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  • Royce Skyler Alcid
    Royce Skyler Alcid 3 months ago ╔══╗╔╗ ╚╗╔╝║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ╔╝╚╗║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ this song...
  • SlendyMusicProductions SMP
    SlendyMusicProductions SMP 3 months ago Agreed
  • ChimauZ VD
    ChimauZ VD 3 months ago Omg HOW?!
  • Johanne Matagne
    Johanne Matagne 3 months ago @ChimauZ VD ctrl c ctrl v
  • Crystal Brettschneider
    Crystal Brettschneider 2 months ago Me too
  • Allan Castro
    Allan Castro 2 months ago Royce Skyler Alcid MEH TOO YOU KNOW 😢 😑
  • Jack Elliott
    Jack Elliott 2 months ago That took you a while didn’t it??😂😂
  • Royce Skyler Alcid
    Royce Skyler Alcid 2 months ago @Jack Elliott yes
  • Gaming Forever
    Gaming Forever 2 months ago @Jack Elliott ctrl c + ctrl v + how are u so dumb
  • Jai Solankey
    Jai Solankey 2 months ago That font 😍😍😍
  • 34340 1
    34340 1 2 months ago |
  • Derp McDerp
    Derp McDerp 2 months ago I love it 3000
  • Marisa Citriniti
    Marisa Citriniti 2 months ago 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇸
  • Greg does arts
    Greg does arts 2 months ago Royce Skyler Alcid the moment when your too lazy to do the rest
  • Onion rings like to  make your breath smelly
    Onion rings like to make your breath smelly 2 months ago that lettering is cool
  • Knight 777
    Knight 777 2 months ago Yeah same
    SVK EBOLA 1 month ago Drž piču.
  • Camila Escobar
    Camila Escobar 1 month ago ¡WOW!!!!! AMAZING
  • Royce Skyler Alcid
    Royce Skyler Alcid 1 month ago @Gaming Forever It's not Copy and paste it took me almost an hour to do that
  • Gaming Forever
    Gaming Forever 1 month ago @Royce Skyler Alcid face palm
  • Myles
    Myles 1 month ago yes me to
  • KaBeast
    KaBeast 1 month ago Royce Skyler Alcid ye
  • Cool Guy 99
    Cool Guy 99 1 month ago Royce Skyler Alcid I do too!
    HIGH FIVIA 1 month ago ho- how did you do that?
  • infinite bliss
    infinite bliss 4 weeks ago HAHAHHA SAME BRO
  • Blaze Music
    Blaze Music 3 weeks ago @ChimauZ VD he copied bro
  • AlphaTheXenon
    AlphaTheXenon 3 weeks ago thanks brother needed that
  • Damien Yang
    Damien Yang 3 weeks ago Lol copied this shit
  • Damien Yang
    Damien Yang 3 weeks ago I don’t know why people are wondering how he did this. He just copied it
  • AgusPlay 997
    AgusPlay 997 3 weeks ago ╔══╗╔╗ ╚╗╔╝║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ╔╝╚╗║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ this song... too
  • Red & Blue Clips & Gaming
    Red & Blue Clips & Gaming 1 week ago Same
  • Elena Miller
    Elena Miller 1 week ago 😍😍😍❤
  • Umarunnn N
    Umarunnn N 1 week ago I love ur profile
  • andonis tony
    andonis tony 1 week ago This song is legendary
    HSHACKPR0 K0CH3NG HACK 5 days ago Wtf how
  • Brynna Conklin
    Brynna Conklin 3 days ago wow... this is what school should be teaching our young minds
  • WereGaming
    WereGaming 1 day ago Same here dang same here
  • 꾸기
    꾸기 23 hours ago Me too agree
  • Isra Maheen
    Isra Maheen 5 hours ago Nice and how did you do that?
  • Abby Walter
    Abby Walter 6 months ago (edited) Discovering The Score is the best thing I have ever done
  • Tommy Pincherli
    Tommy Pincherli 5 months ago Same
  • esajulma420
    esajulma420 5 months ago sorry but its done
  • Remon Afeworki
    Remon Afeworki 5 months ago FAX this is true
  • Larson Bennett
    Larson Bennett 5 months ago I did to
    JOEY NEAL 5 months ago i keep forgetting its only to people
  • Cormac Moloney
    Cormac Moloney 5 months ago Never agreed so much!!
  • Guillermo Pardo
    Guillermo Pardo 5 months ago Yes
  • Akashita
    Akashita 5 months ago it's the only thing i'm proud of (myself Lol)
  • -K O K O- bean
    -K O K O- bean 5 months ago I agree. I have not yet even heard a song I didn't love by them
  • Davider
    Davider 4 months ago K O K O Well you never will ;)
  • clash with aloosh
    clash with aloosh 4 months ago I was nearly to say that I knew them yesterday .... They are my best now...
  • Zeraora
    Zeraora 4 months ago Discovering God and Jesus was the best thing ever discovering this is second
  • Abby Walter
    Abby Walter 4 months ago THE FUTURE TRUCKER 0 very true
  • LALI 1080
    LALI 1080 4 months ago I concur.
  • N o
    N o 4 months ago @esajulma420 It's.....
  • Mattex
    Mattex 4 months ago Just discovered them, like literally 5 minutes ago and YOU ARE FUC*ING RIGHT! :D Hypes up so hard for sports... I'll use their songs for training!
  • ParanoidEye
    ParanoidEye 4 months ago same
  • Jacob Tompkins
    Jacob Tompkins 4 months ago Abby Walter sake here
  • Olivia and Jillian
    Olivia and Jillian 3 months ago Same! My friend told me and now I’m addicted 😂
  • Gai Wotson
    Gai Wotson 3 months ago You can discover even better, just keep searching.
  • Chunqi
    Chunqi 3 months ago Same
  • The Highest Ground
    The Highest Ground 3 months ago Subscribe to Deano Pascoe
  • Ike Evans-Healy
    Ike Evans-Healy 3 months ago Same
  • Nightshade Glaze
    Nightshade Glaze 3 months ago Same.
  • lilycorn kitty•ω•
    lilycorn kitty•ω• 3 months ago Same i head Born for this i a video and everyone is like "the score is ao underrated" im like a who? I searched and it was awesome
  • Emmanuel Aguilar
    Emmanuel Aguilar 3 months ago sane
  • Plushies Productions
    Plushies Productions 3 months ago Same
  • Aidyn Federico
    Aidyn Federico 3 months ago same
  • Ashwini Pai
    Ashwini Pai 2 months ago Felt the same when I discovered Imagine dragons. So glad to have found one more equally amazing band!
  • Carissa Rassi
    Carissa Rassi 2 months ago Omg same!!!!
  • Konner Marshall
    Konner Marshall 2 months ago ikk
  • Mary Pug
    Mary Pug 2 months ago Lol agree , once i accidently clicked "unstoppable" and i'll never regreet this :)
  • Aaron's Zoe
    Aaron's Zoe 2 months ago So true, thanks Asphalt 9. I really needed that music.
  • Konner Marshall
    Konner Marshall 2 months ago same
    ΑΛΕΞΗΣ ΠΕΡΙΒΟΛΑΡΗΣ 2 months ago @Zeraora Ahahahahah sheep, god neither jesus even exist
  • Onion rings like to  make your breath smelly
    Onion rings like to make your breath smelly 2 months ago of course it is
  • Shadow_ Berri
    Shadow_ Berri 2 months ago SAME
    MAKEOUTHILL 1 month ago Facts💯💯
  • Tropic Gacha
    Tropic Gacha 1 month ago I know right?
  • Archie - #lgbtpride
    Archie - #lgbtpride 1 month ago Yup
  • Sebastian Estrada
    Sebastian Estrada 1 month ago O yeah
  • 123 Game_s
    123 Game_s 1 month ago Same
    HIGH FIVIA 1 month ago this was just stuck in my head so I played this then started to listen to others by The Score. it's awesome.