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Watercolor Travel Kit- Which Art Supplies Did I Take??

Published on Apr 26, 2019 3,042 views

In this video I'm sharing the art supplies I took on my recent vacation. I paint in my studio 99% of the time, and while on vacation I painted indoors and not in the field.

There are many great videos here on YouTube with recommendations on travel kits by more experienced on-the-go and plein air painters, so make sure you check them out before assembling your own travel kit!

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Shown in the video-

A5 Traveler's Notebook Cover & blank insert-

The other insert is Tamoe River paper insert from Etsy-

Amy Tangerine Watercolor set-

Red Bubble pencil case/pouch-

Prima watercolor pencils-

Faber Castell watercolor pencils-

Winsor & Newton Travel Bag-
Best price by far is at Jackson's Art-

My video about it-

Paul Rubens brushes-

Jackson's Silverline Dagger brush-

the other ones that I used less but are shown in the video-

Princeton Neptune round #8-

Jackson's Mop #6-

Daniel Smith Ultimate Mixing set-

My ''Rainbow” palette-

Colors mentioned-
Winsor & Newton Cobalt Violet
Schmincke Cobalt Teal
Sennelier Cobalt Turquoise
I buy my watercolors at Jackson's-

Artgraf watercolor graphite-

Altenew 36 Half pans set-

Altenew Empty case (a bargain in my opinion!)-

Staedler Pigment Liner-

Muji 0.5 pen-

Jelly Roll White gel pen #10-

Travel brushes-

Prismacolor Col-erase pencil-

Stabilo All pencil in graphite-

Jackson's 5.6mm Lead Holder-

5.6mm 6B Leads-

Stillman & Birn Beta Series Soft Cover Sketchbook-

Stillman & Birn Alpha series (paper is not as heavy as beta)-


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  • Samantha Mann
    Samantha Mann 2 months ago so fun!! and so happy you and your girls were able to make use of some of the supplies you brought! win!
  • By Weiss
    By Weiss 2 months ago LOVE this video! Thank you for showing us :D
  • E M
    E M 2 months ago This was awesome💥 so sad I missed the notification 😞
  • art and crafting lady
    art and crafting lady 2 months ago great that you and girls using supplies nice selection thank you for sharing
  • Sheilla Allen
    Sheilla Allen 2 months ago (edited) I have no idea how those pallets made it into manufacturing for Daniel Smith. They are so useless. I love the idea of the swatches on the opening page of the journal. So going to do that on my next journal!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Right?!?! It's amazing they went ahead with that... You should absolutely do the palette on the opening page, I'm hooked!
  • Jill Wiswall
    Jill Wiswall 2 months ago I love seeing travel kits and hearing what worked and what didn’t; this was perfect and informative, thanks!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Glad you enjoyed Jill! I hope to do more painting while traveling in the future!
  • Julie Hamm
    Julie Hamm 2 months ago I LOVE these kinds of videos!!!! I am so glad you posted this!!! ❤️
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Glad you liked it Julie!
  • Jill S
    Jill S 2 months ago Great video Irit, I just want to say I have one of those Alta new palettes and I just love it, going to buy another one for my new watercolor set that I will buy with some of your suggestions. D.S. and Schmincke. Also your journal cover is a must have on any trip it’s beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing Jill
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Thanks so much Jill! Sounds like that's going to be a great palette!
  • NB Pretty Papers
    NB Pretty Papers 2 months ago I always like to see what people take as travel set. Thanks for sharing.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Glad you enjoyed! I like seeing that too, so many great ideas out there!
  • Jeanette Gillings
    Jeanette Gillings 2 months ago Thank you for the great informative video Irit....I’m definitely going to get one of those empty palettes...
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Glad you enjoyed Jeanette! I think that palette is a bargain!
  • Moira OReilly
    Moira OReilly 2 months ago Oh what fun! I have never tried to paint outside of my craft space! But, that lovely Altenew palette is calling my name LOL :)
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Haha, yes, I am way too intimidated and self concious to paint in a public place, but my bedroom or hotel room was the perfect space on this trip! That palette is great! And for that price?!
  • Jeanette Gillings
    Jeanette Gillings 2 months ago Me too! 😊
  • That artsy boi
    That artsy boi 2 months ago 1st to comment
  • T Bea
    T Bea 2 months ago I would love an in depth look at the colours you took.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago T Bea I'll try to make another video soon, but it's mostly Daniel Smith ultimate mixing set, the 2 new paints I mention, and some of my brighter colors, which are shown in this video -
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 2 months ago What brush is the one in the middle -the fluffy one plse?
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Haha, most people only need a handful, myself included, but it's nice to try a variety of shapes and styles.
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 2 months ago Wow ...that's quite a lot of brushes- thank you for sharing your knowledge. XO @Irit Landgraf
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago No problem! I like it a lot, and for natural hair brush the price is really good, as are all of Jackson's own brushes. I haven't talked a lot about brushes actually. I have a few go to ones, I love the Escoda Perla round brushes, Princeton Neptune are beautiful too. I have been getting a lot of use from my Paul Rubens brush set (I linked to it here in this video in the info section). Escoda Versatil rigger is another great one... It really depends on what kind of style you have, if you need your brush to hold a lot of water or not... Detail work, how much snap and control you want. I've tried a lot and at the end of the day I use just a handful from the many I own :)
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 2 months ago My apologies- I did not look! How do you rate it? have you done any brush comparison videos Irit? XO
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago It's Jackson's mop #6, there's a link in the information section :)
  • Life with Evi
    Life with Evi 2 months ago Great video.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Thanks Evi!
  • Madeline Zukowski
    Madeline Zukowski 2 months ago Yet, another wonderful video! I I am wondering the name & brand of the neon yellow paint you have in your travel pallet, third row, second from the left??? I have watched all of your watercolor pallet videos and have purchased many of my colors based off of your recommendations, so thank you for having such lovely taste in colors!
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Thanks so much Madeline! Glad you enjoyed! I am pretty sure it's Shinhan Pass hybrid paint in lemon yellow, neon indeed!
    INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART 2 months ago (edited) I have two of those worthless Daniel Smith boxes. I'm wondering if we take the lid off, then we can lay it flat and use it as a palette. Afterwards, we can set the lid back on, then keep in on with a rubber band or something. A fancy colorful band of course. What do you think of that idea Irit?
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago YESSSS rainbow will make everything better!
    INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART 2 months ago (edited) @Irit Landgraf I LIKE the box, just not it's lack of functionality. As a two-piece unit it works. : ) Now I just need a rainbow rubber band.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Lol I admire your persistence. I think I will just dump them!
  • Darlene Love
    Darlene Love 2 months ago Please do not purchase from Jackson's Art. They have stolen almost $400 from me. I returned a Schminke 48 full pan set in a wooden box still in its plastic wrap in perfect unused condition. They refuse to refund me for this return even though they admit they received this item at their warehouse over 2 months ago. Please please please do not shop here unless you like being scammed.
  • Irit Landgraf
    Irit Landgraf 2 months ago Oh no, so sorry to hear you've had a bad experience! Personally I have ordered mulitple times and never had any issues... I'm really sorry to hear that happened to you!