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I Got Styled By Ladylike For A Week • Ladylike

Published on Feb 15, 2017 6,422,692 views

“Niki’s thighs are gonna be out!"

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  • Laurana Bartlett
    Laurana Bartlett 2 years ago the ladylike get styled by the try guys and the try guys get styled by ladylike
  • Maureen Kenny
    Maureen Kenny 2 weeks ago OMG YES!!!!!!!!
  • Literally Wutt
    Literally Wutt 2 weeks ago @Fake Southern Accent I mean try guys and tasty got together so it might💁‍♀️😂
  • anto
    anto 2 months ago Laurana Bartlett too late
  • Fake Southern Accent
    Fake Southern Accent 4 months ago too bad they left BuzzFeed it will probably never happen
  • the tea sis
    the tea sis 5 months ago Laurana Bartlett yes,
  • Readerxp91
    Readerxp91 8 months ago YES, I NOW HAVE A MIGHTY NEED
  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro 1 year ago Poor girls, only Eugene has a sense of style
  • Audrey
    Audrey 1 year ago VIRAL VIDEO IDEA I TELL YOU! +BuzzFeed make it happen
  • Sphylix
    Sphylix 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett YES
  • Regan Smith
    Regan Smith 1 year ago BUZZFEED PLEASE DO THIS! B
  • lee laya
    lee laya 1 year ago YESSS
  • Kerry K
  • Joce The boss
    Joce The boss 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett OMG YASSSSS
  • Faith adelegan
    Faith adelegan 1 year ago Still waiting on that
  • Ysabella May Sabas
    Ysabella May Sabas 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett You are a GENIUS!!!!!!
  • Tanvi Joshi
    Tanvi Joshi 1 year ago Yes!!
  • Natalie Omambac
    Natalie Omambac 1 year ago 3.1k like
  • booga looga
    booga looga 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett YESSSSSS HUNTY
  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 1 year ago (edited) the only try guy with style is eugene thooo 😂😂 and MAYBE zach ? But still buzzfeed where is our ladylike/try guys collab
  • Ayesha S
    Ayesha S 1 year ago +
  • nobody’s business
    nobody’s business 1 year ago Yeeeessss
  • Nancy
    Nancy 1 year ago Omg yasss
  • Jasmine Adliz
    Jasmine Adliz 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett- yassssssss plzzzzzzzz
  • Brenda Araujo
    Brenda Araujo 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett yoooooo that’s a great idea!
  • Sofia Kelley-Riley
    Sofia Kelley-Riley 1 year ago This needs to happennnn
  • tahlia boo
    tahlia boo 1 year ago YES it needs to happen
  • Kate Cariaga
    Kate Cariaga 1 year ago yes pleaseeee
  • Addie B-Z
    Addie B-Z 1 year ago Pleaseee
  • S S
    S S 1 year ago YESSSS
  • Kitty Burch
    Kitty Burch 1 year ago This needs to happen!!
  • bryanna cassidy
    bryanna cassidy 1 year ago YASSSSSS !!
  • Lord Cinnabon
    Lord Cinnabon 1 year ago YES
  • Bananaman animations
    Bananaman animations 1 year ago Yassssss
  • pinkham4corgis
    pinkham4corgis 1 year ago I need this!!! PLEASE!!!
  • Sofia Antonelli
    Sofia Antonelli 1 year ago YAS
  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez 1 year ago Omg yes!!!!!!
  • Breanna Espinosa
    Breanna Espinosa 1 year ago Laurana Bartlett OMG YESSS PLEASEEEE
  • Aaiza Adil
    Aaiza Adil 1 year ago YES PLEASE
  • Brittany Nichole
    Brittany Nichole 1 year ago YES !!
  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 1 year ago plzzz yess
  • Chelsea Johnson
    Chelsea Johnson 1 year ago YES PLEASE!!!
  • Anneliese Liedtka
    Anneliese Liedtka 2 years ago Laurana Bartlett Please!!!
  • wallie tamale
    wallie tamale 2 years ago I swear if Freddie leaves ladylike it's over😭😭
  • Caroline May
    Caroline May 2 months ago wallie tamale eh, I’m fine with that. She’s not bad, but I’d rather her then any of the others
  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal 5 months ago I actually don’t want Kristen or Jen to leave
  • Saperior Lacey
    Saperior Lacey 6 months ago wallie tamale ikr😞
  • Little Lamb
    Little Lamb 7 months ago I actually don’t like Freddie at all, but I do love Jen. Please don’t leave Jen!!
  • The Life Of Case
    The Life Of Case 8 months ago If jen leaves ladylikes vews are probably going down a fair amount
  • Karen Gummer
    Karen Gummer 8 months ago I feel that way about both Freddie and Kristen, although I love Devin. But Freddie an Kristen ARE LadyLike
  • my world is a happy world plus im a amry
    my world is a happy world plus im a amry 8 months ago @pure honesty she is the black one
  • Emily Ash 14 (STUDENT)
    Emily Ash 14 (STUDENT) 11 months ago and if Jen leaves and Kristin
  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth 1 year ago And Jen
  • Bugaboo
    Bugaboo 1 year ago Jasmine Adliz no...
  • Jasmine Adliz
    Jasmine Adliz 1 year ago Freddie is leaving ladylike? Noooo😭
  • Sarah Short
    Sarah Short 1 year ago if freddie leaves...i leave
  • Marginery M
    Marginery M 1 year ago wallie tamale STOP PUTTING THOSE THOUGHTS IN MY HEAD😭😭😭😭😭
  • Calle Raye
    Calle Raye 1 year ago wallie tamale Freddie or jen im dead
  • x_Taylor_x
    x_Taylor_x 1 year ago Ana Perez the black one
  • pure honesty
    pure honesty 1 year ago wallie tamale who's Freddie?
  • Lola Blake
    Lola Blake 1 year ago I know I love her so much 😍
  • Samira Abbajebel
    Samira Abbajebel 1 year ago Devin's reaction to Niki wearing her outfit was so precious!!! 😂💞😭
  • •Hello Dolls•
    •Hello Dolls• 5 months ago her heart was crushed when Niki said she was uncomfortable
  • Kitty Queen47
    Kitty Queen47 1 year ago Samira Abbajebel if
  • antixmaker
    antixmaker 1 year ago And then her excitement died instantly when Niki said she was uncomfortable, broke my heart a little 😢
  • Bayaan Karimi
    Bayaan Karimi 1 year ago Samira Abbajebel ikr
  • Anabela Lynden
    Anabela Lynden 1 year ago Samira Abbajebel I
  • Anonymous Covers
    Anonymous Covers 1 year ago This is creepy I was watching that but when I saw this 😂
  • alejandra posas
    alejandra posas 1 year ago Samira Abbajebel was
  • Rachel Rocchetti
    Rachel Rocchetti 1 year ago "I'm going to have her dress just like pacman!" -Jen 2017
  • Grace Normington
    Grace Normington 1 year ago Is anybody going to talk about Niki's adorable cat? Anybody? No, ok 😐
  • Brainsphere
    Brainsphere 9 months ago Grace Normington the cat is the real MVP in this video
  • Queen_of_cuteness
    Queen_of_cuteness 1 year ago DuckDuckMoose 151 yas girl it's so cuteeeeee
  • sophie
    sophie 1 year ago WE LOVE RICEBALL
  • Leila Reinmann
    Leila Reinmann 1 year ago DuckDuckMoose 151 Yess I was replaying the parts so many times it’s so cute
  • Rachel Wang
    Rachel Wang 2 years ago Someone already said this, but they really need to make a video where Ladylike styles The Try Guys for a week. PLEASE DO THIS
  • Aibrean Clear
    Aibrean Clear 3 weeks ago Yes pls!😜
  • Béatrice Robidoux
    Béatrice Robidoux 3 months ago They are not the same company so it’s not going to happen
  • Kerry K
  • Khalea W
    Khalea W 1 year ago WHY IS THIS STILL NOT A THING
  • Dorkalicious Karouna
    Dorkalicious Karouna 1 year ago Rachel Wang or the other way around
  • Victoria Ashlyn
    Victoria Ashlyn 1 year ago Yes. AND JEN NEEDS TO STYLE EUGENE.
  • YoGurlPeri_ _ThatOriginalPotato
    YoGurlPeri_ _ThatOriginalPotato 1 year ago Rachel Wang 😲😲😲😲WOW YEAAA
  • aarushi chawla
    aarushi chawla 1 year ago Rachel Wang UPVOTE UPVOTE
  • Feynice Moonblossom
    Feynice Moonblossom 1 year ago Rachel Wang I agree
  • Willie Martinezg
    Willie Martinezg 1 year ago Rachel Wang qqqqq
  • el x
    el x 1 year ago Rachel Wang YES!!!
  • Sami M.
    Sami M. 1 year ago Rachel Wang omg ur right!
  • jasmyn celeste olmos
    jasmyn celeste olmos 1 year ago Rachel Wang YAAAS THEY NEED TO DO THIS
  • Sofia Campisi
    Sofia Campisi 2 years ago OMG YES
  • fan girl
    fan girl 2 years ago PLEASE
  • THATperson
    THATperson 2 years ago YES
  • Lara Farrag
    Lara Farrag 2 years ago YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  • siri
    siri 2 years ago Yessssss omg
  • abby jonson
    abby jonson 2 years ago OMG YES
  • Maura00
    Maura00 2 years ago Totally! Also....500th like x3
  • Mikayla Lapp
    Mikayla Lapp 2 years ago Rachel Wang yaaas
  • heyshaybee
    heyshaybee 2 years ago Rachel Wang YES
  • musicalmegan
    musicalmegan 2 years ago Rachel Wang and then have the try guys style ladylike.
  • orla isn’t cool
    orla isn’t cool 2 years ago Rachel Wang omg yessss!!!!!
  • dexa
    dexa 2 years ago It must happen.
  • dexa
    dexa 2 years ago Rachel Wang Get it to the top of the comments.
  • Ashlyn Albright
    Ashlyn Albright 2 years ago Rachel Wang and the other way around
  • Mackenzie Kluge
    Mackenzie Kluge 1 year ago Omg kristen and safias outfits looked gorgeous on her
  • njuta
    njuta 9 months ago I think so too! I know dresses mean you normally shave your legs, but it's an easy way to look put together/dressed up. I would have liked if someone put her in a fit and flare dress, with cute little sneakers and a braided crown.
  • Nicole's Narrative
    Nicole's Narrative 1 year ago I love how the outfits matched each of the lady's personal style 😊
  • Molly Campbell
    Molly Campbell 2 years ago I think niki looked great in all of them tbh she can pull off a lot!
  • N A
    N A 1 year ago I understand her being honest but I really wish she was more receptive and nicer about the outfits...especially since this video was her idea....poor Devin :/
  • Jorja Cardoza
    Jorja Cardoza 8 months ago N A ikr she crushed poor devin
  • Madrenna Griffith
    Madrenna Griffith 8 months ago Just because it was her idea doesn't make it less hard. Cut her some slack guys
  • CS
    CS 1 year ago Ikr. It was her idea and kept on complaining. She should have styled herself then
  • antixmaker
    antixmaker 1 year ago Honesty is good, but I do wish she was a little more tactful about it. Seeing Devin instantly go from happy squealing to concerned when Niki said she was uncomfortable broke my heart a little.
  • Chopperman
    Chopperman 1 year ago Yeah, I kinda agree. Devin looked hurt when Niki said she didn't like her outfit.
  • Abby Pøtter
    Abby Pøtter 1 year ago N A was looking for this comment. Exactly how I felt
  • TeenDream888
    TeenDream888 2 years ago Niki's cat had the best week ever! a new bag every single day to sleep inside, and wrapping paper to crinkle, crunch and pounce on!
  • Come back hanbin
    Come back hanbin 1 year ago Preach women preach
  • Ida Marie Stendys
    Ida Marie Stendys 1 year ago QQTeenDream888
  • Dashing Reviews
    Dashing Reviews 2 years ago Emma K yeah me too
  • SugaSweet
    SugaSweet 2 years ago I don't no why but I want to be that cat now
  • Lolz For
    Lolz For 2 years ago TeenDream888 I
  • Gaia BP
    Gaia BP 2 years ago Tom Smith haha
  • Suhair Awsaj
    Suhair Awsaj 2 years ago (edited) TeenDream888 IKR! I LOVE CATS SO MUCH ESPECIALLY THAT ONE :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • beans69
    beans69 2 years ago did my grandpa write this comment
  • Fanny Ford
    Fanny Ford 2 years ago 6:47 just kitty things💕
  • Gabrysia Wołoszyn
    Gabrysia Wołoszyn 2 years ago TeenDream888 m
  • Gam Gam
    Gam Gam 2 years ago omg yesss😂😂I laughed so hard everytime I saw her doing that😂😂
  • Madi X
    Madi X 2 years ago TeenDream888 ik how adorable
  • Chisa Sakamoto
    Chisa Sakamoto 2 years ago Melati saf was my favorite part
  • The Devils Little Gem
    The Devils Little Gem 2 years ago TeenDream888 the kitty is soo cute !
  • Melati
    Melati 2 years ago TeenDream888 The cat honestly was my favourite part of this video!
  • LittlemissChaos
    LittlemissChaos 2 years ago I love Devin, she's really sassy and fun. Not to mention incredibly pretty
  • cniknik98
    cniknik98 1 year ago Devin’s jumpsuit was giving me life! It was so unique and fresh yet classy for a work environment. Total badass. I think that one was my favorite.
  • CS
    CS 1 year ago Why is she complaining on every outfit??? And she kept saying "It's not me" like dude you asked them to style you and that means you will be the one to adjust to it
  • Neith
    Neith 10 months ago Uhm, the only outfit she really complained about was Devin's choice. Which, let's be honest, was the worst and I wouldn't like it either. She was appreciative of the rest, even if she said "it's not something I'd wear to work every day".
  • Hailey Parsons
    Hailey Parsons 10 months ago CS she out of her comfort zone, so of course she going to complain. This is something new for her so sometimes things like these work and sometimes they don’t.
  • Minti Fresh
    Minti Fresh 2 years ago She looked soooooo good with Saf's outfit, and Kristen's too
  • Anna Berlo
    Anna Berlo 2 years ago (edited) -Saf: "She's gonna look like the 20-something asian cousin of the addams family" - "so...Like you? -Saf: YES. ahhahahahahAHAAAHAAHAHAHAH
  • alyssa kobel
    alyssa kobel 2 years ago Anna Berlo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Zazzy R5
    Zazzy R5 2 years ago Anna Berlo I,
  • Olivia Farro
    Olivia Farro 2 years ago Anna Berlo Saf said Addams Family I got Salty DONT ASK WHY
  • Eugenia Trujillo
    Eugenia Trujillo 2 years ago i never knew that was the exact aesthetic i aspired to until today
  • laura mathiez
    laura mathiez 2 years ago Jen is a very attractive girl..
  • Mavaney Keel
    Mavaney Keel 1 year ago L' aura YES
  • timber_wolf72
    timber_wolf72 2 years ago Honestly being apart of the ladylike group is goals.
  • mmmm
    mmmm 1 year ago I don't understand the point of this video, She clearly doesn't want to change !!!
  • Readerxp91
    Readerxp91 8 months ago She might just need to process it for a while. I can imagine her wearing the black romper with one of her flannel tops or the tiger bomber jacket with her jeans and boots.
  • Hailey Parsons
    Hailey Parsons 10 months ago mmmm she wanted to try something new. She a little out of comfort zone so of course she not going to keep wearing all of these but maybe she will wear one thing from one outfit or something else from another outfit.
  • Maya Singh
    Maya Singh 1 year ago niki seemed really..judgemental. I know that the outfits were far out of her norm, but in the intro I got the impression that that's what she wanted.