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I Hate Everything About You

Published on Aug 11, 2015 22,083,041 views

  • Liliana •
    Liliana • 3 months ago When you realize all these comments start with “when”
  • XxEdwards 72xX
    XxEdwards 72xX 1 day ago When you realize it’s true
  • Ethan jones
    Ethan jones 1 week ago When u find out "when" is getting old when u use when over and over again......when will it end 😭😭😂
  • Killer-Mine- 1
    Killer-Mine- 1 4 weeks ago oh shit they do lol
  • Liliana •
    Liliana • 1 month ago SugaKookiesHaveJams exactly 😱
  • SugaKookiesHaveJams
    SugaKookiesHaveJams 1 month ago Even yours
  • Thetreeboy
    Thetreeboy 1 month ago (edited) The top says nobody Oh it’s sort by new
  • Irvin's World
    Irvin's World 3 months ago When your controller dies in the middle of a battle
  • zack dejesus
    zack dejesus 1 day ago shut up fag
  • Tristin Breland
    Tristin Breland 1 week ago Ravioli Ravioli what's up with the nameoli
  • Irvin's World
    Irvin's World 2 weeks ago @8_trey It must be very hard being slow
  • 8_trey
    8_trey 2 weeks ago Doesn’t make any sense
  • jonathan martin
    jonathan martin 3 weeks ago I HATE EVRYTHING ABOUT YOU WHY DO I LOVE YOU
  • { Spicy }
    { Spicy } 3 weeks ago This would be a great comment for Viva La Vida
  • Thecloud wave420
    Thecloud wave420 2 months ago Oof lmao
  • phoenix 87
    phoenix 87 2 months ago @Ravioli's in my pockitoli I like ur name
  • Ravioli's in my pockitoli
    Ravioli's in my pockitoli 2 months ago it really do be like that though
  • patrick grondines
    patrick grondines 2 months ago LET'S START A OH WAIT WRONG SONG
  • The random Nobody
    The random Nobody 8 months ago (edited) When they get your Order wrong at Taco Bell
  • Jade Bruh
    Jade Bruh 1 day ago That so wierdly frustrating
  • Rice Krispies
    Rice Krispies 3 weeks ago When you're on the toilet after eating at Taco Bell.
  • Angela Ortiz
    Angela Ortiz 1 month ago This is my favourite comment lol
  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin 2 months ago definelty me
  • Mark Calhoun
    Mark Calhoun 2 months ago i know rite
  • Haden Goforth
    Haden Goforth 3 months ago And replaced it with TNT
  • X666 f
    X666 f 4 months ago So true But with my burgers at Mc.Donalds😂😂😂 I swear it's always the big Macs...I JUST WANTED ONLY CHEESE,IT ISN'T THAT HARD!!!😂😂😂😣😐😑😶😔😫😭😭😭