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Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins I 22nd of 60+

Published on Jan 4, 2012 1,414,695 views

22nd bout of Roy Jones, Jr.
The IBF Middleweight Championship
(Age 24 Fights 21 Won 21 Lost 0 Drawn 0)
vs. Bernard Hopkins from - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
(Age 28 Fights 23 Won 22 Lost 1 Drawn 0)
May 22 1993
Loc. Washington, District of Columbia, United States UD
Roy gets his first world title winning over Bernard Hopkins by a 12 round unanimous decision.
23rd bout of Roy Jones, Jr. :

  • B Milanders
    B Milanders 2 years ago Two grandmasters of their craft interlocked in battle... it's art. I laugh at any of the comments that criticise either athlete. You know nothing, STFU.
  • Deagledrumzz
    Deagledrumzz 2 years ago Very good comment. Even at this point in their young careesr both men were savvy faaar beyond their years. Hopkins always knew had to sap the strength of a fighter always looking to drown them in latter rounds. Roy would have none of that, his own incredible speed and power had the answers to Hopkins. Gil Clancy made some interesting points in his commentary, stating how do you prepare for a fighter like Jones? Well simply put, next to impossible to prepare for a prime young Roy Jones ,because no one apart from Leonard or Camacho could prepare you for that speed ,not to mention those punches that come in angles you cannot prepare for. These two greats had everything a fighter could want , Hopkins was a scientist in the ring ,sucking the life out of every opponent, but Jones was a speed demon with power.
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 2 years ago +B Milanders I don`t think at this stage Hopkins was a grand master yet. Was Jones quicker at middleweight?
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 2 years ago +Deagledrumzz A couple of fighters did well backing roy up with the jab.
  • Deagledrumzz
    Deagledrumzz 2 years ago Is this the hwt Mark Anthony that fought out of N.J city? You used to spar with Big Anthony Greene ?
  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 2 years ago @Deagledrumzz No this is the Mark Anthony who sparred with Michael Leach when he was 13 in St.Pancras gym North London lol.