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I tried Kpop idol IU’s diet for FAST WEIGHT LOSS | 아이유 다이어트 해봤어요! I lost 7 pounds in 3 days

Published on Oct 4, 2018 2,069,226 views

I tried IU’s diet for 3 days and lost 7lbs..

I ate 1 apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes for lunch and a protein shake for dinner which is 523 calories in total. On top of that I went to the gym for 2 hrs all 3 days. This puts me in a caloric deficit which means I'm taking in lower calories than I am burning, therefore, losing weight. So yeah I basically starved myself for 3 days.
Most of the weight I did lose was from water weight. 2 days after this diet I have gained back 2 pounds. Like almost all diets, most (if not all) of the weight comes back after beginning to eat normally. What does last is a healthy lifestyle.
I don't eat like this normally. This video was for educational and entertainment purposes.

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  • Helen Moon
    Helen Moon 2 months ago Obviously I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that but I try to be as helpful as I can and talk to you guys like a friend. Answers to frequent Questions: -I use Orgain Organic Protein Powder with almond milk and ice -I boiled my sweet potatoes but you can also microwave them -my instagrams @moonojam
  • XxjanediamondXx Moon
    XxjanediamondXx Moon 2 weeks ago Helen Moon hi it is me 가인 from retreat
  • rhaff dragon
    rhaff dragon 1 month ago 여신😍😍😍
  • y’all bitches can’t even spell skinny
    y’all bitches can’t even spell skinny 1 month ago Helen Moon I wonder if your ig user has anything to do with BTS- “Mono” the album from RM “Jams” “you got no jams”
  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 1 month ago What if I don't have eny protein powder?😅😅
  • Myshiteu
    Myshiteu 1 month ago Wait what exercises did u do??
  • Lizbeth Jeon
    Lizbeth Jeon 1 month ago It will really help me a lot
  • Lizbeth Jeon
    Lizbeth Jeon 1 month ago Can u make a video of the after effects plzzzzz
  • Chloe Reyes
    Chloe Reyes 7 months ago Me:ooohhhh let me try 1 hour later Me:I think im getting thinner!!! 3 mins later Me:Eating Mcdonalds
    ATINY ARMY 2 days ago Same🤠
  • Sasha Is A.R.M.Y
    Sasha Is A.R.M.Y 5 days ago Chloe Reyes meee af
  • Jimin's sexy BoOoooTy
    Jimin's sexy BoOoooTy 5 days ago Me 😂 😂 😂
    MOCHI ASMR 1 week ago Hahaha
  • ZhariaPlays
    ZhariaPlays 2 weeks ago @Kim Hana 😂😂😂
  • Kim Hana
    Kim Hana 2 weeks ago Yea i just work out like for 10 min and we eat a burger lol
  • Yukka Nahothe
    Yukka Nahothe 2 weeks ago @ZhariaPlays oh, i understood with success♡♥♡ : )
  • ZhariaPlays
    ZhariaPlays 2 weeks ago @Yukka Nahothe i be doin the same thing that u be doin lol
  • Yukka Nahothe
    Yukka Nahothe 2 weeks ago @ZhariaPlays what??
  • ZhariaPlays
    ZhariaPlays 2 weeks ago Thats me !
  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel 3 weeks ago @Yukka Nahothe OK🤟
  • Yukka Nahothe
    Yukka Nahothe 3 weeks ago @Angel Angel oh ok sorry
  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel 3 weeks ago @Yukka Nahothe I don't make this video OK.. So I don't know
  • Yukka Nahothe
    Yukka Nahothe 3 weeks ago @Angel Angel what are the ingredients of this drink? I want to respond quickly
  • Gfg Gf
    Gfg Gf 4 weeks ago Exacccctttttllyyyyyyy
  • yuni da queen
    yuni da queen 1 month ago Chloe Reyes Me irl be Like :
  • KarinaK
    KarinaK 1 month ago That was me when I was on my diet 😂
  • depression sucks_101
    depression sucks_101 1 month ago Thats very unhealthy but I can relate
  • 유베짱
    유베짱 1 month ago My frienddd 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we r together
  • Antonia Elias
    Antonia Elias 1 month ago Chloe Reyes ME HAHA
  • Jiminie Mochi
    Jiminie Mochi 1 month ago Chloe Reyes girl you deserve it 😂🤣
  • Chrizelle Halos
    Chrizelle Halos 1 month ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Katiana Sanchez
    Katiana Sanchez 1 month ago Ahahahahhaha
  • Gacha N!kk!
    Gacha N!kk! 1 month ago So me on every diet😂
  • Eternal Ocean
    Eternal Ocean 1 month ago I’ve never related to a post as much as I relate to this - I relate to this on a spiritual level
  • Melisho
    Melisho 1 month ago The way I snorted
  • Jinn Falconi
    Jinn Falconi 2 months ago yesss u deserve it 😂😂
  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel 2 months ago U don't need to be thin..... Just enjoy ur life with what u have. OK😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
  • Harkiran Wraich
    Harkiran Wraich 2 months ago Lol this is me
  • Melanie Carranza
    Melanie Carranza 2 months ago Chloe Reyes this is so me
    ARMY GIRL 2 months ago hahaha😂
  • Faiza
    Faiza 7 months ago "It's an unhealthy diet" Me after seeing the results: Mom,do we have any sweet potatoes?
  • Dewinda Wu
    Dewinda Wu 5 days ago @Lil_ BTS_ARMY but I only eat 800-900 calories a day
  • ドキドキbluehana
    ドキドキbluehana 5 days ago true
  • Jimin's sexy BoOoooTy
    Jimin's sexy BoOoooTy 5 days ago Me 😂 😂 😂 😂
  • Elizabeth Hernandez
    Elizabeth Hernandez 1 week ago I made my mom to buy me them sweet potatoes right away 😂😔😔😔
  • Alaïa Audrey.
    Alaïa Audrey. 1 week ago I can't do that. My mom will ask why and I have to tell her why. Instead, I earn money by doing anything like babysitting, dog walking, and tutoring. I live by a grocery store so I can walk and get the things
  • Silke Hald Kristensen
    Silke Hald Kristensen 1 week ago I did the same😂
  • OkayEm
    OkayEm 1 week ago Same
  • Lisakook sweet _like_suga
    Lisakook sweet _like_suga 2 weeks ago Lol same but asking my self lol
  • Corina Methorst
    Corina Methorst 3 weeks ago Take care💓
  • ok
    ok 3 weeks ago does anyone know what she makes her protein shake out of?
  • YasAngelz
    YasAngelz 3 weeks ago Same
  • v. // yootip
    v. // yootip 3 weeks ago Faiza my mom gives me sweet potatoes every dayy and I hate them and she also gives me a bowl of fruit everyday, then my dad gives me vitamins and protein shakes :( I won’t like this diet cause YUCK
  • 미혜mihye
    미혜mihye 3 weeks ago same.
  • Samara Vázquez
    Samara Vázquez 1 month ago I told my mom about this diet and she literally told me “Bitch you are going to die” and I said “So... can I do it” and she went “NO” I swear my mom is my best friend
    TURNUP_ LETSGOPARTY 1 month ago like actually me fr fr
  • Kitu Acharya
    Kitu Acharya 1 month ago @Genius Min Yoon-gi thank u for putting this here I'm bout go in my school dance team so I just want to be skinnjy and fit in again thanks
  • Genius Min Yoon-gi
    Genius Min Yoon-gi 1 month ago Guys dont do it, I tried IU's diet for a week as well and at the end of the week I passed out and went to the hospital. A lot of my muscle was gone and still is...I'm 5'7 btw...but dont do it, I learned the hard way and stayed in the hospital for a quite a long time...I'm not sure what I was previously but I lost around 8or 7 pounds and let me tell you I got so skinny I had to eat full meals 24/7...I know that some of you are wanted to "be skinny" but do it the healthier way please. Dont be a bish, they make videos like this to warn you not to do it...and guess what I only have 40% of my muscle back and I'm a dancer so I have to stop what I love for 4 more just don't do it please!!💜💜💜💜💜
  • mingso limbu
    mingso limbu 1 month ago @Lil_ BTS_ARMY depends on your height and age
  • Kitu Acharya
    Kitu Acharya 1 month ago I asjed her that she said no 😔
  • BitchesStayMad
    BitchesStayMad 1 month ago Faiza right
  • Bojana D
    Bojana D 1 month ago LMAOOO SAME
  • Mickey Edits
    Mickey Edits 1 month ago im gonna do that
  • 유베짱
    유베짱 1 month ago OMG IM NOT THE ONLY WHO THOUGHT THAG😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • mya.moore
    mya.moore 1 month ago Faiza mooood 😂
  • høpę
    høpę 1 month ago @Lil_ BTS_ARMY what? Really? I have way less than that
  • Xenia
    Xenia 1 month ago @Yuno Gasai This is not funny.This is not black humor.This is straight up disordering.
  • nadinetsun
    nadinetsun 1 month ago SAME XD
  • Jaehyun's Wife
    Jaehyun's Wife 1 month ago That's the true
  • julyacass
    julyacass 1 month ago Faiza same here ahahahahahaha
  • lilly flower
    lilly flower 1 month ago @Yuno Gasai I also have a dark sense of humor. But I developed an eating disorder when I was young and seeing people comment shit like this is one of the things that helped me justify it. I don't care if you want to laugh at it. But I'm still going to take it very seriously, because I have lost friends to eating disorders, and I see people saying shit like this ALL the time on yt. It's not a healthy way to think.
  • eye roll
    eye roll 1 month ago (edited) Please don’t do this. I tried this (plus other diets) 8 months ago and wouldn’t stop until I hit 84 pounds (I’m 5’7), but I’m slowly trying to recover
  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai 1 month ago @lilly flower lmao. People ignored this. Lmao. But Tbh these people like myself have dark humor, or probably have dark humor. So don't get butt hurt over what people are laughing at. I understand that it's a serious thing. But come on.
  • Mia._.
    Mia._. 1 month ago Omg same friend!
  • lilly flower
    lilly flower 1 month ago Seriously, this diet is not healthy. Do not do it. 500 something calories a day will starve your body. That means that while you will lose weight, you will be losing muscle mass as well and you'll be very weak. Your body will hold onto your fat because it thinks you are dying from starvation, making you look bloated and puffy. Your hair will be less shiny and start to fall out. It can begin to damage your internal organs and cause infertility. There is a minimum calorie intake FOR A REASON. Eating only 500 something calories a day is disordered eating and can lead to life ending disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Take it from someone who used to eat 500 max calories a day, you will gain every pound you lose on this diet back. I now eat 1,200 calories a day, exercise for 30 minutes daily and have lost over 40 pounds in six months. Don't just "haha same" this kind of stuff- it is DANGEROUS, unhealthy, and ineffective in the long term.
  • Hannah Gonzalez
    Hannah Gonzalez 1 month ago lmao mee
  • Kim Rose
    Kim Rose 2 months ago Faiza 😂😂
  • Gachalifelover
    Gachalifelover 2 months ago Same😂😂😂
  • Dunya's world
    Dunya's world 2 months ago plesee dont kill me pleasee
  • Alex UwU
    Alex UwU 2 months ago Same
  • l a v e n d e r
    l a v e n d e r 2 months ago Rose Hiraoka your english is amazing, what are you talking about??
  • purpl3jamz XD
    purpl3jamz XD 2 months ago XD
  • Jojo Nader
    Jojo Nader 2 months ago Same😂😂😂😂
  • Layal Badran
    Layal Badran 2 months ago Same 😂😂😂
  • Ghalia ardan
    Ghalia ardan 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Rose Hiraoka
    Rose Hiraoka 2 months ago If you were to try the IU diet, you would consume about 520 calories a day, I believe. So by 3 days, you would have consumed a little over how much you should in ONE DAY. Sure you lose weight, but not very healthy (sorry for my bad English)
  • Lil_ BTS_ARMY
    Lil_ BTS_ARMY 3 months ago same but then I realized how unhealthy this is since an average person should have 1500 calories day!
  • Kamu Bastola
    Kamu Bastola 3 months ago Faiza same here lol😂😂
  • Juliette Akanador
    Juliette Akanador 1 month ago Her:don't do this *Me sees results Me:i definitely remember seeing some potatoes in the kitchen
  • i love kpop tee hee
    i love kpop tee hee 1 week ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Aqsa Bibi
    Aqsa Bibi 1 month ago 火をつけるージKumaKuma I- THREE MONTHS. mY fAt aSs wOuLdNt lAsT tHrEe dAyS 😂
  • 火をつけるージKumaKuma
    火をつけるージKumaKuma 1 month ago I did this went on for 3 months but I stopped because I was really losing energy ):
  • Potato Are bootiful
    Potato Are bootiful 1 month ago Same
  • Taylor Raine
    Taylor Raine 4 months ago I wouldn’t be able to do this diet, my Mom notices if I lose like 3 pounds and would feed me a full course meal.
  • KPOPPER Tkkz
    KPOPPER Tkkz 18 hours ago Same
  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 2 days ago I can relate so much, I lost weight on my stomach and my face started to become smaller. My mom fed me a 3 course meal.
  • KawaiiKoala
    KawaiiKoala 5 days ago Yeah my mother did that
  • Sasha Is A.R.M.Y
    Sasha Is A.R.M.Y 5 days ago Taylor Raine Same sis
  • galaxy 67890
    galaxy 67890 6 days ago @Amira Longoria ya i guess your right ohh well i cant get protien powder u guess its water lol if i ever do this.
  • Amira Longoria
    Amira Longoria 6 days ago @galaxy 67890 fruit has natural sugar in it so that wouldn't work I've tried
  • galaxy 67890
    galaxy 67890 6 days ago I like how my parents care so much but only for three days come on i probably wouldent do a protein shake thou i would probably get frozen strawberries and milk and blend that with no sugar its good
  • galaxy 67890
    galaxy 67890 6 days ago Ikr
  • Amira Longoria
    Amira Longoria 1 week ago My mom lowkey says that I shouldn't eat too much chocolate and then comes home from work with 3 ice cream sundaes for us to share--
  • Anaisa06 Ko
    Anaisa06 Ko 2 weeks ago My mom would think I would be sick and take me to do shots 🤣🤣🤣
  • krei
    krei 3 weeks ago saem
    THICC WICC 3 weeks ago Taylor Raine same, my mom would literally feed me a whole restaurants menu
  • NuShRaT JeRiN
    NuShRaT JeRiN 3 weeks ago @Taylor Raine I Feel You Buddy
  • Prerna Biswakarma
    Prerna Biswakarma 4 weeks ago True😔
  • mini bae
    mini bae 1 month ago Mehreen Faisal bruh i feel you!!
  • zahida saeed
    zahida saeed 1 month ago same
  • That weird and lonely kid
    That weird and lonely kid 1 month ago GIRL DON'T EVEN TRY TO DO THIS!!!!
  • R Burns
    R Burns 1 month ago same!
  • xxximtrash xxx
    xxximtrash xxx 1 month ago Same
  • Blck. Rose
    Blck. Rose 1 month ago Taylor Raine same bro 😭
  • Hyelin’s Yoongi
    Hyelin’s Yoongi 1 month ago Oml samee
  • Yuna chan
    Yuna chan 1 month ago Same. My mom would go cook my favorite meals which makes my diet plans fly out of the window
  • Zaaad 08
    Zaaad 08 1 month ago Correct me if I’m wrong but based on your comment, are you Filipino?😂
  • lil egg
    lil egg 1 month ago my mum doesnt even cook me anything anymore
  • sToB iT
    sToB iT 1 month ago @_Meow_Mix _ I always skip breakfast not cause I'm trying to lose weight or something, breakfest just makes me and my stomach feel weird in the morning. And most breakfast foods make me sick.
  • Heyo it's me
    Heyo it's me 1 month ago My mom too
  • JennieKate
    JennieKate 1 month ago GamingWithKat :3 How old are you? That’s a huge weight loss for a kid.
  • FEAR 0
    FEAR 0 1 month ago Omg same
  • julyacass
    julyacass 1 month ago Taylor Raine same here with the mom thing but when my gramma or mom sees me eating THAT less food they’ll be sayin like you’ll have ulcer and somethin
  • _Meow_Mix _
    _Meow_Mix _ 1 month ago a fan of a bunch of things ... dont skip breakfast .. if anything stop eating at night or after 7 ... its healthier that way since breakfast is the most importnat meal and ypur body gets to burn it during the day vs ypu eating at nigjt ypu go to sleep and ypu stay with all the food
  • Chittaphon jae
    Chittaphon jae 1 month ago Taylor Raine trueee
  • j j
    j j 1 month ago same
  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie Lopez 1 month ago Taylor Raine exactly,if I get out of school and don’t eat my dad is like “you already know what’s gonna happen if u don’t eat “ but in Spanish
  • joonam.
    joonam. 1 month ago Same
  • Alexa Stay
    Alexa Stay 1 month ago Taylor Raine i was on a diet where I lost one too three kilos per day...
  • GamingWithKat :3
    GamingWithKat :3 2 months ago samee once she caught up to me loosing about 14 pounds she started to force me to eat ;-; I used to be like about 79 or 78 pounds but now I am 64
  • a fan of a bunch of things
    a fan of a bunch of things 2 months ago i was trying to do intermitent fasting by skipping breakfast (still 3 meals a day, dont worry) but my mom begs me to eat in the morning lol
  • Ella Feti
    Ella Feti 2 months ago You think that's bad?? My mom sent me to therapy...
  • crystal snow
    crystal snow 2 months ago (edited) She is like my moooOom My mom knew I was on diet, but was like, " hey eat this , let us go to McDonalds "
  • 조디Jodi-
    조디Jodi- 2 months ago Taylor Raine our mother’s are the same . My mother asks me what I eat daily 😓
  • Romeen Taylor Jr.
    Romeen Taylor Jr. 2 months ago A aspire to be this kind of mother.
  • Saranghae BTS
    Saranghae BTS 2 months ago Sameeeeee
  • Nor Azlyn
    Nor Azlyn 2 months ago You are so lucky have mom like that while me my mom doesn’t care🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Montserrat Soto
    Montserrat Soto 2 months ago Taylor Raine 😂😂😂 true
  • 갤럭시 민트ツ
    갤럭시 민트ツ 2 months ago Sis same!
  • Mehreen Faisal
    Mehreen Faisal 2 months ago same!!
  • Willow Jackson
    Willow Jackson 4 months ago I like how she just gets straight to the point
  • annsimon Khalil
    annsimon Khalil 1 month ago Me: Mom I will start diet today Mom: okay baby My mom cooked all the delicious food that day
    J HOPE NOODLES 1 day ago Ahhaha
  • Jimin's sexy BoOoooTy
    Jimin's sexy BoOoooTy 5 days ago Omg I can relate 😂
  • Sweating from my Eyes
    Sweating from my Eyes 2 weeks ago @ᄋ ᅳ ᄋjiminverse Isn't the Jimin diet unhealthy too? Health is more important than getting rid of extra body weight. Remember that. Love yourself.
  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂
  • bella dominates
    bella dominates 3 weeks ago annsimon Khalil honestly I feel like my mom be doing it on purpose 😞
  • ᄋ ᅳ ᄋjiminverse
    ᄋ ᅳ ᄋjiminverse 1 month ago Yaaas same I freaking hate when people be doin that tho like I told her how I'ma start the jimin BTS diet and she was like gurl in this house sure haha and she was right to cuz like 3 hours later we ended up going to a fricking restaurant
  • Barry McCockinher
    Barry McCockinher 3 months ago Can't do this diet. Burger king will miss me
  • Jeoniee Jeon
    Jeoniee Jeon 3 weeks ago Nahh, Jollibee will miss me.
  • Al Wa
    Al Wa 3 weeks ago The worlds not ending tomorrow
  • Isabel
    Isabel 1 month ago @IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist For you its not, but for  Ennvy Dasha it is.
  • Isabel
    Isabel 1 month ago @지민의 아내 That's your opinion
  • Nadeen Eldahshan
    Nadeen Eldahshan 1 month ago 😂😭😭I’m dead
  • Xenia
    Xenia 1 month ago And your health
  • Barry McCockinher
    Barry McCockinher 2 months ago @IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist And yes people have different interests in foods or restaurants
  • Barry McCockinher
    Barry McCockinher 2 months ago @지민의 아내 Mc donald gave me a stomachvirus. So yeah
  • IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist
    IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist 2 months ago Ennvy Dasha 😂😂😂 sis Burger King ain’t even good
  • 지민의 아내
    지민의 아내 2 months ago Ennvy Dasha fuck Burger king. Mc is better.
  • heartlm
    heartlm 2 months ago me
  • Victoria Saunders
    Victoria Saunders 5 days ago I am finally starting to lose 5 pounds a week after trying a new keto pill I found at
  • Chan chan trash
    Chan chan trash 1 month ago Me: after seeing the results ooo I wanna do this Me: eats apple hmm 10 minutes later Me: eating a burrito
  • Https. Gacha
    Https. Gacha 1 month ago Asain moms when you eat: WoAh you getting sO fAT Asain moms when you havent aten: are you hungry?, are you hungry? I made food
  • Lee Eun-Ki
    Lee Eun-Ki 2 weeks ago Relatable😆
  • Https. Gacha
    Https. Gacha 1 month ago @lil egg ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • lil egg
    lil egg 1 month ago asian mums: *gives mangoes and other fruits me: but i dont want more fo- asian mums: *starts a war over u not eating extra food *
  • Uniqorn Dreamz
    Uniqorn Dreamz 1 month ago Me: let me try this diet Mom: come here noodles is ready! ! Haha this happens everywhere but with different food
  • Mia I
    Mia I 1 month ago Uniqorn Dreamz I want noodles🥵
  • ·塩辛い雌犬
    ·塩辛い雌犬 3 months ago (edited) Me: I'm never going to do this, this us so unhealthy! Sees results Me: MOM WHERE ARE THE APPLES AND SWEET POTATOES Btw, I bought some apples.
  • xMrs Pandix
    xMrs Pandix 1 week ago ·塩辛い雌犬 of that ain’t me
  • Sweating from my Eyes
    Sweating from my Eyes 2 weeks ago Be careful and stay healthy
  • jungshook _ed
    jungshook _ed 8 months ago Oh wait...we have to work out? OK nvm
  • Spazztastic_ Trash
    Spazztastic_ Trash 4 hours ago Sameee
  • Kelsey
    Kelsey 1 day ago Bruh sammmmmme
  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 2 days ago LOL My parents are Asian and they stuff food down my throat if I don’t eat anything😂
  • Daniela Bernes
    Daniela Bernes 2 weeks ago Same!
  • Rose Gamer57
    Rose Gamer57 3 weeks ago I wish i had a body like jk
  • Hinata Uzumaki
    Hinata Uzumaki 1 month ago lmaoooo
    BTS ARMY 1 month ago Same 😂
  • Yoongi makes my heartu go boom boom
    Yoongi makes my heartu go boom boom 1 month ago Mee
  • Some Girl lolol
    Some Girl lolol 1 month ago haha same
  • Hanni Michalek
    Hanni Michalek 1 month ago jungshook _ed omg lols that’s exactly what I thought lmao
  • Jasmin Callejas
    Jasmin Callejas 1 month ago It's because of the protein drink and everytime you drink it you first have to excersise a little
  • Kim Rose
    Kim Rose 2 months ago jungshook _ed 😭😛
  • Dunya's world
    Dunya's world 2 months ago hahahaha iaman deadd
  • Vanessa Amandip
    Vanessa Amandip 2 months ago Same even tough i‘m skinny I‘m really weak like I am sooo weak in art i couldn’t open my paint box someone had to open it for me 😂😂
  • TotallyTrash
    TotallyTrash 2 months ago SAME
  • spill the tea sis
    spill the tea sis 2 months ago jungshook _ed Worldwide handsome❤️
  • Alex UwU
    Alex UwU 2 months ago Thats what i told myself
  • Madeleine Wall
    Madeleine Wall 2 months ago WHAT A MOOD
  • Sam Park
    Sam Park 2 months ago Sameeeee
  • crystal snow
    crystal snow 2 months ago MOOD
  • stAy wAlkEr
    stAy wAlkEr 2 months ago im jungshook by dat too ARMYY
  • Melanie Valenzuela M.
    Melanie Valenzuela M. 2 months ago LMFIAISISJD
  • Yielah
    Yielah 2 months ago I'll do this for onky 2 days haha i don't wanna starve myself 'cause i'm not used to eat like this.
  • himiko toga
    himiko toga 2 months ago jungshook _ed PAHAHAHHAHAHAH
  • I’m Ded
    I’m Ded 2 months ago Same lol
  • purpl3jamz XD
    purpl3jamz XD 2 months ago MOOD XDDD
  • Jolie Aranda
    Jolie Aranda 2 months ago Lazy af 😂
  • Sri Vogt
    Sri Vogt 2 months ago hey army ❤️
  • Candice Sarigumba
    Candice Sarigumba 2 months ago IKR
  • F K
  • Yasmin Mouauia
    Yasmin Mouauia 4 months ago Losing weight 80% working out 20% food (diet)
  • john’s banana
    john’s banana 4 months ago KSKSJSJSWJ ME
  • Ashley Juliet
    Ashley Juliet 5 months ago LOL SAMEEE
  • pastel maria
    pastel maria 5 months ago What I said
  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 6 months ago Omg mood
  • Leader Hoshi
    Leader Hoshi 6 months ago Brook mee
  • Alain Ventura
    Alain Ventura 6 months ago jungshook _ed lol so true
  • uhhheli
    uhhheli 6 months ago same
  • Jasmine Roa
    Jasmine Roa 6 months ago Yea coz if u want to be iu u have to coz she's a singer and a dancer. Soo.. Yea... You have to have stamina to perform.. And muscles.
  • kristine
    kristine 6 months ago SIS ME
  • Gail
    Gail 6 months ago this is me on every kpop diet video
  • Verona MexiPeru
    Verona MexiPeru 6 months ago Lol.Same.
  • TV Songs
    TV Songs 6 months ago Thats exactly what i thought💀💀💀😂
  • thot and furry destroyer
    thot and furry destroyer 6 months ago Nuh uh
  • Manggaetteok Chim
    Manggaetteok Chim 6 months ago jungshook _ed literally me
    CHIMMY JM 7 months ago A. R. M. Y. ❤️
    AND SPRITE 7 months ago jungshook _ed pff I’m too self conscious for a gym
  • Sebastian Aloeyshes
    Sebastian Aloeyshes 7 months ago I mean yessss...I'm in guy's 😁😁
  • hi im not a human
    hi im not a human 7 months ago same
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    Strawberry Taehyung 7 months ago SAME 😂
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    Samantha Tunacao 7 months ago LOL ^_^ Same im rlly lazy AHAHAHA
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    i dunno 7 months ago Lol HAHAHAHAHAHHAH
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    Danielle Acosta 7 months ago samee💀
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    April Caballero 7 months ago jungshook _ed samee
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    Hey! 7 months ago Definitely me after seeing this hahahahahahah
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    Pulchérie. 7 months ago mood
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    Jasmine Cilantro 7 months ago If this ain’t me😂
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    arby’s employe 7 months ago DEADDD
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    low quality mm 7 months ago yup ME
  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 7 months ago Me
  • 지현
    지현 7 months ago But work out can get a better body shape 💪 (well I said that and I’m actually lazy too)
  • ÒwÓ ÓwÒ
    ÒwÓ ÓwÒ 8 months ago Samee
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    SilentPeas 8 months ago LOL THATS THE SAME THOUGHT I HAD
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    Rose Bailey 8 months ago same💀
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    Emma 8 months ago jungshook _ed ME
  • Helen Moon
    Helen Moon 6 months ago Make sure to watch my Wendy diet video if you haven’t already~ I lost another 6lbs..
  • 지민의 아내
    지민의 아내 2 months ago Ericka Pruna I'll say yes. Water is good for your body. It doesn't have any calories either.
  • 1000 subscribers without a video
    1000 subscribers without a video 2 months ago Can i ask WHY would you try to lose weight? I mean come on you have an amazing body. I think it brought you a couple of subs on its own, although you are a great youtuber anyway.
  • Kal Asmr
    Kal Asmr 3 months ago @Ericka Pruna U can Drink water remember stay Dehydrated All Of this Diet plan Was Useless If you Dont Drink water it can Cause A Sick