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Generation Rent - Living to Let | BBC Newsbeat

Published on Apr 14, 2015 212,415 views

Richard Hill is one of three million young adults in the UK still living with their parents. He meets others who’ve gone to extreme lengths to find somewhere affordable to live.

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  • Will
    Will 1 year ago A four hour commute... that’s the stuff of nightmares
  • martin vegas
    martin vegas 1 month ago On the way home curly tots!
  • martin vegas
    martin vegas 1 month ago True!
  • Cassette Walkman
    Cassette Walkman 2 months ago @Strange Attractor I would actually love a 2hr each way commute if it was one train. I have an ever expanding bookcase full of books and a never ending YT "To Watch" list. However what you say about that with no seat is indeed a nightmare. This guy's 2 trains and 2 buses is a complete waste of a 1/6th of the day. 1/6th of his year. 1/6th of life.
  • Cassette Walkman
    Cassette Walkman 2 months ago @Miranda Brooks Actually bad example. Back problems are a major issue with truck drivers.
  • ˑˑˑ
    ˑˑˑ 3 months ago 'a good job'
  • Narciso Duran
    Narciso Duran 3 months ago @Will just like California...
  • Democratic Communist
    Democratic Communist 4 months ago @Lucas Fernandez buying a car is expensive
  • Democratic Communist
    Democratic Communist 4 months ago Its a good opportunity to watch movies and TV episodes on my tablet
  • Nero Bruno
    Nero Bruno 5 months ago In some EU countries...tennants are PROTECTED. No sudden eviction or rent increase at will. No, they have these things called LAWS. So even the "little" people have rights and dignity over the pond. I did a 2+2 hour London-Uxbridge commute for 4 months... never again. A Robin Hood movie is in the cinemas once again, not much changed in England; the "landbarons" still fleece the people.
  • Strange Attractor
    Strange Attractor 6 months ago I do it every day mate. Doesn't phase me. Stick some tunes on, look out the window and think about stuff. Come home, stick on some tunes, zen out in a semi-doze, sorted. A four-hour commute with no seat, though... that's the stuff of nightmares.
  • rockmittal
    rockmittal 6 months ago Thats so bad.. :( . Mine is 1 hour each way..
  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 6 months ago @M A zero point energy= free energy= electro magnets with copper wrapped around a coil.
  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 6 months ago @M A there is zero point energy aka teslas electro mag netic generators. Also tesla gravity generators and hho systems for cars combined with both destroys stockmarkets and currency. I will vote fringe parties as u telling me to vote centralist is exactly what suppressing corporations want so u thus have vested interests in them by suggesting that. Look at electro magnetics and tesla coils in a vaccumm free energy easy. Knocks out banks though.
  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 6 months ago @M A bolloks lucky u. Nearly every ordinary worker is fckd over. See bilderberg 2018 " the future of work" , given AI and robots, also high labour taxes. Why pay and work to pay tax if robots can do it? The whole economic system is about control. Who is incharge? What's point of working and paying tax? Why is money really needed? Food can be produced for free. Housing can b free. Energy aka zero point energy, tesla electro magnetic generators mean free energy. It is control and religious zealots the prob.
  • Karine Fonte
    Karine Fonte 6 months ago @Seán O'Nilbud Well, I assumed it was on the way from, not to work.
  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 7 months ago (edited) @LothianOwl i had 4 hours a day 7 days 18months ago was saving up for some restoration projects. Am planning move to country with cheaper factors of production, so no debt, no mortgages stuff of dreams unlike uk+usa zio banking system. The real problem is time+ lifespan, your cells divide 50times then you die, measured by telomeres on dna strand. You basically want to put your dependant ppl better off at the start. The polish pis party sees this and wants to keep international money men, debt, chinese capital highly restricted so housing etc dont inflate and break govt. Aka taxes getting diverted to private property companies abroad and corrupt ministers shares in those companies. Polish govt v good.
  • LothianOwl
    LothianOwl 7 months ago Train fares in the UK are a rip off too. I don't know how someone can get up at 6am, do a days work and not get home until 7 or 8 pm. Its not just London but lots of people in other parts of the country have ridiculously long commutes too.
  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 7 months ago @murgul morgul the education system is all about brainwashing, indebtment, corruption. Med students spend 5 yrs studying immunology to administer outdated drugs ftom big pharma, getting thousands into debt yo privatised central banks. Well russians use electro medicine like usa do on space programme. Cleared by dutch business partnerd malaria out from positive heavy traces to negative on blood tests. Cosmonaughts use them where in zero gravitt liquid military combo pens would mean liquid leaking. They work but no money in it as central stocklisted position for a company it is basically free.
  • murgul morgul
    murgul morgul 7 months ago I did 4 hour commute in college. not worth it. college degree is nothing nowadays
  • james mcbride
    james mcbride 7 months ago It is no life and all for debt and shitty housing on a pc screen just digits. Debt control.
  • James Billings
    James Billings 7 months ago Seán O'Nilbud hes irish thats standard mate
  • A B
    A B 8 months ago Miranda Brooks *back problems then.
  • Miranda Brooks
    Miranda Brooks 8 months ago @A B you dont get spine problems for driving a car each day. If that were true there would be nothing but disabled truck drivers.
  • Nick S
    Nick S 8 months ago Here’s me at 32 planning what colour to get my 911 Turbo in... puts it into perspective!
  • Nick S
    Nick S 8 months ago Chantal Said sorry, but what a shit husband. I would pick my wife up from anywhere at any time. There’s no chance she’s ever getting public transport or walking anywhere. No chance ever!
  • A B
    A B 8 months ago Lucas Fernandez Oh sure, let’s forget there’s traffic, congestion fees, insurance, crazy drivers, the damage to our spines for sitting too long, parking, and maintenance. Easy for you to say.
  • Lucas Fernandez
    Lucas Fernandez 8 months ago Nick Wright's Conscience it's not that bad since he can just buy a car and drive to work. It's not like the freeways are clogged
  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 8 months ago @Daniélín NicG someone pulls out a drink on the way to work you fucking twat.
  • Daniélín NicG
    Daniélín NicG 8 months ago +auxetoiles thats crazy im irish when we commute that long here someone pulls out a drink and we end up partying but people on tubes in london are very cold they avoid eye contact and l think it mights a journey longer if you dont have a conversation with ppl
  • HornetUK1
    HornetUK1 8 months ago you would be better off walking around and picking penny's off the floor
  • langeolive
    langeolive 9 months ago Nick Wright's Conscience s
  • Sam Glow
    Sam Glow 9 months ago mines 3 each way to london and back.. its awful
  • Chantal Said
    Chantal Said 9 months ago I did it for a couple years. If I was working the closing shift, I was lucky if I made the last bus at 11pm after my 40 minute train ride. Then it was MORE money for a taxi to get home if my husband was already in bed. I never expected him to come pick me up that late. I would've driven myself, but parking in Calgary is some of the most expensive in Canada.
  • auxetoiles
    auxetoiles 9 months ago I did 5 hours a day for a year from my parents' suburban house to the city. It wears you down. You get sick, you don't sleep properly, and you start to feel like you're going a bit mad. The lack of proper privacy at home doesn't help either. But that's what our generation does to save money...
  • Midnight Valet
    Midnight Valet 8 months ago What is the point of working and having a job when you can't make a living..
  • Cassette Walkman
    Cassette Walkman 2 months ago @LothianOwl How is it different to previous generations?? There is and always will be a working class. The change has been the type of work that now "qualifies" someone as such. The miners and the plumbers are the upwardly mobile classes now!
  • Summer is on Thursday
    Summer is on Thursday 2 months ago @LothianOwl I don't think it's that easy. Old people are taking advantage because it's a good investment. Banks want houses to rise in price because it makes more money for them so they must continue to rise. Billions of pounds are laundered in London by foreign investors through the housing market which inflates the market and ripples out across the country.
  • LothianOwl
    LothianOwl 2 months ago @Garden Tradd I feel angry at the government and politicians aswell as some of the bankers who trashed the economy and seem to hoard wealth and property.
  • X-Ray 911
    X-Ray 911 2 months ago @LothianOwl They put more Sodium Fluoride in the water + social media...
  • Цыпа Цыпочка
    Цыпа Цыпочка 3 months ago @LothianOwl their anger is suppressed with dope and drugs. That's why they try to make dope legal everywhere.
  • Цыпа Цыпочка
    Цыпа Цыпочка 3 months ago That's why so many people quit working because there is no future for them and no meaning of life.
  • elfoxy
    elfoxy 3 months ago @LothianOwl it's laughed at... Look at all the SJW rekt compilations and crap people put up on youtube.
  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 4 months ago agree .....better off on welfare , working part time
  • LothianOwl
    LothianOwl 4 months ago @Garden Tradd I get angry at the mainly older well off people who run the country...........not just the government but also lots of landlords who are nearly all middle aged or old. Young people today are being shafted by a lot of old people and very few of the young do anything about it. I say to young people rise up and vote these people out!!! Only then things will start to change for the better.
  • 난몰라
    난몰라 4 months ago (edited) @LothianOwl How does anger get us anywhere? 1. Who do you want us to be angry at? 2. What makes you think that the people that we're angered by care even one iota? They don't. They can just ignore us like they have done for decades.
  • Brian Cho
    Brian Cho 4 months ago @Brexit is the end of Britain Reasonable living, until market is completely saturated with more people entering the field. (kinda like graphic design job)
  • alistair lee
    alistair lee 5 months ago @Yeezy westy True
  • alistair lee
    alistair lee 5 months ago @Austin S Yes, Austin. And look at the Circus that is the Premier League! The modern equivalent of the Roman games to keep the masses distracted and suppress nationalism.
  • Garden Tradd
    Garden Tradd 5 months ago LothianOwl anger at who, specifically? For what?
  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy 5 months ago take your penis out and put it into another human... pleasure them... respect them... (make sure they work) and combine your wealth and improve your lives exponentially.
  • Night Rider
    Night Rider 6 months ago @Brexit is the end of Britain everyone has a water supply, but not everyone want a graphic designing.
  • Brexit is the end of Britain
    Brexit is the end of Britain 6 months ago I fix boilers, plumbing and electrical in custome rs houses. It's a reasonable living once you have the skills. I was trained as a graphic designer, but guess what....NO WORK
  • anglekan
    anglekan 6 months ago Vegan Ricks Austin answered your question
  • Ricky
    Ricky 6 months ago I ask myself just that daily bro
  • Austin S
    Austin S 6 months ago @LothianOwl Its suppressed by their addictions to modern society. Media, tv, games, phones, tech all keep people distracted. Nobody wants their iphone disconnected so they'd rather all live in the status quo.
  • LothianOwl
    LothianOwl 7 months ago (edited) It just seems like a lot of young people nowadays passively put up with rubbish wages, 2 hour commutes, rip off train fares and crap living conditions. Where is their ANGER???!!!
  • Ramone Burrell
    Ramone Burrell 7 months ago Were're all economic slaves to big multi-national Zionist bankers. We only get enough to keep us alive and keep the wheel turning.
  • Ionita Cristian
    Ionita Cristian 7 months ago (edited) As long as companies make money ... nothing else matters. That is their view
  • Escape the Rat Race now!
    Escape the Rat Race now! 7 months ago Margaret Thatcher once said that if you were 26 and using a bus to get to work, you were a failure. That was back in the day when the average first-time buyer was 23, no one had heard of payday lenders or food banks or student tuition fees, you got a grant instead to go to Uni, and no one got a mortgage higher than 3.5 times their salary because of the risk of overstretching yourself. Moreover, the average term for a mortgage was 25 years, not 35 or 40 as is becoming the norm now. If you want a vision of the future, look at Japan. Ten thousand or so young people die at their desks every year from exhaustion. Their Grandparents are working into their seventies and eighties because 30 years of 0% interest rates have decimated their pensions. Oh, and many mortgages are now for 50 years, even 100 is not that unusual. Born into debt, die in debt while the corporate elite have stashed £21 trillion in the Turks and Caicos islands and laugh at all of you.
  • Daniel_81
    Daniel_81 9 months ago This is so common all over Europe nowadays ....
  • Juan Solalinde
    Juan Solalinde 2 months ago Over the world actually
  • Katriina Kallioinen
    Katriina Kallioinen 3 months ago Nah. People in Nordic countries move out between 18-22 years old. You get some social benefits for rent if you don't havet a proper salary.
  • Emmanuel Umukoro
    Emmanuel Umukoro 5 months ago It's not quite as bad as shown here, but let's be real rental prices in Ontario are starting to get out of hand too
  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 months ago Same in Australia im lucky I managed to get my own home a lot of sacrifice but Feel for rest of my generation. Who are still renting its not right.
  • Gigi W
    Gigi W 6 months ago too many people, so little space :-( Come to Canada, not many people and quite a lot of space plus we just legalized weed!!! (if I'm being honest, the neighbours down south are getting quite rowdy so we're trying to beef up our numbers for when shit goes down but don't you worry about that for now, think about our moose, doesn't everyone want to see a moose?) Come join us in the true North strong and free my friends!! ( just don't go to Toronto... or Vancouver... or Calgary or....)
  • Julian potatoe
    Julian potatoe 6 months ago Livia Claire your right, now in Spain the young can not afford to leave their parents homes. Average salary is €1,000 net. A young couple can buy together but this would only be a 1 bedroom flat, private ownership in Spain will decrease over the next decade.
  • pauk
    pauk 6 months ago Same in Asia and America.
  • Livia Claire
    Livia Claire 6 months ago @Julian potatoe It is 73% because most young people live with their parents because they can't afford their rent. French and Germans (especially) have lower rents, higher salaries, so they can afford to move out. Here in Milan salaries are on average 1.2k€ net/ month (some earn 1000 and others 1500, too). Rent for a tiny one bedroom apartment, at least 850€.
  • Julian potatoe
    Julian potatoe 6 months ago Spains property ownership is 73%. The French and Germans are closer to the UK with 43% and 41% home ownership respectively.
  • abrahamdsl
    abrahamdsl 6 months ago Not really Europe. Over the pond, and here in southeast asia too.
  • Mason Schnapps
    Mason Schnapps 6 months ago @Pete EU It becomes more and more common every year. If you know what I mean...
  • Bonnie Vandergriff
    Bonnie Vandergriff 1 year ago Renting conditions in London are pathetic. I am shocked that British renters have no recourse if they complain about poor living conditions. It should be against the law for landlords to evict their tenants for merely complaining about squalid living conditions. I do not understand why the UK Government cannot or will not shut these landlords down and not allow them to rent substandard properties until they make these things right. These landlords should be prosecuted and given stiff fines to make it more beneficial for the landlord to repair these properties than to face the fines imposed. For a country that will prosecute someone for making a derogatory post about something or someone on social media and/or prohibit someone from coming into their country because of a derogatory post, the UK Government seems to have an indifferent attitude towards people who want to live in affordable and decent housing as if it is the renters problem and not the landlord. Something is wrong with the priorities of the politicians in the UK.
  • leeraewi
    leeraewi 4 months ago @Chloe wilson my main problem with your comment is its blatant anti-semitism, quite frankly.
  • mo m00
    mo m00 5 months ago it is against the law to evict without a good reason however it isnt somthing thats enforced police wont get involved as they see it as a civil matter yet when they come to evict you the police are always there to "keep the peace"
  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 5 months ago @SaltyBrains Lol, it is ok!!!
  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 5 months ago @Chloe wilson You're right, that was supposed to be a comment to the threat poster.. oops :)
  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 5 months ago @SaltyBrains I don't know anything about the renting system there if this comment is indeed directed to me. I just made a comment on the high prices that everything is charged on. I do not understand how people manage, I really don't
  • SaltyBrains
    SaltyBrains 5 months ago "[the government] ... not allow them to rent substandard properties until they make these things right" The problem here is that if a landlord spends the required 10k (or more) on renovating these places, then they WONT RENT IT FOR 250 quid - obviously it would be double that, as is normal. So these tenants don't win even in your scenario, unless you also think the government should subsidise their rent and pay half themselves, OR you think the landlord should just rent at 50% under market ? what for? why? that's unfair to them. You get what you pay for dickhead. If nobody would rent it, they would repair it and charge market rates... but since people are willing to put up with it 'as is' for a lesser amount, then that is what happens... so what - thats how shit works.
  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 6 months ago @TW3 They should build homes or flats for all those people. They have no problem spending money when it comes to the militarily or their fat wages and pensions. I tell you the whole bloody world is going to seed.
  • Chloe wilson
    Chloe wilson 6 months ago Bonnie Vandergriff Wealthy Jews own a lot of these properties. If ppl complain about no water or lack of electricity, their rents go up. If they do not want to pay an increase in rent they have thugs come in and destroy the police. I saw were 6 or 7 men were living in garages with no heat, no toilets. My relatives still live in England but they all own their own homes. They are the lucky ones and have good jobs as well. I remember on my first trip back to visit I was astounded at the cost of things there. Petrol was high, high. I remember getting my hair done and at that time cost me 80 pounds. I paid it and tipped but I was astounded at the price.
  • Ashley Chisholm
    Ashley Chisholm 6 months ago They chose to rent and could see the conditions before. They accepted reduced rent for the condition as eve debt by the price. I'm not saying it's right but that's what they didn't want to complain as there will be plenty of people to rent it if they don't like. Tenants also have more rights then landlords and if they are in a contact the landlord can't kick them out...he may not renew but not kick them out.
  • A B
    A B 8 months ago KEKKER TM Sign me up!
  • Daniélín NicG
    Daniélín NicG 8 months ago theres housing rights, but your right its crazy
  • thesoldier
    thesoldier 9 months ago the uk government are too busy chasing internet trolls and whistleblowers
  • NNT Flow
    NNT Flow 9 months ago Capitalism.
  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 9 months ago most are asians that'd be racist
  • Biplav Shrestha
    Biplav Shrestha 9 months ago That landlord should kick them out ,renovate the place , increase the rent and give it to someone who is able to pay the rent.
  • Astoria
    Astoria 9 months ago Bonnie Vandergriff It has nothing to do with mass immigration... as we’re told.
  • DukeofJam
    DukeofJam 9 months ago Most Tory MPs ARE FUCKING LANDLORDS. make more sense now?
  • Paintbrush 1962
    Paintbrush 1962 9 months ago Hopefully the council will come down hard on them!
  • dave lee
    dave lee 9 months ago that's all the revenge evictions sorted then, all those Tory landlords will be sure to obey the law.
  • Paintbrush 1962
    Paintbrush 1962 10 months ago Of course they have recourse, the tenants rights are always greater than a landlords.The council can and would close these places down if tenants complained to the right people!
  • Dusan Veselka
    Dusan Veselka 1 year ago well, the thing is that the majority of politicians are landlords, so they want the law and power to be on their side...
  • Richard Stottie
    Richard Stottie 8 months ago (edited) I'm 27, own my own house, work full time and have plenty of spare time. It is possible...just not in London
  • darleyt1
    darleyt1 3 weeks ago That's you mate, but your only child self centred view is a symptom of a fucked up selfie taking coltish world we live in.
  • martin vegas
    martin vegas 1 month ago They want the latest phone bro!
  • Cassette Walkman
    Cassette Walkman 2 months ago @chronicfish That could be a rule for life. Go where the economy is bust. It'll be cheap.
  • Nile
    Nile 2 months ago @Tony it's not debt when you pay in cash you stupid idiot.
  • Tony
    Tony 2 months ago better than rent for 30 years@Paulo Guzzon
  • Tony
    Tony 2 months ago not really, it is an investment. Apple laptop is debt, starbucks coffee, expensive cars, all debt. @Nile
  • TheBleedingEmotion
    TheBleedingEmotion 3 months ago @Amy Smith If that's the attitude you have then no it isn't possible. Put your time and effort into the right things and it's all possible.
  • TCJones
    TCJones 3 months ago @Paulo Guzzon nope 25 years.
  • Paulo Guzzon
    Paulo Guzzon 3 months ago And a 30 year mortgage?
  • Death Guard Dave Googley
    Death Guard Dave Googley 3 months ago Get real. You can buy a two bedroom terrace in the north west of England for 60K. That’s a deposit of 6K. Unless you are on minimum wage and have a family, that’s within reach of most people who are willing to sacrifice the present for the future.
  • TCJones
    TCJones 3 months ago @mrwogo goolies No you own all or it that you have paid off, and you get to make any changes you want unlike renting, there are like million more advantages to owning, and unless you where born with a silver spoon in your mouth who is a cash buyer these days?
  • mrwogo goolies
    mrwogo goolies 3 months ago You own sod all until that final payment
  • Tomohawk Messy
    Tomohawk Messy 3 months ago The thing is even the London suburbs are expensive, all the way out to the greenbelt land so 'just moving away from London' (if you've been born and raised here like me) means moving to the middle of nowhere far away from everyone you know and changing jobs and all the rest of it, just to be able to pay a reasonable price for living. It's true I could move out to Sussex or somewhere and have more money to spend/ save but I would just end up spending it coming into town to work/go out with mates. it seems to be a choice between financial sacrifice or quality of life sacrifice.
  • TCJones
    TCJones 3 months ago @Amy Smith you have given up already, move to liverpool and you can buy a house for 60k..