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The Score - Legend (Audio)

Published on Feb 6, 2017 27,408,571 views

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  • Abby Walter
    Abby Walter 4 months ago (edited) Discovering The Score is the best thing I have ever done
  • Shadow_ ßerri
    Shadow_ ßerri 8 hours ago SAME
  • Onion rings like to make your breath smelly
    Onion rings like to make your breath smelly 4 days ago of course it is
    ΑΛΕΞΗΣ ΠΕΡΙΒΟΛΑΡΗΣ 5 days ago @Zeraora Ahahahahah sheep, god neither jesus even exist
  • Konner Marshall
    Konner Marshall 1 week ago same
  • Aaron's Zoe
    Aaron's Zoe 1 week ago So true, thanks Asphalt 9. I really needed that music.
  • Mary Pug
    Mary Pug 1 week ago Lol agree , once i accidently clicked "unstoppable" and i'll never regreet this :)
  • Konner Marshall
    Konner Marshall 1 week ago ikk
  • John Herlihy
    John Herlihy 2 weeks ago True
  • Carissa Rassi
    Carissa Rassi 3 weeks ago Omg same!!!!
  • Ashwini Pai
    Ashwini Pai 3 weeks ago Felt the same when I discovered Imagine dragons. So glad to have found one more equally amazing band!
  • Aidyn Federico
    Aidyn Federico 1 month ago same
  • Plushies _
    Plushies _ 1 month ago Same
  • Emmanuel Aguilar
    Emmanuel Aguilar 1 month ago sane
  • lilycorn kitty:3
    lilycorn kitty:3 1 month ago Same i head Born for this i a video and everyone is like "the score is ao underrated" im like a who? I searched and it was awesome
  • Nightshade Glaze
    Nightshade Glaze 1 month ago Same.
  • Ike Evans-Healy
    Ike Evans-Healy 1 month ago Same
  • The Highest Ground
    The Highest Ground 1 month ago Subscribe to Deano Pascoe
  • Chunqi
    Chunqi 1 month ago Same
  • Gai Wotson
    Gai Wotson 1 month ago You can discover even better, just keep searching.
  • Olivia and Jillian
    Olivia and Jillian 1 month ago Same! My friend told me and now I’m addicted 😂
  • Jacob Tompkins
    Jacob Tompkins 2 months ago Abby Walter sake here
  • ParanoidEye
    ParanoidEye 2 months ago same
  • Mattex
    Mattex 2 months ago Just discovered them, like literally 5 minutes ago and YOU ARE FUC*ING RIGHT! :D Hypes up so hard for sports... I'll use their songs for training!
  • A. Cappa
    A. Cappa 2 months ago @unidentified black male It's.....
  • LALI 1080
    LALI 1080 2 months ago I concur.
  • Abby Walter
    Abby Walter 2 months ago THE FUTURE TRUCKER 0 very true
  • Zeraora
    Zeraora 2 months ago Discovering God and Jesus was the best thing ever discovering this is second
  • clash with aloosh
    clash with aloosh 2 months ago I was nearly to say that I knew them yesterday .... They are my best now...
  • Davider
    Davider 2 months ago K O K O Well you never will ;)
  • -K O K O- bean
    -K O K O- bean 3 months ago I agree. I have not yet even heard a song I didn't love by them
  • Akashita
    Akashita 3 months ago it's the only thing i'm proud of (myself Lol)
  • Guillermo Pardo
    Guillermo Pardo 3 months ago Yes
  • Cormac Moloney
    Cormac Moloney 3 months ago Never agreed so much!!
    JOEY NEAL 3 months ago i keep forgetting its only to people
  • Larson Bennett
    Larson Bennett 3 months ago I did to
  • Remon Afeworki
    Remon Afeworki 3 months ago FAX this is true
  • unidentified black male
    unidentified black male 3 months ago sorry but its done
  • Tommy Pincherli
    Tommy Pincherli 3 months ago Same
  • Tanki Unlimited
    Tanki Unlimited 2 months ago Through an Action, a Man becomes a Hero. Through Death, a Hero becomes Legend. Through Time, a Legend becomes Myth. Through hearing a Myth, a Man takes an Action....
  • Tanki Unlimited
  • Cxeary
    Cxeary 3 days ago Someone already commented this one on a different song lmao
  • Jarod Hunt
    Jarod Hunt 1 week ago yes
  • Tanki Unlimited
    Tanki Unlimited 1 month ago @Sp1drr haha but nvm i know my name is too off
  • yeet my meat
    yeet my meat 1 month ago Bars
  • xRazer_
    xRazer_ 1 month ago I think u got tha from another comment but ok
  • sooram k
    sooram k 1 month ago Mo
  • sooram k
    sooram k 1 month ago Who wants to be a man at end of cycle
  • Sp1drr
    Sp1drr 1 month ago rly deep for some1 called tanki unlimited lol (no offense)
  • TwigTube
    TwigTube 1 month ago _ Son of Pepe fxedef
  • El dúo de bronce
    El dúo de bronce 1 month ago @Richard Black exactly
  • _ Son of Pepe
    _ Son of Pepe 1 month ago Thoes were probably the wisest words I’ve heard all year no joke
  • Sage Lionel D'souza
    Sage Lionel D'souza 1 month ago Bruhh...where did you hear this shit... Thiis is Gold....
  • Johnny Car
    Johnny Car 1 month ago 🙃
  • Manny Gomez
    Manny Gomez 2 months ago So like John wick
  • Connor Hogen
    Connor Hogen 2 months ago Words to live by m8
  • Richard Black
    Richard Black 2 months ago And the cycle repeats.
  • Master Sutton
    Master Sutton 2 months ago [Endgame spoiler] So like iron man?
  • nuttiebun
    nuttiebun 2 months ago Rinse, repeat
  • Royce Skyler Alcid
    Royce Skyler Alcid 1 month ago ╔══╗╔╗ ╚╗╔╝║║╔═╦╦╦╔╗ ╔╝╚╗║╚╣║║║║╔╣ ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ this song...
  • Knight 777
    Knight 777 1 day ago Yeah same
  • Onion rings like to make your breath smelly
    Onion rings like to make your breath smelly 4 days ago that lettering is cool
  • Farehan Eljechi
    Farehan Eljechi 5 days ago Royce Skyler Alcid the moment when your too lazy to do the rest
  • Marisa Citriniti
    Marisa Citriniti 1 week ago 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇺🇸
  • Derp McDerp
    Derp McDerp 1 week ago I love it 3000
  • 34340 1
    34340 1 2 weeks ago |
  • Jai Solankey
    Jai Solankey 2 weeks ago That font 😍😍😍
  • DailyVlogs/Gaming Forever
    DailyVlogs/Gaming Forever 2 weeks ago @Jack Elliott ctrl c + ctrl v + how are u so dumb
  • Royce Skyler Alcid
    Royce Skyler Alcid 3 weeks ago @Jack Elliott yes
  • Jack Elliott
    Jack Elliott 3 weeks ago That took you a while didn’t it??😂😂
  • Allan Castro
    Allan Castro 3 weeks ago Royce Skyler Alcid MEH TOO YOU KNOW 😢 😑
  • Crystal Brettschneider
    Crystal Brettschneider 4 weeks ago Me too
  • Johanne Matagne
    Johanne Matagne 1 month ago @Kreativ Gamer ctrl c ctrl v
  • Kreativ Gamer
    Kreativ Gamer 1 month ago Omg HOW?!
  • SlendyMusicProductions SMP
    SlendyMusicProductions SMP 1 month ago Agreed
  • MaxedOutSean
    MaxedOutSean 4 months ago (edited) Apex Legends, Asphalt 9, Dude Perfect, we don't care where you're from, as long as you like it.
  • Halfi
    Halfi 4 days ago Lucifer here !
  • Jaroslav Matyska
    Jaroslav Matyska 5 days ago i dont even know where i heard it all i know that is a blast
  • justjessking006
    justjessking006 1 week ago MaxedOutSean that’s also where I found this song
  • patrikgamerplazs
    patrikgamerplazs 1 week ago Asphalt 9
  • John Hayes
    John Hayes 1 week ago Asphalt 9 Legends reminded me of it. I first heard this in a Coor’s commercial then in Vehicle Simulator Trailer #2.
  • SuperSario channel
    SuperSario channel 1 week ago Apex Legends used this??!
  • Tomasina Peres
    Tomasina Peres 1 week ago the legends of legends
    JANGAMER 29 1 week ago perfect for a stream start
  • proninja22nd
    proninja22nd 2 weeks ago I actually just found a night core version of this while browsing youtube, now they are my favourite band
  • Arizander Santana
    Arizander Santana 2 weeks ago ASPHALT 9 DUHHH
  • well i guess i have 100 subscribers now
    well i guess i have 100 subscribers now 2 weeks ago Nah fam.. I LOVE IT
  • Eruan
    Eruan 2 weeks ago What about NHL 18?😂
  • The Beast gamer
    The Beast gamer 2 weeks ago This is the tenth time I am listening to this song
  • Niko Tamvaklis
    Niko Tamvaklis 2 weeks ago Any minecraft players here??
  • ullysis desagon
    ullysis desagon 3 weeks ago I hear this from Apex legend video 😹
  • Laura Győrösy
    Laura Győrösy 3 weeks ago Dude perfect and asphalt 9
  • Kushagra Srivastava
    Kushagra Srivastava 3 weeks ago A>>>>>9
  • Griffy
    Griffy 3 weeks ago Nhl 18
  • Nataxxa soxixa
    Nataxxa soxixa 3 weeks ago Me too
  • My Mistake
    My Mistake 3 weeks ago Dude Perfect has really opened my eyes to The Score
  • JustGeneric
    JustGeneric 4 weeks ago Asphalt 9
  • FIREDUCK 0998463
    FIREDUCK 0998463 4 weeks ago GamerSean 550 asphalt 9
  • Zeraora
    Zeraora 1 month ago How's top gear stig
  • David281
    David281 1 month ago Apex legends???
  • Dee Do
    Dee Do 1 month ago How about TF2?
  • Seth Van Den Baard
    Seth Van Den Baard 1 month ago best comment ever and i watch dude perfect and that's where i learned THE SCORE i think that there amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cosmicpix
    Cosmicpix 1 month ago I heard this on yvoi speedpaint of their OC Hal. Anyone else here from that?
  • brown White
    brown White 1 month ago heard it at first from asphalt but remembered t because a movie played it
  • menyak01
    menyak01 1 month ago @SS-180FanBoy By JMproductions forgot lucifer
  • minecraftman 8786
    minecraftman 8786 1 month ago I’m here cause of a eddsworld fan animation
  • The Highest Ground
    The Highest Ground 1 month ago Subscribe to Deano Pascoe
    DAMIEN THORNTON 1 month ago noice and true
  • Prince_Lucas
    Prince_Lucas 1 month ago Roblox vehicle simulator trailer
  • Naman Khurana
    Naman Khurana 1 month ago This also from Roblox. just saying!!
  • 10,000 subscribers with no video challenge
    10,000 subscribers with no video challenge 1 month ago (edited) I heard this onsome ones ring tone
  • Bacon Studio
    Bacon Studio 1 month ago fortnite
  • baconfire5676 reapers bestfrann
    baconfire5676 reapers bestfrann 1 month ago Nhl 18
  • Lenny Mc Memer
    Lenny Mc Memer 1 month ago To be honest I came here from a eddsworld fan animation
  • Jack Dachuk
    Jack Dachuk 1 month ago GamerSean 550 fortnite is beater
  • Zeraora
    Zeraora 1 month ago Stig from top gear is that you
  • Tyler Serafin
    Tyler Serafin 1 month ago And pewdiepie
  • Syd Zhen
    Syd Zhen 1 month ago Asphalt 9🔥🔥
  • Raffale 7
    Raffale 7 1 month ago Yeeeaaaahhh! Just find it from Asphalt9 : Legends ▓Γ▌
  • nicholas giefer
    nicholas giefer 1 month ago Andrew Jones-Thompson V dude perfect
  • Ahmed Ezzat Ahmed Ezzat
    Ahmed Ezzat Ahmed Ezzat 1 month ago Please guys I want all songs track in game Asphalt 9 legends
  • Chain Gamerz
    Chain Gamerz 2 months ago (edited) Im here from Roblox actually and Asphalt 9
  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 2 months ago I HAVEN'T PLAYED ASPHALT 9 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Animation Hedgehog
    Animation Hedgehog 2 months ago From dude perfect hehe
  • Kristers D
    Kristers D 2 months ago roblox vehicle simulator before the update too
  • Elaine Abrigo
    Elaine Abrigo 2 months ago You play asphalt airbone 9 legend wow this gane is fantadtic
  • Izzy Swizzler
    Izzy Swizzler 2 months ago i think i first heard this song on like a samsung ad or some shi
  • TheMasterKiller2013
    TheMasterKiller2013 2 months ago Wait this was in Apex Legends??
  • Nether Wolf 100
    Nether Wolf 100 2 months ago A-9 squad also this song is in a ford commercial
  • Revolutionary GamerYt
    Revolutionary GamerYt 2 months ago Anyways came here from asphalt and this song is FIRE🔥❤🔥🔥👊
  • TheBlackKnight191
    TheBlackKnight191 2 months ago NHL 18
  • JohnRachel Rydquist
    JohnRachel Rydquist 2 months ago I found the song on my own but Asphalt 9 helped me find it again this song is legendary
  • Mostafa Khamis
    Mostafa Khamis 2 months ago Asphalt 9 :P
  • Moneyman1221
    Moneyman1221 2 months ago Nhl18
  • Marcie Mai
    Marcie Mai 2 months ago I'm here from an Eddsworld animation lmao
  • Dylan Cline
    Dylan Cline 2 months ago Daytona 500 commercial
  • Chu Quốc Huy
    Chu Quốc Huy 2 months ago Lucifer ss3 ep8
  • Johanna Lugo morejon
    Johanna Lugo morejon 2 months ago And is used for my YouTube intro
  • Johanna Lugo morejon
    Johanna Lugo morejon 2 months ago Foroza
  • Johanna Lugo morejon
    Johanna Lugo morejon 2 months ago Apex legends is used the game
  • Ajay Kumar Saxena
    Ajay Kumar Saxena 2 months ago This came in my recommendations But yes I like it lol
  • cuddlekitty Animator
    cuddlekitty Animator 2 months ago you forgot luli animations
  • Julius Härkönen
    Julius Härkönen 3 months ago Nhl 18
  • Guilhermezinho RDS
    Guilhermezinho RDS 3 months ago Cool!,Asphalt 9!
  • how was the bombing?
    how was the bombing? 3 months ago Asphalt 9
  • juanhipolito
    juanhipolito 3 months ago Roblox vehicle simulator trailer 2
  • Sens fan 86
    Sens fan 86 3 months ago Nhl 18
  • Lil Rant
    Lil Rant 3 months ago I'm here from the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Sir Will Fire
    Sir Will Fire 3 months ago i'm here from a racecar commerical
  • Kevin Dong
    Kevin Dong 3 months ago Pornhub ad
  • Corali Erith Soto Segura
    Corali Erith Soto Segura 3 months ago apex? wtf
  • Ryan Q
    Ryan Q 3 months ago nhl 18
  • SS-180FanBoy By JMproductions
    SS-180FanBoy By JMproductions 4 months ago HECK YEAH!!!
  • Cliffypancake 18
    Cliffypancake 18 4 months ago STEEP the best game ever
  • Ker mit
    Ker mit 4 months ago GamerSean 550 from apex and asphalt
  • Rajesh Ramdass
    Rajesh Ramdass 4 months ago That is an awesome reply dude perfect. i appreciate your speech.
  • Unknown Who?
    Unknown Who? 4 months ago The crew 2
  • MaxedOutSean
    MaxedOutSean 4 months ago @Angelo 2002 Oh, dat too
  • Angelo 2002
    Angelo 2002 4 months ago Battlefield 1 Revolution trailer
  • Andrew Jones-Thompson V
    Andrew Jones-Thompson V 4 months ago (edited) School Pep Rally
  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 4 months ago Dogs: woof woof Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019?
  • Rishav Goswami
    Rishav Goswami 3 days ago The force is strong with this one
  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 5 days ago @Any_Word channel retards: retards: dogs: woof woof cats: meow meow retards: 2019
  • Renamon
    Renamon 1 week ago 2007?
  • Lalitha Prasanna
    Lalitha Prasanna 1 week ago Lol
  • Pepito LeBelge
    Pepito LeBelge 1 week ago I agree but you forgot Idiots : copy past like you Hotel : Trivago
  • DailyVlogs/Gaming Forever
    DailyVlogs/Gaming Forever 2 weeks ago 9102
  • killhouse 12xl
    killhouse 12xl 2 weeks ago Oooooh my I'm your 2.1 k like
  • TheGamingBoy40
    TheGamingBoy40 3 weeks ago 2019?
    METALGOD PDB 3 weeks ago Anakin Skywalker i dont get it
  • Master Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Master Obi-Wan Kenobi 3 weeks ago “You were my brother Anakin! I loved you!”
  • Ooftacious T
    Ooftacious T 3 weeks ago Pff 1939 suckers.. wait why are there germans outside my house.
  • Ilhan Izmir
    Ilhan Izmir 3 weeks ago So many children crying lmfao 🤫 I''m watching in 1957, yall are rubbish in the future
  • If u sub me i sub u
    If u sub me i sub u 4 weeks ago 2019?? :D
  • Tutinha Camargo
    Tutinha Camargo 4 weeks ago @Games Eduuu reverso e minha mãe é : VEM LAVAR A LOUÇA CARALHO!
  • Tutinha Camargo
    Tutinha Camargo 4 weeks ago @EMANUEL AVILA AEEE PORRAAAA
  • Flayer SK
    Flayer SK 1 month ago meow meow
  • Katoptris34
    Katoptris34 1 month ago Don't use the word retards. It's rude to those that actually have disorders of disabilities.
  • nkmknknknknknknk
    nkmknknknknknknk 1 month ago true
  • The Brainyquick
    The Brainyquick 1 month ago 2020.?
  • The Brainyquick
    The Brainyquick 1 month ago looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.Sorry I am excited.
  • Zsé 28
    Zsé 28 1 month ago And what does the fox say?
  • Dogao 00
    Dogao 00 1 month ago 2019?
  • Aamelia Nur
    Aamelia Nur 1 month ago I guesse that means were all retards 0_o
  • ryyanedit
    ryyanedit 1 month ago I don't get it. Please explaaaiiiin
  • rainbow girl
    rainbow girl 1 month ago Sooo true
  • Kreativ Gamer
    Kreativ Gamer 1 month ago Correct BUT why do you say Luke that you his father at the beginning of Star Wars 6?!!! ❤️😂😂😂😂
  • brown White
    brown White 1 month ago this comment is on all songs and frankly it is very true
  • Did You See That Trick Shots
    Did You See That Trick Shots 1 month ago 2019 2019 any one 2019
  • diego olivera
    diego olivera 1 month ago 2019?
  • Alex Yanez
    Alex Yanez 1 month ago Yup true
  • Spider Carnage06
    Spider Carnage06 1 month ago Ambrosio Flores you say that and can’t even spell lol 😂
  • Ender Wolf36
    Ender Wolf36 1 month ago 2019?
  • Em Monikhim
    Em Monikhim 2 months ago Yep here
  • RyryroxMEOW
    RyryroxMEOW 2 months ago Overrated Over used And boring
  • ghost mercenary
    ghost mercenary 2 months ago no haPPY 2013
  • RedX0266
    RedX0266 2 months ago Reading all the comments replying to this I think I'm going to kill my self it's been real
  • LegendyMi
    LegendyMi 2 months ago ANAKIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  • VOID Rhyno
    VOID Rhyno 2 months ago Dogs: Woof Woof Cats: Meow Meow Retards: Dogs: woof woof Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019?
    ASTRO GAMER 2 months ago BANG BANG
  • Games Eduuu reverso
    Games Eduuu reverso 2 months ago And cat is "miau"
  • Games Eduuu reverso
    Games Eduuu reverso 2 months ago Dog in Brazil is "au au"
  • jxkuvert
    jxkuvert 2 months ago It is even an insult for the retards..
  • Hannah Metzger
    Hannah Metzger 2 months ago You all know that the use of the r-word is very insulting and degrading to people with autistic learning mental disabilities, like me, and people with mental disabilities in general, right? Seriously, please don't use that word:it is very rude, insulting, degrading and offensive to people like me. Also, if any of you are going to reply to this comment, please do so politely, and don't just act like total dicks about it and be all rude about it, okay? I swear, good manners and general decency and kindness are a rare commodity to find in people on the Internet now-a-days 😒...
  • Данияр Исмаил
    Данияр Исмаил 2 months ago @Noah Brink .um
  • •yFoxyz BloxYT•
    •yFoxyz BloxYT• 2 months ago What Fox Say?
  • Srinivas Pavan
    Srinivas Pavan 2 months ago Yeah, no one has the power to stomach them
  • Calle Helander
    Calle Helander 2 months ago Wolves:*AWOOOOOOOOOOO*
  • Licher salsa
    Licher salsa 2 months ago Funny lad
  • Mansour Sabah
    Mansour Sabah 2 months ago Anakin Skywalker u are
  • Wizard V2003X
    Wizard V2003X 2 months ago 😂u made it man
  • Re1d
    Re1d 2 months ago 2 0 1 9 ?
  • The 458 Italia's exhaust
    The 458 Italia's exhaust 2 months ago So accurate
  • Leon kaade
    Leon kaade 3 months ago you were the chosen one!
  • TaIisTi
    TaIisTi 3 months ago Ye im from 2019
  • OriginalName2.0
    OriginalName2.0 3 months ago And Retards lvl 100 : Dogs: woof woof Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019?
  • Alex Yan
    Alex Yan 3 months ago Legends: bang bang
  • that one asian kid
    that one asian kid 3 months ago Anyone 2017 here?
  • dark wolf boy
    dark wolf boy 3 months ago Omg so true
  • Hayden Keister
    Hayden Keister 3 months ago Hahaha
  • Putu Gde
    Putu Gde 3 months ago @The First Avenger Captain America * tries it anyway *
  • The First Avenger Captain America
    The First Avenger Captain America 3 months ago Don't try it. -Obi Wan.
  • Putu Gde
    Putu Gde 3 months ago @The First Avenger Captain America "you underestimate my power" -Anakin Skywalker
  • The First Avenger Captain America
    The First Avenger Captain America 3 months ago It's over Anakin, I have the High ground! -Obi Wan.
  • Putu Gde
    Putu Gde 3 months ago (edited) did they granted you the rank of master yet? oh wait...... you kill them, not just the men, the woman, and the children to
  • Gold Magi
    Gold Magi 3 months ago You: Don’t have he high ground.
  • lexi the raccoon
    lexi the raccoon 3 months ago Dogs: woof woof Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019? 2019? Extra retards: Dogs: woof woof Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019?
  • Bowsette Randoms
    Bowsette Randoms 3 months ago Hotel: Trivago :v
  • meow mizzy
    meow mizzy 3 months ago @Ambrosio Flores It's dumbass and I don't care if I will get wooshed just stop it. simple
  • Ambrosio Flores
    Ambrosio Flores 3 months ago Dambass
  • Curren_wiggin
    Curren_wiggin 3 months ago I mean m, you put it in your comment sooooo........
  • Frank Greco
    Frank Greco 3 months ago 2019?
  • Michael Chu
    Michael Chu 3 months ago bang bang
  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 3 months ago Well i'm all three so HA! uwu
  • Any_Word channel
    Any_Word channel 3 months ago Retards: Dogs: woof woof Cats: meow meow Retards: 2019?
  • NukeMan SVK
    NukeMan SVK 3 months ago Anakin, is that you?
  • shaun supetran
    shaun supetran 3 months ago Holu shit anakin is alive 🤣🤣
  • JaKiT0
    JaKiT0 3 months ago You are an actual legend cuz of this comment
  • HuxaFPS
    HuxaFPS 3 months ago :D
  • Italiani èmpiria
    Italiani èmpiria 4 months ago 2019?
  • Simply Matthew
    Simply Matthew 4 months ago 2019?
  • Blaxkout Studios
    Blaxkout Studios 4 months ago Very true
  • Noah Brink
    Noah Brink 4 months ago This deserves a million likes!
  • Energetic Warrior
    Energetic Warrior 4 months ago Just selling replay buttons 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 They each cost one like
  • Knight 777
    Knight 777 1 day ago I think I'll take it for free.