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sonic 06 in O6 minutes

Published on May 30, 2014 2,308,081 views

The one everyone was waiting for.
Actually, I got surprisingly few requests for this one, probably because it was too obvious.
Will I be able to make jokes that haven't been done before? Time will tell.
But geez, after the parodies of the modern "Sonic stands around and says dumb things for 50 minutes" games, it was quite refreshing to take a game where things actually happen again.
Even if there's a lot of dumb things.

.... ESPECIALLY when there's a lot of dumb things.

Thanks to Sonic paradox for most of the voice actors here.
Music from Sonic 06 and Rush adventure.
Also no, this movie is not 6 minutes.
It's at least double the amount.
Jup, largest in minutes, and despite that I still had to ignore most of Shadow's story and have a few deleted jokes and scenes.

  • youdirtypeasants
    youdirtypeasants 3 years ago Silver: " Do you know sonic?" Blaze: (Blaze thinking about sonic rush) " No lets just kill him."
  • you not a real nigga if u dont like dragon ball
    you not a real nigga if u dont like dragon ball 3 years ago okay
  • i don’t deserve human rights
    i don’t deserve human rights 3 years ago Yeah that makes sense
  • GoodGameKing
    GoodGameKing 3 years ago +Matthias Sanchez LOL!
  • Lillium and Minna
    Lillium and Minna 3 years ago +Matthias Sanchez ❤~Not-so-sweet.~❤
  • GoodGameKing
    GoodGameKing 3 years ago @Lillium and Minna kinda make's sense because you know who made the video!
  • Lillium and Minna
    Lillium and Minna 3 years ago @Silver d ❤~Ikr~❤
  • Jona Monette
    Jona Monette 3 years ago According to sources this is before sonic rush in blazes timeline. She doesn't remember it because in sonics dimension all of the game never happened.
  • Ty Adiplier
    Ty Adiplier 3 years ago what
  • Paid Wilson
    Paid Wilson 2 years ago According to the writers, Blaze suffered amnesia after entering Silver's world
  • BlackKyurem5
    BlackKyurem5 2 years ago Links to these Sources? Especially since Blaze remembers Crisis City in Generations.
  • Electric Flamez
    Electric Flamez 2 years ago BlackKyurem5 he said after entering silver's world, not after leaving. I'm just trying to clear that up for you.
  • Jona Monette
    Jona Monette 2 years ago @Paid Wilson that would make more sense.
  • Maria Young
    Maria Young 2 years ago this is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen
  • Kamanira
    Kamanira 1 year ago youdirtypeasants I like to think (that canonically) Sonic 06 wasn't them rebooting blaze, but telling her origin story. At the end of Sonic 06 Silver's campaign, Blaze seals herself, and Iblis, into another dimension.
  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams 2 months ago Was that suppose to be some sort of "Sonic Games Suck" joke?
  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez 2 months ago That was a different Blaze.
  • Zacknid Comics
    Zacknid Comics 3 weeks ago LOL memorys
  • Metal Overlord
    Metal Overlord 1 year ago "We achieved nothing, mission accomplished. "
  • Alice Margatroid
    Alice Margatroid 7 months ago My favorite quote in the parody.
  • Dsn 56
    Dsn 56 5 months ago Metel Sonic but with all cheos emrdls
  • Kaizo Nerdtaku
    Kaizo Nerdtaku 3 months ago Sega making this game
  • Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic 3 weeks ago Hey
  • Lilly Unova
    Lilly Unova 1 year ago (edited) 4:42-4:46 that line alone perfectly describes sonic 06's story tho LOL!
  • The Mario Gang!
    The Mario Gang! 4 months ago True lol
  • krackers the chukels pl
    krackers the chukels pl 2 weeks ago How do you know that ?
  • Murloc Master
    Murloc Master 1 year ago help im clipping through the floor!
  • Razzaser
    Razzaser 1 year ago haha same
  • Greater Mario 221
    Greater Mario 221 11 months ago You're Right DLWF
  • Nick 46 Longplays
    Nick 46 Longplays 10 months ago Very accurate.
  • Noah LP
    Noah LP 8 months ago I'm starting to fly to many glitches
  • noahgonna doathing :0
    noahgonna doathing :0 5 months ago YOURE RIGHT TAILS! NOW WHAT DO WE DO?
  • X-Ter
    X-Ter 4 months ago Tails dies Tails respawns Tails x2
  • UniqueSKD
    UniqueSKD 3 months ago I love that part because that actually happened a lot for me when I played the game. Funny as hell then and still funny now.
  • Shadow The Edgelord
    Shadow The Edgelord 3 months ago Me trying to succeed in life...
  • Lily Morgo
    Lily Morgo 1 month ago Rouge: Hiya Shadow: Long Time No see
  • Cole Carver
    Cole Carver 1 year ago 1:55 I was like no no NOOO eggman has hair
  • Razzaser
    Razzaser 1 year ago haha :) yeah
  • mamuribalong Paguio
    mamuribalong Paguio 1 year ago And no eyeglases and have a un nice mustache
  • Michael Watts
    Michael Watts 1 year ago Cole Carver Oh yes! :)
  • Infuridance Studios
    Infuridance Studios 11 months ago plus he doesnt have the blue eyes hes been proven to have!!
  • MojoMaster
    MojoMaster 11 months ago Better than his 06 design still
  • Noel Probst
    Noel Probst 10 months ago He is way too sexy this time around
  • Chowder fan 2.0
    Chowder fan 2.0 7 months ago Haha
  • N. H.
    N. H. 7 months ago No, that isn't Jim Carrey.
  • Seth Santillan
    Seth Santillan 6 months ago @Razzaser He's probably a teenager
  • Seth Santillan
    Seth Santillan 5 months ago or a young adult
  • Dsn 56
    Dsn 56 5 months ago Hi boom me
  • Lily Morgo
    Lily Morgo 4 months ago Random huh
  • Anonymous Ax0lotL
    Anonymous Ax0lotL 3 months ago In 06 you can see his eyes (at least) in one cutscene
  • Code Master Of Disaster
    Code Master Of Disaster 2 months ago He has become anime
  • Metal Blaze
    Metal Blaze 2 days ago MY EYYYYYESSS