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How Cover Systems Ruined Shooters

Published on Aug 18, 2017 772,140 views

Cover mechanics gained a pretty infamous reputation during the 7th generation of games, leading many to feel that the entire third-person shooter genre was becoming homogenous and stale. In this video, let's take a look back at just how cover mechanics ruined shooters.

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Fuse - Gameplay:
The Sprint – Season 3 Ep. 4 “Sustain”:
Gears of War 3 "Outplays w/Clutches" Ep : 27 (2016 Wallbounce Grind):
Thanks to HeavyEyed, Novacanoo, Mark Brown and Joseph Anderson for taking the time to read through my script along the way:
Thanks to HeavyEyed and Mark Brown for the footage of Doom and Mafia 3 respectively. I didn't exactly want to reinstall all 70gigs of Doom just to get 5 seconds of footage.
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Games shown:

The Last of Us
Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Mass Effect 2
Uncharted (1-4)
Gears of War (1-Judgement)
Metal Gear Solid
Splinter Cell
Spec Ops: The Line
Kayne & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Quantum Break
The Order: 1886
Quantum Theory
Tomb Raider (2013)
Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction
DOOM (2016)
Mafia III

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  • maxiez
    maxiez 1 year ago "in vanquish, your pushiment, is you have to play a cover shooter" that line man, daaaamn genius
  • Pancho Lopez
    Pancho Lopez 5 months ago Thanks for the tip. Now I need to play rough. Like Doom 4, or 2016 if you want to be technical.
  • Theroux
    Theroux 7 months ago Just perfection.
  • Dante butcher
    Dante butcher 1 year ago Im not gonna lie I disagree with everything you say but still liked the video cause you actually stated facts instead of just saying it's bad
  • Rats Kraad
    Rats Kraad 4 months ago Daniel Wilson that's what I was gona say lol
  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 5 months ago You want to explain why? Just saying you disagree does nothing, but telling us why gives us something to work with.
  • Adrian
    Adrian 6 months ago There's nothing subjective about a system that's implemented in games to help lazy idiots deal with frustration.
  • bloodsoldierZ
    bloodsoldierZ 7 months ago If you were to look at these cover based shooters from a bird's eye view, you could draw some inspiration from Tetris, Bomberman and Pinball and create something innovative.
  • Dean Beckley
    Dean Beckley 9 months ago (edited) @Adar winter, current cover system cameras remove realism/practicallity though. @@kavika13 & on top of that multiplayer (vs average players who don't role-play) is NOT more realistic then vs'ing an authentic/genuine AI which more accurately represents someone/something who "lives" in the "world"...
  • DxBlack
    DxBlack 10 months ago Cover shooter scrub.