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Breaking the Habit

Published on Oct 17, 2015 1,776,381 views

  • Talhe
    Talhe 10 months ago one could save thousands, but thousands couldn't save one...
  • Ale luya
    Ale luya 2 years ago Breaking my heart </3
  • ZaZa :-P
    ZaZa :-P 2 years ago Oh no
  • Victoria Rowell
    Victoria Rowell 2 years ago I love this song, it's my favorite.💚💜💙💛❤💕💞💗💘💓💌💋😍
  • Brodie White
    Brodie White 2 years ago R.I.P ❤️
  • CrysisOwnsHalo
    CrysisOwnsHalo 2 years ago Still my favorite Linkin Park song to this day.
  • Joshua Wilkinson
    Joshua Wilkinson 3 years ago love this album
  • Nate Szigeti
    Nate Szigeti 2 years ago if I had one song I could refer to as a guilty pleasure it's probably this song
  • Jesse thomasthetrain
    Jesse thomasthetrain 2 years ago Nate Szigeti ok hank
  • Shabazeldagon
    Shabazeldagon 2 years ago I love this song
  • Erika M
    Erika M 3 years ago Love this song <3
  • Justin Horn
    Justin Horn 2 years ago Erika M ali Khan
  • Justin Horn
    Justin Horn 2 years ago Erika M lost
  • Light _
    Light _ 2 years ago Brings back memory's 😞
  • MrThirtyTwo
    MrThirtyTwo 2 years ago Bryan Garcia memories not memory's
  • MrThirtyTwo
    MrThirtyTwo 2 years ago Or is it?
  • chad the melon eater
    chad the melon eater 2 years ago *Memories
  • aaronbass777
    aaronbass777 2 years ago DAMN! WTF with these guys these days :(
    ROBERT GASKA 2 years ago i love this Music
  • sexxy zoe
    sexxy zoe 2 years ago Bra that is cool
  • Monalyza Pinheiro
    Monalyza Pinheiro 2 months ago Top
  • Kilhara Komeiji
    Kilhara Komeiji 2 years ago love the pseudo DNB beat ohmygod
  • Moondan
    Moondan 1 year ago 앨범 자체가 명반
  • Mr Bannana
    Mr Bannana 10 months ago This song was written for chester by mike bc he was having a rough time with depression and drugs adiction back then
  • Sniper Williams
    Sniper Williams 2 years ago emh
  • Samael Cimejes
    Samael Cimejes 1 year ago I love this song!!!!!
  • Rubai.
    Rubai. 1 month ago good times