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what I was doing wrong in my bullet journal

Premiered Jun 12, 2019 30,084 views

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Here's how I simplified my bullet journal to drastically minimise my stress and overwhelm.
If your bullet journal hasn't been reducing your stress levels or feels overwhelming to keep up with, you might be making some of the mistakes I was making!

Check out the 7 mistakes I was making in my bujo and how I fixed them.


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PS. Apologies for the relative quiet-ness of this video! It was hell to make, and I'll be working on it for next time. For now, please just crank it!

  • Rachael Stephen
    Rachael Stephen 1 week ago So, what did you think of the 'big twist'?  Are you going to make any changes to your bullet journal or organisational system?
  • Janice Boyd
    Janice Boyd 5 days ago (edited) I added a page to my bullet journal on ideas from this video. Including the reminder to let go of the stress...I used to always have a list of "fun things" reflecting on my day at the bottom of my bullets. I need to do that more often.
  • A R
    A R 6 days ago I actually did the "daily roll" when I started my bullet journal seriously. I even added an acknowledgment + brain dump section in those daily pages which is an idea I saw in reddit. It actually changed my whole perspective of bullet journaling. I tried doing the weekly spreads thing and I quickly got bored of it & like you said there were just not enough space. So thank you Racheal for reminding me that I should go back to daily journaling. 😂
  • Joe Barlow
    Joe Barlow 1 week ago Weirdly I ditched the habit tracker from mine this month as I felt like a pinball bouncing between a list of jobs to do everyday. This was 1000% the bujo advice I needed to hear.
  • Kavanagh24
    Kavanagh24 1 week ago This is such a good video. A new way to look at bullet journaling. Eye opening. I've always thought that people have to do loads in the life for a bullet journal and that i don't do much so why should i even use one, why should i even plan at all. But i love writing stuff down to get it out and it is really good for my health tracking and planning to be social. Life is so strange and you are right that there is loads of pressure to be productive and not just live and be alright in life and do whatever you want. Thanks for the video.
  • LeaTheHatless
    LeaTheHatless 1 week ago I need to find a way to stick with my Bujo. I still haven't found a balance that works for me