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Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (feat L.V.)(Need For Speed Edit.)(HubertGT Remake)

Published on Mar 4, 2016 11,347,964 views

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise (feat L.V.)
Need for Speed Edition
Remake by me.


  • Trevor Belmont
    Trevor Belmont 2 years ago play this in second 00:19 and play cars 3 trailer at the same time.
  • Helpi
    Helpi 2 years ago xD nice one :D
  • Authentic Gangsta
    Authentic Gangsta 2 years ago Perfect !!!
  • Lightning McQueen
    Lightning McQueen 1 year ago Trevor Belmont uhh oh man
  • Arshee
    Arshee 1 year ago Daaaaaamn nice!!!
  • Shad
    Shad 1 year ago oh boiii
  • barankaplan7878
    barankaplan7878 1 year ago wow!
  • smexywafflex
    smexywafflex 1 year ago bruuuuuuh
  • im not underaged
    im not underaged 1 year ago Trevor Belmont definetly doing that later
  • Rachel Purity
    Rachel Purity 1 year ago HOW IS THIS FITTING SO PERFECTLY!??
  • KG Tuned
    KG Tuned 1 year ago Been spending most his life living in a Rustee Paradise
  • calos el bestia
    calos el bestia 1 year ago hey JustResurrected this guy need a heart NOW
  • Umut
    Umut 1 year ago daaamnnn
  • Gwizlem52
    Gwizlem52 1 year ago Bro you are a fucking legend
  • yoverberg1202
    yoverberg1202 1 year ago you sir, are a genius
  • αlinuș
    αlinuș 1 year ago no fuckin' that's the most epic thing I ever saw in my entire life , thanks man ur amazing ! that thing give me goosebumps watching mcqueen crashing with gangsta's paradise with it..amazing.
  • Spin2theWin Designs
    Spin2theWin Designs 1 year ago why iam doing this :D
  • Prabh Sandhu
    Prabh Sandhu 1 year ago I will find you and give you a choco chip cookie
  • Zsolt Cseke
    Zsolt Cseke 1 year ago You are a genius :DD
  • MeMelomis
    MeMelomis 1 year ago Fucking genius right here 195iq
  • Cipriano Alexandru
    Cipriano Alexandru 1 year ago
  • GortexTransport
    GortexTransport 1 year ago loool :D awesome :D
  • DedSec
    DedSec 1 year ago Josh Kane lol why isn’t this added to the actual movie
  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan Brown 1 year ago you fucking genius....
  • The NiijZ
    The NiijZ 1 year ago Yoooooo that shit was raww asffff
  • Hacker 220
    Hacker 220 1 year ago Like how did u find out...WTF
    WKWLKP 1 year ago Mother Of Synchronization D:
  • Oliver Tayler
    Oliver Tayler 1 year ago well done!
  • sMile
    sMile 1 year ago WHY IS THIS SO GOOD OMG !!
  • Oliver Tayler
    Oliver Tayler 1 year ago how did u find out about this?
  • KyrIe
  • Kevin Walawe
    Kevin Walawe 1 year ago Trevor Belmont HAHAHAHA
  • Joey -
    Joey - 1 year ago I was not dissapointed
  • Agustin Pazos
    Agustin Pazos 1 year ago yes
  • Matej Dudic
    Matej Dudic 1 year ago Need to do this
  • Greek-Lover
    Greek-Lover 1 year ago omfg that was amazing
  • maxford2182
    maxford2182 1 year ago Trevor Belmont stt
  • marcel van der linden
    marcel van der linden 1 year ago how the actual fu*k did you figerd this out?! XD its sooo nice and fits so perfect!
  • Unilton Aparecido
  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi 1 year ago perfecto
  • DKanez Big
    DKanez Big 1 year ago holy shieeait that fits so good XD
  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi 1 year ago i wish i was like you :(
  • Senu
    Senu 1 year ago Oh shiiit
  • Peti Péter
    Peti Péter 1 year ago ??????
  • BlownTire
    BlownTire 1 year ago damnnnnn
  • Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS
    Dr. Epic, Ph.D MD DDS 1 year ago Which one?
  • Crazywill
    Crazywill 1 year ago lol
  • Raul Rohjans
    Raul Rohjans 1 year ago I actually ended up watching the film
  • Flame Thrower34
    Flame Thrower34 1 year ago that fits in so perfectly
  • Clint Francis Barton
    Clint Francis Barton 1 year ago thanks
  • Şiar Konyar
    Şiar Konyar 1 year ago Perfect timing
  • Şiar Konyar
    Şiar Konyar 1 year ago Please bro tell me hiw could you caught this
  • Unknown Thunder
    Unknown Thunder 1 year ago IKR LMAOO
  • The Realist
    The Realist 1 year ago holy shit u right
    ST4RZCR3M 1 year ago BEST. COMMENT. !EVER
  • Aron Bauer
    Aron Bauer 1 year ago Holy crap bro!
  • Lt_Doghouse
    Lt_Doghouse 1 year ago hahahaha wtf that fits so perfectly
  • Jare Suhonen
    Jare Suhonen 1 year ago Pin this!
  • Peti Péter
    Peti Péter 1 year ago ??????????????????
  • nah
    nah 1 year ago 🤯
  • Xavier Little
    Xavier Little 1 year ago Rachel Purity  science
  • Mr Monkey man88
    Mr Monkey man88 1 year ago HOLY SHITT!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!
  • Roșchi Măă
    Roșchi Măă 1 year ago YOOOOOOOOOOOOO dude
  • Philip Griffiths
    Philip Griffiths 1 year ago wtf? what I want to know is how you discovered this...
  • CPF Juan manuel
    CPF Juan manuel 1 year ago Omgg yeeeess
  • Cristian Orescu
    Cristian Orescu 1 year ago well spotted :)
  • Julio is awesome tv
    Julio is awesome tv 1 year ago Nice
  • terry aqualad
    terry aqualad 1 year ago Lol
  • Xiox Xaus
    Xiox Xaus 1 year ago yup i try that xD and it good timing
  • Assault Sniper
    Assault Sniper 1 year ago Yooooo
  • nathan vaughan
    nathan vaughan 1 year ago Trevor Belmont e
  • Balehead
    Balehead 1 year ago Goddamn man!
  • Oneil basdeo
    Oneil basdeo 1 year ago Nice
  • Motooboyy
    Motooboyy 1 year ago WOW fits perfect haha
  • Natanael Alpay
    Natanael Alpay 1 year ago PERFECT!!! how did you found this gem
  • Robert Wendorf
    Robert Wendorf 1 year ago as crazy as it seemed it works so perfect with beat and rhythm
  • Randy S
    Randy S 1 year ago So fucking awesome, it fits perfectly... You sir are a genius
  • Corrupted File19
    Corrupted File19 1 year ago That's fucking badass
  • ꧁༺Fyah༻꧂
    ꧁༺Fyah༻꧂ 1 year ago holy shit u a god
  • Shahrul Shakeren
    Shahrul Shakeren 1 year ago DDDAAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!!! ITS SO PERRRRRFECTTTTT!!!!LOL!!!!
  • Kvz
    Kvz 1 year ago Nice man
  • Gilbert J Sánchez M
    Gilbert J Sánchez M 1 year ago EPIC!!
  • piddly
    piddly 1 year ago You are amazing!!!!
  • Chipík
    Chipík 1 year ago Too good
  • xkarvane
    xkarvane 1 year ago hahahah this fits perfectly!!!
  • ok
    ok 1 year ago ahahahahaha wow
  • Caden Grossman
    Caden Grossman 1 year ago How did you even connect that
  • MakyFX
  • Hidan Hawkins
    Hidan Hawkins 1 year ago XD
  • Alex Feinstein
    Alex Feinstein 1 year ago So perfect its eerie
  • Brown Iverson
    Brown Iverson 1 year ago What the actual fuck
  • VegaTheGamer
    VegaTheGamer 1 year ago woooow thats black magic right there
  • IpwnzxHD
    IpwnzxHD 1 year ago Thanks
  • Unlimited Stone9
    Unlimited Stone9 1 year ago I mean it's really only the first few seconds but other than that its pretty cool
  • Thomian
    Thomian 1 year ago True
  • Sean Manning
    Sean Manning 1 year ago How did you figure this out omfg
  • EnigmaDrath
    EnigmaDrath 1 year ago WHY DOES THIS WORK SO WELL?!
  • Haksolix
    Haksolix 1 year ago the part where he did the caccident fitted with the song , wtf
    MRMISTA 1 year ago This is fkn gold 😂😂😂
  • Camelo Moreno
    Camelo Moreno 1 year ago wait WTF
  • Grant Wilson
    Grant Wilson 1 year ago You;re doing god's work
  • Gabriel Faria
    Gabriel Faria 1 year ago YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS BRO !!
  • Logan Knight
    Logan Knight 1 year ago Trevor Belmont u
  • K1Kaos
    K1Kaos 11 months ago Trevor Belmont YOU DESERVE ALL THE FUCKING BITCHES
  • Juan Cabarcas Gamer
    Juan Cabarcas Gamer 11 months ago sickkk g
  • EXTVS1
    EXTVS1 11 months ago are u fukkin kidding me? this shit is way to synchron xD
  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 11 months ago Trevor Belmont Pirates of the Caribbean trailer works too...
  • Viktor Keresztes
    Viktor Keresztes 11 months ago so many questions. This is great :D
  • Boo Ghosty
    Boo Ghosty 11 months ago Omg
  • Bruno Weber
    Bruno Weber 11 months ago HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DISCOVER IT?
  • Blue Bloo
    Blue Bloo 11 months ago Dude... wth :D amazing
  • ownerfate
    ownerfate 11 months ago This.
  • KlaudioConK
    KlaudioConK 11 months ago U'R A FUCKING GOD! NIIIICEEEEEEE!!
  • Fσrtzaƒ YT
    Fσrtzaƒ YT 11 months ago I died lol xdddd
  • Maikel van der pas
    Maikel van der pas 11 months ago hahaha
  • Karma.
    Karma. 11 months ago WTF
  • SirLimeryn
    SirLimeryn 11 months ago Hoooly shit dude. My jaw dropped haha
  • Alucard
    Alucard 11 months ago Rachel Purity  ikr
  • Peti Péter
    Peti Péter 11 months ago I DONT UNDERSTAND
  • Gytis Janusevicius
    Gytis Janusevicius 11 months ago How the actual fuck does one think of that
  • Gytis Janusevicius
    Gytis Janusevicius 11 months ago Also if you play the song on 1.25 speed and the trailer in normal it finds kinda crazier in my opinion
  • Thunderstruck
    Thunderstruck 11 months ago daaaamn hahah
  • bEKO mohamed elfateh
    bEKO mohamed elfateh 11 months ago The Applied & True meaning of CREATIVITY !
  • OzzyD0zy
    OzzyD0zy 11 months ago You're genious Trevor. I made a quick render and this is the finished product :
  • Kasper Cichocki
    Kasper Cichocki 11 months ago Masterpiece xD
  • Thomas -.
    Thomas -. 11 months ago thats insane
  • Waldemoss
    Waldemoss 11 months ago LOL
  • Laarkast
    Laarkast 11 months ago wow it blow my mind dude :D
  • S K
    S K 11 months ago This is to fire.. It could spread dramatically
  • TheRealMatt X
  • Euge B
  • Dogukan Demir
    Dogukan Demir 11 months ago holy fucking shit
  • Max
    Max 11 months ago Iam sitting here drunk and laughing my ass off ahahahahaa xDDD
  • Chuck Norisk
    Chuck Norisk 11 months ago Daaaaaamn! A.W.E.S.O.M.E
  • NitroMaFiAbodybuilders
    NitroMaFiAbodybuilders 11 months ago Are you a robot like wtf that's was fucking not normal and just so perfect
  • Retrowave
    Retrowave 11 months ago Someone made a video with it heck yes!
    RANDOM GAMING 11 months ago omg its perfect.. especially the crash
  • Jorge Veríssimo
    Jorge Veríssimo 11 months ago The Crash scene was on point with the music :o I gotta say... WOW!
  • Space Buster
    Space Buster 11 months ago holy shit, it fits so good that it scares me
  • Ramon 958
    Ramon 958 11 months ago HOLY FUCKING SHIT
  • Kessier
    Kessier 11 months ago Yooo what the fuck
  • autisti 666
    autisti 666 11 months ago wtf :DDDD
  • Valkoinen mies
    Valkoinen mies 11 months ago Trevor Belmont boy u r legend now
  • Daniel Lawrence
    Daniel Lawrence 11 months ago why does that fit so perfectly
  • imi imi
    imi imi 11 months ago wtf man how do you know?
  • RedScorp99
    RedScorp99 11 months ago THAT WAS PURE GOLD.
  • Fresh Sludgy
    Fresh Sludgy 11 months ago this is so perfect xD
  • Josep Acon
    Josep Acon 11 months ago WOW bro, just WOW
  • Mete TURHAN
    Mete TURHAN 11 months ago holy..
  • Elemento115
    Elemento115 11 months ago Fits perfectly lmao
  • Abbacchio
    Abbacchio 11 months ago feels like this remix made for it
  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando 11 months ago wow
  • TheRagman
    TheRagman 11 months ago oh my god....
  • Peter Jura
    Peter Jura 11 months ago wooooooooooooow
  • Stefan
    Stefan 11 months ago Wow XD
  • DJ.Sauerkraut
    DJ.Sauerkraut 11 months ago haha my god xD this is just too perfect :D
  • Erik Mikksaar
    Erik Mikksaar 11 months ago soo damn good lmao
  • Ethan Harvey
    Ethan Harvey 11 months ago If your a youtuber put it no youtube
  • Fittsy
    Fittsy 11 months ago One way to make me smile
  • Szilágyi Zsolt
    Szilágyi Zsolt 10 months ago Trevor Belmont for president
  • Elias Gibson
    Elias Gibson 10 months ago wowwwwwwwwwww
  • CocoPuffs
    CocoPuffs 10 months ago I made the video version of this lmao
  • cesar gonzalez sanchez
    cesar gonzalez sanchez 10 months ago all about perfect timing be like...
  • CursedBox
    CursedBox 10 months ago damnnnnnnnnnnn bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh i thought it was official :D nice one
  • Wolfpak\/\/ave
    Wolfpak\/\/ave 10 months ago im not underaged Me too, not on PC right now
  • s1gary
    s1gary 10 months ago Hell yes
  • scarmoh
    scarmoh 10 months ago it works dramatically
  • Shadow Lorri - Official
    Shadow Lorri - Official 10 months ago You Legend 😂
  • Yaroslaw Jaroslav
    Yaroslaw Jaroslav 10 months ago No fucking way, bro.
  • alon pinchevsky
    alon pinchevsky 10 months ago i have never gigelled so much in my life
  • AT
    AT 10 months ago ARE U A WIZARD
    YOKILLER DUDE 10 months ago hahaha yes
  • Clutch _22
    Clutch _22 10 months ago which trailer theirs like 5 different ones
  • Genesis Magician
    Genesis Magician 10 months ago whY DO YOU KNOW THIS INFO----
  • BRAXMAN 1215
    BRAXMAN 1215 10 months ago He’s a genius
  • Emilio López
    Emilio López 10 months ago THAT WAS AWESOME
  • Vlad Vamesu
    Vlad Vamesu 9 months ago what kind of sorcery is this ?!?!?! made to fit!
  • dididoyou whoisyou
    dididoyou whoisyou 9 months ago so glad i saw this....... is everybody liking this comment is as high as me??
  • Zenkii x
    Zenkii x 9 months ago Trevor Belmont Try it at 00:15 when he crashes it sounds perfect 🤣
  • Fado TV
    Fado TV 9 months ago you deserve a nobel more than Einstein
  • Eleni Krp
    Eleni Krp 9 months ago OMG LIT ASFFFF
  • Gürkan Dinçer
    Gürkan Dinçer 9 months ago ananı sikiyim efsane oluyor
  • Diogo Souza
    Diogo Souza 9 months ago OMG! lol! Very nice, mate
  • iSnailiSnail
    iSnailiSnail 8 months ago @Authentic Gangsta Who spends time thinking of this???
  • massis de rivo
    massis de rivo 8 months ago UHHH THE SYNC
  • Ronso
    Ronso 8 months ago no way bro
  • soap man
    soap man 8 months ago that was perfect timing man holy shiy~
  • FPB_Nacho Cañestro
    FPB_Nacho Cañestro 8 months ago lol
  • MrJonton01
    MrJonton01 8 months ago OMG! TOO perfect!
  • MrJonton01
    MrJonton01 8 months ago I made an Edit/Mashup based on this and it fits really well 👌, I would really appreciate it if you would check it out:
  • Vac Bomber
    Vac Bomber 8 months ago :)))
  • Yobama is here
    Yobama is here 8 months ago You sir, have a 5,000 iq.
  • Themgokartracers Ya
    Themgokartracers Ya 8 months ago haha
  • Siddhayak Goyal
    Siddhayak Goyal 8 months ago THE FREAKING CRASHES MATCH TOO OMG
  • vermun
    vermun 7 months ago lll
  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 7 months ago O shit it works
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 7 months ago Damn.
  • Loonie
    Loonie 7 months ago WHAT....
  • The Uncommon
    The Uncommon 7 months ago freakin jenious mate(definately spelled wrong)
  • Tuner
    Tuner 7 months ago Trevor Belmont I'd think the same time stamp, but a heat rush on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
  • Solcrim :D
    Solcrim :D 7 months ago I disliked you for disrespectful content within a comment
  • Tuner
    Tuner 7 months ago @Solcrim :D what'd I do wrong
  • Solcrim :D
    Solcrim :D 7 months ago @Tuner it was directed to the main comment if I remember right
  • Tuner
    Tuner 7 months ago @Solcrim :D Oh ok, all I said was relate the time stamp to like an adrenaline rush on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, was it that comment?
  • vermun
    vermun 7 months ago dd
  • Soudruh ČesTka
    Soudruh ČesTka 7 months ago perfect :D
  • Alfey
    Alfey 7 months ago legend
  • DeaD3ye official
    DeaD3ye official 7 months ago holy shit man good job that you found that haha
  • Verbalist
    Verbalist 7 months ago fucking golden
  • mohmad ali
    mohmad ali 6 months ago ohhhh shit thats awsome man damn
  • XxMattiahso 04xX
    XxMattiahso 04xX 6 months ago Gg homie
  • Drew Thatguy
    Drew Thatguy 6 months ago nani the fuck?
  • Nathaniel UncleDrew
    Nathaniel UncleDrew 6 months ago You are clearly a pure genius!!!! Thank you bro!!! IT'S EPIC!!!
  • 999ebrala
    999ebrala 6 months ago daaamn bro that was awesome !!!
  • Sopuli
    Sopuli 6 months ago OH MY GOD YOURE A LEGEND DUDE
  • Sopuli
    Sopuli 6 months ago HOW THE FUCK IT FITS SO PERFECTLY???!?!?!?!?!!!!
  • toko varsimashvili
    toko varsimashvili 6 months ago wow
  • deanon _
    deanon _ 6 months ago FBI: STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE
  • Wild uwu
    Wild uwu 6 months ago DAMNNN!!!
  • Folons Blade
    Folons Blade 5 months ago I'm in the phone :'(
  • Matias Cao
    Matias Cao 5 months ago Goosebumps man goosebumps, soo nicely doneeee
  • MrExcellenTz
    MrExcellenTz 5 months ago WOW
    HELL GAMING 5 months ago Trevor Belmont let me try
  • Mohammed Cernas
    Mohammed Cernas 5 months ago You have 99999999999999999999999999 iq
  • dodo dittrich
    dodo dittrich 5 months ago You are a legend!
  • alazmi Alameera
    alazmi Alameera 5 months ago Dammmmm
  • Acetime
    Acetime 5 months ago amazing
  • SRTT
    SRTT 5 months ago THANK YOU
  • 685 subs no vids Boii
    685 subs no vids Boii 5 months ago You have blessed my ears thank you
  • Steven Lettnin
    Steven Lettnin 5 months ago HAHAHAHA
  • lX Xl
    lX Xl 4 months ago Perfect
  • Alejandro Jose
    Alejandro Jose 4 months ago HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Homa Brut
    Homa Brut 4 months ago Gangsta's Paradise Coolio Cover
  • Canberk Özcan
    Canberk Özcan 4 months ago Best youtube comment ever !!
  • LupiX
    LupiX 4 months ago <3
  • Aditya Sreekumar
    Aditya Sreekumar 4 months ago epic.
  • JC Jamon
    JC Jamon 4 months ago Darn it a car just busted through my house
  • Ηλιας Βρανος
    Ηλιας Βρανος 4 months ago wow bro you've got some fucking creativity
  • LeverGroke
    LeverGroke 4 months ago HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE A GENIUS
  • Wolfreign Valenford
    Wolfreign Valenford 4 months ago it seems like Hicks paradise
  • Laur_Wolf _XD
    Laur_Wolf _XD 4 months ago So good
  • Yusuf Özer
    Yusuf Özer 4 months ago Ure fuckin insane
  • NeonWolfen
    NeonWolfen 4 months ago hoo lee shieet
  • Fat CJ
    Fat CJ 4 months ago Omg, perfect match 😂😂
  • Drift
    Drift 4 months ago Bruh
  • Servine
    Servine 4 months ago lmfao
  • DmanHUN
    DmanHUN 4 months ago dude wtf, it actually fits so well xd
  • SaibotSays
    SaibotSays 3 months ago So synced lol
  • Cora
    Cora 3 months ago true legend!
  • Sinan
    Sinan 3 months ago Omfg so epix
  • Eleni Krp
    Eleni Krp 3 months ago ITS SO DAMN EPICCC!!!!
  • Engage .
    Engage . 3 months ago WOOOO IQ 2000
  • Damager 101
    Damager 101 3 months ago neat
  • Saydiyoulous
    Saydiyoulous 3 months ago it fits perfectly and now I'm the 22,096,866th view of the cars 3 trailer
  • Mlbeast 2030
    Mlbeast 2030 3 months ago The teaser trailer or the actual trailer?
  • Grant Mulholland
    Grant Mulholland 3 months ago Gotta go fast.
  • Saydiyoulous
    Saydiyoulous 3 months ago @Grant Mulholland thats sonic..
  • Grant Mulholland
    Grant Mulholland 3 months ago @Saydiyoulous I know.
  • Saydiyoulous
    Saydiyoulous 3 months ago @Grant Mulholland okay???
  • Stm. Shadrous
    Stm. Shadrous 3 months ago omg perfect match
  • LuFiSaFer
    LuFiSaFer 3 months ago dammmnnnn boii
  • kane wheast
    kane wheast 3 months ago @Helpi oh shit
  • Karsen Keeble
    Karsen Keeble 3 months ago I like this song when the piano gets louder cause then it makes me want to play it over and over again and turn the volume up all the way up
  • bang bros.
    bang bros. 3 months ago ОХУЕНО!)
  • SN!X
    SN!X 3 months ago fkn genius
  • Emerson Nogueira
    Emerson Nogueira 3 months ago ok that's the coolest thing I've done all year.
  • Karsen Keeble
    Karsen Keeble 3 months ago @SN!X thank you bro
  • andreas knudsen
    andreas knudsen 3 months ago OMG THANK YOU I'VE NEVER GOTTEN SUCH CHILLS AS THIS! xD
  • GTGamer5
    GTGamer5 3 months ago What Cars 3 trailer in particular?
  • Velossity.13
    Velossity.13 3 months ago shees dude
  • Cristi Sporea
    Cristi Sporea 3 months ago You made my day.
  • [insert name here]
    [insert name here] 3 months ago Here we have a internet god
  • Dvo rak
    Dvo rak 3 months ago fits the trailer from the beginning to the end, tons of hidden meanings
  • ZER0N3 PRX
    ZER0N3 PRX 3 months ago music stops: your racing days are coming to end music continue
  • luper
    luper 3 months ago duuuuude goose bumps XD you're a genius haha
  • deanon _
    deanon _ 3 months ago FBI: thats your last fucking warning
  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 3 months ago Trevor Belmont fuck toy
  • - sofi
    - sofi 3 months ago wow it fits perfectly
  • Edi
    Edi 2 months ago You are a good.
  • NCR Trooper
    NCR Trooper 2 months ago HOW DOES THIS WORK
    WOLF_STREAM 2 months ago Trevor Belmont dude your fucking beast
  • Nairda-_-
    Nairda-_- 2 months ago Man wtf you were doing to find this?
  • LGcoolJ
    LGcoolJ 2 months ago LOL HOLY FUCK
  • D4FY 345
    D4FY 345 2 months ago PERFECTION
  • Trito Trolito
    Trito Trolito 2 months ago You are a genius its so i dont have the word, so great ! xD
    MARCO COCCO 2 months ago witch one?50 seconds?
  • Timpx aka Kawasumiqt
    Timpx aka Kawasumiqt 2 months ago You are a mastermind if u came up with this
  • A A
    A A 2 months ago Am I missing something here? It's not as good as I thought it would be, judging by the comments...
  • IO Studios
    IO Studios 2 months ago HOLY SHIT THIS IS DEEP
  • Eduarda Valentim
    Eduarda Valentim 2 months ago good kkkkk
  • Fingerpenislitits
    Fingerpenislitits 2 months ago holy shit thats perfect
  • hari_x7
    hari_x7 2 months ago ahaha so good!
  • A Button Gamer
    A Button Gamer 2 months ago OMG
  • Mine Craft
    Mine Craft 2 months ago Omg nice
  • DaRoS
    DaRoS 2 months ago WOW! I tried this and it is good ;)
  • SuperEthan5
    SuperEthan5 2 months ago OH MY GOSH, IS THAT THE REAL Lightning McQueen (from Disney Pixars cars©2006), OH MY GOSH
  • SuperEthan5
    SuperEthan5 2 months ago KG Tuned caluo has consumed the anime and his head is now a dragon Ball
  • Wil Crawford
    Wil Crawford 2 months ago Tbh 0:05 is better imo
  • TheZet12345678910
    TheZet12345678910 2 months ago thomasville is gangsters paradise confirmed
  • Chris R. Hanma
    Chris R. Hanma 2 months ago Very nice man
  • Noam
  • Z3bo
    Z3bo 1 month ago ok 500 IQ
  • Valivali94
    Valivali94 1 month ago prime meme material
  • Apple Pie Studios
    Apple Pie Studios 1 month ago it is such a perfect sync every i cant believe it
  • Musa Adeel
    Musa Adeel 1 month ago ThaFrog yesssssss
  • ArrowLegion X
    ArrowLegion X 1 month ago O... M... F... G...
  • Christopher Colsman
    Christopher Colsman 1 month ago @Արամ Kapoudjian genius
  • Rolofmeister
    Rolofmeister 1 month ago You're a genius mate lmao
    GRIZZLYTHEHATER 1 month ago This man deserves a standing ovation respect
  • Royale
    Royale 1 month ago The ending 40 seconds are so perfect that I actually thought it was the trailer music.
  • r/RAY
    r/RAY 1 month ago On one hand it's awesome, but how u found out
  • 113
    113 1 month ago holy fuck :D now that's a combo worth your time
  • bloody 2277
    bloody 2277 1 month ago Will I tried...... And fails horriblely
  • Idi Nahui Bljad
    Idi Nahui Bljad 3 weeks ago how you got this?
  • *DeathASUNA *
    *DeathASUNA * 3 weeks ago Which trailer though cause I’m see different ones
  • Gogi och Gänget
    Gogi och Gänget 3 weeks ago Haha you just made the cars films good again 😂🤣 lol
  • Engin Bonapart
    Engin Bonapart 3 weeks ago nice one :D
  • DeathMark
    DeathMark 3 weeks ago xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  • Yahya Dridi
    Yahya Dridi 3 weeks ago omg man i haven't laughed this hard in a while!!! that was fucking on point!!
  • SqleeN !
    SqleeN ! 2 weeks ago You are so clever man
  • Tropical Mar
    Tropical Mar 2 weeks ago Trevor Belmont i tried it its perfect
  • Konichisan
    Konichisan 2 weeks ago oh my god xddddddd
  • zImRizee
    zImRizee 1 week ago Crazy shit
  • Dazza777 Dazza
    Dazza777 Dazza 3 days ago Brilliant.
  • MrJonton01
    MrJonton01 3 days ago Yeah, this is just perfect. It fits even better with the German trailer, I have it on my channel.
  • Gerardo Deleon-Lorenzo
    Gerardo Deleon-Lorenzo 2 days ago lol
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  • HCR 34
    HCR 34 4 months ago Played this song in my prius. Now it is GT86.
  • Bich plz
    Bich plz 4 months ago I played this in my civic Now its rice
  • Dark Lord 99
    Dark Lord 99 4 months ago Get yourself a celica its pretty cheap...
  • jaiden glass
    jaiden glass 4 months ago I played this in my town and country Now it's a town and country
  • Lemur Na kacu
    Lemur Na kacu 4 months ago HCR34 how about engine in gt86 ?
  • Bich plz
    Bich plz 4 months ago Dark Lord 99 scotty kilmer hahahah
  • Eamonn Noonan
    Eamonn Noonan 4 months ago @jaiden glass there supposed to be a improve ment
  • colintheginger 123
    colintheginger 123 4 months ago Went from really shit to shit in 0.5 seconds
  • jaiden glass
    jaiden glass 4 months ago @Eamonn Noonan no
  • emka.mp4
    emka.mp4 4 months ago Good man. Good.
  • Sr. Calabaza
    Sr. Calabaza 3 months ago I played this song in my nissan sentra Now is a gtr
  • SilentRange
    SilentRange 3 months ago Why not a Supra?
  • emka.mp4
    emka.mp4 3 months ago I played this song on my Lada VAZ 2106, now it is 2107
  • Eamonn Noonan
    Eamonn Noonan 3 months ago @jaiden glass yes
  • J.Gomez
    J.Gomez 3 months ago @Bich plz 😒😒😒😂
  • terminater 301
    terminater 301 3 months ago Played it in my Mustang it got LS swapped
  • خالد عبدالله
    خالد عبدالله 3 months ago Still ricer 🤣
  • Tiago83PT
    Tiago83PT 2 months ago Play this on my Fiat Punto
  • Cristian Valle
    Cristian Valle 2 months ago terminater 301 STOP YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE LAW
  • Pr0to Gem
    Pr0to Gem 2 months ago Played this song today in my mustang. Now it's a gt40
  • Артем Ненашев
    Артем Ненашев 2 months ago Not enough to become a Supra?
  • mario ledezma
    mario ledezma 2 months ago Played in my 2017 Malibu now it’s a camaro
  • bad person
    bad person 2 months ago Played this in my dad's Nissan Qashqai. Now it's a Nissan Skyline GT-R.
  • Bilinçsiz Adam
    Bilinçsiz Adam 2 months ago not enough play it again until turn it ae86
  • WillOzBR MRBR
    WillOzBR MRBR 2 months ago (edited) Played this in my Tesla.... Now It's a nuclear generator
  • iValarie
    iValarie 1 month ago I play this to my honda suzuki now its yamaha mitsubishi
  • WillOzBR MRBR
    WillOzBR MRBR 1 month ago I played this in my horse... Now it's a Mustang
  • God Himself
    God Himself 1 month ago Still underpowered
  • The Grind Don’t Stop
    The Grind Don’t Stop 1 month ago HCR 34 I hope when I’ll be 16 in a year that I will be able to get a Mustang GT or something nicer then a Prius.
  • Sir Knight
    Sir Knight 1 month ago Played this is my house Nothing happend
  • Kökény Kristóf
    Kökény Kristóf 1 month ago @Eamonn Noonan fax
  • Danijelplays
    Danijelplays 1 month ago carthrottle lol
  • A bee
    A bee 1 month ago I played this to my pt cruiser Now its a me412
  • Arda Çay
    Arda Çay 1 month ago I played this song in my Peugeot now its... now its fucked up i need to go service
  • Barry Ramírez
    Barry Ramírez 1 month ago I played this in my ford ka Now its a ford gt
  • Amrinder Sekhon
    Amrinder Sekhon 1 month ago I played this in my g37. Now it is a GTR.
  • akirax67
    akirax67 3 weeks ago @Eamonn Noonan There is His Town andd Country Minivan became a town in a country... Kinda simple if there is a improvement smh.
  • Tim Graf
    Tim Graf 3 weeks ago Fuckin supra now
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago It's 2019 so I played this to my hedgehog and know what I mean
  • Breban David
    Breban David 2 weeks ago Now it‘s shit or what
  • P. S.
    P. S. 1 week ago Played this in my Fiat Multipla.. Now it's still ugly.
  • lorent bekiri
    lorent bekiri 6 days ago HCR 34 ttriy ich bin in
  • G I
    G I 6 days ago Nigga you gay???
  • Zachary Nelson
    Zachary Nelson 6 days ago Honestly, nobody who owns a prius would listen to this song
  • hello im jah
    hello im jah 11 months ago this song makes me drive like a gangsta in the traffic while listening to it
  • Sky Wolf Stalks You
    Sky Wolf Stalks You 11 months ago hello im jah Dad is that you
  • FBI
    FBI 10 months ago DDDD-Dad
  • F K
    F K 10 months ago hello im jah really slow?
  • Erik Mikksaar
    Erik Mikksaar 10 months ago cringe imo
  • Ludacris
    Ludacris 10 months ago u go maek mor copyrights so i could like em
  • Paulo Muñoz Artavia
    Paulo Muñoz Artavia 10 months ago 1. I did not expect you here 2. You are right
  • Underground Drift
    Underground Drift 10 months ago it makes u like a nigga
  • Mika Hakinen
    Mika Hakinen 10 months ago Better watch the road for 18-wheelers...
  • batmancharls 123
    batmancharls 123 10 months ago Should i call a police? Reckless driving is not safe😁😂
  • Michael Du Plessis
    Michael Du Plessis 10 months ago Pappa
  • Debopam Roy
    Debopam Roy 9 months ago RIP pedestrians
  • StreetRacingTechnolgy
    StreetRacingTechnolgy 9 months ago Same here I'm in my car now
  • Sad Gewrge
    Sad Gewrge 9 months ago It sucks
  • doomer
    doomer 9 months ago @Sad Gewrge no u
  • Mamzar Faisal
    Mamzar Faisal 8 months ago r u a gamer ??? and do u play NFS 2015 where here for NFS which r 4 gamers but new people can try it
  • Stephen V
    Stephen V 8 months ago How dafuq u drive like a gangster lmao u just drive
  • hello im jah
    hello im jah 8 months ago (edited) in city i live there is 2 line road and speed limit is 50km/h while listening to this song i was driving 90km/h and overpassing every car like in nfs or gta
  • Philosophy BA
    Philosophy BA 8 months ago (edited) Where you live, whats your phone number. Make sure you dont burn alive in a car wreck. Cos its as painful as it gets.
  • Tony Reyes
    Tony Reyes 8 months ago Woow ok stp
  • hello im jah
    hello im jah 8 months ago @Philosophy BA its only 90km/h and to be honest im more afraid of getting speeding ticket than from dying in car crash
  • King Parkour
    King Parkour 8 months ago Yeah.. got a speeding ticket yesterday
  • William Charlton
    William Charlton 7 months ago you look 80. so ya mean ya drive the speed limit!!??
    DOSHER MOTORSPORT 7 months ago jah?!!!!
  • Ramos Ramos
    Ramos Ramos 7 months ago Lol
  • Vingt Deux
    Vingt Deux 7 months ago Hahaha Brother i feel You. But i pushed it to far, they took my License away for 6 Month now.
  • di287
    di287 7 months ago @doomer 😂😂
  • Αλεξανδρος Μπεκος
    Αλεξανδρος Μπεκος 7 months ago Oooohhhhhh Jah mi boiiiiiii
  • Captain Buggy
    Captain Buggy 6 months ago is that a JoJo reference?
  • trongamer56
    trongamer56 6 months ago And me floor it and have no wheels spin like in my video xD
  • Just Flavio
    Just Flavio 4 months ago That's what makes you videos last 4:20
  • Akatosh
    Akatosh 4 months ago okay?
  • Demir Pantolon
    Demir Pantolon 3 months ago Then don't listen !
    LOVE TRUTH 3 months ago 😂😂👍👑
  • Blazej836 Costamcostam
    Blazej836 Costamcostam 2 months ago If u are gangsta sounds likd better ;)
    JELLES :D 1 month ago Copyright claim #66 PLEASE xD
  • AKHIL Pillay
    AKHIL Pillay 1 month ago hello im jah love your videos
  • waterwalker 2005
    waterwalker 2005 1 month ago Hi kansai dorfito music man
  • Enes Malik Uzuner
    Enes Malik Uzuner 1 month ago WOW DUDE YOURE AMAZİNG
  • fortnite bad
    fortnite bad 3 months ago Played This Song In A Minivan It's Still A Minivan, But The Song Was Good.
  • abdullah hamadeh
    abdullah hamadeh 2 months ago golden comment lol
  • Roman Bellic
    Roman Bellic 2 months ago Deserves A Thousand Likes
  • Gigantic Animatics
    Gigantic Animatics 1 month ago mentally insane they had us in the first half not gonna lie
  • Austrin Ivander Fanly
    Austrin Ivander Fanly 1 month ago Toyota previa awd supercharged
  • Rb26boii
    Rb26boii 1 month ago Roman Bellic play dis song while you play bowling lol
  • fortnite bad
    fortnite bad 1 month ago @Rb26boii 🎳🙂👌
  • rammosz
    rammosz 1 week ago You perfil is the Alanzoka?
  • fortnite bad
    fortnite bad 1 week ago @rammosz yes
  • Renan Tomaz
    Renan Tomaz 1 week ago pubg é melhor seu safado
  • zGeoxZ
    zGeoxZ 1 week ago alanzoka
  • Strider Stryker
    Strider Stryker 4 months ago (edited) I guess no one is here because of Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Edit: Oh shit, you guys came! 😨😱
  • Im Broke
    Im Broke 4 months ago The ONLY reason i like the sonic trailer is because it reminded me of the NFS 15 Gansters Paradise trailer
  • AtreyuFlames
    AtreyuFlames 4 months ago I'm back here because of it, not my first time though.
  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez 4 months ago Well... my childhood is ruined
  • Reekmn
    Reekmn 4 months ago I just because the game, i find the original music and i like it
  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo 4 months ago Fuck you. I am here.
  • st3v3nk3
    st3v3nk3 4 months ago S4N1C :D
  • Warhead-226
    Warhead-226 4 months ago Kys
  • Negumi ML
    Negumi ML 4 months ago Mouahahah!
  • Official Gau thing
    Official Gau thing 4 months ago Who would be
  • friedkangaroo
    friedkangaroo 4 months ago i loved this song since amish paradise
  • Reekmn
    Reekmn 4 months ago Of course
  • JT gaming
    JT gaming 4 months ago I didn't even know it was in the trailer
  • Hornet 43
    Hornet 43 4 months ago Uhh why not both
  • Leon Mcaffrey
    Leon Mcaffrey 4 months ago @Joseph Hernandez well, need for speed series are also ruined, as well
  • AMFT gans
    AMFT gans 4 months ago Hell no
  • Leon Mcaffrey
  • meems bro
    meems bro 4 months ago I hope so
  • LUCAS NEIRA 7867 2019
    LUCAS NEIRA 7867 2019 4 months ago Strider Stryker This song fits for this nfs but DEFINITELY NOT SONIC WRONG MUSIC CHOICE PARAMOUNT
  • S3mix
    S3mix 4 months ago There is where u go wrong kiddo.
  • Typi Calli
    Typi Calli 4 months ago Im Broke same fr fr
  • just456
    just456 4 months ago Duck you
  • Titán _thŕønē
    Titán _thŕønē 4 months ago I have a dream... That the sonic movie will be good and not be as bad as people think it'll be. I'll mark my words for the future commenters to see.
  • just456
    just456 4 months ago @Titán _thŕønē I think the story will be good
  • Lucy Vazquez Alvarez
    Lucy Vazquez Alvarez 4 months ago (edited) In fact I only came because this song came out in one of my favorite movies (the movie is already very old) and it is that of Dangerous minds
  • Yuki Taiyō
    Yuki Taiyō 4 months ago we 2 fass. cant escape
  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony 4 months ago Film: Dangerous minds with Elvira Hancock I mean Michelle Pfeiffer
  • TVBForever
    TVBForever 3 months ago (edited) Strider Stryker I’m here for a Jojo reference
  • AXL163
    AXL163 3 months ago @Leon Mcaffrey Or for fuck sake, Most Wanted and Carbon are also the FIRST titles to have DLC cars or do you think the Camaro SS 396 in your beloved MW was avaliable in the normal game? or we have in the "Normal" Carbon version the '05 GTO, MR2 SW20, 240SX or the XK? Stop acting like a nostalgiafag asshole, EA has already did DLCs but named as "Collector's Edition" or do you think that they are "free" versions? They also used to be paid for 40 bucks for the collector model, butthead.
    MORTAL GAMING 2 months ago No im here because of Cars 3
  • Gigantic Animatics
    Gigantic Animatics 1 month ago Strider Stryker technically you count as one of them
  • Mazda 787B
    Mazda 787B 1 month ago Nah I'm here because of NFS
  • William McDonough
    William McDonough 3 weeks ago Only reason to like the Sonic movie trailer is because of gangstas paradise
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 days ago I love sonic because I'm fan. I'm love nfs because I'm fan. This song popped up in my recommendation. It's coincidence. Or is it?
  • Vladimir Makarov [Modern Warfare 2]
    Vladimir Makarov [Modern Warfare 2] 10 months ago this song makes me want to drift right in front of a police car
  • Night Falls
    Night Falls 10 months ago are you realy that savage boii?
  • Vladimir Makarov [Modern Warfare 2]
    Vladimir Makarov [Modern Warfare 2] 10 months ago damn straight.
  • Mavvx
    Mavvx 9 months ago lame
    IM VIDA 9 months ago @Mavvx ur lame
    SNAKEBITE 3 months ago @Mavvx you’re lame
  • Blaze 4R
    Blaze 4R 3 months ago @Mavvx Ur lame
  • Seb Smith
    Seb Smith 3 months ago Fine time
  • Seb Smith
    Seb Smith 3 months ago Or ciatation in USA
  • abdullah hamadeh
    abdullah hamadeh 2 months ago well ... i did this, told the police that i don't have a license what you will do brother ??, he just didn't even give me a warning or anything, .. but he is our friend soo 😂😂
  • P90andCtrl
    P90andCtrl 1 month ago I did dut but the truth is that i didnt know what the cops were there or watching me ,aaand now i ended without a driver license...
  • Pluto No1
    Pluto No1 2 weeks ago Vladimir Makarov [Modern Warfare 2] bitch ass pussy
  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 1 week ago Lmao. I imagined it and it looked funny😂
  • Fletzer _95
    Fletzer _95 1 week ago I saw a drifting m4 in front of a police man
  • Da meme boi
    Da meme boi 1 week ago @Mavvx ur lame
  • Diosep
    Diosep 4 months ago (edited) I know this SONG before Sonic Movie. NFS is my favorite game Edit: Thanks for the likes😅
  • Kono Pai Da
    Kono Pai Da 4 months ago T R U E
  • Goku_Ultra Instinct
    Goku_Ultra Instinct 4 months ago imagine a "good" need for speed most wanted 2😍
  • giovanno m
    giovanno m 4 months ago Diosep same here
  • LupiX
    LupiX 4 months ago I know this song before nfs...
  • Agent wolfguy
    Agent wolfguy 4 months ago Me too
  • Damager 101
    Damager 101 4 months ago I just want a new version of nfs carbon
  • Valtsu
    Valtsu 4 months ago Wow such a snowflake, its not like its a popular song or something...
  • ScaR Top
    ScaR Top 4 months ago Mitsuha<3
  • joseph benjamin
    joseph benjamin 4 months ago UR 100% RIGHT BUDDY!
  • Dark Lord 99
    Dark Lord 99 4 months ago Almost everbody between 15-20 knew this song before Sonic the heghehog
  • Car Madness
    Car Madness 4 months ago Me too
  • GhostermanYT
    GhostermanYT 4 months ago I new the song from Weird Al Yankovic
  • Punker58
    Punker58 4 months ago Pain & Gain <.<
  • Rafal Zielx
    Rafal Zielx 4 months ago (edited) I was on live in 1996 . So u re fu**ed up
  • Martinn
    Martinn 4 months ago who didn't?
  • T1medZer0
    T1medZer0 4 months ago I think everybody knew this song before the sonic movie.
  • Servine
    Servine 4 months ago @Goku_Ultra Instinct aka carbon
  • Aleczander Mayer
    Aleczander Mayer 4 months ago I knew this song ever since I was born
  • Servine
    Servine 4 months ago @Aleczander Mayer i guess the womb was a gangstas paradise
  • Diosep
    Diosep 4 months ago (edited) @ScaR Top Hanamaru Zura is my waifu not mitsuha sorry xD
  • ScaR Top
    ScaR Top 4 months ago @Diosep love live xD
  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony 4 months ago U soumd like a hipster
  • Anousone Skywalker
    Anousone Skywalker 3 months ago I love nfs
  • Pookie c:
    Pookie c: 3 months ago i didn't even know that its in the new movie lol
  • Boozle
    Boozle 3 months ago @Dark Lord 99 bruh you tryna disrespect us 13 year olds
  • Yt faze fan
    Yt faze fan 3 months ago I think that only idiots know this song only from the sonic, there isnt a soul on this planet who claims that they love music that didnt hear this before the stupid film
  • DiamonD OFFICIAL
    DiamonD OFFICIAL 3 months ago 800th like
  • Ceraph Keilah
    Ceraph Keilah 3 months ago What scares me more is the fact that i know this song since 1995.
  • Kacpi2505
    Kacpi2505 3 months ago Me too
  • BiOmIx_BG
    BiOmIx_BG 3 months ago First time i watched Sonic: Why this legendary song is in trash???
  • Connor: RK-800
    Connor: RK-800 2 months ago So you didn’t know his song before NFS 2015 tho?.. It’s a classic every 80’s to 90’s kid should know lol
  • Denis N.
    Denis N. 2 months ago If this comment was meant seriously, I give up my faith in humanity.
  • Connor: RK-800
    Connor: RK-800 2 months ago Denis N. It is, wanna commit suicide together? No homo
  • RayZeroOne
    RayZeroOne 2 months ago Me too
  • Fingerpenislitits
    Fingerpenislitits 2 months ago its sad if someone discovered this by fucking sonic tbh
  • Dra Ven
    Dra Ven 2 months ago Diosep so does 180 milion
  • uberschnil the great
    uberschnil the great 2 months ago You ruined this comment by adding thanks for the likes (says me, someone who does the exact same thing)
  • Ashton TheGamer
    Ashton TheGamer 1 month ago Diosep same I played a lot of nfs back in the day
  • Tvoja mama
    Tvoja mama 1 month ago everyone born before 2000 does so
  • Alluz
    Alluz 1 month ago Driving in payback is shit
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago @BiOmIx_BG because they tried to make a live action design. Look at gaming one or ova one
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago Read comment at video music and most of them is sonic fans
  • Sandro Gaming
    Sandro Gaming 9 months ago 1.2k dickheads disliked
  • Professor ciri code
    Professor ciri code 8 months ago True
  • mat
    mat 7 months ago They're all going to church
  • Iby
    Iby 7 months ago (edited) It's asphalt gamers
  • Aldrich Luna
    Aldrich Luna 7 months ago 1.4k dickheads now
  • I am never was & never will be
    I am never was & never will be 7 months ago Calm down 👽
  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy 7 months ago They are Non-gangstas
  • spud coolio
    spud coolio 6 months ago (edited) 1.5k cops disliked
  • Harald
    Harald 6 months ago Qotaqbastar
  • Jazepol 777
    Jazepol 777 6 months ago now it's 1.5k
  • why u bully me
    why u bully me 4 months ago But it head looks like a dickhead
  • why u bully me
    why u bully me 4 months ago I'm mean ur head
  • Twixo38
    Twixo38 4 months ago 1.2K policemen disliked
  • Ahmet Göktuğ Göver
    Ahmet Göktuğ Göver 4 months ago Make that 1,6 dickheads
  • joseph benjamin
    joseph benjamin 4 months ago May their sins not be forgiven
  • Luka avaliani
    Luka avaliani 4 months ago Qartveli?
  • Goku_Ultra Instinct
    Goku_Ultra Instinct 4 months ago @Ahmet Göktuğ Göver these dickheads play forza
  • Diego Bedolla
    Diego Bedolla 3 months ago Look at your profile dont even talk kid
  • SuB zeRO
    SuB zeRO 3 months ago Hahahaha
  • Gerald Chavarria
    Gerald Chavarria 3 months ago 1.7k
  • AXL163
    AXL163 3 months ago All these dislikes are from these NFSMW 2005 Nostalgiafags dipshits that they dont know the concept of "error and perfectionated" or "evolution and tolerance" either.
  • KilleROfficial
    KilleROfficial 3 months ago 1.8*
  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad 3 months ago They all want to die
  • FrozyLeaf
    FrozyLeaf 2 months ago now 1.9k dickheads
  • God of hope
    God of hope 2 months ago Well its 1.9 now /:
  • Weny_47
    Weny_47 2 months ago 2k Forza/The crew fans disliked
  • Jérémy Vigneault
    Jérémy Vigneault 1 month ago They are all niggas for dislike this shit!
  • Snake eyes
    Snake eyes 1 month ago Now 2.1k asshole disliked
  • Zetta Zq
    Zetta Zq 1 month ago 2.1k dickheads , hmmmm...
  • Hamburger King 9
    Hamburger King 9 1 month ago They were Forza, Gran Turismo, Mario Kart, F1 gamers.
  • lokhe123 lolle
    lokhe123 lolle 1 month ago Lol
  • Brap Brap Stututu
    Brap Brap Stututu 3 weeks ago @mat wtf
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 weeks ago *2.1k
  • Bertholdt The Ghost
    Bertholdt The Ghost 3 weeks ago Now they are 2.1k
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago No it's sonic fanatic
  • Marie Illusions
    Marie Illusions 3 weeks ago #nongangsters
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago *sonic fans
  • Sorin Adascalitei
    Sorin Adascalitei 2 weeks ago 2.2k dickheads go to hell
  • Weny_47
    Weny_47 6 days ago pfft 2.2k nerds
  • Mohamed Elhaddade
    Mohamed Elhaddade 4 months ago I really liked this it will become a meme
  • alpha!wolf 14
    alpha!wolf 14 3 months ago But look it for the bright side it makes cool the memes :v
  • G-Wag0n
    G-Wag0n 3 months ago @alpha!wolf 14 that was almost a sentence
  • LowercaseGuy
    LowercaseGuy 2 months ago alpha!wolf 14 🤣
  • 312vandal
    312vandal 1 month ago Only to retards
  • The Man In Blue
    The Man In Blue 1 month ago Mohamed Elhaddade it already is a meme lmao. Just not so popular of a meme though
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago After nfs 2015, after sonic movie, of course it's a meme
  • Faiz Pradipta
    Faiz Pradipta 3 weeks ago Lut Haqimi and Vento Aureo
  • Thefirkman
    Thefirkman 2 weeks ago That's the rule of the internet; everything must be a meme at some point.
  • Nerd Zilla
    Nerd Zilla 4 months ago (edited) i came here for a great song not the crappy sonic film trailer
  • shadow 8278
    shadow 8278 3 months ago Tik tok
    SNAKEBITE 3 months ago @shadow 8278 You’re a headass
  • BaggyHeart351
    BaggyHeart351 3 months ago @SNAKEBITE no he's a full ass
    SNAKEBITE 3 months ago @BaggyHeart351 True.
  • Mad Lad
    Mad Lad 3 months ago then get your virgin ass outta here dumbass lol
  • MR.Green 3627
    MR.Green 3627 3 months ago Movie isn't crappy, sonic appearance is
  • CrippledBox 11
    CrippledBox 11 3 months ago MR.Green 3627 you know what? Your awesome
  • Ludzikk
    Ludzikk 2 months ago dangerous mind
  • Gigantic Animatics
    Gigantic Animatics 1 month ago Nerd Zilla uuuhhhh meow?
  • Nerd Zilla
    Nerd Zilla 1 month ago @Gigantic Animatics no
  • Gigantic Animatics
    Gigantic Animatics 1 month ago Nerd Zilla uuuuhhhh meow?
  • Nerd Zilla
    Nerd Zilla 1 month ago @Gigantic Animatics No please stop no no Noooooo
  • Mazda 787B
    Mazda 787B 1 month ago I came because NFS
  • Just Games
    Just Games 3 weeks ago This is Need for Speed edition, watch original
  • Mc Wolf
    Mc Wolf 3 weeks ago Creeper
  • LoserLegend
    LoserLegend 3 weeks ago I'm not sure who comes to a video like this FOR a movie trailer, but okay.
  • Drift
    Drift 2 weeks ago Same here my dude
  • Jon
    Jon 3 months ago Played this song in my Honda Accord Now it’s a Honda Civic This comment was made by the Honda Civic gang
  • SpazJR61
    SpazJR61 2 months ago Type R*
  • Weny_47
    Weny_47 1 month ago Powered by VTEC
    ᏟᏞᎾᎡᎾX ᏴᏞᎬᎪᏟᎻ 3 weeks ago (edited) Made by F A G G O T S XD I drive one by myself
  • Not Tofu
    Not Tofu 3 weeks ago honda civic best car
  • TVhead
    TVhead 6 days ago I don't own a car to play this in. But, hey it's a good song.
  • Temeş Adrian
    Temeş Adrian 7 months ago 0:19 do i know this song ? 0:53 OH HELL YEAH I KNOW IT
  • Busfahrer Führer_schein
    Busfahrer Führer_schein 3 weeks ago Same 😂
  • LE MAN
    LE MAN 1 year ago Midnight Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 mountain drifting intensifies
  • Assne
    Assne 1 year ago <3
  • Viktor Prole
    Viktor Prole 1 year ago hahah same r-34 my favourite
  • Ofbaserion
    Ofbaserion 1 year ago Best car in the world.
  • Keanu O.
    Keanu O. 1 year ago thats ya yeet right
  • Timko Maroš
    Timko Maroš 1 year ago honda civic type r swapped 1500hp
  • Motooboyy
    Motooboyy 1 year ago Well you can't really drift a GT-R R34, more like a GTT R34
  • Nino François
    Nino François 1 year ago Nissan s30z engine=l28!!!!!
  • Some Decidueye
    Some Decidueye 1 year ago LE MAN Douriya!
  • Alexis Fc
    Alexis Fc 1 year ago Supra :3 2jz vs rb26 :3
  • rarfar bou
    rarfar bou 1 year ago Yes
  • Ba'ak
    Ba'ak 1 year ago LE MAN try in real life, is dope
  • Mc Wolf
    Mc Wolf 1 year ago (edited) AWD drifting???😂😂😂😂 I would choose an Ford Mustang (difficult but possible)
  • Yonko Eagle
    Yonko Eagle 11 months ago R32 still the best
  • Ilkay sası
    Ilkay sası 11 months ago TRUE ♥️♥️♥️
  • Panda-Chan
    Panda-Chan 11 months ago u know what a real car is m8
  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy 11 months ago @Ofbaserion worst*
  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy 11 months ago (edited) @Alexis Fc 2jz always better :3
  • Panda-Chan
    Panda-Chan 11 months ago p12a gissar jag på
  • Ilkay sası
    Ilkay sası 11 months ago @Panda-Chan stfu this car is bullshit r34 all time best and Legendary faster than m8 shit
  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 11 months ago heavy breathing DORIIIIYAAAAAA
  • Panda-Chan
    Panda-Chan 11 months ago thats your opinion, R34 is one of my favourite cars, if u have any problem with that, then please just stfu and leave me alone
  • The Dowka
    The Dowka 11 months ago Can you tell me. Why would you drift an AWD car? (sorry if I accidentally pissed you off)
  • Panda-Chan
    Panda-Chan 11 months ago its ok, well, for drifting i would choose a mazda rx7, but in general i really like the R34, its one of my favourite cars
  • JustRobi
    JustRobi 11 months ago Soriya
  • MeMelomis
    MeMelomis 11 months ago I prefer the r32
  • Mete TURHAN
    Mete TURHAN 10 months ago God foot intensifies
  • SLFR 25
    SLFR 25 10 months ago I Prefer R32 And Evo 9
  • FBI
    FBI 9 months ago (edited) This is not the music you drift to go and listen to Eurobeat instead
  • wRaith
    wRaith 9 months ago (edited) Facepalm to everyone that think AWD is impossible to drift
  • Stormtrooper
    Stormtrooper 9 months ago with hundreds of Federal Pursuit Units on your ass
  • urixslap
    urixslap 8 months ago Best car
  • Ryan nopie
    Ryan nopie 7 months ago Sorry m8 rx7 ftw
  • Solcrim :D
    Solcrim :D 7 months ago I drove an ae86
  • Solcrim :D
    Solcrim :D 7 months ago @Timko Maroš that's impossible in nfs
  • Ryan nopie
    Ryan nopie 7 months ago @Solcrim :D slow af car tbh
  • Artifex MMB
    Artifex MMB 7 months ago Same dude
  • Artifex MMB
    Artifex MMB 7 months ago This game is underated
  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy 7 months ago Supra*
  • leoxcooper 343
    leoxcooper 343 7 months ago did you say Toyota corolla AE86
  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy 6 months ago @UCOcKFWWyGsaN9l433MRw3jQ supra :3😂 if u play on xbox one i'd be glad 2 help you with the video
  • AnotherMaggot
    AnotherMaggot 6 months ago Giorgi Tevzazde BMW E34 ///M5
  • TheMisterOF Tanki
    TheMisterOF Tanki 6 months ago (edited) Sorry, only Hachi Roku allowed
  • D4RK
    D4RK 6 months ago R32
  • NotACarGuy
    NotACarGuy 5 months ago Is it v spec?
  • Mr Guest
    Mr Guest 5 months ago Don't you need eurobeat for that?
  • Just A P39N
    Just A P39N 5 months ago You are standing behind the guard rails of the mountain pass. You hear the engine sounds come closer. A pitch black R34 Z tune flies by, followed by an Efini RX7 RZ, with a Lan Evo 6, NSX Type R and MR2 Turbo following close. Then a familiar looking M3 stops by and offers you a ride to the city the streets racers call Gangsters Paradise
  • Apex05
    Apex05 5 months ago GT-R + Drifting... Hold up...
  • Dat Finnish Guy
    Dat Finnish Guy 4 months ago @Ofbaserion cringe.
  • Akshay Menon
    Akshay Menon 4 months ago I would choose a Toyota Chaser :)
  • Apex05
    Apex05 4 months ago @Akshay Menon Clearly, you can't drift an R34
  • WK dream
    WK dream 4 months ago Guys u can just rwd swap it lol, just stop saying it is impossible
  • Apex05
    Apex05 4 months ago @WK dream technically yes, but why would you rwd swap an r34 gtr? You can buy an r34 gt turbo which is a lot cheaper and rwd from factory.
  • WK dream
    WK dream 4 months ago @Apex05 hell yea man i would do so but its just because they said its was impossible
  • Human
    Human 4 months ago Midnight is not mountain drift team, it is highway racing team
  • Strögarn
    Strögarn 3 months ago aint nobody drifting a R34 GT-R more like GTT
  • Havaski
    Havaski 3 months ago (edited) The GT-R R34 cant drift but the GTT R34 can drift. GT-R R34 is all wheel drive GTT R34 is rear wheel drive edit: The GT-R R34 has a stabilization system like the R32 GT-R
  • Human
    Human 3 months ago This person doesnt know anything about cars
  • Havaski
    Havaski 3 months ago @Human Who?
  • Strögarn
    Strögarn 3 months ago Havaski Guy posting this comment i suppose
  • no sleep sadd
    no sleep sadd 3 months ago its awd but ok
  • Android 2990 Version 2.0
    Android 2990 Version 2.0 3 months ago @Ofbaserion BMW M3 GTR wanna Talk to ya.
  • stavros bmx
    stavros bmx 3 months ago Gtr r34 cant drift cos awd gtt can
  • bill kerman
    bill kerman 3 months ago THATS KOW JDMWORK
  • bill kerman
    bill kerman 3 months ago The Nissan GT-R R34 IS A REAL JDM
  • the crew wild run pro
    the crew wild run pro 3 months ago midnight drifting aston martin db nfs carbon canyon intensifies
    WOLF_STREAM 2 months ago Isn’t it pretty hard to drift awd
  • the crew wild run pro
    the crew wild run pro 2 months ago @WOLF_STREAM no
  • Kamil Fabijański
    Kamil Fabijański 2 months ago LE MAN bro r34 is awd
  • Fachrul Razi
    Fachrul Razi 2 months ago I Prefer RX-7 Re Amemiya Project D Edition
  • White_Soul 67
    White_Soul 67 1 month ago And r35 good but r34 is god
    SHI FTED 1 month ago Love that midnight purple midnight club themed skyline gtr r34😅😉☺😊😁
  • J0lel
    J0lel 3 weeks ago Havent done my research in r34 awd system but in r32 gtr awd system it is actually rwd until traction loss then it puts power to the front. You can make switch in r32 so it is only rwd. In r33-34 nope not possible and lol this porsche in thumbnail, engine is in the back so it gets way more traction there and you must be retarded to drift porsche or rear engine car
  • Fletzer _95
    Fletzer _95 5 days ago But the r34 is a awd
  • Making It out
    Making It out 11 months ago I wish there was an entire version of the intro
  • Nomis.K
    Nomis.K 10 months ago Making It out 🔥👍🏽
  • doomer
    doomer 9 months ago @Nomis.K duude where it at
  • Nomis.K
    Nomis.K 9 months ago @doomer Bruhh just had to give it a thought myself : ) But Making it out is the Name of the dude how commented this : )
  • saba sudadze
    saba sudadze 4 months ago @Nomis.K hey , please let us listen to entire version of the intro
  • Trump Donald
    Trump Donald 4 months ago @Nomis.K DOOOO ITTTTT
  • Zuhni
    Zuhni 4 months ago Nomis.K do it bro
  • Just Games
    Just Games 3 weeks ago I played this song in Audi Still Audi but loved this
  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 weeks ago I played this to sonic the hedgehog. Now he's a live action sonic still hilarious
    OH YEAH YEAH 3 weeks ago Original
  • Just Games
    Just Games 2 weeks ago @OH YEAH YEAH ikr
  • wj gjgp
    wj gjgp 2 weeks ago My green hill zone is now gangsta hill zone
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    sF 2 weeks ago audi yra gaidys ne masina
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    Crazybacon 996 3 months ago Everyone gangster till the NOS starts speaking moris code.
  • Derek Shane
    Derek Shane 8 months ago Do you have a 320Kbps version of this?
  • Özün Kıvanç Keskin
    Özün Kıvanç Keskin 1 month ago Check spotify maybe...
  • Özün Kıvanç Keskin
    Özün Kıvanç Keskin 1 month ago Imagine that this is a real FLAC in Deezer or Qobuz :)
  • Özün Kıvanç Keskin
    Özün Kıvanç Keskin 1 month ago It would be really perfect...
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    Cheeki Breeki 1 year ago blyatiful song
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