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real time journal with me — BTS x Charli XCX — Dream Glow

Published on Jun 8, 2019 38,267 views

!! watch in 1080p !!

m i h a n i s t y p i n g . . .

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Hey :)
1. GIVEAWAY!!!!! You can still enter :) It will go on until July 4th, 2019 -- 12:00pm CEST
2. so, as you all may know, BTS released a song sung by Jimin, Jin and Jungkook, featuring Charli XCX. I personally like the song a lot. It’s really catchy and these vocals! I also think that the line distribution is well done. I’m so excited for the oder song(s)!!! What are your thoughts about the song?

i t e m s u s e d . . .
— midori md paper cover, a5, grid
— muji gel pen 0.5, black
— muji mecanical pencil
— Uni-ball signo gel pen, white
— transparent paper
— tombow dual brush pens 𠃊 N00, 761, 772, 837, 910 (alternative: crayola supertips)
— washi tape (mt, mo.card)
— printed pictures (filter: SS4 (75%) app: foodie)
— peach sticker pack:

w h e r e i f i n d m y s t a t i o n e r y . . .
— etzy :
— muji :
— aliexpress :
— amazon :

f i l m & e d i t i n g . . .
— Canon EOD80D
— VLLO (full ver.) & iMovie

s o c i a l m e d i a . . .
— instagram — @mihanjournal 𠃊

m u s i c . . .
— Chill BTS Lofi Hip-Hop Playlist 𠃊

i do not own the music in this video.
all credits go to the rightful owners.

  • mihanjournal
    mihanjournal 2 weeks ago (edited) Heyy :) So, just saying, i am hosting a giveaway over on my instagram :D so if you want to check it out, you can :) And thank you so so much for the support, like,,,,holy cow!!! Thanks <3
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    Weird Steph 2 weeks ago 💖💖💖
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    Turbo & Toby 2 weeks ago tysm for hosting it :)
  • Turbo & Toby
    Turbo & Toby 2 weeks ago the giveaway is so generous TT
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    Literally gold 2 weeks ago Can I ask what you use to edit your videos?
  • dahiana quintero restrepo
    dahiana quintero restrepo 2 weeks ago I'm glad when I see one of your videos. Thanks for everything. I love you so much. I do not speak English. I speak Spanish but anyway I write you in English so that you understand. Bye😜❤
  • dahiana quintero restrepo
    dahiana quintero restrepo 2 weeks ago Hellooooo
  • ;g r e e n p e p p e e
    ;g r e e n p e p p e e 2 weeks ago You're handwriting is so beatiful. So aesthetic💫
  • jiminstoes69
    jiminstoes69 2 weeks ago (edited) Descriptions “watch in 1080p!” Me, with slow ass internet watching in 144p-“no I think it’s pretty good like this I can make out some words 🤠”
  • victoria kumi
    victoria kumi 1 week ago lol my useless phone goes up to 720p
  • Asya Ray
    Asya Ray 2 weeks ago (edited) The song is honestly very pretty and shows off everyone’s voice, including Charlie’s, so well.🥰 Edit: She likeddd ☺️☺️☺️
  • ǝʇsᴉɹʇ
    ǝʇsᴉɹʇ 2 weeks ago i really enjoyed the song ¡! jin's vocals have improved way too much & i'm really proud, jungkook's english and jimin's vocals, everything was just- amazing. loved your video, btw ¡! ♡
  • Patricia Cearley
    Patricia Cearley 1 week ago I’m not sure if you would see this or even want to do this, but could you do a phone tour? I just love your aesthetic so much. I think it would be a good idea. Just a suggestion, I love your channel so much. 💗 have a good day *•.~
  • worldwide handsome's wife
    worldwide handsome's wife 2 weeks ago starting my own k-pop journal because ü inspired meeee thank ü and love from PH ❤❤❤
  • Ashley Chow
    Ashley Chow 3 days ago How r u so aesthetic? I tried to be aesthetic once... didn’t work out. ^key word: TRIED*
  • El_velvet Vera
    El_velvet Vera 2 weeks ago's so organized and with the song at background just make me feel so relaxing~~~~~
  • aesthetic edits
    aesthetic edits 6 days ago me: YES IM GONNA DO THIS! me 1 hour later: omg i give up shes too perfect
  • hyxn1n
    hyxn1n 2 weeks ago ahhh i really love watching your journaling videos >.< 💘
  • Lottleapple
    Lottleapple 2 weeks ago (edited) early? ilysm!!! all hail aesthetic queen
  • YourLocalBiasWrecker
    YourLocalBiasWrecker 2 weeks ago Aah I wish I could at least come close to your level of calligraphy but I wrote really weird- 🤧
  • hat doggo
    hat doggo 2 weeks ago Got inspired more! Love ur vids and also EARLYYY
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    Pq ReVluv? 2 weeks ago I'm going to start my kpop journal You are my inspiration 💜✨
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    Mochiibun Ryuna 2 weeks ago i wish i have insta TT btw,you inspire me to do a journal! i love youuu <3
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    Kimpeach 2 weeks ago i'm lateeee aaagtthhhhhh but this is so aesthetic tho. i love everything about this:(((
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    Magic Eadie 4 days ago oof, some good asmr xD I cracked up lol
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    Doggo IsMyName 2 weeks ago YAS I AM EARLY.. ANother aesthetic journal uwu💕💕
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    Oh NO Peng 2 weeks ago Oh yeah aesthetic queen is back. Hellooo🌼🌼