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A Look Inside My Layered Art Journal

Published on Jun 7, 2019 6,605 views

I hope you all enjoy!

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  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago I am SO EXCITED to start my art journaling journey in my newest addition to the artist in bloom family ( I almost have a whole family of journals made lol! ) I hope you all enjoy and are inspired to create a small art journal for yourself! USE CODE : EARLYBIRDBLOOM for $10 off my class EXPIRES 6/8/19 at 12:00 am EST : Also follow me on Instagram if you are wanting to see how I decorate my pages : Have a lovely and creative weekend! XOXO Nazy :)
  • Kim Plohocky
    Kim Plohocky 2 weeks ago I’m taking your class Nazy and absolutely loving it! 💓🌸🦋 I’m working on my page inserts right now, so I’m getting close to finishing and getting so excited!! This class is full of so many tips and ideas and details, well worth your time. I’m so glad I purchased your class and think everyone else should too❤️🥰💐
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Oh Kim! I couldn't be more thrilled and overjoyed that you are not only loving the course but in the process of working on your pages, It makes me so excited to hear about your finished journal - I can only imagine how beautiful it must look like! Thank you so much for the love and support, I am so lucky to have people like you in this family my journal sister!
  • klaire74
    klaire74 2 weeks ago (edited) This little guy is adorable 😍 I love not only the papers, but the format also, no excuse to not be taken anywhere ⚘🤗⚘
  • klaire74
    klaire74 2 weeks ago 💞🤗💞
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Your exactly right! I have no excuse lol! It fits in my bag perfectly and the format of it makes it very easy to use, I'm so happy you liked the journal!
  • mammag16
    mammag16 2 weeks ago xI just Love your videos,and your course everyone should get it ,it's soooo much fun and beautiful love it thanks Nazi...
  • Penelope Marshall
    Penelope Marshall 2 weeks ago Delightful little journal, so pretty as always!
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Thank you so much Penelope!
  • Kelly Graham Lloyd
    Kelly Graham Lloyd 2 weeks ago 🌸Nazy, I just enrolled in the course !! I’m really looking forward to when I can get the quiet time to follow along & create something special! I get some time off from work in August; so hopefully I can indulge myself then! Thanks for posting this little flip through - I just absolutely love the style and aesthetic! Hopefully many others are able to treat themselves to the course; and support you as well!! Take care! ❤️from🇨🇦
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Kelly! I saw your lovely name and got so excited! Thank you so much for joining the artist in bloom family, Its such a beautiful community and its a honor that you are going to be a part of it! A huge hug from me to you for all of the incredible support and love you have constantly given me!
  • Mrs Cog
    Mrs Cog 2 weeks ago (edited) So pretty and inspirational... you, your presentation and your beautiful journals. Thank you for sharing Nazy. :-)
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Thank you so much Mrs.Cog for your lovely comment! It means so much :)
  • Maryam Chen
    Maryam Chen 2 weeks ago Another amazingly beautiful work ♥️
  • Liana Muthrtung
    Liana Muthrtung 2 weeks ago sweet! not being funny or anything, but you should totally audition for Disney voice-overs
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Liana, I cannot express how much I loved your comment, I love all the disney movies and when I was little I would always say the words to the movies and shows out loud :) That would be such a fun job to do!
  • Roksanna Stephens
    Roksanna Stephens 1 week ago Oh Nazy, soooo BEAUTIFUL, (as always). One day I'll be able to take your class(es). Your style is so delicate, like standing in the sunshine with a warm summer breeze flowing across my face... Thank you much for sharing.
  • laura vasquez
    laura vasquez 2 weeks ago The journal is so cute. Love your syle... :)
  • Rita Book
    Rita Book 2 weeks ago So precious and dainty! Very nice work.
  • Simple Mountain Life
    Simple Mountain Life 2 weeks ago Dear Nazy, I LOVED YOUR CLASS! I’m half way finished with my Artist in Bloom Journal and it’s so relaxing working on it. You really take the process of creating to another level, first I just watched all the content and when I finished watching it, I have the same feeling as when you finish a great book, creating it gives me so much happiness and now I’m so excited to check the new bonus material on the class. I can’t thank you enough for the class. Have a wonderful weekend! 💕🌷
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Oh my goodness, that is SO wonderful! I have seen your lovely pictures in the class and am so excited to what your finished journal will look like, thank you my sweet friend for coming alongside this journey with me and for being so sweet and encouraging! The new bonus material will be shared later this week and I will send out an email to everyone so no one misses out :)
  • D Fashionlovesdiy
    D Fashionlovesdiy 2 weeks ago Your journals are so beautiful, loving all the lace details you used!
  • phennec
    phennec 2 weeks ago The little journal looks so soft and beautiful. You are always an inspiration Nazy. Thank you.
  • rv lucky
    rv lucky 2 weeks ago I think your beautiful journals I'm new to crafting so I've been working on my technique you have a great day
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Aww welcome to the community! I hope you have a wonderful day as well sweetheart!
  • zinnia patch
    zinnia patch 2 weeks ago Beautiful journal - a beautiful video!! Thank you so much for sharing
  • Amity Bloom
    Amity Bloom 2 weeks ago Thank you sweetheart for taking the time to watch! I am so happy you loved it!
  • Susan Heien
    Susan Heien 2 weeks ago Gorgeous!
  • Irianti Erningpraja
    Irianti Erningpraja 2 weeks ago So Pretty ! I took the Artist in Bloom course, I love your teaching style,very clear step by step, but I did not see the mini journal, am I missing and skip the video?
  • Senya Gwynn
    Senya Gwynn 2 weeks ago So beautiful!! Tfs❤