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Published on Oct 31, 2018 883,494 views

I TRIED RED VELVET WENDY DIET (the Wheesung 13 Day Deadly Diet) and I lost a ridiculous amount of weight.

EDIT: I made a mistake in the total calories. 1/2 cup of uncooked rice cooked is closer to 1 1/2 cups of rice so the total calories of the rice is around 300, NOT 100. Total calories for the diet: 350 NOT 150!

As usual, I do not encourage dieting and rather support making healthier changes to your individual everyday diet. If you want to change your body, start by making changes to your everyday diet; DONT GO ON A DIET! I do not recommend this diet AT ALL.
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  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 6 months ago (edited) Could you do this diet? Do you have any celebrity/idol diets that you’d like to see me try? 🧐 (I MADE A MISTAKE WITH THE CALORIES OF THIS DIET PLEASE LOOK AT MY DESCRIPTION). Sorry for the slightly low quality editing style, I had to edit on iMovie on my laptop loool what a throwback👀
  • Reece R
    Reece R 6 months ago Try the man vs food diet (eat as much as you can without giving yourself a heart attack)
  • Riverland-Grace Leachman
    Riverland-Grace Leachman 6 months ago Must likely not. It seems super scary and so unhealthy.
  • Ryann Rodney
    Ryann Rodney 6 months ago Yeri
  • Destiny Mikeala
    Destiny Mikeala 6 months ago I feel so bad for you doing all these diets🙁they aren’t good for you whatsoever😔please just be careful and look after yourself❤️You are BEAUTIFUL😭
  • •Pink Buhn•
    •Pink Buhn• 6 months ago Maybe Yeri's, but I don't think you should do it for a while, you may have to eat healthily for a while before doing it! Please, eat well!💕
  • Jessica Lash
    Jessica Lash 6 months ago I would die if I did this. What would you think of trying the water fast diet thingy? Only wait a while if you choose to do it because I’m pretty sure you’ll die if you don’t, and we’d all be pretty sad.
  • Jaye Birde
    Jaye Birde 6 months ago I mean you could always find a celebrity with a genuinely healthy diet and give your body a break-
  • BigGuy Ev
    BigGuy Ev 6 months ago Marry meeee
  • Sorella
    Sorella 6 months ago @Jessica Lash hunny ive done a 7 day fast and about to do a 20 day fast, im still alive lol
  • vicki
    vicki 6 months ago I think I could survive it for awhile
  • vicki
    vicki 6 months ago princess sorella Can you film those next time and post them, I think they’d be interesting to watch?
  • vicki
    vicki 6 months ago do a all water diet
  • Sorella
    Sorella 6 months ago Viki im not comfortable putting myself on youtube unfortunately i could send it to you individually if you want
  • vicki
    vicki 6 months ago princess sorella definitely, but i urge you to reconsider because i think you’d be such a great content creator! where can you send it to me on?
  • Esther Ko
    Esther Ko 6 months ago Yeri Diet!!!
  • Ale
    Ale 6 months ago I can’t remember but one Idol only drinks soy milk, that’s her diet. But please wait some time before trying these extreme diets 💕
  • Sismerica Aika
    Sismerica Aika 6 months ago Jimin!!
  • angellovesBTS
    angellovesBTS 6 months ago Do my diet, because I'm famous you just don't know it yet Its three days: Oatmeal for breakfast, a sweet potato for lunch, and a salad for dinner.
  • Jaq Eliasson
    Jaq Eliasson 6 months ago I could probably survive for a while if i slept a lot and skipped the exercise, but i sure wouldn’t be happy and i’d much rather keep my diet as it is!
  • WickedYoda
    WickedYoda 6 months ago I could easily handle this diet better than you because I actually have a thing called enough extra weight for this diet to do what it is intended to do. To put that in simpler terms for anyone like 'wait, wut' I'm a fatty that needs to lose weight, and you're a freaking twig that has no business on ANY DIET WHAT SO EVER!
  • Sondos K
    Sondos K 6 months ago Ellbat can you stop swearing
  • Jaq Eliasson
    Jaq Eliasson 6 months ago SenseiTrashPanda why are you being so rude?
  • Brooke Lincoln
    Brooke Lincoln 6 months ago Ariana grande
  • Felixs_sausage
    Felixs_sausage 6 months ago You should try Twice Momo's diet... no jk you would totally faint
  • Josh Wild
    Josh Wild 6 months ago Anything you want but please don’t go too far it’s so easy to fall into bad habits...
  • I dyed Jimin's hair with the haters' blood hehe :-D
    I dyed Jimin's hair with the haters' blood hehe :-D 6 months ago Try the IU diet!
  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 6 months ago Jaye Birde i promise you I only do one of this a month (maybe if that) and I eat incredibly well when I’m not 🖤🖤
  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 6 months ago Sismerica Aika I’ve done Jimins, there’s a link in the description! X
  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 6 months ago I dyed Jimin's hair with the haters' blood hehe :-D I already have! And Jimins! The link is in the bio x
  • Sismerica Aika
    Sismerica Aika 6 months ago @Ellbat Oh really? Cool! And LOL
  • ImSody
    ImSody 6 months ago @Sorella why are you fasting? Weight loss or something else? Just wondering
  • WickedYoda
    WickedYoda 6 months ago @Jaq Eliasson I'm just speaking the truth here.
  • 7even - Project Onyx
    7even - Project Onyx 6 months ago I would totally do this, but I don’t work out. Period. X3
  • jsdjfjfjfj gdhdjfjc
    jsdjfjfjfj gdhdjfjc 6 months ago paper cup diet
  • Erin 69
    Erin 69 6 months ago Momo's diet
  • Alexandra Sepúlveda Nazario
    Alexandra Sepúlveda Nazario 6 months ago You could have felt bloated because of the acids in your stomach, I once tried this diet of water for breakfast, water for Lunch and Eat normally for dinner, it was hard at first and my goal was to do this diet for 2 weeks, but my body got used to it and when I weighted my self I lost 10lbs and my arms and thighs where thiner and besides the diets I would go running/walking for 30 mins. 15 for walking and 15 for running
  • Androniki T.
    Androniki T. 6 months ago I’m sorry but I love food too much to sacrifice myself like that... Props to you for putting yourself into that 👏🏻💪🏻❤️
  • kiwi - uwu
    kiwi - uwu 6 months ago I think I need help, I’m obsessed with my weight and body figure and I constantly do Wendy and IU’s diet unintentionally, I’m afraid of gaining weight and eating too many calories and I can barely eat gum without having to split it into multiple sections, could you please add a link or suggest a website to use for people going through this problem, my friends say it’s anorexia but I don’t have that, maybe I just refuse to say I do but I acknowledge the problem
  • Nam Wang
    Nam Wang 6 months ago U should definately do IUs diet next
  • Jaq Eliasson
    Jaq Eliasson 6 months ago SenseiTrashPanda You definitely are, but you don’t have to call her a twig or imply that she’s stupid for trying a diet even though she’s already skinny.
  • imacat_1892
    imacat_1892 6 months ago Ellbat the cabbage diet plsss
  • amy williams
    amy williams 6 months ago Ellbat you make me worry doing these diets, please put your health first sweetie don’t worry about doing it for a video or anything. lotta love <3
  • Lulu
    Lulu 6 months ago Maybe Park Jimins but that one IS DANGEROUS so actually no 😂😅
  • Eimear McLoughlin
    Eimear McLoughlin 6 months ago @kiwi - uwu you definitely sound like you have some form of eating disorder from what you described so I'd highly suggest looking for real medical and mental help rather than just trying to use the internet but I know on YouTube there are a lot of good recovery channels, MerryRose Howley really helped knock some sense into me, but you need to make the conscious decision to get better or else nothing will really work, I hope you do though and good luck
  • Bella Alice Swan Cullen
    Bella Alice Swan Cullen 6 months ago I wouldn't refer to 350 calories as a diet, that gives credence to it. At least call it a (bad) crash diet, or just bad fasting or a bad cleanse. I think a diet should be something maintainable that at least gives basic nutrition. Also include fat-burning (diet) if it's only maintainable as long as you have fat to burn! And please emphasize burning extra instead of taking in less calories... You went from gorgeous and fit to gorgeous and ill (couldn't tell much difference actually), so this is not the type of diet for you!
  • Bella Alice Swan Cullen
    Bella Alice Swan Cullen 6 months ago How about Alicia Vikander's diet to become Lara Croft? Now that's a real diet, and those arms and abs are beautiful!
  • LoeyLynn _
    LoeyLynn _ 6 months ago ariana grandes diet
  • Yunainaxx G
    Yunainaxx G 6 months ago when i was 15... i had a diet plan where i eat a banana after gym... gym for 2 hours then swim for 3 hours playin in water with friends and have small bowl of porrisge at night... i lost a lot of weight without getting sick or anything
  • Emily Black Gacha
    Emily Black Gacha 6 months ago Ellbat bts jimin plzzz
  • VenomousPuppy87 -
    VenomousPuppy87 - 6 months ago EXO’s Xiumin (
  • Thiago Manoel
    Thiago Manoel 6 months ago People I did and recommend ,
  • crispytoe26
    crispytoe26 6 months ago what diet do you suggest?
  • stina
    stina 6 months ago Ellbat THIICCCCCCCC
  • Reree 2015
    Reree 2015 6 months ago I love your account. I wish I can stick to a diet ;-; I’ve never tried one :(.
  • ethcat 2
    ethcat 2 6 months ago You should care about your health more than your channel
  • Eun Hye
    Eun Hye 6 months ago Ellbat girls generation seohyun can u
  • Temulen Batkhuyag
    Temulen Batkhuyag 6 months ago Ellbat iu diet
  • Chloe Crandell
    Chloe Crandell 6 months ago 3:40 before and after 10:25 You're welcome
  • sage
    sage 6 months ago legit imma try, im desperate to lose weight rip
  • La Rata Kpoper
    La Rata Kpoper 6 months ago MOMO'S DIET (TWICE)
  • Laura Leon
    Laura Leon 5 months ago my diet is eating 0-300 calories a day and recently I went to my doctor to give a blood test and they said that I have to go on medicen because my body isn't getting all of the nutrients that it needs and I have to eat a lot of meat and eggs both of witch make me feel sick. my skin has gone to shit and is peeling off but I'm okayyyy ;--;.. great video tho.
  • chen loonatic
    chen loonatic 5 months ago i would've fainted tbh (just bc i'm still a child)
  • Soo Jeong Im
    Soo Jeong Im 5 months ago T.O.P from BigBang diet!!!
  • Soo Jeong Im
    Soo Jeong Im 5 months ago So the total calorie deficit is 350??
  • S. L
    S. L 4 months ago Ellbat how tall are u?
  • Heather Walker
    Heather Walker 4 months ago (edited) There was one crazy Japanese diet i looked up to lose 7kgs in 1 week. Only eat Fruit and vegetables in one week. i lost 5lbs before i gave up XD UDP diet plan.
  • #I like your Catitude
    #I like your Catitude 4 months ago CAN YOU PLEASE DO BLACKPINK ROSÈ
  • Androniki T.
    Androniki T. 4 months ago The military diet is a pretty good diet and more filling!
  • Mr G Mesh
    Mr G Mesh 4 months ago I think you got the type of rice wrong and make the diet more intense
  • Trishelle Kilgus
    Trishelle Kilgus 4 months ago 100% could do this diet because this is what I'd love to eat everyday if I could.
  • El Mariachi
    El Mariachi 4 months ago Bae suzy's diet pleaaaase if you haven't tried it yet
  • Chen's vocals are higher than my grades
    Chen's vocals are higher than my grades 4 months ago TWICE Jihyo please💖
  • Jennifer Hernandez
    Jennifer Hernandez 1 month ago I am curious about any diets you have done to lose weight? I've just started my weight loss journey again and when I tried last year going to the gym 4-5 times a week i actually gained 20lbs but i was on medication that caused weight gain. I'm off that medication now and I'm just trying to get this started.
  • dizzy pleasure
    dizzy pleasure 1 week ago demi lovato’s diet 😌🥰
  • Tamako Suel Bi
    Tamako Suel Bi 2 days ago Well I guess cuz' I tried water fasting...not sure tho
    BLACK CARDS 10 hours ago I did this diet for 1 week around year 2017 and deym I still don't know how I survived.. 😭
  • Tony Luong
    Tony Luong 6 months ago as an asian i was super confused by what you were doing with the rice then i realised that not every household has a rice cooker.
  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 6 months ago Rice cookers are actually super uncommon in the UK - we have a steamer oven instead!! X
  • Manyong Mayan
    Manyong Mayan 6 months ago I live in the UK and use a rice cooker I didint know that was uncommon 😂
  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 6 months ago Manyong Mayan no way 😂😂 honestly the only people I know that have a rice cooker are Asian or have Asian heritage; i lowkey wish everyone had one tho
  • hstylesvoice
    hstylesvoice 6 months ago Here in Germany a rice cooker also isn’t really common I literally know no one who has one xD
  • Blueintokyo
    Blueintokyo 6 months ago I live in the uk and I have a rice cooker I’m confused 😂
    LAARK 6 months ago I just boil it in pan 😂
  • Mikelly Art
    Mikelly Art 6 months ago Tony Luong SAME
  • welp help
    welp help 6 months ago @hstylesvoice lmao I have one tho ... Maybe because I am asian
  • Holly Williams
    Holly Williams 6 months ago Tony Luong i
  • Eleanor Shellstrop
    Eleanor Shellstrop 6 months ago @Ellbat as an asian living in australia, i always see australiams cooking their rice in the weirdest ways haha. Also i dont even have a rice cooker... I cook my rice in the microwave.
  • Kirstyn GG
    Kirstyn GG 6 months ago Tony Luong I got confused too😂😂
  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 6 months ago In Latinamerica and Caribbean, we don’t use rice cooker only if you are in college or don’t know how to cook rice. (Not saying people who use this don’t know how to cook) but over here it’s traditional to use a cooking pot, or cooking cauldron ( there are different kinds) also if people use rice cooker they do it because it’s easier, but with the pot and cauldron the rice tastes better, so in time they will eventually cook it the traditional way.
  • Q B-H
    Q B-H 6 months ago (edited) I’m half Jamaican, and in the Jamaican diet there is a lot of rice. I don’t know anyone who has Jamaican heritage and uses a rice cooker. I found it interesting how different cultures cook rice.😂
  • Tony Luong
    Tony Luong 6 months ago (edited) Yeah i dont remember a time my mom didnt have one... if we were moving my mom is more likely to forget me than the rice cooker. oh and i mean just plain white rice.
  • 非非是是
    非非是是 6 months ago @hstylesvoice I'm German and I've had a rice cooker since like forever. I could literally not survive without one. I actually thought rice cookers were more common in Germany :o
  • miniaaii v.
    miniaaii v. 6 months ago Tony Luong i thought someone invented a new way to cook rice so i was interested like “whattttt” i’m retardedd
  • _bubble_ _tea_
    _bubble_ _tea_ 6 months ago Ellbat my mum has a rice cooker and we live in the uk (I’m not surprised she’s asian so she knows how to get things)
  • 9straykids_whocares #WhereStrayKidsStay
    9straykids_whocares #WhereStrayKidsStay 6 months ago In Argentina you can't even bought them unless you buy it online lol
  • Princess
    Princess 6 months ago Tony Luong yea my mom says it would cost a lot of money for a rice cooker even tho it's easier so we just use that way 😭
  • Crazy Unitato
    Crazy Unitato 6 months ago We used to cook rice in kinda like glass bowl in the oven...we fried onion in it..then added rice..fried it a lil bit (its fried enough when it makes sound like rocks when u mix it) and then poured vegetable stock or how u call it and baked it
  • Bella Alice Swan Cullen
    Bella Alice Swan Cullen 6 months ago What does a rice cooker do differently than just boiling it in water? And why an over and not just use a pan? Doesn't it take way longer?
  • Anne Hellwig
    Anne Hellwig 6 months ago @Eleanor Shellstrop that's weird lol 😝
  • Jamaili Roldan
    Jamaili Roldan 6 months ago My dad is Puerto Rican and we use a Caldero to make rice.
  • Eleanor Shellstrop
    Eleanor Shellstrop 6 months ago @Anne Hellwig i know people who donr even wash the rice a few times or measuring it properly before cooking... 😬😬😬
  • Sophiia
    Sophiia 6 months ago Yeah I'm gonna chime in and say I'm in the UK and I've had a rice cooker for years. Really easy to get hold of, not uncommon at all.
  • Emmaaa
    Emmaaa 6 months ago I live in England and I wish I had a rice cooker but I have an Irish family so we eat potatoes more lmao
  • jjari030
    jjari030 6 months ago Same. I was like "what tf u doin?" 😂👌 Like my asian self uses a rice cooker
  • 은비 김
    은비 김 6 months ago same XD
  • Mayna Tmy
    Mayna Tmy 6 months ago (edited) I’m French and I have a rice cooker too 😂 I always thinking that was common
  • Kim Natalie
    Kim Natalie 6 months ago Tony Luong I second that 😂
  • Fuzzymoon Beam
    Fuzzymoon Beam 6 months ago Im asian and i have no idea how to cook rice without a rice cooker. so same bro. same.
  • ThatGirl Mae
    ThatGirl Mae 6 months ago AHAHAH SAME
  • Nawal Abib
    Nawal Abib 6 months ago Im not Asian but I have had a rice cooker for like my whole life lmao 😂
  • CrazyBat Gal
    CrazyBat Gal 6 months ago With as much rice as I eat, you would think I’d have one but I don’t and I need to get a good one
  • Marla Hayes
    Marla Hayes 6 months ago ikr im a Filipino and was like wtf r u doing
  • Xiao Yang
    Xiao Yang 6 months ago I was confused myself too 😂
  • Marla Hayes
    Marla Hayes 6 months ago @Ellbat I'm from New Zealand and literally most people that live in NZ are mixed races so we just call everyone kiwi, even though most people think new Zealanders are Maori and I'm Philipino and have a cooker, it's common and uncommon depending on which part of NZ you live in😂
  • Ballon de baudruche !
    Ballon de baudruche ! 6 months ago 😂
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 months ago @Ellbat I'm hella Asian. I have like three rice cookers lmao
  • Kitty Claus
    Kitty Claus 6 months ago Yeah I never knew ppl cooked rice like that. My family usually just use a pot
  • Shasnyl Ore
    Shasnyl Ore 6 months ago I am of asian heritage and actually have two rice cookers lol, didn't know it was uncommon! (I live in Peru)
  • xArmyx xNiax
    xArmyx xNiax 6 months ago I was also confused HAHAHAH like wtf
  • —bobatea
    —bobatea 6 months ago Tony Luong same
  • —bobatea
    —bobatea 6 months ago Ellbat uncommon? I uses my mum and dad got mine from a Asian store
  • —bobatea
    —bobatea 6 months ago Ellbat ..oh wait I’m Chinese
  • its.sophia
    its.sophia 6 months ago I didn’t even know what a rice cooker was till yesterday when I found a weird box thingy in my kitchen
  • home
    home 6 months ago Same...
  • Austin
    Austin 6 months ago (edited) For me as an asian, what she did with the rice was quite fancy.
  • allah bless
    allah bless 6 months ago Super uncommon in Hispanic households. They wouldn't be caught dead making rice in a cooker 😂
  • ―𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚞𝚜𝚝.𝚝𝚡𝚝
    ―𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚞𝚜𝚝.𝚝𝚡𝚝 6 months ago lmao YES asians use rice cookers basically throughout their whole lives
  • Janine Voit
    Janine Voit 6 months ago @hstylesvoice i have a Rice cooker and live in germany xD
  • Beatriz
    Beatriz 6 months ago 51 perspectives about rice cooking methods. I love youtube.
  • MyLoves Beauty
    MyLoves Beauty 6 months ago I have a rice cooker. Best things eva
  • Ivy Silver
    Ivy Silver 6 months ago PEOPLE DONT HAVE RICE COOKERS???????? (i'm not even asian lol but we eat rice every week)
  • Joinemm
    Joinemm 6 months ago never seen anyone make rice like that, I always just boil water and throw rice in
  • Ceasar Cassell
    Ceasar Cassell 6 months ago Im mexican and you might not know this but we eat a lot of rice too so it is essential that we have a rice cooker
  • Makise Kurisu
    Makise Kurisu 6 months ago Scarlett lee same and i'm brazilian
  • InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveLuv
    InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveLuv 5 months ago (edited) I live in the UK and don't have a rice cooker. We just cook it in a pan. lol XD It would be neat to have a rice cooker though. Would probably make it a lot easier.
  • Mee K
    Mee K 5 months ago In Sweden, it is common whit a ricecookor. I have one but I prefer a pot when I only doing for me.
  • Neha S
    Neha S 5 months ago Haha same I was extremely confused
  • greenpeas154
    greenpeas154 5 months ago I am European and had not even known rice cooker have ever existed until I moved to Japan. :D
  • Spriggan Panda
    Spriggan Panda 5 months ago I was super confused that she didn't use a rice cooker too, or at least make it on a stove.
  • jiminqee
    jiminqee 5 months ago yea i'm asian too and i'm just shooked and confused at the same time, telling you
  • Mi Na
    Mi Na 5 months ago Tony Luong omg same i was like what the heck 😂
  • Hyelin’s Yoongi
    Hyelin’s Yoongi 5 months ago I’m African (Uk aswell) and I have a rice cooker 🤣
  • Carina Iboaya
    Carina Iboaya 5 months ago @Ellbat Nigerians use rice cookers too. Rice is a staple in multiple cuisines across Africa.
  • Alice Cao
    Alice Cao 5 months ago Who bakes rice though?? isn't it usually done on the stove top if there's no rice cooker
  • Hyungwon'sMemeliciousStarbucks
    Hyungwon'sMemeliciousStarbucks 5 months ago SAME XD
  • About Life
    About Life 5 months ago You can find all information about diet here.
  • Monika G
    Monika G 5 months ago Tony Luong im an Asian and i don't have a rice cooker😂 we cook it in a pot
  • UgLaYbIh
    UgLaYbIh 5 months ago In my house we aren’t even Asian but we have a rice cooker we eat rice mainly everyday
  • Gaming with Lever
    Gaming with Lever 5 months ago @LAARK me too
  • Lizzy Woodard
    Lizzy Woodard 4 months ago LOL i relate so much
  • Ahni Singh
    Ahni Singh 4 months ago same I never knew people made rice that way.
  • Diortez
    Diortez 4 months ago im asian lol
  • Medusawitch Shepard
    Medusawitch Shepard 4 months ago as asian...i don t even have rice disgrace
  • Celina Astbury
    Celina Astbury 4 months ago me lmao
  • Ramen Head
    Ramen Head 4 months ago (edited) 나도 ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Chanyeol Chogiwa
    Chanyeol Chogiwa 4 months ago Here in the Philippines we cooked it in Kaldero😂😂😂😂
  • Ramen Head
    Ramen Head 4 months ago Chanyeol Chogiwa OO NGA HAHHA
  • Chanyeol Chogiwa
    Chanyeol Chogiwa 4 months ago @Ramen Head hahahahaha pang sosyal sa kanila eh sa ating hanggang Butane lang hahahahah
  • Jocelynnn who?
    Jocelynnn who? 4 months ago Im puerto rican and i was confused to when she baked i think, the rice.
  • Sabo Kun
    Sabo Kun 4 months ago Ellbat wow in where I live everyone has a rice cooker unless they can’t afford it
    SVT RIGHT HERE 4 months ago I don't have a rice cooker 😂😂 but it's more common than I thought
  • mk
    mk 4 months ago So to me when I see someone cooking rice in pan/pot instead of a rice cooker = toasting bread on a pan/pot instead of a toaster. They all work but the latter always tastes better.
  • gumdrops ;;
    gumdrops ;; 4 months ago Tony Luong im not asian but same
  • Karolina Svensson
    Karolina Svensson 4 months ago We put our rice in a pot with water and cook it that way... I was also confused by how she was doing her rice gahaha
  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago I live in Canada and have a rice cooker but if I someone else is using the rice cooker, I just cook on a pot on the stove.
  • Ji Hye
    Ji Hye 4 months ago That’s so weird how can u live without one 😆
  • tubester4567
    tubester4567 4 months ago Asians live for thousands of years without a rice cooker.
  • AwsomeIsAshton
    AwsomeIsAshton 4 months ago Ellbat my mum makes sick special fried rice
  • vanbanter innit
    vanbanter innit 4 months ago SAME! For rice we ALWAYS use a rice cooker. Us Japanese cant live without it
  • Elyssa Joelle
    Elyssa Joelle 4 months ago Same hahahah
  • Mariana
    Mariana 4 months ago in some countries, like here in brazil, the rice is different from asian rice so is not only about having a rice cooker, the rice wont taste good doing it in the way asians do.
    I PARRY U 2 months ago I used the stove top
  • Lizzie_Gaming - Games, Anime, Kpop and More!
    Lizzie_Gaming - Games, Anime, Kpop and More! 2 months ago I'm Portuguese and my mom occasionally cooks rice in the oven because it gets crunchy. It's traditional here lol but I wish we had a rice cooker!
  • Heather Butler
    Heather Butler 2 months ago Tony Luong I got used to using a rice cooker at work for so long.. I went to make it at home and forgot for a moment I could use a pot 😅 it’s just so much better from a rice cooker!
  • Huong
    Huong 1 month ago Tony Luong Same tbh
  • danny bubblegum
    danny bubblegum 1 month ago Here in Brazil there are people who don't even know what a cooker rice is. We use the pan mostly for everything. We rarely use different things than this.
  • zavia romanova
    zavia romanova 1 month ago we have a rice cooker in our house and we barely use it 😂
  • Suga's Babygirl
    Suga's Babygirl 4 weeks ago Same here 😂. Being in an Asian family there's a rice cooker in every family members house 😂😂
  • *once, blink, army*
    *once, blink, army* 4 weeks ago Tony Luong true 😂😂
  • Queensley Ubadi
    Queensley Ubadi 3 weeks ago I live in the UK and have like 5 rice cookers I'm behind confused
  • NeoCrackheadTechnology
    NeoCrackheadTechnology 3 weeks ago Tony Luong I’m white and I have a rice cooker lol but seriously how do people live without convenient
  • Suga's Babygirl
    Suga's Babygirl 3 weeks ago @Queensley Ubadi same here😂. I think it's an Asian thing
  • Talena the Reader
    Talena the Reader 2 weeks ago I never knew rice cookers were a thing...
  • Miku Sab
    Miku Sab 1 week ago frl, I'm white but my household is half persian so rice is hella common. sometimes I forget people don't have rice cookers
  • Atuffies Stuffies
    Atuffies Stuffies 2 days ago Tony Luong same
  • Betta Life
    Betta Life 1 day ago lmaO SAME
  • I Lik3 SpRit3
    I Lik3 SpRit3 6 months ago Me: I’m gonna be skinny! Also me: eating Finest Belgian chocolate
  • Ellbat
  • I Lik3 SpRit3
    I Lik3 SpRit3 6 months ago Ellbat I know right! xD What is life without chocolate?
  • always
    always 6 months ago Belgian chocolate is the BEST
  • Joni Sprengers
    Joni Sprengers 6 months ago whenur a belgian who's a chocolat addict... i will not go on a diet because i would miss my chocolattt
  • Lewlav Abra
    Lewlav Abra 6 months ago Belgian chocolate is the best in the world. I would know, I'm Belgian.
  • Winddragon Lundholm
    Winddragon Lundholm 6 months ago I am skinny and I eat it to gain weight but it ain't working so good:(
  • Brume
    Brume 6 months ago always the Swiss chocolate is by far the best
  • Jungkooks Kookies
    Jungkooks Kookies 6 months ago Are you from belgium? I AM
  • butterfly pink
    butterfly pink 6 months ago I’m Belgian and proud people even know about our chocolate lolllll
  • Anissa Lingley
    Anissa Lingley 6 months ago CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST! has anyone had those belgian chocolate seashells before? They're so good!
  • kookie ssi
    kookie ssi 6 months ago I was eating chocolate rn...
  • Anissa Lingley
    Anissa Lingley 6 months ago I can't stop having this chocolate flapjack thing my mum made, like I stg I nearly cry every time I eat it 😂
  • AnD sPrItE
    AnD sPrItE 6 months ago @Jungkooks Kookies omg belgium and army KSKSKS SAME
  • ckima
    ckima 6 months ago Rose Okane you can still be skinny and eat chocolate tho
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago ckima True. As long as you don't take in more calories than you should, you can mantain or even lose the weight. Maybe exercise a bit more that day/the day after. Relax xD
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago Winddragon Lundholm Gain weight in what sense? Are you taking in enough calories or you just talk to strangers on the internet who can't know your medical history/body parameters? Ask professionals about it. And how about lifting? Gain muscle mass and become bigger and stronger. Tell me what you think.
  • Jolien Bosmans
    Jolien Bosmans 6 months ago Anissa Lingley Yeeesss When you drive past the factory that makes them There’s a huge Chocolate seahorse on top it’s amazing
  • Cemile
    Cemile 6 months ago @Joni Sprengers a little bit of pure chocolate can help diets, but I wouldn't eat it if you don't like pure chocolate lol
  • I Lik3 SpRit3
    I Lik3 SpRit3 6 months ago Anissa Lingley OMG YAASSS
  • I Lik3 SpRit3
    I Lik3 SpRit3 6 months ago AnD sPrItE ARMY!!! 💜💜💜
  • Anja Hemelaer
    Anja Hemelaer 6 months ago Who’s belgian here?🖐
  • lake
    lake 6 months ago Rose Okane I hate chocolate, ahaha.
  • Elham Naser
    Elham Naser 6 months ago me too
  • moldy grape
    moldy grape 6 months ago what a coincidence I was eating finest Belgian chocolate when reading this lmao
  • Koo your hoe
    Koo your hoe 6 months ago Same with meeee😄😄
  • Ariel Hunt
    Ariel Hunt 5 months ago You're making me really miss chocolate right now. And it's not even because I can't eat it because I want to be skinny, it's that I can't eat it or I'll end up in the ER.
  • InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveLuv
    InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveLuv 5 months ago Life is everything with chocolate. Yass, get that Belgian chocolate, giiirl! My personal favourite is those seashell shaped praline truffles. <3
  • Fxck
    Fxck 5 months ago Rose Okane I’ve seen people do chocolate minis lol
  • I Lik3 SpRit3
    I Lik3 SpRit3 5 months ago Lιl HσρE coincidence? I THINK NOT.
  • MOOO!
    MOOO! 5 months ago OMG FOR REAL😆😆😆😆😆
  • I Lik3 SpRit3
    I Lik3 SpRit3 4 months ago Buttercup Yep XD
  • taeyongs scalp
    taeyongs scalp 4 months ago Also eats Belgian chocolates
  • Le Soetkin _
    Le Soetkin _ 4 months ago @Jungkooks Kookies haha me too
  • Le Soetkin _
    Le Soetkin _ 4 months ago @AnD sPrItE Belgian armyyysss!!!
    FAKE CAKE FAKE CAKE 1 month ago Jungkooks Kookies OMG! I live in Belgium and i am ARMY as well!!!! Are you from Brussels?
  • The Aurora
    The Aurora 3 weeks ago İf yolu are gain more than 1600-1700 kcal a day you will gain weight.Im angry to people who think eating one chocolate gains weight bruh.
  • eduardo castillo garcia
    eduardo castillo garcia 6 months ago dude those idols diets are messed up.
  • Nikki X
    Nikki X 6 months ago They shouldn't be anyone's idols. I'm assuming young girls look up to these people, and they know it.
  • Aksi1
    Aksi1 6 months ago @Nikki X They aren't straight out advertising these diets. The industry Wendy is working in, is incredibly strict on how a woman's body should look which is really sad. Kpop idols get criticised so much for small things and really impacts the idols themselves. Also, these women never really say if they feel like they are a role model to their fans or not. If young girls are copying the dangerous diets idols do then the parents should be more involved in the type of things they watch. I'm not defending these diets, and if a lot of idols are encouraging young girls to do these diets then that's really disappointing and something has to be done.
  • Randomgirlwhosings0804
    Randomgirlwhosings0804 6 months ago Nikki X they don’t promote these diets, at all.They will outright say how horrible it was and what it did to their body.
  • Jojo Music
    Jojo Music 6 months ago (edited) The Kpop idols didn’t promote it at all , actually they are saying how horrible it was
  • renjuncito
    renjuncito 6 months ago you mean th companies?
  • zaina
    zaina 6 months ago they're forced to do them by their companies to get a " perfect figure". If they don't, they receive a lot of backlash. Wendy ( the girl who did this diet) was perfectly healthy, pretty, and curvy, but knetz ( Korean citizens) kept saying she was ugly and obese even though she was perfectly healthy and pretty
  • soopa
    soopa 6 months ago Jojo Music most of the time they’re not very serious about it, like it’s a minor inconvenience when it’s actually really fucked up
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago It’s just the beauty standards in Korea , yes it’s unreasonable and I’d never recommend it , but as westerners we have different views on how we see idols diets . We can’t say anything about the diets since we’re not Korean or if u are Korean you were more likely raised in a western country, there is a minority of Koreans who live in Korea and were born there that disagree but most of the time it’s westerners.
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago unown-girl with-wings If something is harmful, it's harmful. It doesn't matter where you come from.
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago pheurangtchi975 I know , I’m just saying that’s how it is , if you think something should change than change it . It may be bad for people’s health and all that but nothing will change if you don’t do anything, just like if lgbtq+ people (including myself) didn’t stand up for our rights, we’d still be prosecuted or deprived of basic human rights .
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago (edited) unown-girl with-wings Oh okay. I absolutely agree. I'm not from Korea, otherwise I would haha
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago pheurangtchi975 , I’m glad we solved our misunderstanding. Yay
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 months ago unown-girl with-wings it’s nice to see because most disagreements and misunderstanding on YouTube end in very bad insults and other stuff :/
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago Ms ayayay yah , once I just said I disagree with the backlash joy ( I think ) got , I mean she also imitated a white girl and a black girl , and everyone is focusing on the black girl impression. Also she didn’t even do it out the blue , she was asked . Then I literally had like 20 replies saying how wrong I am and racist I was ... I have little faith in the internet.
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 months ago unown-girl with-wings me too hun 😞 I got bashed for saying not all white people are racist and everyone said they are. We live in a Time where you can’t say anything at all about Race, even if it’s just a compliment, people take everything wrong. It’s so sad. It makes me sad.
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago Ms ayayay , yh , and then I go to my school and I hear the same people who call me resist and all the other slurs being equally resist . I asked my friend kadie if she finds what joy said racist and she said no because she was asked , I also asked my mate ocean and she didn’t give two top hats about it . Then those same people who call me racist also call me homophobic which I don’t get because I’m gayer than a box of crayons so ..?
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago (edited) Ms ayayay The reason why I wrote that to unown-girl with-wings is because, when she stated things like "we view those diets differently as westerners", "we can't say anything as non-Koreans", I interpreted it as "oh, it's another culture, so it's fine if they (for e.g.) promote throwing up with a toothbrush as weight loss tip". But she didn't, so it's fine. I won't delete that comment though, because it's something that needs to be said.
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago (edited) unown-girl with-wings Ms ayayay Hahahaha. In this case, you sounded like the opposite of racist (at least in nowadays terms). Many people call you "racist" if you criticise someone else's culture (no matter how shitty it is), even though 1) culture != race and 2) if a cultural practice is despicable, it's despicable. I actually thought you were the anti-"racism" one xD
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago pheurangtchi975 , I’m not racist and I’m sorry you may think I am , but I’m going to stop this conversation until it gets too out of hand . I’m sorry if u think that of me and I’m not going to delete the post . People all over the world use toothbrushes to puke , it’s a thing that can happen to anyone around the world so ,,, anyway . Bye 👋
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 months ago pheurangtchi975 I’m not racist neither am I prejudicable. I hear all the time that black people say that “all” white people are racist, but this isn’t true. I know some racist white people (I don’t talk to anymore because of race arguments) and I know several black racist people (My husband is black and his family hates white people) I just wish that racism will stop but I’m afraid that I won’t survive the day, in case it ever will stop. I never knew truly what racism was, till I moved to the United States. Those people here are from a different Planet 😞 a lot of weird and mean things are going on here. It’s just so sad.
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago Ms ayayay , I completely understand, I’ve been living in England all my 20 years and I hate it , I have my dad spouting about liberals ever 24/7 and saying Islamic people and people of color shouldn’t be aloud in this country . I very dearly love my farther but that is utter shite , I’ve never once agreed with him except occasionally when he’s right , we can’t let everyone into our country because we’d be over populated like the Elizabethan era again so . But every time he says anything that crosses my not so strict line , we get in a major fight .
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 months ago unown-girl with-wings I don’t have the problem with my Father, I have those major fights with my Husband because he thinks that ALL white people are racist and that’s not true. Our white neighbors are angels. They always helps and sometimes they even bring cookies and other snacks over or just vegetables. I wish people just stop hating each other 😞 I myself did plenty bad experience with black people, they were rude to me or said stupid things but I keep tell myself that not all black people are ignorant. One black persons called my husband a lesbian because im not black and he should be ashamed of taking a woman of another race. It makes me sick.
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago Ms ayayay , my gf is mix raced and I know her mother went through a lot because of the man she loved and she was disowned but the women somehow is a ledge.
  • blvrtae
    blvrtae 6 months ago It's not a diet... it's fucking starvation
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago (edited) unown-girl with-wings But I never thought you were 😶 I don't think you are.
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago Ms ayayay But why is he married to you then if that's how he views white people? He views you as a "unicorn"? I'm sorry you've been through that. Yeah, the USA is crazy in this sense.
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 6 months ago pheurangtchi975 ,oh sorry , it was a misunderstanding.
  • 러브LOVE
    러브LOVE 6 months ago zaina u mean some. Alot defended her from haters in Korea
  • Tomiwa Morris
    Tomiwa Morris 6 months ago @Cherry Blossom OH MY GOODNEASS THAT PISSES ME OFFF. Legit all the white friends i have are not racists at all to me and when black people generalise white people its so unfair....its like saying all black people are thugs or are from the hood...or all muslims are terrorists when thats not true either -.-
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 months ago (edited) Tomiwa Morris yes you are so right with that 😞 And that’s the point! Not all black people are thugs and dangerous and not all white people are racist. I think this is an huge problem. People see white American doing very bad things and think all white people bad and racist. It sounds funny but in Europe, people so much different than in America. Even my black friends says so. They said white people Over there aren’t that racist and actually kind. Most Europeans hate when white Americans claim that they Europeans. That’s not how Europeans act. They white Americans. They make Europeans look so bad. So many EU countries just hate America. In Europe, we don’t shoot innocent people just because of their skin color or discriminate them. That’s what maybe black people thinks but this isn’t like that. I’ve been to so many different countries and in America I got treated the worse 😞
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 6 months ago pheurangtchi975 when I first met him, I met him in my Country. He was an American soldier. He wasn’t racist back then. He loved white people. Then we moved to America and like I said above white Americans are terrible people. So he started to hate all white People. He complelty forgot how the white people treated him in my country 😞 he keep saying he wants to go back to my country because everything is so much better there and people not like in America
  • Tomiwa Morris
    Tomiwa Morris 6 months ago @Cherry Blossom yeah ive noticed that america is a little fucked up sjshsj theres very little to no rasicm in my country, and if there is, its just teens trying to be cool but not meaning it
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago (edited) Ms ayayay Wait...what's 'your country'? He was an American soldier, didn't he know this about America already? Wow...that's sad. Really really sad. I guess he's not racist, he just despises the USA's excessive focus on race. I'm so sorry for that 😯
  • pheurangtchi975
    pheurangtchi975 6 months ago unown-girl with-wings It's okay 😅
  • Thiago Manoel
    Thiago Manoel 6 months ago People I did and recommend ,
  • chaos657
    chaos657 6 months ago Agreed. Knetz did wonders on Ailee. Plus most of her fans, when she had a healthy body weight, a bit curvy but not overweight. They said that she was fat, needs to lose a few lbs, and everything under the sun. When she lost the weight, and she even said it herself. The diet she did, she does not recommend it to anyone. After she achieved the perfect figure, Knetz started calling her skin and bones, 'wow put some meat on, you look like a skeleton.' It was bad at one point with this diet that she did nearly pass out on stage, during a live preformance, but her legs kept her sturdy through it. She barely ate anything, she literally starved her body. At least with Wendy's diet, yeah it's horrible, but you got at least something inside you. Ailee, nothing. It is at the point now, where she did it so much that Ailee boomerangs back into the diet. Not meaning to.
  • Aesthetic Bitch
    Aesthetic Bitch 6 months ago The idols r not messed up the company is,they force them to have a diet
  • Stop commenting ARMY on everything
    Stop commenting ARMY on everything 6 months ago eduardo castillo garcia that’s korea for you. Pushing every individual to fit beauty standards. Especially celebs.
  • MsTaly99
    MsTaly99 3 months ago The dude stays the same no matter what!
  • For Hope
    For Hope 3 months ago Nope it actually helps i actually lost 7 pounds in 1 and a half days
  • For Hope
    For Hope 3 months ago @Nikki X you just dont get it right
  • Nikki X
    Nikki X 3 months ago @Min. Lily what? Because we live in the states we cant say anything about it? That's just bullshit. These people are popular everywhere and they do have lots of kids looking up to them wanting to be just like them, doesn't matter if that's what they want or not. That's just the way it is and always has been. This has been going on forever, people always want to try the Beyonce diet, Britney spears, I remember when I was a kid. They see these perfect bodies and want to be just like them. I don't give a shit where in the world you are, it's wrong, period, and we can and should say something about it.
  • Nikki X
    Nikki X 3 months ago @Aesthetic Bitch They don't have guns to their heads. They chose to ruin themselves and put this dangerous image out there because they want money and fame. Period.
  • Nikki X
    Nikki X 3 months ago @For Hope get help.
  • For Hope
    For Hope 3 months ago @Nikki X for what its true we dont know what they go through
  • Min. Lily
    Min. Lily 3 months ago Nikki X , but if you aren’t gonna make an effort to change it who will . The beauty standards have always been messed up and trust me I struggle with my own weight issues but just saying something is wrong , isn’t gonna make someone go “oh you know what you’re right , I’m gonna change every aspect of my life because you said this one thing .” It isn’t gonna Change unless you change it . Sorry but it’s the truth .
  • 혜bbb캉민
    혜bbb캉민 3 months ago You’re too old to understand. Anyways what are you doing on’re an old man! creep🙄
  • gem K
    gem K 2 months ago Nikki X idols are the name giving to kpop stars she didn’t mean idols in that way
  • Kia Moore
    Kia Moore 2 months ago @Nikki Xl
  • tøxicpasta
    tøxicpasta 1 month ago gotta get that body. PERIODDDDTTT #modeltingz
  • Sebas Gehon
    Sebas Gehon 6 months ago imagine eating this while you are constantly working on photoshoots, studio, making a music video, dance rehearsals, live stages (a comeback is really hard).... girl??? how was she able to handle all of that?
  • Once's love twice
    Once's love twice 6 months ago Sometimes you get so busy you forget that you have to eat
  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi 6 months ago @Once's love twice but your body shouldn't ?
    BLACKPINK BTS 6 months ago Mi Mi there are times where you can literally starve without your stomach knowing or giving you signals that you’re hungry (that has happened to me lol)
  • Once's love twice
    Once's love twice 6 months ago @Mi Mi sometimes I forget that I should be eating throughout the day
  • Mi Mi
    Mi Mi 6 months ago (edited) @BLACKPINK BTS @Once's love twice but your body would still feel the effects from not eating no? Like feeling tired weak dizzy
  • 잔네트
    잔네트 6 months ago lol her busy schedule was probably the reason she was able to do this diet