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Top 10 Best Auditions Britain's Got Talent 2016

Published on Jan 7, 2017 19,730,392 views

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List of performances:
1. Craig Ball | 00:00
2. 100 Voices Of Gospel | 01:41
3. Richard Jones | 04:11
4. Balance | 08:23
5. Jasmine Elcock | 10:05
6. Alex Magala | 12:30
7. Nicholas Bryant | 15:37
8. Another Kind Of Blue | 17:52
9. Boogie Storm | 20:48
10. Beau Dermott | 23:12

  • mouthwash
    mouthwash 2 years ago A DELICIOUS CUP OF TEA
  • Ella Yoongi
    Ella Yoongi 3 weeks ago *Tae
  • cats0heart
    cats0heart 3 weeks ago @Yoko Littner ...;-;
  • cats0heart
    cats0heart 3 weeks ago @Yoko Littner Wot
  • renivideht
    renivideht 2 months ago Like a plug haha
  • Πλατση Σοφια Μαρια
    Πλατση Σοφια Μαρια 3 months ago Εληνικα
  • Alexandra Incognito
    Alexandra Incognito 3 months ago I need that as a gif
  • Ariel Adriano
    Ariel Adriano 4 months ago Filmes
  • Edward Paul
    Edward Paul 4 months ago Satanic
  • Yoko Littner
    Yoko Littner 10 months ago :v Random Comment here v:
  • nadzirah muhsin
    nadzirah muhsin 18 hours ago 8:03 That guy :tea in the can?!!!! Malaysia people be like: meh XD
  • Tutorial Time
    Tutorial Time 1 year ago It’s said do not try this at home but u should NOT try it anywhere
  • Alfredo Defeliz
    Alfredo Defeliz 1 month ago It’sme Ariya lol
  • Carlos Baeta
    Carlos Baeta 1 month ago Anyta
  • SauceGaming
    SauceGaming 2 months ago @Brian Tewu flips car Dont do this at home
  • Joseph Linus
    Joseph Linus 2 months ago U know that im gonna try it😈
  • felix obeng
    felix obeng 8 months ago Ariya’s World vvh
  • Brian Tewu
    Brian Tewu 10 months ago Amazing
  • BobRoss Gaming
    BobRoss Gaming 2 months ago When a 14 year old sings a Cher song better than Cher...
  • Cory LaRose
    Cory LaRose 1 week ago Yea amazing I'd her brows werent so scary I would have her making movies.
  • KubiqFeet
    KubiqFeet 2 weeks ago She is crazy talented, I hope she makes it successful and that the music industry doesn't destroy her character.
  • A Abernathy
    A Abernathy 1 month ago BobRoss Gaming that was simply beautiful.
  • Hazel Mae Luna
    Hazel Mae Luna 1 day ago That thing in where you touches him electricity happened. I can do that in unexpected moments I call it sparks
  • Eli Bleu
    Eli Bleu 2 years ago Oh my god, that guy with the sword almost gave me a heart attack.
  • Hooi Kokseng
    Hooi Kokseng 1 week ago @Boris D and i will try it in the public 😅😅😅😅😅😅
  • PetsForCuteness
    PetsForCuteness 1 month ago MY neck hurt just LOOKING at it!!
  • don't believe the hype
    don't believe the hype 2 months ago Good lord me too!
  • Paris Park Min Smith
    Paris Park Min Smith 3 months ago @João Pedro sério isso?
  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 3 months ago omg me too! I cringed I had to look away! lol so awesome!
  • Kate W
    Kate W 4 months ago Boris D begrudgingly packs up sword collection and 20ft pole
  • Khorsman87
    Khorsman87 5 months ago And if he messed up, he would have had a heart attack... from a sword! crazy bastard
  • Boris D
    Boris D 6 months ago ... do Not try this at home ... Lol 🤣
  • wind bell
    wind bell 8 months ago Elementardarkness Actually the swords used for seppuku are much shorter
  • Elementardarkness
    Elementardarkness 9 months ago (edited) And it was a sword that was used for Seppuku.
  • Lexiemay1995
    Lexiemay1995 10 months ago How do you think Matt felt! The EMT lol they zoomed on poor guy
  • Janine Terwilliger
    Janine Terwilliger 1 year ago Eli Bleu r
  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 1 year ago Que nada,a espada é de brinquedo
  • Lollipops.and.stars
    Lollipops.and.stars 1 year ago WeyTooBleu me too
  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen 1 year ago Who else came here for Davids beautiful face 🙋🙋🙋🙋
  • Je Ss
    Je Ss 3 weeks ago me 😂😂😂
  • Shooxtingstxarr
    Shooxtingstxarr 4 months ago Me
  • Rony Rodriguez
    Rony Rodriguez 4 months ago Esto es lo mejor
  • Kate W
    Kate W 4 months ago His emotional rollercoaster through the sword act 😂
  • hiatus mode
    hiatus mode 10 months ago Potato Queen 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
  • ItsSpitFire TV
    ItsSpitFire TV 2 months ago (edited) They did AMAZING for Freddie Mercury R.I.P Freddie They are great for honoring him God bless them
  • hello everyone
    hello everyone 1 month ago 15:38 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Esther Franklin
    Esther Franklin 1 month ago maria e, the orchestra!!
  • maria e
    maria e 2 months ago I thing it’s the wrong vid
  • Sr Moon
    Sr Moon 10 months ago On the one with the soldier magician, the beginning one of the guys said, have a cup of tea 😂😂😂 (sits on the floor looks at the TV screen thing)
  • Holly James
    Holly James 2 months ago That's ant mc'partlain. One of the most famous British celebrities.
  • babygirl makayla
    babygirl makayla 10 months ago Sr Moon i was ab to comment that lmfao
  • Reflex9s
    Reflex9s 2 months ago The choir made me want to go to church rn😂
  • Patricia Johnson
    Patricia Johnson 2 weeks ago Reflex9s or not.
  • Inni
    Inni 2 years ago The Gospel is like a Disney movie given real life. Awesome.
  • Pamela Mitchell
    Pamela Mitchell 3 weeks ago I could watch them all day! AWSOME!
  • Xenon La
    Xenon La 3 months ago The wardrobe from the beauty and the beast xDD
  • Grace Parker
    Grace Parker 5 months ago Ayyyyy, 600th like
  • AnimeWolf56
    AnimeWolf56 6 months ago @Kjersti McCray i think of blues brothers XD
  • Jason Kaiser
    Jason Kaiser 10 months ago Right?! I wonder how close that is to every Sunday at their church? So much talent!
  • Sadhana Se Bhabisya Bani
    Sadhana Se Bhabisya Bani 10 months ago
  • Throw shoes at 'em
    Throw shoes at 'em 10 months ago @Lexi Morrissey why tho?
  • Lexi Morrissey
    Lexi Morrissey 11 months ago Cunt
  • Kjersti McCray
    Kjersti McCray 11 months ago Inni I thought about Hercules 😂
  • Diana Alves Pinheiro
    Diana Alves Pinheiro 1 year ago M
  • Sirine M.
    Sirine M. 2 years ago Inni That's what I thought !!
  • Mimi Dee
    Mimi Dee 2 years ago Inni .w
  • Tasha Cyar
    Tasha Cyar 2 years ago Inni hihihihi.. omg so true
  • Riley Lockerby
    Riley Lockerby 4 months ago Is no one going to talk about the "Don't stop me now" one where there were musicians in the WHOLE AUDITORIUM?
  • Stephen Magbanua
    Stephen Magbanua 2 months ago Ine of the best! Totally unexpected.
  • Jin
    Jin 4 months ago I cried during it
  • Karen Hector
    Karen Hector 4 months ago They were awesome!
  • Ana Carolina Martins
    Ana Carolina Martins 2 days ago This Program Is Very Top Oh...I Love Every Day That Passes I Watch..Got Talent...Pss..Feinha
  • Kiara Hays
    Kiara Hays 1 year ago the guy with the swords gave me goosebumps, and made me jump
  • Sogida Karaj
    Sogida Karaj 2 months ago Don't stop me now while I'm drinking a DELICIOUS CUP OF TEA.❤😏😁
  • Franklin Simpson
    Franklin Simpson 3 weeks ago Sogida Karaj creep T Telephone number
  • aleyveracathy_
    aleyveracathy_ 2 years ago the moment when simon smile you know that they'll make it.
  • Donald Holder*Doc*
    Donald Holder*Doc* 1 week ago On the "Another kind of blue" scene, does anybody know the name of the song that they played or was it specifically written for that performance?
  • Alfredo Defeliz
    Alfredo Defeliz 1 month ago aleyveracathy_ Yep thats right
  • Mohammed Alfajem
    Mohammed Alfajem 1 month ago @Lulu Kenney 💗
  • Lulu Kenney
    Lulu Kenney 1 month ago aleyveracathy_ IKR!
  • Mohammed Alfajem
    Mohammed Alfajem 1 month ago @Natalia Stevanic 💙💙
  • Maya and Mia Forever
    Maya and Mia Forever 2 months ago aleyveracathy_ yup you always know when a smile comes on his face
  • Fernande Gomes
    Fernande Gomes 2 months ago Omg j'adore 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😍
  • TheQuantumEmeraldWolf
    TheQuantumEmeraldWolf 3 months ago aleyveracathy_ Agreed
  • Neil Krister Remandaban
    Neil Krister Remandaban 4 months ago aleyveracathy_ tnth
  • oscar serratos
    oscar serratos 4 months ago I'm like 1k!! Lol
  • Fredie Barcelona
    Fredie Barcelona 4 months ago @Natalia Stevanicyo7u
  • xD Rodrigo Reynaud xD
    xD Rodrigo Reynaud xD 6 months ago aleyveracathy_ c
  • Luis Alberto Lopez Reyes
    Luis Alberto Lopez Reyes 8 months ago Factor x la pajarita
  • Natalia Stevanic
    Natalia Stevanic 8 months ago alex hooper can't relate
  • Mathias Lerche Hansen
    Mathias Lerche Hansen 10 months ago aleyveracathy_ yayy
  • Chev The Giraffe
    Chev The Giraffe 10 months ago You mean when he opens his eyes
  • Raymond Sanders
    Raymond Sanders 11 months ago ale
  • Beeerlinoise YouTube
    Beeerlinoise YouTube 9 months ago Imagine the guy with the sword would have killed himself right on that stage damn!
  • Matias Rodriguez
    Matias Rodriguez 6 months ago El dinero
  • Boris D
    Boris D 6 months ago Because of that necessary: please do Not try at home ... 😄
  • alicia flores
    alicia flores 6 months ago Increíble
  • Sawyer Horcher
    Sawyer Horcher 1 month ago 2019 anyone?
  • Ocean Summit
    Ocean Summit 1 month ago I'm still trying to understand, what is so special about a bunch of guys in storm trooper outfits, dancing around, that got people so hyped up.
  • A Abernathy
    A Abernathy 1 month ago Ocean Summit evasive it’s fun and just makes ya smile :)
  • scarlxtr
    scarlxtr 2 months ago Elmo singing wrecking ball made me choke on air
  • scarlxtr
    scarlxtr 2 months ago @an0n xx lol nobody asked for your opinion though 👌🏻
  • Frenzy The Mysterious
    Frenzy The Mysterious 2 months ago He/She wasn't even talking rudely at all! Don't be rude like that
  • an0n xx
    an0n xx 2 months ago (edited) scarlxtr Exactly dumb bitch... that was my opinion and if you can’t handle opposing opinions don’t come online.
  • scarlxtr
    scarlxtr 2 months ago @an0n xx sweetie, we all have different opinions
  • an0n xx
    an0n xx 2 months ago He really wasn’t that good.... Morgan Freeman was absolute garbage. He’s like scratching the surface of their voice but never quite nails it.