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Dismantling the Long-term Shelter - Updating the Long-term Camp | Entry: 001 - Camp Firlend

Published on Oct 19, 2018 12,550 views

The dog and I head out to the long-term bushcraft camp, camp Firlend, to do some much needed repairs after a few months of neglect and a bear cub attack, which destroyed the tarps and some of the bracing, all in preparation for the next winter.

I arrived at the camp and assessed the damages, and then got to repairing the shelter. I started by taking down the ruined tarps, then removed the walls which had shrunk and curled due to the extreme heat we had had this summer. I also removed the wall made of sticks in preparation for a proper log wall to replace it. After the walls were down, I then removed the roof braces leaving the shelter in only a frame. Off camera I squared up the framing, and also staked it in so it can no longer move and shift with the weight of snow on the roof. Once the shelter was stripped of everything that needed to be rebuilt, I crafted myself another broom/rake, and cleaned out the entire camp of leaves and other debris left behind from wood processing since I had the opportunity once again. Enjoy!

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