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Published on Jul 11, 2019 1,441 views

Here is the very first DeadBoys Fitness Workout with Big Tony aka WWE superstar CESARO.

  • Dan Van Der Werf
    Dan Van Der Werf 3 days ago Since the Rows are measured by distance, if we're at home and replacing with jumping jacks, is there a number you should hit to complete that part of the workout?
  • Chimutrufio Gumercindo Ibañez del Campo
    Chimutrufio Gumercindo Ibañez del Campo 3 days ago @DJ Kastrup thanks man, had the same question.
  • DJ Kastrup
    DJ Kastrup 3 days ago Dan Van Der Werf an average 500m for guys takes about 1:50, a 400m takes about 1:15 and a 300m is about 1:00. As a modification, you could do jumping jacks for that long
  • Madison Rollins
    Madison Rollins 3 days ago You guys inspired me to workout and to not give up Your truly inspiration Thank you for helping me have a better lifestyle 💜
  • Kevin Carrillo
    Kevin Carrillo 3 days ago Finally🔥🔥🔥BURN IT DOWN!!!
  • Upendr Prasad
    Upendr Prasad 3 days ago Seth rollings, love you brother Love from india
  • VaTax & MuSheraW VaTaX
    VaTax & MuSheraW VaTaX 3 days ago I'm French and I'm trying to learn English like that I would finally understand but for the moment long google translation and kisses from France
  • Alejandra Zeron
    Alejandra Zeron 3 days ago Can we see one with Colby and Rebecca
  • Lauren Hall
    Lauren Hall 3 days ago No
  • roe kharkrang
    roe kharkrang 3 days ago Yupp.
  • ahmad and azl tube
    ahmad and azl tube 3 days ago مرحبا سيث رولينز انا احبك واحب متابعتك واتمنى ان ترى هذا التعليق ❤❤
  • roe kharkrang
    roe kharkrang 3 days ago Why didn't anyone tell me about this channel.
    ABIWWE MSP 3 days ago 🔥🔥🖤🖤
  • [503] VortexxYT
    [503] VortexxYT 3 days ago Finally!!
  • Dash Dexter
    Dash Dexter 3 days ago First