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What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

Published on Mar 13, 2019 459,591 views

Fitness trainer Drew Manning reveals how a ketogenic lifestyle helped him lose weight within half a year, Then, he explains much fat, protein, and carbohydrates are needed to stay in ketosis, a state where the body burns fat for fuel.

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  • Sugu Amesi
    Sugu Amesi 3 weeks ago Ben Stiller and Anna Kendrick's love child
  • Laura Lei
    Laura Lei 3 weeks ago haha
  • Latrisha Lott
    Latrisha Lott 2 weeks ago So true!!!
  • Addie Man
    Addie Man 1 week ago Lololololol hahahahahaa
  • Addie Man
    Addie Man 1 week ago OMG OMG LOOOOL
  • Nico
    Nico 1 week ago I can’t 😂😂
  • Coral LB
    Coral LB 1 week ago Hooo-lee-shyt! The face math is definitely there!
  • juujuuzmimi
    juujuuzmimi 3 days ago ROFL 🤣
  • Keto Diet Recipes
    Keto Diet Recipes 11 hours ago #top3ketodietrecipes . That's true
  • Barbara Rudy
    Barbara Rudy 2 months ago I’m sure his boss, Oprah, doesn’t like him promoting Keto too much since her Weight Watchers stocks have plummeted.
    INTUIT 1 month ago He's making money for her...I'm certain she doesn't mind. Besides, KETO and W-Watchers are catered to 2 completely separate is for people who are serious about getting healthy, and adopting a lifestyle for LIFE...the other is for those too lazy to shop and cook healthy meals for themselves, but still want to lose weight. Perhaps WW stock is dropping because people are finally wising up to the evils of processed foods, even those touted as "healthy".
  • Angela LaPlante
    Angela LaPlante 2 weeks ago Weight watchers deserves it. It’s the most unhealthy diet/lifestyle there is. Allows you to eat long term trash.
  • Grace Mccraw
    Grace Mccraw 2 months ago It's not really a diet,you have to change your way of eating forever,best decision ever made.
  • jennifer wellman
    jennifer wellman 2 months ago Grace Mccraw Absolutely, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life, nothing else works for me except for this.
  • Keneisha Freckleton
    Keneisha Freckleton 2 months ago Grace Mccraw amen!
  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 1 month ago Can u explain more
  • Grace Mccraw
    Grace Mccraw 1 month ago What you eat ?
  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 1 month ago Grace Mccraw I’m really not a heavy eater believe it or not I really don’t have time to eat if I do I’ll eat dinner which is probably eat out food so it differs
  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 1 month ago Grace Mccraw mostly snacks on the go
  • Grace Mccraw
    Grace Mccraw 1 month ago Nuts,cheese sticks,parmesan crisps,boiled eggs.
  • Grace Mccraw
    Grace Mccraw 1 month ago Are you doing keto?
  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 1 month ago Grace Mccraw I would like to try it what all you buy full list please
  • Grace Mccraw
    Grace Mccraw 1 month ago Meats,cheeses,nuts,green veggies,choose what you like.No starchy carbs or sugar.
  • V
    V 1 month ago That also called diet.
  • Jose Andre Valverde ayllon
    Jose Andre Valverde ayllon 3 weeks ago Me too
  • PrincessAshley121
    PrincessAshley121 3 weeks ago Honestly after I reach my weight loss goal on keto I will be shifting to Paleo.
  • Pantsu God
    Pantsu God 1 week ago You obviously don't know what a diet is.
  • Always Happy
    Always Happy 1 week ago Hey can you share a diet plan for keto
  • Michael Hassell
    Michael Hassell 1 week ago Isn’t that every “diet”
  • Dallas Cowboys 313
    Dallas Cowboys 313 2 days ago @Grace Mccraw I want to go on keto but I dont know what to eat for a full day of keto can you give me examples of three full course meals for keto
  • Grace Mccraw
    Grace Mccraw 2 days ago You can get a lot of ideas from Pintrest. I would recomend starting out with 3 meals a day according to your macros.Everyone's amount is different. Eggs,bacon,spinach,cheese Tuna salad,lettuce,pickles Steak,asparagus,spinach salad, Use healthy oils to cook with and creamy dressings.