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Published on Jan 26, 2019 31,768,918 views

  • Smoked some weed
    Smoked some weed 1 month ago Not showing the scene used in thumbnail, in video is inhumane. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi.
    FRED FLINSTONE 1 week ago Raquel Pinto
  • Sean VanGlahn
    Sean VanGlahn 2 weeks ago 2:38 your welcome.
  • Gamer Sam
    Gamer Sam 3 weeks ago Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Caín
    Caín 3 weeks ago @James Raider now you know, when and where, do your homework!
  • HC Piano
    HC Piano 3 weeks ago L;MAO!
  • suspicious2delicious
    suspicious2delicious 4 weeks ago @zach daquila WoW. That link isn't suspicious! lol
  • zach daquila
    zach daquila 4 weeks ago (edited) Wow!.............
  • O.G Thugga
    O.G Thugga 1 month ago No bs! Lol
  • J A M
  • Steban Hernández
    Steban Hernández 1 month ago @Caín It is not there.
  • James Raider
    James Raider 1 month ago @Caín you wasted my time sir
  • Caín
  • j3kyll sunny
    j3kyll sunny 1 month ago (edited) Damn 25 million people clicked this video because of dam booty I can't blame them because I also clicked the video. Edit: 6 million people joined the lobby I guess it's 31 million now.
  • Texas Born Texas Raised
    Texas Born Texas Raised 6 days ago And still didn't see it
    FRED FLINSTONE 1 week ago Raquel Pinto
  • ADMIRAL awesome
    ADMIRAL awesome 1 week ago I was looking for the booty too lol
  • J Hewitt
    J Hewitt 1 week ago which wasn't even shown, LOL
  • The Count
    The Count 2 weeks ago Good to spot fellow ass eaters out in the wild.
  • Kursed One
    Kursed One 2 weeks ago Its true but this vid had me crackin up. . hilarious
  • Willie James Martin Jr
    Willie James Martin Jr 2 weeks ago @2:28 with the Bobsledder KINDA made up for it @j3kyll sunny. Ha!
  • Its Andreaa
    Its Andreaa 4 weeks ago I didnt mine was on another video and played after the other vid
  • Stefan Sjöberg
    Stefan Sjöberg 4 weeks ago You cant beat the booty !
  • Amplify
    Amplify 1 month ago I have an app that automatically pauses videos I've just opened, that way I can check the comments before giving shitty clickbait videos a view. Thanks for the warning.
  • Caín
    TANORA SHACK 1 month ago 28 million now🤦‍♀️
  • Thomthom trente-sept
    Thomthom trente-sept 1 month ago j3kyll sunny yes
  • Miles Upshur
    Miles Upshur 1 month ago Lol
  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 1 month ago 27,648,225 views.
  • Pak De
    Pak De 1 month ago And pissed because that clip wasn't included lol
  • Hay Knee
    Hay Knee 1 month ago @John wick No, it's because of you butchering the English language.
  • Cxrus
    Cxrus 1 month ago I didn't I just watch this shit
  • Just J
    Just J 1 month ago her name in pinto Raquel
  • MORAVIA1979
    MORAVIA1979 1 month ago And looking in the comments to get the exactly time....
  • Peter  Brennan
    Peter Brennan 1 month ago 25 million and one...
  • Flee
    Flee 1 month ago Nah
  • Anthony Harper
    Anthony Harper 1 month ago Where da booty
  • John wick
    John wick 1 month ago "Being Horny" is in our dnA...thz is why aliens DNT visit us
  • Alex Maina
    Alex Maina 1 month ago 26
  • Zinadine Zidane
    Zinadine Zidane 1 month ago Clickbaited👎🏻
  • leolapenagin
    leolapenagin 1 month ago I did not
  • Giacomo Esposito
    Giacomo Esposito 1 month ago Guilty as charged! 😂😂
  • Parasara Naik
    Parasara Naik 1 month ago 8:55 that security guy is the real champion
  • smiley
    smiley 2 weeks ago That was so cool even if it was staged it was great.
  • Randomocity _
    Randomocity _ 2 weeks ago Probably an actor
  • VENO M
    VENO M 3 weeks ago Goa
  • VENO M
    VENO M 3 weeks ago U r from foa
  • Zukulent Mike
    Zukulent Mike 4 weeks ago A champion of Memes
  • SoulArtSound
    SoulArtSound 1 month ago @Racerboy05 Video is inverted, he salute with right hand...
  • Racerboy05
    Racerboy05 1 month ago Parasara Naik you don’t salute with your left hand
  • Biker Kid11
    Biker Kid11 1 month ago ISINT THAT BIG SHAQ
  • newsveteran
    newsveteran 1 month ago Best part of the video is when he stopped commenting and just let the video roll.
  • Fur Ball
    Fur Ball 1 month ago Yup I agree
  • Heikki Kaljalainen
    Heikki Kaljalainen 1 month ago the epitome of all living things what
  • the epitome of all living things
    the epitome of all living things 1 month ago It's just weird he had to say that like a fucking robot
  • the epitome of all living things
    the epitome of all living things 1 month ago @Heikki Kaljalainen liste whg sre you asking?
  • Slightly Above Average
    Slightly Above Average 1 month ago I don't know 0:02 was pretty good
  • DeanosAAAA
    DeanosAAAA 1 month ago @Heikki Kaljalainen the part when you hit the mute button.
  • Heikki Kaljalainen
    Heikki Kaljalainen 1 month ago What part he stops talking
  • TheCausalParadox
    TheCausalParadox 1 month ago (edited) Some voices just arent made for commentating.
  • DeanosAAAA
    DeanosAAAA 1 month ago pin this comment.
  • masterxx xx09
    masterxx xx09 3 months ago (edited) For real tho we all clicked because of that booty Damn wasn't expecting 2 likes Much love
  • Fluffy_ Face123
    Fluffy_ Face123 1 week ago masterxx xx09 LOL I cant stop laughing
  • ThunderGamer 2
    ThunderGamer 2 1 week ago Gimme that boody ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Shake dat boody ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Willie James Martin Jr
    Willie James Martin Jr 2 weeks ago @masterxx xx09 Was look'n FWD to that Gymnast ASS but at least we got to view the Bobsledder @2:28
  • Willie James Martin Jr
    Willie James Martin Jr 2 weeks ago @FUCKDEM YoutubeCUNTS go BCK & CHECK the Bobsledder @ 2:28 ... lol
  • Fanime Productions T.V.
    Fanime Productions T.V. 3 weeks ago "Wasn't expecting 2 likes" 2 months later: 5.1k likes
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 3 weeks ago @Raphael Michael Giuroiu I can help all men an women who want to boost their health and sexual performance..🌹
  • Raphael Michael Giuroiu
    Raphael Michael Giuroiu 3 weeks ago Yeah, I admit it, dat thicc booty
  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali 3 weeks ago I can help all men an women who want to boost their health and sexual performance..🌹
  • Destined Towin
    Destined Towin 3 weeks ago masterxx xx09 can’t lie
  • V. F. B.
    V. F. B. 1 month ago @Sho Jo seriously. Marriage is a farce now. Nothing to do with love. Love is the everyday little things. But romcom movies help perpetuate the lie that marriage equals love. If it did then there wouldn't be divorce. I'm on a personal quest to spread this message.
  • Sho Jo
    Sho Jo 1 month ago @V. F. B. Lol that's good to know. So there may be hope yet. One thing for certain is I wouldn't need a piece of paper to tell me to take care of my woman.
  • V. F. B.
    V. F. B. 1 month ago @Sho Jo ok. Well I dont believe in marriage, maybe that's why I have never let myself go. 😁
  • Sho Jo
    Sho Jo 1 month ago @V. F. B. I only speak from experiences that I have witnessed. Friends, co-workers, teammates, family, and even past enemies. It's very real especially when a friend of mine was too embarrassed to tell me he was living in his car because his wife that cheated got awarded the house and takes 75% of his monthly income. There is absolutely nothing beneficial for a man to get married in the United States. A wise person learns from other people's mistakes.
  • V. F. B.
    V. F. B. 1 month ago @Sho Jo that opinion is such a stereotype, that cant be you're own experience. Go find out for yourself if this is true instead of being too scared to try.
  • Sho Jo
    Sho Jo 1 month ago @V. F. B. Women absolutely do know how powerful their sexuality is which is why there are so many men on the hook after signing their rights away through marriage. Women make themselves look good physically at first to trap one but as soon as they get married they stop trying anymore, slowly stop having sex with their husbands, and then turn into fat hogs. Divorce happens, child support, alimony, wash rinse repeat. I look from outside of the box so I will never be a victim like that.
  • E Marley
    E Marley 1 month ago Periodt lol
    TREE3YS 1 month ago True
  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese 1 month ago Correct wasn't even in the video lol
  • Faxfaxx
    Faxfaxx 1 month ago no im not gay ;-; i just wannted to see if my dumb a*s brother was in it
  • The Black Shadow
    The Black Shadow 1 month ago 2:34.... Not bad either!!!😍
  • RIP xxxtentacion
    RIP xxxtentacion 1 month ago Can’t really say no
  • Andre Quinones
    Andre Quinones 1 month ago Thats a fact
  • Mar io
    Mar io 1 month ago No
  • Dewayne Hooker
    Dewayne Hooker 1 month ago I'm blind!👀👀👀
  • Jonah Novack
    Jonah Novack 1 month ago JJNATION White lesbian
  • JJNATION White
    JJNATION White 1 month ago U ain’t Lyon
  • Darryl Toussaint
    Darryl Toussaint 1 month ago I’m a black guy i see (Dat ass) I click
  • Jonah Novack
    Jonah Novack 1 month ago masterxx xx09 🤫
  • Mark Trinh
    Mark Trinh 1 month ago How Did you KNOW?
  • Arda Menekşe
    Arda Menekşe 1 month ago Actually who is she
  • Ace Hearts
    Ace Hearts 1 month ago We've been deceived😒
  • 25DillPickleChip
    25DillPickleChip 1 month ago yup
  • Farshogar Vevaina
    Farshogar Vevaina 1 month ago Nope i came for ....... Yeah i came for thta
  • DoggyFoggy Logosy
    DoggyFoggy Logosy 1 month ago She was so hot!
  • username 92737382
    username 92737382 1 month ago Not gonna lie 💀
  • famous robot really
    famous robot really 1 month ago 🤔
  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 1 month ago that ass was fat man, it even got me
  • Jodie daubenmire
    Jodie daubenmire 1 month ago @Dominic Campbell me either, in reality she would have been excused. Yet we still have to mute our televisions when the Williams sisters start yelping, and moaning...or whare that is.😬😬😬
  • Dominic Campbell
    Dominic Campbell 1 month ago (edited) @Jodie daubenmire I know, I saw that, I'm just saying, it was that impressive to me.
  • Jodie daubenmire
    Jodie daubenmire 1 month ago @Dominic Campbell it's right near the beginning. It's a tennis player shaking her butt with her skirt up.
  • Jodie daubenmire
    Jodie daubenmire 1 month ago Sorry...sorry granny here... I DID,!😂😂😂😂😂
  • Dominic Campbell
    Dominic Campbell 1 month ago What booty?
  • ElementRobloxKing RE
    ElementRobloxKing RE 1 month ago Nope i saw the thumbnail and like what is this ..
  • condesnation1000
    condesnation1000 1 month ago Major fax
  • J.C. Tavares
    J.C. Tavares 1 month ago You damn right,pal!
  • J.C. Tavares
    J.C. Tavares 1 month ago You damn right,pal
  • Tony
    Tony 1 month ago guilty...
  • Josh Gellis
    Josh Gellis 1 month ago masterxx xx09 "that booty" shut the fuck up, PEDOPHILE!!!!
  • Josho951
    Josho951 1 month ago Dat booty tho🤠
  • Ludvik Ljone
    Ludvik Ljone 1 month ago Hell yeah
  • Fringe Wizard
    Fringe Wizard 1 month ago Came here from auto-play and ended up just watching as it seemed interesting.
  • António Santos
    António Santos 1 month ago Capitão here 2:40
  • timhoward5
    timhoward5 1 month ago I clicked because of the comment so shut up
  • CrystalishGamerHD
    CrystalishGamerHD 1 month ago 3 k maaaaan =))))
  • jayy king
    jayy king 1 month ago ik I came for the booty
  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones 1 month ago masterxx xx09 I fell for the bait to🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Everything
    Everything 1 month ago (edited) Her name is Raquel Pinto from Portugal IG: @raquelmfpinto
  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta 1 month ago Me
  • Daniel Ceballos
    Daniel Ceballos 1 month ago You got that right
  • im cool
    im cool 1 month ago FR FR
  • CharlieSheen's AIDS
    CharlieSheen's AIDS 1 month ago Who has that link that turns thumbnails into jpegs?
  • kayden 88
    kayden 88 2 months ago That's why I'm here lol
  • Jamari McFarlane
    Jamari McFarlane 2 months ago Nah
  • PolKsio
    PolKsio 2 months ago give the time stamp or shut up
  • Tye Evans
    Tye Evans 2 months ago Yea
  • brandon sneed
    brandon sneed 2 months ago 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
  • ayuba akos
    ayuba akos 2 months ago yh bro
  • Jenny Sarmani
    Jenny Sarmani 2 months ago Me too so funny 😂😂😂
  • Voltron Team
    Voltron Team 2 months ago This Guy must have a broken fingers and broken legs
  • ALDUB fanatic
    ALDUB fanatic 2 months ago I clicked because Maria Sharapova is so cute :-)
  • Manuel Carlos Luna
    Manuel Carlos Luna 2 months ago me
  • stevan ogrizovic
    stevan ogrizovic 2 months ago yes ... yes we did
  • Jesse Levy
    Jesse Levy 2 months ago Yep
  • William Jefferson Clinton
    William Jefferson Clinton 2 months ago I William Jefferson Clinton came for the ass.
  • sidwell sekhantsa
    sidwell sekhantsa 2 months ago Wheres the booty??!!! Im starting to freak out here🤣
  • Aeden Lembo
    Aeden Lembo 2 months ago Ya
  • Aeden Lembo
    Aeden Lembo 2 months ago Yup
  • C.W. Cox
    C.W. Cox 2 months ago (edited) @Nickodus Yeah... That's an asshole for ya!! 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Jack Wrigth
    Jack Wrigth 2 months ago Is that even a question
  • Frank Schaefer
    Frank Schaefer 2 months ago 8:23 my life
  • David Holliman
    David Holliman 2 months ago Visit my shop @ and check out the clothes and accessories,please share
  • tRapdontRap
    tRapdontRap 2 months ago And stayed cause the first clip was a guy shitting himself
  • Jean Michael
    Jean Michael 2 months ago Where's the booty😭
  • Travis Truitt
    Travis Truitt 2 months ago he'll yea 💯😂😂
  • Brian Kyle Miñoza
    Brian Kyle Miñoza 2 months ago hahahahaahaaahaha
  • Fourth _Stooge
    Fourth _Stooge 2 months ago Damn right
  • Icky
    Icky 2 months ago so you not even gonna put the time. you a snake
  • Silversky415 Alrammah
    Silversky415 Alrammah 2 months ago Dude I clicked on the booty #LMAO
  • Fortnite funny moments G4M3R NINJA
    Fortnite funny moments G4M3R NINJA 2 months ago I did it big want to slap dat ass
  • J M
    J M 2 months ago Need to find out whose booty that is
  • adam burdt
    adam burdt 2 months ago @Vivid vNitro you can have me chest, but you'll never get me booty arrrgh
  • adam burdt
    adam burdt 2 months ago Congratulations to that girl. That add got 20 million views
  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez 2 months ago Lol the booty ain't in the video cause the pic in the thumbnail is photoshoped u can tell cause all the words in the background around her body is swerved lol
  • We Would Be Better United
    We Would Be Better United 3 months ago Thicc af
  • MyName Jeff
    MyName Jeff 3 months ago @V. F. B. "girl" is used as an insult to men because women are physically weaker than men on average. "quit acting like a girl" stems from the fact that women tend to be more emotional than men on average, and men aren't expected to show their emotions. Both those insults aren't meant to put down women, but I can see how some might interpret them as such.
  • Loren Garcia
    Loren Garcia 3 months ago
  • V. F. B.
    V. F. B. 3 months ago Women's sexuality is the MOST powerful phenomenon in the world!!! (For humans). Men know this. Sadly many women don't but that's because of all the put downs they hear all their life. Biggest one: acting like a girl is a huge insult. Why is this done? Because if women knew their power the men wouldn't be in power anymore. I'm not anti-men!!! So don't anyone try that illogical argument. Have a nice day!
  • The Elder Hunter
    The Elder Hunter 3 months ago So fuckn tru
  • reggie jones
    reggie jones 3 months ago masterxx xx09 lol right
  • Zacharyq Jordan
    Zacharyq Jordan 3 months ago that's how ik ur a virgin
    TRAYCOOKIN -_- 3 months ago masterxx xx09 FAXXX😂
  • Nickodus
    Nickodus 3 months ago What about the Bob sledder 🤔
  • Dooo they tho
    Dooo they tho 3 months ago Da booteh...
  • PrawnstarDj
    PrawnstarDj 3 months ago masterxx xx09 click bait right there I had to watch the whole video with the hopes of seeing that ass 😅
  • Wing
    Wing 3 months ago masterxx xx09 it was fake did you not see the warping of the background
  • Dooo they tho
    Dooo they tho 3 months ago masterxx xx09 yup, da booteh
  • RadezGMRG
    RadezGMRG 3 months ago Yeah I know I most definitely did, an didn’t even see it in the video at all
  • Indi Genius
    Indi Genius 3 months ago masterxx xx09 🙋🏽‍♂️
  • IBrainedMyDamage
    IBrainedMyDamage 3 months ago What time is it at? No one mentioned it
  • Eduardo Dias Campos
    Eduardo Dias Campos 3 months ago I did
  • Bossman Business
    Bossman Business 3 months ago Thumbnail baiting bastard. Where my booty at...
  • its allonmynutsac
    its allonmynutsac 3 months ago facts
  • Time Wizard
    Time Wizard 3 months ago @Red Bear I literally said that out loud despite me watching this alone. "She knew what she was doing".
  • icfwu i cant f-ck with you
    icfwu i cant f-ck with you 3 months ago what time? I want to skip all the b.s lol
  • Joaopedroalvisvian Vian
    Joaopedroalvisvian Vian 3 months ago Came cuz views
  • V. F. B.
    V. F. B. 3 months ago Yeah and joke is on us hardcore cuz all we got was a stinky sweaty fat guy shitng his pants. I'm gagging. Fml
  • Ophiel666
    Ophiel666 3 months ago Same lol
  • ExSlapsツ
    ExSlapsツ 3 months ago I didn't even see the thumbmail cuz I clicked on the vid on accident
  • Cee Kay
    Cee Kay 3 months ago @Jose Cerrato 😘
  • Jose Cerrato
    Jose Cerrato 3 months ago @Cee Kay 😂😂😉
  • DP 317
    DP 317 3 months ago Exactly my nigga
  • I is Who I is
    I is Who I is 3 months ago I clicked for the plot
  • Fitz
    Fitz 3 months ago masterxx xx09 you caught me
  • Retail
    Retail 3 months ago Of course
  • Hakim Gilliard
    Hakim Gilliard 3 months ago Sad Marshmallow is this chicken a robot?
  • Danny Pena
    Danny Pena 3 months ago Dude...yes
  • Clickbait Clickbaiting
    Clickbait Clickbaiting 3 months ago for real tho no.
  • Emile Piche
    Emile Piche 3 months ago No i didnt
  • Cee Kay
    Cee Kay 3 months ago @michel sasso right! And I'm a straight woman, and I came for the damn booty!
  • michel sasso
    michel sasso 3 months ago me oh my god!!!! Is not in the video??
  • Cee Kay
    Cee Kay 3 months ago @Red Bear Ms. Parker, Ms. Parker....
    YA BOI TROY 3 months ago Yeah every one did
  • Yeti tracker 66
    Yeti tracker 66 3 months ago I'm a bot and still fell for it!
  • Giovanni Zamudio
    Giovanni Zamudio 3 months ago Who didn't
  • spar1290 spar1290
    spar1290 spar1290 3 months ago and that's the reason why this bullshid got 17M view lol.
  • SlideRulePirate
    SlideRulePirate 3 months ago Robbed!
    FUCKDEM YoutubeCUNTS 3 months ago Very disappointed. I ONLY came for "bubbalicious" ...BUTT there was none to be found. AH - SO
  • Elmir
    Elmir 3 months ago Hahahahahahahaha i did
  • Red Bear
    Red Bear 3 months ago She knew what she was doing, and i like it!
  • Sheesh Beesh
    Sheesh Beesh 3 months ago That booty tho!
  • Vivid vNitro
    Vivid vNitro 3 months ago Hey you can never deny a good booty even if youre a pirate
  • javy sto
    javy sto 3 months ago I came for the colorful commentary
  • Unhappy Skeleton
    Unhappy Skeleton 3 months ago I didn't even notice but my vision is programmed by a chicken so that doesn't count
  • Tom Dick
    Tom Dick 1 month ago Clickbait ! Where's the big arsed gymnast?
    FRED FLINSTONE 1 week ago Raquel Pinto
  • DC Beatem
    DC Beatem 1 week ago @Caín you are the Real O.G.
  • Cyrus' guitar and lift
    Cyrus' guitar and lift 2 weeks ago (edited) @Cain My nigga
  • Willie James Martin Jr
    Willie James Martin Jr 2 weeks ago @Pak De Welp, not the Gymnast but the Bobsledder's got a "Phatty" Ha! @2:28
  • Willie James Martin Jr
    Willie James Martin Jr 2 weeks ago @Tom Dick ... Welp, at least there's @2:28 with the Bobsledder. Ha!
  • iNeverHad Mercy
    iNeverHad Mercy 3 weeks ago 2019 Testimony...... it's ALWAYS about that Booty 🏃
  • Waleed Crowly
    Waleed Crowly 3 weeks ago @Caín you re the MAN
  • Waleed Crowly
    Waleed Crowly 3 weeks ago fuck they got me too
  • Jay-z's Ugly Side
    Jay-z's Ugly Side 3 weeks ago @Claire Lego nice, she got that gstring. Hallelujah
  • Jay-z's Ugly Side
    Jay-z's Ugly Side 3 weeks ago @Caín thanks, now I can finally put these blue balls to rest..
  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 4 weeks ago @Caín You sir deserve a medel.
  • Charles cazares
    Charles cazares 1 month ago Caín I think I wuv u man
  • _vOg/hOff_†
    _vOg/hOff_† 1 month ago @Caín Not all heroes wear capes
  • zombi0muertos
    zombi0muertos 1 month ago @Caín A REAL HERO
  • Caín
  • V L A D
    V L A D 1 month ago such a dick....sorry
  • Tom Dick
    Tom Dick 1 month ago @Pak De LOL !
  • Pak De
    Pak De 1 month ago A sucker born every minute. Did you really think that was going to be in the video? Yeah ok, I also got suckered hahaha
  • Shabin Basheer
    Shabin Basheer 1 month ago 4:38 she ended up hitting two balls LOL
  • Mika Vieri
    Mika Vieri 2 weeks ago Well thats just an edited commercial
  • Gamer Sam
    Gamer Sam 3 weeks ago Dang 👀
  • Hayleigh Hayz
    Hayleigh Hayz 3 weeks ago Guys have two balls the most of the time and I'm assuming he does too, so technically she hit three balls
  • MaxToTheMax
    MaxToTheMax 3 weeks ago Make that 3. xD
  • Martin Anastacio
    Martin Anastacio 1 month ago To be fair... she did make the can fall... imagine that ball hitting your face.
    NISSI NISSI 1 month ago 3 balls
  • Some person10
    Some person10 2 days ago 5:35 my mom when she's my me and my brother fighting
  • Riot Dark
    Riot Dark 1 month ago 08:22 sums up everything 😂
  • Dynasty Coleman
    Dynasty Coleman 5 days ago Huh??????
  • Justin Remoquillo
    Justin Remoquillo 2 months ago Well honestly, 7:04 was not embarrassing, it was kind of impressive.
  • Clara Fialelei
    Clara Fialelei 2 months ago OKW
  • Justin Remoquillo
    Justin Remoquillo 2 months ago Oh wait, nevermind, now I know it was vs the Twins because I saw Kurt Suzuki (#8).
  • Justin Remoquillo
    Justin Remoquillo 2 months ago I know MLB, but I kind of forgot. I think it was for sure Indians and I think vs Royals.
  • Derell Croom
    Derell Croom 2 months ago I was watching that is indeed impressive
  • gina gomez
    gina gomez 1 day ago Ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂 most of us came here to see the big booty gymnast this is wicked why you gotta do us like this
  • The Mastema
    The Mastema 1 month ago Two clips of them keepers that "forgot" the ball both were suspended cause they were bribed. Also how come you forgot about Gary Lineker's shit in the world cup?!?!
  • Niki Coleman
    Niki Coleman 1 month ago The Mastema That should have been in here
  • Beskrock
    Beskrock 1 month ago facts
  • Idus Camel
    Idus Camel 1 month ago Yoi
  • dwwilliams19732013
    dwwilliams19732013 2 months ago Basketball player hugs grandma: win Baseball pichter with heel kick: win Dancing security guard: get out, I can't! LoL 😋😎
  • John Ta
    John Ta 3 months ago I literally blanked and didn’t pay attention after the first clip of that guy poop 💩 ing in the ring
  • SteveMHN
    SteveMHN 2 months ago I don't think anything is more embarrassing than that. 💩 Happens
  • Andrea Soloperto
    Andrea Soloperto 1 month ago The frozen goalkeeper gets me every time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • yuvarai sinha
    yuvarai sinha 1 month ago Andrea Soloperto when the game lags
  • Giant
    Giant 2 months ago Where is that booty though ? I got played 🤣😂😁
  • Sasuke kuniski
    Sasuke kuniski 2 weeks ago @Flavius Tech its at the end
  • Mu mu Mu mu
    Mu mu Mu mu 1 month ago searaydrivingguy wrong website
  • Flavius Tech
    Flavius Tech 2 months ago Pornhub invented for that, don't fall for clickbaits. :)
  • searaydrivingguy
    searaydrivingguy 2 months ago i came too see that also ....i cum too see
  • Drakijy
    Drakijy 2 months ago at the very beginning
  • OtherGuy Jo
    OtherGuy Jo 2 weeks ago I hope the dancing black dude got a promotion/raise. He's the greatest dude of 2019.
  • Cathal McFee
    Cathal McFee 1 week ago Yeah, why is that in a compilation of embarrassing moments? There is nothing embarrassing about that.
  • Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL
    Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL 1 month ago Blue goal keeper got too cocky, so karma hit him hardddd
  • Kazimzadeh AnaR
    Kazimzadeh AnaR 3 weeks ago (edited) Not gonna lie, I ''came'' for the thumbnail booty too. 😂
  • David decider
    David decider 1 week ago (edited) made me giggle seeing some of them f**kups... keeepers missed placed the ball but whos the tennis player showing off her nice as it may be )) bottom??