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How It's Made - Onions (Gills' Onions)

Published on May 27, 2010 19,838,499 views

The popular show, How it's Made, visits Gill's Onions to gather insight into the wonderful world of onion production.

  • KoolBreeze420
    KoolBreeze420 3 years ago I have never seen pre-chopped onions before this video.
  • Patel Dharmin
    Patel Dharmin 3 years ago y. tv
  • India Brown
    India Brown 2 years ago They have them pre chopped at our local grocer Giant foods
  • Adventure Guy
    Adventure Guy 2 years ago KoolBreeze420 same and I live in Murica, home to the laziest people in the world!
  • jeedoo66
    jeedoo66 2 years ago Me too
  • D.A. Syam
    D.A. Syam 1 year ago I have never seen supermarket chopped onion before this video.
  • Universal Lag
    Universal Lag 1 year ago KoolBreeze420 because you don't work at Mac Donald's
  • Awe Min
    Awe Min 1 year ago Me too....
  • Marvin Joseph Reyes
    Marvin Joseph Reyes 1 year ago white people can’t do anything I’m not surprised
  • Richard Ensey
    Richard Ensey 1 year ago work at a place where we went thru about 700 lbs to 1000lbs of onions for onion ring a day...we got them pre cut...thank god
  • Observatore
    Observatore 1 year ago same, greetings from germany
  • Artofficial
    Artofficial 1 year ago I have never seen this comment until just now.
  • Sarvesh Tanwar
    Sarvesh Tanwar 1 year ago This are for big hotel and restaurant
  • Karl Childers
    Karl Childers 1 year ago KoolBreeze420 you have been a sheltered city kid
  • Lancelvts .Maximvs
    Lancelvts .Maximvs 11 months ago @Marvin Joseph Reyes we can kill inferior races like you every day
  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 11 months ago The UK package everything.
  • RuiRuichi
    RuiRuichi 11 months ago Lancelvts .Maximvs You got that upset over pre-chopped onions to consider genocide lol?
  • Lancelvts .Maximvs
    Lancelvts .Maximvs 11 months ago @RuiRuichi perhaps
  • space lapis
    space lapis 11 months ago someone r/whoosh
  • Chariot
    Chariot 11 months ago where i worked we cut onions ourselves everyday
  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka 10 months ago If you ever walk into a posh health foods or natural organic grocer then they most likely sell pre-sliced vegetables, also a lot of restaurants and fast food places will order their produce like this. You can tell a burger place is good because they'll cut the veggies themselves and won't be pre-cut.
  • LincolnTek
    LincolnTek 8 months ago And you are what 105, 106 years old ?
  • M.J. Leger
    M.J. Leger 8 months ago I used to buy pre-chopped white onions in the freezer section of the grocery store all the time, but they don't have them now where I live in a smaller town, so I have to chop my own. But I saw a video on how to do it easily and it helped. I also found wearing glasses help to keep the fumes out of my eyes when chopping. They also say putting them in the freezer or peeling them under running cold water helps but I can't be bothered with that. Putting them through my Cuisinart helps a lot, but then you have to wait so any fumes are gone when you take apart the mixer to get them out of the plastic bowl. And unless I'm going to chop up several, I don't usually bother and do it with my chef's knife on a chopping board. The good they do for you offsets any trouble in preparing them!
  • Gmail PowerUser
    Gmail PowerUser 8 months ago @Marvin Joseph Reyes What? Is another buffalo/human hybrid from south of the border speaking? You sound almost like a full human being!
  • Chris M
    Chris M 8 months ago Welcome to the future
  • Ryan Duff
    Ryan Duff 8 months ago They are usee in fast food
  • Saltiest Walrus
    Saltiest Walrus 8 months ago you can usually get bags of diced onion in the frozen section of the grocery store
  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 8 months ago It's Japan. Everything pre made
  • Paolo Furfaro
    Paolo Furfaro 8 months ago Same
  • Randy Niswander
    Randy Niswander 8 months ago M.J. Leger o
  • Martin Wilson
    Martin Wilson 8 months ago KoolBreeze: Same here. I've lived in 4 different provinces in Canada and I've never seen sliced or diced onions available at a grocery store.
  • happyyy go luck
    happyyy go luck 8 months ago Same
  • weetwteqtwtwwt
    weetwteqtwtwwt 8 months ago @Patel Dharmin Generally sold to catering, you see them when you're at the salad bar
  • BingBong
    BingBong 8 months ago KoolBreeze420 I can’t tell if this is a joke or not
  • Thomas Runac
    Thomas Runac 8 months ago KoolBreeze420 same
  • James Mungovan
    James Mungovan 7 months ago Ever been to subway?
    HONESTO UNO 7 months ago They sell season 29 for 30 dollars who the fuck would want to buy a video about onions 😂 or for that matter how its made. You can watch it once on you tube and done nobody watches these shows more than once.
  • afgzee
    afgzee 7 months ago @Alex Scott I live in the UK and we don't package everything you idiot
  • Kek Gold
    Kek Gold 7 months ago @Marvin Joseph Reyes That's why black people countries are thriving.
  • Brent Weeks
    Brent Weeks 7 months ago @Joseph Manila That comment makes you an asshole.
  • cikuuzis
    cikuuzis 7 months ago @Marvin Joseph Reyes Yet somehow they have build the Western civilization whereas blacks in Africa have a failed shitholes without rule of law, food and proper sanitation.
  • vase
    vase 7 months ago @Marvin Joseph Reyes you want a fight mate?
  • Tommy Hammernots
    Tommy Hammernots 7 months ago It’s the specific reason I got married. I never wanted to see packaged diced onions...
  • Paul Gathercole
    Paul Gathercole 7 months ago Are you real?
  • Exoress Delivers
    Exoress Delivers 7 months ago @Kek Gold stop being the victim of trolling. It is obvious Manila is a troll. They randomly drop in and make comments about race on videos that have absolutely nothing to do with race. Like this video about onions.
  • Cyan
    Cyan 7 months ago Adventure Guy why don't you stop bashing people for where they come from and apply shitty stereotypes you disgusting fuck
  • WowplayerMe
    WowplayerMe 6 months ago You've led a sheltered life, then. It's a cruel world where onions are pre-chopped all over the place!
  • Turkey Man
    Turkey Man 5 months ago For restaurants
  • Evenstarred
    Evenstarred 5 months ago I see a lot of elderly/disabled people purchase them. They have their Caregiver open the package on the day(s) they're with them and they can use the container to cook all week. Handy for those with severe arthritis or other motor issues.
  • Le Julius
    Le Julius 4 months ago It's for restaurants I guess
  • arbit3r
    arbit3r 3 months ago @Marvin Joseph Reyes that's why we have you guys do it
  • John Anders
    John Anders 3 months ago They are used commercially in most restaurants, and are frozen for food products like soup, some sauces, and fried onion straws used for salads where frozen taste doesn’t have much effect on food quality. The restaurant I cook at has a whole shelf in our walk in freezer detonated to chopped onions and chipped peppers/ tomatoes
  • Hardcore Panda
    Hardcore Panda 2 months ago it is for catering services.
  • 1234567arsham
    1234567arsham 2 months ago it is not for sale just for personal use
  • badtz maru
    badtz maru 1 month ago ok I'm not the only one. I've also never worked at a restaurant that used them, but I guess for fast food type stuff it does make sense.
  • Molly Short
    Molly Short 7 months ago So much plastic waste..just buy an onion and chop it
    ALLIWANNADOISCOMMENT 7 months ago theyre for fast paced (fast food) restaurants
  • Cyrsclin
    Cyrsclin 6 months ago (edited) They're for fast food restaurants. They don't have time to buy a onion and chop it. That's why they're in bulk. Watch the video you fucking Mongol.
  • Muhammad Salman
    Muhammad Salman 5 months ago @Cyrsclin hahahaha 😊😊
  • siecieh
    siecieh 5 months ago @Cyrsclin so much plastic - if you don't get this part of statement go get re-born asshole fuck
  • Steven Hickman
    Steven Hickman 5 months ago @siecieh The point he is making a restaurant can't chop thousands of onions by hand so how els can these factories deliver them? They need to be in plastic for fresness they go bad quick!
  • Cyrsclin
    Cyrsclin 3 months ago @siecieh "Fast food restaurants choose the fastest option when it comes to preparing food." Do you not get this fucking statement?
  • Rzv R
    Rzv R 2 months ago There is no solution to replace the plastic , maybe aerogels , in near future but we will not have this discussion if people were more conscious about the plastic waste and how fast food chains get their supplies ( not restaurants, you can not call them restaurants, there are some persons there heating and mixing ready cooked and prepared ingredients, so at not even chefs )
  • Q W
    Q W 2 months ago Steven Hickman there is resusable plasgic too
  • Timopeo
    Timopeo 1 month ago @Cyrsclin at the end of the video appears packages for grocery stores
  • xxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxx 1 month ago @Cyrsclin before you start insulting people saying they should watch the video, that video first yourself so you dont sound like an idiot, At the end there is a part about small packages for grocery stores, means for people like you and me, so yes thats lot of wasted plastic for one or two onions
  • D K
    D K 9 minutes ago @Steven Hickman I work in restaurant as a cook and we have a machine that chops 20 pounds of onions in 5 minutes. It's not that hard nor expensive. I agree, completely moronic buying pre cut onions, and the plastic waste is just as moronic
  • Timefliesbye
    Timefliesbye 8 months ago The only factory where not a single worker ever forgets to put on their goggles.
  • the j
    the j 8 months ago I cry at the thought of someone forgetting their eye protection.
  • imyarek
    imyarek 8 months ago (edited) If you talk about crying then you would need a breathing mask to prevent it, googles won't change anything. But I guess the workers there don't really need it, cause they aren't exposed to freshly cut onions.
  • well as an expert I'd say
    well as an expert I'd say 7 months ago @imyarek your eyes don't water from you smelling it hahaha
  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser 6 months ago Timefliesbye except the horseradish factory
  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 5 months ago I used to work in an onion pickling factory. I cried when I got into fresh air not the onion vapour laden air.
  • well as an expert I'd say
    well as an expert I'd say 5 months ago @Nick Smith that's interesting
  • YouTube Soldier
    YouTube Soldier 8 months ago My eyes are burning from just watching this video
  • Asap Teddy
    Asap Teddy 8 months ago thought i was crazy feeling the same lool
  • YouTube Soldier
    YouTube Soldier 8 months ago Asap Teddy 😂😂😂
  • Laurensius Dicky Kurniawan
    Laurensius Dicky Kurniawan 1 day ago (edited) I have never seen "onion machine" before And i've never knew instant onion like this.
  • The Sage
    The Sage 3 years ago 2.30 am ..... what am i doing with my life
  • Rugergirl79
    Rugergirl79 3 years ago Same here
  • Paulo Gomez
    Paulo Gomez 3 years ago Exact same hour here.
  • Reg dimbag
    Reg dimbag 3 years ago lol 2:27 when i see this comment!
  • sim0nVLOGS gr33nCONC3RTS
    sim0nVLOGS gr33nCONC3RTS 3 years ago i've just watched this at 2:55am lol :/
  • Alexander Laukkanen
    Alexander Laukkanen 3 years ago 02:41
  • miketheloko
    miketheloko 3 years ago 3:39 a.m. hahaha what's going on XD
  • yosra tag
    yosra tag 3 years ago 2:34 am ;(
  • cosmo_rebeljdal97
    cosmo_rebeljdal97 2 years ago The Sage 2:40 am for me lol
  • SolidTubeLP
    SolidTubeLP 2 years ago 1.22 AM ^^
  • Cécile Dunand
    Cécile Dunand 2 years ago Oh that's ok, it 2:09 but this video was better than the previous one I watched ENTIRELY. It taught me how people break big rocks in two.
  • MoonMan
    MoonMan 1 year ago 1 year later and currently at 2:52am.... we making progress
  • supernova girl
    supernova girl 1 year ago The Sage 03:13 AM for me lol
  • Matt
    Matt 1 year ago The Sage your learning Sage!
  • Lancelvts .Maximvs
    Lancelvts .Maximvs 11 months ago These are onion hours
  • james woods
    james woods 11 months ago 2:55 am
  • Random randomness
    Random randomness 11 months ago The Sage 1:24am here ...
  • Noah Curtis
    Noah Curtis 11 months ago The Sage I saw this at exactly 230 am what kinda witchcraft is this
  • Christine The Phantom Queen
    Christine The Phantom Queen 11 months ago 4:18 over her
  • Akash Ravindranath
    Akash Ravindranath 11 months ago I'm at work!!!!
  • Star Blue
    Star Blue 11 months ago The Sage u are so funny i was sayin that to my self too😂
  • 0fthesoul m
    0fthesoul m 8 months ago @Reg dimbag same
  • Jesus of suburbia
    Jesus of suburbia 8 months ago 3:30 wtf
  • Eli Aleiba
    Eli Aleiba 8 months ago 3:00 boii
  • Kurcoban
    Kurcoban 8 months ago 5.00 here
  • but why
    but why 8 months ago Yoooooo same
  • Waffle Gamer
    Waffle Gamer 8 months ago 6.25 am
  • LuaConstructor
    LuaConstructor 8 months ago 1:43 for me
  • Michael Riddle
    Michael Riddle 8 months ago 5:55 beat that
  • Isaac Matthews
    Isaac Matthews 8 months ago 2:16
  • The GovNer
    The GovNer 8 months ago It's okay you will that much more prepared for life tomorrow, now you know how Onions are made.
  • shruti nishtala
    shruti nishtala 8 months ago 2:11
  • soppoi123
    soppoi123 8 months ago 1:28am 2years later. The onions are now in a different dimension.
  • jack graham
    jack graham 7 months ago Likewise
    VENOM GAMER 7 months ago im only replying so you can see this video again.
  • Jay See
    Jay See 7 months ago it's a glitch in the matrix. We all end up watching onion factory videos in the middle of the night and having this same thought.
  • Ian H.
    Ian H. 7 months ago Growing
  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 7 months ago wad leiph vv
  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 7 months ago leif is watchyouwachidt ^^
    BROOKLYN MANIAC 7 months ago The Sage lmao 2:15 am for me, holy shit
  • marven sabang
    marven sabang 7 months ago 2:46 am Philippines count me in
  • InkPaw
    InkPaw 2 years ago why am i here ? what my live has become ?
  • VEGA
    VEGA 2 years ago *needs to study for finals* ... *watch useless videos about how shit its made* me: why I'm failing?
  • narachai kasikit
    narachai kasikit 2 years ago this is onion factory on this usa
  • Rupesh Gonte
    Rupesh Gonte 2 months ago Busy cooks? Who don't have time to chop onions? Surprising for me
  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 8 months ago The worker must've been cried every single day
  • youtube primer
    youtube primer 4 months ago Now How it's actually made needs to mess up this video
  • Jaclyn
    Jaclyn 2 years ago How It's Made - Onions (shorter version) From spores. the end.
  • Hector Espinosa
    Hector Espinosa 5 months ago This made in monterey county, california. Probably and most likely King City
  • Casey Rowe
    Casey Rowe 2 months ago Truly enjoyed watching this. :)
  • Helvanic
    Helvanic 1 year ago Why in the world would individuals buy pre-chopped onions ? This is such a waste of energy and plastic...
  • Bernadette Simental
    Bernadette Simental 7 months ago Fast food
  • FirstPerson
    FirstPerson 6 months ago ​@Bernadette Simental 4:21 watch again, small batches for home purpose
  • Cyrsclin
    Cyrsclin 6 months ago (edited) Fast food restaurants buy this, not individuals. Nice way to tell everyone you're too lazy to watch the video and just assume normal people buy them.
  • rai ZOR
    rai ZOR 3 years ago I can honestly say I have never bought sliced or diced onions.
  • Frosty Fall
    Frosty Fall 3 years ago +rai ZOR I never seen them
  • Martin Godinez
    Martin Godinez 3 years ago I didn't even know they existed
  • lasa sila
    lasa sila 3 years ago onions? what's that?
  • Eloise Odom
    Eloise Odom 3 years ago me neither if I knew they existed I would have bought then so I never have to cut onions again but than again it cost more.
  • Ex0rz
    Ex0rz 3 years ago +rai ZOR Those seem to be for restaurant use etc.
  • LetoZeth
    LetoZeth 3 years ago +Ex0rz I've worked in different restaurants for a couple of years, and they've only bought whole onions. The only "cheating" I've seen is when it comes to potatos, where they buy peeled potatos.
  • Me Here
    Me Here 3 years ago In England they sell all kinds of pre-cut food - turnips, potatoes, onions, etc.
  • Blueberrymint
    Blueberrymint 3 years ago +rai ZOR I can honestly say I will never do that. what a waste of plastic material. It's almost like the prepeeled bananas in plastic wrappings...
  • Daisy is a gryphon
    Daisy is a gryphon 3 years ago me to
  • wikieditspam
    wikieditspam 3 years ago +Ex0rz I work at a fast food restaurant and we peel and cut the onions ourselves at a few time intervals each day.
  • Eloise Odom
    Eloise Odom 3 years ago @Blueberrymint I never knew pre pealed bananas existed either.
  • wikieditspam
    wikieditspam 3 years ago @Charlene Vickers Gross. 
  • martin27
    martin27 3 years ago restaurant use. they seem to be for it.
  • Martin Godinez
    Martin Godinez 3 years ago +rai ZOR Wait... are we fighting over cut onions??
  • wikieditspam
    wikieditspam 3 years ago @Martin Godinez No, I think we're all on the same page here that pre-cut onions are strange. 
  • Umishiru
    Umishiru 3 years ago +rai ZOR Cutting them is 75% the fun.
  • rai ZOR
    rai ZOR 3 years ago @Umishiru yep and crying is the other 25%
  • Eloise Odom
    Eloise Odom 3 years ago After all these weeks we are still talking about onion😭
  • rai ZOR
    rai ZOR 3 years ago @Jerry Alexander Its hard not to, theres just something about em that make me well up.
  • Chenster24
    Chenster24 3 years ago +rai ZOR I wouldn't either unless food is processed right before consumption then it is no longer fresh Just a big pile of crap
  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 3 years ago +LetoZeth This stuff is for large-scale catering like sports stadiums, etc. When you have to feed tens of thousands of people at halftime, there's no time for chopping onions and hiring people to do it by hand before the game is inefficient compared to just buying factory-chopped onions. Obviously a restaurant that serves 20-50 tables at most will not need this.
  • Madiihah Joomun
    Madiihah Joomun 3 years ago +Sam M. j mpmpmn vfcs👙👙👙👙👙👙
  • Eveni Astrid
    Eveni Astrid 3 years ago +Sam M. If you watched this carefully you would see that they make small packs for "busy" cooks. (Or maybe little whiny babies who can't cut onions.)
  • Slaven Smolčić
    Slaven Smolčić 3 years ago +Blueberrymint Yeah!Not ecological plus fresh peeled is fresh taste.
  • ReikoX7
    ReikoX7 3 years ago +Eveni Astrid yeha you're right for cry babies xD
  • Woozie Ramen Noodle
    Woozie Ramen Noodle 3 years ago Me either!
  • Chriserino Reviews
    Chriserino Reviews 3 years ago if u look in the frozen veggie section of your grocery store you'll see diced onions. You've probably seen it a million times but never thought about it.
  • Raju Qureshi
    Raju Qureshi 3 years ago @Chriserino
  • Sk Azujul
    Sk Azujul 3 years ago +Raju Qureshi rip
  • Zoutvat
    Zoutvat 3 years ago Dishes washers united!
  • BloodySeaGulls
    BloodySeaGulls 3 years ago lel same here. Much eaiser with storage if you buy them whole.
  • Ashish
    Ashish 3 years ago dont you ate in restaurants
  • Grand Pu
    Grand Pu 3 years ago worked in restaurants for 20 years. Never once has anyone in a restaurant used pre cut onions unless its fast food or some shit.
  • Zoutvat
    Zoutvat 3 years ago @Anthony Pickett I have worked abit shorter (2013-now) and aswell never seen/heard of it and we almost never use onions but it is famous in the south-europe (Well, atleast more then in the north)
  • Michael Peschetti
    Michael Peschetti 3 years ago That's not really for consumer use, That's for either animals or occasionally shipped to manufacturers for smoothies/drinks/etc.
  • Same Khan
    Same Khan 2 years ago rai ZOR
  • Rimi Sarkar
    Rimi Sarkar 2 years ago rai ZOR
  • bhagchand kumawat
    bhagchand kumawat 2 years ago Rimi Sarkar
  • ゥいのmonika
    ゥいのmonika 2 years ago rai ZOR same
  • Shiv Chowdhury
    Shiv Chowdhury 2 years ago rai ZOR
  • Brian Lange
    Brian Lange 2 years ago i didn't even know they existed.
  • phượng chọc
    phượng chọc 2 years ago rai ZOR zhhjkpppppooooooooo nj
  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar 2 years ago +Brian Lange Ajay.A.k.R
  • Maulin Agrawal
    Maulin Agrawal 2 years ago I know, I cut onions myself, like everyone else
  • Cringe Bucket
    Cringe Bucket 2 years ago rai ZOR same here
  • Jesus Peng
    Jesus Peng 2 years ago maybe they sell them to other pre-packed food manufacturing company such as those that make prickled chilies
  • thisoneisforcommenting ok
    thisoneisforcommenting ok 2 years ago normal fucking companies would buy whole onions and have a slicing machine
  • Rodrigo Miquelino
    Rodrigo Miquelino 2 years ago who the fuck does that?
  • Theo Alvis
    Theo Alvis 2 years ago Rodrigo Miquelino I work at Burger King and we slice them on unit
  • Travis Esquibel
    Travis Esquibel 2 years ago I know a lot of people say that places don't buy sliced onions but they don't live everywhere. Some places in the world and some stores sell pre-sliced or chopped onions much cheaper than other stores and do them in house or at least buy in bulk and cheap repackage. It helps them sell more and not rely on an outfit like this but I bet their wholesale chopped onions are much cheaper and probably save labor in some places
  • Mcv Kalaw
    Mcv Kalaw 2 years ago Travis Esquibel
  • varnit rao
    varnit rao 2 years ago +Travis Esquibel iyt
  • Rokiyashqh Shah
    Rokiyashqh Shah 2 years ago iman
  • Sandip Tupe
    Sandip Tupe 2 years ago Rokiyashqh Shah .
  • Nutan maheshwari
    Nutan maheshwari 2 years ago Martin Godinez .
  • Tanner Cryden
    Tanner Cryden 2 years ago clearly youve never bought a national sports team
  • Aneesa Anèesa Aneesa
    Aneesa Anèesa Aneesa 2 years ago Martin Godinez
  • Romz
    Romz 2 years ago I work as a chef, and I've never seen this kind of product before, we always buy whole onions. But we do buy peeled potatoes though.
  • Chuan Wang
    Chuan Wang 2 years ago i buy these all the time for my salads.. dont have to chop ne thing, makes life easier
  • tranquilizerify
    tranquilizerify 2 years ago Eloise Odom IKR damn lazy mofo haha
  • jeedoo66
    jeedoo66 2 years ago I've never seen neither before
  • Jaime Brown
    Jaime Brown 2 years ago rai ZOR i always cut mine or use a dicer machine
  • soar highhashid
    soar highhashid 2 years ago 5, 10, or maybe 20. I'll do it myself. but with a thousand, I'll leave it to them.😂
  • Crusty
    Crusty 2 years ago rai ZOR same
  • Jhed _Maniac!
    Jhed _Maniac! 2 years ago We naturally grow and pick in farms than to cost onions for money, I mean its fresh in all but buying will have expenses, I mean more than that.
  • John S
    John S 2 years ago rai ZOR bbb
  • Umesh Ugalmugale Ugalmughale
    Umesh Ugalmugale Ugalmughale 1 year ago rai ZOR
  • Ravindra Lakshmanachar
    Ravindra Lakshmanachar 1 year ago rai ZOR ..
  • Shweta Durge
    Shweta Durge 1 year ago c
  • Chia Keh Leong
    Chia Keh Leong 1 year ago We all agreed.
  • Binni pókus
    Binni pókus 1 year ago fast food places like subway use these sliced onions.You can feel its not fresh
  • Shane Rothery
    Shane Rothery 1 year ago rai ZOR Most precut vegetables (and meats) are purchased by restaurants that go through large amounts of them, like pizza and sandwich chains.
  • Food Kart
    Food Kart 1 year ago + I never bought anything but whole fresh onions from the market ! BTW, I am having sum great Indian street food on my ch. if you ppl wana check out :D
  • Robert Knight
    Robert Knight 1 year ago LetoZeth I used to work at Shake Shack they purchased whole onions as well, they did have a manual dicer for dicing thm.
  • Robert Knight
    Robert Knight 1 year ago Eloise Odom I've seen pictures of pre peeled oranges on memes saying we've reached the Pinnacle of laziness.
  • Sadh Alabdluah
    Sadh Alabdluah 1 year ago Chriserino ያሲንኑሩ
  • Ville QQ
    Ville QQ 1 year ago murika
  • Bird Up
    Bird Up 1 year ago Fuck you
  • Shaheen Begum
    Shaheen Begum 1 year ago lasa sila q
  • Tara Hardy
    Tara Hardy 1 year ago McDonald’s use precut onions for there big burgers n sure other burger joints do also
  • Jack D
    Jack D 1 year ago 1851 likes on this comment...telling us you have never purchased sliced onions. Wtf is the world coming to
  • Pufferfishjusten
    Pufferfishjusten 1 year ago rai ZOR but have you seen an onion
  • IxxxMnMxxxI
    IxxxMnMxxxI 1 year ago its a vegitable
  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf 1 year ago if you've bought food from fast food these days, you've bought pre cut or diced onions. Fast food restaurants don't do any of their own prep anymore.
  • Tia
    Tia 1 year ago rai ZOR "@
  • Julien Ortega
    Julien Ortega 1 year ago we used to keep them on the condiment bar at 7-11
  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones 1 year ago Most likely for commercial use.
  • Sarvesh Tanwar
    Sarvesh Tanwar 1 year ago This are for hotels and resturant not for home
  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil 11 months ago They get shipped of to places like McDonald’s
  • Marco Martínez
    Marco Martínez 11 months ago rai ZOR and proudly
  • Chuub Lotto
    Chuub Lotto 4 months ago What? No, Really? Is this in US? You guys are so privileged. You get chopped onions? And we have memes of people who are wearing bike helmets and chopping onions to avoid painful tears. Today itself I chopped 4 of them. 😪
  • Cyrsclin
    Cyrsclin 3 months ago This is for restaurants, places that need to chop foods alot. We still buy our onions whole. I never saw this shit before in my life.
  • Chuub Lotto
    Chuub Lotto 3 months ago @Cyrsclin Ok, that makes more sense. Thank You
  • Another Dave
    Another Dave 7 months ago the packaging scale is the same one used in candy manufacturing videos
  • Boogeyman!
    Boogeyman! 1 year ago I'm crying while watching this 😢😂
  • Caylee Ayson
    Caylee Ayson 2 years ago it's probably large-scale mass produced packaged food that use this stuff. Like frozen dinners, or onion flavored potato chips, maybe.
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago omg you cruel bastards this is sick idk how vegans do it eating these poor onions :(
  • DrewTheAwsom
    DrewTheAwsom 4 years ago You sir, made me laugh. I applaud you. 
  • Maniac
    Maniac 4 years ago They are onions you fool
  • ambitionsskyyyy
    ambitionsskyyyy 4 years ago Lmao, good one bro!! Those vegan cunts always attack us meat eaters 😂😂😂😂
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @ambitionsskyyyy irk but no joke these onions need saving like my god how can people be so cruel
  • Michelle smile
    Michelle smile 4 years ago @The Pixelated Fox LMFAO haha
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @Michelle smile this isn't a laughing matter the onions ;-; now ik why they like to make us cry because we do this to them
  • Michelle smile
    Michelle smile 4 years ago .
  • Michelle smile
    Michelle smile 4 years ago @The Pixelated Fox haha still cant stop laughing next time Im gonna stab my onion right in the god damn middle hahaha
  • 5Sush0
    5Sush0 4 years ago Hahahaha 😂
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @asma haddioui only if you stop this abuse you evil being onions have feelings too :( ask shrek he loves them too :(
  • Slartibartfast
    Slartibartfast 4 years ago @The Pixelated Fox I know, they don't even stun them first before cutting off their tops and tails - the bastards! I also understand that even the workers spend most of the day crying due to what they witness.
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @jagara1 its so sad :( cruel bastards 
  • abdallah Almalki
    abdallah Almalki 4 years ago +jagara1
  • MrFusho
    MrFusho 4 years ago @The Pixelated Fox I watched this and vomited. I'll never eat an onion again. I'll also tell people about how onions are cut up. I'll do it right in their stupid faces as they are eating them too. I. AM. ENLIGHTENED.
  • Chi
    Chi 4 years ago @The Pixelated Fox Vegetables don't feel pain.
  • 삔쎄요
    삔쎄요 4 years ago @sega310982 i smell a party pooper
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @sega310982 yes they do dont you feel pain?
  • Aria Pham
    Aria Pham 4 years ago @The Pixelated Fox LOL Your comment made my day! I couldn't stop laughing
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @Jen Ai lol XD no problem have a great day bro
  • Greta Hugroseno
    Greta Hugroseno 4 years ago You just made my day! 😂😂
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @Greta Hugroseno no problem XD
  • Charlie Mendez
    Charlie Mendez 4 years ago +The Pixelated Fox Cool you can live on literally nothing
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 4 years ago @Yud Peace onion nazi is what you are
  • Madison Shaw
    Madison Shaw 3 years ago +The Pixelated Fox I'm vegan
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 3 years ago @Madison Shaw yes :) congrats
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 3 years ago @Warm Milk onion nazis?
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 3 years ago @Warm Milk no onion nazis the vegan people murder them every day
  • ASTRONOMAR #TheCommunity
    ASTRONOMAR #TheCommunity 3 years ago onions have no souls
  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox 3 years ago @Tha Martian wow only a nnazi would say that evil freak
  • Emmy Em T
    Emmy Em T 2 years ago The Pixelated Fox ye cruel
  • Diana Novotná
    Diana Novotná 2 years ago So honestly yea it is fucking cruel becouse any normal vegan don'tt will eat this fucking waste,but used fresh one ....And you kick your self ,this is not funnny ,just show it what idiot you are.....
  • Jayam Textiles
    Jayam Textiles 2 years ago Diana Novotná you me m and help BBN HBU and if buy them GVC we will get g get 6&yh
  • amine maghnia
    amine maghnia 2 years ago The Pixelated Fox u
  • Kuljit Dhanju
    Kuljit Dhanju 2 years ago The Pixelate.ox
  • Juan Bracamonte
    Juan Bracamonte 2 years ago The Pixelated Fox ,,
  • Absaalookemensch
    Absaalookemensch 2 years ago Breatharians are worse. What cruelty they commit onto air. Oh the humanity.
  • T Wu
    T Wu 2 years ago fcking piece of shit, cruel morons, onion eaters !
  • Joel Harris
    Joel Harris 2 years ago The Pixelated Fox, Have you lost all a peal to onions?
  • leo ll
    leo ll 2 years ago The Pixelated Fox I'm from the Coalition of ethical treatment of root vegetables, we should revolt against this cruel abuse, these damn plant murderers.
  • My name jeff???
    My name jeff??? 2 years ago The Pixelated Fox you're fucking idiot
  • Trumpet Friday
    Trumpet Friday 2 years ago The only time VEGANS cry for vegetables/greens,is when they CUT ONIONS....
  • iMoura UK /Minimal Vibes
    iMoura UK /Minimal Vibes 2 years ago Vegetables don’t feel pain. They don’t have a central nervous system (I know it’s a joke but it’s a stupid one)
  • bluegum
    bluegum 1 year ago Clams have feelings too. Well, actually, they don't. They don't even have a central nervousness.
  • DRXxUziixX95
    DRXxUziixX95 1 year ago The Pixelated Fox the likes are at 666 lol!
  • Heil Vamous
    Heil Vamous 1 year ago You right, i cry when cut them
  • SO What
    SO What 1 year ago i am a vegetarian and that was funny
  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 11 months ago @Maniac Too stupid to see it was a joke kid?
  • Dominic Tan
    Dominic Tan 8 months ago The Pixelated Fox F
  • DesertScorpionKSA
    DesertScorpionKSA 8 months ago The secret onion league will have their revenge.
  • xxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxx 1 month ago @Maniac haha its a joke, don take this serious but on the other hand an onion is a living thing lol