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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

Published on Jan 26, 2018 28,120,183 views

Composed by Ennio Morricone
Various flutes: Hans Ulrik, Russell Itani
Vocals: Tuva Semmingsen & Christine Nonbo Andersen

In January 2018, The Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) aired a concert called “The Duel – Morricone Draws First” performed by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra /DR SymfoniOrkestret, The Danish National Concert Choir with various soloists conducted by Sarah Hicks.
The concert was hosted by singer/composer/author Kristian Leth.

The music performed was titles from a wide range of western movies and mafia movies reflecting different perspectives on an Italian-American movie and film music style.

Featured composers were Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann, Nino Rota and Sonny Bono with music from films by Sergio Leone, Quentin Tarantino, Brian DePalma and Francis Ford Coppola.

All rights reserved. #FilmMusicLive

  • Chrono Triggerhappy
    Chrono Triggerhappy 7 months ago "so what was your part in the orchestra?" "I sang waa waa waaaa."
  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey 15 hours ago Her face tho😂
  • Don Hoeksema
    Don Hoeksema 1 day ago @Ronny Sterling I have a fever and that fever is more cow bell
  • alan Fu
    alan Fu 1 day ago Yep
  • guerito7571
    guerito7571 2 days ago 🤣🤣
  • MetaStar
    MetaStar 2 days ago @Richard Ensey it was too pitch perfect for this piece in my opinion she shoulda had a bit more fun and not just did her part to get it over with
  • Larry Mick
    Larry Mick 4 days ago @Richard Storm .......Their comments are so stupid and they don't even know, and have the good sense to keep their mouths shut. They're on a wild feeding frenzy. They can't control themselves.....Perhaps we can go dining after the program and they can go search out a McDonalds and a few six-packs to calm down......LOL LOL " Get It " ha ha ha
  • Dark Moon
    Dark Moon 6 days ago I like the guitar part
  • haritha kaushalya
    haritha kaushalya 1 week ago I'll be the hanged one...
  • Zamolxe Zamolxe
    Zamolxe Zamolxe 1 week ago @Rick Rodrigues 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
  • vanesa cumaku
    vanesa cumaku 1 week ago However, thay is what makes this masterpiece a masterpiece
  • Philip Atiga
    Philip Atiga 1 week ago The best in the East ..wah wah wah
    KITTY LE 1 week ago 🤣
  • Generation of Vipers The Jewish Lie
    Generation of Vipers The Jewish Lie 1 week ago @Alex Pandamann Tuva Semmnigsen...she's extraordinary. Check out Bang Bang from Kill Bill.
  • Herbert Matre
    Herbert Matre 1 week ago also the whistle
  • Don Brocoli
    Don Brocoli 1 week ago genius :V
  • Felice Pollano
    Felice Pollano 1 week ago What is your handicap?
  • steadfastcoward
    steadfastcoward 1 week ago And I looked MAHVELOUS.
  • Blondie Eastwood
    Blondie Eastwood 2 weeks ago Poor ignorant brute. That lady is a soprano. Ohhh... you probably don't know what is a soprano.
  • Frank C.
    Frank C. 2 weeks ago "When you have to wah-wah, WAH-WAH! Don't talk!"
  • Juan Calle
    Juan Calle 2 weeks ago Those Indians got bleached
  • Frank C.
    Frank C. 2 weeks ago @akram khan That's what happens when you miss rehearsal in major-league orchestras...
  • Abdullah Hassan
    Abdullah Hassan 3 weeks ago That was pretty damn good whistle
  • Ajay Jaiswal
    Ajay Jaiswal 3 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • wibbledee
    wibbledee 3 weeks ago @Mazza P I tend to agree, somewhat distracting. In a good way
  • jeff lockaby
    jeff lockaby 4 weeks ago @Seamus Burke she is AMAZING...+ I love that little head tilt she does 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Larry Mayes
    Larry Mayes 4 weeks ago @Gordon Heeman Just so you DON'T get caught using the WRONG word, red faced and everything, on something as important as a Wedding Card like I did, the word is "Whole"! Inclusive instead of a place to hide! It is most recognizable!
  • Joe Bittman
    Joe Bittman 1 month ago Ima Klutz
  • Joe Bittman
    Joe Bittman 1 month ago I can sing waa waaaaa waaaaaaaa like nobody else's's all I can do,It's all I wanna do..and I'm okay with that...fourteen dollars an hour for waa waaaaaa waaaaaaa I'm a happy camper
  • J. Angelo Alconaba
    J. Angelo Alconaba 1 month ago @Marty McFly You beat me to it. Hey, regards to Doc and Einstein. 😉😂
  • Rolex drone channel.
    Rolex drone channel. 1 month ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • mediapark101
    mediapark101 1 month ago Don't forget "The Guitarist With No Name".
  • Alien
    Alien 1 month ago I thought it was a harmonica at first
  • Mojang
    Mojang 1 month ago (edited) Crash Bandicoot: "Hold my meme"
  • Joker Smoker
    Joker Smoker 1 month ago So what the fuck did you do in life ?
  • Mac Beavers
    Mac Beavers 1 month ago Tssk!  Such ingratitude after all the times she's saved your life!
  • Tom Sawer
    Tom Sawer 1 month ago Joooh...jojo!
  • radbarij
    radbarij 1 month ago Yes, but what a waa waa it was!
  • Mike English
    Mike English 1 month ago you have a wonderful voice
  • Wolfie 577
    Wolfie 577 1 month ago lmao
  • Gordon Heeman
    Gordon Heeman 1 month ago I mean it is one of the most recognizable part in the hole song.
  • Larry Mayes
    Larry Mayes 1 month ago @Tim H Everyone deserves the opportunity to be in such an orchestra if they can make the grade. Not everyone gets the chance to perform when a piece is played. Certainly those who play the Glass Armonica, the Serpent or the Didgeridoo would have to sit some performances out back stage, if they don't play other instruments. If you did step in a stench, it was in a place other than where this orchestra was playing!
  • MrUniman69
    MrUniman69 1 month ago @Laurie Willberg They think they could.....cretins.
  • Tim H
    Tim H 1 month ago Some people just do not belong. To truly understand the music the times the placement as well the people who played it out you had to be there or felt it. Anyone else is useless, as the very waste between our shoes when we 1st stepped in dog crap.
  • Larry Mayes
    Larry Mayes 1 month ago If I was still able to play the trumpet, I'd be the one handing from a rope from the rafters!
  • Kastannie
    Kastannie 1 month ago You forgot the the flutemouth shit she did
  • Davide Williams Prandi
    Davide Williams Prandi 1 month ago Bravo bravo!!!!!!!
  • Bither Siaguil
    Bither Siaguil 1 month ago (edited) No entiendo el ingles pero si el... Wa waaaaaaa por eso like a tu comentario👍
  • silverstreetman
    silverstreetman 1 month ago She also whislted that was good
  • chcot
    chcot 1 month ago Rick Rodrigues , be on time for rehearsal OR ELSE,
  • Jk Schulte
    Jk Schulte 1 month ago She looked good doing it.
  • Rafiq Mohammed
    Rafiq Mohammed 1 month ago Background score (BGM) not a song
  • Art nologic
    Art nologic 1 month ago she is more than wawaaa , love her
  • Drew Cline
    Drew Cline 1 month ago I slapped two boards together
  • Goldez
    Goldez 1 month ago @Ronny Sterling we need more cowbell.
  • Ermir Ahmeti
    Ermir Ahmeti 1 month ago @Bob Doubter with the whisple its bit harder
  • akram khan
    akram khan 1 month ago Im the one got hangged with the roof without moving or acting🤣🤣🤣
  • kano 015
    kano 015 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍
  • Munkhtulga Baasanjav
    Munkhtulga Baasanjav 2 months ago Lol
  • John Cisneros
    John Cisneros 2 months ago The best part
  • Sue Knoll
    Sue Knoll 2 months ago (edited) soprano -------------I wish
  • Jura Jaryn
    Jura Jaryn 2 months ago a a a a aáááááááááá
  • rigamotis
    rigamotis 2 months ago LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂
  • HenryFromLagos
    HenryFromLagos 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Vettore Scap
    Vettore Scap 2 months ago When movies were made by people with passion and feeling of for the overall experience music is added another level to make it a masterpiece
  • J. Rodríguez
    J. Rodríguez 2 months ago Would you be able to do it?
  • Old Man’s Earlobe
    Old Man’s Earlobe 2 months ago Lok Sun Cho do they say Pedro at the end of that?
  • Old Man’s Earlobe
    Old Man’s Earlobe 2 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy and they need music sheets to read off to sing it too!
  • Dearth of Doohickey’s
    Dearth of Doohickey’s 2 months ago Yeah but, can you whistle like that?
  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 months ago And she whistled perfectly.
  • Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis 2 months ago Peanut speak. Chuck would be proud.
  • TheBiakko
    TheBiakko 2 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy well, it’s something
  • Korankye Mark
    Korankye Mark 2 months ago you are funny hahaha
  • Ron M
    Ron M 2 months ago @Marty McFly imagine the pressure of messin that up though...
  • Bishal Bk
    Bishal Bk 2 months ago I was the guy that was hanging
  • bobby bob
    bobby bob 2 months ago Why do the silliest comments get the most thumbs up?
  • SN1P3RW01F
    SN1P3RW01F 2 months ago Why was this movie so great? Clint Eastwood that's why
  • Ed Garcia
    Ed Garcia 2 months ago Listen to her whistle in "Fistful of Dollars" (see attached link), it is magical
  • Nashpal Sehmi
    Nashpal Sehmi 2 months ago listen to her singing ban bang kill bill @jjv65uk
  • Al Kholos
    Al Kholos 2 months ago @Laurie Willberg Tuva has perfect pitch and the whole orchestra is obviously having a great time.
  • Al Kholos
    Al Kholos 2 months ago @Xine Tube If this was the U.S. and there was just one black person in the audience, they wouldn't have gotten away with the hanged man. Totally Not PC.
  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago @Philip Haycock And with soooo much sass.
  • John DeHaas
    John DeHaas 2 months ago Nice job!
  • guy mcdonald
    guy mcdonald 3 months ago Chrono, you're an idiot...
  • Allan Tolstrup
    Allan Tolstrup 3 months ago Idiot, try to understand Music, before comment it
  • savvas74
    savvas74 3 months ago Beats being the hanged man in the background, lol
  • nosuchthingasshould
    nosuchthingasshould 3 months ago I was the hanged man
  • Zieler Mus
    Zieler Mus 3 months ago And still look at the lyric
  • Pale Ryder
    Pale Ryder 3 months ago @Alex Pandamann tuva semmingsen
  • chayo22 D
    chayo22 D 3 months ago One more 👍
  • Cường Chí
    Cường Chí 3 months ago You try
  • James Funk
    James Funk 3 months ago Is there a musician who is a "waa-waa-waaaa-ist" ?
  • Sandip Gurung
    Sandip Gurung 3 months ago Omg! I cracked so hard reading your comment!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Max Paredes
    Max Paredes 3 months ago and she failed!
  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter 3 months ago I can tell your upset about something. I suggest you take a laxative and get a gentle night of sleep. And if that doesn't work well, go fuck yourself, I'll bet your good at that. @Joe Bloggs
  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 3 months ago Maybe you will laugh yourself to death and they can hang you up by the neck @Bob Doubter
  • Alessandro Rossi
    Alessandro Rossi 3 months ago Try it... can you imagine what a crap performance?
  • Amirul Aiman
    Amirul Aiman 3 months ago "i was hang like a dead person at the middle of the stage"
  • CubeMatrix Gaming
    CubeMatrix Gaming 3 months ago LOL That's EXACTLY what I thought! LOL hahahaha
  • Richard Storm
    Richard Storm 3 months ago (edited) "so what was your part in the orchestra?" "I sang waa waa waaaa.".......Actually, Tuva Semingsen did way more than that. She also sang My Baby Shot Me Down in this show. And she was AWESOME. I looked her up, and she is actually an awesome opera singer, herself. You should check her out. Here is a video of her later on in this show.
  • Felice Pollano
    Felice Pollano 3 months ago (edited) I think you are a funny idiot, and your mother would not be proud of you.
  • Gailll Penaflor
    Gailll Penaflor 3 months ago She also did the whistling part not just the waa waa waaaa - and its well done
  • Andres
    Andres 3 months ago haha I wish I could be paid for just saying waa waa waaaa
  • William Serrano
    William Serrano 3 months ago fiu fiu fiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • StealthyMonk
    StealthyMonk 3 months ago Still, more significant than wooden clapper guy.
  • John Botelho
    John Botelho 3 months ago Best comment on YouTube!!
  • Silentdeath
    Silentdeath 4 months ago i laughed so hard on that xD
  • Petri Syrenius
    Petri Syrenius 4 months ago " you aint seen nothing yet"
  • Nguyễn Khánh
    Nguyễn Khánh 4 months ago LOL 😂😂
  • ズビ
    ズビ 4 months ago But wat a waa waa waaaaa!
  • ryan Mckinstry
    ryan Mckinstry 4 months ago @Ronny Sterling Don't Fear the Reaper is your bebbe!
  • Wowbagger
    Wowbagger 4 months ago @Mike Dominik Once Upon a Time in the West was incredible well performed :) Check her out.
  • Wowbagger
    Wowbagger 4 months ago (edited) She's brilliant at singing the Once Upon a Time in the West theme.
  • Lucia Braithwaite
    Lucia Braithwaite 4 months ago Actually she has a very good voice - listen to her sing the Cher song Bang Bang
  • n1ghtmare
    n1ghtmare 4 months ago @upendra arya What about the AaAaAaAaAaAaAaA choir
  • upendra arya
    upendra arya 4 months ago Then you sang the centrepiece.
  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 4 months ago @Alex Pandamann Tuva Semingsen
  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 4 months ago Well, yes she's got funny mission in this show but without her it would't be the same
  • Amadani Drakkari
    Amadani Drakkari 4 months ago And she nailed it!!!!
  • nerio brave
    nerio brave 5 months ago @enrique lopez why 😂 😂 😂 😜
  • enrique lopez
    enrique lopez 5 months ago 😂😂😂
  • nerio brave
    nerio brave 5 months ago Wud loved to do that.
  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 5 months ago And whistle..
  • guardian08527
    guardian08527 6 months ago Charlie Browns teacher.
  • ronald niedziejko
    ronald niedziejko 6 months ago You were great. You should have been given credit for your part
  • Seham Mohamed
    Seham Mohamed 6 months ago Hahahaha. ... omg u funny😂
  • jim smith
    jim smith 6 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy vicariously all of it
  • jim smith
    jim smith 6 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy I did, sorry going blind still trying to type,
  • jim smith
    jim smith 6 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy Im the ear!!
  • RapidPiqq
    RapidPiqq 6 months ago She also whistled as well :)
  • Rick Rodrigues
    Rick Rodrigues 6 months ago I was the guy hanging from the ceiling...ugh choke.....
  • Chrono Triggerhappy
    Chrono Triggerhappy 6 months ago of course i cant, its just amusing it takes a professionally trained singer to replicate something that im sure all of us have done at some point as little kids while staring down our friends with nerf guns.
  • Laurie Willberg
    Laurie Willberg 6 months ago You think you could match the pitch and tone? Probably not.
  • Mazza P
    Mazza P 6 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy " so what was your part in the orchestra?" Staring at the conductor!
  • Lok Sun Cho
    Lok Sun Cho 6 months ago @Claus Pitzner thx, i am Chinese and not good in English
  • Claus Pitzner
    Claus Pitzner 6 months ago @Lok Sun Cho I believe they sang: yo yo echo
  • 5papa
    5papa 6 months ago I sang back up. Back up as far as they could get me.
  • finestin92
    finestin92 6 months ago But who noticed, that she has earrings modelled like revolvers? 😂
  • Seamus Burke
    Seamus Burke 6 months ago @Alex Pandamann Tuva Semmingsen
  • Seamus Burke
    Seamus Burke 6 months ago @BarracudaMTL her name is Tuva Semmingsen a very beautiful and talented mezzo soprano from Norway. Your question was not funny but very disrespectful
  • Charlie J
    Charlie J 6 months ago @Marty McFly those are perfectly tuned 1x4 birch boards
  • Mike Dominik
    Mike Dominik 6 months ago She was paid nearly a £1000 a performance. WA WA WAA cash please.
  • Dalongo
    Dalongo 6 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Overlord
    Overlord 6 months ago I was the hanging man; it was fun
  • Mary Fuentes
    Mary Fuentes 6 months ago I said Wow!
  • Alex Pandamann
    Alex Pandamann 6 months ago anyone know her name?
  • Eloy Celis
    Eloy Celis 6 months ago Good one 😹😹😹😹
  • opencvitk
    opencvitk 6 months ago Hahaha
  • Dr Chunky Biscuit
    Dr Chunky Biscuit 6 months ago 😂🤣😆
  • Dette Navn
    Dette Navn 6 months ago You missed the guy with the two by fours.
  • Nicolaj Nielsen
    Nicolaj Nielsen 6 months ago Hun er også utrolig entusiastisk omkring det hahaha
  • Jock 1
    Jock 1 6 months ago Hmmm...the best part, that is.
  • Xine Tube
    Xine Tube 6 months ago I was the hangman
  • Shaanu Honey
    Shaanu Honey 6 months ago Good sense of humour . I liked it and the way she whistled is perfect no question about it
  • Katey Harper
    Katey Harper 6 months ago Just funny
  • bug Cooper
    bug Cooper 6 months ago And she whistled
  • Joe Tone
    Joe Tone 6 months ago 😂
  • Plant hub
    Plant hub 6 months ago Fuck off
  • mr.psychotic always
    mr.psychotic always 6 months ago Ajajajajaja😂!!! Lol
  • BarracudaMTL
    BarracudaMTL 6 months ago @jjv65uk she or......he......
  • H. Wang
    H. Wang 6 months ago My part was aaaaaah
  • Lok Sun Cho
    Lok Sun Cho 6 months ago But i think it is better than sang hi yo yo yo hi yo
  • Lion King
    Lion King 6 months ago I swing my head right n left 😜
  • Russ McCulloch
    Russ McCulloch 6 months ago Classic comment 10/10 --- Bravo
  • Wim M
    Wim M 6 months ago Hahahahahaha Love it
  • Joseph Pioneer
    Joseph Pioneer 6 months ago Same :-)
  • Jakub Szatkowski
    Jakub Szatkowski 6 months ago I can play on tubular bells :D If only I didn't have tin ear...
  • Richard Ensey
    Richard Ensey 6 months ago pitch perfect waa waa mean
  • Philip Haycock
    Philip Haycock 6 months ago Hey, she also whistled!
  • Kathryn J. Briley
    Kathryn J. Briley 6 months ago LOL
  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly 6 months ago 1:40   I hit two boards of wood together
  • Mr2at
    Mr2at 6 months ago lol
  • Ronny Sterling
    Ronny Sterling 6 months ago Cow bell man!!
  • justice Christopher
    justice Christopher 6 months ago hahahahahahahaha
  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter 6 months ago Haven't laughed so hard in weeks. Also, every adult character in Peanuts could have done this part.
  • juergen mohrenz
    juergen mohrenz 6 months ago i have the wood and clap ^^ and it was perfekt
  • jjv65uk
    jjv65uk 7 months ago Chrono Triggerhappy .....and she sang it so well! 👍😀
  • San Beish
    San Beish 1 day ago (edited) 1:59 so that's what happened to the guy who wouldn't stop coughing during the performance
  • Rui Ali
    Rui Ali 1 week ago Lots of memories from my childhood when watching this movie with my late lovely daddy!!!love you papa
  • Archangel MC94
    Archangel MC94 10 hours ago I watched it with my father to our Xmas eve tradition. I miss watching it a true classic. Haven't seen it since 04
  • Devon Natapow
    Devon Natapow 1 day ago Black people In jail no u
  • Kaedo -
    Kaedo - 2 days ago I remember when I was little in the Sundays Afternoons with my father watching "old" movies like: the good, the bad and the ugly, the Neverending story, bud Spencer and many other good movies... Ah good times.
  • The Hatbox Ghost
    The Hatbox Ghost 2 days ago 👍🏼
  • Rui Ali
    Rui Ali 3 days ago John Berkley yes mate correct!))
  • Black people In jail
    Black people In jail 3 days ago Gayyy
  • John Berkley
    John Berkley 4 days ago Dads always know the best films
  • teamcrumb
    teamcrumb 5 days ago wonderful xx
  • Master Of Puppets
    Master Of Puppets 3 weeks ago 5500 people disliked this . They are the bad guys.
  • old man c.
    old man c. 2 hours ago Trump supporters!
  • Jorge A. Echeandia Canales
    Jorge A. Echeandia Canales 8 hours ago People who dislike this piece of work is the kind who thinks salsa is music.
  • athééosl Sarkkos
    athééosl Sarkkos 1 day ago perhaps they are Australians and they love it also.
  • Tony Shoraka
    Tony Shoraka 1 day ago No the uglies
  • athééosl Sarkkos
    athééosl Sarkkos 2 days ago Lee Van Cleef family ...
  • pixies hart
    pixies hart 3 days ago And the ugly
  • Collin Quirk
    Collin Quirk 6 days ago They're the ones that dig
  • Poul Henning Jakobsen
    Poul Henning Jakobsen 1 week ago They were short of horses
  • Steve Shrader
    Steve Shrader 1 week ago ...ain't it so...
  • steadfastcoward
    steadfastcoward 1 week ago They died with their boots on but no gold.
  • roberto zakinja
    roberto zakinja 2 weeks ago @TANGT2 I'm UglY too.
  • roberto zakinja
    roberto zakinja 2 weeks ago No necesserly. They are just untalented for listening the Good music.
  • Utsav Kakkad
    Utsav Kakkad 2 weeks ago There are two kind of people in the world: Those who like this instrumental piece of amazingness Those who don't like amazing instrumentals 6500 people don't like amazing instrumentals
  • Shteno
    Shteno 2 weeks ago What r u talkin bout ppl? Both Tuco & Angel Eye would've love this!
  • Stuart Neil
    Stuart Neil 2 weeks ago yassss hundredth lyyyykkkeeeee fakk yasssss
  • aguinaldo silva
    aguinaldo silva 2 weeks ago OUT OF 230 000
  • Jamie Walter
    Jamie Walter 2 weeks ago Wow huh , Master of Puppets crazy huh?
  • Erik Gretland
    Erik Gretland 2 weeks ago Conductor is stunning
  • bobby bob
    bobby bob 2 weeks ago But one of them is still hanging around--by that rope tied to the ceiling.
  • TANGT2
    TANGT2 2 weeks ago the good = likes, the bad = dislikes, and the ugly = comments
  • Jan Du Plessis
    Jan Du Plessis 2 weeks ago Motherfuckers,all of them
  • Lionel Ulloa Jr.
    Lionel Ulloa Jr. 2 weeks ago 5500 people disliked this . They are the bad guys. TRVE dumb-asses deaf leoppards!
  • Simon Bellamy
    Simon Bellamy 2 weeks ago No not bad just ugly
  • Seacecd
    Seacecd 2 weeks ago U mean the ugly guys
  • Otie Brown
    Otie Brown 2 weeks ago Let them dig dirt.
  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One 5 days ago Now I know that all those years my kid was only trying to sing this song instead of crying "waaa"
  • Santos Traineira
    Santos Traineira 1 day ago Show
  • Powerfactorguy
    Powerfactorguy 9 months ago You see, in this world there are two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig.
  • bastardjustice
    bastardjustice 1 week ago I red that in clint's voice in my head
  • Elias Dincer
    Elias Dincer 1 week ago Actually 4 types dont forget the spures
  • Tariq Siddiqui
    Tariq Siddiqui 1 week ago you know the meaning of digs
  • Djamel Ghanem
    Djamel Ghanem 2 weeks ago you dig..
  • Dwayne Coy
    Dwayne Coy 2 weeks ago There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window
  • Richard Breton
    Richard Breton 3 weeks ago You dig !
  • Chekib Skhiri
    Chekib Skhiri 3 weeks ago 'You talk you talk"
  • Alien
    Alien 3 weeks ago Start digging mate (gun clicks)
  • Federico Tiberi
    Federico Tiberi 3 weeks ago @louis gallaher the movie is incredible. I could watch and watch again for years. And the last 25 minutes starting from the scene you mentioned is fantastic! When watching I always hope the Tuco's run will continue for ever.
  • comm744
    comm744 4 weeks ago @hurricane watcher Truer words were never spoken!.
  • Richard Olson
    Richard Olson 1 month ago I rather shoot to kill
  • Kyle Wirth
    Kyle Wirth 1 month ago You work to make a living, but kill yourself working....
  • Mac Beavers
    Mac Beavers 1 month ago Because there's nothing in there.
  • William Griffiths
    William Griffiths 1 month ago @Mac Beavers Why.....?
  • Mac Beavers
    Mac Beavers 1 month ago "If you shoot me you won't see a cent of that money!"
  • BoardGameBuddha -
    BoardGameBuddha - 1 month ago Mac Beavers Your not Digging.....
  • Mac Beavers
    Mac Beavers 1 month ago "Two can dig better than one!"
  • Steacy783
    Steacy783 1 month ago SOME who do both just to put supper on the table !
  • William Griffiths
    William Griffiths 1 month ago You Dig! :P Best movie of all time!
  • Martin Green
    Martin Green 1 month ago (edited) @louis gallaher - "the 3 man shootout" That's known as a "Mexican standoff".
  • Paco Wagner
    Paco Wagner 1 month ago you dig
  • Silvia Mallen Wilhelmi
    Silvia Mallen Wilhelmi 1 month ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💕
  • subliteral
    subliteral 1 month ago @Yuki Amano "Your mother was a whore. You had a thousand fathers , all of them bastards like you!"
  • Yuki Amano
    Yuki Amano 1 month ago Powerfactorguy true
  • TheBatGuano
    TheBatGuano 1 month ago You may run the risks, my friend, but I do the cutting. We cut down my percentage it's liable to interfere with my aim.
  • Marchall Lee
    Marchall Lee 1 month ago Sorry shorty
  • michael wab
    michael wab 2 months ago the only purpose of humans is to dig gold
  • Garfunkle
    Garfunkle 2 months ago I kill for money, but since you are my friend I kill you for nothing.
  • Premkumar Mallya
    Premkumar Mallya 2 months ago Another way of dividing people into 2 broad categories:i) Those who don;t do any work & ii) Those who do all the work for the idle lot.
  • Robert Bawden
    Robert Bawden 2 months ago can you dig it?
  • Robert Bawden
    Robert Bawden 2 months ago YOU DIG AMIGO....../
  • Вадим Храбрых
    Вадим Храбрых 2 months ago Adore Eli Wallach! One of the greatest!
  • Bright Star
    Bright Star 2 months ago And I carry a loaded 44
  • C Nault
    C Nault 2 months ago @Ed Paprocki My favorite line has always been  "You're very lucky to have me so close when it happened. Think, if you'd been on your own."
  • Ed Paprocki
    Ed Paprocki 2 months ago Blondie Angel Eyes is mine Ok ?
  • C Nault
    C Nault 2 months ago Who the hell is that? One bastard goes in, another one comes out.
  • Desint Printworks
    Desint Printworks 2 months ago Yeah yer right there are 2 kinds of people. But its not what u think. I think its male and female..... ^____^
  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez 2 months ago And you dig you dig s
  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez 2 months ago Powerfactorguy. You dig
  • Dhananjay Dhakne
    Dhananjay Dhakne 2 months ago You Dig
  • matteo pomili
    matteo pomili 2 months ago @tom lepski :) I'm sorry not you you. You Tuco has to dig...
  • tom lepski
    tom lepski 2 months ago @matteo pomili Yes Sir, I dig the land with a Hoe until I get blisters on my palms. Then I plant corn which mature after four months then I take the dry grains to the millers for milling into corn flour for my food. In the fifth month I dig again preparing the land for the next crop. I'm always digging,but since I have to eat,I must dig.
  • matteo pomili
    matteo pomili 2 months ago You dig
  • tom lepski
    tom lepski 2 months ago very true, I dig.
  • Mas4449
    Mas4449 3 months ago Powerfactorguy it says unk, uk, un..... There's no name on it!
  • deepred
    deepred 3 months ago Remember that when the progressives come to take away yours.
  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 3 months ago Those who have the rope around their neck, and those that have the job of doing the cutting....only Tuco lol
  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 3 months ago You see, there are two kinds of people, my friend, those who hum and those who sing.
  • jacksonkhan28
    jacksonkhan28 3 months ago Two can dig a lot faster than're not digging. Angel Eyes.
  • Lazaro Amor
    Lazaro Amor 3 months ago @Rafael Santos hi Rafael.... It s amazing... I m living in Barcelona since 2010. Here you have a friend... No you have Un hermano... BRO!
  • Rafael Santos
  • Rafael Santos
  • Rafael Santos
  • E Middlebrooks
    E Middlebrooks 3 months ago The best like from the movie in my opinion.
  • guharup
    guharup 4 months ago unforgettable dialogue
  • Gene Ladner
    Gene Ladner 4 months ago If you're going to shoot....shoot. Don't talk.
  • Joseph Clark
    Joseph Clark 5 months ago My favorite line in the movie. Tuco was cool!!! @hurricane watcher
  • mexpue jmz
    mexpue jmz 5 months ago I dig ..I don't give fk..if there's gold underground
  • dominique glover
    dominique glover 5 months ago “And you dig”
  • mexpue jmz
    mexpue jmz 5 months ago I dig... there are a lot gold in the ground
  • A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge
    A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge 5 months ago ...and those who dig loaded guns!
  • louis gallaher
    louis gallaher 6 months ago The frenetic scene of Tuco running through the graveyard looking for Arch Stanton's grave with the music racing and rising to its crescendo, then the 3 man shootout should be enshrined in moviedom's Hall of Fame! 2 can dig faster than 1!!!
  • todd johnson
    todd johnson 6 months ago People with shield say duh. You can throw duh I b can Vbhgeught. Whine. While ine. Wie Will need. Wine. 🍷
  • Bob Eagle
    Bob Eagle 6 months ago two kinds of men. the quick and the dead
  • Luthfie nursantoso w
    Luthfie nursantoso w 6 months ago try get shoot on roped.that dead guy on hanged aboved.even criminal.already dead.ok ?! ...
  • mo zack
    mo zack 7 months ago God is not on our side, because he doesn't like idiots.
  • Walter Smith
    Walter Smith 7 months ago Yes!!!!!
  • Sean Roche
    Sean Roche 7 months ago Amen!! Get on your pony and ride! victory is OURS.
  • Jim Hallal
    Jim Hallal 7 months ago Two kinds of spurs as well
  • Arron Charles
    Arron Charles 7 months ago Powerfactorguy i can dig that.
  • sherco dude
    sherco dude 7 months ago I dig this song!
  • Robert Kamenzind
    Robert Kamenzind 8 months ago MAKE IT ha ha ha... funny!
    MAKE IT 8 months ago "Your not digging ?"
  • Lazaro Amor
    Lazaro Amor 8 months ago Be proud to be Spanish cause this film have been recorded in my country for the pleasure of to the rest of the world......
  • Robert Kamenzind
    Robert Kamenzind 8 months ago Powerfactorguy PARTY like you mean it!!!😎😋😎😊😂
  • Robert Kamenzind
    Robert Kamenzind 8 months ago Powerfactorguy dig holes, what no no, You can't be talking about 6feet under, let's fuken live like never before... grab a J and a beer .... Let's PARTY... hell to fukyeh.... can I get a Amen..... you cock, damm did he just say that!!!!!😎😋😎😊😂
  • the jackel
    the jackel 8 months ago You dig...
  • Lawrence Joseph
    Lawrence Joseph 8 months ago couldn't of said it better my self lmfao
  • Mike Morgan
    Mike Morgan 8 months ago @Vindelicia It is Tuva Semmingsen
  • manFRED
    manFRED 8 months ago @thyradoddzetron deep
  • Vladimir Wlayko Psihologik Jovcic
    Vladimir Wlayko Psihologik Jovcic 8 months ago When you talk- talk. When you shoot- shoot!
  • Ross micheal
    Ross micheal 8 months ago Do you feel lucky, Well do ya punk.
  • nitin ogale
    nitin ogale 8 months ago Yes......👍👍👍👍
  • Moby Hixon
    Moby Hixon 8 months ago Were you going die alone?
  • Liam Connolly
    Liam Connolly 8 months ago God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal!!
  • TheAdvancedMusic
    TheAdvancedMusic 8 months ago 'It's got to hold the weight of a pig."
  • Youna Noah
    Youna Noah 8 months ago you dig
  • thyradoddzetron
    thyradoddzetron 8 months ago While I'm waiting for the Lord to remember me, I, Tuco Ramirez, brother of "Brother" Ramirez will tell you something! You think you're better than I am... where we came from, if one did not want to die in poverty, one became a priest or a bandit! You chose your way, I chose mine. was harder! You talk about Mother and Father... you forget that when you left to become a priest I stayed behind! I must have been ten, twelve, I don't remember which, but I stayed! I tried, but it was no good! Now I'm going to tell you something... you became a priest because you were too much of a coward to do what I do!
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Zakary Denton
    Zakary Denton 8 months ago "It's for you..." -Blondie
  • james garrity
    james garrity 8 months ago “ and you know,I always see a job through”-Angel Eyes
  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell 8 months ago " not that your any tougher than Tuco... Just smart enough to know that talkin won't save you"
  • hurricane watcher
    hurricane watcher 8 months ago When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
  • Wolfy
    Wolfy 8 months ago Or ones that come through the front door or those who come through the window.
  • charles V
    charles V 8 months ago Where’s the man that rides that horse? He’s tall... blonde... smokes a cigar... and looks like a pig...~ Tuco
  • Sweeney Todd
    Sweeney Todd 8 months ago 'All in a day's work.'
  • Vista Vette
    Vista Vette 8 months ago "If you save your breath I feel a man like you can manage it."
  • Milan Fašánek
    Milan Fašánek 8 months ago That´s deadly true,my friend ;-)
  • Chris Breizhoo
    Chris Breizhoo 9 months ago "And you, you dig."
  • zorrinn
    zorrinn 1 day ago This is better than the original one from the movie. Absolutely superb!!
  • LIDGxc
    LIDGxc 1 week ago (edited) 234,000 Are people with loaded guns ... 5,700 Are the people who dig
  • roguemale TheOne&Only
    roguemale TheOne&Only 18 hours ago @Jim Crosby after the tragic white supremacist attack in New Zealand-social media was flooded with US gun advocates but,(balls of steel) NZ prime Minister-jacinta ardern shut you people up with gun laws consistent with australia. All the mass shootings happen now in the US-on average one per day.
  • Jim Crosby
    Jim Crosby 20 hours ago @roguemale TheOne&Only An archaic law from the civil war? are you referring to the First Amendment?
  • athééosl Sarkkos
    athééosl Sarkkos 1 day ago (edited) perhaps the 5700 down thumbs are australians who love it also...
  • Ion Duda
    Ion Duda 5 days ago @roguemale TheOne&Only What civilised society you talking about ?
  • kaleb Gonzales
    kaleb Gonzales 6 days ago (edited) BLONDIEEESSS!!!
  • Damuel Denny
    Damuel Denny 6 days ago Hhahahahhahahaha
  • Gilbert Brewer
    Gilbert Brewer 6 days ago LIDGxc ?
  • Carlos Angel Rabuffetti
    Carlos Angel Rabuffetti 6 days ago @Wil Hobbs No, of course!!!!
  • Wil Hobbs
    Wil Hobbs 6 days ago You dig?
  • Carlos Angel Rabuffetti
    Carlos Angel Rabuffetti 6 days ago Exactly!!
  • roguemale TheOne&Only
    roguemale TheOne&Only 6 days ago @Jim Crosby an archaic law left over from the civil war and one that has no place in today's civilised society.
  • Jim Crosby
    Jim Crosby 6 days ago @roguemale TheOne&Only Yeah, you also don't have a first amendment.
  • roguemale TheOne&Only
    roguemale TheOne&Only 6 days ago They wouldn't be australians-we have responsible gun laws and don't have powerful lobby groups who dictate policy.
  • Davey Pie
    Davey Pie 6 days ago LIDGxc 😂
  • 79Spirit
    79Spirit 1 week ago LIDGxc great comment! Love it!!
  • Mert Alakır
    Mert Alakır 5 days ago This performance is the good, the better and the best.
  • Tuckeylad
    Tuckeylad 1 day ago The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the fantastic Danish National Symphony Orchestra. Bravo!!
  • Marcelo B-M
    Marcelo B-M 5 months ago The guy who’s hanging at 1:05 is a musician from the orchestra who played a wrong note
  • hepeli2
    hepeli2 11 hours ago Hahaa
  • Sami Beder
    Sami Beder 6 days ago Wrong movie.
  • Kiron Rekords
    Kiron Rekords 2 weeks ago CHINGAS A TU RE-PUTÍSIMA MADRE, marcelo....... NUNCA leemos respuestas :-)
  • Robert Foote
    Robert Foote 2 weeks ago He wasn't worth $3,000...... !!!!?
  • Loaf cat
    Loaf cat 2 weeks ago Or maybe a theater kid who flubbed his lines and got fed to the band kids.
  • Hwl.
    Hwl. 2 weeks ago 1:26 feminist banshee screech when they attack in formation
  • Master Of Puppets
    Master Of Puppets 3 weeks ago as it should be
  • John Gilmore
    John Gilmore 1 month ago No he couldn't sing the wah wah
  • Michael Fong
    Michael Fong 1 month ago Or an audience who forgot to silent his handphone...
  • Blaine Renn
    Blaine Renn 1 month ago I didn’t even notice
  • Aj Baalman
    Aj Baalman 1 month ago who cares, stop being so picky.
  • Robert Neven
    Robert Neven 1 month ago @Linda Portuguesinha well is just a nice joke lady Linda
  • Robert Neven
    Robert Neven 1 month ago @Carin Bufe you are a hero to , i am a musician , and from now on y going to play never or ever a wrong note anymore, lol lol lol lol lol
  • Robert Neven
    Robert Neven 1 month ago Marcello, you are a hero, hahahahahahahah lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
  • Carin Bufe
    Carin Bufe 1 month ago Blondie shot the rope but missed
  • Tom Prosser
    Tom Prosser 2 months ago You see in this world there are two kinds of people, those with brains,and those without. You with out, dig?
  • Robert Neven
    Robert Neven 2 months ago Marcello vangoello, he is a good musician once a wrong note is not always a wrang note idioot
  • Miles Coburn
    Miles Coburn 2 months ago @Claudio SandovalOr "Hang 'Em High". They probably did that one as well, just not on this video.
  • Miles Coburn
    Miles Coburn 2 months ago They probably also did a version of "Hang "Em High".
  • HenryFromLagos
    HenryFromLagos 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Kenneth Boyer
    Kenneth Boyer 2 months ago I thought that was a good touch....
  • The Gaming J.D
    The Gaming J.D 2 months ago @Jesus Castañeda what do you want? My last name Is duran, my first name is yours.
  • fatna akchine
    fatna akchine 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Harkhoost
    Harkhoost 3 months ago The Orchestra lynced the first conductor.
  • Gaming Hesoyam
    Gaming Hesoyam 3 months ago that guy is probably Tuco
  • Linda Portuguesinha
    Linda Portuguesinha 4 months ago You made my night! Ahahah. really... bad taste to put an hanging man in there. I know... movie inspiration but still.
  • Albert Wesker
    Albert Wesker 4 months ago Jajajaja
  • John A.
    John A. 4 months ago So sorry that happened to him for playing a wrong note. Just kidding, of course.
  • John O
    John O 4 months ago vince russo for killing wcw
  • Larry
    Larry 4 months ago Beat me to it. I thought maybe the guy that clapped the boards at the wrong time, you know something difficult.
  • Pantibiblon
    Pantibiblon 4 months ago Man believe me those people from Demmark don't forgive a small,single mlstake..
  • brightworldmusic
    brightworldmusic 4 months ago the bassoonist, poor guy
  • Christian Roure
    Christian Roure 4 months ago LOL Marcelo . I' m Sure cleant is somewhere with is gun to break the rope .
  • Robert Bawden
    Robert Bawden 4 months ago GET YOUR WAH WAH'S RIGHT OR I WILL HANG YOU.....
  • sammvoyager
    sammvoyager 4 months ago Seems perfect. Didnt notice a note out of place.
  • sammvoyager
    sammvoyager 4 months ago @w9gb - -good one. Tuco Romero. "There are 2 kinds of people in the world my friend -those with spurs..."
  • chris kershaw
    chris kershaw 4 months ago No all the right notes ! But in the wrong order ! Note the correct addictive
  • John Ries
    John Ries 4 months ago Nah. He mouthed off to the conductor. She tougher than she looks.
  • Ve Po
    Ve Po 4 months ago LMAOOOO
  • w9gb
    w9gb 4 months ago Look at 5:05 , Man with No Name (Clint Eastwood) silhouette in back of choir. Nice effect ... I understand there were other placements in the orchestra hall (Where’s Tuco?)
  • Sheldon Offenbach
    Sheldon Offenbach 4 months ago He's got the best view.
  • Louis C. A. Porro
    Louis C. A. Porro 4 months ago @Communist In Action That was the sheriff.
  • Firografi
    Firografi 4 months ago Lol
  • yodamod
    yodamod 4 months ago The good old times.
    DOMINIQUE VANESPEN 4 months ago @Communist In Action By Morricone himself !
  • fossi cisco
    fossi cisco 5 months ago wowwwwwww , u ve been were all this yearzzzzzzzzz ,genuis
    DING DONG 5 months ago lol !! he messed up one too many times !!
  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 5 months ago Omg that crack me up
  • Joe Villanueva
    Joe Villanueva 5 months ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Stephen Slattery
    Stephen Slattery 5 months ago So what, its still Great
  • Claudio Sandoval
    Claudio Sandoval 5 months ago The hanging man is related to a the good the bad and the ugly movie scene
  • zimmer651
    zimmer651 5 months ago You are the expert, you must have been the bell end.
  • bluejay64
    bluejay64 5 months ago ?
  • Gewglesux
    Gewglesux 5 months ago Let that be a lesson to those who dont report to practice.
  • Marcelo B-M
    Marcelo B-M 5 months ago ꀎꋪ ꎭꂦꎭ ꁅꍏꌩ for decoration
  • Marcelo B-M
    Marcelo B-M 5 months ago Rodolfo A they hanged him because he played a wrong note
  • Rodolfo A
    Rodolfo A 5 months ago But hes hanging, hes not playing any note,, what are taking about??
  • 5 months ago @Deaf Ears?You have no clue how close that is to what happened in the book "Hannibal".
  • Lino Jakobsen
    Lino Jakobsen 5 months ago You got it. They don't tolerate that in Denmark.
  • bakojj_ lol
    bakojj_ lol 5 months ago He’s an example
  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers 5 months ago Lol they hung him there to make an example for the others
  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 5 months ago Why is that there?
  • Benigno Briones III
    Benigno Briones III 5 months ago Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. Lol. Can't believe I missed that.
  • Jesus Castañeda
    Jesus Castañeda 5 months ago Duran. Duran
  • Gregorio Ramos
    Gregorio Ramos 5 months ago Hahahaha. So funny
  • RobARug
    RobARug 5 months ago Bowels in or bowels out? :)
  • Abdur Rahman Naveed
    Abdur Rahman Naveed 5 months ago 🤣😂
  • Communist In Action
    Communist In Action 5 months ago And got hanged by the sheriff
  • durp hurp
    durp hurp 5 months ago *music critic
  • David Clayton
    David Clayton 5 months ago You are the expert. I am the pleb. Thanks for spoiling my viewing.
  • swaroop patil
    swaroop patil 5 months ago Not my fuckin tempo.........
  • Deaf Ears?
    Deaf Ears? 5 months ago Hannibal Lectors ear was offended.
  • West Coast Garage
    West Coast Garage 1 day ago Epic, Love it. 😍 Greetings from North Germany
  • Rubberduck
    Rubberduck 3 days ago This is the best version I've heard from an orchestra. it comes very close to the original. And it's great to see all the instruments playing together. The singers are absolutely great.
  • Scott Harrington
    Scott Harrington 1 week ago I would have gave almost anything to have been there in person. This performance is extraordinary!!! Performed perfect!!!!!
  • David Torrero
    David Torrero 1 week ago I was thinking exactly the same now, I would pay anything to watch this live
  • severla
    severla 1 day ago I dropped a tear, this was incredibly powerful and epic!
  • Simon Rechner
    Simon Rechner 1 month ago Perfection achieved. Human race can stop evolving now.
  • Anuj Chitale
    Anuj Chitale 1 week ago @Florian Geyer Yeah this time around they would be coming to Europe out of their own will. Not forced into going there.
  • Sean L
    Sean L 1 week ago We stopped evolving years ago
  • Edward Alamo
    Edward Alamo 1 week ago Every thing Italian is beautiful, Danish too
  • athééosl Sarkkos
    athééosl Sarkkos 2 weeks ago the regression is in progress. self phones do the job.
  • Abd Alrahman Fani
    Abd Alrahman Fani 2 weeks ago @Matthew Payne Shit Man that's good :D , But i think @elizabeth taylor is making a correct point here , hopefully one day those kids will be able to do something , and i am sure they will ...
  • Matthew Payne
    Matthew Payne 2 weeks ago @elizabeth taylor I'm guessing You didn't write this comment on an abacus?
  • elizabeth taylor
    elizabeth taylor 3 weeks ago Simon Rechner were heading backwards now, this young generation are bloody useless, except staring at a mobile phone.
  • Matthew Payne
    Matthew Payne 3 weeks ago @josh palmer IKR? What an ignorant fuck-head
  • Matthew Payne
    Matthew Payne 3 weeks ago @Florian Geyer Those BBC's will be the end of Your precious little superiority complex
  • Дмитрий Л
    Дмитрий Л 3 weeks ago And the main hero is still alive))))
  • josh palmer
    josh palmer 3 weeks ago @Florian Geyer 😂 I burst out laughing with your comment. But also very true.
  • Billy Grinstead
    Billy Grinstead 3 weeks ago Already stopped in the 90's
  • Florian Geyer
    Florian Geyer 3 weeks ago dont worry the africans coming to Europe will take care of that
  • Ray Christensen
    Ray Christensen 4 weeks ago That's how the Danes roll but then again I'm biased :-)
  • steadfastcoward
    steadfastcoward 1 week ago This would just never be complete without the hanging cowboy.
  • Chris Duitsman
    Chris Duitsman 6 days ago Nah, they just hanged Tuco, and Blondie didn't feel like saving him this time.
  • AbdelGany Mohamed
    AbdelGany Mohamed 1 week ago And Eastwood's shadow as well
  • Madison Madison
    Madison Madison 1 week ago @Suchi Gada what do you mean don't drink ?
  • Suchi Gada
    Suchi Gada 1 week ago steadfastcoward don’t drink!
  • Madison Madison
    Madison Madison 1 week ago wish we still had them
  • Angus H
    Angus H 10 hours ago This was very good. I did enjoy this very much. Big love to all hope you are having a simply splendid day my chums. Remember you are amazing!
  • Patrick Houtman
    Patrick Houtman 1 day ago Just outstanding. Only a dullard could give this a thumbs-down.
    BOB BLASY 22 hours ago They did an awesome job... I love this