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My Dad's Gone Crazy

Published on Aug 22, 2015 113,595 views

  • einholc alex
    einholc alex 10 months ago it is funny that any other channel posting this has more views than this
  • Lucid _2_Win
    Lucid _2_Win 7 months ago Maybe a bit.😂
  • Jaffa Cakes
    Jaffa Cakes 9 months ago einholc alex because it’s complicated to find this one
  • Cлим Cшаdy [OFF]icial
    Cлим Cшаdy [OFF]icial 7 months ago 2004: Eminem the best 2018: Eminem still of the best
  • N1NJ4 Krl
    N1NJ4 Krl 8 months ago a menina n tinha nem 10 anos e já tinha um feat com o Rap god
  • ム
    7 months ago Imagina que foda ser filha do rap god
  • Sharn Matene
    Sharn Matene 1 year ago Yeah boiiii
  • Epicus
    Epicus 1 year ago This is awesome!
  • Kevin Meulenhof
    Kevin Meulenhof 10 months ago Most underrated
  • Ayla Jayne
    Ayla Jayne 1 year ago 💜
  • Mark Markj Sanderson.
    Mark Markj Sanderson. 9 months ago who's your daddy!.
  • Liv N
    Liv N 10 months ago (edited) Why does this place seem like the only normal place in the world theses days.
  • Felipy Rodrigues
    Felipy Rodrigues 7 months ago @Demi Qualityy mine too
  • Demi Qualityy
    Demi Qualityy 10 months ago @Leon Hermn Mine right now is lucky you
  • Leon Hermn
    Leon Hermn 10 months ago (edited) Liv N Favorite eminem Songs of all the time ?
  • Trey Janice
    Trey Janice 9 months ago I think she thinks her dad’s gone crazy
  • MinecraftPro555
    MinecraftPro555 6 months ago 2:53 starts fire
  • Mark Markj Sanderson.
    Mark Markj Sanderson. 9 months ago ridaz
  • Very autistic pepe
    Very autistic pepe 7 months ago How is there not more comments and views?????!!!!!
  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti 10 months ago Yeah haily you right. Dad always in the studio yelling at the mic 😄
  • First Last
    First Last 7 months ago It's just another attention whore, this is the channel EminemMusic... its from the one guy who beefed with Machine Gun Kelly, he does that to make sure he gets some angry people commenting his comment... Why are you guys still answering that gay.... Now this is getting too dumb, maybe there will be no more people commenting on this gay.
  • Very autistic pepe
    Very autistic pepe 7 months ago Tommy Vercetti fuck you. #mgksucks
  • The_p0dcast
    The_p0dcast 9 months ago “Literally any lyric in killshot”
  • Abbas Husejnagic
    Abbas Husejnagic 9 months ago Stfu