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I tried the Ulzzang diet for a week

Published on Mar 11, 2019 230,528 views

1 year since my first video on YouTube!

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  • Sv Vr
    Sv Vr 2 months ago At least it's more food than other diets
  • Black Swan
    Black Swan 2 months ago But no water though
  • Klem Ekla
    Klem Ekla 2 months ago there is nothing to eat haha
  • Namjoon's Desciple
    Namjoon's Desciple 1 month ago @Black Swan 😱😱😱😱😱😱
  • Hello Bia
    Hello Bia 2 months ago How can someone eat so many eggs!? 😹 my stomach hurt just thinking about it.
  • Lena X'O
    Lena X'O 2 months ago Hello Bia i did the first day today, i had to eat 7 eggs. I know it sounds weird but I could do it and the eggs didn’t make me sick, they also kept me full for the whole day haha
  • HimexD
    HimexD 2 months ago Yes it is a lot... from what I know we need to eat like just 7 eggs per week!
  • better than gucci
    better than gucci 2 months ago For the last 3 months I ate 6 eggs a day...
  • An Ji
    An Ji 2 months ago I dunno about you guys, but eggs are the only things in this world that I personally wouldn't mind eating all day long lol.
  • Miumiu Banks
    Miumiu Banks 2 months ago watch your cholesterol levels people! I can already smell the egg farts⚠️
  • kim namjoon is my president
    kim namjoon is my president 1 month ago atleast 1 egg is enough for a day. eggs has enough nutrients you need for the day. eating too much of that is not good
  • grshrder ytujtutru
    grshrder ytujtutru 1 month ago @better than gucci and thay pic tho 😂😂💀😘
  • better than gucci
    better than gucci 1 month ago grshrder ytujtutru i‘m pretty proud of me having this as my profile pic for the last few years lmao
  • lunafred
    lunafred 1 month ago Oof my stomach doesn’t have a problem with it but my back will be full of acnes 💀💀💀
  • Wendy redvelvet
    Wendy redvelvet 1 month ago I know especially boiled egg. They're healthy but taste weird. But you know, beauty is pain. LOL
  • Kaja Magdalena
    Kaja Magdalena 1 month ago Eggs make my stomach feel like its covered in acid
  • XxBTStrashinacupxX Cutie my dood
    XxBTStrashinacupxX Cutie my dood 1 month ago When I had my eating disorder I always ate eggs for basically every meal.
  • I don’t stalk BTS
    I don’t stalk BTS 1 month ago I'm lowkey obsessed with eggs xd this diet would totally work on me
  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 1 month ago Hello Bia i love eggs 😂💓
  • Ana Wayland
    Ana Wayland 1 month ago Damn,7 eggs per week??? What I learned at my "nutriology" class, 2 eggs per week is more than enough.
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 1 month ago I too just finished my first day and to be honest, the grapefruit in the morning was the hardest thing for me
  • toasty bOi
    toasty bOi 1 month ago Gaston
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 1 month ago @toasty bOi lmfao!
  • metcl
    metcl 2 weeks ago lunafred does egg bring back acne?
  • warmwaves
    warmwaves 2 weeks ago I eat 2 eggs everyday
  • Aalucia Maria
    Aalucia Maria 1 month ago Everyone is talking about the eggs but HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MUCH COFFEE IN A WEEK OH MY GOD
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago IKR, too much coffee is bad for your heart. 😅
  • Lexandrine G.
    Lexandrine G. 1 month ago DAMN RIGHT HOW DID SHE SLEEP
  • 123 Banana
    123 Banana 1 month ago I wouldn’t be able to sleep lol
  • Lena
    Lena 1 month ago Me on the other hand... I have about 4 cups a day so I finally found a diet I might be able to follow 😂
  • Lisa Kirchenbauer
    Lisa Kirchenbauer 1 month ago Up to 4 cups a day is not bad
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 1 month ago Jaemin drinks waaaay more than this...and it's even espresso
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 1 month ago @123 Banana although decaf coffee is not entirely without caffeine, it still has way less than regular coffee...try that :)
  • cities 127
    cities 127 1 month ago Min Benitez he cut down the coffee from like six cups to two bc nctzens got worried
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 1 month ago @cities 127 yes I know, but that's still a lot. Also, a Venti cup of sbux isn't the same as a regular cup
  • ella
    ella 3 weeks ago I drink green tea instead of coffee lol (im trying this diet)
  • Rebeldewayraluka
    Rebeldewayraluka 2 weeks ago why nobody is talking about the fact that she was 60 kilos after victoria secret diet, and now she is 64 immediately after? LOL
  • Tsuki Kitsune-chan
    Tsuki Kitsune-chan 2 days ago Coffee suppresses your appetite so you won't feel as hungry and eat less
  • Gracie C.
    Gracie C. 2 months ago Eggs does make you full for a long time but this is so much eggs in a diet LOL
  • Little Girl who feel everything
    Little Girl who feel everything 2 months ago Gracie C. There is so much coffee too
  • Sito Eshiet
    Sito Eshiet 1 month ago True and the coffee too tho
  • ur mom
    ur mom 1 month ago Eggs are seriously so bad for you
  • Sito Eshiet
    Sito Eshiet 1 month ago ur mom what if they’re fried tho? Does it still make it as bad?
  • Marie Kuyateh
    Marie Kuyateh 1 month ago Sito Eshiet im pretty sure eggs are very high in cholestoral
  • Elaisha Chloe Malonzo
    Elaisha Chloe Malonzo 1 month ago @Sito Eshiet boiled,fried,poached, etc. Its still healthy. Just not too much egg in a day.
  • que es obo
    que es obo 1 month ago @Elaisha Chloe Malonzo with 2 in a week is enough. And if is just the white egg, every day...
  • Brandon Tron
    Brandon Tron 1 month ago Marie Kuyateh Not all cholesterol is bad, eggs raise HDL cholesterol which is a “good” cholesterol Granted eating a ton of eggs in general isn’t the best, but there really isn’t any harm in the amount she eats, especially all the vitamins and proteins.
  • claio janus
    claio janus 2 months ago what i love about you is that you keep it simple in the videos and just show the diet process. also congrats on your weight loss!
  • old hag
    old hag 2 months ago claio janus i agree. not like other videos that have long intros and drone on about shit nobody cares about
    ASTRO IS LIFE 1 month ago useless child so true 😂
  • Sunshine .e
    Sunshine .e 1 month ago claio janus yeah there is no HI GUYS thing
  • mask girl
    mask girl 2 months ago U inspire me a lot last month I was 71kg and now I am 67.70kg.. my dream weight is 53kg and I am heading my way towards it.. (rip english)
  • ntzkyh 95 - 2
    ntzkyh 95 - 2 2 months ago What kind of diet do you used?
  • mask girl
    mask girl 2 months ago @ntzkyh 95 - 2 I made that diet myself..
  • FuyutZuki C
    FuyutZuki C 2 months ago @mask girl can share your menu?
  • mask girl
    mask girl 2 months ago Breakfast 8:30am 60gram oat meal 1carrot 1cucumber 1green tea Mid lunch 11:30am 100gram rice 2×60gram soup 60gram rice Lunch 2:30pm 90 gram oats Peanuts Mid snacks 4:30 Salad Milk Snacks 6:30 Horlicks Dinner 7:30 2cucumber I don't do this anymore..I have increased the proportion of my food as my school is reopening and I have to do good in my academic and this simply can't be without food😜
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 2 months ago mask girl yeAhhh me tooo Now I’m 47kg My goal is 38kg FIGHTING!!
  • FuyutZuki C
    FuyutZuki C 2 months ago @Leo Elna oh my. 47kg already Nice.
  • hi lal
    hi lal 2 months ago @Leo Elna what is your height?
  • hi lal
    hi lal 2 months ago @Leo Elna i kinda have a feeling that you are joking..
  • hani s2z
    hani s2z 2 months ago @Leo Elna wut. my dream is 42kg.
  • vilte lis
    vilte lis 2 months ago @hani s2z i dream to be 60kg....
  • hani s2z
    hani s2z 2 months ago @vilte lis what's your weight? My wheight is 54kg.
  • Darkness THE
    Darkness THE 2 months ago What is your height ?
  • maya
    maya 2 months ago @Leo Elna please, please be careful. thats not healthy and i'm sure you know it. please seek professional help if you struggle with an eating disorder.
  • No O
    No O 2 months ago (edited) Your height?
  • Min-Seo San
    Min-Seo San 2 months ago Year ago I was 75 kg and now I am 62 kg 😂.
  • Michelle Huang
    Michelle Huang 2 months ago Good luck! i'm sure you can do it ;) I am also in the progress of wanting to lose fat. I am careful about what i am eating now (junkfood, candies, chocolate etc.) I am also trying to exercise regularly. Its a little hard but i am sure we both can do it ^^ Fighting!
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 2 months ago h s about 155cm
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 2 months ago h s nope..I’m not joking
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 2 months ago hani s2z yahhh fighting 😁
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 2 months ago maya thankyou for your care ☺️ But I’m still okay 👌😁
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 2 months ago Leo Elna Please don’t go under 42! It’s true that you’re not that tall, but it’s really not healthy. You’ll loose energy and muscle. And if you maintain 38, I’m sure you’re not getting enough vitamins through your food. It can really destroy your health. Please look out! I’m around 156, and I weigh 44-45. I won’t go under that for my own sake. I’ll soon turn 14, so I can finally attend the gym! My goal is to build muscle. But I don’t think I’ll go over 50 kg, i would hate that tbh. But I’ll see🤷‍♀️ Stay healthy and be careful~
  • Kaori :3
    Kaori :3 2 months ago I am 53 kg but my dream weight is 45 kg
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 2 months ago Kaori :3 As long as you’re not taller than 160, good luck!
  • Kaori :3
    Kaori :3 2 months ago Koo Tae I’m 158 so I think it’ll be good weight for me. Thank you! :D
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 2 months ago Kaori :3 I hope so! Don’t push yourself, and certainly don’t go under 45! Be careful~
  • Kaori :3
    Kaori :3 2 months ago Koo Tae Thanks! It's nice to know that someone cares. Also good luck in building muscle, you can do it! purple you army💜
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 2 months ago Kaori :3 No problem, and thanks! I’ll do my best hehe I purple you too~💜
  • ヘッドクラック
    ヘッドクラック 2 months ago My dream weight is 44/45 kg yikes >_<
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 2 months ago jayxbanana Good luck! You can do this ehehe~
  • ヘッドクラック
    ヘッドクラック 2 months ago Koo Tae thank u ~ <3
  • Heidi Huang
    Heidi Huang 2 months ago :) keep up the good work
  • Sofia Rahma
    Sofia Rahma 2 months ago Now my weight is 70 kg but my goal is 55/50 kg. What can I do? I tried to workout, diet and many others but i am so worried if i cannot lose my weight :(
  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster 2 months ago Sofia Rahma try intermittent fasting 20/4 or keto mixed with Omad. That’d really help you :D
  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 2 months ago I'm 165cm tall and i have 48kg. Idk is that ideal weight
  • An Ji
    An Ji 2 months ago @Leo Elna Sis you gotta be joking, If you're not then, you might be anorexic... I'm just about the same height as you (156cm) and only 48kg, 38kg is very underweight. Hope you're doing alright.
  • Zonin
    Zonin 2 months ago Who Ate My Food?! Is it? The girls in baby metal were that height and weighed that much
  • An Ji
    An Ji 2 months ago @Zonin She's definitely unhealthy. She's only 81 lbs! You cannot tell me that, that is healthy. You need to be at least 105lbs to be considered healthy if you're only 155cm.
  • Sofia Rahma
    Sofia Rahma 2 months ago Slim Shady i think that is the ideal weight for you, if u want to know u can check your weight from the app or ibm
  • kyoto :
    kyoto : 2 months ago I am 44 kg uwu, my weight goal is 38 :D I’m very short so I think is ok (1.48 cm)
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 2 months ago I started last month at 75kg now Im 68kg and my goal is 60kg
  • QixLi
    QixLi 1 month ago I'm ok with myself i guess but if i will gain weight some kind of these diets would be good. I'm 1.77 m and 54kg.
  • Farahiya Nadira
    Farahiya Nadira 1 month ago Sofia Rahma Intermittent fasting helped me a lot. Also, count your calories but don’t obsess over them and drink tons of water!
  • NCTea InDaHouse
    NCTea InDaHouse 1 month ago I’m 53kg rn but I’m quite short for my height so I’m aiming to lose 8-10kg 😂😅
  • grshrder ytujtutru
    grshrder ytujtutru 1 month ago @Leo Elna girl you wanne die ? 38 kg is extremly .......
  • grshrder ytujtutru
    grshrder ytujtutru 1 month ago Don't go on diet GO SPORT !
  • dvrhhjhccy
    dvrhhjhccy 1 month ago @Lydia Djahdou how tall are you I feel like you are probably 171 60kg seems the perfect ratio
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 1 month ago @dvrhhjhccy no Im 165cm now im 66kg and i have a new goal i want to be 58kg
  • bleached cloud
    bleached cloud 1 month ago @Leo Elna I wouldn't suggest you to weigh that less. It's clearly underweight like I have a classmate that weighs about 38 kgs and she hates her body because she isn't able it gain weight. Don't ruin your already healthy body for no reason
  • sunhaae
    sunhaae 1 month ago Are you me
  • sweatysis
    sweatysis 1 month ago Leo Elna Don’t, take it from someone who used to be 44kg, same height as you and currently 39.4kg. I feel weak (i used to be pretty strong), and I get tired easily. 47kg for you is totally fine. But, if you want to get skinner for some reason, don’t. pass. the. 43kg. weight. You’re young and your bones are still growing, and needs the nutrients.
  • Byun Baekhyun
    Byun Baekhyun 1 month ago Focus on ur studies furst than do ur diet goodluck!!!!!!
  • Mayna Tmy
    Mayna Tmy 1 month ago Mask girl same for me 😶😄
  • 888
    888 1 month ago Your English is good yo mask girl
  • I am in the Black hole of kpop
    I am in the Black hole of kpop 1 month ago Omg same
  • Wendy Neverland
    Wendy Neverland 1 month ago 38kg is not okay for anyone!! That's too thin. Please be safe!
    LAZY CHOW 1 month ago you'll get there, just have a lot of patience with your body 😊 i used to be 71kg too, and im 48kg today
    LAZY CHOW 1 month ago you'll get there, just have a lot of patience with your body 😊 i used to be 71kg too, and im 48kg today
  • Andira Gita
    Andira Gita 1 month ago @Leo Elna damn I'm 155 cm too and my weight is 55kg, I feel like I'm okay with that :/ none stop you, but be careful, do healthy diet okay?
  • Xiumin The Marshmallow
    Xiumin The Marshmallow 1 month ago my weight now is 35
  • kpop trash
    kpop trash 1 month ago Hahahah 70kg THAT'S WEAK I'm around 130kg :')
  • dezandnove
    dezandnove 1 month ago Lol and Im here with 1.73 and more than 65kg
  • Lamphia Alonso
    Lamphia Alonso 1 month ago @ntzkyh 95 - 2 0zP
  • Nana with NShitty
    Nana with NShitty 1 month ago too bad I don’t eat al kinds of vegetables 😭
  • 채영김
    채영김 1 month ago i'm 162cm and 55kg
  • Hobicorner MonArmyMoo
    Hobicorner MonArmyMoo 1 month ago I am currently 173 cm tall 56kg trying for 50kg after a huge diet fail for the past 2 months. (I had lost around 5kg in the last 4 weeks of December and gained it all back for god knows what reason even tho I was doing the same diet )
  • Ariadne Cassiel
    Ariadne Cassiel 1 month ago I'm 169cm and weigh a whopping 76kg 😂😭😭😭😭need to lose it.
  • Sylvie GM Torfs
    Sylvie GM Torfs 1 month ago Leo Elna hah you should do ur BMI before having a goals of 38kg, don’t die
  • 나 재민
    나 재민 1 week ago i am 41 kg and i want to be 37kg
  • y x n n a h
    y x n n a h 2 months ago this is actually a good diet considering there's protein, fiber and carbs... but idk about the amount
  • HimexD
    HimexD 2 months ago not really but better than other she did, too much eggs and there is not much nutritional values for body and also it is about 700 to 800kcal per day so anyone could lose weight but also energy and health... You didn't mention fats which are very important for women and there can be too little of them( we need like 0,7-1 gram per our weight i think because our period can because of lack of fat stops).
  • I A
    I A 1 month ago But they’re the wrong types of protein, fibre and carbs.. there’s many different types, which make this diet pretty bad. Especially the eggs and bread!!! Which is basically all it had
  • HimexD
    HimexD 1 month ago I A please tell me what is wrong with bread and eggs? I eat bread nearly every day, I am on a diet and still eat bread and many other thing that are "baned" by others on diet xd I follow may people who are or are getting their degree at university to be dietician and I don't see that they say that bread or eggs are bad xd They write to look at ingredients when we buy bread and be cautios when we buy dark(?) bread beacuse they can be just pretend to be more healthy. Also eggs... 7 eggs per week should be max beause like any other food it is bad for our health to eat too much.
  • I A
    I A 1 month ago HimexD There are good carbs and bad carbs the less processed and refined a carb is the better! Carbs in bread are different to the carbs in beans and other vegetables. White bread provides “empty carbohydrates” due to their lack of nutrients and high carb content. I would explain it here but I think it’s easier if you look up “empty carbs”. eating things like whole grain bread is much better than white bread! Also, a little tip is to look up polyphenols, found in mainly berries! A bit off topic to bread but they’re a very important micronutrient that majority of people lack in their diet :)
  • Strawberry Cupcake
    Strawberry Cupcake 1 month ago @HimexD 99% if not 100% of nutritionists are fine with WHOLE GRAIN bread. Also sprouted bread and such. White bread is pretty useless for the body unless you're sick and can only keep down super simply carbs like white rice and bread. I think people are just trying to point out that theres a difference
  • Diana Adamari
    Diana Adamari 1 month ago They must be throwing mad farts
  • Dead inside
    Dead inside 2 months ago If i eat this much of eggs momma will hit me
  • Tucha Fatima
    Tucha Fatima 2 months ago Dead inside I feel you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I get surprised by how much they can eat my mum will beat my ass
  • vilte lis
    vilte lis 2 months ago @Tucha Fatima same XDDDD
  • Maia Grey
    Maia Grey 2 months ago I feel sorry for you guys... If your parents beat you over eating eggs... sounds like abuse to me.
  • Tucha Fatima
    Tucha Fatima 2 months ago Maia Grey it’s not that deep it’s just why would someone eat plus 7 eggs per day 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • vilte lis
    vilte lis 2 months ago @Tucha Fatima exactly
  • Buzzing In Your Ears
    Buzzing In Your Ears 2 months ago Maia Grey my Mom is not going to beat me, but she'll yelling lol. It's not about 'only egg' it's just because we're poor, in my family we can eat 3 eggs for 5-6 people.
  • Idk x
    Idk x 1 month ago Maia Grey yh
  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat 1 month ago Then get a job and start buying your own food
  • Kell Loofahhh
    Kell Loofahhh 1 month ago After this diet I'd probably avoid eggs for a really long time
    JJWSVTK 1 month ago Fr tho💀
  • chaexic
    chaexic 1 month ago same
  • Diane Nguyen
    Diane Nguyen 1 month ago @cyka blyat some parents don't allow their kids to take up jobs so that they can focus on education
  • extinction
    extinction 2 months ago it's hard to do it especially in an asian household
  • Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine
    Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine 1 month ago temple ikr my dad literally asked me yesterday if I ate dinner (rice) because I was getting skinnier ;-; and because he didn’t believe me , he fed me 4 bowls of rice today to “make up” for the days I didn’t eat (but I did wtf)
  • M R road to 100 subscribers without videos
    M R road to 100 subscribers without videos 1 month ago @Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine then eat less rice
    MUSIC AMBER 1 month ago yes we can't avoid The RICE 🍚
  • Rose Gem
    Rose Gem 1 month ago Ikr, it should be a challenge, "I tried to lose weight in an Asian household" lol
  • Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine
    Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine 1 month ago M R road to 100 subscribers without videos what do you mean?
    TAEDOFU 1 month ago Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine it means to just throw the other 3 bowls away
  • Plump Kan
    Plump Kan 1 month ago temple and In a Hispanic household holy fuck
  • bel ¡¡
    bel ¡¡ 1 month ago SAME except im hispanic not asian but my mom would kill me if i try any diet ejsjskdj
  • Martina Kp
    Martina Kp 1 month ago In Russian households too..
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago Same. I'm Asian and when I'm eating my mom like triples the amount and I'm not even skinny. 🤣
  • Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine
    Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine 1 month ago TAEDOFU yeah but what if he is FEEDING it to you?
  • rose k
    rose k 1 month ago tell me about it!
  • Wendigo
    Wendigo 1 month ago YESSSS !MY PARENTS ASK ME 24/7 IF I ATE OR NOT OH MY GOD
  • Typical Girl
    Typical Girl 1 month ago Ikr
  • Tessa Yasmine
    Tessa Yasmine 1 month ago temple my dad literally stuffs me with sooo much food. I’m not even skinny... he asks if I ate all the time, he’s so worried😅 I just can’t go on (extreme) diets.
  • Dome Espín
    Dome Espín 1 month ago Dont get me started on Latin households :/
  • Taexdjxc
    Taexdjxc 1 month ago African household too we literally eat rice and chicken everyday🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Sidney Choi
    Sidney Choi 1 month ago my mom would tear me apart if I ate like 3 dozen eggs in a week💀
  • zavia romanova
    zavia romanova 1 month ago sjdhshs i’m not asian, but i do struggle with dieting and trying to lose weight because of my mother, too. mostly because she’s a nurse and freaks out if i miss one meal
  • Emily
    Emily 1 month ago honestly my mom is chinese and my dad is korean and when i don’t eat a whole pot of rice they get concerned
  • Luna Arli
    Luna Arli 1 month ago ahah try that in italy like omg i relate so much, just its not rice its pasta (even though risotto is soo many calories too)
  • Holo ppl
    Holo ppl 1 month ago I'm in Slav household...believe me it ain't any better 😪
  • yeems
    yeems 1 month ago Ikr they feed us until we're gonna explode skndgjnh
  • Gifty Horan
    Gifty Horan 1 month ago I can relate so mom asks me why I am not eating much when I eat enough..she'll be like eat more and shouts at me for grandma also stays with us so every now and then she asks to eat that eat this...
  • dolphiintears
    dolphiintears 3 weeks ago temple YES my grandma feeds me bcs in her eyes i’m always too skinny 💀
  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 weeks ago damn you guys all get fed good 😭😭 divorced parents never have that much food in the house bc they’re only cooking for themselves half the time, plus we were poor so lol... so many times i’d survive off just bread 😞
  • skinnyong
    skinnyong 2 weeks ago try it in an asian AND hispanic household. it's a deadly challenge.
  • yoongisgummysmile
    yoongisgummysmile 1 month ago This should be called "the grapefruit and coffe diet" LoL
  • Tessa Yasmine
    Tessa Yasmine 1 month ago softthings + egg
  • Kaye •
    Kaye • 1 month ago and egg
  • Sinead Sh
    Sinead Sh 2 months ago Its so satisfying to see you following them to a T. I hate when people do these halfhearted
  • mylovelypeachmilk
    mylovelypeachmilk 1 month ago This is extremely hard to do in an asian household lmao I tried it for like two days and my mom thinks I’m depressed and offered to take me to therapy lol
  • multifandom_in _kpop
    multifandom_in _kpop 1 month ago Same. I'm Asian too 😥. My parents want me to eat a lot.
  • Victoria Rk
    Victoria Rk 1 month ago Me too!
  • dinker
    dinker 2 months ago I went vegan a month ago and started intermittent fasting about a week ago and Ive lost about 14-15 pounds so far. 153-138.4 lbs. Don’t give up guys!!
  • Gracie C.
    Gracie C. 2 months ago What type of intermittent fasting did you do?
  • Cindy
    Cindy 2 months ago lol I lose 10 lbs in one week and it actual fat but I don’t know how to maintain the weight I lose :(
  • Julia L.
    Julia L. 2 months ago Cindy intermittent fasting is a great sustainable way of dieting! I basically do not eat til i get home from school, then i have a meal and at around 8pm i have another meal. So 2 meals a day that keep me satisfied! Combine that with limited cals/healthy food and occasional cardio and youre good to drop a few kilos in a month! And once your body grows adjusted to the fasting period its really sustainable
  • Cindy
    Cindy 2 months ago Julia L. Okay thx I’ll try it out for a couple of days to see if I like it
  • Astra A
    Astra A 2 months ago I do intermittent fasting too! Combined with calorie restriction (not severely I just ate in the 1400-1500 range) I lost 40 lbs :)! 149 lbs - 109 lbs
    BSIDEGCF 2 months ago Astra A about how long did it take?
  • Astra A
    Astra A 2 months ago BSIDEGCF about 8 months, the last 10 lbs took me 2 months to get off though so the majority was in just over 6 months 😅
  • Sanne
    Sanne 2 months ago I'm vegan and I eat whatever I want. Still have a stable weight & energy.
  • Julia L.
    Julia L. 2 months ago Sanne unfortunately veganism was not the dietry solution for me and it wont be for others. I was strictly vegan for a year and it barerly did me any good ):
  • Sanne
    Sanne 2 months ago @Julia L. I'm sorry to hear that!! It doesn't work for everyone, especially when you have underlying issues/nutrient deficiencies.
  • dinker
    dinker 1 month ago (edited) Gracie C. I do 10am-6pm, if I’m super hungry then I drink tea or coffee or Diet Coke or a Monster Zero Ultra.
  • dinker
    dinker 1 month ago BSIDEGCF I lost 15 pounds in about 1 month, it’s super effective. I’m still losing more:)
  • Maya Vexler
    Maya Vexler 1 month ago Veganism forever😍
  • Lys Hearte
    Lys Hearte 2 weeks ago dinker I don’t get what you mean by 10am-6pm? Do you just eat your normal meals during this time or you just eat small meals whenever you want during this time period?
  • hi lal
    hi lal 2 months ago woavv.. and my one year progress is i was 66 in agust 2018.. now im 75 ...:(
  • Laura Reséndiz
    Laura Reséndiz 2 months ago Same😿 I was 52 now I am 62 but you know I am making diet again keep it up! If you did it once you can do it twice
  • hi lal
    hi lal 2 months ago @Laura Reséndiz yeahh but dieting is hard for me especially while going to school so idk:(
  • anime gurl
    anime gurl 2 months ago Same gurl
    stan ATEEZ & DREAMCATCHER 2 months ago i was 53 during summer holidays and now after 6 months of school i'm 58, i blame school and only school lol
  • always
    always 2 months ago @stan ATEEZ & DREAMCATCHER same!!! I was literally 50 kgs in the holidays, when school started i started gaining wait till 61 ugh
  • Lesbian Moan
    Lesbian Moan 2 months ago It's okay. I gain weight for 1 year 31 kg. I was 62 and became 93.
    stan ATEEZ & DREAMCATCHER 1 month ago always school will end us all 🤧😤
  • Mayna Tmy
    Mayna Tmy 1 month ago (edited) I was 48 I’m 67...thanks periods😐
  • Michelle ‘
    Michelle ‘ 1 month ago Just last year I was 132 pounds, now I’m kind of 155...
  • Amy Edward
    Amy Edward 1 month ago I was 63 now I'm 75 kg. And the problem is my weight is stuck and not decreasing with diet or exercises. But I'll try again..
  • Tessa Yasmine
    Tessa Yasmine 1 month ago Literally exactly the same!! Even the weight and timing of it...😫
  • cybermetalsonic
    cybermetalsonic 2 months ago Thanks for showing your body shot before and after in this video. It really helps show the difference the diet has made :)
  • מריה סורקין
    מריה סורקין 2 months ago cybermetalsonic is not this diet is when she start all this
  • Hyeni를
    Hyeni를 2 months ago Eating so many eggs doesn't cause you farts? (Nice progress tho)
  • sam
    sam 1 month ago 😂😂 iuuuw fart
  • Daniellah Alyson
    Daniellah Alyson 1 month ago Question: did you only do the diet without exercising?
  • Trinidad zamora
    Trinidad zamora 1 month ago Daniellah Alyson yeah that would be weird
  • Pink Chaos
    Pink Chaos 1 month ago it really depends on the diet that theyre testing. In some of their videos the diet is with exercising so they do it
  • 眠い
    眠い 1 month ago she probably exercised since her body seems fit
  • Huda Gubara
    Huda Gubara 2 months ago I'll try this diet starting off tomorrow and come back to comment on the results, wish me luck
  • i stole his jams
    i stole his jams 2 months ago Best of luck~ Keep us updated 🐝
  • Hal
    Hal 2 months ago Good luck xx
  • a m y x p
    a m y x p 2 months ago good luck!
  • maroni
    maroni 2 months ago good luck!
  • Laura Kwiecińska
    Laura Kwiecińska 2 months ago Good luck! Stay safe~
  • Stela
    Stela 2 months ago Tons of luck!♡
  • Gay Yerin Is The Best Yerin
    Gay Yerin Is The Best Yerin 1 month ago Results?
  • Huda Gubara
    Huda Gubara 1 month ago @Gay Yerin Is The Best Yerin check the comments, I commented the results
  • cee rose
    cee rose 1 month ago where are the results?
  • HULK X
    HULK X 1 month ago @Huda Gubara but they aren't here
  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 1 month ago Good luck!
  • Huda Gubara
    Huda Gubara 2 months ago So I tried this diet for a whole week, and it's magical, I've lost 3.4 kg _going from 71.1 to 67.7_, I really loved it cause I was able to EAR more than any other diet I've ever tried. While doing it I did only 20 minutes full body workout daily, and soryy I didn't stick to the spinach part cause i couldn't endure its taste now I understand why the 5 y o me made a fuss about it it's taste is a hell that I'm NEVER gone EVER try again, so I replaced it with steamed cabbage, other than that I surprisingly been just fine with the enormous amnout of boiled eggs in it, and yeah it's a huge success and I may get back to it later, but for now I wanna try this one Banana for each meal diet, so, please again do wish me luck. And I really appreciate the support from each of you whom did wish me luck.
  • Dia M
    Dia M 1 month ago Huda Gubara did you see any changes in the way your body looks? I’m on day 4 and have lost 3 lbs so far but I’m hoping at the end of the week my body will look a little different too
  • Huda Gubara
    Huda Gubara 1 month ago @Dia M my hips became slimmer, for me it's actually where most of my fats go, that's why it wasn't hard to notice the difference, which I did notice since day 4 I think
  • LD.Tube
    LD.Tube 1 month ago what beef steak did you eat and how you cooked it?
  • Huda Gubara
    Huda Gubara 1 month ago @LD.Tube top round steak