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Art for people who Can't Art Good | JUNK JOURNAL WITH ME

Published on Jun 7, 2019 2,471 views

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I hope you all have a fabulous day, see you next time!
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  • Becky Boothe
    Becky Boothe 2 weeks ago Your artwork is great Liz, I love seeing you work in big fatty. I love your channel and thank you for just talking and no music. Haters are gonna hate so don't let it get to you. Love your nails too.
  • Selina Langdon
    Selina Langdon 2 weeks ago Thanks for sharing Liz. You inspired me to make my own fatty, snd it is my favorite out of e everything I do. I am one of the 'I'm not arty' people, but iw reckon fatty has made me better. Love your work.....thanks again.
  • xProudMom85x
    xProudMom85x 2 weeks ago I love big fatty!!! Some of my favorites are the girl with blue glasses, the eye with cursive, and the furniture flip out. The fabric pocket is beautiful. Ive been collecting stuff for a while. This summer im going to start mine. Just today i found a red glittery border peice at my kids school. The things that the teachers put on the bulletin borders. I thought it would be a good thing to gule into the front or back of the book to make a little pocket for things im planning to put in the book. I like all things big fatty! I would like to see you make the glitter/ shakers dividers for your agendas. Also i just simply like your conversations while working on the big fatty.
  • Brenda Buttress
    Brenda Buttress 2 weeks ago Love Big Fatty I like the freedom of doing whatever you feel like and it does not matter, maybe some of your own drawings would be great in her as well. Thanks for sharing ☺
  • GTDesigns & Vtg Art Supplies
    GTDesigns & Vtg Art Supplies 2 weeks ago If you turn your style of journaling into a ‘must way to junk journal formula put out by others' or ‘junk journal standards put in place by god knows who’, it loses its aesthetic. I love your mode and your chat!! Keep your journaling Liz Drake real please. 🙏🌻 Oh….and thank you for recycling and likely contributing to a better environment ♻🎨. js xx
  • Kaarin Ponsford
    Kaarin Ponsford 2 weeks ago A lesson 2, then 3, then 4 and so on would be great. I fantasy art journal, have done for years. Have yet to do my first actual page!!!
  • Becky Mendoza
    Becky Mendoza 2 weeks ago I love your art work girl! I always enjoy your ideas, they are so cool. 🌺 blessings
  • susan thatcher
    susan thatcher 2 weeks ago You were the first person that got me into crafting.I love stress free crafting just go for it and enjoy it and be happy.That to me is the best crafting.Thanks for taking time and making videos I appreciate it.
  • Marlene Wilson
    Marlene Wilson 2 weeks ago Love your take on art...thanks so much for sharing....would a spiral notebook work for a big fatty....thanks again :)
  • ThunderJunky
    ThunderJunky 2 weeks ago Thank you for sharing Liz! So fun to listen to you chat and work in "Big Fatty" and honestly any of your notebooks. I really enjoy mindlessly gluing, drawing, and sticking stuff into my books too. Also Shopkins are life lol So cute! I always peel the extra cardboard or whatever it is off of things I glue in because I want to cram as much stuff in as possible hah. I feel like the glue sticks better but who actually knows :D
  • Jolynn Good
    Jolynn Good 2 weeks ago I am one of your art challenged subscribers. I was so intimidated by the larger composition notebooks. What I have one is, I bought a three-pack of the pocket sized composition notebooks. I feel much more comfortable with it. As I get more confident, I will go to the larger notebook. Thank you for the inspiration.
  • Claire Skey
    Claire Skey 2 weeks ago Dear Liz❤❤❤ So great to see Big Fatty again!!! I find it hard to glue! Thrift stores to the rescue if you don't have anything at all! Cute colour nails today Liz. Big hugs from Claire in Australia ♻✂🌈📚🎨✂❤
  • Anna Koelewyn
    Anna Koelewyn 2 weeks ago Love your work and how easy. I'm ready to try my own fatty.
  • ArtfulYama
    ArtfulYama 2 weeks ago I like your "random." It is organic looking, natural, and has the right cool look. I continue to work on my "randomness" in art. Love it!
  • Linda Beebe
    Linda Beebe 2 weeks ago This is the most freeing thing ever!! No digi downloads, no circuit cutter, none of it! Just true smash booking/ junk journaling. It gets me out of my boxes. I’m crammed in there pretty tight.
  • Lizard 503
    Lizard 503 2 weeks ago I still love big fatty. I love that you put something I gave you in it. Also I peel all the paper I can to keep mine smallish.
  • al mm
    al mm 2 weeks ago Thank you so much for your videos. You have inspired me to be creative again after 20+ years. Love your creative process. No mistakes, I love it.// My neighbor cleaned out her files and today gave me over 50 windowed envelopes :) .// Lastly, I have a cat named Lucy and she is the exact same as Storm. Even the tiny feet. lol. Keep doing what you do. You are an amazing person.
  • julie newbold
    julie newbold 2 weeks ago Yes! I love big fatty and your chats! I always get really pleased when I see you’ve uploaded a new one
  • Michelle’s ARTs & Crafts
    Michelle’s ARTs & Crafts 2 weeks ago Your truck comments were killing me! Haha!
  • Jannis Mclellan
    Jannis Mclellan 2 weeks ago Hi from Blackpool my beautiful jj guru, You could put a sleeping Garth on video for an hour ,and l would still watch and enjoy ! 💞