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Tangled - Disneycember

Published on Jan 16, 2016 199,989 views

Originally aired in January 2012. Doug takes a look at Tangled.

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  • Rubberman202
    Rubberman202 2 years ago "That sounds like a guy trying to do a thief's voice, but not actually a thief"... The irony is, that's kind of the case with Flynn Rider. :P
  • S.M.A
    S.M.A 5 days ago Plus what would a thief's voice sound like
  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
    Hannah Papernick-Yudin 1 month ago I felt like the voice fit the thief's personality because he's supposed to be that kind of a character, the anti-hero who's narcissistic and flamboyant but has a good heart. He's also very adventerous and extroverted, and I thought his voice conveyed that personality very well. Rapunzle's voice didn't do as much for mr because she's supposed to be naive, playful, curious and modestly adventurous. I would have liked a more subtle voice for her.
  • Nyx Shadowhawk
    Nyx Shadowhawk 4 months ago Or Eugene Fitzherbert, rather!
  • Damon Dodson
    Damon Dodson 2 years ago Rubberman202 not to mention he sounds like markiplier which is kinda funny and cool at the same time
  • Lilindey
    Lilindey 2 years ago ... That's actually a very good point.
  • Chicken permission
    Chicken permission 2 years ago Rubberman202 nice profile pic
  • Dominic Malnar
    Dominic Malnar 3 years ago I love Tangled more than Frozen...there I said it. Bite me
  • Empty Teacup
    Empty Teacup 1 week ago Nah, totally agreed. I loved Tangled! >~< I disliked Frozen and it honestly bored me. I only liked the visuals and the theme of family/sisterhood.
  • kladams707
    kladams707 2 months ago @Dragon Sword That NC weighted the stronger elements he favored more in Frozen than elements in Tangled whereas I favored the stronger elements in Tangled
  • DTB 1217
    DTB 1217 5 months ago Dominic Malnar I agree Tangled is an amazing film.Frozen is okay but got really repetitive especially with the songs.
  • DTB 1217
    DTB 1217 5 months ago Dominic Malnar same
  • Disney65Fan
    Disney65Fan 5 months ago Same here. Frozen is overrated. Tangled is the underdog movie. It's been 9 years since this film came out(yes folks this film is 10 years old next year by god I'm feeling old). But ever since I seen this film almost 10 years ago at the age of 19 I have seen this film a billion times and know all the songs off by heart along with the script and I own it on DVD twice,on my iPod and on Bluray and VHS. 10/10
  • G.S. Productions
    G.S. Productions 6 months ago Dominic Malnar Bite me, too!
  • Moracha !
    Moracha ! 7 months ago Dominic Malnar That’s ok. I hate Frozen.
  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio
    Roei Potash AKA Poihpio 8 months ago #TANGLEDISBETTERTHANFROZEN
  • Elizabeth Hodgson
    Elizabeth Hodgson 10 months ago I really didnt enjoy Frozen much either. I thought the songs were too popular. I love Tangled
  • TheDorianTube
    TheDorianTube 11 months ago I loved Tangled, I disliked Frozen è_é
  • Nathaniel Powell
    Nathaniel Powell 11 months ago I think Frozen will age very poorly. I'll be coming back to Tangled for years to come I think.
  • Jackson Rushing
    Jackson Rushing 1 year ago You're not alone.
  • Scott Larson
    Scott Larson 1 year ago Dominic Malnar same same
  • Colli_Wolly
    Colli_Wolly 1 year ago Frozen was okay, but I love Tangled a whole lot more.
  • the best boy
    the best boy 1 year ago Dominic Malnar I prefer Lilo & Stich most out of all the disney movies! Fite me!
  • Sophie Laurent
    Sophie Laurent 1 year ago PREACH!
  • Dcarterm
    Dcarterm 1 year ago Dominic Malnar Tangled was better in my opinion.
  • Brian04510
    Brian04510 1 year ago I'm there with you. Tangled did a way better job.
  • Chibi Shaman
    Chibi Shaman 1 year ago i'm with ya dude!
  • Rogue T-Rex
    Rogue T-Rex 1 year ago Dominic Malnar well look who's a special little snowflake.
  • Karstens Creations
    Karstens Creations 1 year ago You couldn't BE more right. Frozen kicks boring ass, illogical, forced, 'a song every three seconds for no reason' Frozen's ASS.
  • Lucy Graham
    Lucy Graham 1 year ago I totally agree!
  • Shiela Ingram
    Shiela Ingram 1 year ago Dominic Malnar I think frozen is a little overrated. Love Tangled and I still cry when Rapunzel reunites with her family
  • Derek Savage
    Derek Savage 1 year ago Dominic Malnar I won't I like this one more to :3
  • That One Weird Dork
    That One Weird Dork 1 year ago I agree that this was way better then Frozen. Frozen was reeeeeeaaaallly over rated while this didn't get as much attention as i think it deserves.
  • Mic Drop
    Mic Drop 1 year ago Dominic Malnar bite you where? ;)
  • Mia Xandra
    Mia Xandra 1 year ago My dad plays heavy metal over it to fix that
  • Jeff Brehove
    Jeff Brehove 1 year ago My problem with Walkiing with Dinosaurs is the fact the talk through thought. It would have been better if it was silence. It's such a shame because the animation with mind-blowing.
  • Rin Camilia
    Rin Camilia 2 years ago and I love Walking with dinosaurs 3D movie more then these films....yea, I'm terriable what are you gonna do. I'm a person with different tastes
  • Captain Levi
    Captain Levi 2 years ago Dominic Malnar Totally agree
  • pricila
    pricila 2 years ago Dominic Malnar yep its more fun after the coronation, frozen gets boring
  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 2 years ago HERE HERE!
  • Margaretha Falco
    Margaretha Falco 3 years ago Same
  • Dominic Malnar
    Dominic Malnar 3 years ago I loved the editorial, and I understand all the points that critic made, but I still love Tangled more
  • Dragon Sword
    Dragon Sword 3 years ago +Dominic Malnar How do you feel now that their's an editorial on this channel about Tangled vs Frozen? By the way, I like Tangled more too. I guess I like story more than music and I enjoy the comedy of this film. It also doesn't hurt that the voice actress for Rapunzel also worked on Tron: Uprising (One of my favorite animated shows).
  • Dominic Malnar
    Dominic Malnar 3 years ago @The Robby King I wouldn't say that specifically about Frozen.  I liked Frozen a lot, don't get me wrong. It's a really good film, but I just enjoyed Tangled a lot more. They both bring something to the table that some Disney films don't have.
  • Glue Sniffer
    Glue Sniffer 3 years ago Tangled is one of Disney's best films. Frozen was just a cliche mess.
  • Mark Skywalker
    Mark Skywalker 3 years ago I actually really didn't enjoy Frozen much at all. Tangled, though, I could watch that anytime and be completely entertained.
  • Warren Marris
    Warren Marris 3 years ago +Dominic Malnar I actually agree with you! LOL! I like Frozen but Tangled did it much better!
  • Dominic Malnar
    Dominic Malnar 3 years ago I just wanted to make the statement. I know a lot of people are divided
  • Vivir
    Vivir 3 years ago You act like you're the only person who thinks this.
  • Jarek Gunther
    Jarek Gunther 3 years ago I disagree with the voices. Yeah, Mandy Moore being a celebrity and stuff, but hearing her and watching Rapunzel move and interact, it really fit. Her voice really captured the energy and childish nature of Rapunzel. Like how Robin Williams captured the fast paced humor of Genie, or how James Earl Jones captured the God-like sounding authority of Mufasa.
  • come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge!
    come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! 3 weeks ago @Hannah Papernick-Yudin Thanks, im not trying to bad mouth celebrities but voice actors are really underrated and they often drop them in favor of famous people to draw a bigger crowd in, but some voice actors are really popular like Grey Delisle or Tara Strong, so it's bonkers why they drop them. Not to mention that if I we're a va and constantly get rejecting because of an on screen pretty face I whould feel pretty mad. Sometimes it's the other way around like a when a famous tv show get's a bigscreen adaptation and the actors we know and love when they portraying their characters is pretty frustrating when they get replaced with celebritie isn't it?
  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
    Hannah Papernick-Yudin 3 weeks ago @come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! You have great points. I agree.
  • come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge!
    come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! 3 weeks ago @Hannah Papernick-Yudin just hear me out, celebritie don't hawe experience with voice acting, besides voice acting is a behind the scenes job and the celebrities that are hired for animation hawe really sucsessful on screen resume, so 1:they shouldn't be there if their so famous. 2:the casting vase prabobly done because of their fame! 3:voice actors are experienced,trained people who can done a mutch better job. 4:it's overdone!(hawe you seen who played the characters in the Lego Batman movie? Celebrities even the supporting roles of people who bearly speak, like Lego voldemort vase Eddie Izzard and you wanna know who played Alfred, Ralph Fines the Real voldemort!) I mean if you had a job wich you like to do,your doing it for a living,completely experienced,but studios never even seek you out and replace you with an on camera pretty boy just because of how famous they are you whouldn't be mad? They insulting your talent,take the food out of your mouth and then walk away!
  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
    Hannah Papernick-Yudin 1 month ago (edited) There's too much stigma against celebrity voice actors. I thought the thief's voice was very fitting as he's meant to be a playful, extroverted anti-hero who's narcissistic but has a good heart. In general, it can be a hit or miss with celebrity voice actors; in some cases, they like the role so much they put all their effort and talent into actually becoming the character, and it works really well. But I've also seen incidences where the voice or tone didn't fit the character, and felt foamed in. I also loved Mufasa's voice.
  • Saotome Sunrider
    Saotome Sunrider 1 year ago When I first saw it I had no idea who the actors were and I don't care. I like the character Flynn (Eugene) and the horse.
  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins 1 year ago (edited) Thing is, when I hear, well heard (RIP) robin williams talk, I heard the genie. When I heard the genie, I didn't here robin williams. And I have no clue who mandy moore is so... Works. Then theres maui from moana. I hear the rock.
  • Disney Fan 626
    Disney Fan 626 1 year ago Jarek Gunther. Ya I loved Mandy her voice just got so well with the character. And Zachary did great to I love how much emotion he put into Eugene and personally Eugene is my all time favorite Disney prince ever
  • MadStupid
    MadStupid 2 years ago I think Mandy Moore was perfect
  • Musical theatre fan・ω・
    Musical theatre fan・ω・ 7 months ago MadStupid yes!
  • Disney Fan 626
    Disney Fan 626 1 year ago MadStupid. Ya I love Mandy and Zachary
  • Can we get 500 subs With bad content ?
    Can we get 500 subs With bad content ? 1 year ago MadStupid your profile pic fits your statememt
  • pricila
    pricila 2 years ago MadStupid her voice fitted rapunzel so well
  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 2 years ago By far my fave thing she has done in her career. I thought her voice was great.
  • Mattbrain
    Mattbrain 3 years ago Very simply put, The Princess and the Frog struggled at the box office because its main competition was Avatar
  • Gaming Alpha 101
    Gaming Alpha 101 5 months ago And toy story 3
  • odblog
    odblog 10 months ago Well it is kinda fitting that a 2d animated film be overshadowed by a high tech cg film. It's almost like there's a lesson in it.
  • {cookiemonster} Stu:Dio
    {cookiemonster} Stu:Dio 10 months ago i cant believe peope wanted to see live action avatar more than princess and da frog live action avatar sucked
  • odblog
    odblog 10 months ago I think another reason why the Princess and the Frog struggled was because they didn't embrace the 2d animation. For a 2d film to do well they should really use what you can do with it, that you can't do with cg animation.
  • Sarah Hughes
    Sarah Hughes 1 year ago Alex Cruz I honestly found it dull, the music wasn't bad and I appreciated what they were going for but I never got completely invested. I've tried to rewatch it a few times but that still nothing
  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz 1 year ago James Cameron avatar or piece of crap air bending avatar
  • Nerdy Fan
    Nerdy Fan 1 year ago Talha Mansoor I thought it was stuipd. Like REALLY REALLY REALLYYYY stuipd.
  • Talha Mansoor
    Talha Mansoor 3 years ago +Mattbrain Avatar
  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 3 years ago What about the different audiences?
  • Mattbrain
    Mattbrain 3 years ago Of Avatar or Princess and the Frog?
  • Talha Mansoor
    Talha Mansoor 3 years ago 0_0 Well that explains a lot but I never got the amazingness of it,it's good but not That good in my opinion..
  • H: a comic by Alyssa Stehle
    H: a comic by Alyssa Stehle 3 years ago I thought Tangled was better than Frozen. Frozen probably had the better songs but Tangled made me cry.
  • Emilio Reyes
    Emilio Reyes 2 years ago I actually really liked Repunzel in this movie, she was just so ditzy, fun loving, wild, quirky, but in a good way. Sorta like the way you'd expect a real teenage girl or 20 something young woman to act like. And bye god, when's the last time you saw a Disney Princess use a frying pan as a weapon? Lmfao;D, I loved the fact she uses a frying pan like most any real woman would. I mean when's the last time you saw a legitimate Disney Princess use a weapon? ( and no Mérida doesn't count this time).
  • Emilio Reyes
    Emilio Reyes 2 years ago @BRIAN SNIPES Yah I know. I'm just talking about the character.
  • Pirate Style Jutsu
    Pirate Style Jutsu 2 years ago He wasn't saying he didn't like her character, he was just saying that Mandy Moore's PERFORMANCE didn't sell him.
  • Unain
    Unain 3 years ago The horse was the best part of this movie... so funny
  • Storm Ruler Kazunagi
    Storm Ruler Kazunagi 3 years ago Definitely my favorite Disney movie. Honestly, I didn't find the voices distracting at all, I thought it was fitting for them. Totally excited to see this in KHIII eue
  • Matthew Rubenstein
    Matthew Rubenstein 4 months ago Less than a week away! The Tangled world looks great.
  • Joseph Ercanbrack
    Joseph Ercanbrack 2 years ago Tangled is arguably Disney's best film. Zachary Levi (or should I say Charles Carmichael) was wonderful and welcomed addition to Disney's male cast. This movie had a great story, awesome characters, and great music. "At Last I've seen the Light" is the best Disney duet yet (Yes, it's better than A Whole New World)'s just a shame that every female lead since then is a rehash of Rapunzel's personality. Yeah...try and name the personality differences between her and Anna...or Judy....or Moana....
  • DoubleD Studios
    DoubleD Studios 2 months ago Rapunzel is curious like a child, Judy is very competitive and confident. They're both great and different characters
  • Luciela Fai
    Luciela Fai 2 years ago she didn't grow the hair so she can live longer and longer. she couldn't cut the hair because it will lose its power
  • Hannah Papernick-Yudin
    Hannah Papernick-Yudin 1 month ago Yeaah, Doug tends to miss these crucial details in his reviews. It can be distracting sometimes (almost as much as celebrity voices).
  • Sebastian Würz
    Sebastian Würz 6 months ago Which basically means the same in this case. Hair losing ist power = dead Gothel.
  • Shaywright
    Shaywright 2 years ago you got something wrong she didn't let the hair grow longer and longer because she wanted to keep being young longer and longer it sorta is but that's misleading if you cut the hair it loses its power so you can't cut it or else it's useless, which happens in the end
  • Kitsune Kyubino
    Kitsune Kyubino 3 years ago A lot more simpler? Stop it. A lot simpler, or a lot more simple. Pick one.
  • BrokeBot
    BrokeBot 6 months ago Rob Bob regular show?
  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck 1 year ago Haha I noticed it too but I tried to refrain from saying something! The most simpliestiestest thing to do is to not bother with it!
  • Isabela Gatewood 2
    Isabela Gatewood 2 1 year ago I love you.
  • Ally Z
    Ally Z 2 years ago Roberta Tallienne ya, I had to have Grammer in Language arts for a whole year so things like that bug me
  • Kitsune Kyubino
    Kitsune Kyubino 3 years ago pointing.  It's okay.  I'm happy to help.
  • Kitsune Kyubino
    Kitsune Kyubino 3 years ago I blieve you meant native.  You may also want to revise comma placement, not that punctuation is too important with spoken language, but when writing it does help to avoid confusion.
  • Kitsune Kyubino
    Kitsune Kyubino 3 years ago It's actually French.  I do speak some Spanish, though.
  • Jumpy
    Jumpy 3 years ago +Rob Bob Your pfp is a dead giveaway.
  • Kitsune Kyubino
    Kitsune Kyubino 3 years ago @icecream hero Clever words, from someone with Bart as their pic.  And yes, I am fun at parties.  Thank you for noticing,@Trophies.  That said, though my friends' grammar is far from faultless, they do at least avoid most major infractions such as this level of redundancy.
  • icecream hero
  • icecream hero
    icecream hero 3 years ago +Rob Bob you know who else likes references to cartoon network MY MOM
  • leetastic
    leetastic 3 years ago +Rob Bob maybe try drinking some rig juice? ;D
  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 3 years ago +Roberta Tallienne More smarter, please. (if you get the reference, you're eggscellent)
  • Vivir
    Vivir 3 years ago You must be fun at parties.
  • janine harris ☄︎
    janine harris ☄︎ 2 years ago This movie was perfect
  • MegaSoulHero
    MegaSoulHero 3 years ago And here come the "Tangled is better than Frozen" comments. Personally, I like both movies the same.
  • kladams707
    kladams707 2 months ago If you watch them back to back, Frozen's flaws become far more salient. Especially when you go from the colorful spring palette of Tangled to the pretty yet still monotone winter (Olaf's line about lack of color suddenly becomes a 4th wall breaking self-aware comment). I liked Frozen when it first came out and still enjoy it, but Tangled is one I can still watch over and over
  • TheVanishing87
    TheVanishing87 11 months ago (edited) MegaSoulHero Well I personally enjoyed both movies, but I prefer Tangled because honestly nothing in Frozen makes sense. For one thing the fact that Elsa refuses to hang out with Ana and tell her about her ice powers even after their parents die is just so messed up and awful. And on top of all that the movie expects us to believe that Elsa and Ana never once run into one another for years until Elsa's coronation? I'm sorry, but that is just too unbelievable for words. And oh Kristoff doesn't tell Ana that she was the one that the rock trolls cured so long ago. And those are only a few of Frozen's problems.
  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 2 years ago MegaSoulHero Doug: The story was a amazing! Me:Meh
  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanator 3 years ago +treiz ok
  • Vivir
    Vivir 3 years ago +treiz The ice guy has about as much chemistry with Elsa as he does with Anna. Just because he likes ice doesn't mean they're automatically meant for each other.
  • my site
    my site 3 years ago +treiz umm let's talk about the rock trolls for a second...
  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanator 3 years ago +MegaSoulhero me too
  • my site
    my site 3 years ago +Garrick Groover oh god... not mention that movie. That was JUST as bad as Batman and Robin...
  • Vivir
    Vivir 3 years ago Why should we be so against each other? They're both Disney films that are praised for returning to the studio's roots. Opinions may vary, but we don't need to constantly argue about it.
  • The Amazing Papaya
    The Amazing Papaya 3 years ago +Solid Snake who did you blow for that name?
  • TBrusk Versace
    TBrusk Versace 3 years ago In all honesty did anyone else when they first saw this movie see a message behind it saying (forgive any pervertedness) the man of the film is only after one thing and the second he gets it he will leave, let alone the over protective mother side of it? I even saw the same thing in maleficent with maleficent's wings being represented as virginity. Disney, stop hiding such perverted themes in movies!!
  • stebsis
    stebsis 3 years ago +MegaSoulhero But this is the internet, you MUST like only one and hate everything else, that's how things work here
  • Inkwell
    Inkwell 3 years ago I really like both Tangled and Frozen, but Wreck it Ralph is better than both of them.
  • Kreddit
    Kreddit 3 years ago +BirdComixStudios b
  • BirdComixStudios
    BirdComixStudios 3 years ago …So Wreck It Ralph, that was a great movie right
  • Sean Toney
    Sean Toney 3 years ago +MegaSoulhero Well it is.
  • BirdComixStudios
    BirdComixStudios 3 years ago +MegaSoulhero Funny, I kinda like Frozen a bit more, only slightly though. Both are great movies.
  • WreckTangle
    WreckTangle 3 years ago What's that? People in the comments have opinions that differ from mine? Better make a comment complaining about it.
  • Captain CJ 97
    Captain CJ 97 3 years ago yup..
  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 3 years ago I was going to say the same :P
  • Talha Mansoor
    Talha Mansoor 3 years ago Everybody should just let it g...........forGet about the comparison.
  • Abbas Khan
    Abbas Khan 3 years ago I LOVE this film!
  • Bedford Crenshaw
    Bedford Crenshaw 3 years ago I'm surprised Doug didn't allude to something he he did mention in his "Frog" review. The last film had Princess in its name, but this movie was simply called Tangled, and thus had more boys that wanted to see it, wheras Frog may have had too girly of a name.
  • beatrix the great
    beatrix the great 1 year ago That's what I said on his princess and the frog review. I think they learned their lesson with p-frog. They took a chance allowing Moana to have her name on the movie but I think it helped putting Maui and the mad max homage in the advertising.
  • Mika Mika
    Mika Mika 3 years ago +Bedford Crenshaw exactly!
  • Bryce Cross
    Bryce Cross 3 years ago Damn, I like this movie a lot. Especially the animation.
  • txcforever
    txcforever 3 years ago Never got the "celebrities did the voices" vibe to be honest. The only gripe I had is that I didn't want the two protagonists to be... entangled (:P) romantically.
  • Warren Marris
    Warren Marris 3 years ago +txcforever I guess you would have to know stars like Mandy Moore to get that - I am in the UK and she is not such a big thing here so it never bothered me, but in the US she is a big name... So its hard to get past the fact that you know the voice and it sounds so familiar! I think what NC was getting at is you get some Celebrities who read a character and can and will alter their voice to suit the Character as written (Johnny Depp for all the moaning people do about him is a perfect example... Captain Jack Sparrow has a very unique voice in comparison to his God Awful Willy Wonka!) but then you have those Celebrities who just walk in and perform... And thats the case with Mandy Moore... Again, In the UK she is not such a big name - So I never noticed, but I do understand...
  • Starman Deluxe
    Starman Deluxe 2 years ago Rapunzel as a brunette with shoulder length hair is the hottest princess.