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Kelvin Gastelum Reacts to His loss to Adesanya, Khabib Already Training for Dustin Poirier Fight

Published on Apr 15, 2019 172,671 views

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KELVIN GASTELUM reacts to his UFC 236 title loss to Israel Adesanya
ALAN JOUBAN on judges after loss to Dwight Grant at UFC 236
KHABIB'S FATHER says Khabib is already training for Dustin Poirier fight, confirms his return in September
ISRAEL ADESANYA on his fight with Kelvin Gastelum & people underestimating him
DANA WHITE confirms Khabib will fight Dustin Poirier next, talks Adesanya vs. Whittaker & praises Kelvin Gastelum
DUSTIN POIRIER on winning UFC interim title, Khabib matchup & Max Holloway fight
DAN HARDY reacts to Holloway vs. Poirier & Adesanya vs. Gastelum

Hollow Bells - Cxdy


  • iCiara
    iCiara 6 days ago Like Kelvin or not, you gotta admit he showed TRUE heart!
  • Saeed Patel
    Saeed Patel 6 days ago iCiara sure did,he’ll be back stronger
  • Bobby James
    Bobby James 6 days ago Isreal Adesanya beat the hell out of the bastard...... Haters.
  • Andrej Slavica
    Andrej Slavica 6 days ago If Kelvin and Israel had the same reach and height, Kelvin would beat the shit out oh him. Adesanya did a great job using his reach and managing distance. Great job by both guys.
  • Dan Lucas
    Dan Lucas 6 days ago How can you not like Kelvin.🤔 tuf winners are always treated like shit and they work take the hardest route.
  • Ill blahzay Ill
    Ill blahzay Ill 6 days ago (edited) @BLACK BULL too bad they are both fucked when matched up against Whitaker
  • Njoy
    Njoy 6 days ago Why would people not like Kelvin? He does nothing wrong.
  • Njoy
    Njoy 6 days ago What a cringy ass name, im black, what should i call my self? I KNOW, BLACK BULL, GOD DAMN IM SMART AND WITTY.
  • Ill blahzay Ill
    Ill blahzay Ill 6 days ago @Njoy he's probably a piece of shit with almost as many kids as felonies. Worthless
  • kenny kappa
    kenny kappa 6 days ago @BLACK BULL Your name and profile pic show symptoms of fake confidence out of fear, just like your boi FARTBENDER!
  • kenny kappa
    kenny kappa 6 days ago @BLACK BULL What are you talkin about "exposed" your boi Izreal got exposed in his kickboxing by a midget with baby reach, he has never been lit up like that, Kelvin lost but just uncovered holes on this hype job!
  • Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
    Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo 6 days ago BLACK BULL all you Dumb asses dont even watch the Fight Israel was almost out as well 😂 fanboys!!!
  • Uncle Luke and Audrey Lou! Valdez and Segura
    Uncle Luke and Audrey Lou! Valdez and Segura 6 days ago @BLACK BULL Why you gotta be racist towards us Latinos? If I heard you say that in real life I would break your jaw and head in so many places, you wouldn't be able to speak let alone think racism ever again.
  • Bekim Zenuni
    Bekim Zenuni 6 days ago Iciara Hello I see the same picture on various videos just name is different similar to a matrix
  • Shroomer
    Shroomer 6 days ago Kelvin has always had heart for miles
  • Pete Hutchins
    Pete Hutchins 6 days ago @Bobby James phag
  • Nicola Maxwell
    Nicola Maxwell 5 days ago Abso-fuckin-lutely!!!
    BLACK BULL 5 days ago @Uncle Luke and Audrey Lou! Valdez and Segura punk spic rice and beans son of a bitch I beat you worse that israel beat up that fat mexican
  • Marquis Harris
    Marquis Harris 3 days ago @Andrej Slavica if they were the same height kelvin wouldnt be as strong either 🤦🏿‍♂️his size works for him
  • michael clayton
    michael clayton 1 day ago Kelvin is the real deal .There won't be a fight card to match that one for a long time - especially his fight with Izzy .
  • hangman18x
    hangman18x 6 days ago Gained so much more respect for Kelvin, Adesanya, Poirier and Holloway from 236. Every one of them are true warriors and they all showed tremendous heart and skill. No real losers here.
  • Vullgrim
    Vullgrim 6 days ago And they didn’t have to talk cheap crap to sell the fight
  • Antonio Alcala
    Antonio Alcala 6 days ago Exept for the loosers
  • shaari mohd amin
    shaari mohd amin 6 days ago hangman18x yeaahh man what a great sportsmanship good skill and cleaned fight ..
  • Pete Hutchins
    Pete Hutchins 6 days ago where ya been....always have
  • Mystic Mac
    Mystic Mac 6 days ago (edited) Vullgrim lmao they didn’t sell any real ppvs dont worry. They can stay broke and have u fair weather fans ride their sicks while u illegally stream it on reddit.
  • Julio Bonilla
    Julio Bonilla 6 days ago True
  • Daniel Bray
    Daniel Bray 6 days ago @Mystic Mac You didn't even buy the PPV, hypocrite. Shut up.
  • Xavier Brown
    Xavier Brown 6 days ago Dana still dont need Conor dusty ass Mystic Mac
  • Dimitri 20
    Dimitri 20 6 days ago (edited) @Xavier Brown please retards like you need to learn how speak English. Oh and btw. You're Hispanic. You're not black. Why are you talking like your black? You're trying to talk ebonics. Buhahahahaha!! Try to be yourself for a change and see how you feel.
  • dea cindy
    dea cindy 6 days ago @Vullgrim trueeee
  • Happyfor96
    Happyfor96 6 days ago The only loser here is permanent brain damage
  • Xavier Brown
    Xavier Brown 6 days ago Dimitri 20 I guess u thought u was gonna get a like or something for saying that 😂😂
  • Jon I Need Steroid To Win Jones
    Jon I Need Steroid To Win Jones 6 days ago @Dimitri 20 whats talking like your black you sound stupid every black guy talks different idiot 😂😂
  • Kwasje Titty
    Kwasje Titty 6 days ago (edited) Exactly but Holloway impressed me the most he is fucking elite when he gets wobbled he keeps taunting he is ultimate warrior every round staredown lol
  • Pete Hutchins
    Pete Hutchins 6 days ago @Happyfor96 you aren't welcome here
  • Ymk *Your Money King*
    Ymk *Your Money King* 6 days ago @Dimitri 20 Your grammar is terrible, the irony💀💀
  • marcus knox
    marcus knox 6 days ago You been under a rock bro? They always been like this.
  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 5 days ago @Antonio Alcala ~ *losers...damn this simple spelling error shits me more than it should! Looser means not tight! Loser means not the winner, please can you spell it right next time? Sheesh...
  • Yosep Yosep
    Yosep Yosep 6 days ago Respect for his best perform...hope the good chance another day..
  • Al J Pelayo
    Al J Pelayo 6 days ago Kelvin you are a hero to those who have to fight opponent taller than them. You are a hero also in defeat. Respect to you man
  • Za Gav
    Za Gav 6 days ago (edited) tall doesnt mean to be strong.Adesanya won coz he has more skills than kelvin even though kelvin has more power.if Adesanya wasnt thar skilled he would be knocked out by Kelvin.height and reach are just advantage like long arms that artem has not got , skills,weight,power and speed are important
  • Josh Philander
    Josh Philander 6 days ago Was never big on him but I honestly can't wait to see Kelvins next match! + Respect!
  • Phil Gomez
    Phil Gomez 6 days ago Feel the exact same way
  • Phil Gomez
    Phil Gomez 6 days ago I guess I just didn't like when he kept missing weight and missed one with Woodley by like 11 pounds or some shit lol
  • Chris Dupuis
    Chris Dupuis 6 days ago Go back and watch his welterweight fights. He took it to Woodley. Beat Hendricks. I knew KG was the truth for a good 4 years. Glad others are seeing it. He beat Jacare ffs.
  • Phil Gomez
    Phil Gomez 6 days ago @Chris Dupuis I always knew he brought it. Just wanted him to lose cause he was missing weight often. Ufc made him go up. I think fighters should always make weight or move up if you cant.
  • Josh Philander
    Josh Philander 6 days ago @Chris Dupuis definitely gonna binge watch his old fights, I only got to see the ones against bisping and jacare. He's a real one
  • Josh Philander
    Josh Philander 6 days ago @Phil Gomez the weight story also put me off but I'm glad to see him excel at middleweight. He may be small for the division but hes definitely meant to be there
  • jayy see
    jayy see 6 days ago Win or lose. Kelvin, you're still my guy. Total badass
  • Sam Coulter
    Sam Coulter 6 days ago Hes a legend
  • gary brown
    gary brown 6 days ago Gastelums attitude & demeanour wins more & more respect from me with every fight. Guys got some serious heart & just gets stuck in every time, always a gentleman out the ring & a beast in it
  • Richard smith
    Richard smith 6 days ago Yea like when he was saying he was the champ with cejudos belt on his shoulder? What a great attitude
  • gary brown
    gary brown 6 days ago @Richard smith I can see how that could come across douchey but guys have to drum up some publicity somehow so I can give that a pass, it wasn't the best but it's at least better than whatever colbys doing
  • Jonathan Walker
    Jonathan Walker 6 days ago Kelvin a true warrior. He'll be back stronger
  • Chris Dupuis
    Chris Dupuis 6 days ago He needs to go back to 170. But he loves blaze the weed and eat😂😂😂😂😂 so much he gives guys 6'height advantages and bigger reach advantages
  • Kyle Gates
    Kyle Gates 6 days ago @Chris Dupuis why does he need to go back 170 lol I'd say the weight class he just made the championship fight in would be a good one to stay in.....dummy
  • Falcon Z
    Falcon Z 6 days ago (edited) Nah he wont beat anybody in the top 3. This aint a video game
  • Jonathan Walker
    Jonathan Walker 6 days ago He would have gave Whittaker a great fight had he not pulled out due to injury..IMO
  • Negan
    Negan 6 days ago Jonathan Walker Whitikar is even fights but dudes like Israel just to big and unfair reach advantage
  • Alan Hanes
    Alan Hanes 6 days ago When’s the last time the Main and Co-Main event won fight of the night!? Helluva card! All 4 are warriors!
  • cal kane
    cal kane 6 days ago Might be a first.
  • Daniel Ramalan
    Daniel Ramalan 6 days ago That card was hard for me! Israel, Kelvin, Max, Dustin....all great fighters with great personalities.I cheered for everyone. Now I am happy for Israel and Dustin, but feel sad for Kelvin and Max.
  • Iszzuan Hamzan
    Iszzuan Hamzan 6 days ago Exactly bro
  • Steven wang
    Steven wang 6 days ago No real losers here, Max gets to keep his belt. Kelvin was expected to lose thr fight but showed heart and gained fans.
  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 6 days ago Thats why some fights suck. Just like. Lawler vs askren. And now woodly vs lawler 2. Lose lose for me
  • Devrim Bulbul
    Devrim Bulbul 6 days ago @kevin smith yeah true its gonna end fast for either one of them but i doubt that lawler would win. only if we see the T-Wood who fought usman then yeah i say lawler
  • Agent Jack Stone
    Agent Jack Stone 6 days ago Same
  • david mayuku
    david mayuku 6 days ago Just my mind bro.... All the fighters were top class
  • marin chaps
    marin chaps 4 days ago Yes but guys don't fotget Khalil Rountree he was insane...
  • Stick Wan
    Stick Wan 6 days ago what a warrior kelvin is
  • ayo30s
    ayo30s 6 days ago 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇲🇽🇳🇬🇺🇸
  • Victor Lee
    Victor Lee 6 days ago Kelvin now knows Izzy isn't a hype train and his response was beautiful. Good man.
  • Thanos
    Thanos 6 days ago (edited) Did he actually say that Izzy was a hype train? Cuz I remember that he said it's going to be the hardest fight of his career
  • Josan Powell
    Josan Powell 6 days ago @Thanos yes he said we've seen hype trains get derailed before and he was going to do it to israel .
  • kiezer sosay
    kiezer sosay 6 days ago I like both guys but wanted max to win. Im way more of a Dustin now, not just cuz of his fight but his attitude. Both guys are perfect examples of how a combat fighter should act. I felt blessed myself to witness the rich history in the making. And for free!
  • Direcode Vincent
    Direcode Vincent 6 days ago I keep realizing how many great fighters there are in the sport ,with greater attitudes,and it really doesn't need Connor to depend upon .
  • Ducky Darkstar
    Ducky Darkstar 6 days ago And for free 👌🏼🤝🏼🥊🥋 #fuckyouDana
    PEDROJELLO 6 days ago max was to small for him but if he gains muscles and work on his power delivery all the punch he landed would of hurt dustin
  • Jeffrey Abbott
    Jeffrey Abbott 6 days ago Where for free I'm tired of paying already pay fight pass now paying for ESPN app And dazn app
  • Stefan Sweeing
    Stefan Sweeing 6 days ago Direcode Vincent Conor beat both of them 😂😂😂😂
  • Jojo
    Jojo 6 days ago Kelvin best fight I’ve ever saw
  • IV XX
    IV XX 6 days ago (edited) Really? The best fight you EVER seen? Like....are you serious?
  • X21SAVAGE01 Yt
    X21SAVAGE01 Yt 6 days ago (edited) @IV XX Me: what's the best fight you ever seen You: Connor Vs Mayweather Me: Shut the fuck up
    BLACK BULL 6 days ago izzy beat the shit out that mexican black men taking over he made an example out that mexican
  • Zidan Mozumder
    Zidan Mozumder 6 days ago @BLACK BULL Lmao troll harder boi
    MICHAH B TV 6 days ago @BLACK BULL racist pussy boy
    MICHAH B TV 6 days ago @BLACK BULL racist pussy bitch
  • IV XX
    IV XX 6 days ago (edited) @X21SAVAGE01 Yt wow you and 5 people who liked your comment are now retarded. I've seen a lot of great fights in the UFC, it would be foolish to even pick a best fight I've seen. Stop with your assumptions kid. Now run along child, adults are talking here.
  • Jr Lowe
    Jr Lowe 6 days ago (edited) BLACK BULL Whittaker gonna take his soul bruh
  • Ducky Darkstar
    Ducky Darkstar 6 days ago That black bull guy is a weird black troll dude he goes under everyones comment and says racist shit trying to get people too flip out . Look at his page . Hes fucking mental
  • Yomomma's Bin Fartin
    Yomomma's Bin Fartin 6 days ago Looks like he likes them white hunnies a little too much. Fucking wannabe racist if you ask me..
  • X21SAVAGE01 Yt
    X21SAVAGE01 Yt 6 days ago @IV XX I didn't even like my own comment how about you look again Blind ass
  • X21SAVAGE01 Yt
    X21SAVAGE01 Yt 6 days ago (edited) @IV XX Also I'm Not a kid Say what you won't but your A fucking Loser Shut your Bitch ass up You need to calm down there Mr President This dude literally Wright's a Whole Documentary About what's the best fight The top Guy has ever seen its his Favorite fight and you can't change what he likes either so go shit down kid and play Gay ass fortnite or whatever you play
  • Falcon Z
    Falcon Z 6 days ago You must be a noob
  • Scooterkid Dynamyte
    Scooterkid Dynamyte 5 days ago @BLACK BULL Im black... i dont believe you are black... stop race baiting.
  • HaCkZct
    HaCkZct 6 days ago EPIC FIGHT CONGRATS TO BOTH!!!
  • Pete Hutchins
    Pete Hutchins 6 days ago to all FOUR
  • Tommy D
    Tommy D 6 days ago (edited) I don't know if there's anyone with more class than Kelvin Gastelum. Not to mention he is a complete warrior.
  • Octal Dub
    Octal Dub 6 days ago Dominick Cruz, Wonderboy, Mighty Mouse are all up therr
  • Tommy D
    Tommy D 6 days ago @Octal Dub You're right ! Add Miocic to that list.
  • b d
    b d 6 days ago Kelvin got some good meds
  • djk
    djk 6 days ago I had to tell myself, don't talk to me like that! Greatest quote I've ever heard
  • Nicola Maxwell
    Nicola Maxwell 5 days ago Brilliant so strong minded I might try this lol
  • George jasi Lozano
    George jasi Lozano 6 days ago Gustalem did we like the fight? Man that is going to be fight of the year and a classic in the future man!!!!!!
  • Leo John Guinid
    Leo John Guinid 6 days ago When Kelvin kicked Israel's head, I was shocked. Out of all the things I expected him to do, that never even entered my head. And I'm pretty sure Izzy didn't either. Which is why it landed.
  • Frank Wilson
    Frank Wilson 6 days ago Leo John Guinid I thought it was about over when that kick landed, Israel is a bad motherfucker to recover from that and go on to put a proper beating on Kelvin.
    KING SIMBA 6 days ago Mexican warrior 💪🏽 much respect to you Kelvin you’re an animal.