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I tried the Ulzzang diet for a week

Published on Mar 11, 2019 625,440 views

1 year since my first video on YouTube!

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  • mylovelypeachmilk
    mylovelypeachmilk 3 months ago This is extremely hard to do in an asian household lmao I tried it for like two days and my mom thinks I’m depressed and offered to take me to therapy lol
  • Ya Girl Joce
    Ya Girl Joce 5 hours ago Same haha, whenever I try to eat a bit for at least a day my mom will just give me lots of food
  • Crazy Lol Candy
    Crazy Lol Candy 7 hours ago Same
  • Joon
    Joon 9 hours ago me as well
  • AnimeQueen 23._
    AnimeQueen 23._ 13 hours ago U can say that again 😭😭😭
  • batzz -
    batzz - 14 hours ago Rice is life :(
  • Yoongi Is A Dangerous Man
    Yoongi Is A Dangerous Man 15 hours ago My mom is not Asian but Mexican and I can’t diet cause she thinks I’m depressed as well
  • LimWayne
    LimWayne 19 hours ago This is so true, when I start a gluten free diet, only meat, vege, fruits and no rice. But they were so worry as if asian cannot survive without rice.
  • Darius Valikalari
    Darius Valikalari 19 hours ago At least they care about you....
  • Violet_ Hue
    Violet_ Hue 22 hours ago Finally someone who knows what I'm going through!!
  • -ˏ ˋmiaa ˊˎ-
    -ˏ ˋmiaa ˊˎ- 23 hours ago i live in a spanish household, and my mom would call me names and say that she needs to take me to a therapist, etc. i tried this for a day before my mom started saying stuff and getting me annoyed. i'm guessing she's like this because she was pretty worried after my depression, and when i starved myself for days and said i ate.
  • Strawberry Kookie
    Strawberry Kookie 1 day ago omg me too
  • Elaine Talon
    Elaine Talon 1 day ago mylovelypeachmilk i live in a filipino household and I tried this for only ONE DAY and my mom was asking why I was eating “American food” LMAOOOOO
  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez 1 day ago Why only Asian lol my Mexican dad thinks I have cancer
  • Mayra
    Mayra 1 day ago Hahahahaha same
  • Kaye Gijapon
    Kaye Gijapon 1 day ago true. Here in my country we eat rice every meal and taking it away and eating more less is like suicide
  • Diemily Oliveira
    Diemily Oliveira 1 day ago Bro my Latina mom too lol
  • Merline Al Qawiyyah
    Merline Al Qawiyyah 1 day ago 🤣
  • Merci
    Merci 1 day ago Exactly. My Patents tell me that I‘m fat but also want me to eat a lot
  • Nechoh Joy
    Nechoh Joy 1 day ago @•wEiRd pOtAtO• The struggle is REAL! The catch 22 of Asian parents x.X
  • Ninanot amazing
    Ninanot amazing 1 day ago mylovelypeachmilk OMG IM ASIAN TOO im vietnamese
  • MajicalBean 101
    MajicalBean 101 1 day ago My mom thinks I’m starving myself if I skip a meal and then thinks imma die
  • -Hetuw -
    -Hetuw - 1 day ago IKR, It's so annoying
  • anu anusha
    anu anusha 1 day ago 😂
  • jungkook and huening kai lover
    jungkook and huening kai lover 1 day ago Asian struggles u know rice is basically air for asians like me
  • Matěj
    Matěj 1 day ago @vicky get the fuck out of the house when you can
  • laverna
    laverna 1 day ago Wow your mum is actually so kind and supportive
  • astari ratu
    astari ratu 1 day ago my parent just says that im lazy when i am depressed 🤣
  • Cheng Lee
    Cheng Lee 1 day ago My mom wants me taller so I can have a good body shape but I’m good with it
  • Cheng Lee
    Cheng Lee 1 day ago True
  • Farawell C
    Farawell C 2 days ago Same! My parents make good food.
  • something
    something 2 days ago They just dont want you to be skinny af
  • pls help me
    pls help me 2 days ago Im Asian and I tried to do a diet once and my mom thought I was mad at her.
  • kihyoo
    kihyoo 2 days ago mao美 broo my moms chinese and she feeds me a whole buffet lmao
  • kihyoo
    kihyoo 2 days ago gang gang i can relate my mom says that too
  • Ravenous youth
    Ravenous youth 2 days ago @gang gang thats true
  • K sp
    K sp 2 days ago This diet may work for instant weight loss but after that we will again start eating a lot and put on weight, also I tried this and later I had bad stomach problems. So don't try this until unless you wanna kick start a weight loss
  • Danica Lycka Gallardo
    Danica Lycka Gallardo 2 days ago Hahahaha very truee!
  • weightycarlos
    weightycarlos 2 days ago Suprised that an Asian mom knows depression lol
  • hazwani ismail
    hazwani ismail 2 days ago I'm Asian
  • hazwani ismail
    hazwani ismail 2 days ago My parent always tell me to lose some weight but when I'm on dieting they say I was sick(sorry for broken English)
  • Shyla T
    Shyla T 2 days ago Agree..I think I alone fact, I'm not
  • Ruchita
    Ruchita 2 days ago Me too.. I did it for one day.. And she's like.. You are so used to spices.. How can you eat bland food? 😂
  • Jasmine Shane
    Jasmine Shane 2 days ago mylovelypeachmilk that is so freaking funny but sad
  • Rose Gauss
    Rose Gauss 2 days ago Same but im not Asian
  • tabasco
    tabasco 2 days ago gang gang my mom is literally the EXACT same???
  • Jessica Azufra
    Jessica Azufra 2 days ago This is soo true. My mom wants me to lose weight. Then she makes me a triple decker sandwich. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Rebecca Oandasan
    Rebecca Oandasan 2 days ago Hahaha totally true
  • I'm not even a part of this fandom lmao
    I'm not even a part of this fandom lmao 3 days ago At least they care
  • • alzaen22
    • alzaen22 3 days ago jia L he's so sweet
  • Elan Skinner
    Elan Skinner 3 days ago yea, even when i eat normally sometimes someone worries haha
  • jin is worldwide handsome
    jin is worldwide handsome 3 days ago Lol i tried a diet once and my parents went and bought me pizza and fried chicken to cheer me up because the thought i wasn't eating because i was sad. They never buy me pizza or chicken
  • Lododia Dia
    Lododia Dia 3 days ago mylovelypeachmilk hahaha
  • Divyaa Thaivalappil
    Divyaa Thaivalappil 3 days ago True
  • diamond dust
    diamond dust 3 days ago @C JX 🤣🤣🤣
  • C JX
    C JX 3 days ago Omg it's so true . I tried it for like a day my grandmother told me . You too skinny eat more . Proceeds to dump a plate of dumplings on my plate
  • diamond dust
    diamond dust 3 days ago Lol ... yep Asians just don't get it do they 🤣
  • The only child
    The only child 3 days ago You have an Indian mother ? 😂😂😂 Sounds just like my mom
  • Jeon Kookies
    Jeon Kookies 4 days ago ttwinkrosett so trueeeee!
  • ttwinkrosett
    ttwinkrosett 4 days ago I CAN'T DIET AT HOMEEEEE bcs i feel guilty if i don't eat my mom's dish. She will say 'it is tiring to cook.. everyone doesn't eat my dish..'
  • Venice Chang
    Venice Chang 4 days ago Ikr
  • Jeon Kookies
    Jeon Kookies 4 days ago Bruh same! I actually got scolded by my dad. Mainly for dieting and for not eating what food they prepared 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • ass tae thicc
    ass tae thicc 4 days ago be thankful ur parents wanna take u to therapy uwu
  • RENAD 1
    RENAD 1 4 days ago Who eats egg with coffee I can't and also I think this diet for people who doesn't have enough money to buy much food
  • Potatoh_Gacha
    Potatoh_Gacha 4 days ago (edited) My parents call me fat but they force me to eat Edit: when I don't eat either lunch,breakfast or dinner, they'll say I'm on a diet -_- then they'll force me to eat ㅠㅠ
  • siratusebbu
    siratusebbu 5 days ago Same here 😅
  • IJ WD
    IJ WD 5 days ago I mean considering this diet is unhealthy yeah I get your mom
  • Tiffany Kwok
    Tiffany Kwok 6 days ago same when i say i want to diet my parents would be like “bruh u don’t need now eat the food”
  • Ruhi
    Ruhi 6 days ago And then they call you ungrateful for not eating the food they make which is basically a guilt trip😭😭
  • AR
    AR 1 week ago mylovelypeachmilk LMAO THIS IS SO FUNNY
  • •wEiRd pOtAtO•
    •wEiRd pOtAtO• 1 week ago amica_ regilme My Parents want me to eat a lot too but they call me fat like wtf😂
  • softbeanuwu
    softbeanuwu 1 week ago mylovelypeachmilk same!my parents call me fat and stuff but when I’m not eating they force me to eat (which is very annoying)!
  • softbeanuwu
    softbeanuwu 1 week ago ʟᴏᴏɴᴀᴛɪᴄ уєѕ omg blasians are so cute <3
  • gie
    gie 1 week ago @gang gang EXACTLY I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH
  • vicky
    vicky 1 week ago literally same i can never lose weight bc my asian mom always stuffs food down my throat no matter how much times i resist
  • Rosé Ray
    Rosé Ray 1 week ago Relatable
  • jia L
    jia L 1 week ago Same here, my dad tried to me to kfc, pizza and other resutaurant because he thought it will make me happy 😭😂😂
  • ʟᴏᴏɴᴀᴛɪᴄ уєѕ
    ʟᴏᴏɴᴀᴛɪᴄ уєѕ 1 week ago mylovelypeachmilk my mom would call me ungrateful or something for not eating her food my moms Asian and my dad is black so I’m not fully Asian
  • mao美
    mao美 1 week ago omg your moms should be from another world! lmao i’m chinese and my parents get so happy when i try dieting
  • gang gang
    gang gang 1 week ago Omg same my mom would always tell me if I don’t eat I won’t grow taller
    I LOVE YOU JINNIE 1 week ago Same lmao 😂
  • Judy Morris
    Judy Morris 1 month ago IKR
  • Victoria Rk
    Victoria Rk 3 months ago Me too!
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago Same. I'm Asian too 😥. My parents want me to eat a lot.
  • Sv Vr
    Sv Vr 4 months ago At least it's more food than other diets
    HAWAIIAN LOLO 2 hours ago It ain't enough imma double everything in the diet
  • MinMel97
    MinMel97 5 hours ago But no water and too much coffee, even like dinner
  • GuiltyByDefault 123
    GuiltyByDefault 123 17 hours ago has entered the chat산드라 yeah she was drinking coffee the entire time for this diet
  • Yves Iñosa
    Yves Iñosa 1 day ago Wait no water?? Wtf
  • Shadé Palmer
    Shadé Palmer 2 days ago @Sparx Yes, I know. But it's really nothing, so I count it as a zero calorie drink. You can have 10 cups and still only get 20 calories a day if it's black. I do bulletproof coffee every morning and skip breakfast. But my recipe has around 230 calories to tie me over until lunch or dinner.
  • Sparx
    Sparx 2 days ago @Shadé Palmer Coffee has calories but only around 2 max if taken black.
  • Shadé Palmer
    Shadé Palmer 2 days ago @Andrea O Dr. Berg is a good resource on YouTube: Also, if you use reddit, r/keto has a lot of information, but be careful. Reddit has the habit of always getting some radical people in every subreddit.
  • Andrea O
    Andrea O 2 days ago Shadé Palmer thank you so much ! This is really appreciated. Do you know any videos or articles that talk about keto ?? I have heard about it but not into detail
  • Shadé Palmer
    Shadé Palmer 2 days ago @Andrea O Keto is a diet you can try in most households. Just avoid pasta, potatoes, rice and some fruits. Also, just decreasing your calories work as well. However, please be mindful and don't lose too much weight. There is a limit to how much the body can function. Skin and bones is not healthy. Neither is fat and a lot of weight. A healthy medium is necessary. Check your BMI, but don't go by it all the time, because it's not an accurate measurement of health.
  • Andrea O
    Andrea O 2 days ago Shadé Palmer thank you for the info ! I was just going to try it for a week but in my household it’s pretty hard lol
  • Shadé Palmer
    Shadé Palmer 2 days ago @Andrea O 1) dont even think about doing this diet, it's extremely unhealthy. That's why they have coffee with almost every meal, because they need the energy. 2) Black coffee and water have NO calories. With every diet, you should be drinking water all the time.
  • Andrea O
    Andrea O 2 days ago Could you substitute coffee for water instead ? Or does it have to be coffee
  • dalrious_
    dalrious_ 2 days ago has entered the chat산드라 you're allowed to drink water, its just common sense so they don't really need to add it
  • Elan Skinner
    Elan Skinner 3 days ago uh just to clarify, you get water i think lmao and actually, i think if i tried this diet i wouldn’t ever finish my food 😅
  • namtiddies enthusiast
    namtiddies enthusiast 1 week ago @skz skz plz don't do the IU diet it's not worth it and it's extremely unhealthy. I tried it once and almost fainted at school...
  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 1 week ago @8 6 who said no water? Just cause she didn't mention doesn't mean there is no water. She just listing what to eat
  • skz skz
    skz skz 1 week ago now i try iu diet and i’m really hungry
  • has entered the chat산드라
    has entered the chat산드라 1 month ago @kitsume bun yeah I know. Didn't mean to make it sound so harsh lol
  • kitsume bun
    kitsume bun 1 month ago @has entered the chat산드라 lol I know just saying
  • has entered the chat산드라
    has entered the chat산드라 1 month ago @kitsume bun yeah true. But still, water is better for you.
  • kitsume bun
    kitsume bun 1 month ago @has entered the chat산드라 there's water in coffee
  • has entered the chat산드라
    has entered the chat산드라 1 month ago @8 6 oh lord. No water! You will literally get very sick if you dont drink water for 1 week.
  • Namjoon's Desciple
    Namjoon's Desciple 3 months ago @8 6 😱😱😱😱😱😱
  • Klem Ekla
    Klem Ekla 4 months ago there is nothing to eat haha
  • 8 6
    8 6 4 months ago But no water though
  • Diana Adamari
    Diana Adamari 3 months ago They must be throwing mad farts
  • Knock-knock, Who's there?
    Knock-knock, Who's there? 15 hours ago Imagine them pooping in the loo... It's like Godzilla tryna give birth to KingKong... RAWRRRRRR..... booooommmmmm!!!!!
  • Jessica
    Jessica 1 day ago Diana Adamari It must help with weight loss.
  • Gigi Hadid
    Gigi Hadid 1 day ago I was in korea for 3 months for work, and I was living with people striving to be "ulzzangs" and they smelled like death if they didn't wear perfume.
  • Matías Sosa
    Matías Sosa 1 day ago thats a myth, eggs dont produce gas in your stomach, veggies do
  • Mei Bi
    Mei Bi 2 days ago I thought the same 😂😂😂
  • minty
    minty 2 days ago i smelt this comment
  • Vic toria
    Vic toria 2 days ago I also eat that many eggs but my farts are not stinky, actually they didn’t smell like anything since I’ve been eating so many eggs 😂 Sorry if this was tmi
  • Starlightmorning
    Starlightmorning 2 days ago Rienna Ann yes eggs, if you eat a lot In a short amount of time you it’s likely for someone to get stinky farts 😂
  • 118
    118 3 days ago Rienna Ann eggs i think
  • Lyanna Mormont
    Lyanna Mormont 3 days ago Farting burns calories. That explains everything
  • Rienna Ann
    Rienna Ann 3 days ago I dont understand, is it because of the fruits?
  • Carina Adams
    Carina Adams 1 week ago 😂😂😂
  • honeyyuh
    honeyyuh 1 week ago 💀
  • Izeth Esparza
    Izeth Esparza 1 week ago Actually yes
  • kpop addict
    kpop addict 1 month ago I was thinking the same. Imagine living with other ppl on this diet
  • aaluciamaria
    aaluciamaria 3 months ago Everyone is talking about the eggs but HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MUCH COFFEE IN A WEEK OH MY GOD
  • jimin’s pink hair
    jimin’s pink hair 29 minutes ago aaluciamaria i’d like to introduce you to emma chamberlain
    THROW SHADE 19 hours ago As a coffee addict, YES. I drink coffee 7 times a day lol
  • Lucy Flener
    Lucy Flener 1 day ago have you seen emma chamberlain
  • purrcival meowmont
    purrcival meowmont 1 day ago @Oli But coffee and grapefruit are both good for the liver, so hey!
  • Kirsty Smith
    Kirsty Smith 1 day ago yeah ... easily. lol
  • Billie still can’t find the avacados
    Billie still can’t find the avacados 1 day ago Bitch please I drink coffee everyday of my life
  • Souhi Awake
    Souhi Awake 1 day ago @ella did it work?
  • keren kylene
    keren kylene 1 day ago you'll be like, palpitating everyday in school/work and still not giving up your diet
  • tuntsa
    tuntsa 2 days ago 3 cups a day is pretty normal where I live
  • Sparx
    Sparx 2 days ago @Natasha Nell Well I hops not
  • Ida Lundman
    Ida Lundman 2 days ago in sweden and finland people drink like 7 cups a day so i mean lol
  • Klaudia
    Klaudia 2 days ago lol i have this much coffee in a day
  • Natasha Nell
    Natasha Nell 2 days ago Compared to me she drinks barley any coffee
  • JeonNochu
    JeonNochu 2 days ago I drink coffee almost everyday hahahah
  • Jeanne Cachot
    Jeanne Cachot 3 days ago @Gloryblogger m okay :3
  • Gloryblogger m
    Gloryblogger m 3 days ago @Jeanne Cachot my nutricinist told me that 3 cups is ok, just not more than 6 cups a day
  • Velvet Velv
    Velvet Velv 3 days ago I notice .. but its not healthy right?
  • aishee 14
    aishee 14 3 days ago Im drinking 2 to 4 cups of coffee 5 days in a week. Fvck night shift! Hahahah
  • that yeji girlie
    that yeji girlie 3 days ago i drink this much coffee in a day lmao
  • Laila Erbacher
    Laila Erbacher 3 days ago SuperLucyy yeah cuz it suppresses ur appetite
  • Oli
    Oli 3 days ago Rip teeth with this much Acid from the grapefruit and staining from the black coffee
  • Airam Lee
    Airam Lee 3 days ago I drink more coffee on my daily basics...
  • I hate snakeu
    I hate snakeu 4 days ago I drink coffe to all meals and between my meals oops
  • RENAD 1
    RENAD 1 4 days ago Yes coffee is bad if you drink it a lot I only drink it in the morning and juice or water all the time
  • Jeanne Cachot
    Jeanne Cachot 4 days ago Honestly, 3 cup of black coffee, it's not really good, I agree, but it's okay, my mom drink the same dose every day
  • Hillyaclistic
    Hillyaclistic 6 days ago Almost 3 cups of black coffee a day. Omg
  • tea bag
    tea bag 1 week ago Do u know how much coffee Emma chamberlain drinks in a day 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    KIM CEOKJIN 1 week ago that's my daily coffee only
  • gang gang
    gang gang 1 week ago Ikr and too much coffee drains away ur hydration from inside it’s bad for skin too
  • Juulia Saarinen
    Juulia Saarinen 1 month ago Duh finland
  • Tsuki Kitsune-chan
    Tsuki Kitsune-chan 2 months ago Coffee suppresses your appetite so you won't feel as hungry and eat less
  • Rebeldewayraluka
    Rebeldewayraluka 2 months ago why nobody is talking about the fact that she was 60 kilos after victoria secret diet, and now she is 64 immediately after? LOL
  • ella
    ella 2 months ago I drink green tea instead of coffee lol (im trying this diet)
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 3 months ago @cities 127 yes I know, but that's still a lot. Also, a Venti cup of sbux isn't the same as a regular cup
  • cities 127
    cities 127 3 months ago Min Benitez he cut down the coffee from like six cups to two bc nctzens got worried
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 3 months ago @123 Banana although decaf coffee is not entirely without caffeine, it still has way less than regular coffee...try that :)
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 3 months ago Jaemin drinks waaaay more than this...and it's even espresso
  • Lisa Kirchenbauer
    Lisa Kirchenbauer 3 months ago Up to 4 cups a day is not bad
  • Lena
    Lena 3 months ago Me on the other hand... I have about 4 cups a day so I finally found a diet I might be able to follow 😂
  • 123 Banana
    123 Banana 3 months ago I wouldn’t be able to sleep lol
  • Lexandrine G.
    Lexandrine G. 3 months ago DAMN RIGHT HOW DID SHE SLEEP
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago IKR, too much coffee is bad for your heart. 😅
  • Hello Bia
    Hello Bia 4 months ago How can someone eat so many eggs!? 😹 my stomach hurt just thinking about it.
  • Park Peeps
    Park Peeps 10 hours ago WHAT ABOUT THE COFFEE THO
  • Little Flowergirl
    Little Flowergirl 18 hours ago Hello Bia yes it's the sane with me, sometimes I like eggs but sometimes I hate them
  • icecream dragon
    icecream dragon 20 hours ago I had 14 eggs i love them
  • Matías Sosa
    Matías Sosa 1 day ago (edited) there is no way eggs make you sick, they are the best food you can get
  • A cup of tae
    A cup of tae 2 days ago Me oof 😂
  • Unimen Jaya Textile
    Unimen Jaya Textile 3 days ago Owh you can. If you only eat that kind of protein without meat. Your body is craving for protein. Sometimes i ate about 5-6 eggs/meal when on vegetarian days.
  • Lishan
    Lishan 3 days ago i eat 3 or 6 eggs a day, i love them :D
  • Trina2126
    Trina2126 4 days ago When its boiled I can only eat white part yellow part makes me puke :/
  • RENAD 1
    RENAD 1 4 days ago Hello Bia It is high of protien
  • Stard0ll 346
    Stard0ll 346 4 days ago I've been eating 6 eggs perday my whole life because i love them. Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Inola Scheel
    Inola Scheel 5 days ago And it's very important for your body to eat proteins when you are eating in a calorie deficit so your muscles won't build back
  • better than gucci
    better than gucci 2 weeks ago A L L Y oh shit is it you my long lost soulmate? Lmao
  • A L L Y
    A L L Y 2 weeks ago @better than gucci we have the superior profile pics lmao
  • warmwaves
    warmwaves 2 months ago I eat 2 eggs everyday
  • metcl
    metcl 2 months ago lunafred does egg bring back acne?
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 3 months ago @toasty bOi lmfao!
  • toasty bOi
    toasty bOi 3 months ago Gaston
  • Min Benitez
    Min Benitez 3 months ago I too just finished my first day and to be honest, the grapefruit in the morning was the hardest thing for me
  • Ana Wayland
    Ana Wayland 3 months ago Damn,7 eggs per week??? What I learned at my "nutriology" class, 2 eggs per week is more than enough.
  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 3 months ago Hello Bia i love eggs 😂💓
  • I don’t stalk BTS
    I don’t stalk BTS 3 months ago I'm lowkey obsessed with eggs xd this diet would totally work on me
  • XxBTStrashinacupxX Cutie my dood
    XxBTStrashinacupxX Cutie my dood 3 months ago When I had my eating disorder I always ate eggs for basically every meal.
  • Kaja Magdalena
    Kaja Magdalena 3 months ago Eggs make my stomach feel like its covered in acid
  • Wendy redvelvet
    Wendy redvelvet 3 months ago I know especially boiled egg. They're healthy but taste weird. But you know, beauty is pain. LOL
  • lunafred
    lunafred 3 months ago Oof my stomach doesn’t have a problem with it but my back will be full of acnes 💀💀💀
  • better than gucci
    better than gucci 3 months ago grshrder ytujtutru i‘m pretty proud of me having this as my profile pic for the last few years lmao
  • i'm a joke to you
    i'm a joke to you 3 months ago @better than gucci and thay pic tho 😂😂💀😘
  • kim namjoon is my president
    kim namjoon is my president 4 months ago atleast 1 egg is enough for a day. eggs has enough nutrients you need for the day. eating too much of that is not good
  • Miumiu Banks
    Miumiu Banks 4 months ago watch your cholesterol levels people! I can already smell the egg farts⚠️
  • Haru Haru
    Haru Haru 4 months ago I dunno about you guys, but eggs are the only things in this world that I personally wouldn't mind eating all day long lol.
  • better than gucci
    better than gucci 4 months ago For the last 3 months I ate 6 eggs a day...
  • HimexD
    HimexD 4 months ago Yes it is a lot... from what I know we need to eat like just 7 eggs per week!
  • Lena X'O
    Lena X'O 4 months ago Hello Bia i did the first day today, i had to eat 7 eggs. I know it sounds weird but I could do it and the eggs didn’t make me sick, they also kept me full for the whole day haha
  • claio janus
    claio janus 4 months ago what i love about you is that you keep it simple in the videos and just show the diet process. also congrats on your weight loss!
  • Aff
    Aff 18 hours ago Your dp omg underrated icon
  • Sunshine .e
    Sunshine .e 3 months ago claio janus yeah there is no HI GUYS thing
    ASTRO IS LIFE 3 months ago useless child so true 😂
  • old hag
    old hag 4 months ago claio janus i agree. not like other videos that have long intros and drone on about shit nobody cares about
  • Dead inside
    Dead inside 4 months ago If i eat this much of eggs momma will hit me
  • 박지민
    박지민 1 day ago (edited) Maia Grey She was over exaggerating it. Asian moms in general get mad asf at us and usually shout at us but don’t hit us over these things, not only asian moms but African moms and Russian moms too.
  • Looming Tv
    Looming Tv 2 days ago Maia Grey most of the time we only joke
  • ROSУ_каrма
    ROSУ_каrма 6 days ago My mom would praise me since I stopped eating eggs 3 years ago lmao
  • Diane Nguyen
    Diane Nguyen 3 months ago @cyka blyat some parents don't allow their kids to take up jobs so that they can focus on education
  • chaexic
    chaexic 3 months ago same
  • JJWSVTK abi
    JJWSVTK abi 3 months ago Fr tho💀
  • Raquel Rodríguez
    Raquel Rodríguez 3 months ago After this diet I'd probably avoid eggs for a really long time
  • Idk x
    Idk x 4 months ago Maia Grey yh
  • Buzzing In Your Ears
    Buzzing In Your Ears 4 months ago Maia Grey my Mom is not going to beat me, but she'll yelling lol. It's not about 'only egg' it's just because we're poor, in my family we can eat 3 eggs for 5-6 people.
  • vilte lis
    vilte lis 4 months ago @Tucha Fatima exactly
  • Tucha Fatima
    Tucha Fatima 4 months ago Maia Grey it’s not that deep it’s just why would someone eat plus 7 eggs per day 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • Maia Grey
    Maia Grey 4 months ago I feel sorry for you guys... If your parents beat you over eating eggs... sounds like abuse to me.
  • vilte lis
    vilte lis 4 months ago @Tucha Fatima same XDDDD
  • Tucha Fatima
    Tucha Fatima 4 months ago Dead inside I feel you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I get surprised by how much they can eat my mum will beat my ass
  • Gracie C.
    Gracie C. 4 months ago Eggs does make you full for a long time but this is so much eggs in a diet LOL
  • Ghizlene Sn
    Ghizlene Sn 6 hours ago So much Cholesterol
  • Unimen Jaya Textile
    Unimen Jaya Textile 7 hours ago @jiminwedonthavejams indeed. I'm not a vegan, but sometimes i do vegetarian for religion aspect. For someone like me who exercise 3-4times a week even whey protein not helping. People think eating that many eggs will be cholesterol, and bla2. But, if you not eating meat, fish and chicken. Even 10 eggs a day not even close to your daily need protein.
  • jiminwedonthavejams
    jiminwedonthavejams 11 hours ago @Unimen Jaya Textile i've been vegan for 3 years and vegetarian for 4 years. I switched from vegan to vegetarian because i felt really exhausted and weak..? I used to eat only bananas, apples and salads that had only lettuce and cucumber with lemon juice. That was it. nothing less, nothing more. My bf forced me to eat meat and to eat more because i fainted too often from lack of protein and cause i was slightly underweight. I'm trying to be healthy and eat more sometimes but i always go back to diets and stuff
  • Unimen Jaya Textile
    Unimen Jaya Textile 3 days ago Have you ever try vegetarian for a day without eating chicken, meat and fish. You will be exhausted because lack of protein.
  • kiss kill
    kiss kill 1 week ago @Poop Brain So don't try this diet 🤷‍♀️
  • Poop Brain
    Poop Brain 1 week ago eggs, coffee, and grapefruit. really boring diet. im allergic to grapefruit, sensitive to coffee, and sick of eggs.
  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose 1 week ago @Marie Kuyateh Yes, good cholesterol, known as a HDL cholesterol. Eggs are also a great source of protein, and they do keep you full for longer periods of time.Yet again, this what is shown in a video is a lot.. Everything is good when it's in moderation.
  • Aizah Qabla
    Aizah Qabla 4 weeks ago Protein!!!
  • Watch Tron
    Watch Tron 3 months ago Marie Kuyateh Not all cholesterol is bad, eggs raise HDL cholesterol which is a “good” cholesterol Granted eating a ton of eggs in general isn’t the best, but there really isn’t any harm in the amount she eats, especially all the vitamins and proteins.
  • que es obo
    que es obo 3 months ago @Elaisha Chloe Malonzo with 2 in a week is enough. And if is just the white egg, every day...
  • Elaisha Chloe Malonzo
    Elaisha Chloe Malonzo 3 months ago @Sito Eshiet boiled,fried,poached, etc. Its still healthy. Just not too much egg in a day.
  • Marie Kuyateh
    Marie Kuyateh 3 months ago Sito Eshiet im pretty sure eggs are very high in cholestoral
  • Sito Eshiet
    Sito Eshiet 3 months ago ur mom what if they’re fried tho? Does it still make it as bad?
  • ur mom
    ur mom 3 months ago Eggs are seriously so bad for you
  • Sito Eshiet
    Sito Eshiet 3 months ago True and the coffee too tho
  • Little Girl who feel everything
    Little Girl who feel everything 4 months ago Gracie C. There is so much coffee too
  • Youtube Security Squad
    Youtube Security Squad 1 day ago Me: Any diet plans: exist Gastric acids: I'm gonna end this man's whole career
  • mask girl
    mask girl 4 months ago U inspire me a lot last month I was 71kg and now I am 67.70kg.. my dream weight is 53kg and I am heading my way towards it.. (rip english)
  • Zara Sayed
    Zara Sayed 9 hours ago I think
  • Zara Sayed
    Zara Sayed 9 hours ago I'm 42kg but I'm 14 soo it's ok
  • Zara Sayed
    Zara Sayed 9 hours ago Cause age matters
  • Zara Sayed
    Zara Sayed 9 hours ago How old
  • miiiaddiie
    miiiaddiie 17 hours ago your english is good!
  • Yves Iñosa
    Yves Iñosa 1 day ago Anime Lovers4 5’7
  • بثينة
    بثينة 1 day ago U check with ur age and height right? M 23 and 1'63 and that is my dream weight too, but I think still unhealthy, js
  • T-T
    T-T 1 day ago (edited) @Anime Lovers4 Thank you!! you tooooo
  • Anime Lovers4
    Anime Lovers4 1 day ago @Yves Iñosa how tall are you
  • Yves Iñosa
    Yves Iñosa 1 day ago My goal is 32kg 🙏🏽🙏🏽
  • Anime Lovers4
    Anime Lovers4 1 day ago @Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion Yes , I'm female
  • Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion
    Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion 1 day ago @Anime Lovers4 are you female? 48 kg is fine for 167cm. might want to run a low calory deficit, like 200, to not lose any muscle and combine it with strengthtraining, which may build muscles, depending on your current bodyfat%. if its already low, its impossible to build muscles while losing fat. at least for males. i guess for females its the same, except they have different bodyfat-levels overall.
  • Anime Lovers4
    Anime Lovers4 1 day ago @T-T I hope you can achieve your goal !¡✊💛
  • Anime Lovers4
    Anime Lovers4 1 day ago I'm 167 cm & 51kg now ... 10 days ago I started a diet and then I had 54.6 kg. 🤷‍♀️I want to have 48-49 kg so I'm right now on diet too !¡ ✊I hope I can achieve my goal 🤗
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 1 day ago Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion I’ve finally got a gym membership- and I’m happier than ever. Still at 45 tho, I just hope I can build muscles quickkk. Im lifting weights, dw hehe
  • Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion
    Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion 1 day ago @Koo Tae you guys all skinny af, i was 60 kg when i was like 12.
  • Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion
    Krippaxxus, Eredarlord of the salty Legion 1 day ago lol you skinny bitch, bro. im 83 kg at 13% bodyfat.
  • Potato Y.
    Potato Y. 2 days ago mask girl your english is fine sis
  • mido
    mido 2 days ago (edited) @uhhh grace girl that is way too thin. Like in a bad way. It's not admirable. It's gonna fuck up your health.
  • T-T
    T-T 2 days ago @Sofia Rahma hey, I'm not an expert, but do you want to try my diet? i was 78 kg and now I'm 67(1½ month), on my way to 55. breakfast: bread lunch: small portion of rice, vegetables and meat dinner: fruit and don't forget to do aerobic for 30 min a day (6 times a week)
  • Ruchita
    Ruchita 2 days ago My dream is 53 coz... Dang it i weigh 61 now
  • uhhh grace
    uhhh grace 2 days ago I’m 180cm and I’m working towards 57kg 😊😊
  • Nicole Sim
    Nicole Sim 2 days ago Try adding chicken and sweet potato to your diet as well :)
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 3 days ago @Klara no i started with 200 a day doing 50 then takig a 30sec break it was really hard at first i felt like my heart is going to stop lol but after 5 days it gets easier
  • Klara
    Klara 3 days ago @Lydia Djahdou Wow, you're good😅 Did you immediately start off with the 500? Or did you gradually get to it?
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 3 days ago @Klara it depends on how am feeling lol if i wake up feeling lazy i just do 200 and if im feeling good i do 500 sometimes more and i take 30sec break between every 100 jump
  • Klara
    Klara 3 days ago @Lydia Djahdou Wow, that's incredible. Thank you for sharing this with me.😃 Just, last question... How many jump ropes did you do?
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 3 days ago @Klara i didnt do any hard workout i did jump rope everyday and i lost 15kg in under 3 months , and yes its hard to go back to eating normal afterwords it takes time for ur body to get used to it , and i still do OMD from time to time because it really did help to stop overeating and stop my cravings
  • Klara
    Klara 3 days ago @Lydia Djahdou Wow. Congrats! I'm glad you reached your goal. How much did you actually lose in what time? So, I should just eat one meal a day? Isn't it harder to go back to normal eating after? Did you make any sports or workout? And don't worry, your english is very good.😃
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 3 days ago @Klara i did reach my goal finally now am 60kg and i feel good about the way i look even though everybody around me tells me that i should loose more weight , one thing that did help me a lot is OMD one meal a day and eating healthy that what made me loose weight so quiekly , i hope u reach ur goal and sorry for m'y bad english
  • Blake Letzte
    Blake Letzte 3 days ago @hani s2z same thing
  • Klara
    Klara 3 days ago @Lydia Djahdou Hi. I wanted to ask you about your weight loss progress. How is it? :D And could you maybe recommend me some tips, like diet, workout etc? That would really help. :)
  • Anisa Farah
    Anisa Farah 6 days ago Leo Elna im 49 goal is 37 too gained 15 kg this year unfortunately
  • kiss kill
    kiss kill 1 week ago @linhh Don't go under 50kg because it's way too thin. We have pretty much the same height, and my weight is 53 - 54 kg, but I gained a lot of muscle in the past few weeks.
  • softbeanuwu
    softbeanuwu 1 week ago (edited) damn all of you making me feel fat asf 😔✋ im like 144 cm and weigh 63kg im doing my best to loose weight before school my ideal weight is 25kg [Edit]: shit so any weight under 38kg is unhealthy 🤡 oops
  • Lara K
    Lara K 1 week ago Leo Elna 38???? That’s too little!!
  • Mochi mess
    Mochi mess 1 week ago I was 78kg last year and I lost 15kg in one year ( little by little). Now I'm standing at 63kg and 175cm. I'm trying to maintain my weight as it is.... Good luck everyone 👌👌👌👌💜💜💜💜
  • Voll Konja Andreas
    Voll Konja Andreas 1 week ago @Slim Shady i dont know how old you are but if you aren't in your early teens anymore, it is quite underweight, i think 5 kilos more were better for you. But you should probably ask a doctor about that
  • Fumiko
    Fumiko 1 week ago @QixLi yo yo I'm the same height and weight as you And i don't want to gain weight, too. But you know, we're are really thin and that's not an normal thinking behaviour. Watch out, okay? 🙋
  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 1 week ago mask girl my dream weight is 50 kg I’m 55.2 right now and I lost about 3kg this month btw my height is 165 cm
  • Winter Wish
    Winter Wish 1 week ago @Leo Elna let me just say be careful your weight seems healthy enough I don't think you should lose anymore. I mean you do you, but being underweight is really dangerous and you should look after yourself :)
  • linhh
    linhh 3 weeks ago i was 56kg last week and now i am 53kg but my dream weight is 48-50kg and i am 168cm
  • mask girl
    mask girl 1 month ago A quick I am 61.60kg I weighed myself this morning❤️❤️
  • 재민나
    재민나 2 months ago i am 41 kg and i want to be 37kg
  • Sylvie GM Torfs
    Sylvie GM Torfs 3 months ago Leo Elna hah you should do ur BMI before having a goals of 38kg, don’t die
  • Ariadne Cassiel
    Ariadne Cassiel 3 months ago I'm 169cm and weigh a whopping 76kg 😂😭😭😭😭need to lose it.
  • Hobicorner MonArmyMoo
    Hobicorner MonArmyMoo 3 months ago I am currently 173 cm tall 56kg trying for 50kg after a huge diet fail for the past 2 months. (I had lost around 5kg in the last 4 weeks of December and gained it all back for god knows what reason even tho I was doing the same diet )
  • Astrid Juneta V
    Astrid Juneta V 3 months ago i'm 162cm and 55kg
  • regular huh?
    regular huh? 3 months ago too bad I don’t eat al kinds of vegetables 😭
  • Lamphia Alonso
    Lamphia Alonso 3 months ago @ntzkyh 95 - 2 0zP
  • dezandnove
    dezandnove 3 months ago Lol and Im here with 1.73 and more than 65kg
  • kpop trash
    kpop trash 3 months ago Hahahah 70kg THAT'S WEAK I'm around 130kg :')
  • Xiumin The Marshmallow
    Xiumin The Marshmallow 3 months ago my weight now is 35
  • Andira G. N.
    Andira G. N. 3 months ago @Leo Elna damn I'm 155 cm too and my weight is 55kg, I feel like I'm okay with that :/ none stop you, but be careful, do healthy diet okay?
    LAZY CHOW 3 months ago you'll get there, just have a lot of patience with your body 😊 i used to be 71kg too, and im 48kg today
    LAZY CHOW 3 months ago you'll get there, just have a lot of patience with your body 😊 i used to be 71kg too, and im 48kg today
  • Wendy Neverland
    Wendy Neverland 3 months ago 38kg is not okay for anyone!! That's too thin. Please be safe!
  • I am in the Black hole of kpop
    I am in the Black hole of kpop 3 months ago Omg same
  • 888
    888 3 months ago Your English is good yo mask girl
  • Mayna Tmy
    Mayna Tmy 3 months ago Mask girl same for me 😶😄
  • Byun Baekhyun
    Byun Baekhyun 3 months ago Focus on ur studies furst than do ur diet goodluck!!!!!!
  • sweatysis
    sweatysis 3 months ago Leo Elna Don’t, take it from someone who used to be 44kg, same height as you and currently 39.4kg. I feel weak (i used to be pretty strong), and I get tired easily. 47kg for you is totally fine. But, if you want to get skinner for some reason, don’t. pass. the. 43kg. weight. You’re young and your bones are still growing, and needs the nutrients.
  • sunhaae
    sunhaae 3 months ago Are you me
  • bleached cloud
    bleached cloud 3 months ago @Leo Elna I wouldn't suggest you to weigh that less. It's clearly underweight like I have a classmate that weighs about 38 kgs and she hates her body because she isn't able it gain weight. Don't ruin your already healthy body for no reason
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 3 months ago @kjvffgjjcdd no Im 165cm now im 66kg and i have a new goal i want to be 58kg
  • kjvffgjjcdd
    kjvffgjjcdd 3 months ago @Lydia Djahdou how tall are you I feel like you are probably 171 60kg seems the perfect ratio
  • i'm a joke to you
    i'm a joke to you 3 months ago Don't go on diet GO SPORT !
  • i'm a joke to you
    i'm a joke to you 3 months ago @Leo Elna girl you wanne die ? 38 kg is extremly .......
  • NCTea InDaHouse
    NCTea InDaHouse 3 months ago I’m 53kg rn but I’m quite short for my height so I’m aiming to lose 8-10kg 😂😅
  • Farahiya Nadira
    Farahiya Nadira 4 months ago Sofia Rahma Intermittent fasting helped me a lot. Also, count your calories but don’t obsess over them and drink tons of water!
  • QixLi
    QixLi 4 months ago I'm ok with myself i guess but if i will gain weight some kind of these diets would be good. I'm 1.77 m and 54kg.
  • Lydia Djahdou
    Lydia Djahdou 4 months ago I started last month at 75kg now Im 68kg and my goal is 60kg
  • kyoto :
    kyoto : 4 months ago I am 44 kg uwu, my weight goal is 38 :D I’m very short so I think is ok (1.48 cm)
  • Sofia Rahma
    Sofia Rahma 4 months ago Slim Shady i think that is the ideal weight for you, if u want to know u can check your weight from the app or ibm
  • Haru Haru
    Haru Haru 4 months ago @Zonin She's definitely unhealthy. She's only 81 lbs! You cannot tell me that, that is healthy. You need to be at least 105lbs to be considered healthy if you're only 155cm.
  • Zonin
    Zonin 4 months ago Who Ate My Food?! Is it? The girls in baby metal were that height and weighed that much
  • Haru Haru
    Haru Haru 4 months ago @Leo Elna Sis you gotta be joking, If you're not then, you might be anorexic... I'm just about the same height as you (156cm) and only 48kg, 38kg is very underweight. Hope you're doing alright.
  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 4 months ago I'm 165cm tall and i have 48kg. Idk is that ideal weight
  • Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster 4 months ago Sofia Rahma try intermittent fasting 20/4 or keto mixed with Omad. That’d really help you :D
  • Sofia Rahma
    Sofia Rahma 4 months ago Now my weight is 70 kg but my goal is 55/50 kg. What can I do? I tried to workout, diet and many others but i am so worried if i cannot lose my weight :(
  • Heidi Huang
    Heidi Huang 4 months ago :) keep up the good work
  • 씨아리엘
    씨아리엘 4 months ago Koo Tae thank u ~ <3
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 4 months ago jayxbanana Good luck! You can do this ehehe~
  • 씨아리엘
    씨아리엘 4 months ago My dream weight is 44/45 kg yikes >_<
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 4 months ago Kaori :3 No problem, and thanks! I’ll do my best hehe I purple you too~💜
  • Kaori :3
    Kaori :3 4 months ago Koo Tae Thanks! It's nice to know that someone cares. Also good luck in building muscle, you can do it! purple you army💜
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 4 months ago Kaori :3 I hope so! Don’t push yourself, and certainly don’t go under 45! Be careful~
  • Kaori :3
    Kaori :3 4 months ago Koo Tae I’m 158 so I think it’ll be good weight for me. Thank you! :D
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 4 months ago Kaori :3 As long as you’re not taller than 160, good luck!
  • Kaori :3
    Kaori :3 4 months ago I am 53 kg but my dream weight is 45 kg
  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae 4 months ago Leo Elna Please don’t go under 42! It’s true that you’re not that tall, but it’s really not healthy. You’ll loose energy and muscle. And if you maintain 38, I’m sure you’re not getting enough vitamins through your food. It can really destroy your health. Please look out! I’m around 156, and I weigh 44-45. I won’t go under that for my own sake. I’ll soon turn 14, so I can finally attend the gym! My goal is to build muscle. But I don’t think I’ll go over 50 kg, i would hate that tbh. But I’ll see🤷‍♀️ Stay healthy and be careful~
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 4 months ago maya thankyou for your care ☺️ But I’m still okay 👌😁
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 4 months ago hani s2z yahhh fighting 😁
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 4 months ago h s nope..I’m not joking
  • Leo Elna
    Leo Elna 4 months ago h s about 155cm
  • Michelle Huang
    Michelle Huang 4 months ago Good luck! i'm sure you can do it ;) I am also in the progress of wanting to lose fat. I am careful about what i am eating now (junkfood, candies, chocolate etc.) I am also trying to exercise regularly. Its a little hard but i am sure we both can do it ^^ Fighting!
  • Min-Seo San
    Min-Seo San 4 months ago Year ago I was 75 kg and now I am 62 kg 😂.
  • No O
    No O 4 months ago (edited) Your height?
  • maya
    maya 4 months ago @Leo Elna please, please be careful. thats not healthy and i'm sure you know it. please seek professional help if you struggle with an eating disorder.
  • Darkness THE
    Darkness THE 4 months ago What is your height ?
  • hani s2z
    hani s2z 4 months ago @vilte lis what's your weight? My wheight is 54kg.
  • vilte lis
    vilte lis 4 months ago @hani s2z i dream to be 60kg....
  • hani s2z
    hani s2z 4 months ago @Leo Elna wut. my dream is 42kg.
  • hi lal
    hi lal 4 months ago @Leo Elna i kinda have a feeling that you are joking..
  • hi lal
    hi lal 4 months ago @Leo Elna what is your height?
  • FuyutZuki C
    FuyutZuki C 4 months ago @Leo Elna oh my. 47kg already Nice.
  • mask girl
    mask girl 4 months ago Breakfast 8:30am 60gram oat meal 1carrot 1cucumber 1green tea Mid lunch 11:30am 100gram rice 2×60gram soup 60gram rice Lunch 2:30pm 90 gram oats Peanuts Mid snacks 4:30 Salad Milk Snacks 6:30 Horlicks Dinner 7:30 2cucumber I don't do this anymore..I have increased the proportion of my food as my school is reopening and I have to do good in my academic and this simply can't be without food😜
  • FuyutZuki C
    FuyutZuki C 4 months ago @mask girl can share your menu?
  • mask girl
    mask girl 4 months ago @ntzkyh 95 - 2 I made that diet myself..
  • ntzkyh 95 - 2
    ntzkyh 95 - 2 4 months ago What kind of diet do you used?
  • y x n n a h
    y x n n a h 4 months ago this is actually a good diet considering there's protein, fiber and carbs... but idk about the amount
  • Cynthia Tee
    Cynthia Tee 1 day ago I felt like this is a great way to pass through your platform period, no harm trying out new diet for one week if it is not long term
  • Sarah
    Sarah 1 day ago The amount is okey. I've been on this diet for 3 days know and I never really starve except I wait too lang for my next meal.
  • Aleksi
    Aleksi 2 days ago Also, with this diet you will lose a considerable amount of lean mass, which isn't exactly good.
  • Aleksi
    Aleksi 2 days ago @lefteris phasarias Yeah, it wont cause any problems using it short term, but any longer than a month, without supplements and you'll meet health problems caused by mineral deficiency. But if you are already fit to the point that less than a month of this diet gets your ideal result, I don't understand why you would do a diet like this. Even when you are obese, it is better to take it slow, to lessen excess skin caused by a sudden weight loss.
  • lefteris phasarias
    lefteris phasarias 2 days ago @Aleksi it has average amounts of them, nothing too serious though, there are also supplements for those. The only problems you will encounter is if you maintain this diet for months, and even then, nothing too serious. Eggs, grapefruits and bread have some minerals, so it's not like you are going with zero amounts of them.
  • Aleksi
    Aleksi 2 days ago There is also the nice nutrition called minerals, lack of which will lead to multiple health problems. And this diet has almost none of them.
  • lefteris phasarias
    lefteris phasarias 2 days ago @Tegan fiber and more good unprocessed carbs. Plus grapefruits are among the best weight loss fruits out there.
  • Tegan
    Tegan 2 days ago HimexD why did they eat grapefruit
  • stop comparing Everything to BTS
    stop comparing Everything to BTS 3 days ago HimexD bread is high carb food / also high starch I think , like potatoes and pasta if you eat a lot it makes you fat .
  • lefteris phasarias
    lefteris phasarias 3 days ago @I A you are wrong on every level. Egg protein is among the best ones out there, salad fiber is salad fiber, and bread(especially whole grain) adds good unprocessed carbs and fills the remaining fiber needs of your body. Egg fat is also considered good fat, which can reduce cholesterol if you don't eat too much of it, but to be honest, that's just too many eggs and too many fat which is never a good thing.
  • Pink Heart
    Pink Heart 1 week ago Right I thought the same. But its boring eating the same thing everyday. You lose interest in food by day 7
  • Strawberry Cupcake
    Strawberry Cupcake 3 months ago @HimexD 99% if not 100% of nutritionists are fine with WHOLE GRAIN bread. Also sprouted bread and such. White bread is pretty useless for the body unless you're sick and can only keep down super simply carbs like white rice and bread. I think people are just trying to point out that theres a difference
  • I A
    I A 3 months ago HimexD There are good carbs and bad carbs the less processed and refined a carb is the better! Carbs in bread are different to the carbs in beans and other vegetables. White bread provides “empty carbohydrates” due to their lack of nutrients and high carb content. I would explain it here but I think it’s easier if you look up “empty carbs”. eating things like whole grain bread is much better than white bread! Also, a little tip is to look up polyphenols, found in mainly berries! A bit off topic to bread but they’re a very important micronutrient that majority of people lack in their diet :)
  • HimexD
    HimexD 3 months ago I A please tell me what is wrong with bread and eggs? I eat bread nearly every day, I am on a diet and still eat bread and many other thing that are "baned" by others on diet xd I follow may people who are or are getting their degree at university to be dietician and I don't see that they say that bread or eggs are bad xd They write to look at ingredients when we buy bread and be cautios when we buy dark(?) bread beacuse they can be just pretend to be more healthy. Also eggs... 7 eggs per week should be max beause like any other food it is bad for our health to eat too much.
  • I A
    I A 3 months ago But they’re the wrong types of protein, fibre and carbs.. there’s many different types, which make this diet pretty bad. Especially the eggs and bread!!! Which is basically all it had
  • HimexD
    HimexD 4 months ago not really but better than other she did, too much eggs and there is not much nutritional values for body and also it is about 700 to 800kcal per day so anyone could lose weight but also energy and health... You didn't mention fats which are very important for women and there can be too little of them( we need like 0,7-1 gram per our weight i think because our period can because of lack of fat stops).
  • yoongisgummysmile
    yoongisgummysmile 3 months ago This should be called "the grapefruit and coffe diet" LoL
  • Wieke Bakker
    Wieke Bakker 2 days ago E G G
  • FermentingPotatos
    FermentingPotatos 2 days ago How about the "kai greene grapefruit diet"
  • Volt Prime
    Volt Prime 3 days ago Yeah, makes me worried it might give people gastritis. Too acidic.
  • aldrin alejandro
    aldrin alejandro 3 days ago +egg
  • Jungkooks Christian Friend
    Jungkooks Christian Friend 4 days ago Coffee egg grape fruit diet
  • k star
    k star 6 days ago More like coffee and eggs diet
  • Poop Brain
    Poop Brain 1 week ago 😆
  • — kaye
    — kaye 3 months ago and egg
  • Tessa Yasmine
    Tessa Yasmine 3 months ago softthings + egg
  • extinction
    extinction 4 months ago it's hard to do it especially in an asian household
  • Tee Haw
    Tee Haw 1 week ago Y’all don’t know anything when you try to do this in a Mexican household .
  • Crying Hamtaro
    Crying Hamtaro 1 week ago My mom tells me to lose weight but when i lose weight she tells me to eat more...?
  • blushygguk
    blushygguk 1 week ago im mexican and my parents always get mad when i start one 😖😖
  • Yes I like Kpop don't sue me thank you
    Yes I like Kpop don't sue me thank you 1 month ago Yup. RICE RICE RICE
  • dan wu
    dan wu 2 months ago try it in an asian AND hispanic household. it's a deadly challenge.
  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 months ago damn you guys all get fed good 😭😭 divorced parents never have that much food in the house bc they’re only cooking for themselves half the time, plus we were poor so lol... so many times i’d survive off just bread 😞
  • dolphiintears
    dolphiintears 2 months ago temple YES my grandma feeds me bcs in her eyes i’m always too skinny 💀
  • Gifty Horan
    Gifty Horan 3 months ago I can relate so mom asks me why I am not eating much when I eat enough..she'll be like eat more and shouts at me for grandma also stays with us so every now and then she asks to eat that eat this...
  • yeems
    yeems 3 months ago Ikr they feed us until we're gonna explode skndgjnh
  • Holo ppl
    Holo ppl 3 months ago I'm in Slav household...believe me it ain't any better 😪
  • Luna Arli
    Luna Arli 3 months ago ahah try that in italy like omg i relate so much, just its not rice its pasta (even though risotto is soo many calories too)
  • Emily
    Emily 3 months ago honestly my mom is chinese and my dad is korean and when i don’t eat a whole pot of rice they get concerned
  • zavia romanova
    zavia romanova 3 months ago sjdhshs i’m not asian, but i do struggle with dieting and trying to lose weight because of my mother, too. mostly because she’s a nurse and freaks out if i miss one meal
  • Sidney Choi
    Sidney Choi 3 months ago my mom would tear me apart if I ate like 3 dozen eggs in a week💀
  • Taexdjxc
    Taexdjxc 3 months ago African household too we literally eat rice and chicken everyday🤦🏾‍♀️
  • Dome Espín
    Dome Espín 3 months ago Dont get me started on Latin households :/
  • Tessa Yasmine
    Tessa Yasmine 3 months ago temple my dad literally stuffs me with sooo much food. I’m not even skinny... he asks if I ate all the time, he’s so worried😅 I just can’t go on (extreme) diets.
  • Typical Girl
    Typical Girl 3 months ago Ikr
  • Wendigo
    Wendigo 3 months ago YESSSS !MY PARENTS ASK ME 24/7 IF I ATE OR NOT OH MY GOD
  • Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine
    Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine 3 months ago TAEDOFU yeah but what if he is FEEDING it to you?
  • amica_ regilme
    amica_ regilme 3 months ago Same. I'm Asian and when I'm eating my mom like triples the amount and I'm not even skinny. 🤣
  • Martina Kp
    Martina Kp 3 months ago In Russian households too..
  • bel ¡¡
    bel ¡¡ 3 months ago SAME except im hispanic not asian but my mom would kill me if i try any diet ejsjskdj
  • Plump Kane
    Plump Kane 3 months ago temple and In a Hispanic household holy fuck
    TAEDOFU 3 months ago Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine it means to just throw the other 3 bowls away
  • Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine
    Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine 3 months ago M R road to 100 subscribers without videos what do you mean?
  • Rose_ 05
    Rose_ 05 3 months ago Ikr, it should be a challenge, "I tried to lose weight in an Asian household" lol
    MUSIC AMBER 3 months ago yes we can't avoid The RICE 🍚
  • M R road to 100 subscribers without videos
    M R road to 100 subscribers without videos 3 months ago @Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine then eat less rice
  • Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine
    Jhope is a freaking ray of sunshine 3 months ago temple ikr my dad literally asked me yesterday if I ate dinner (rice) because I was getting skinnier ;-; and because he didn’t believe me , he fed me 4 bowls of rice today to “make up” for the days I didn’t eat (but I did wtf)
  • Alee Bea
    Alee Bea 2 days ago This not a healthy diet, thank you for the disclaimer. Because some might take this seriously.
  • Alee Bea
    Alee Bea 15 hours ago (edited) @LocoPastaMan The video we just watched I gave my opinion. what is a diet? I understand it is not a life choice. Diets are short term eating habits, but this for me makes no nutritional sense or any balance. If you understand differently. Please share with me. I am being serious.
  • LocoPastaMan
    LocoPastaMan 15 hours ago wtf are u talking about
  • Min Holly
    Min Holly 1 day ago Me
  • * Orchidsphere *
    * Orchidsphere * 3 days ago Your teeth must have taken some beating.... all that black coffee and acidic grapefruit
  • OhLookAWoodenSheep
    OhLookAWoodenSheep 1 day ago You can't do this on many forms of medication, as grapefruit will interact and can stop them from working.
  • Ashton and samanta play
    Ashton and samanta play 16 hours ago Seems enough to fill my stomach but there's ONE problem. i eat when I am bored
  • JJT Productions
    JJT Productions 1 day ago Scientist: No way could any human consume so many eggs without explo- S W: ahem
  • bleach clorox
    bleach clorox 22 hours ago Now try the rock cheat day meal and see how much weight you gain in a day
  • Amy Duong - Sir William Gage MS (1519)
    Amy Duong - Sir William Gage MS (1519) 6 days ago If I don't eat rice for 1 dinner, my family will think I'm starving myself... Bro I ate a pack of Oreos right in front of you?!?!
  • something
    something 2 days ago Amy Duong - Sir William Gage MS (1519) Same o-o my parents are trying to get me to eat more bc i am skinny af That’s why i eat rice for every meal
  • this daring young man on the flying trapeze
    this daring young man on the flying trapeze 3 days ago Ifkr! If I eat a kilogram of spaghetti for lunch my parents would still think I'm on a diet because I didn't eat rice. Being Asian is funny sometimes.
  • Chelsea Chin
    Chelsea Chin 4 days ago Me too when I'm trying not to eat too full at dinner and didn't eat rice and my mom keep asking why am i starving myself