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The Sound of Silence

Published on Sep 1, 2015 15,668,637 views

  • godofdarknes
    godofdarknes 2 years ago I thought this was going to be a heavy metal remake which i think would've ruined the song...I can say i'm genuinely surprised by how beautiful this is.
  • Colleen Collie
    Colleen Collie 1 week ago @Nathan Clarke Then the time traveler wrote a second copy and gave it to these guys to sing.
  • Nic Olas
    Nic Olas 1 week ago Comment ne pas aimer #2019
  • philip barnes
    philip barnes 1 month ago DITTO!!
  • Cole Mair
    Cole Mair 2 months ago They are a heavy metal band
  • Maria Depina
    Maria Depina 2 months ago ❤❤❤❤❤❤Very Well Done
  • Nettacki
    Nettacki 4 months ago I kinda like Nevermore's heavy metal remake of the song because that version takes the "take the original and make it your own" concept to its logical conclusion. With that in mind, it's easy to think that Disturbed's version might've played it too safe for the sake of mainstream popularity.
  • R W
    R W 6 months ago godofdarknes it's funny but doing this kind of slow music where his vocals are really challenged she cannot sing over the last 25 years we've learned to pick the best of the worst as opposed to the best of the best. He breathes right to sing his voice doesn't fail him but he just seems so off-key he doesn't really go up or down some things should just be left alone I guess.
  • Paul Espinosa
    Paul Espinosa 6 months ago It's so beautiful
  • Joshua Buck
    Joshua Buck 8 months ago Most songs by metal bands are beautiful you just have to know how to listen to them
  • shelley Griego
    shelley Griego 8 months ago godofdarknes agreed
  • Shane Robarge
    Shane Robarge 8 months ago This song was so beautiful, it made me cry.
  • Mark Mathis
    Mark Mathis 9 months ago He also does a great remix of a U2 Song I forget the name of. :-/
  • jeremy parsons
    jeremy parsons 10 months ago i love Nevermore's version... at least they made it their own and not close to original
  • Charlotte Martin
    Charlotte Martin 10 months ago +James Cook i personally like this version but if that's option I respect it I don't mean to be rude
  • Charli Renner
    Charli Renner 11 months ago I know, his voice is amazing.
  • James Cook
    James Cook 1 year ago Worst song ever made
  • scott collins
    scott collins 1 year ago godofdarknes did you know that they thought of doing a heavy metal version but one of the band members whent no that would ruin the meaning of the song
  • AllThoseDonutz
    AllThoseDonutz 1 year ago I recently heard the Nevermore version and it sounds like a completely different song. One without meaning... I mean, props to the guys in that band, as they're extremely talented... but they ruined a timeless classic by turning it into a heavy and angry remake... some songs aren't meant to be tampered with in a certain way
  • The bearded hamster
    The bearded hamster 1 year ago godofdarknes why… & yea same
  • Mr. Mercury
    Mr. Mercury 1 year ago Well think again
  • Mikelle Mobley
    Mikelle Mobley 1 year ago godofdarknes ggheu
  • Courtney Nicole
    Courtney Nicole 1 year ago godofdarknes zdx
  • Kara Vance
    Kara Vance 1 year ago godofdarknes my girlfriend is going well for sending this to me so I watch. Thanks
  • Nathan Clarke
    Nathan Clarke 1 year ago Yeah this is truely a great song for them. They took it and made it oh so much better. I usually say to people that I think this song was written buy a time traveler and was being sent back to them but they miss the right time and had to give it to Simon and Garfunkle.
  • Florrmat
    Florrmat 1 year ago Napalm Blaziken Warrel however redeemed himself with his Patterns cover on his solo album.
  • Bryan Valdivia
    Bryan Valdivia 2 years ago godofdarknes is good 👌🏻😌
  • Napalm Blaziken
    Napalm Blaziken 2 years ago godofdarknes You're thinking of the Nevermore version which.....yeah. It's as bad as you think it is.
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 2 years ago godofdarknes 👍
  • Knight of Life
    Knight of Life 2 years ago This version always makes me cry, it's just so beautiful. Disturbed took a classic and made it into something so beautiful and amazing.
    STOCKTON STRINGFIELD 2 months ago Most goosebumps I've had in a long time, the first time I heard this masterpiece.
  • scp 0-49
    scp 0-49 2 months ago It's very nice
  • scp 0-49
    scp 0-49 2 months ago @Mythicality [{2-D}] fuck off
  • Annie Cavanaugh
    Annie Cavanaugh 2 months ago Just love this It says a lot
  • Anja Brown
    Anja Brown 2 months ago Knight of Life true it's definitely an awesome it's beautiful and amazing however it was always that .
  • Michael F. Bender
    Michael F. Bender 7 months ago (edited) Makes me cry too.😢
  • CivilMold 154020
    CivilMold 154020 7 months ago @CrowChiefAirsoft01 Aww, hopefully you make some soon! :C
  • Jayden Farley
    Jayden Farley 8 months ago I would peacfully disagree friend. they didn't make it beautiful. they somehow did better than tat.
  • Sabrina Jacobo
    Sabrina Jacobo 9 months ago Sabrina
  • Abigail Schwaderer
    Abigail Schwaderer 9 months ago it really did i love it
  • CrowChiefAirsoft01
    CrowChiefAirsoft01 1 year ago Knight of Life yeah it does since I never had friends
  • Mythicality [{2-D}]
    Mythicality [{2-D}] 1 year ago Knight of Life Ol’ emotional ass
  • Ghost 47900
    Ghost 47900 1 year ago Space Warrior fuck you
  • Weird Guy Cars
    Weird Guy Cars 1 year ago This is incredible.
  • arcaneTechnologist
    arcaneTechnologist 1 year ago Am I The Only One Who Hears This Song Then Looks At The Album Cover And Thinks... Even The Cover Goes Beautifully With This Song.
  • Nathan Levesque
    Nathan Levesque 1 year ago Knight of Life SAME, dude!!! I can’t help but tear up
  • Bryan Valdivia
    Bryan Valdivia 2 years ago ur not alone.....😢
  • Zach Burton
    Zach Burton 2 years ago same here knight cause im truly lonely....
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 2 years ago Knight of Life 👍
  • RoseCity Southie
    RoseCity Southie 2 years ago Knight of Life agreed friend
  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne 1 year ago People think that David (Disturbed) is some sort of hard rocker crazy man, and nothing else. To people who think that those who do hard rock can't feel anything aside from rage and violence, I give you the Sound of Silence.
  • Austin Honaker
    Austin Honaker 1 month ago Sound of Silence and A Reason To Fight are two of my favorite soft songs from Disturbed
  • Maleana Lankot
    Maleana Lankot 4 months ago This was so well put that it brought me to tears
  • Spike Gamz212
    Spike Gamz212 5 months ago Thats not nice. Im offended boi
  • Brandon Steadman
    Brandon Steadman 5 months ago @KillersoulHD 187 what
  • KillersoulHD 187
    KillersoulHD 187 6 months ago desturbed didnt even write this song its a cover you fucking cunts yall are fucking people are stupid
  • Fiilis1
    Fiilis1 7 months ago I don't think, you are not giving this song but disturbed.
  • the Inevitable Iron-Traveller
    the Inevitable Iron-Traveller 7 months ago @문외한 the one with no chill or the one who's making a point....the lines really do cross.
  • the Inevitable Iron-Traveller
    the Inevitable Iron-Traveller 7 months ago @rocknroll19842 don't worry,he's just making a point....not really offending is true,though.
  • Oakship166
    Oakship166 9 months ago @rocknroll19842 case closed
  • Chenglor91
    Chenglor91 10 months ago rocknroll19842, Chill the fuck out. That was a sarcasm comment from you.
  • Shingoke Shoryu
    Shingoke Shoryu 10 months ago David physically hurt himself to give us his songs pushing his voice to what we normally hear this song is one of the few where we hear him sing to us more naturally
  • Avery Vaughans
    Avery Vaughans 10 months ago @rocknroll19842 How is he retarded?😮
  • _ZombieDude_
    _ZombieDude_ 1 year ago Original makes memes, Remake makes tears.
  • Nettacki
    Nettacki 1 month ago Original made memes and tears tbh
  • Pablo Raoul Cacciani
    Pablo Raoul Cacciani 2 months ago ZombieDude it makes me cry every time I listen to it
  • Robert W
    Robert W 2 months ago All songs can be memes in time fam
  • TheNecroticRaptor
    TheNecroticRaptor 2 months ago ZombieDude speaketh the truth
  • WooglySnoob
    WooglySnoob 1 year ago Crying? I'm not crying, my eyes went swimming and didn't dry off
  • dimebag88m
    dimebag88m 1 month ago Damn those onion chopping ninjas
  • Omega
    Omega 3 months ago These aren't tears. I'm just cleaning my eyes... ...with tears.
  • sweetlife031
    sweetlife031 2 years ago I rarely say remakes are amazing ... but this particular cover has broken the ice for sure :)
  • thesacredlobo
    thesacredlobo 2 months ago To be fair, Distrubed's cover of "Land of Confusion" is probably more famous than the original by Genesis.
  • bishopconner hoagiebun
    bishopconner hoagiebun 11 months ago Ooo, that's true, I forgot about that one. i usually hate remakes but this one is AMAZING and so it Johnny Cash singing "Hurt". ♥
  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 1 year ago Johnny Cashes "Hurt" is also fantastic.
  • Brandon Stepancich
    Brandon Stepancich 1 year ago You can say... it broke the sound of silence...
  • Timmy Fillin
    Timmy Fillin 1 year ago sweetlife031 Even Simon and Garfunkel said it was good
  • Mac Poindexter
    Mac Poindexter 1 year ago I wish Disturbed covered Silent Night because the voice will be cool and epic.
  • Erich Hollis Tha Preacha 116 Kirschke
    Erich Hollis Tha Preacha 116 Kirschke 5 months ago Mac Poindexter I know right.
  • ChaBoiNeil
    ChaBoiNeil 5 months ago That's something I would pay money to hear...
  • Michael F. Bender
    Michael F. Bender 7 months ago (edited) Mac Poindexter I wish they would cover Silent Night and Believe by Josh Groban. David Draiman's vocal range is incredible.
  • Paul Espinosa
    Paul Espinosa 9 months ago Mac Poindexter me 2 it will probaley sound cool
  • Seth Evans
    Seth Evans 1 year ago now thats something i want to hear
  • Unkempt Axis16
    Unkempt Axis16 3 years ago Such a beautiful song, not quite the norm for disturbed but I think it is one of MY favorites by disturbed.
  • amanda Lynch
    amanda Lynch 4 months ago Ya me to
  • Bertolt Hoover
    Bertolt Hoover 8 months ago agreed, doesn't hurt to have 1 chill song
  • King Andrew
    King Andrew 9 months ago @ShootingJester "Grr"
  • Night124_
    Night124_ 10 months ago Unkempt Axis16 same I lover this song
  • Dillon Krix
    Dillon Krix 10 months ago You do know this isn't originally a disturbed song, right?
  • Ken Stanaford
    Ken Stanaford 1 year ago sweetlife031 ,, He said it left him speechless and in tears. that's special ya know?
  • Rose _
    Rose _ 2 years ago Bill Newbold Wow! What a compliment!
  • Bill Newbold
    Bill Newbold 2 years ago sweetlife031 they said he cried when disturbed showed it to him
  • sweetlife031
    sweetlife031 2 years ago Paul Simon even loved it, too! :-)
  • Celine Guy
    Celine Guy 2 years ago I had a friend who passed away in November 2016 ... this was one of his favorite songs and it makes me cry everytime I hear it. I miss him so much yo
  • Meme Person
    Meme Person 1 month ago (edited) touch three thank you so much my name is Luna I forgot to mention that but yeah thanks I know I got over it but it’s still kinda hard I still have a wallpaper on my phone of us together next to the Eiffel Tower I shed a tear looking at thank you touch three if you lost anyone I hope things get better
  • touch three
    touch three 1 month ago @Meme Person I'm sorry for you're loss it's hard especially when you're that close to someone I wish you the best
  • Meme Person
    Meme Person 1 month ago (edited) My sister Jessica died last year in a car accident at her funeral me and my boyfriend payed respects I couldn’t get over it until last month she had a bed next to mine now since she’s gone it’s empty I made into some kind of memorial I remember all the great memories I had with my sister may you Rest In Peace Jessica Patrick.
  • George Francis Cobble
    George Francis Cobble 1 month ago I'm sorry for your lost
  • touch three
    touch three 2 months ago Life sucks man bad stuff always seems to happen to good people but keep you're head up and know were all great and you can do alot more than you think
  • T-Man The Mad Hatter
    T-Man The Mad Hatter 4 months ago May I hope that all who have been lost be at peace.
  • Classic Rock Addict
    Classic Rock Addict 9 months ago I'm sorry for your loss
  • Mark Mathis
    Mark Mathis 9 months ago Sorry to hear it. I've lost so many humans I lost count, at 34. Stupid idiots with cigarette companies are poisoning everybody everywhere and making off with profit. Stop going after,"Sex Assault Cases," and start charging big tobacco for putting illegal killers in cigarettes. Sooooo sick and tired of all of these Sexual assault allegations against men. Go after the RICO, CASES. BIG TOBACCO. CORPORATE INSURANCE FRAUD. BIG PHARMA.
  • Abigail Schwaderer
    Abigail Schwaderer 9 months ago Rest in piece
  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 9 months ago Coincidentally, each of my family members and entire list of friends all died on a plane crash last month. All of them on the same flight. It was so tragic
  • Daisja Sharp
    Daisja Sharp 10 months ago Celine Guy that sucks man I’m sorry for your loss
  • matt patt
    matt patt 1 year ago Celine Guy
  • Off-Colored Lemon
    Off-Colored Lemon 1 year ago Celine Guy God Bless You
  • Van Chouinard
    Van Chouinard 1 year ago Celine Guy it was one of my dads favorite too I feel you
  • Steven
    Steven 1 year ago (edited) gotta admit just how powerful this song can be, especially in things like this, I'm sorry for both of your losses Celine and Ashley
  • Weird Guy Cars
    Weird Guy Cars 1 year ago God bless. I will pray for you tonight
  • lyndays koch
    lyndays koch 1 year ago Celine Guy stay strong even tho it was a year ago Beyond the norm
  • Ashley Buice
    Ashley Buice 1 year ago Celine Guy I understand that feeling. I've had 5 friends, friends I've know since we were in Pre-School, commit suicide. all in the same month.
  • Christian Kopet
    Christian Kopet 1 year ago I love this guy's voice. This version is so beautiful
  • Meme Person
    Meme Person 2 weeks ago I knew David had a softer side
  • Top Cheese
    Top Cheese 1 month ago Michael F. Bender thanks captain obvious
  • Michael F. Bender
    Michael F. Bender 1 month ago The guy's voice your hearing is David Draiman, frontman of the Chicago-based heavy metal band Disturbed!
  • Bluebird Grayson
    Bluebird Grayson 2 years ago jesus, this was a year ago already?!!
  • Meme Person
    Meme Person 2 weeks ago Time can fly my friend
  • scp 0-49
    scp 0-49 2 months ago @pyro's loving 25 yes it has my friend
  • pyro's loving 25
    pyro's loving 25 7 months ago It's been a lot of time my friend
  • Chris Simmons
    Chris Simmons 10 months ago And now a year since your coment.
  • David Grant
    David Grant 10 months ago I like it really good
  • Karl Hanke
    Karl Hanke 11 months ago that doesn't matter if you don't like this song at all then don't bother to listen to it because I bet everyone on here doesn't wanna see your stupid remarks of this song SO DEAL WITH IT!
  • Blue Ash3z
    Blue Ash3z 1 year ago your comment is to
  • Teal KitKats
    Teal KitKats 1 year ago Now 2!
  • Trini Tech
    Trini Tech 1 year ago Bluebird Grayson nice profile pic anime 4 ever!!!!!!! And i Love Jesus
  • MR. H
    MR. H 1 year ago 2 now :(
  • A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man
    A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man 1 year ago Jesus, this was three years ago already?!
  • jeff ellstrom
    jeff ellstrom 1 year ago Time Traveler123 road dog
  • Raider Catch
    Raider Catch 1 year ago now 2!
  • ManiAxe21
    ManiAxe21 1 year ago 3 YEARS NOW
  • zacks bedtime stories
    zacks bedtime stories 1 year ago Bluebird Grayson yep and now another year for your comment so hello 1 year into the future nice to meet u with this amazing song
  • Tuezzy
    Tuezzy 1 year ago Yeas.
  • JustiJ
    JustiJ 1 year ago so was this comment
  • Mr. C1C4D4
    Mr. C1C4D4 1 year ago Yup, 3 years and countin'
  • TadpoleGaming
    TadpoleGaming 1 year ago Bluebird Grayson jesus, this was more than two years ago?
  • Tormiline
    Tormiline 1 year ago Bluebird Grayson and another
  • lyndays koch
    lyndays koch 1 year ago Almost January
  • lyndays koch
    lyndays koch 1 year ago Crossiplier Gaming two now😂
    PIKA-PROF -YT 1 year ago Crossiplier Gaming good
  • Kealan Nauman
    Kealan Nauman 1 year ago You need to reply to this saying what you said originally.
  • Purple Man
    Purple Man 1 year ago 2 years now...
  • Perkyhobo 12345
    Perkyhobo 12345 2 years ago Eli Howe your mom goes to college
  • Eli Howe
    Eli Howe 2 years ago Crossiplier Gaming Your mom was a year ago already.
  • Time Traveler123
    Time Traveler123 2 years ago hello
  • MrSentia
    MrSentia 2 years ago Hello time, my old friend..
  • StillNoUsername
    StillNoUsername 2 years ago Disturbed can release a sad song without any screaming. You can do anything you put your mind to, humans are limitless.
  • B1NARY
    B1NARY 1 week ago @DepressedTaco Its a figure of speech, idiot.
  • John Carr
    John Carr 1 month ago They already proved that with "Darkness".
  • DepressedTaco
    DepressedTaco 2 months ago I'd like to see you fly, Shoot lasers out of your eyes, heal a broken arm within a second and so on. we do have limits idiot
  • Rhesa Reeves
    Rhesa Reeves 2 years ago This brings me to that place in between. I don't know where I am, all I know is that its raining, and I am content...for the moment.
  • Noose Me Up
    Noose Me Up 2 years ago This cover fits the tone of the lyrics better. Absolutely beautiful
  • Yohan Bouchard
    Yohan Bouchard 7 months ago Y es
  • Dylan Taggart
    Dylan Taggart 2 years ago Its easier to do that when you can afford it...which Simon and Garfunkel could not...
  • some boi who just don't give a damn no more
    some boi who just don't give a damn no more 8 months ago (edited) Well one thing was for sure, Thanos was right... The End was most certainly near... And now it's here. R.I.P. Stan-Lee: he lived a hero, and died a legend.
  • Bash Cleesattel
    Bash Cleesattel 1 month ago Yeah EXCELSIOR
  • Lady Sneakles
    Lady Sneakles 2 years ago This song brought a tear to my eye the first time I ever heard it. <3 David's voice was absolutely stunning.
  • Matthew Lyon
    Matthew Lyon 1 year ago it still is, hes one of the best out there bro!
  • That Melon coon
    That Melon coon 2 years ago This song takes me to a dark place were u almost died.... that's why I love it .
  • Rose _
    Rose _ 2 years ago Racconz NetWrk Or that time you almost lost yourself, I totally get it.
  • Scar
    Scar 2 years ago (edited) I hope this sparks a grand discussion - but you can't produce light, at all; without the existence of darkness. You need that sadness, the sense of emptiness, the desire to die but not the will to end it - if you truly want [ absolute] illumination. Harness it, and I promise you - you will leave people speechless; they'll think you something of mythology. I know it hurts and I know, it seems that no one cares - but you can't give up on yourself; just because everyone else has. You have the right to a legacy, just the same as others - and that will be built on your agonizing pain; used to bring the joy, you'll [most likely] never ascertain. You don't have to brighten the entire world - but if you bring light to those around you; you'll be the topic for generations to come. So, suffer for now, but after you're gone - not a single person will think of you, without looking at you with joy; like your whole life was the dream, it wasn't..
  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 2 months ago Thank you
  • Willis Knightsworth
    Willis Knightsworth 7 months ago The only difficulty for me is trying to find the light. So much darkness surrounds me, that all light seems like a passing dream. As I am drowning in all the darkness, light is only fleeting, the few times appears. I do want to be remembered for pushing through all that darkness, and making the best of it. I want to be remembered for how good of a person I was despite all the darkness around me. I want to be the light. But, I need to find some small strand of light, then cling on to it, and out of that, make it back to the light.
  • Lonnie Poynter
    Lonnie Poynter 8 months ago Your original statement isn't totally correct. Light would still exist, but we would have no median to measure it against. With sounds and silence, you can have one without the other, but you cannot conceive one without the other. Darkness is the absence of light and silence is the absence of sound.
  • Wind Waker
    Wind Waker 9 months ago That's honestly really beautiful. Thank you for this.
  • djxmdnfb fjcjdhdhd
    djxmdnfb fjcjdhdhd 10 months ago so true
  • GoHan Uzumaki
    GoHan Uzumaki 1 year ago You can't produce light without darkness? Darkness simply exist in the absence of light. When light was created Darkness fled into and became shadows.
  • Shawn Minor
    Shawn Minor 1 year ago I honestly think I needed to read this! Thank you....I've been down in the gutter recently and this helped more than you can possibly imagine
  • bluewolf gamer
    bluewolf gamer 2 years ago +Justin Savage Its really hard to find people like you in today's sosiaty (my spelling sucks) I'm glad to see that there are still people who care about others and want to help one another no matter the profile
  • Scar
    Scar 2 years ago (edited) jonathan jensen - That's all you can do, Jonathan. Hold on tight, to your positive outlook - it is worth more, than either of us can say.
  • bluewolf gamer
    bluewolf gamer 2 years ago +Justin Savage thank you. and I'll do my best to make this week count
  • Scar
    Scar 2 years ago (edited) jonathan jensen - Thank you for the feedback, Jonathon. Enjoy the remainder of the week and weekend - be well; and never miss a chance, to expand your knowledge base.
  • bluewolf gamer
    bluewolf gamer 2 years ago +Justin Savage very true
  • Scar
    Scar 2 years ago (edited) Your body will fail you, your mind will plateau - but your spirit will always remain as fiery, as it ever was; unless you amputate it ... and there is nothing more gratuitous, than an amputated spirit.
  • Zepode
    Zepode 2 years ago This is better than the original.
  • Nikita shatinkin
    Nikita shatinkin 4 months ago @Nettacki Indeed my friend, indeed.
  • Nettacki
    Nettacki 4 months ago No it isn't. Nothing beats the original. Not even this amazing cover.
  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher 4 months ago Same the original idk too fast paced for me and the notes were too happy sounding
  • Nikita shatinkin
    Nikita shatinkin 5 months ago Its a good cover indeed, but ill have to disagree with you there....
  • sansisthebest
    sansisthebest 7 months ago lmao
  • Willis Knightsworth
    Willis Knightsworth 7 months ago I agree
  • sweetlife031
    sweetlife031 8 months ago @Joss Grey - Paul Simon loved this! :-)
  • MyNameIsNic 1
    MyNameIsNic 1 8 months ago Nah, id say the first one is the best. But this one comes really close to it.
  • Knightlight 2020
    Knightlight 2020 10 months ago @rocknroll19842 Maybe go to a psychiatrist for that anger, eh?
  • St.Pattyy11
    St.Pattyy11 10 months ago Oh, good, then I'm not crazy.
  • rocknroll19842
    rocknroll19842 10 months ago Hope you get hit by a bus
  • Orion Heffernan
    Orion Heffernan 1 year ago Zepode I totally agree
  • Matsen115
    Matsen115 1 year ago ive hardly heard the S&G version, but i agree
  • Dominic the Defiant
    Dominic the Defiant 1 year ago You are fake news
  • I Feed Nut
    I Feed Nut 1 year ago Not even close
  • Michael Tomblin
    Michael Tomblin 2 years ago Disturbed should do a cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water! Can you imagine the soaring, growling vocals on that one?
  • Joss Grey
    Joss Grey 2 years ago While I disagree, both songs have great merit. Simon and Garfunkle's version is amazing, but David does an amazing cover. He transforms the song, and for that fact, some people will prefer one to the other. Don't let anybody tell you you are wrong for preferring this one.
  • CoolTrooper 721
    CoolTrooper 721 2 years ago it is better than original, same with land of confusion disturbeds is better than original.
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 2 years ago StateOfMortality it's called an opinion, he doesn't have to stop.
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 2 years ago Zepode 👍
  • Zepode
    Zepode 2 years ago Nah, I'm good.
  • StateOfMortality
    StateOfMortality 2 years ago Zepode One stop
  • Connor Culver
    Connor Culver 1 year ago I'm not crying, you're crying
  • B1NARY
    B1NARY 1 week ago @KILLIOUS LUCIFER none of us are crying... or are we?
    KILLIOUS LUCIFER 11 months ago Connor Culver you're crying, I'm not crying