  • Alex Painter
    Alex Painter 9 months ago hexum7 that’s pretty unlikely due to the fact that this took place is the mid 1780s in colonial New York while Gaston lived in pre-revolution France in the 1790s
  • Neftali Rivera Jr
    Neftali Rivera Jr 3 years ago "Now gather around and ill alucitate on what goes outside when it gets late!" Creepy introduction to tell a scary story,heh heh heh. I wonder if the Headless Horseman was a true entity that chased people at night in Sleep Hollow and Washington Irving is telling us this in the story of Sleepy Hollow. P.s. I dont live to far from the actual town of Sleep Hollow,by car with less traffic 20 minutes-maybe less,heh heh heh.
  • Gregor Baby
    Gregor Baby 8 months ago (edited) Actually Irvings legend of Headless Horseman was inspired by entity from irish folklore (as someone in comments already pointed out) and news about decapitated hessian soldier whose body was found in Sleepy Hollow and was buried in van Tassel homestead... Characters of Ichabod, Katrina & Brom were also inspired by real people from Sleepy Hollow, their namesakes more or less, whom Irving knew well
  • Aaron Rose
    Aaron Rose 8 months ago The headless horseman is based on the Dullahan of Irish lore, a type of spirit who rides in the night. They wield either a sword or a whip that is made from human spines and carry their head under their arm. Sometimes they can be seen driving a black coach and will throw bowls of blood at people. The Black coach with a Dullahan driver appears in Darby O'Gill & the Little People alongside a Banshee.
  • One shot Johnny
    One shot Johnny 8 months ago I live in CT! Let’s go check it out!
  • Adamguy2003
    Adamguy2003 1 year ago I kind of got the impression that the Headless Horseman was a local urban legend/ ghost story that Washington Irving heard about, tweaked a little, and adapted into his story.
  • bloodyrose1985
    bloodyrose1985 2 years ago Neftali Rivera Jr my husband was born and grew up in the town of sleepy hollow too!
  • Nabiyah1
    Nabiyah1 3 years ago +Neftali Rivera Jr "Elucidate"
  • TheGoodFather
    TheGoodFather 3 years ago +Neftali Rivera Jr that's really cool, I strongly doubt that the headless horseman is real though.
  • Casimus Prime
    Casimus Prime 2 years ago 0:42, the guy from Ratatouille
  • Ikram Ouchicha
    Ikram Ouchicha 4 months ago With a nose😅👃
  • Ikram Ouchicha
    Ikram Ouchicha 4 months ago He looks like foldemord too😂
  • Arminius of Germania
    Arminius of Germania 7 months ago I don't like food, I LOVE it! ...and when I DON'T love it, I don't... SWALLOW!
  • Dean Marino
    Dean Marino 8 months ago Casimus Prime or the asylum Owner in Beauty and the Beast
  • Another YouTube Patron
    Another YouTube Patron 8 months ago Ego, Gaston, and Cinderella all in the same scene. :)
  • Tony parra
    Tony parra 1 year ago Casimus Prime Maybe that inspired him.
  • Casimus Prime
    Casimus Prime 2 years ago @The Awesone Bat Ya, him
  • The Awesone Bat
    The Awesone Bat 2 years ago Anton Ego