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[1st Place] Just Jerk | Body Rock 2016 [@VIBRVNCY Front Row 4K] @justjerkcrew #bodyrock2016

Published on Jun 12, 2016 14,826,950 views

Just Jerk | Competition
Media Coverage by @VIBRVNCY
Filmed & Edited by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez
Body Rock 2016 presented by A Mustard Seed Production
The Rock Church Auditorium 6.11.16

instagram @bodyrocksd

  • Mato B
    Mato B 2 years ago many people have misunderstanding they "Chinese" and "Japanese", but they are Korean!
  • Robert Hardy
    Robert Hardy 2 years ago Same thing to the rest of the world ;)
  • I like cats
    I like cats 2 years ago Robert Hardy no its not
  • E CL
    E CL 2 years ago (edited) Robert Hardy Yea just as much as all whites are perceived as nothing more than 'big nose' and all Americans as weirdos who picked an extreme racist and sexist as their president ;)
  • Robert Hardy
    Robert Hardy 2 years ago @E CL Ah, you show your lack of understanding of our political system....Would be like me making fun of Korean politics, as in they are for men only, that's why people want to impeach Park Geun-hye :P In the US, the majority does not put the president in, per the people :) Big nose ? You mean Jewish ? lol
  • E CL
    E CL 2 years ago (edited) Robert Hardy whatever your political system is IDC and so does the rest of the world:) The fact is that you guys pretend to be egalitarian but shyly elect a person who boldly discriminates the minorities. (Looking at you no wonder why!) and yes, that's the perception of the rest of the world regardless of the truth or what u think. feel mistreated? too bad.. deal with it (talking about the impeachment , though, you have a point.kinda)
  • Robert Hardy
    Robert Hardy 2 years ago @E CL Let me pull your head out of you ass :) I did not elect the President, my neighbor did not elect the president. The President is elected based on vote tallys in populace centers. We voted for Bernie Sanders as we feel the children are more important than anything else. I am UNSURE why you think we feel we are an egalitarian society, as we are not any form of Liberalism by the basis of views. We are a controlled society through the actual government form that is not spoken, Oligarchy So, regardless of what you feel or we feel, our government and the rich set the standard, policy and rule.....just like your nation, regardless of who is in charge :) There is no global perception, towards the US, that I can champion,defend or dispute. HOWEVER< I can tell a KID that, one day, he will understand that GOVERNMENT POLICY is not th people's policies....You should know that by now and to judge a person, based on his governments actions, is truly juvenile :)