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The Most Realistic War Movie Is Full of Sh!t

Published on Feb 12, 2017 1,784,232 views


And this was before they had the wipes.


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  • Nolan Grealish
    Nolan Grealish 1 year ago The most realistic one is obviously Tropic Thunder
  • SunShyn3
    SunShyn3 2 months ago Nah obviously WWE
  • Jed Sanford
    Jed Sanford 3 months ago you can suck my unit.
  • BBCBR600RR
    BBCBR600RR 3 months ago Obviously
  • DevastatorGaming
    DevastatorGaming 4 months ago Ironically, you're right because Tropic Thunder is an accurate depiction of modern Hollywood.
  • Manny Emilio Vasquez
    Manny Emilio Vasquez 4 months ago Best response! 🤣 (I loved Tropic Thunder)
  • Leon Mayne
    Leon Mayne 4 months ago It's actually Star Wars
  • littel creatchure
    littel creatchure 5 months ago @y m that is...the joke.....
  • Sean Gagnon
    Sean Gagnon 5 months ago Nolan Grealish Huh!? Who you callin "you people?" I'm the dude playin the dude disguised as another dude...
  • MCUbetterthenDCU
    MCUbetterthenDCU 7 months ago yea....thats how method actors REALLY act.
  • snipaxtra
    snipaxtra 8 months ago Nolan Grealish Obviously
  • Truman productions
    Truman productions 8 months ago *angry birds
  • y m
    y m 9 months ago i thought this was a parody movie, is it real ?
  • Zephyx
    Zephyx 11 months ago lost chromosomes JESUS KUNG FU
    UNKNOWN SOURCE 1 year ago No guys the most realistic war movie is USS Indianapolis: Men of COURAGE
  • Tony Peppermint
    Tony Peppermint 1 year ago Best movie.
  • Theophilus Martins
    Theophilus Martins 1 year ago Guys Guys it's obviously The Lion King
  • Chhitiz Maskey
    Chhitiz Maskey 1 year ago No Star Wars is
  • Zachary Hunt
    Zachary Hunt 1 year ago lost chromosomes no the most realistic war movie is sharknado
  • lost chromosomes
    lost chromosomes 1 year ago The most realistic one was "Who Killed Captain Alex?"
  • bob Lee
    bob Lee 1 year ago Nope! The most realistic war movie is (Hot shots part deux) :v
  • Mr. Zucc
    Mr. Zucc 1 year ago MrToxicXx no its comment awards 84
  • zonechaser1
    zonechaser1 1 year ago Blackhawk Down is the most realistic
  • SirNugger
    SirNugger 1 year ago Guys guys it’s obviously Comment Awards The Movie
  • XeroFailGames
    XeroFailGames 1 year ago Act of valor was cool
  • XD
    XD 1 year ago I think that Restrepo is the most realistic movie because its actually recorded IRL no effects etc
  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T. 1 year ago Butt ofcourse
  • Black Crimson
    Black Crimson 1 year ago Nolan Grealish nazi zombies is most realistic
  • Powdered Granola
    Powdered Granola 1 year ago Nah man "Birdemic: Shock and Terror" is the most realistic depiction of war with its tragedy, heartbreak, and loss.
  • monster gamer512
    monster gamer512 1 year ago Wtf are you talking about the most realistic war movie is home alone 2 lost in New York
  • Huh?
    Huh? 1 year ago Guys guys it’s shrek
  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys 1 year ago Topic Thunder. The "Blazing Saddles" of war movies.
  • _Yeah
    _Yeah 1 year ago Nah. Realziest is the Team America: World Police
  • King Nothing
    King Nothing 1 year ago Anyone with a brain can see it's actually Rambo 4.
  • mikael
    mikael 1 year ago gabe collalto nah, Korengal
  • Gabriel Collalto
    Gabriel Collalto 1 year ago Or full metal jacket
  • Bad Duck
    Bad Duck 1 year ago As a vet of Afghanistan I will have to say he's spot on. War for me was being needed and respected having been part of a greater mission. When I came home civilian life in America was Then and still is , just surviving paying bills and waiting for death. That's why I would go back in a second. Also the brothers and sisters I was with are more family than my own. And most of us feel the same.
  • Peanut_Butter
    Peanut_Butter 4 days ago (edited) @Otosaka Yuu You're obviously a retarded fuck thinking soldiers just kill innocent civilians on purpose. You can go to prison for that. Go to Afghanistan so those "civilians" can cut that ugly head off. You're one of those anime fags that's mad because you can't serve. Unless you've been then shut the fuck up you uneducated pussy.
  • FlareHD
    FlareHD 2 months ago @no name Dyrseth emoji's are made to dodge the secret intelligence list is now a fact XD
  • Exarch
    Exarch 2 months ago Idk man im an Iraqi war vet Infantryman I spent 18 months in country and while almost everything he said was correct this is still the closest I have ever seen a Hollywood movie get it.
  • no name Dyrseth
    no name Dyrseth 3 months ago try to fight the “greatest army” “greatest navy” greatest special force “ Greatest spy agency with the greatest weapon of mas destruction” With only flip flops Ak47 and 🏡 made 💣 + put on your 💣 vest on your body I don’t think you would have survived that Some of you making me laugh 😂 Waiting to die 😂 You don’t need to live with the-consequences of the bombs who murdered your whole family I bet life in California or New York Even shitty places like Chicago or Detroit must be a heaven places to struggle with your Posttraumatic stress disorders...
  • Otosaka Yuu
    Otosaka Yuu 3 months ago @Lucio Anneo Seneca I'm not a sick fuck that enjoys hurting/killing other peoples neither and that is not my concept since it's been too long ever since my country even invaded any other country but still are the soldiers who went to those missions ( Cold blooded killer garbage who doesn't give a shit about human life ) as you describe them? For following orders they got from the government itself?
  • Lucio Anneo Seneca
    Lucio Anneo Seneca 3 months ago @Otosaka Yuu Let me know something: You believe that defend your country is equivalent to go to a distant country that never attack or invade America, to kill people and expoliate resources, and put a puppet government there to use that country when necessary even if that use represent destroy the future of the locals? If your response is "yes", then we have very different concepts about defend your country and your people. When I was in the military I reject a very lucrative offer to go to Yugoslavia as special operations agent, because I know what represent in that time go to that place... I don't like kill people without a very strong justification, specially civil people that only want to survive and protect their families.