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We Tricked Our Friends With Peel-Off Makeup

Published on Jul 13, 2017 6,584,280 views

"Are you okay dude?! I'm afraid your skin is going to burn off!"

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  • Rainingrain
    Rainingrain 2 years ago Devyn: Its burning now Jen: whats happening you okay? Jen: Still patting the beauty blender on her face
  • Melda Parlakisik
    Melda Parlakisik 6 days ago Devin***
  • Gricela Sanchez
    Gricela Sanchez 1 week ago Very scaredly
  • Lil bangtan
    Lil bangtan 3 weeks ago I came to the comments on that specific part just to see a comment about it ...thanku 😂
  • Unicorn Door
    Unicorn Door 3 weeks ago Rainingrain ikr I was laughing so much
  • April Olivera
    April Olivera 3 weeks ago Devyn: it's burning Jen: what is happening you ok Jen:*continues dabbing more on face*
  • flowerhoseokeu
    flowerhoseokeu 3 weeks ago Rainingrain that looked so cute
  • lost in mind
    lost in mind 1 month ago LMFAOO
  • Rita Caporilli
    Rita Caporilli 1 month ago Devin
  • J. A.
    J. A. 1 month ago EXACTLY
  • Multifandom Trash
    Multifandom Trash 1 month ago EXACTLYYY 💀
  • Lp.
    Lp. 1 month ago I liked died at that moment 😂
  • Gacha Blueberry
    Gacha Blueberry 1 month ago 😂🤣😂🤣
  • Natasha Harrison
    Natasha Harrison 1 year ago Hello fellow band trash
  • aliza cuellar
    aliza cuellar 1 year ago TwentyØneChemicalRomancesAtTheDisco i couldn't stop laughing
  • Carolina Monsan
    Carolina Monsan 1 year ago pats harder
  • Artemis's hunter
    Artemis's hunter 1 year ago TwentyØneChemicalRomancesAtTheDisco #metoo!
  • Kaitlyn Stewart
    Kaitlyn Stewart 1 year ago TwentyØneChemicalRomancesAtTheDisco this is why I love jen
  • Phoenix Moore
    Phoenix Moore 2 years ago TwentyØneChemicalRomancesAtTheDisco I love your profile pic and name😍
  • Whothefukisbeebo
    Whothefukisbeebo 2 years ago TwentyØneChemicalRomancesAtTheDisco hello fellow band trash (treasure)
  • Adriana Fernández
    Adriana Fernández 2 months ago I love how in 1:42 Jenn just keeps slowly dabbing her face while looking at Devin 😂
  • Stephanie Arciniega
    Stephanie Arciniega 3 weeks ago Adriana Fernández FRRRR
  • selina scarlett🤠
    selina scarlett🤠 3 weeks ago ikr she’s a lil cutie🥺
    SerenJIBOOTY UWU 1 month ago Me lmfao
  • mim325 *sneezes*
    mim325 *sneezes* 1 month ago I was about to say that 😂😂😂
  • haitsKelly
    haitsKelly 1 month ago It was adorable
  • Olivia L
    Olivia L 1 month ago Literally read your comment while watching the part of the video
  • jewel baticados
    jewel baticados 11 months ago jen could be out here witnessing a crime scene and she will tell you to focus on your breathing, LOL. i love yall so much!
  • Mo on
    Mo on 3 weeks ago @ItzKitty Gaming ik but how is the first comment a hate one
  • ItzKitty Gaming
    ItzKitty Gaming 3 weeks ago @Mo on not u, the first replier.
  • Mo on
    Mo on 3 weeks ago @ItzKitty Gaming how
  • ItzKitty Gaming
    ItzKitty Gaming 3 weeks ago @Mo on oof it sounds like a hate comment
  • Mo on
    Mo on 3 weeks ago @ItzKitty Gaming Also the girl that replied meant "She would keep putting BB on her face instead of helping ppl focusing on breathing."
  • Mo on
    Mo on 3 weeks ago @ItzKitty Gaming You made me confused in 6 different languages
  • ItzKitty Gaming
    ItzKitty Gaming 3 weeks ago @Duckie_ Duck well the first person is saying something different about the original commenter.
  • Nova Chan
    Nova Chan 3 weeks ago ItzKitty Gaming The first one you replied to
  • ItzKitty Gaming
    ItzKitty Gaming 3 weeks ago @Duckie_ Duck who? The original commenter or the first one i replied to?
  • Duckie_ Duck
    Duckie_ Duck 3 weeks ago @ItzKitty Gaming Yeah, but that person was talking about how she'll just keep dabbing the beauty blender on her face, they said nothing wrong?
  • ItzKitty Gaming
    ItzKitty Gaming 4 weeks ago @Sausciii MoonTunes i DID actually but the comment is talking about when she was saying about deep breaths
  • Sausciii MoonTunes
    Sausciii MoonTunes 4 weeks ago ItzKitty Gaming probably. But didn’t YOU see the part where she just kept dabbing her face while having a concerned face?
  • ItzKitty Gaming
    ItzKitty Gaming 4 weeks ago @The three Gacha Sisters uhm what? Have u watched the video fully?
  • The three Gacha Sisters
    The three Gacha Sisters 3 months ago jewel baticados no she would be dabbing her face with a beauty blender obviously. 🙄
  • RavenclawAmbition
    RavenclawAmbition 11 months ago (edited) Me on the first day of school: okay I got this Imma do great walks out of first period : 3:46 Edit: WOAHHHH thanks for all these likes!!
  • PrincessNiyah Grace
    PrincessNiyah Grace 4 days ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Raven Zabb
  • Rachael McLeod
    Rachael McLeod 4 weeks ago Ahahahah
  • Fml
    Fml 1 month ago Also 2:50 lmao
  • xAmelia Skyex
    xAmelia Skyex 1 month ago (edited) 😂😂😂lmaoooo
  • Squirrelicorn
    Squirrelicorn 1 month ago Lol ikr
  • ReadingWithMadi
    ReadingWithMadi 1 month ago Also 3:22
  • Boba Snek •.•
    Boba Snek •.• 1 month ago I was like “What kind of period- oh. The period with the bell.”
  • Alexa KaylaBear
    Alexa KaylaBear 3 months ago That was so scary! Hahahahah!
  • Carla Camille Petersen
    Carla Camille Petersen 10 months ago Freya Rose xx
  • Peachy
    Peachy 10 months ago (No I’ve had so much Botox that I don’t feel anything ) Me:( dying of laughter )
  • Kim Elias
    Kim Elias 2 years ago Jen: "let's just focus on breathing right now"
  • Ezgi Kırlak
    Ezgi Kırlak 2 months ago 3000th like yay
  • anonymous
    anonymous 2 years ago (edited) I LOVE HER
  • Jamie Courtney
    Jamie Courtney 2 years ago SHE'S SUCH A CUTIE I CAN'T
  • Alyssa Viola
    Alyssa Viola 2 years ago THIS WAS THE BEST PART
  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat 2 years ago I emotionally relate to Jen
  • Steph U Need Help
    Steph U Need Help 2 years ago Jen is perfect like Jesus Christ
  • Olivia Wright
    Olivia Wright 2 years ago Strong Weakling SAME!!
  • Caaarteeer
    Caaarteeer 2 years ago Strong Weakling omg same XD
  • Ashley lol
    Ashley lol 2 years ago Kim Elias RIGHT WHEN I SAW THIS COMMENT JEN SAID THAT
  • Megan Fitzpatrick
    Megan Fitzpatrick 1 month ago 1:43 I love the way she keeps on dabbing the beauty blender on her face 😂
  • Mira Lastname
    Mira Lastname 3 weeks ago I think it’s just the way she dabbed it😂😂😂
  • Maryam Alsaffar
    Maryam Alsaffar 3 months ago Devin: it's kinda burning now Jen: you ok? Also Jen: keeps punching the blender into her face with the same product on😂 Jen is 1000% a mood
  • Gabriela's channel
    Gabriela's channel 4 weeks ago Love your channel icon!
  • AGglittersparkle
    AGglittersparkle 2 months ago "It's not a thing" 2 years later 'We Tried Color-Changing Foundation'
  • Christine Fries
    Christine Fries 3 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣💀
  • Alyzza Cervantes
    Alyzza Cervantes 4 weeks ago YES!!!
  • Yeah Dazme
    Yeah Dazme 1 month ago AGglittersparkle I WAS GONNA COMMENT THIS 😂😂
  • Red Price
    Red Price 6 months ago Bless Jen. Jen is my favorite. We need to.protect Jen.
  • Alexa Schaefer
    Alexa Schaefer 3 months ago Red Price, same.
  • Giulia Tafi
    Giulia Tafi 2 years ago Jen dabbing the beauty blender with concerned face is my aesthetic
  • Rae M
    Rae M 2 years ago "focus on breathing right now" 😂
  • Yanishka Quinones
    Yanishka Quinones 2 years ago She's the cutest thing ever 😂😂😂
  • Oriana Gomez
    Oriana Gomez 2 years ago LOL
  • lovelie s
    lovelie s 2 years ago (edited) kristal blencowen iooooooommgmgmgmgmmg i did the same thing lol
  • Sippin on Straight caffeine
    Sippin on Straight caffeine 2 years ago Giulia Tafi yess i was about to say that ,😂
  • MakeUptheMusic
    MakeUptheMusic 2 years ago OMG i paused the show and came to comment on exactly that and this was the first one i saw!
  • Lily Alderson
    Lily Alderson 2 years ago Giulia Tafi I know I noticed the same thing. It looked so funny big eyes concerned mouth as she is beating her face with a beauty blender
  • Captain Renoir
    Captain Renoir 2 years ago I was kinda just like: awwwwwwwww jen ur so cute
  • Brooke007
    Brooke007 2 years ago Giulia Tafi someone needs to make a gif out of that 😂😂😭🙏🏽
  • iiixxvxviii
    iiixxvxviii 2 years ago Giulia Tafi Poor bab didn't know what to do with herself
  • Jayden Archuleta-Rosales
    Jayden Archuleta-Rosales 11 months ago (edited) Jen is gonna give herself a bruise from beating her face with the Beaty Belanger so hard
  • R A T S N A C C
    R A T S N A C C 4 weeks ago I feel like Jen didn't even know what to do when she saw Devin peeling the makeup off,her reaction was more of confusion than shocking 😂😂😂😂
  • Just another BTS fan dying in the corner
    Just another BTS fan dying in the corner 9 months ago Jen being like 😦 and just poking her hair with the beauty blender. She is so sweet I love her.
  • Ainsley Fowler
    Ainsley Fowler 6 months ago Jen is such a good friend! “Let’s just focus on breathing right now.”
  • Leoniiii
    Leoniiii 11 months ago Chrissy: Is it hurting Devin: little bit Jen: Continues To dab more onto her face
  • jenny ツ
    jenny ツ 3 weeks ago THATS MY FAVORITE PART AHA
  • Hi this is my Account Fun !!
    Hi this is my Account Fun !! 4 weeks ago IM LAUGHING SO HARD
  • Hannah Vulgamore
    Hannah Vulgamore 4 weeks ago And the way she was dabbing😂😂
  • Kristen Hall
    Kristen Hall 4 weeks ago Leoniiii 6
  • Unikitty lego
    Unikitty lego 1 month ago I was drinking water and I choked on the water because Jen was still putting more onto her face
  • alex x
    alex x 1 month ago Leoniiii I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING AT THAT MOMENT
  • Claire Hoffmann
    Claire Hoffmann 2 months ago Sammmmeeee
  • Sophia Loves unicorns
    Sophia Loves unicorns 2 months ago Ikr i was laughing so much at that
  • COOLYO60 :D
    COOLYO60 :D 6 months ago Jen: are you okay?? continuously beats up face with beauty blender
  • KK Knight
    KK Knight 1 month ago Devin: omg it kinda hurts Jen: slowly dabs but dabs harder Jens mind: is it gonna happen to me if i dab harder 😂😂u just gotta love jen
    IAWIA 2 days ago This is how a prank should be. Funny in the end for BOTH parties, and no one got hurt and nothing got damaged. Perfect prank.
  • Lil CashSandra
    Lil CashSandra 9 months ago Nyla has trust issues Me: well i found someone to be my friend i guess