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HOW I JOURNAL- Favorite journals, tips, journal organization

Published on Jun 7, 2019 31,184 views

Hi ya'll this has been pretty requested of my journaling tips/how I journal/what I journal and how I stay organized! Hopefully this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions! love love love

Journals I Like:
365 Planner:
More Affordable Option:

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  • jill howard
    jill howard 2 weeks ago please make a video on self care practices through a difficult time!
  • Helen B. Røstum
    Helen B. Røstum 2 weeks ago Love the intro. Every time I see it I’m happy:)
  • Wear I Live
    Wear I Live 2 weeks ago Hi!!! Hope you all enjoy this vid ! what is everyone writing about lately?
  • Denise Dee
    Denise Dee 1 week ago @Sarah Mortensen - Reading what was going on in other people's heads let me know I was not alone when I was a lonely 8-11 year old. It still does. Whatever is going on in your head - please write it down or find another way to express it. Pretending to feel or be a way that we're not makes true connection impossible. I look forward to reading your writing.
  • cup of tea with dreams
    cup of tea with dreams 2 weeks ago I write about my day whenever I feel there's something special or something I should remember. It can be as big as an event or something small like discovering a new aroma, seeing a beautiful sunset, feeling grateful during the day. This way I start seeing my life in a new light and remember that there's a beauty to it and I can push through hardships whenever I remember these precious jems :')
  • grace cadman
    grace cadman 2 weeks ago personally, i’ve been writing a lot about my future and about the person i want to become. it’s very motivating and i love it! great video Jenny 💜
  • Angeles Lara Almarza
    Angeles Lara Almarza 2 weeks ago Hey! I'm from Spain, i love your videos and your personallity I just want you to know about the name of online apps where you can plan your day or tasks without using paper or spend money. The names are: Trello, Slack... 😊
  • Haley Canter
    Haley Canter 2 weeks ago I've been 'scripting' every morning. Journalling my dream life as if I'm currently living it 😀
  • Darina Paulino
    Darina Paulino 2 weeks ago Whatever I feel that day! Just like... brain vomit in my journal and take it from there. I have a section for my gratitude journaling (thanks to you!) & I have another journal in listing formatting for any to-dos and short term / long term goals ♥️ ily!
  • Charlotte Buck
    Charlotte Buck 2 weeks ago Gratitude and things I'm looking forward to!
  • Sarah Mortensen
    Sarah Mortensen 2 weeks ago I have always been so afraid, that someone would find my journal and read it. So even though I would love to write down all of the things, that are going on in my head, I am too afraid to do so.
  • MarieBirch
    MarieBirch 2 weeks ago Switching negative thoughts to positive ones consciously in a journaling style <33
  • Ellena Isabelle
    Ellena Isabelle 2 weeks ago painting concepts ! that and like planning in general
  • marithecreative
    marithecreative 2 weeks ago Wear I Live I write all my thoughts down in one continuous flow tbh just so I don’t hold anything in!
  • Elizabeth Bradbury
    Elizabeth Bradbury 2 weeks ago I usually have a few journals too, but since falling out of the habit I'm just trying to keep 1 going! I just dump everything that's in my mind onto the pages and feel so much lighter 💕
  • iz
    iz 2 weeks ago Wear I Live my intentions for the day and for my meditations! Also I’m always writing down my recent inspirations mainly quotes from books and podcasts👼🏼trying to be better abt writing feelings and thoughts down!
  • lindseyrem
    lindseyrem 2 weeks ago been needing a small gratitude journal!! snagged yours but in yellow :-)
  • Monique Tinio
    Monique Tinio 1 hour ago woah woah lets talk about this green blouse youre wearing! pls share details xoxo <3
  • darknessmonster
    darknessmonster 2 weeks ago always excited when Jenny uploads 💓💓💓
  • Olivia Ippolito
    Olivia Ippolito 2 weeks ago Recently I’ve been into watching a ton of tarot readings for each of the elements of my birth chart. If the reading resonates I’ll write a lot of it down and it’s fun to look back on and see if those things were manifested :)
  • Haley Canter
    Haley Canter 2 weeks ago Seeing other people's journals is sooo fun! I like how you keep your ideas separate but also are pretty minimal. I have like 7 journals and it's a little too much ...
  • ka wwo
    ka wwo 2 weeks ago Right on time as always!! Recently been wanting to get Back at journaling!!
  • Bailey Dir
    Bailey Dir 2 weeks ago I love your channel! your editing is SO GOOD!! just subscribed🥰
  • Trinity Rodriguez
    Trinity Rodriguez 2 weeks ago I’ve been meaning to get around to my journaling. Really love that this video popped up 💓
  • Plant Based Princess
    Plant Based Princess 2 weeks ago Literally just purchased an unruled journal for bullet journaling!
  • Wear is She Now
    Wear is She Now 2 weeks ago omg I am SO glad I'm not the only one with like 50 journals! It's crazy to me when people say they're "trying to get into journaling," I feel like I literally HAVE to or I'll go crazy!
  • Romi Genosar
    Romi Genosar 2 weeks ago Thank youu!! I’ve been in search of the perfect planner!
  • Lydia Hitt
    Lydia Hitt 1 week ago The intro is super cute. I love bullet journaling. It’s a great way to be creative and release some steam
  • Kalsoumy Balde
    Kalsoumy Balde 1 week ago Loved this video. Feels good to see someone who is also obsessed with journaling and has a lot of journal because you can never have enough right?? Lots of love form Berlin
  • londynn
    londynn 2 weeks ago i totally relate to needing to have a journal that fits me right. great video <3
  • haley in the details
    haley in the details 2 weeks ago Oooh this is so helpful! It’s always easier to remember when you write things down 🤩
  • Queen Bea
    Queen Bea 2 weeks ago I love u Jenny! 😙❤❤
    GRACE MAZH 2 weeks ago this is really cool! i need to be more tidy cause i always end up writing everything and anything in one journal and it becomes a mess 😂