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I tried IU’s diet for a week (K-pop idol diet)

Published on Mar 12, 2018 4,014,524 views

This was really fun to try out! I didn’t expect to lose so much weight in only a week. I did workout and exercise almost everyday to get a better result!

  • Işıl Akyüz
    Işıl Akyüz 4 months ago Finally a youtuber that shows the weight in kg instead of pounds
  • Pineapple Head
    Pineapple Head 1 day ago Yess
  • Rosy rose
    Rosy rose 1 week ago Oh my gosh! I'm thinking the same😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • eva에바
    eva에바 1 week ago MYBOYKTH kitaplarını okuyorum bebeğim
  • Brett F.
    Brett F. 1 week ago Most YouTubers are American/market towards an American audience. Why are you so surprised that a majority of them show weight in pounds?
  • CharliTube
    CharliTube 2 weeks ago @小狗Ling Ling What I find stupid is that America is the only country that really uses pounds yet most of these videos have pounds instead of kilos
  • CharliTube
    CharliTube 2 weeks ago @Abigail Acevedo That's only really for Americans. The rest of the world uses kilograms
  • Annie Gacha
    Annie Gacha 2 weeks ago Ikr!
  • Kendra Myers
    Kendra Myers 2 weeks ago Yess! I dont have to go to google just to translate how many kg is that fckn pounds they say
  • Abigail Acevedo
    Abigail Acevedo 2 weeks ago u need to use pounds it’s just easier.
  • Mochi Pica
    Mochi Pica 2 weeks ago Ty_syn same
  • youphoria
    youphoria 3 weeks ago Chloe Durham 👊
  • ipek yılmaz
    ipek yılmaz 3 weeks ago As bayrakları 🇹🇷
    BTS ARISTAN143 3 weeks ago Pound is superior
  • hanzo with a golden frying pan
    hanzo with a golden frying pan 3 weeks ago IKR ITS SO SATISFYING TO NOT HAVE TO USE UNITCONVERTERS FOR ONCE
  • Jimin got Yes jams
    Jimin got Yes jams 4 weeks ago Işıl Akyüz after all these years
  • taeddy
    taeddy 4 weeks ago Slm bende türküm burda
  • 小狗Ling Ling
    小狗Ling Ling 4 weeks ago Işıl Akyüz KG IS STUPID ASF
  • – softmoonlight
    – softmoonlight 4 weeks ago Kali Nevaeh thank you! People these days can’t do simple math... it’s sad
  • Kali Nevaeh
    Kali Nevaeh 4 weeks ago Take pounds and divide by 2.2.04 (for anyone who doesn't know already :))
  • Eylül The Badass
    Eylül The Badass 1 month ago Aynen, heheh. Biz kg kullanırız. It’s good to find Turkish people even here.
  • – softmoonlight
    – softmoonlight 1 month ago Aditi Patrikar or u can just convert it. If it is pounds, multiply it by 2.2. If it is kg, divide it by 2.2. :))))
  • Chloe Durham
    Chloe Durham 1 month ago us americans gotta stick together 😔👊
  • ayşe b
    ayşe b 1 month ago Aditi Patrikar hahahah turk kardeş aynen
    MYBOYKTH 1 month ago Aynen, ben de ilk defa karşılaşıyorum. Ama vücudu baya iyi kızın, uzun da
  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 1 month ago Tysyn Cotwright ikr
  • Darling Bach
    Darling Bach 1 month ago @Ty_syn Same
  • Ty_syn
    Ty_syn 1 month ago Işıl Akyüz every youtuber I see uses kg instead of pound. lmao I only know pound so its hard for me
  • Natalie Freigeist
    Natalie Freigeist 1 month ago Probably she's taller
  • Aditi Patrikar
    Aditi Patrikar 3 months ago Yes... That's what I'm thinking 😂
  • Rebecca Moon
    Rebecca Moon 3 months ago My mom: you eat so much wowwow so fat yeah Me when I try the diet, my mom: EAT MORE EAT MORE
  • Potato Sack Master
    Potato Sack Master 3 days ago Rebecca Moon EXACTLY
  • Rosy rose
    Rosy rose 1 week ago 😆😆😆😆SAME
  • sec acc
    sec acc 1 week ago ikr like wtf omg i thought i was the only one
  • Xx BTS Fan xX
    Xx BTS Fan xX 1 week ago Relatable....
  • Mochis Mac
    Mochis Mac 1 week ago That is so true 😂
  • Oriana
    Oriana 1 week ago SAME WTF LMAO
    JUNGKOOK_GLASES cx 1 week ago I can relate
  • Simply Aesthetic
    Simply Aesthetic 2 weeks ago That what my mom does 😂
  • Dark Slimezs
    Dark Slimezs 2 weeks ago Rebecca Moon that’s what my step dad does like he was pushing me on a hamic chair then he said your heavy and you eat a lot so that night I did not eat pizza and he was like why? But yeah..l
  • /\ greenтea /\
    /\ greenтea /\ 2 weeks ago Relate 😂 but i actually didnt eat anything on that day 🤷‍♀️
  • jac j
    jac j 2 weeks ago i can 100% relate to you omggg
  • 갤럭시 민트ツ
    갤럭시 민트ツ 2 weeks ago Same
  • ѕтσям
    ѕтσям 2 weeks ago SAMEEEE THIS IS MY MOM RN
  • A J
    A J 2 weeks ago Rebecca Moon sameee
  • Jessie C
    Jessie C 2 weeks ago Same but she only say eat more eat more because your so skinny.
  • Park Jimin
  • Oliwia Gesicka
    Oliwia Gesicka 2 weeks ago OMG same
  • Izumi Ayato
    Izumi Ayato 2 weeks ago Same that's Why it's hard to diet when they knew ; _;
  • Marissa Mauger
    Marissa Mauger 2 weeks ago Honestly relatable
  • iitz_śara
    iitz_śara 2 weeks ago Rebecca Moon 0MG EXACTLY
  • Ballerina_6 Ballet vlogs
    Ballerina_6 Ballet vlogs 3 weeks ago black star Same lol
  • ii dreamx
    ii dreamx 3 weeks ago Rebecca Moon relate lol
  • KookiesN V
    KookiesN V 3 weeks ago Ikr! She's like you need to loose weight then she tells me to eat pork!
  • The_one_ emo_person
    The_one_ emo_person 3 weeks ago That's literally my dad and the "EAT MORE" is my mom😅
  • Viktorie Kafková
    Viktorie Kafková 4 weeks ago Same
  • hinagiku katsura
    hinagiku katsura 2 months ago same here 🙂😅
  • Vsoo Liskook
    Vsoo Liskook 2 months ago Same here
  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 months ago exactly😂😂
  • raissa roross
    raissa roross 2 months ago We have the same situation 😂😂
  • Ten lilangel
    Ten lilangel 2 months ago Same
  • scarlett lee
    scarlett lee 2 months ago Same 😭😭😭
  • Shahe Alam
    Shahe Alam 2 months ago Same
  • A412
    A412 2 months ago *Me dieting *came home from work Mom : " Honey, you like spicy chicken right?"
  • amoureducha t
    amoureducha t 2 months ago THIS
  • Ezgi ak
    Ezgi ak 2 months ago BRAVOO 👐👐 IT REALLY VERY TRUEE MOM HEAR THIS !!!
  • Kouki silva
    Kouki silva 2 months ago Same 😂
  • emely guzman
    emely guzman 2 months ago Oof that’s almost every mom in the world smh not to mention grandmas or at least mines
  • Ganisha Rizky
    Ganisha Rizky 2 months ago My dad also said like that 😭
  • Liannun Vaiphei
    Liannun Vaiphei 2 months ago (edited) Rebecca Moon Same with my mom
  • eppiizz
    eppiizz 3 months ago THATS LITERALLY MY MOM like wtf
  • Daily Haymur
    Daily Haymur 3 months ago Rebecca Moon so true,literally it’s so annoying: I told her I’m going do the iu diet and explained everything to her, she always calls me fat and tells me not to eat, now that I started the diet she keeps calling me to dinner and I’m just so pissed off :/
  • Eksha Limbu
    Eksha Limbu 3 months ago Same 😂
  • Ji Min-ssi
    Ji Min-ssi 3 months ago Rebecca Moon omg same🤣😂😅
  • Pragyu Grg
    Pragyu Grg 3 months ago Related😭
  • Jenina Huang
    Jenina Huang 3 months ago Mom: You're fat lol *one second later EAT MORE FOOD YOU ARE STARVING AAAAAAAAA
  • flower the cringe fox
    flower the cringe fox 3 months ago So related
  • Tiara roma
    Tiara roma 3 months ago Same 😭
  • ɴᴄᴛ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ
    ɴᴄᴛ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ 3 months ago Same
  • ŚwieżakMagda
    ŚwieżakMagda 3 months ago Same lol
  • Yuvraj Chandam
    Yuvraj Chandam 3 months ago My mom don't do like that but I dad does😥😥
  • black star
    black star 3 months ago I relate to you on this level-__-
  • Teddeibea Kawaii
    Teddeibea Kawaii 8 months ago I love the fact that you didn't talk or add any music/sound effects to the video.
  • Read more
    Read more 2 weeks ago Arta x they weren’t talking to you...???
  • Arta x
    Arta x 2 weeks ago Teddeibea Kawaii i didnt, at all
  • 송 시찬
    송 시찬 4 months ago You're 71kg and still look fine. And there's me 62kg but look like sumo wrestling player's. God why? I think it's because of my height I'm only 5'2.
  • Naomi Little
    Naomi Little 2 days ago I'm 165cm and 58.3kg...
  • Moe Lee
    Moe Lee 2 days ago @Eline Chou I'm 5'2 (158 cm) and 40 kg
  • Lil Meow
    Lil Meow 3 days ago Same here, 5’1 and 60 kg :<
  • Jesslyn Triyani
    Jesslyn Triyani 3 days ago @SEAGULLSER 🙏
  • I aM gRoOt
    I aM gRoOt 4 days ago Omg same I was so shook 💀like she weighs more than me I'm around 62-63 kg yet I look like a potato djkwndak
  • Jess
    Jess 4 days ago well she exercised aswell so theres muscle fat..
    SEAGULLSER 5 days ago @Jesslyn Triyani hey! I actually dropped to 49kg recently. I would give you some of my diet tips if you want. It will take some time but youll be ok. Btw my previous weight was 55kg. And it took me around 2-3 months to loose and maintain my new weight. Here it is: 1. portion. I eat a lot of food and i have a really high appetite so this was hard. But i tried to eat less like cut my portion to half every meal. And btw i dont eat breakfast, so i have 1/2 of my normal lunch and 1/2 of my normal diner. I just try to stay under 1200 cal. Which would be easy for because i eat homade food a lot. Stay away from junkfood. No explanation needed. 2. Excersise. Now i actually do excersice like walking/running for atleast 30 mins. But i always try to get it to 1hr. Or taking the dog out is fine. Or you can just do home excersises like doing cardio at home. Or fat burning excersises. They have a lot of veideos in youtube. Do this daily. 3. Lastly. Sleep well... get just at least 6 hours of sleep is fine. I hope this helps...
  • noт ѕo lιттle pιggy -
    noт ѕo lιттle pιggy - 6 days ago 51 kg and 5'4 xd
  • BevvyIsTheBest
    BevvyIsTheBest 1 week ago @nitisha mishra that's healthy for your height
  • The Night Queen
    The Night Queen 2 weeks ago 송 시찬 I am 1.52 cm and ım 57 kg IM REALLY ALONE
  • nitisha mishra
    nitisha mishra 2 weeks ago Wow you guys are skinny. I am 74 kgs and 5'8.5"
  • Just Army
    Just Army 2 weeks ago Im 5,2 and im 54kg lol
  • Trish Chanyeol Park
    Trish Chanyeol Park 2 weeks ago i'm 5'1 and 57kgs. Look bloated /sigh/
  • Varshaa Ramesh
    Varshaa Ramesh 2 weeks ago I am 5'2 and 44 kg after trying IU diet. I loss 6 kg.
  • Revolting Swan
    Revolting Swan 2 weeks ago I am 5'2 as well and last year I was 65 kg It really depends on your body distribution. You can't choose where your fat gets stored. Trust me, I was big. I rarely got to choose anything I was to wear. But now I'm 58 kg and my waist went from 36 to 31 because of continuous exercise
  • Robin Berg
    Robin Berg 2 weeks ago @Kiara Y if youre serioues, look up body recomp on youtube pretty much it. Build muscle and burn fat.
    BTSFANFORLIFEXX 2 weeks ago That’s my problem
  • Kiara Y
    Kiara Y 2 weeks ago @Robin Berg omg is that all i need to do to get in shape. Im gonna start doing that this upcoming school year
  • Kiara Y
    Kiara Y 2 weeks ago @Denisha Motiram omg thats the same weight as me but im 1 inch taller
  • Kiara Y
    Kiara Y 2 weeks ago Omg same
  • Billie is my life
    Billie is my life 2 weeks ago Rip I'm 5'1 and 50kg
  • BevvyIsTheBest
    BevvyIsTheBest 2 weeks ago @Shabbir Ikram you are defs not overweight, that sounds very slim
  • Candy Girl
    Candy Girl 2 weeks ago I'm 5'1 and my weight is 60 lord 😂💜
  • 갤럭시 민트ツ
    갤럭시 민트ツ 2 weeks ago Yeah its based on the height.
  • ceren d
    ceren d 2 weeks ago We are the same 5'2 and 60 kg
  • Denisse Kim
    Denisse Kim 2 weeks ago Shabbir Ikram you are slim i think
  • Shabbir Ikram
    Shabbir Ikram 2 weeks ago BevvyIsTheBest I am 5'3 and I weight 46 kg and I am 12 years old is it OK or am I overweight
  • BevvyIsTheBest
    BevvyIsTheBest 2 weeks ago I'm 5'2 and 52kg but I still look fat af
  • Denisse Kim
    Denisse Kim 2 weeks ago Jesslyn Triyani my goal is 49 kg too
  • Jesslyn Triyani
    Jesslyn Triyani 2 weeks ago (edited) Im 158 cm and 55 kg. My goal is 49 kg😓😭
  • Denisse Kim
    Denisse Kim 2 weeks ago Denisha Motiram im 157 and 58 kg ;-;
  • Rini Ahmad
    Rini Ahmad 3 weeks ago (edited) Tarem Moyong I think the ideal weight for your height is 62-63 kg (136-139 lb) Edit:Are you female or male?
  • Tarem Moyong
    Tarem Moyong 3 weeks ago Iam 5'8 and now I weight 49 kilos Iam happy now before my docters used to tell me Iam underweight but I have now gained some weight I think I need to gain more can someone tell me the healthy weight for my height
  • Robin Berg
    Robin Berg 3 weeks ago Cause you have no muscle and high body fat with poor diet. Increase your protein intake, start lifting and watch you look good in a few months.
  • Rini Ahmad
    Rini Ahmad 3 weeks ago My height is 171 cm (5'6 ft),and my weight is 60 kg (132 lb),is it normal, underweight,or overweight??
  • Vinka Laurensia
    Vinka Laurensia 3 weeks ago I am 5’3 and 75kg :( i look like a big cabbage rolling around
  • ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ
    ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ 1 month ago @Eline Chou i'm glad you're doing all that, keep it up, i probably should too 😅
  • Eline Chou
    Eline Chou 1 month ago @ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ Yeah I'm 1kg underweight but I'm healthy tho I drink 2l water everyday I workout for 30 min and I eat enough. Thxx for caring❤️
  • ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ
    ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ 1 month ago @Eline Chou omg my sister is a year younger than you, weighs 10kg more and is a healthy weight you're probably underweight, please make sure you're healthy lol
  • shamima nafisa
    shamima nafisa 1 month ago Uhh we both same
  • Eline Chou
    Eline Chou 1 month ago I'm 4'11 and 36kg I'm 14 tho
  • ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ
    ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ 1 month ago christmas was probably what made me put on the most weight, trying to lose some of it >> i think i need to lose about 4-6kg to be a healthy weight
  • ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ
    ʋǟռɨʟʟǟ 1 month ago 4' 11" and 60kg, i look quite fat lmao
  • Burnt Orange
    Burnt Orange 1 month ago Well, there you have your answer.
  • Denisha Motiram
    Denisha Motiram 1 month ago My situation is similar to yours... I'm 157cm (5.2ft) and my weight keeps fluctuating between 59kg-61kg (roughly 130lb-134lb) T_T our struggle
  • dionysus
    dionysus 1 month ago omfg im 4’10 and 121 plus pounds
  • romance lady
    romance lady 1 month ago Lmao I'm 5'6 and I'm 60 kg.
  • Eriel Chavez
    Eriel Chavez 1 month ago I'm 56 kg.. and I'm 4'10 lols I guess weight isn't the problem anymore 😂
  • ѕιιмρlу кαуlα
    ѕιιмρlу кαуlα 2 months ago me: tries the diet also me: has 59875398 burgers beside her
  • Alyssa Salazar
    Alyssa Salazar 2 weeks ago (edited) Who watch this but not doing it Hit the like button
  • Izzie
    Izzie 6 months ago *sees everybody warning about how dangerous this is* laughs in eating disorder
  • M8-it's Not-Kyla
    M8-it's Not-Kyla 1 day ago Instead of a eating disorder, lose weight right. Exercise and eat healthily, basically bragging about a Ed is kinda insensitive bc it’s a serious issuez
  • Rocío
    Rocío 4 days ago ekekkeke ☹️ same
  • Mamu Damu
    Mamu Damu 4 days ago @Dawn Clovers this is a mode fuck
  • Aia
    Aia 5 days ago WHY AM I LAUGHING
  • Echo Bateman
    Echo Bateman 1 week ago Ssaaaammmeee
  • Celebi the onion fairy
    Celebi the onion fairy 2 weeks ago Izzie it’s all fun and games until you end up like me with kidney failure from years of ED issues. I still watch these because what’s the point? If 8m not skinny I won’t be happy but if I dont eat I just feel like shit 24/7 you can’t win..
  • moon
    moon 2 weeks ago pls don’t boast about how u like ur eating disorder bc it’s a trigger for many people including me who are trying to recover :)x
  • Trash Burger
    Trash Burger 2 weeks ago I’m fasting rn but I’ll try this when I stop lol. Also mood
  • HeY sToB iT
    HeY sToB iT 2 weeks ago This whole thread scares me.
  • Your Angel
    Your Angel 2 weeks ago I can relate lmao
  • Deniz Balan
    Deniz Balan 2 weeks ago I hope you re ok 💕
  • Jess M
    Jess M 2 weeks ago o
  • jiminiepabo
    jiminiepabo 3 weeks ago Same.. lol
  • Kyla Audrelia
    Kyla Audrelia 3 weeks ago Actually a mood😂
  • Faith Teel
    Faith Teel 3 weeks ago I’m laughing so hard but let’s be honest it’s so true laughs in anorexia
  • Ariel Goldstein da Silva
    Ariel Goldstein da Silva 3 weeks ago I remember how much I used to eat before being forced into recovery: one peanut and one tablespoon of honey a day...
  • Jimin got Yes jams
    Jimin got Yes jams 3 weeks ago Izzie like half of the people that r watching this have an ed tbh😂
  • Jay Bentley
    Jay Bentley 1 month ago I’m sitting here seriously thinking to myself omg you don’t need that sweet potato...what a whole apple!? Just have half it will fill you up just the same...if you wanted to lose weight why would you put milk in your proteins shake use water!!!
  • H E Y
    H E Y 1 month ago Sadly, I can relate to this
  • Alivia Stacey
    Alivia Stacey 2 months ago Izzie sadly same..,
  • The Grey's Anatomy Method
    The Grey's Anatomy Method 2 months ago @Essen Ist toll haha okay ich auch❤️ wenn du jmnd zum reden brauchst ich bin für dich da❤️
  • Essen Ist toll
    Essen Ist toll 2 months ago The Grey's Anatomy Method öhm yeah
  • heyitsahgase
    heyitsahgase 2 months ago @The Grey's Anatomy Method thank u so much, i'm planning to start a recovery 💕
  • The Grey's Anatomy Method
    The Grey's Anatomy Method 2 months ago @Essen Ist toll omg are u German?
  • The Grey's Anatomy Method
    The Grey's Anatomy Method 2 months ago @heyitsahgase oh my God I'm very sorry for u if u need somebody to talk to I'm here❤️
  • Pinky Chimchim
    Pinky Chimchim 2 months ago Sad but mood
  • Kylee chungus
    Kylee chungus 2 months ago Mood lmao
  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 2 months ago Lol
  • alyssarachel
    alyssarachel 2 months ago same lmao
  • Kwasa
    Kwasa 3 months ago Izzie BAHAHAHAHAH
  • Ellen French
    Ellen French 3 months ago My god ED culture is worse than when I was sick. That’s terrifying. Sending you all good vibes because you have no clue how good recovery feels. I hope you do someday.
  • Taurus Reynolds
    Taurus Reynolds 3 months ago Same
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 3 months ago @Essen Ist toll it's nice to be toned and fit. I'm 100% more happy with the way my body looks with lifting weights than I am with fasting Fasting just makes you look "skinny fat". Slim toned looks 1000000xs better. Take it from someone whose been there. While I lost weight I was happy with when fasting, my skin sagged, even though I've never been obese It looks really nasty. Go weight lifting and get yourself some slim toned legs girl! Not that saggy skinny fat crap
  • Essen Ist toll
    Essen Ist toll 3 months ago I was in recovery but now, i stopped eating again I think it’s better to be thin 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • ByeBitch 《
    ByeBitch 《 3 months ago (edited) Kinda the same I'm sitting on the couch half dying rn. Anyone else think their diet was super carbie? Like no way would I eat the potato or that much milk. They should have made it half water half almond milk. I'd rather have lentils, beans, fruit/vegies or soup than that crap.
  • heyitsahgase
    heyitsahgase 3 months ago that's like 2× what i eat in a day
  • kari
    kari 3 months ago Ikrr
  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 3 months ago Dawn Clovers thank you so much! Same to you as well. ❤️❤️
  • Dawn Clovers
    Dawn Clovers 3 months ago @Lhae Greenleaf best of luck in recovery! I'm always here if you need to talk!!!❤
  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 3 months ago But fr I hope ur both doing okay. I’m slowly trying to go into recovery. But I always find myself going back to watching these videos.
  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 3 months ago GOD THIS IS SO BAD BUT THIS IS ME LMAO. BULIMIA GANG.
  • Dawn Clovers
    Dawn Clovers 3 months ago This Is such a mood tho 😂
  • wonder 21
    wonder 21 6 months ago (edited) your weight is 71 kg but youre still skinny gurll😍
  • Vekholu Nienu
    Vekholu Nienu 13 hours ago Because of her height
  • Riyen 69
    Riyen 69 9 months ago watch this vid while eating fast food
  • army bts
    army bts 1 week ago Ik😂
  • Ava Gonsman
    Ava Gonsman 2 weeks ago I am right
  • sarah Aria
    sarah Aria 2 weeks ago Maybe cuz shes tall
  • ii dreamx
    ii dreamx 3 weeks ago Riyen 69 XD
  • iiMoonGamer
    iiMoonGamer 1 month ago me too lmfaoo! But im skiny tho
  • Eun Hee Lee
    Eun Hee Lee 1 month ago I become more hopeless
  • Broad Horizon
    Broad Horizon 3 months ago 😂
  • Anon nimus
    Anon nimus 4 months ago Lol
  • SuJu is my addiction
    SuJu is my addiction 9 months ago Relatable😂😂💔
  • —hcneyhhj
    —hcneyhhj 3 months ago I’m sad cuz I wanna try but 1) umm family b like wHY ARENT U EATING esp dem Asian parents 2) fRESH FRUIT SYNDROME= ALLERGIC TO APPLES
  • Selene Moon
    Selene Moon 1 week ago meh tooo!!!
  • —hcneyhhj
    —hcneyhhj 1 week ago հօղҽymօօղ IKIK!!! I USED TO NOT HAVE ANY ALELRGIES HKHKHK I MISS MY APPLES
  • nitisha mishra
    nitisha mishra 2 weeks ago I don't know about being allergic to apples but whenever I eat them I get like thousand time hungrier than I was before eating plus I get a bit gassy .
  • ѕтσям
  • հօղҽymօօղ
    հօղҽymօօղ 3 weeks ago Sad for you, i love apples, i don't know if i would be alive without them..😅😅 Thank god i don't have any Allergic on something
  • Blank Tae
    Blank Tae 1 month ago Omg Ivanluuuu
  • 프로듀스이야
    프로듀스이야 1 month ago YEAH
  • gizhaaa aliya
    gizhaaa aliya 1 month ago (edited) —hcneyhhj oh yas me to! And i really dont like any fruits cause its taste weird in my mouth so... :(
  • nea
    nea 2 months ago FOKIN SAME SIS
  • Angelica Mazon
    Angelica Mazon 2 months ago Hahahah ify
  • Gacha Pinky
    Gacha Pinky 2 months ago Same here my parent make me eat tons (my parents are also Asian)
  • King Tae
    King Tae 2 months ago im allergic to apples too 😭😭😭😭
  • happiness does not want me
    happiness does not want me 3 months ago —hcneyhhj 😮 I think it's an impossible mission. our moms will always want us to eat more....😂 I will try as even
  • —hcneyhhj
    —hcneyhhj 3 months ago Every Thing : my mom thinks I can eat a main dish+ 1/3 of a fish +all this other stuff she makes me “try” 😬🔫
  • happiness does not want me
    happiness does not want me 3 months ago me too especially my mom 😂 she always looks at me with this look
  • Angry Monkey
    Angry Monkey 2 weeks ago PLEASE NOTE This is not a healthy diet in anyway, it’s a temporary diet to reduce bloating or water weight, doing it for too long could put you at serious risk, and any weight you lose from doing it like this, you’ll gain back eventually.