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I tried Kpop idol IU’s diet for FAST WEIGHT LOSS | 아이유 다이어트 해봤어요! I lost 7 pounds in 3 days

Published on Oct 4, 2018 1,803,868 views

I tried IU’s diet for 3 days and lost 7lbs..

I ate 1 apple for breakfast, 2 sweet potatoes for lunch and a protein shake for dinner which is 523 calories in total. On top of that I went to the gym for 2 hrs all 3 days. This puts me in a caloric deficit which means I'm taking in lower calories than I am burning, therefore, losing weight. So yeah I basically starved myself for 3 days.
Most of the weight I did lose was from water weight. 2 days after this diet I have gained back 2 pounds. Like almost all diets, most (if not all) of the weight comes back after beginning to eat normally. What does last is a healthy lifestyle.
I don't eat like this normally. This video was for educational and entertainment purposes.

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  • Helen Moon
    Helen Moon 4 days ago Obviously I’m not a nutritionist or anything like that but I try to be as helpful as I can and talk to you guys like a friend. Answers to frequent Questions: -I use Orgain Organic Protein Powder with almond milk and ice -I boiled my sweet potatoes but you can also microwave them -my instagrams @moonojam
  • jungshook _ed
    jungshook _ed 6 months ago Oh wait...we have to work out? OK nvm
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    Emma 6 months ago jungshook _ed ME
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    Rose Bailey 6 months ago same💀
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    JessiCakez 6 months ago LOL THATS THE SAME THOUGHT I HAD
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    ÒwÓ ÓwÒ 6 months ago Samee
  • 지현
    지현 6 months ago But work out can get a better body shape 💪 (well I said that and I’m actually lazy too)
  • Please be patient I’m 9 years old
    Please be patient I’m 9 years old 6 months ago Me
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    low quality mm 6 months ago yup ME
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    Jasmine Cilantro 6 months ago If this ain’t me😂
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    Pulchérie. 6 months ago mood
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    Hey! 6 months ago Definitely me after seeing this hahahahahahah
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    Danielle Acosta 6 months ago samee💀
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    Samantha Tunacao 5 months ago LOL ^_^ Same im rlly lazy AHAHAHA
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    hi im not a human 5 months ago same
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    Sebastian Aloeyshes 5 months ago I mean yessss...I'm in guy's 😁😁
    AND SPRITE 5 months ago jungshook _ed pff I’m too self conscious for a gym
  • PeterGamingTV
    PeterGamingTV 5 months ago Actually you don’t. It just takes longer too lose 7 pounds
    CHIMMY JM 5 months ago A. R. M. Y. ❤️
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    Manggaetteok Chim 5 months ago jungshook _ed literally me
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    Verona MexiPeru 4 months ago Lol.Same.
  • Gail
    Gail 4 months ago this is me on every kpop diet video
  • kristine
    kristine 4 months ago SIS ME
  • Jasmine Roa
    Jasmine Roa 4 months ago Yea coz if u want to be iu u have to coz she's a singer and a dancer. Soo.. Yea... You have to have stamina to perform.. And muscles.
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    bangtan sonyeondan jjang 4 months ago same
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  • Yasmin Mouauia
    Yasmin Mouauia 2 months ago Losing weight 80% working out 20% food (diet)
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    Candice Sarigumba 4 weeks ago IKR
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  • Yielah
    Yielah 3 weeks ago I'll do this for onky 2 days haha i don't wanna starve myself 'cause i'm not used to eat like this.
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    Melanie Valenzuela M. 2 weeks ago LMFIAISISJD
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    Bella bell 1 week ago Thats what i told myself
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    TotallyTrash 1 week ago SAME
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    Vanessa Amandip 1 week ago Same even tough i‘m skinny I‘m really weak like I am sooo weak in art i couldn’t open my paint box someone had to open it for me 😂😂
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    Dunya's world 1 week ago hahahaha iaman deadd
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    Kim Rose 4 days ago jungshook _ed 😭😛
  • Jasmin Callejas
    Jasmin Callejas 2 days ago It's because of the protein drink and everytime you drink it you first have to excersise a little
  • Hanni Michalek
    Hanni Michalek 1 day ago jungshook _ed omg lols that’s exactly what I thought lmao
  • Faiza
    Faiza 5 months ago "It's an unhealthy diet" Me after seeing the results: Mom,do we have any sweet potatoes?
  • Kamu Bastola
    Kamu Bastola 1 month ago Faiza same here lol😂😂
  • Niku Min
    Niku Min 1 month ago same but then I realized how unhealthy this is since an average person should have 1500 calories day!
  • Rose Hiraoka
    Rose Hiraoka 1 month ago If you were to try the IU diet, you would consume about 520 calories a day, I believe. So by 3 days, you would have consumed a little over how much you should in ONE DAY. Sure you lose weight, but not very healthy (sorry for my bad English)
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    Ghalia ardan 3 weeks ago 😂😂😂😂
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    purpl3jamz XD 3 weeks ago XD
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    l a v e n d e r 2 weeks ago Rose Hiraoka your english is amazing, what are you talking about??
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    Dunya's world 1 week ago plesee dont kill me pleasee
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    Kim Rose 4 days ago Faiza 😂😂
  • Hannah Gonzalez
    Hannah Gonzalez 2 days ago lmao mee
  • lilly flower
    lilly flower 1 day ago Seriously, this diet is not healthy. Do not do it. 500 something calories a day will starve your body. That means that while you will lose weight, you will be losing muscle mass as well and you'll be very weak. Your body will hold onto your fat because it thinks you are dying from starvation, making you look bloated and puffy. Your hair will be less shiny and start to fall out. It can begin to damage your internal organs and cause infertility. There is a minimum calorie intake FOR A REASON. Eating only 500 something calories a day is disordered eating and can lead to life ending disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Take it from someone who used to eat 500 max calories a day, you will gain every pound you lose on this diet back. I now eat 1,200 calories a day, exercise for 30 minutes daily and have lost over 40 pounds in six months. Don't just "haha same" this kind of stuff- it is DANGEROUS, unhealthy, and ineffective in the long term.
  • jiminie_hyung
    jiminie_hyung 10 hours ago Me😂 I told my mom I’m gonna start tomorrow and she was like “uhm okay”🤣
  • Mia._.
    Mia._. 2 hours ago Omg same friend!
  • Chloe Reyes
    Chloe Reyes 6 months ago Me:ooohhhh let me try 1 hour later Me:I think im getting thinner!!! 3 mins later Me:Eating Mcdonalds
    ARMY GIRL 4 weeks ago hahaha😂
  • Melanie Carranza
    Melanie Carranza 2 weeks ago Chloe Reyes this is so me
  • Harkiran Wraich
    Harkiran Wraich 5 days ago Lol this is me
  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel 5 days ago U don't need to be thin..... Just enjoy ur life with what u have. OK😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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    Jinn Falconi 4 days ago yesss u deserve it 😂😂
  • Jin's_windshield_laugh 3
    Jin's_windshield_laugh 3 1 day ago The way I snorted
  • I'm Crumbs
    I'm Crumbs 6 months ago Me: eats nothing for 7 days. Nothing happens True story 😂
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    melchor cui 1 week ago Hahahahjaa
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    Harkiran Wraich 5 days ago Hahaha sorry to hear that
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    Ana _Rose 3 days ago Lol😂
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    Rainbow_Unicorns_ Eating_Globby_Food 3 days ago Actually same 😂😂😂
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    Min Yoon-key 2 1 day ago ACTUALLY HA- never mind
  • Monkeyn banana
    Monkeyn banana 11 hours ago Omg how can you and you didn’t die
  • Mia._.
    Mia._. 2 hours ago I get u same with avoiding dinner😄
  • Nessa
    Nessa 6 months ago (edited) This should be titled how to develop an eating disorder
  • U thought it was tea, but it's me DIO
    U thought it was tea, but it's me DIO 6 months ago .com
  • Livvy Lou
    Livvy Lou 6 months ago It’s not HOW to get one if you already have oneee ;)
  • christabel s
    christabel s 6 months ago eating disorders are mental illnesses. you don’t get them from just fasting or dieting.
  • Ck Maknae
    Ck Maknae 6 months ago @christabel s ^ agreed
  • Nessa
    Nessa 6 months ago @christabel s you'd be suprised
  • Nessa
    Nessa 6 months ago @christabel s check this out and see for yourself
  • Nessa
    Nessa 6 months ago @Livvy Lou true even better
  • Isabella
    Isabella 5 months ago and that's the comment of someone who has no idea how one develops an eating disorder.
  • Nessa
    Nessa 5 months ago @Isabella that's the comment of someone who knows there are different ways of developing a ed
  • Eva G
    Eva G 4 months ago Yep
  • pearly
    pearly 4 months ago Lmao
  • Fantasy Bee
    Fantasy Bee 3 months ago Just Another Commenter boy it’s just to try it out people should be fine if they only do it for three days or if they are sick like me and don’t want to eat
  • Toby Elliott
    Toby Elliott 1 month ago Just Another Commenter This comment should be titled How People in Denial of Having an Eating Disorder Project onto Thin People
  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 1 month ago Here comes the white knight 😂😂
  • DA potato
  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy 1 month ago Unknown this is for before events not everyday
  • Lucy Link
    Lucy Link 1 month ago Unknown seriously
  • Shiloh Blake
    Shiloh Blake 1 month ago (edited) Unknown As an anorexic (who is trying their best to recover), I'd say that jumping right into something like this if you want to lose weight could cause someone to develop an ed. I'm not saying that it will, but it definitely could happen.
  • uwu
    uwu 1 month ago Isabella that’s the comment of someone who enables themself by watching these
  • Dunya's world
    Dunya's world 6 days ago hahhaa ikr
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @Livvy Lou it's still triggering
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @christabel s You obviously don't know how a ed actually develops.A diet can easily get u into an ed
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @Isabella there are different ways but dieting is definitly one of them.
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @Toby Elliott dude.It's not about her weight but her diet
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @Happy Happy It's still a trigger.If you want to be thin then get a healthy lifestyle
  • Taylor Raine
    Taylor Raine 2 months ago I wouldn’t be able to do this diet, my Mom notices if I lose like 3 pounds and would feed me a full course meal.
  • Mehreen Faisal
    Mehreen Faisal 1 month ago same!!
  • 갤럭시 민트ツ
    갤럭시 민트ツ 1 month ago Sis same!
  • Montserrat Soto
    Montserrat Soto 3 weeks ago Taylor Raine 😂😂😂 true
  • Nor Azlyn
    Nor Azlyn 2 weeks ago You are so lucky have mom like that while me my mom doesn’t care🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Saranghae BTS
    Saranghae BTS 2 weeks ago Sameeeeee
  • Romeen Taylor Jr.
    Romeen Taylor Jr. 2 weeks ago A aspire to be this kind of mother.
  • Tae drank my tea-방탄소년단
    Tae drank my tea-방탄소년단 2 weeks ago Taylor Raine our mother’s are the same . My mother asks me what I eat daily 😓
  • crystal snow
    crystal snow 2 weeks ago (edited) She is like my moooOom My mom knew I was on diet, but was like, " hey eat this , let us go to McDonalds "
  • Ella Feti
    Ella Feti 1 week ago You think that's bad?? My mom sent me to therapy...
  • a fan of a bunch of things
    a fan of a bunch of things 6 days ago i was trying to do intermitent fasting by skipping breakfast (still 3 meals a day, dont worry) but my mom begs me to eat in the morning lol
  • GamingWithKat :3
    GamingWithKat :3 6 days ago samee once she caught up to me loosing about 14 pounds she started to force me to eat ;-; I used to be like about 79 or 78 pounds but now I am 64
  • Alexa Stay
    Alexa Stay 2 days ago Taylor Raine i was on a diet where I lost one too three kilos per day...
  • joonam
    joonam 2 days ago Same
  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie Lopez 2 days ago Taylor Raine exactly,if I get out of school and don’t eat my dad is like “you already know what’s gonna happen if u don’t eat “ but in Spanish
  • j j
    j j 1 day ago same
  • Ducks;-; Army-l
    Ducks;-; Army-l 2 months ago (edited) Ok y’all imma try this 🤠 imma keep on updating sksksk Day 1: I weight 112 :) Day2: I weight 110 SKSKKS I LOST 2 PoUndS (and I’m working out for only 5 min a day :0) Day:5 sksksks sorry I got my phone taken away cause I have a C in math but I’m back and I weight 105 :) Imma end it here but thx for staying tuned
  • Aestheticly •
    Aestheticly • 2 months ago Reminding you to update is you can good luck!♥️
  • Ducks;-; Army-l
    Ducks;-; Army-l 2 months ago (edited) Devils sins ah yes thank you
  • X X
    X X 2 months ago I’m doing this and not working out, it’s actually working really well!!
  • Judging Budgie
    Judging Budgie 2 months ago Water weight.
  • kyuju.
    kyuju. 1 month ago @Judging Budgie if they continue to do it, then it’ll eventually turn to actual fat burn. but don’t only focus on cardio. if u want to lose belly fat then u have to do more planks/scissors/jumprope etc.
  • Judging Budgie
    Judging Budgie 1 month ago @kyuju. For this amount of time, it's mostly water weight.
  • Donna Burke
    Donna Burke 1 month ago I hope this is a joke. People shouldn't be doing this. THIS IS BAD.
  • hi i,m still a piece of GARBAGE
    hi i,m still a piece of GARBAGE 1 month ago Ok this is good and all but u got your phone taken away because you have a C ? Damn girl, i wish i had a C in maths😑😂
  • Donna Burke
    Donna Burke 1 month ago The fact this has a 100 likes is sad.
  • Momoca Vakinha
    Momoca Vakinha 1 month ago @hi i,m still a piece of GARBAGE She Just have strict asian parents who really Care about her grades
  • Momoca Vakinha
    Momoca Vakinha 1 month ago @hi i,m still a piece of GARBAGE She must have strict parents who care too much about her grades.
  • Jungkook’s Headlice
    Jungkook’s Headlice 1 month ago Ducks;-; Army-l girl you skinny already
  • Mia Charish
    Mia Charish 1 month ago Ducks;-; Army-l what did you put in the protein shake 😂
  • Nashtal Productions
    Nashtal Productions 4 weeks ago Omg same I had a C for maths too lmao 😂
  • Aśh
  • Just a potato
    Just a potato 6 days ago (edited) Ducks;-; Army-l How tall are you
  • popflorals
    popflorals 3 days ago (edited) IU said she only did this this diet for 4 days. Please don't do this diet ever again.
  • Ducks;-; Army-l
    Ducks;-; Army-l 3 days ago hi i,m still a piece of GARBAGE lmao my parents are very strict
  • Ducks;-; Army-l
    Ducks;-; Army-l 3 days ago Momoca Vakinha my parents are Asian 💀
  • Ducks;-; Army-l
    Ducks;-; Army-l 3 days ago Just a potato 5”1”
  • Ducks;-; Army-l
    Ducks;-; Army-l 3 days ago popflorals don’t worry I won’t I’m just working out now 😘
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago Probably all water weight.If you start eating normal again u will gain it ALL back
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @kyuju. u can't lose belly fat.You don't decide where your fat disappears sis.It's all genetics.
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @kyuju. And if you keep dieting like that your body will take the energy from your muscles first and then from your fat.And you'll probably develop an eating disorder too
  • kyuju.
    kyuju. 2 days ago @Xenia and more weight
  • kyuju.
    kyuju. 2 days ago @Xenia sis how i get abs then
  • Ennvy Dasha
    Ennvy Dasha 1 month ago Can't do this diet. Burger king will miss me
  • heartlm
    heartlm 3 weeks ago me
  • 지민의 아내
    지민의 아내 3 weeks ago Ennvy Dasha fuck Burger king. Mc is better.
  • IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist
    IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist 1 week ago Ennvy Dasha 😂😂😂 sis Burger King ain’t even good
  • Ennvy Dasha
    Ennvy Dasha 1 week ago @지민의 아내 Mc donald gave me a stomachvirus. So yeah
  • Ennvy Dasha
    Ennvy Dasha 1 week ago @IKON&BTS&GG Supremesist And yes people have different interests in foods or restaurants
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago And your health
  • Nadeen Eldahshan
    Nadeen Eldahshan 2 days ago 😂😭😭I’m dead
  • Yahi Junco
    Yahi Junco 6 months ago Sure this will work, you're burning more calories than you eat so you lose weight. BUT to keep these results you need to keep doing it. Because in doing this your not giving your body the essential nutrients it needs but it mostky works because of the set schedule and exercise, and when you go back to eating normally you'll gain even more weight then before if you don't eat healthy.
  • Nicole
    Nicole 4 days ago Could you do this diet if you were taking vitamin supplements for the nutrients you're missing?
  • Xenia
    Xenia 2 days ago @Nicole No.Tablettes do not replace meals.
  • Some Person
    Some Person 6 months ago Why u gotta show such desirable results b
  • Helen Moon
    Helen Moon 6 months ago Zahra T. Ahah 😅
  • nick p
    nick p 6 months ago Right
  • Andrea's Videos
    Andrea's Videos 6 months ago She did do about 2 hours of workout so that helped alot
  • tdokdak
    tdokdak 6 months ago Yessss . There s a fight in my head right now.It s unhealthy vs but look at the result!!!!lol
  • Allegra’s Dreams
    Allegra’s Dreams 6 months ago Ikr she looks bomb
  • ilovejimin sikeilovenoone
    ilovejimin sikeilovenoone 6 months ago Exactly like what do u expect for us to do when we see the results not do it
  • tAes_cUp_oF_tEa
    tAes_cUp_oF_tEa 4 weeks ago I saw it and I was like SSBIAKHDJ
  • Dunya's world
    Dunya's world 6 days ago @Andrea's Videos yesss
  • S T A R
    S T A R 6 months ago omg.. in 3 days?!?! that transformation tho
    ARMY GIRL 4 weeks ago S T A R SAME!!! 😱😱
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 5 months ago (edited) Omg im doing this for a week or two!!! Today is my first day. I'll keep yall updated! Omfg i already lost 4kg within those 2 days xD
  • ja amid
    ja amid 4 months ago what work out that you do ? can you share to me, i really want to do this diet
  • syazzz
    syazzz 3 months ago Wtf 4 kg ???? That wowo
  • Diana Moreno
    Diana Moreno 2 months ago Did she die!? Jp😂
  • Peridot Meepmorp
    Peridot Meepmorp 1 month ago Lucky!!!
  • Miyu Park
    Miyu Park 1 month ago Hello??
  • alexandriadavis15
    alexandriadavis15 4 weeks ago Make sure you stick to a healthy long term meal plan. This will cause your body to go into starvation mode and when you eat normally again you will gain twice the weight .
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago Oh. I forgot i posted this lolz. Im so sorry. It worked for me yas. But i couldn't continue, i felt like i was finna die so i had to stop. Anyways if y'all wanna do it. Go ahead it actually works ("x but you gotta fight for it lolz.
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago @ja amid i just ran for an hour on the treadmill (x
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago @Diana Moreno LMFAO. Nah still alive!! ("X
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago @syazzz yasssss
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago @Peridot Meepmorp you can do it too!! X)
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago @Miyu Park hiiii
  • Jennie Is Bae
    Jennie Is Bae 4 weeks ago @alexandriadavis15 YAS. AGREE!!
  • Chiara Cellini
    Chiara Cellini 3 days ago ja amid please don’t do this! You don’t have to lose weight without eating, it’s not healthy! You have to eat, just pay attention to the food you buy
  • popflorals
    popflorals 3 days ago IU said she only did this this diet for 4 days. Please don't do this diet ever again.
  • Fran Zevallos
    Fran Zevallos 3 days ago Is this real?, I mean the results... It looks like almost impossible to get that body in 3 days, don't play with my feelings like that :(
  • Helen Moon
    Helen Moon 4 months ago Make sure to watch my Wendy diet video if you haven’t already~ I lost another 6lbs..
  • Ericka Pruna
    Ericka Pruna 4 months ago Moon현정 can i drink water?
  • سهام احمد _ Seham Ahmed
    سهام احمد _ Seham Ahmed 4 months ago كيف اترجمه للعربيه ☹
  • Dharaa Kolawole
    Dharaa Kolawole 3 months ago Helen Moon do you just lose stomach fat or you lose thigh fat and other stuffs
  • Evelyn Choi
    Evelyn Choi 3 months ago Are u korean american, because i am
  • jxmess //
    jxmess // 3 months ago @Dharaa Kolawole it depends on your type of body! some people will lose it first in the stomach, other people in the thighs.
  • kpopmakesmehappy &&’ I burst out all my uwu’s
    kpopmakesmehappy &&’ I burst out all my uwu’s 2 months ago Helen Moon hey what exercises did you do ?
  • كيم روزان
    كيم روزان 2 months ago 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
  • Donna Burke
    Donna Burke 1 month ago Why are you killing your body and making people watch?
  • Novels of J.k
    Novels of J.k 1 month ago @سهام احمد _ Seham Ahmed قالت شوفوا الفيديو آلي عملت فيها رجيم تبع أيدول أخرى و خسرت فيها 6lbs
  • Alright then
    Alright then 1 month ago She isn’t killing her body by just doing extreme dieting for a very short period of time..
  • Donna Burke
    Donna Burke 1 month ago Look at her other videos.. She's doing these diet's back to back so she can get to her "goal weight" all she is doing is screwing up her body and she is definitely going to gain the weight back if she goes to a normal diet. You say extreme dieting when this shouldn't be called a diet whatsoever. THIS IS STARVING YOURSELF NOT JUST SOME EXTREME DIET.
  • Donna Burke
    Donna Burke 1 month ago @Ericka Pruna Yes otherwise you will die. I reccomend following a healthy diet not this.
  • Novels of J.k
    Novels of J.k 1 month ago @Donna Burke I agree 100%
  • Alright then
    Alright then 1 month ago It’s a diet. It could even be considered fasting. Looking at her videos, the gap between them is at least a couple of months. She isn’t killing herself by making these videos, she obviously is giving her body time to rest. I don’t see the issue, it’s extreme dieting. Which can involve starvation, since a diet is simply what you eat. Look, she isn’t promoting these unhealthy diets, it’s the viewers fault if they allow themselves to believe that it’s absolutely okay to follow the diet on a normal basis. It’s viewers discretion, don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Everyone in this comment section understands that this is for experimental purpose and that it isn’t healthy.