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LES TWINS vs ART OF TEKNIQUE | City Dance Live | Battle at SFJazz

Published on Jul 31, 2013 5,752,138 views

Hey guys here is the footage from the cameras that shot the live broadcast. There were a few angles where the audience was obstructing the view :( but we did our best to give you the whole thing. Enjoy :

City Dance Live Battle at the San Francisco Jazz Center on July 3rd 2013
Final Battle:
Les Twins vs The Art of Teknique
DJ Dennis Infante
Buddha Stretch (Mop Tops/Elite Force)
ProfoWon (Floor Gangz/Knuckle Neck Tribe)
Mikey Disko (Soul Sector/Knuckle Neck Tribe)

  • ALyriicsChannel
    ALyriicsChannel 4 years ago I love how they keep a positive energy & attitude with all of their opponents. Some opponents , especially young kids like these and teens , would get enraged through a loss but Larry & Laurent try to get to this kids do not think of it as a battle , but as having fun , even when taunts are involved. There needs to be more dancers like this , too many bitter , immature and violent ones.
  • w z
    w z 1 month ago WTF
  • Clement Hernandez
    Clement Hernandez 6 months ago matthew isme and u a bitch
  • matthew #lisazvrndo
    matthew #lisazvrndo 10 months ago You Talk too much shit
  • Dragonfly7017
    Dragonfly7017 1 year ago I know I'm all late bc I'm just discovering them since WOD but u r so right! They keep it positive all the time especially with these kids. They encourage and give respect when it's due!!! They r amazing!
  • Nexx Level
    Nexx Level 4 years ago Les Twins have been dancing longer than T.A.T. have been alive lol. Of course Twins won but the fact that T.A.T. are on the same stage as them at they're age is dope af
  • Dollie Doll
    Dollie Doll 4 months ago True
  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar 6 months ago Yeah, imagine if they grow up, they'd be the next Les Twins
  • Phillip Watts
    Phillip Watts 3 years ago i would kill to dance as good as lau. His style is so weird but sick
  • MoCsay
    MoCsay 5 months ago @haluksz yup i dance everyday even if it means not full blown practice session but ill always have a moment out of the day where im dancing and in 2 years ive made a lot of progress (i started two years ago)
  • mohamad manasrah
    mohamad manasrah 5 months ago @haluksz 👏
  • haluksz
    haluksz 1 year ago why kill just work 10 hours everyday stop wishing start doing bruh peace..
  • Juan Fluck
    Juan Fluck 2 years ago 9:53 Laurent lost a ring, which hit his face. 10:15 He is so happy that Larry got it.
  • keren barkeren
    keren barkeren 2 years ago @Drea no i understand your opinion i agree with you its funny and nice to notice every detail, just kinda stupid to point it out and comment it cause its so obvious and not even hard to notice.. lol ye were just talking not fighting now its ok :)
  • Drea
    Drea 2 years ago +keren barkeren I understand I cannot change your mind so we should just drop it. We are both entitled to opinions 😊
  • keren barkeren
    keren barkeren 2 years ago @Drea i dont have a problem with paying good attention i just find it pathetic that he had to comment it here and let us know he found it.. cause thats pathetic as fuck lol.. like what do you want? a prize? just keep it to yourself alright you saw it so what :)
  • Drea
    Drea 2 years ago +keren barkeren I think it's funny that they pay good attention. But I don't think it's a bad thing 🙂
  • keren barkeren
    keren barkeren 2 years ago @Drea whats worse in your opinion being rude or being pathetic? i think being pathetic is much worse.. not you i mean the guy who made the first comment is
  • Drea
    Drea 2 years ago +keren barkeren and I'm just letting you know your comment is rude and unnecessary. Not looking for an argument.
  • keren barkeren
    keren barkeren 2 years ago @Drea i just had to let him know his comment is pathetic, whats your reasons to replying to mine? seems like youre just looking for someone to argue with or something lol
  • Drea
    Drea 2 years ago +keren barkeren ok? This person wasn't talking to you but you responded.
  • keren barkeren
    keren barkeren 2 years ago @Drea i just was looking at commments and saw this pathetic comment, and wasnt talking to you
  • Drea
    Drea 2 years ago +keren barkeren you obviously care if you commented.
  • Drea
    Drea 2 years ago Lmaoooo he was so sad at first when he looked at his hand like "omg my ring"
  • Cem Özdemier
    Cem Özdemier 5 years ago Damn crazy footwork 6:45
  • Esotairic
    Esotairic 5 years ago Right! That was like the highlight of the battle in my opinion lol
  • Will Nance
    Will Nance 4 years ago Not to many kids can say they have danced with the best but however Art Of Teknique can say they have. Keep going young ones and stay on that right path.
  • scoutthesprout
    scoutthesprout 3 years ago Aw, Larry and Lau looked like they were having so much fun
  • Schuyler Taaibosch
    Schuyler Taaibosch 8 months ago Yes I know I can dance but in a battle with lary and lau they wil kill it
  • AyySamisam
    AyySamisam 11 months ago +Scoutthesprout They do look like they are super happy lmao
  • João Paulo Paulo
    João Paulo Paulo 1 year ago Dansa de mais esses parceiro
  • Scythe PiNoY
    Scythe PiNoY 1 year ago MrShirye Really nigga why you even here sending hate ,man you must be 9 year old in the comment section, sending hate for no fucking reason? WTF😑😑😑
  • 4ep Jiggy
    4ep Jiggy 2 years ago scoutthesprout Go Subscribe To My Page ‼️ I'll Return the love ❤️🚨🚨
  • MrShirye
    MrShirye 3 years ago @Evan Reese sweg
  • Evan Reese
    Evan Reese 3 years ago +MrShirye You mad bro?
  • Clayman
    Clayman 3 years ago +MrShirye 1v1 me club penguin
  • knerds123
    knerds123 4 years ago Omg. Those kids are gonna be incredible IF they continue to learn. Too many kids stop learning at an early age bc they get arrogant. But these kids are good. Les twins killed them needless to say lol but to say they r this young and even got a chance to battle and held their own during the battle...they are gonna be crazy good.
  • Le Blanc
    Le Blanc 1 month ago that's the point, it's good that they lost, because now they know they have to be ruthless in the future. If they let them win, they won't train harder for next time.
  • Kisean Bennett
    Kisean Bennett 4 months ago So good that they became Jabbawockeez 😏
    AJ FIFAHD 2 years ago knerds123 they are jabbawocckez members now
  • Daniel Mark Petz
    Daniel Mark Petz 3 years ago +knerds123 Well said :)
  • Vedik Jayaraj
    Vedik Jayaraj 5 years ago omg larry can work any beat
  • Akag Man
    Akag Man 1 year ago Lavender Leopard those kids looks better then you
    JUNEBUG 4 years ago @lavender leopard Like that matters lmao, they destroy anyone. Except for those asian women. They lost. 
  • Nava Tamjidi
    Nava Tamjidi 5 years ago Sitting with my jaw dropped. How? Idk. I can't do this.
  • Vedik Jayaraj
    Vedik Jayaraj 5 years ago IKR! :D
  • Nava Tamjidi
    Nava Tamjidi 5 years ago This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
  • Vedik Jayaraj
    Vedik Jayaraj 5 years ago lol yeah
  • Lavender Leopard
    Lavender Leopard 5 years ago WHOAAH... THEIR GOING  UP AGAINST LITTLE KIDS THOUGH...
  • afiqxie _
    afiqxie _ 1 day ago Hey man I know this vid was posted 6 years ago, but here I am saluting the les twins for embracing the younger generation. They are legends. Hands down 🙌.
  • Nicky Potter
    Nicky Potter 5 years ago Of course Les Twins won but those two kids were killing it, damn they swaggy lol. Les Twins 2:27 to 2:42 my fave their coordination is out of this world!
  • janell19
    janell19 5 years ago I agree with you those boys were awesome!!!
  • karly C
    karly C 3 years ago Les Twins are like, we can play that game too! Grabs PS3 controller let the games begin!!!
  • Anduin Arilan
    Anduin Arilan 3 years ago Noone lost!!! Pure Fun. What dance is supposed to be!
  • Jake Salvatore Black
    Jake Salvatore Black 3 years ago Les twins are super talented, and are really nice to the AoT kids! Now that's true sportsmanship, both did great :)
  • liv timms
    liv timms 3 years ago Art of Teknique danced better than everyone Les Twins battled in Vienna..
  • YoungGunner BK
    YoungGunner BK 10 months ago @Bejaoui Noura lol triggered
  • Bejaoui Noura
    Bejaoui Noura 10 months ago @YoungGunner BK shut up if she was a fan and she didn't understand so what
  • Mar. sta.
    Mar. sta. 11 months ago in vienna are not true dancers only a bunch of amateurs who hafe no clue what dancing is....
  • Aaliyah Holmes
    Aaliyah Holmes 1 year ago YoungGunner BK no Fr😂
  • YoungGunner BK
    YoungGunner BK 1 year ago Aaliyah Holmes Yea that one chick is just a cringe Les Twins fan girl who take anything as an attack lol
  • Aaliyah Holmes
    Aaliyah Holmes 1 year ago I know this is old but in her comment she didn't say they danced better then the twins. She was saying they danced better then the people the twins have battled out there
  • Jake Salvatore Black
    Jake Salvatore Black 3 years ago Lol, okay Hun. God bless u :)
  • liv timms
    liv timms 3 years ago +Jake Salvatore Black of course Les Twins danced amazingly- they won! I'm a huge Les Twins fan, I'm just saying that art of teknique danced fantastically considering they are so young
  • Jake Salvatore Black
    Jake Salvatore Black 3 years ago How thoughtful if you, dear. They both did great, so give credit to the twins too -.-
  • shaylynn wilson
    shaylynn wilson 4 years ago 6:40 ahhhhh!!!!! Magnifique !!! Larry oh my god yes
  • Shashank Singh Chauhan
    Shashank Singh Chauhan 1 year ago what was the song name at 2:50
  • Myles
    Myles 4 years ago The spins must have thrown em off. Cause that's Lau's thing but larry does it on occasion.
  • shaylynn wilson
    shaylynn wilson 4 years ago Thank you @Lucas Kratos ! Idk how people can't tell them apart I know who is who !
  • Lucas Kratos
    Lucas Kratos 4 years ago @Manash DB Wrong, that was Larry 
  • ༺ ༻
    ༺ ༻ 4 years ago That was Lau not Larry.
  • Superdibidibidis-hutjuniorsforyehetorsonly
    Superdibidibidis-hutjuniorsforyehetorsonly 5 years ago Les Twins killed(as usual) the art of teknique were good too, probe the best who ever went against the twins.
  • Yaeka
    Yaeka 5 years ago This was beautiful to watch, on both sides ♥ Love how they all just sorta got along and danced with each other more than at each other~
  • Chemiah C
    Chemiah C 4 years ago Those kids were good, but Les Twins.... Killed it!
  • L Noah
    L Noah 3 years ago this was NO COMPETITION. LES TWINS ARE AAAAAAAMAZING! The little guys did very well however.
  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar 6 months ago The little guys killed it too, considering their age
  • Saul Salomon
    Saul Salomon 2 years ago i know how to dance like kida
  • Saul Salomon
    Saul Salomon 2 years ago i know how to dance like kids