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Why Blighttown Really Matters (Dark Souls) - Writing on Games

Published on Oct 8, 2016 806,284 views

In this episode of Writing on Games, I revisit perhaps my favourite game ever (Dark Souls) for the first time in months. I know a lot of you subscribed based on my previous Dark Souls videos, but since there are a billion people talking about how the game is 'harsh but fair', I didn't want to make another video on it until I had something resembling a unique angle on it. So I decided to defend an area most people hate...

On this playthrough of the game, I realised that Blighttown, an area despised by many, actually became one of my favourite areas in the game, despite the dread I still felt going through it. The way it toys with the verticality of the level design and how this plays into the way the game rewards the player make Blighttown genuinely oppressive in a way no area up to that point can be. The way it turns the world itself into your enemy is quintessentially Dark Souls, and I love it for that.

Also, I'm going to be able to play Bloodborne soon thanks to one of my patrons! I'm very excited, and it means you can stop telling me to play it soon...


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