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In the spirit of never letting go of my precious Witcher 3 memories, here's a 12-minute diatribe on the challenges and successes of porting Gwent to IRL.

Special thanks to MattVisual for guinea pig help:

Also, in case you haven't heard, Gwent is going to be a standalone game soon:

  • Apemopo
    Apemopo 2 years ago monsters winning? biting frost would like to have a word
  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez 4 months ago uses leader to clear weather and then uses a commander horn
  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez 4 months ago Also a bit late in know
  • MattVisual
    MattVisual 3 years ago Scorch makes losing fun.
  • XV
    XV 3 years ago Why doesn't this comment have any replies?
  • Average Joe Gaming Show
    Average Joe Gaming Show 3 years ago Obviously.
  • Oliver watson
    Oliver watson 1 year ago hey Matt, i loved your japan trip videos :)
  • Woodaba
    Woodaba 3 years ago Get yourself a man who talks about you the way George talks about The Witcher 3
  • TimmacTR
    TimmacTR 3 years ago That IKEA table everyone has though..
  • Dave Starr
    Dave Starr 3 years ago $15, man. Tough to beat. I mean, it's garbage, but it's so cheap.
  • TimmacTR
    TimmacTR 3 years ago @Dave Starr Lol, no wonder everyone and their dogs has it.. xD
  • Aimela
    Aimela 3 years ago Yeah, even I have one of those tables sitting not a foot away from me right now.
  • BubuSnow93
    BubuSnow93 3 years ago I punt my Christmas tree on it to make it stand taller :D
  • IBadGrammar
    IBadGrammar 3 years ago i have pc table from IKEA
  • VKF
    VKF 3 years ago Monsters prone to winning? They literally lose to a single biting frost + villentretenmerth combo
  • Lt_JohnMcClane
    Lt_JohnMcClane 3 years ago this is just about the nerdiest thing I've ever read.
  • Rafał Sobczyk
    Rafał Sobczyk 3 years ago I guess you never played M:tG...
  • Colonel Sanders
    Colonel Sanders 3 years ago +s3y3n3 you clearly get out much
  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 3 years ago (edited) I know exactly what you mean, bro. 285 hours put into Witcher 3 for me.
  • Arkana
    Arkana 3 years ago Yeah no kidding. Northern Realms is FAR better than Monsters.
  • Stanley
    Stanley 3 years ago Yeah, of course monsters are prone to winning, how else are you going to defeat the opponent, a clutch Ookazi?
  • Croz Raven
    Croz Raven 3 years ago northern and skellige are the best sets for my strategy.
  • Estragogon
    Estragogon 3 years ago i thought nilfs and northern were the most ops deck. all those goddamn spies. i rolled with northern because they had the best spies. i also had 5 blue stripe commandos for some reason, that was cool. this is all for witcher 3, no idea how it works on the card game.
  • Observer98
    Observer98 3 years ago Sometimes you didn't even need the frost. Sahelanthropus(my nickname for the dragon because the original is somehow harder to pronounce) and an abundance of medics made Monster decks a non-issue for me.
  • Sadness of Africa
    Sadness of Africa 2 years ago i agree monsters is stupidly easy to beat, you either bait them with spy and decoys or you use weather cards and they can't do anything about it, it is by far the weakest deck
  • Jim Tiberius
    Jim Tiberius 2 years ago they're not that scary when you pack a mean n' lean spy deck, though... North or Nilf, works either way
  • Goodman
    Goodman 2 years ago yea northern objectively the best deck, gwent is literally just "whoever draws the most spies wins". northern iirc have the same amount of spies as nilf but they have better 'tight bond' cards. you just destroy everyone on hard difficulty with sometimes hundreds more deck strength. only way to lose is vs a lucky nilfgaard deck that draws more spies than you or draws decoys and takes your spies for themselves. gwent is incredibly unbalanced but i like the card collecting aspect of it tbh
  • Neon[5]
    Neon[5] 1 year ago Yes, spies = win. Not sure, if Nilf or North are the best tho. Nilf has that commander ability, that lets you draw one used oponent card, meaning you can re-use one of your spies in the second round. It also act as a tempo- forcing your oponent to play another card or pass without using your own card. Nilf has more healers, tho they are somewhat weaker than the North one. This means, that you can re-use those 10 point regular cards + horn and bump up lot of damage. Also, I have no regular frontline cards in my Nilf deck and hardly any siege, which makes me bitting frost imune. So I use frost frequently to dump down my spies power or to deal with blue stripes. Against monster deck, this is obviously devastating.