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Burmese Overview AoE2

Published on Aug 5, 2018 165,486 views

Analysis of the bonuses, units, and techs of the Burmese from AoE2 Rise of the Rajas expansion.

1:01 Team Bonus: Relics visible on map
1:58 Free lumbercamp upgrades
4:03 Infantry +1 attack per age
5:00 Longswordsmen +2 attack in castle age vs knights
6:15 Champions and halberdiers +3 attack in imperial age
7:25 Burmese infantry vs other infantry civilizations in imperial age
9:07 Monastery techs 50% cheaper
10:27 Arambai
11:30 Arambai accuracy
13:08 Elite Arambai upgrade
14:00 Manipur Cavalry: Cavalry and Arambai +6 attack vs buildings (+3 after masonry)
15:10 Howday: Battle elephants +1/+1 armor
16:20 Archers C-
17:07 Infantry A-
17:45 Cavalry A-
18:55 Siege B+
19:30 Navy B/C+ (early/late)
20:10 Monks A
20:35 Defences B
21:00 Economy B+
21:35 Overall impressions



Full intro song:

Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, and Rise the Rajas expansions

  • elPatrixF
    elPatrixF 9 months ago "Two and a half spearmen" jesus you're a legend man.
  • Fussel Knolle
    Fussel Knolle 9 months ago (edited) elPatrixF This man is a legend! A LEGEND!
  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 9 months ago Fussel Knolle still not doing aoe3? Whoa you guys are missing out
  • Nyacreeps
    Nyacreeps 9 months ago Harold Saxon I dont think so... Aoe3 isnt exceptionnal and feels empty compared to aoe2 (thats my opinion)
  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 9 months ago Nyacreeps yes but then your opinion is wrong isn't it so
  • Fussel Knolle
    Fussel Knolle 9 months ago Harold Saxon I don't know what the original comment has to do with AoE 3
  • Day Y.
    Day Y. 9 months ago (edited) Having both AOE2 and AOE3 with at least 50 hours on each, yeah AOE3 is terrible compared to AOE2. You can tell the Devs wanted to appeal more to the twitch gaming crowd with its higher game pace, except that's not what makes AOE unique. As a result AOE3 feels like a generic RTS.
  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 9 months ago Day Y. What da hell are u on about? Aoe3 is far better I have no idea why you would say that! Have you even tried aoe3? The latest mod is amazing! I can play as new nations such as Brazil And the US! Anyway aoe3 is more popular. So I knew I was right aoe3 is better
  • Bismarcking
    Bismarcking 9 months ago @Day Y. the "twitch gaming crowd" Didn't exist back when they made aoe3.
  • Vedant Pathare
    Vedant Pathare 9 months ago Harold Saxon Opinions are opinions. No one is right, no one is wrong. So being dogmatic here wont help you. Sorry to say, but Aoe2 is more famous. It was launched in 1998 and still has many members playing it. Aoe3 was good in the beginning, but as someone said above, Aoe3 just looks like another RTS, which is not the characteristics of Aoe. I can understand you are more of a graphic fan, but don't spread rumours saying Aoe3 is more popular before research. P.S- You can be a nation in Aoe2 mod as well.
  • Bismarcking
    Bismarcking 9 months ago @Harold Saxon What the hell??? Aoe2 DEFINITELY has a higher player-base than aoe3. And yes, I have played at least 200 hours in Aoe3, But it's still not as good as aoe2 (not to say that it's bad, Aoe3 is a good game, just not as good as aoe2)
  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 9 months ago Bismarcking Ha ha like I said u haven't got the mode m8.
  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 9 months ago (edited) Vedant Pathare firstly your whole comment is wrong. Aoe3 the expansion has become far more popular. And is better. And second opinions can DEFINITELY be wrong. And yours is one of them.
  • Bismarcking
    Bismarcking 9 months ago @Harold Saxon the mod doesn't change the CORE MECHANICS of the game, Which is what i don't like, Second of all, I prefer the medieval setting of Aoe2 to the Setting of Aoe3. Also wheres your evidence for saying his opinion is wrong? If i wanted to i could pull it out of my ass and say YOU'RE wrong without listing evidence, Site and link your evidence then we can have a reasonable discussion. and finally, I checked steamcharts, Aoe3 is not as popular as Aoe2. The Data? Here: Aoe2: 9,409 current players, with a 8,341.8 player average in the last 30 days Aoe3: 1.849 current players, with a 1,741.2 player average in the last 30 days this also includes ANY MODS being played on the steam workshop as part of the games players. Unless This Aoe3 mod isn't on the steamworkshop in which case you can't prove that it is higher unless the mod shows it's downloads. in which case link it so i can compare it to steamcharts. GOTCHA SUCKER
  • Bismarcking
    Bismarcking 9 months ago Also some Links Aoe2 Numbers: Aoe3 Numbers:
  • Day Y.
    Day Y. 9 months ago (edited) @Bismarcking "Twitch gaming" is game design terminology. The 'Twitch gaming crowd' has existed every since Mario Brothers. Has nothing to do with the site ;)
  • Vedant Pathare
    Vedant Pathare 9 months ago Harold Saxon Opinions are not wrong. Ever went to school? If you want some facts about why Aoe2 is more popular, I can provide it. But it seems unnecessary as someone else has already given it. Don't be so dogmatic.
  • dominik obora
    dominik obora 9 months ago uhh then why do all the pros play aoe2 instead of aoe3 if its so much better? aoe3 is a good casual rts but aoe2 is better for anyone who likes more skill-based games
  • Alex Browne
    Alex Browne 9 months ago Harold Saxon why does it matter so much to you lmao? You come on to an SOTL vid it's obviously guna be full of aoe2 fan base, pretty much everyone has played aoe3 on here it's generally regarded as being pretty meh. I enjoyed it a little, didn't stay long and prob won't go back.
  • Alex Browne
    Alex Browne 9 months ago Cannot find a single source to suggest 3 is more popular
  • Alex Browne
    Alex Browne 9 months ago Even found a quote from devs saying yeah we fucked up lmao
  • Ng Chan
    Ng Chan 6 months ago Very op op civil with every thing strong even the strongest.
  • Paintplayer1
    Paintplayer1 4 months ago I laughed like a maniac at the image lol
  • Golden Royal
    Golden Royal 9 months ago (edited) Heart me daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Golden Royal
    Golden Royal 9 months ago Thank u so much
  • Mr.Halogames
    Mr.Halogames 9 months ago You are already hearted
  • Ihász Áron
    Ihász Áron 9 months ago Spirit Of The Daddy confirmed
  • Blood Panthera
    Blood Panthera 9 months ago Robin Toha Oh C'mon now i'm jealous.
  • Eccentric Horse11
    Eccentric Horse11 9 months ago Hey , how come you get a heart while I don't? Yours wasn't even a heartfelt comment. Now I feel heartbroken. Spirit, give me a heart c'mon don't be heartless.
  • Roman Bukins
    Roman Bukins 9 months ago ⛏🐺♣👌
  • A Diablo Player
    A Diablo Player 9 months ago A day when Spirit uploads is a good day.
  • Teutonic
    Teutonic 9 months ago spirit comes out in this video!!
  • Cherry
    Cherry 9 months ago Make the top ten voice acting civs
  • Mendicant Bias
    Mendicant Bias 9 months ago That'd just be won by the civ whose vills keep saying, "ERECTUS!" :p
  • XoX
    XoX 9 months ago Mendicant Bias "ete tschunechtschesch."
  • stylesrj
    stylesrj 9 months ago Commandament? E whizz! E men a so! I won!
  • Salil Deshpande
    Salil Deshpande 9 months ago Don't know about top 10, but Vietnamese are certainly the worst one
  • jthfear
    jthfear 9 months ago OOSHLASHMOOSH
  • Debelo Ciganin
    Debelo Ciganin 5 months ago i think byzantines and italians have good ones from memory
  • NieldnümPillihpKrajt
    NieldnümPillihpKrajt 3 months ago Tinbelochwandi
  • Unimportant Commenter
    Unimportant Commenter 1 month ago Radidaaa!
  • Ramón Correa
    Ramón Correa 1 month ago prostagma?
  • NieldnümPillihpKrajt
    NieldnümPillihpKrajt 1 month ago Ja Das ich soll Zerstrome Fischere
  • ELG0RD0
    ELG0RD0 3 weeks ago @Ramón Correa Vulome
  • Gerard
    Gerard 9 months ago (edited) I love how he is always lowkey in stating how good the japanese are
  • First time playing
    First time playing 9 months ago Gerard "I love how he is always lowkey stating how good the japanese are." should've been the phrasing.
  • Kaustubh .Tiwari
    Kaustubh .Tiwari 9 months ago I think you wanted to write 'in' instead of 'is'
  • First time playing
    First time playing 9 months ago Kaustubh .Tiwari that wouldn't make any sense..
  • Kaustubh .Tiwari
    Kaustubh .Tiwari 9 months ago First time playing Well, low-key is not a verb. It's an adjective. So the sentence should have been "I love how he is always low-key in stating how good the Japanese civ is. " You can drop the 'in', sure, but you cannot miss the 'is'.
  • Gerard
    Gerard 9 months ago First time playing and Kaustubh .Tiwari I will change it up thanks!
  • Kaustubh .Tiwari
    Kaustubh .Tiwari 9 months ago First time playing I agree with your version more than with my version. The subtlety of the difference between the two expressions is almost beautiful. Thanks for the tip! English is a second language to me. So, I adopt the humbler stance here.
  • First time playing
    First time playing 9 months ago Kaustubh .Tiwari I am also not a native english speaker tho I would like to believe that I'm decent at it. Just another quick suggestion: Sadly I don't have a very good reasoning for this (one that would involve grammar/syntax or anything of the sort) so I encourage you to find some aditional information about this but it seems to me that your first sentence would sound a lot better if it was written like this: "I agree with your version more than I do with mine." Alternatively you could say : "I agree with your version more." If I were to justify this change I guess I would say it's redundant to add that last part (at least in this context). You could also say that that applies to my first version as well but I feel as though the one I presented sounds better/good enough to not require a change. Does that make sense?
  • Kaustubh .Tiwari
    Kaustubh .Tiwari 9 months ago First time playing I read recently about the use of than. The antecedent to than can be many and different variations signify different degrees of emphases. I am a grammar instructor myself so I love these conversations but I also think we are trashing the OP's post by talking grammar on replies to a comment on a video related to gaming.
  • Jeffrey S.
    Jeffrey S. 9 months ago Random person: "sir, what is your sexuality?" Me: "Im monk-curious"
  • Sentient Zealot XIII
    Sentient Zealot XIII 3 months ago I'm into Celthold lmao!
  • Ethan Courtney
    Ethan Courtney 9 months ago 10:36 rip penguin
  • cryptosporidium01
    cryptosporidium01 4 months ago Lmao what the actual fuck xD
  • Jeff the Hobo
    Jeff the Hobo 9 months ago Elephant facts!
  • Pascal Florian
    Pascal Florian 9 months ago (edited) 3:25 Sappers makes villagers cut trees faster :o
  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 9 months ago Yea wtf it's a hidden effect or some shit?
  • Justin Z.
    Justin Z. 9 months ago Nani?
  • Fat Man
    Fat Man 9 months ago the more you know
  • E Schel
    E Schel 9 months ago Trees have hp, so it makes sense
  • Lucas Jeffrey
    Lucas Jeffrey 9 months ago IKR I learned today thanks Spirit !
  • Pascal Florian
    Pascal Florian 9 months ago Yeah but it's not a building E Schel
  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi 9 months ago Pascal Florian In AoE, every structure/plant/cliff is a building (yes cliffs can be killed by enough stray shots from a janissary!)
  • super salty
    super salty 9 months ago what, really?
  • E Schel
    E Schel 9 months ago Pascal Florian not a stretch to immagine it works the same either way...
  • Wolfgang Bichler - Riedl
    Wolfgang Bichler - Riedl 9 months ago @LuMnOslTi: Proof or it didnt happen
  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi 9 months ago Wolfgang Bichler - Riedl Fine I'll let you know when I upload it
  • E Schel
    E Schel 9 months ago LuMnOsITi looking forward to it man! Make it so.
  • Silvia Fox
    Silvia Fox 9 months ago +LuMnOsITi - The Arambai in particular destroy cliffs very quickly... I learned that the hard way putting a castle against the safe side of a cliff to defend a gate in enemy territory... the cliff was destroyed by misses from arambai alone! That in-turn allowed the castle to be taken down fully by rams and allowed my entire defensive system to fall apart piece by piece and luckily my enemy lost too much territory and ran out of wood and gold since I had I think 3 of the relics and I walled off or towered every woodland area for my own uses and eventually I won by owning more of the resources on the map!
  • noxious8
    noxious8 8 months ago So next patch should make cliffs 9999999 HP ?
  • † Pyrorca †
    † Pyrorca † 9 months ago 15:32 for the most important part of the video
  • Lightning Lance
    Lightning Lance 9 months ago 0:00 - 22:35 fixed.
  • Oyarzun Kramer
    Oyarzun Kramer 9 months ago A group of elephants it's called parade?
  • Lucas Jeffrey
    Lucas Jeffrey 9 months ago He's excited about the elephant fact (as am I :> )
  • Wildart
    Wildart 9 months ago Au moins deux fr regardent sotl xD. On se croisera peut-être en ranked pyro.
  • Bluedark Darkness
    Bluedark Darkness 8 months ago Oh, i thought it was about the Monk-ey business of the civilization. .. I regret nothing.
  • Arizoko
    Arizoko 9 months ago 10:38 The animals running in from off-camera is a deliberate running gag by this point, right? At least man triumphed over nature for once.
  • Blood Panthera
    Blood Panthera 9 months ago Arizoko Well of course, it would be boring to see them just standing there doing nothing. Spirit just knows how to entertain at every moment.
  • The Black Knight
    The Black Knight 9 months ago I'm so happy to see a youtuber still caring for this game. Thank you so much man.
  • Mendicant Bias
    Mendicant Bias 9 months ago There's quite a few YTers still covering the game. Spirit, T90Official, ZeroEmpires, Jred, Resonance22, etc. The community is alive and well. :)
  • - Na
    - Na 9 months ago There are active tournaments going on all the time too. Check aoezone if you're interested.
  • muskatDR
    muskatDR 7 months ago You should check out Among the hidden Its not gameplay but very entertaining
  • Chen'la
    Chen'la 9 months ago People say Aztecs have no Halberdier, then I look at the Burmese. Yeah Burmese Halberdier is definitely Aztecs Wet Dream. Fun Fact - Turks Skirmisher IS better than Burmese Elite Skirmisher, and you say Turks trash sucks :-D.
  • martypython
    martypython 9 months ago Burmese Halberdiers will beat generic halberdiers straight up.
  • Satyaki Sil
    Satyaki Sil 9 months ago Turk trash sucks as they miss out both Pikeman and Elite Skirmisher, not just any of the two.
  • Chen'la
    Chen'la 9 months ago Yet the Turk Skirmisher is better than the Burmese Elite One.
  • Ansett Lee
    Ansett Lee 9 months ago Nah, since both of the civs have excellent hussars, I really doubt if they would even need skirms
  • M D
    M D 3 months ago turks got they janis rush in castle age. dont need trash
  • Mr.Halogames
    Mr.Halogames 9 months ago Could you do a video on why is aoe3 so broadly hated and more indepth on your personal reasons why dont you play it ?
  • Foerton Goteks
    Foerton Goteks 9 months ago Is it? Imo AOE3 is realu cool because of all of the differences between civs. It realy feels like playing fresh game from the same franchise
  • -Raptor- Indian
    -Raptor- Indian 9 months ago Mr.Halogames I think aoe3 is a great game
  • Blood Panthera
    Blood Panthera 9 months ago Mr.Halogames It's not that AOE 3 is hated, it's just not as loved as AOE 2. Nowadays the developers only focus on 2 releasing new stuff and patching making it even better and therefore bringing more people to it, while 3 is just slowly rotting away.
  • Uzii
    Uzii 9 months ago Mr.Halogames 3 plays out really differently. It's hard to compare Sword+Bow+Catapult gameplay with a Musketeer+Skirmisher+Cannon gameplay. It comes down to personal preference. I prefer Guns, but I can see why many people don't.
  • Leonardo Eras
    Leonardo Eras 9 months ago Some things I didn't like about aoe3: - No European nor African maps or campaigns (aoe2 world seems bigger in comparison, what happened to the thirty years war, the Napoleonic wars, Prussian wars, etc (this was included in Napoleonic Era mod though) ) - Military units created in batches while villagers won't (unless you play with Russia) - The maps feel small in comparaison to aoe2 - While water combat looks amazing, you cannot make tons of ships (amazing armada of 10 ships isn't amazing) - In general building limits, cannot make a lot of outposts, etc
  • Mr.Halogames
    Mr.Halogames 9 months ago My problems with 3 are: -No Eu maps as mentioned before -Figting with guns feels like tickling enemy with wet tissues. -Cheating AI -Dumb AI -Cards for shipments and upgrades Pros: +Cannons feel good +Very different nations in terms of gameplay +The era it is set in
  • Lady Anariel Solrock but fire type
    Lady Anariel Solrock but fire type 9 months ago It's mostly like any other series, nostalgia is one of the strongest things in the hearts of gamers. That said, I think Spirit either plays it, or used to, and also said that he'll maintain this channel aoe2-only. That's the main reason you don't see much aoe 1 & 3 here.
  • Shah IV
    Shah IV 9 months ago Its not exactly hated, but aoe2 has more balanced gameplay (because of constant patches fixing it) and nothing is op. Aoe1 isn't as good because yamato and assyrian civ is op. The game has enough variety to keep experts doing something else but not the general public. In aoe3 the field gun + dragoon combo is op and defenses are never good enough against anything. Basically it comes down to aoe2 having the most balanced gameplay. I probably should put age of mythology somewhere here and the only thing about that game to mention is that it doesn't have enough variety in terms of units and strategies. Also small things like not being able to choose what of units to upgrade (similar stuff upgrade together) and sub par updates and patches. I know you asked only about aoe3 but everyone can't help but compare them as they have the same name. And for the devs the only thing that matters is that aoe2 is the only game that has a strong playerbase. Sorry about the long post, I'll be grateful if u take ur time to read it :) Also op means overpowered just in case there's someone who doesn't know.
  • Vosloff
    Vosloff 9 months ago I liked aoe3. But there are certain aspects of the game that I dislike. -game only focused to America, as opposed to both the Old World and New World -frikin' build limits!!! I can only build 7 towers. WTF!!!!!!!!!! -Can't fight similar civs. No french vs french, etc. -need moar civs
  • Satyaki Sil
    Satyaki Sil 9 months ago I don't think he should focus much on Aoe3 at all. Once he actively states about Aoe3, more people are gonna tell him to play it. And as soon as he starts playing it and gets a grip, people will force him to research on its gameplay. In the end, that would put way too much stress on him. He has done the right thing by not streaming, and I believe that not getting involved in Aoe3 would also be the right thing.
  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi 9 months ago Because people actually hate guns and love bows and arrows, and aoe2 mostly keeps away from guns, whereas aoe3 has you waiting for musketeers to slowly reload
  • dominik obora
    dominik obora 9 months ago its not hated its just watered down , they designed aoe3 focused more on appealing to new players and casuals
  • schmohawk
    schmohawk 9 months ago Aoe 3 is much more balanced and competitive than aoe 2. That's why Aoe 2 1v1 is all mirror matches but not so in Aoe 3. People hate the card system, but just think of it as another resource that adds more dynamic gameplay. Aoe 2 is great for its time. The reason why it's far more popular is because when Aoe 3 was released, most people worldwide still had potato computers so never had a chance to really get into it. Aoe 2 will run on anything though and so was widely adopted.
  • Zachriel
    Zachriel 9 months ago schmohawk for me aoe 3 isn't really balance as aoe 2. Aoe 2 has so much different civilisations and units along with bonuses whereas aoe 3 really is just about the shipment system and weak civ bonuses. It is still a good game I played but as time goes by the gameplay becomes..... dull.
  • Hitler Tacos and Ponies
    Hitler Tacos and Ponies 7 months ago -Walled up is a headache in the woods and defenses in general are garbage, therefore, almost always you can't play like a turtle, just rush and boom. (You can't close the pass only with houses for example) -Where can I see such a clear technological tree in the game? Why can not you play against the same civ? (Options interface) -CARDS and BUILDING DECK to save the world? YuGiOh!!! -Age politicians (choose between Trump or Hillary, for what?) That seems more Age Of Mythology style to me. -Balanced gameplay. Those homeless Indians that I found against who have bonuses? -For the number of units the wars seemed guerrillas. -When this game came out, many kept playing Rise Of Nations. -I think that middle age has more magic than the age of enlightenment.
  • tric onex
    tric onex 6 months ago What I really hated about aoe3 is those cards/decks part and the lack of a campaign featuring historical leaders.
  • Debelo Ciganin
    Debelo Ciganin 5 months ago honestly just make aoe3 more like aoe2 and add a lot of the game aspects from aoe2 to aoe3 and it would make for a lot better game imo
  • Reuben Dias
    Reuben Dias 9 months ago 21:24 ... Spirit of the lol
  • TheWitchking123
    TheWitchking123 9 months ago Dude you're the best AoE YT channel out there! Could you make a video in the future talking about your thoughts regarding AoE3 or maybe why you think it failed to be as popular and good as AoE2?
  • TheWitchking123
    TheWitchking123 9 months ago I agree with the Victorian era thing. The heart and core of AoE has always been on the medieval warfare side of things.. AoE3 personally for me was a good game but was not an AoE game. Was more like a spin off of Total War... Also, lets not forget the fact the game absolutely dropped the balls when it came to the campaign. Instead of revolving around actual historical scenarios like prior titles, it relied on some bland, fictional story which imo was a HUGE waste of potential considering plenty of important historical events and battles took place at the time..
  • Duilio Murai
    Duilio Murai 9 months ago The "deck" stuff is what killed the multiplayer, it's good for variety, but too hard to master the gameplay.
  • Anirudh Viswanathan
    Anirudh Viswanathan 9 months ago Also, range units have a stupidly long reload time, around 3-4 seconds in real time. I tried to micro longbowmen as British, and it seriously wasn't worth it. They just take way too long to reload and they end up getting mobbed by even a very small group of cavalry, if they have more than 100hp.
  • Geo Pol
    Geo Pol 6 months ago @TheWitchking123 The heart of AOE hasn't been medieval. AOE1 is about the classical age, AOE2 is about the medieval age, so it made sense for the series to move ahead in time for AOE3 as it has done before. I would say its there is no deeper reason than that AOE2 is just a better game than AOE3 is.
  • tkzsfen
    tkzsfen 9 months ago those are stormtrooper stats "D :D: D: :D: D:D:
  • Burhan Umar
    Burhan Umar 9 months ago (edited) I'm a newbie at this game....mind if I join a game someday? BTW love your work, keep it up
  • Cri11e
    Cri11e 9 months ago Why do a newbie want to be rekt by some 2,7k players? Would just feel terrible imo. Join a noob lobby instead and have fun.
  • Burhan Umar
    Burhan Umar 9 months ago @Cri11e I suppose I could gain more experience from playing with pros?
  • Cri11e
    Cri11e 9 months ago A noble thought thats often echoed in esports, but Its like a baby doing a marathon with usain bolt. As a noob myself I can't even imagine what I could possibly learn except total annihilation. You'd learn more watching pros play on yt.
  • Burhan Umar
    Burhan Umar 9 months ago @Cri11e we'll see what's best
  • Blood Panthera
    Blood Panthera 9 months ago Crille I know what you wanted to tell there but... Usain Bolt is a sprinter not a Marathon runner I don't even know if he would be able to run it. Otherwise a baby shouldn't even be able to walk, so maybe your point is still valid? Yet still a weird comparasion man.
  • Daxter250
    Daxter250 9 months ago (edited) heh oddly enough, usain bolt will have diffculties in a marathon...'cause he is a sprinter ;).
  • Cri11e
    Cri11e 9 months ago I was thinking of Zlatan and football first but ye ye same same
  • Shah IV
    Shah IV 9 months ago Lucifer MorningStar don't play with top players. Three reasons. 1. They will never consider playing you. 2. Game will be over in 20-30 mins and you will be left wondering what just happened. 3. A lot of experts use strategies that would be a distinctly bad idea if we tried them, because we don't have the precision and skill to pull them off. And experts walk a thin line between a disaster from not doing enough and an even bigger disaster from doing too much, and somehow that is perfection. Play games around your own skill level (me perhaps :)) and maybe watch videos from youtube channels about expert matches. See you in the lobby :)
  • King Kinger
    King Kinger 9 months ago played with him before, he kept me in the game, but it was SUPER hard because the other players where slapping the rest of the team. if it wasnt for spirit we would have been rekt
  • rickychardzz
    rickychardzz 9 months ago Lucifer MorningStar you learn more watching experts on youtube..... and playing someone the same level
  • Abel Zamudio
    Abel Zamudio 9 months ago PLaying with pros won't help, keep watching videos and practicing with noobs. Trust me.
  • Òscar Ferrer Naval
    Òscar Ferrer Naval 9 months ago Lucifer MorningStar I would say that first of all you should watch build orders and practice them by yourself. Sometimes, by watching expert games, you just don't understand what they are doing exactly, and those build order videos show you the reason why they do what they do
  • Cri11e
    Cri11e 9 months ago Shah Raihan, wow nr3 is the best summary I've heard, mind blown.
  • Rico
    Rico 9 months ago Lucifer MorningStar hardest AI is roughly at SoTL level actually
  • Booklat1
    Booklat1 9 months ago I've played the age of empire series for like twenty year, having played more then 300 hours in aoe3 this year alone. That being said, I'd still get annihilated if I played aoe2 with this guy. Pros will not necessarily play at 100% all time, but their 50% is already pretty efficient since they know the game so well. Its usually better to get a hard grip on the basics before playing really good players. I'm curious, what brought you to start playing aoe? its not a new game, thats what i mean.
  • machaiping
    machaiping 9 months ago (edited) Speaking of old game; I once played AOE2 during my childhood and always stumped as to why computer keep kicking my ass. It's only now, watching Spirit's videos, that I realized I never kill a single sheep during my short time playing it and it's why I lost. (turning my empire into vegan civilization before it was a thing, I guess?) I think I'll wait for Gaben's New year sale before deciding whether I'll buy this new one though. But maybe because Empire Earth AI leave bad impression on me that make me reluctant despite different developers. (Cheat to the point that turtle and one big attack is the only way to win, harassment is meaningless against them)
  • shit deep deep shit
    shit deep deep shit 6 months ago Just play castle Blood and forget everything else.
  • Duke of Lorraine
    Duke of Lorraine 9 months ago (edited) 16:58 no F ? Remember the Goths' defence ?
  • NeonKnightOA
    NeonKnightOA 6 days ago Well, he may have run out of Fs to give, lol!
  • Emperor Caesar
    Emperor Caesar 9 months ago instant like