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Published on May 7, 2019 383 views

Welcome back to my channel! Comment what you'd like to see next.

This is my daily 2 minute hand care routine. All products are available at Tonya's Day Spa. Check the spa's page out on Facebook!

Products in this video:
Daily Concepts Exfoliating Gloves
Bonblissity Sweet + Single Candy Scrub
Lollia Relax Dry Body Oil

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  • Amy Alleva
    Amy Alleva 2 months ago I love this video and I love your routine! Avery and I are loving the Bonblissity Sweet + Single Candy Scrubs! They are SO nice! Of course the body oil is another fav! Thanks for sharing this demo! Can't wait to see more! Would love to see a demo of the dazzle dry nail polish! :)
  • DiLaina Shea
    DiLaina Shea 2 months ago Thanks for watching and subscribing! I am planning a Dazzle Dry video in the near future! Thank you for the suggestion!
  • Abby Rowsey
    Abby Rowsey 2 months ago Love this!! Do a blinc video soon too! :) Love all the ideas you are doing!
  • DiLaina Shea
    DiLaina Shea 2 months ago Thank you! That's a great idea :)