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how to paint and doodle loose florals + minimize paper buckling (beginner level)

Published on Jun 9, 2019 175,778 views

are you still in a creative slump? this project is so easy, you will make batches of them! absolutely perfect for beginners as well.
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  • Donna Fabulous!
    Donna Fabulous! 1 month ago Light, romantic, pretty 😍👏🏽👌🏽💫
  • Frankie Reed
    Frankie Reed 1 day ago I love this type painting! Your tutorial is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you!
  • Ikey 201
    Ikey 201 1 day ago Thank you so much for sharing a much easier way to prep watercolor paper. I have not followed any previous instruction because it was more work than I cared to undertake. Now I feel confident to do a "wet on wet" painting -- thank you!! Also, let me say that your voice, the nice music, the speed of your videos, all together sums up a wonderful tutorial experience. This is the first or second video I have watched and look forward to going through all of them at some point. It's no surprise you have 957 comments!! Kudos :-)
  • Jeff F
    Jeff F 2 days ago Yes to books! Great project and beautiful work!
  • merle ann johnson
    merle ann johnson 1 day ago Can't wait to try this Thanks...:O)
  • Stacey O
    Stacey O 1 month ago So beautiful! I like the doodled ones best. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching you create.
  • Kimberlee Brooks-Trakis
    Kimberlee Brooks-Trakis 11 hours ago Great tutorial, Simple, easy to follow. WOW... just WOW
  • Nan Malecki
    Nan Malecki 19 hours ago I like the ones without the doodles. I still read books and those bookmarks are so lovely.
  • Frankie Reed
    Frankie Reed 1 day ago I added my comment BEFORE I watched the doodling. I LOVE the doodling so much. I am self taught and have also made a bunch of bookmarks from “ failed” paintings but nothing to compare with yours. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas!
  • Andrea Cotton
    Andrea Cotton 2 days ago there all beautyful and make me think I could do this A xx
  • Johanne Lacombe
    Johanne Lacombe 1 month ago I love the result. Love both with and without doodling.
  • Shunu Bhat
    Shunu Bhat 23 hours ago Each of the bookmarks are lovely!
  • Once Again
    Once Again 3 days ago I like the non doodled ones best, since abstract is my favorite thing! I think you like the non doodled ones too, haha. I want to get back into reading books! It's been too long and i used to read so much ;-; Anyway thank you for the tutorial :D
  • C Portinga
    C Portinga 27 minutes ago Yes ! I read books too ❤️
  • Rana Zahr
    Rana Zahr 4 days ago I love them all! Thank you for sharing. You are so gifted. God bless you
  • Beret Nice
    Beret Nice 1 month ago Genius tip with spray bottle dampening the underside of the paper!
  • Ya S
    Ya S 1 month ago 100%
  • Nazario Patrimonio
    Nazario Patrimonio 1 day ago Hi, can you please show your pallet where you combined your colors, so i have an idea what combined colors you are putting, anyways nice video!
  • Susan Handsom
    Susan Handsom 4 days ago Love this technique! As soon as I put my sewing machine up I'm breaking out the watercolors! Both ways are beautiful, the doodled ones look like the pen and ink style. For me, I like the undoodled ones better and I think you are of the same mind.
  • Prachi Galange
    Prachi Galange 1 day ago My paper dries super fast! Any tips please?
  • Kyomii
    Kyomii 6 hours ago Use 100 % cotton watercolour paper
  • Kat Kathi
    Kat Kathi 4 days ago The doodled ones, for sure, since I am into that right now,Thank you for sharing this!