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The History of the M&M Characters – Nostalgia Critic

Published on Jan 23, 2019 618,371 views

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We all know them but never talk about them. Where did they come from? Who’s idea was it? Do the green ones really make you…you know? The Nostalgia Critic answers all these questions and more about your favorite chocolate candy, M&Ms.

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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome 4 months ago (edited) We should've put Eminem in the tags to get those sweet sweet clicks. What are some topics Nostalgia Critic should cover in a future editorial? Support this week's charity -
  • PsychIron
    PsychIron 2 months ago Geico Gecko
  • That One
    That One 2 months ago Barbie movies
  • ShadowWolfRising
    ShadowWolfRising 3 months ago Why EA and Activision (And maybe Konami.) are evil.
  • lowrider993
    lowrider993 3 months ago You forgot the minis
  • shadow-Leena
    shadow-Leena 3 months ago The rapper?
  • Aleksandr Belenko
    Aleksandr Belenko 4 months ago Stella Artois commercials are good too
  • Gamersmashlog Productions
    Gamersmashlog Productions 4 months ago Can you do an editorial on why Netflix makes hit show after hit show? Also, can you make a review of the Watchmen movie?
  • DefinitelyNotaPervert
    DefinitelyNotaPervert 4 months ago I know you don't normally cover video games, but I would LOVE it if you talked about why there is so much hype and excitement for Smash Bros, even for just a single character, which are things that most games in general wished they could get that level of hype.
  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson 4 months ago (edited) @Kalvin Koskela That was a good cartoon 🙂
  • Kalvin Koskela
    Kalvin Koskela 4 months ago Maybe a look at El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, an under-appreciated show from the creator of The Book of Life that I’m still sad Nickelodeon ended too soon.
  • Squid SQuiddly
    Squid SQuiddly 4 months ago John Goodman is a national treasure and someone I will always cherish as being one of the GREATS, every time something good has entered my entertainment-life he has been part of it in some way. Kudos to you John.
  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson 4 months ago Dexter The Nostalgia, that’s a great idea! It’s almost like Garfield and Jem in terms of Product Placement and other manipulative tactics used in films.
  • eazyone83
    eazyone83 4 months ago make a review on early 2010s shows like fanboy and chum chum, johnny test, regular show, fish hooks, tuff puppy, adventure time, kick buttowski, penguins of Madagascar, Phineas and ferb, and planet sheen all in one video.
  • louella72
    louella72 4 months ago Why The Lego Movie works, but the Emoji Movie fails, despite being very similar in concept.
  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith 4 months ago (edited) Sorry...alvin and the chipmunks roadchip
    _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 4 months ago Looked into it surprisingly not not enough Japan exclusive mnms most of them would go well in the West aswell
    _MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 4 months ago I wonder if there a Japan specific mnm because ya know there's a thousand different flavors over there
  • Lex Kishbah
    Lex Kishbah 4 months ago I like you to review trolls the beat goes on
  • Emo Spidey 3
    Emo Spidey 3 4 months ago Speaking of Eminem, why not a nostalgia critic for 8 mile?
  • HeroBot
    HeroBot 4 months ago Maybe for Critic's next editorial, he should do something pertaining to Kingdom Hearts.
  • Cinema Mansion
    Cinema Mansion 4 months ago Top 11 best scenes in Tim Burton movies
  • Americanfutureguy 7
    Americanfutureguy 7 4 months ago You should cover what happened to the Sonic the hedgehog franchise
  • Captain Pugrito
    Captain Pugrito 4 months ago @Lee Phillips................................................................................................................................................................................................................ .........................................................possibly
  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips 4 months ago Captain Pugrito disney right
  • Captain Pugrito
    Captain Pugrito 4 months ago Can companies go too far
  • Ronald Coleman
    Ronald Coleman 4 months ago Critic...CRITIC! Ok, look. I've been thinking...WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING ABOUT THE RISE AND FALL OF EDDIE MURPHY! I know you did Pluto "Trash" and Haunted... "Crap..soin?, but how about a Murphy month! Golden Child, Trading Places, Coming to America, the "P.J.'s", The Nutty Professor 2(cuz i know u did 1 im just an asshole), Tower Heist...!, MEET DAVE! AT LEAST MEET DAVE CRITIC!
  • Lee Phillips
    Lee Phillips 4 months ago Channel Awesome ok i know I'm pretty late but people have been ignoring me on this one for a while so you can help me out here Should people see movies just to complain about them
  • Marcus Gutierrez
    Marcus Gutierrez 4 months ago Cover an editorial on what makes a movie timeless? Also bring back the grading shows intros!!!
  • Amioki Shinizou
    Amioki Shinizou 4 months ago @Darth234Ravenous Sounds like a Nostalgiaween event
  • Amioki Shinizou
    Amioki Shinizou 4 months ago @gaster max I thought he did this already, not a series but a list of his favorites, or at least all the cereal ones.
  • Amioki Shinizou
    Amioki Shinizou 4 months ago On my own channel (Ami Scythe), I was thinking of talking about female superheroes and their typical lack of likability. But I couldn't come up with a conclusion. Maybe you can?
  • Your Favorite Games
    Your Favorite Games 4 months ago Austin Powers and The Yu-Gi-Oh! Shows
  • Legoking 616
    Legoking 616 4 months ago @Garth Jacob I know! Earlier today, I saw a video talking about the worlds that are gonna be in it! I've heard so much about the series and it really intrigued me. But I didn't have the right consoles and couldn't get any of them. But now, I can finally experience the magic! I can jump right into KH3 without being caught up on the lore from the previous games right? Maybe? Probably not?
    PHILL SHIVELY 4 months ago California Raisins
  • Garth Jacob
    Garth Jacob 4 months ago @Legoking 616 Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox
  • [UglyBarn58]
    [UglyBarn58] 4 months ago Why Bohiemeum Rhapsody got a golden globe
  • Fireember345
    Fireember345 4 months ago You should do the series Tigtone, it is super trippy and weird but awesome at the same time.
  • conker's studio
    conker's studio 4 months ago IM NOT PAYING TI WATCH YIUR CRAP!!
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 4 months ago @Neosgamer04 /GhostNebula i miss this shows
  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz 4 months ago YEAHHHH!!!! we should get a m&ms movie
  • MOnTIrOVkO
    MOnTIrOVkO 4 months ago Something about USSR movies.
  • Neosgamer04 /GhostNebula
    Neosgamer04 /GhostNebula 4 months ago Maybe Courage the Cowardly Dog or Invader Zim
  • protoluigi
    protoluigi 4 months ago I actually kind of want some M&M's now!
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 4 months ago i like the bakryauond song can you tell me the name?
  • Michael Pope
    Michael Pope 4 months ago How to make good religious films
  • iamhungey12345
    iamhungey12345 4 months ago lol
  • mecánico en la frontera
    mecánico en la frontera 4 months ago Channel Awesome best episode in the season
  • Jenkins Jenkins
    Jenkins Jenkins 4 months ago Do Conan the barbarian 2011
  • Katelyn Woods
    Katelyn Woods 4 months ago HMMM I think you guys should cover the controversy from last year. THE INTERNTET DOES NOT FORGWT
  • SuperPlush Kolin
    SuperPlush Kolin 4 months ago Do a review on The OG Ghostbusters
    CATHERENE SUDA 4 months ago Chuck e cheese's!
  • Darth Sader
    Darth Sader 4 months ago Discuss how other critics and people seem more focused on the politics of films than the films themselves.
  • Soren Miller
    Soren Miller 4 months ago I'd like you to go over Disney's Peter Pan and (2003) Peter Pan films in an Old vs New
  • Mystery Racer
    Mystery Racer 4 months ago You said Ronald McDonald is not 3-Dimensional enough to get his own show, but he actually did get one, and it was animated by Klasky Csupo, the same people who created Rugrats. You should cover it.
  • Jason Massie
    Jason Massie 4 months ago Tucan Sam (Kellogg's Fruit Loops) 14:41 You're right, Doug, you should've added #Eminem for your video to sell. I was actually thinking of calling him out with this video to see about his response....
  • Ben Troutman
    Ben Troutman 4 months ago I actually do remember the Ronald McDonald's short movie or TV series it's been a long time
  • Aether MasterV
    Aether MasterV 4 months ago Batman Brave and the Bold: the Batman show that had a villain turn the show into a Broadway musical for an episode
  • Tony Fulton
    Tony Fulton 4 months ago You had a perfect segue to mention the Tan M&M before the voting of the blue M&M and you messed it.
  • Brandon Chapman
    Brandon Chapman 4 months ago You should cover the topic of movies based off of video games
  • MrItMusic
    MrItMusic 4 months ago Maybe do a nostalgia critic on the nostalgia critic or maybe more broadly, old YouTube.
  • Kai The Saiyan
    Kai The Saiyan 4 months ago I think this is the first YouTube channel to ever talk this deeply about the m&m characters.
  • Streak the guy
    Streak the guy 4 months ago You did tom and jerry, so why not do looney toons?
  • Adrian Buck
    Adrian Buck 4 months ago Do the Fat Albert movie review please
  • Kingo Mingo
    Kingo Mingo 4 months ago Oscar nominations opinions
  • sandy120
    sandy120 4 months ago if you wanted to do another nostalgic commercials i would quite like to see one about the budweiser frogs i was a kid when those adverts were out and i dont even drink now im in my late 20s but for some reason they always stuck with me
  • Georgi Stoev
    Georgi Stoev 4 months ago Change the Labyrinth THEME pls!!! :D
  • megagutsman
    megagutsman 4 months ago Maybe you could do one on the Segata Sanchiro (Japanese Sega Saturn mascot) ads?.
  • Crisdean Mackinnon
    Crisdean Mackinnon 4 months ago @EpicsBroFlame Man, I used to love that show growing up!
  • melahitheduelist
    melahitheduelist 4 months ago Maybe a video about the Max Headroom commercials, including the hacked broadcast?
  • Sebastian Emond
    Sebastian Emond 4 months ago You know, I'd definitely would watch a movie about the M&M characters. Or even a cartoon sitcom. Make this happen, Hollywood!
  • Sebastian Emond
    Sebastian Emond 4 months ago How about your thoughts on Young Justice and their recent third season? Or maybe your thoughts on Titans?
  • Thomas Meehan
    Thomas Meehan 4 months ago Anime
  • Raymond Solis Jr.
    Raymond Solis Jr. 4 months ago Your not funny
  • mastermo316
    mastermo316 4 months ago The return of "Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Fuck Ups" and of Douchey McNitPick
  • Ben Curtis – BC Media
    Ben Curtis – BC Media 4 months ago J.K. Simmons?! CAVE JOHNSON FROM PORTAL?!
  • Dantegrey1
    Dantegrey1 4 months ago @acemckillayoface I would love to see that! Perhaps When The Wind Blows would fit in there as well?
  • CranberryAftershave
    CranberryAftershave 4 months ago (edited) How about an editorial about how native americans are portrayed in current film vs what their status is in real life (i.e. the Seminole Tribe bought the Hard Rock).
  • Hugo Segal
    Hugo Segal 4 months ago Nickelodeon Month: The 2000s Edition (it has literally been a decade since the 1990s were covered), The Best Animated Feature Category at the Oscars and why we shouldn’t give a crap about it, and a review of “Max Keeble’s Big Move”. Among a sample of topics he could choose.
  • Katie Shaw
    Katie Shaw 4 months ago I'd like to see you do a editorial on what makes a movie a true cult classic. Not just stupid movies, but ones that actually are worth being the title.
  • Ugo Supiot
    Ugo Supiot 4 months ago Channel Awesome i love m&m
  • melvin shermen
    melvin shermen 4 months ago Channel Awesome or do some Dean knootz movies
  • melvin shermen
    melvin shermen 4 months ago Channel Awesome do Philip k Dick movies
  • EremikaHaven
    EremikaHaven 4 months ago Who else thinks Critic should finally review the Ice Age movies? The first two already count as nostalgic
  • neon5162
    neon5162 4 months ago But what about nostalgia cat is nostalgia cat ok we haven't seen nostalgia cat in a while
  • LanceCorporalHawk30
    LanceCorporalHawk30 4 months ago The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald tv show. Yeah, it was real
  • joker9206
    joker9206 4 months ago Channel Awesome can u guys do a review on rampage or the jumanji films ?
  • ThePieceofEden
    ThePieceofEden 4 months ago The m&m mini's where characters too
  • Il Tizio Boemiano
    Il Tizio Boemiano 4 months ago Great video! My suggestions for the future are: -the return of WTR -the return of "What you never knew" -editorial on sonic boom TV show -8 mile review
  • FrogLover
    FrogLover 4 months ago How about something Rooster Teeth related, not sure what or how but I'm sure there's something.
  • QurilysTig 73
    QurilysTig 73 4 months ago Make a video on why the doctor Phil m&m is superior!!!!!
  • buch muck
    buch muck 4 months ago Channel Awesome The A-Team and or the Dark Tower, I know how much you love Stephen King
  • Nikolas Mace
    Nikolas Mace 4 months ago Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters???????
  • Brandon Prater
    Brandon Prater 4 months ago @Anthony Murray I really like your last idea! Shows like Mr. Wizard, Beakman's World, Zabumafu, all the ones you mentioned & many more. Plus, they're the kinda shows you really don't see anymore these days. So the idea is kinda perfect for a NC episode!
  • Valerie Vargas
    Valerie Vargas 4 months ago Channel Awesome You forgot about the cartoon of the Gummi Bears.