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10 Strangest Things To Wash Up On Shore

Published on Feb 26, 2018 15,563,247 views

Where in the world did these things come from? We may never know!

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  • DigBickYTP
    DigBickYTP 1 month ago How about instead of dragging the video 10 minutes long you actually get more facts about each item?
  • Jaxsen Miller
    Jaxsen Miller 2 months ago What I’ve learned= £5=$7
  • Can we Hit 10 Million subs with no video
    Can we Hit 10 Million subs with no video 2 weeks ago I’m American some idk what your say
  • James Dillon
    James Dillon 1 month ago $7 =€150
  • Coin CLT
    Coin CLT 1 month ago Jaxsen Miller eagles
  • {bear }
    {bear } 1 month ago Jaxsen Miller nice
  • Necrophite78
    Necrophite78 8 months ago I still don't understand why you would call the police if you found $70.000.000 dollars worth of drugs.
  • og robby
    og robby 1 month ago White people
  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 1 month ago @Uberchargedgam3r u are dirt even the cops detest you
  • Jerome Sutton
    Jerome Sutton 2 months ago Try to think thru all the things that could happen if you didn't report it. Most scenarios would involve YOU washing up on a beach somewhere.
  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago tell me how you plan on selling that and what connections you have to make such a high stakes deal without getting shot or ripped off.
  • Shawn Jensen
    Shawn Jensen 2 months ago Then somehow you end up slipping up and getting life in prison. Cash diff story but thats sketch asf
  • MrMethadrine
    MrMethadrine 5 months ago Because its hard to sell.Especially if you dont have the right connections.Probably you will end up dead too.
  • Sylvia Cantu
    Sylvia Cantu 5 months ago Forealzz wtf finders keepers nigga lol
  • Mike K
    Mike K 5 months ago Necrophite78 exactly how a criminal would think
  • Wayne Irvine
    Wayne Irvine 5 months ago Clint Jeffs wiggle Wigg ... Can't b assed haha
  • Caiden Giles
    Caiden Giles 5 months ago Why are you a drug addict
  • Kerry Kier
    Kerry Kier 6 months ago @chris floyd they found 90,000,000 called the police they found 80,000,000, police say they found 70,000,000
  • Scotlan Phillips
    Scotlan Phillips 6 months ago Use commas to mark your 100's places. Periods are used for decimals.
  • Kelly Thornell
    Kelly Thornell 6 months ago @Tenacity yeah except for the people who are looking for their shit and hear about some guy selling the shit.. good luck with that.. Lol
  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller 6 months ago Would you have the energy to sell that many drugs? That’s a shit life. They probably kept some if it was good.
  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 7 months ago Necrophite78 I would have a huge coke party.
  • Public Opinion
    Public Opinion 8 months ago Cause not everyones a doper idiot get yourself right shitbag join the military be a productive us citizen instead of the problem
  • Dreamer King
    Dreamer King 8 months ago Who knows it was $200,000,000 and took $130,000,000 from it before reporting... :3
  • Daniel Carpenter
    Daniel Carpenter 8 months ago Necrophite78 cus they thick as shit lol I'd ove sold the lot! !!#
  • Michael Mclendon
    Michael Mclendon 8 months ago Necrophite78 true
  • Tenacity
    Tenacity 8 months ago Right? I would sell that shit to some kingpin and get out of dodge for the rest of my life...
  • Shao Kahn
    Shao Kahn 8 months ago @chris floyd still stupid to call either way. grab what you can carry and walk away.
  • 2k Mob
    2k Mob 8 months ago Necrophite78 be honest in life
  • Sir Gregory
    Sir Gregory 8 months ago Fucking ay, thats a lifetimes supply of the pure goods
  • Julian Martin
    Julian Martin 8 months ago The police was like great you found my shit......😂😂
  • Rustin Stardust
    Rustin Stardust 8 months ago Most areas of the developed world have some organized crime syndicate who control the flow of drugs in that area. You pop up saying "hey, who wants to buy 70k worth of drugs?!" and your friendly neighborhood dealer - and his suppliers - are out 70k they feel entitled to.
  • Erik Ray
    Erik Ray 8 months ago You Need Someone Who Has Been Through The Drug World. To Get a Second opinion.
  • Erik Ray
    Erik Ray 8 months ago Know What Animal You Are Dealing with. Certain Things For Different People. Some I Would Not Touch, other than Throw away. Some Things That Are Grouped With Drugs. I Would Say Nothing. Fix Damage and Be Thankful I Saved Money This Month.
  • M Elle
    M Elle 8 months ago What exactly should one do if they find said drugs? Asking for a friend.
  • Alpha Channel
    Alpha Channel 8 months ago Because it’s illegal u twat head
  • Erik Ray
    Erik Ray 8 months ago I Would if I Was WAY TOO HIGH. Catch Me If You Can Coppers!!! I'm GOD Now, By The Powers Of My Gym Bag. I Have The Power!!!
  • gi joe
    gi joe 8 months ago Because when you dont know what your doing, you go around sayi g hey I found x amount worth of drugs. Then they find you shot in the face in your living room yet you told only your bestfriends and family lol
  • yakikadafi
    yakikadafi 8 months ago wouldnt be surprised if they found like 100m worth, took 30 then called the police
  • Mike C
    Mike C 8 months ago I know right! I'd try and sell that shit
  • ollie
    ollie 8 months ago are you being serious right now? 😂
  • Russell Jacoby
    Russell Jacoby 8 months ago chris floyd that's the way I read into that! They still can't feel their face years later!
  • chris floyd
    chris floyd 8 months ago Correction: they found $70,100,0000 worth of drugs, they called the police about finding $70,000,000 worth of drugs.
  • Brian Gleason
    Brian Gleason 8 months ago I sure wouldn't.
  • Brandon Clarke
    Brandon Clarke 8 months ago Right
  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez 8 months ago EXACTLY!!!
  • Gaming Studios
    Gaming Studios 8 months ago Would sell it or what?
  • Uberchargedgam3r
    Uberchargedgam3r 8 months ago Cuz im snitch