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10 Strangest Things To Wash Up On Shore

Published on Feb 26, 2018 15,407,944 views

Where in the world did these things come from? We may never know!

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  • Marcus Sanchez
    Marcus Sanchez 1 year ago (edited) At least your admitting to the ad scam. Edit: yo thanks for the likes
  • The guy who comments on every comment
    The guy who comments on every comment 1 year ago Marcus Sanchez is it a scam?
  • Esc
    Esc 1 year ago Compared to others that don't admit it at all i don't mind.
  • Vana Ri
    Vana Ri 1 year ago why is that a scam exactly?
  • Live higher
    Live higher 1 year ago Marcus Sanchez youtube red is a scam for sure it could of been an easy update but no greedy bastards lol
  • Chixyz nein
    Chixyz nein 1 year ago Carlos you know you can get youtube red for free by changing the 'you' in youtube to 'red'?
    JOSHUA W 1 year ago Chixyz nein no way
  • DontDoGarage
    DontDoGarage 1 year ago JOSHUA W haha
  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 1 year ago ya it’s better than just dragging it out with nothing to say
  • GrimsBack
    GrimsBack 1 year ago Marcus Sanchez
  • lsedanolg
    lsedanolg 1 year ago you're*
  • Declan Mercer
    Declan Mercer 1 year ago Marcus Sanchez its not a scam this is his job he has to make money some way
    BEXXXX1 1 year ago Chixyz nein no no no its by changing "tube" to "jizz" on it
  • Nathan
    Nathan 1 year ago Its funny because the video has no ads 💀
  • Martin Finnerup
    Martin Finnerup 1 year ago It's a business. It exists by definition, to make money. Also. The 10 minute mark thing was never real in the first place.
  • mcfcguvnors
    mcfcguvnors 1 year ago best reply EVER :) they are all google adsense whores - n why do they need to be paid ? you tubes free as is the software to make videos
  • Audge Podge TM
    Audge Podge TM 1 year ago ???
  • Jaxsen Miller
    Jaxsen Miller 1 week ago What I’ve learned= £5=$7
  • Naru 'Sanav
    Naru 'Sanav 8 months ago "Of the non-invertebrate variety." So, a vertebrate?
  • Nate Balcerak
    Nate Balcerak 7 months ago 😀😁😂🤣yep, I heard it too.
  • EAR Th
    EAR Th 7 months ago Naru 'Sanav why don’t u have top comment
  • ChaseSwavey
    ChaseSwavey 6 months ago 😂😂😂 cocaine one hell of a drug
  • Ruth Gray
    Ruth Gray 6 months ago Ok
  • mountain2112
    mountain2112 6 months ago Hahaha
  • Kayla Hogue
    Kayla Hogue 6 months ago '!
  • PhyZeik
    PhyZeik 1 month ago Thumbnail could never wash up on the shores. Hahahhaha came here just to comment this
  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 3 weeks ago no shit sherlock
  • *ava *
    *ava * 8 months ago sees the thumbnail WOW! what is that from? watches the whole video and doesn’t see it meh💀
  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 1 year ago That Megalodon tooth is so badass, that's one lucky kid.
  • Fuxk life
    Fuxk life 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985 yeah fr
  • michaelbooster2
    michaelbooster2 1 year ago so if you sell it, how much worth is it?
  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 1 year ago michaelbooster2 How much would it be worth* and IDK, you're asking the wrong person.
  • Floop
    Floop 1 year ago megalodon teeth aren't actually that rare at least the small megalodon teeth aren't that rare you can buy a small one with is still like 4 inches long for like 7 to 20 dollars but like the big 10 inches megalodon teeth are worth like 700k
  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 1 year ago I play PAYDAY 2 sometimes Oh yeah? Where're you getting this from?
  • Floop
    Floop 1 year ago in some places near the bay you can actually buy megalodon teeth
  • StandingSnakeGames
    StandingSnakeGames 1 year ago Yah true my cousin and I found a 50 or so year old horse tooth while shell hunting very surprised we were while a guy walked up and said that could be quite a find crazy thing that it was really recent and on spring break
  • Sergej Nadaždin
    Sergej Nadaždin 1 year ago That's one fake kid.
  • Puppy Ender boy
    Puppy Ender boy 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985 qkktktgggg
  • Heath Conkling
    Heath Conkling 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985 I know right
  • gaming and Outdoors
    gaming and Outdoors 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985 I have 10
  • gaming and Outdoors
    gaming and Outdoors 1 year ago I play PAYDAY 2 sometimes where my 700k
  • XI Exi IX
    XI Exi IX 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985 I have a megalodon tooth from a fossil show in Arizona but my grandpa who gave it to me never told me how much it was.
  • EnderSheep
    EnderSheep 1 year ago Megaladons never existed! Stop lying kids
  • gaming and Outdoors
    gaming and Outdoors 1 year ago Endersheep they did
  • duubtuub
    duubtuub 1 year ago If that Megalodon hadn't gone extinct just in time that kid would be sushi.
  • Nathan Simpson
    Nathan Simpson 1 year ago It isn't worth much cuz I have one but it is cool that it washed up on the beach.
  • Allen Laymon
    Allen Laymon 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985 I’ve found one about that size along a secluded island in Florida not nearly in that good of condition though, still cool though.
  • Κωστης Βασιλειαδης
    Κωστης Βασιλειαδης 1 year ago SuperSaiyan3985πορνοκιπορνοταινια
  • Not a Phony
    Not a Phony 1 year ago 5" megalodon tooth bout $150 can get a 6" tooth on ebay for $200
  • stan harding
    stan harding 1 year ago A friend of mine just found one around 6.5+ wide by around 6+ and some smaller ones.
  • Gerald Mahle
    Gerald Mahle 1 year ago K, a few comments from someone who has scubad for Megaladon teeth for years. Value is based on size(measure tip to corner), condition(how much of enamel is intact, and color(honey color probably the best). I found and sold one of the best ever found for $600, found out later it was worth abt. $1400. It was 6-1/4", perfect enamel, gorgeous honey color. I've never heard of 10" teeth. 7-1/2" is about the largest I've heard of, these mainly come from a closed-down phosphate mine in N.C. which is briefly open to the public for scrounging in the Spring every year. Best teeth though come from brackish rivers near the coast. Happy hunting.
  • Jadendo
    Jadendo 1 year ago Endersheep No they did exist... have you ever heard of science???
  • EMachine
    EMachine 1 year ago He's not lucky, god helped guide him!
  • Timothy Garrison
    Timothy Garrison 11 months ago SuperSaiyan 3985
  • Just Mystic
    Just Mystic 11 months ago michaelbooster2 atleast 50 mill
  • Michael Ilardi
    Michael Ilardi 11 months ago Ode
  • Blueberry Pitbull
    Blueberry Pitbull 10 months ago Hopefully when he grows up he will realize that religion is false, a fairytale.
  • Michelle Prior
    Michelle Prior 10 months ago One fat kid with them titties!
  • Shawn Hill
    Shawn Hill 10 months ago They're not as hard to find as the video suggest. There are many places along the coast where finding them is quite common if you know where and when to look. I have quite a few of various sizes.
  • The Gaming Rock
    The Gaming Rock 10 months ago SuperSaiyan3985 i
  • Chris Landry
    Chris Landry 10 months ago its pretty awesome and best of all god the mighty satan told him where to find it. hail the greatest god of all - satan the powerful and great.
  • dion gamers
    dion gamers 10 months ago SuperSaiyan3985 hell yah
  • Diamond wolf
    Diamond wolf 10 months ago It can be a million dollars if it’s still white and bigger than a head
  • Jeremy Hood
    Jeremy Hood 10 months ago I subscribed
  • Vizun IP
    Vizun IP 10 months ago do u believe?
  • Cripin boom bop bam cuz 22
    Cripin boom bop bam cuz 22 10 months ago michaelbooster2 for a five inch tooth u could get 500 to 1200 dollars.
  • the guariscos
    the guariscos 10 months ago FOUND ONE BIGGER IN MY FRONT YARD!
  • the guariscos
    the guariscos 10 months ago GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS
  • The Golden Wolf
    The Golden Wolf 9 months ago I have a 7 inch meg tooth.
  • Matt C
    Matt C 9 months ago SuperSaiyan3985 hes a fatass
  • Tumbling Tube
    Tumbling Tube 9 months ago SuperSaiyan3985 tbh he be wearing all damn Gucci and Louie
  • jayla jones
    jayla jones 9 months ago So did anyone see the meg????
  • Daegan Wilson
    Daegan Wilson 9 months ago SuperSaiyan3985 true I would never find something lucky
  • Andrius Mazrimas
    Andrius Mazrimas 9 months ago hes not so lucky hes like 10 yers old and alredy have gyno lame
  • Marilyn Monday
    Marilyn Monday 8 months ago Meg tooth prices depend on size and condition - the serrations must be intact, the tip shouldn't be broken off... Those of you saying they're worth very high amounts, I've got two perfect ones for you to buy! 😂😂
  • TurtleMek
    TurtleMek 6 months ago SuperSaiyan3985 it's fake like most stuff from this channel
  • DIOSpeedDemon
    DIOSpeedDemon 7 months ago That first thing in the thumbnail was the Factory Moldings for my Magnum Johnson, Custom Rubbers. Wondered where that damn thing wandered off too....??
  • Joe Volltrauer
    Joe Volltrauer 4 days ago DIOSpeedDemon
  • AhmedTheWarlock
    AhmedTheWarlock 6 months ago ok but why the thumbnail look like a damn guided missle
  • Arwel Murray
    Arwel Murray 6 months ago Because that's the missile i use to take out clip bait users but it fell into the ocean and will take 3 more years for a new one to arrive
  • Dubuya Jay
    Dubuya Jay 6 months ago I think it's a drill.
  • MirandaEarthCaller
    MirandaEarthCaller 6 months ago let me just hold this here whale vomit with my bare hands... bravo.
  • Erik Ray
    Erik Ray 6 months ago It looks like a Drilling Rig Part
  • B!zzreKyah07
    B!zzreKyah07 6 months ago Yes that's what I thought
  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller 4 months ago Ahmed_thebest Playz the clickbait is strong with this one. So annoying. It’s the only reason I clicked.
  • Oscar Alaxite
    Oscar Alaxite 1 month ago Kyle Miller same!! 😡😣😔😔
  • FaZe Kujo
    FaZe Kujo 1 week ago Its a underwater drain its a real thing
  • Tami Flu
    Tami Flu 1 week ago @Kyle Miller so it worked then lol
  • Aa I
    Aa I 8 months ago See now THAT is the kind of straightforward explanation of the video's length I wish more would use. Thank you!!
  • Necrophite78
    Necrophite78 7 months ago I still don't understand why you would call the police if you found $70.000.000 dollars worth of drugs.