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I Tried Jlo's diet...It's hard!

Published on Nov 14, 2018 489,940 views

I tried Jlo's diet to lose weight and let me tell you...IT'S HARD! She eats extremely clean and avoids things I commonly drink haha! Watch me go a day without lol!

(who should I do next?!)

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  • Alessandra Gonzalez
    Alessandra Gonzalez 6 months ago J LO also uses the law of attraction and affirmations; she says “I am youthful and timeless” every morning 😏
    BROTHER TN 6 months ago Alessandra Gonzalez yeah... doesn’t work, bitch looks old now 🤣
    RKELLYSCOCO 6 months ago BROTHER TN 😂😂😂
  • Casey C
    Casey C 6 months ago BROTHER TN I mean not really lol
  • sandra adefila
    sandra adefila 6 months ago BROTHER TN you wish you could pull a woman like that out of your league 😌☕️
  • Vee A
    Vee A 6 months ago Sold her soul
  • Lorraine A. Mitchell
    Lorraine A. Mitchell 6 months ago Alessandra Gonzalez. She also has a great plastic surgeon. Sold out and practices Santaria
    BROTHER TN 6 months ago sandra adefila no way, I don’t date old ladies... I keep it 24 and under
    BROTHER TN 6 months ago dandy lion 😂😝🤣
  • deborah stensvaag
    deborah stensvaag 6 months ago Lorraine A. Mitchell THANKS for mentioning that!!! She looks nothing like she used (especially her face) due to in large part to him!
  • B Omi
    B Omi 6 months ago It’d genetics jlos mom looks young too
  • Daisy A
    Daisy A 6 months ago Its money
  • Frances Walker
    Frances Walker 6 months ago Yep, and one of her relatives practice voodoo which may lend itself to her success.
  • Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd 4 months ago Yes lol I read that too: im infinately young she says to herself. There is science behind positive affirmations so i'll try it too lol
  • M K
    M K 2 months ago I lO ??Diet ?!😂😂HGH Hormon she put everyday 😂😂normally she look not so young
  • Alison L
    Alison L 1 month ago Vee A yep!!
  • Alison L
    Alison L 1 month ago Lorraine A. Mitchell yep!!
  • imtracilynn
    imtracilynn 6 months ago I rather be ugly and drink coffee! #coffeeislife
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago coffee isn't bad for you in any way so bottoms up, also its an appetite suppressor so no weight gain. she forgot to mention protein is in all plant foods all veggies
  • Michelle Stephens
    Michelle Stephens 6 months ago imtracilynn Coffee is THE life blood😜
  • Maybe A Unicorn
    Maybe A Unicorn 6 months ago Juliet Uhh coffee is bad for your adrenal grand. When your adrenal gland is fatigued it can cause infertility, anxiety, and depression issues. This isn’t far fetched either it’s a common disorder that gets overlooked... stop spreading false information.
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago @Maybe A Unicorn Unless Dr.Greger says otherwise, lol coffee has no adverse effects soooo DRINK THE FUCK UP. coffee and water is all you need. foh
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago @Maybe A Unicorn adrenal "Grand" yeah you know what you're talking about, yet illiterate? lol
  • Alexia Hamer
    Alexia Hamer 6 months ago Lmao
  • Poogie Bear
    Poogie Bear 6 months ago @Abattoir Really, how many Carrots would I need to eat to get my 26G of protein I get in a 4oz Steak?
  • Poogie Bear
    Poogie Bear 6 months ago I will answer for you. Its around 52 Carrots, no thanks
  • DIY Darrling
    DIY Darrling 6 months ago agreed!!!!
  • Jazmin Pineda
    Jazmin Pineda 6 months ago 😂😂😂YES!!!!
  • Maybe A Unicorn
    Maybe A Unicorn 6 months ago Juliet Uhh if you can’t comprehend and read pass a typo in 2018 you’re dumb as fuck. Do what you want but don’t spread false information to other people to validate what you do.
  • Maybe A Unicorn
    Maybe A Unicorn 6 months ago Juliet Uhh infertility and mental health disorders are no fun and people effected by those things shouldn’t be drinking coffee that’s why I had to correct you, I don’t give a fuck about you personally.
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago @Poogie Bear plant protein is better for your health than animal protein, at least those carrots can be blended with other veg and fruits w seeds and you have a filling meal which your body can absorb quickly and efficiently unlike animal products, you dont need excessive amounts of protein, all plants have protein lmao where do you think your meat gets its protein from? Plants. Ignorance is bliss huh!?
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago @Maybe A Unicorn people with those problems are not my priority, they're bound to get sick and die soon for not taking care of themselves or caring for their health so what, not my problem. Billions of animals die everyday, they're tortured raped and imprisoned against their will and I'm supposed to care about cucks who lack common sense and can't keep hydrated haha save it for another 1 buddy. Also there's spell check, no need to get flustered over illiteracy!
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago @Poogie Bear which one is more likely to give you prostate/colon cancer because it creates toxins the second it's in your digestive system, I'll give you a hint and it's never the fruits or vegetables
  • Poogie Bear
    Poogie Bear 6 months ago @Abattoir Yes ignorance is a bliss, enjoy it.....and eating 52 Carrots + Seeds 5X a day. I'll stick to my Salmon, Steaks, Lobster and Veggies. I did read in your other comments that Salmon get there color and protein from eating carrots. What a ignorant broad.
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago @Poogie Bear HAHA There's evidence that plant protein is far superior than animal protein for the human anatomy(we are herbivores) Please quote me on when, and what time I said that because that is false and you know you're wrong. so you're upset because someone finally triggered you over your eating habits. good. Fish eat carrots? for their color that is the funniest shit I ever heard! You obviously seem to believe that statement, no proof that animal products will benefit you unless you enjoy chronic diseases eeww; IBS, Crohn's, dimentia, alzheimers, breast cancer, damage to your reproductive system . OOOH youre the type to justify a rapists actions because he enjoys rape and torture? you enjoy the rape, murder, imprisonment, torture of animals right? thats why you eat them and pay to continue the cycle of course. no carnist can justify taste pleasure. do you know what ignorant means kid or did you have to google? why get so butthurt over the food choices you make that you know are causing damage to your body? that is arrogance, please make a change in this world for the better.
  • Poogie Bear
    Poogie Bear 6 months ago @Abattoir Bears need the 9 essential amino acids, the plants alone can not provide that. Argue with the Eskimos about how bad animal protein is..... they will laugh at you. Better yet read about it.
  • Poogie Bear
    Poogie Bear 6 months ago Wait your channel has no content! You are a troll. Have a good life, whatever you are.
  • Abattoir
    Abattoir 6 months ago ​@Poogie Bear Eskimos hunt their own food out of necessity Unlike you, have access to a multitude of stores so please dont bring up Eskimos or Maasai unless you are one because you have no clear understanding of their struggle. haha never bring them up especially if you are contributing to their famine by continuing to buy animal products 10 billion people could be fed with the available crop land in America if everyone became vegan. One acre of land can yield 30,000 pounds of carrots, 40,000 pounds of potatoes or 50,000 pounds of tomatoes. However, one acre of land can yield only 250 pounds of meat. Why? Depending on the animal in question, it takes from three to twenty pounds of vegetable protein to create one pound of animal protein. Thus it has been said in many places that animal agriculture works like “a protein factory in reverse.” However, not only does this process squander protein resources; it obliterates carbohydrates and fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and many other nutrients altogether.
  • SaltLifeChick
    SaltLifeChick 5 months ago Once you quit, you'll never go back. Imagine being able to wake up naturally! I quit and I noticed I was aging in reverse
  • Marianna
    Marianna 2 months ago jajaja
  • elli aldrich
    elli aldrich 6 months ago hi, i’m currently working on my masters degree in nutrition , and i just wanted to say be careful with low salt diets!! salt is SO important for electrolyte balance & neural signaling and communication in the central nervous system. so please don’t try to cut out all your salt!!
  • Rida H
    Rida H 6 months ago I’ve heard the same thing from my friends who study and work within medical/nutrition fields! I’ve also been told that your body will regulate the sodium intake it’s used to and wash out the excess even with water retention. High sodium is bad if you’re not active and eat bags of chips and ramen while sitting on the couch everyday.
  • Pamela Lee
    Pamela Lee 6 months ago elli aldrich I agree! My doctor actually told me that I was bloating because I was lacking salt! So no salt is bad and too much is also bad! Everything in moderation!
  • rachel
    rachel 6 months ago that's true but salt is added into literally everything these days so even if you don't add salt to your foods you could still be consuming way too much. Packaged foods, even healthy ones, have wayy too much salt in them and if you're not careful they can add up to an unhealthy amount
  • Amy P
    Amy P 6 months ago rachel very true! The same applies to sugar
  • Tisha Yssr
    Tisha Yssr 6 months ago elli aldrich what do you think about KETO?
  • Aubrey Odom
    Aubrey Odom 6 months ago So true I went to ER having multiple scary issues and it ended up being my sodium was deathly low I just didn’t salt any of my food because I was trying to lower my blood pressure and ate a pretty natural diet at the time so wasn’t getting the salt I needed.
  • Stephanie’s Official
    Stephanie’s Official 6 months ago elli aldrich she didn’t cut out all the salt. You have to have a balance. I am a nutritionist as well.
  • elli aldrich
    elli aldrich 6 months ago Violets Touch true! i just wanted to caution any of her subscribers who might be extremists :)
  • elli aldrich
    elli aldrich 6 months ago Tisha Yssr i’m not the biggest fan of keto, considering glucose is the primary source of energy for your brain, but if you feel great on it & it works for you then go for it! (i personally eat a mostly plant-based diet :)
  • Payton Hasleiet
    Payton Hasleiet 6 months ago (edited) Tisha Yssr hello...I’m a nurse and I will say I am not a fan of Keto. You need everything people eat on a regular basis whether it be sugar, salt, protein or carbs. Carbs are the main energy source you get from food. If you are diabetic, DO NOT DO KETO. Your body needs that glucose. Also, a diet high in fat like Keto can cause diabetes and other heart problems. It is an extremely effective way to lose weight quickly, but it is not good long term. Cutting down carbs a little is fine, but don’t completely cut them out.
  • Kendra Wade
    Kendra Wade 6 months ago I have a friend who cut out salt and passed out at work 😳, I am on keto and eat salt.
  • Aunesty ocanas
    Aunesty ocanas 6 months ago Girl I would know to know good diets you know of that are healthy but work and are good for you ?
  • Soribel Rodriguez
    Soribel Rodriguez 6 months ago Aunesty ocanas vegan! 😊 good for your overall health, the animals’ lives and the environment!
  • Aunesty ocanas
    Aunesty ocanas 6 months ago Soribel Rodriguez thank you so much !
  • Olivia Lukanuski
    Olivia Lukanuski 6 months ago Yes thank you! I have a friend who always gets on me for my sodium intake (I add a bit to all my healthy home cooked meals) but my blood pressure is still low AF and I feel terrible when I don’t have sodium
  • Jacqueline Graham
    Jacqueline Graham 6 months ago Pink.salt a better option
  • Salsabil Dehans
    Salsabil Dehans 6 months ago Hey this maybe an out of topic question but where do you have your master? I'm thinking of getting master degree in nutrition aswell
  • Victoria Lott
    Victoria Lott 6 months ago To elaborate on your statement it needs to be an iodized salt. Iodine is essential to your body’s functions. We just label salt as bad because we use too much generally. (I’m a grad student as well with biology focus)
  • Any S
    Any S 6 months ago If anything we always eat more salt than we should unless all you eat is veggies and boiled chicken 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Shirley K Way
    Shirley K Way 6 months ago (edited) I love salt😅such a relief....
  • Elisa Alcocer Brandt
    Elisa Alcocer Brandt 6 months ago elli aldrich she use salt and her toast
  • queeen ariana
    queeen ariana 6 months ago Your blood needs salt in it becomes it maintains the osmotic pressure
  • Risa Fey
    Risa Fey 6 months ago (edited) sodium is important, and it's in a lot of whole foods, especially potatoes. Salt is not the same as sodium, and salt is completely unnecessary, or else the human species would have died off way long ago. Nutrition Facts dot org debunks the salt myths and falsified studies where researchers actually had to issue apologies and correct the studies /after/ the damage and misinformation had already been done.
  • yolanda colorado
    yolanda colorado 6 months ago WROOOONG. what you are supposed to take is sodium. Salt is processed AF. You can have your daily intake of SODIUM from vegetables. Jeezz. Good luck to your patients... Master degree in nutrition.
  • Kristen Almonte
    Kristen Almonte 6 months ago There is a load of salt in everything we eat w/o adding it!
  • elli aldrich
    elli aldrich 6 months ago Kristen Almonte not if you eat a whole foods, plant based diet
  • elli aldrich
    elli aldrich 6 months ago yolanda colorado you’re right! i should have clarified, i just assumed people know that salt is comprised of sodium :)