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Hand & Nail Care Routine - femketjeNL

Premiered Nov 14, 2018 1,097,408 views

❤ Hand & Nail Care Routine ❤
I have asked you lovely people on instagram what videos to make for you now I have some time off of work, and one of the most requested videos was an updated hand and nail care routine. So here it is, the longest routine I do :) It's nothing special but it works fine for me!

A lot of people have been asking why my nails are a little discoloured and here's why:
I wear nailpolish all the time. Nailpolishes can stain the nails to a yellow shade. I don't smoke or anything like that. They are simply stained because of nailpolish use, especially darker colours, red tones and blue shades can stain the nail, even when you use a good basecoat. The stain has to grow out, simply not wearing nailpolish for a week does not help. Nails don't breathe, it are dead cells. Hair does not breathe either! You don't have to keep repeating the obvious.
For more info about yellow nails, Cristine made an awesome video about it: ;)

Thanks so much for watching! ❤
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❤ Intro music is from Dyalla. Do check out her channel because she makes some awesome remixes from older songs ❤ ❤

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