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Journal Chat - Junk Journals?

Published on Jun 7, 2019 3,002 views

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  • Samantha Jarrad
    Samantha Jarrad 2 weeks ago (edited) I really want to see a rainbow junk journal!! 🌈 😁💜👍🏻
  • Samantha Jarrad
    Samantha Jarrad 2 weeks ago LittleRavenInk I’m looking forward to it!
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago Samantha Jarrad it will happen cause it keeps swimming around my head which means I’m always thinking of it randomly! The itch will get me! Thanks for watching x
  • Patricia N
    Patricia N 2 weeks ago I'm obsessed with both of those journals! They are so incredible!!! All of your tip-ins and interactivity with your journals really do lend themselves to a jj style. You DEFFO have to do a rainbow jj at some point when you need color therapy! I am so happy that you followed your muse to get you out of a slump, and that you are trying new things--keep growing, keep going! xoxoxo
  • Laura Kopu
    Laura Kopu 2 weeks ago LOVED this video and your junk journal, it was beautiful! I also love Johanna, she is wonderful. It was so great to watch one of your videos again! Thank you, Courtney!
  • Laura Kopu
    Laura Kopu 2 weeks ago @LittleRavenInk And we are enjoying watching you journal! :)
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago Laura Kopu Thankyou for stopping by!! I love Johanna dearly, and I’m very lucky to call her a friend. I’m really enjoying the whole new world of journaling!
  • Seeking Simplicity
    Seeking Simplicity 2 weeks ago This style speaks to my heart. I've been a patron of your in the past and love your style but struggled since I'm not a bright color person, with using the printable so. I would love to see your quirky angle of a Beatrix potter style characters. I need to check out your patron account again, it looks like. Because this is really interesting.
  • Marrianna Dougherty
    Marrianna Dougherty 2 weeks ago This video has come at a perfect time for me. Watching your junk journal and the other junk journals, I see that I can pre-plan pages before binding them. Yes, I think I knew that but did I even try it? Nope. And I see that both you and Joanna Clough have done quite a bit BEFORE binding the journal. Thank you for showing your handmade junk journal and for sharing the one made by your good friend. Love everything.
  • Michelle Ellis
    Michelle Ellis 2 days ago Where can I get your printables at? I love your videos
  • Kathryn Sargent
    Kathryn Sargent 2 weeks ago I love to see how you used your junk journal! I’ve seen so many unused ones ( I watch junk journal videos, too), when people are selling them, but it’s rare to see one being used. I just bought a new bookbinding tool for stitch binding, and now, you’ve got me rethinking my plan to only use watercolor paper. I think I’m going to make it a junk journal, but a bit of a large one, so I can do bigger paintings. And I just love all of the pockets and tuck spots!
  • iHanna
    iHanna 2 weeks ago Thanks for this wonderful eye candy video Courtney! I'm a huge fan of TN sized junk journals too, and made one for Christmas last year as well as a few for right now/summer. Looking forward to seeing you work in yours! xoxo
  • Vicki Lanegan
    Vicki Lanegan 2 weeks ago Gorgeous! I hope we get to see what you do with them over time, of course. Thank you so much for sharing! 😊❤️
  • wellergurl
    wellergurl 2 weeks ago ABSOLUTELY GAWWWWWWGEOUS COURTNEY. It's just chunk-a-licious, layeredand colorful. It's perfect. Beautiful work. 😍❤️❤️❤️
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago wellergurl thank you!! Love a good chunky journal! All my journals seem to end up with a lotta junk in the trunk lol! Have a lovely weekend xx
  • CozyCabin5
    CozyCabin5 2 weeks ago WoW... what a FUN video!! I L💗VE the junk journal you created and are working in... your style is so wonderfully random ( I mean this in the best way possible... your added tip ins and ephemera add such a fun surprise factor) , but very organized all at the same time!! Both of the happy mail you received are absolutely beautiful!! I’m anxious to see how you fill them and chunk them out!! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing!! 💕
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago CozyCabin5 wonderfully random is the perfect way to describe me ! Not just my style but me as a person heheh I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Thanks for stopping by my little nook xx c
  • Sarah Gill
    Sarah Gill 2 weeks ago Love love love it. It's a beautiful junk journal and you give me so many ideas for tip ins etc so thank you x
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago Sarah Gill so glad! Tip ins really are my jam, they are probably my fave part of the journal process! I’m always trying to work out how can I make this more interactive! Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment xx c
  • art journal girl
    art journal girl 2 weeks ago Always adore the way you layer and put a page together. Very inspirational. Thanks Courtney!
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago art journal girl thanks so much darlin xx
  • Jamie Ostellino
    Jamie Ostellino 1 week ago I love junk journals as well and I make both vintage with muted colors..super distressed and tea dyed papers...but I also make what I call modern junk journals with all of my bright colorful supplies and kool aid dyed papers!!! They're both so much fun to create especially when adding your personality into 2 are ever really the same...yours is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more! :)
  • Incognito
    Incognito 2 weeks ago Is your art available as standalone stickers, already pre-cut etc? Thank you for your help.
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago Incognito not as yet! I have collage sheets that people create into stickers but I haven’t taken that step yet with my work.
  • Grace's World
    Grace's World 2 weeks ago YAY WOOHOO ITS YOU i would love to see a bright colour junk journal
  • Grace's World
    Grace's World 2 weeks ago @LittleRavenInk YAAY woohoo i think it will be awesome because a lot of people have all the bright stuff but not so much the vintage. Love from Tassie
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago Grace's World it will happen! Can’t get it out of my head x
  • gagamarrythenight11
    gagamarrythenight11 2 weeks ago This junk journal looks amazing! 😍😍😍😍😍😍💫✨✨
  • Incognito
    Incognito 2 weeks ago Thank you so so much. I have been watching junk journal videos for the past year and really wanted to have one but what was stopping me was that I purchased the Midori Travelers Notebook. I won't bore you with how many Standard TNs and Passports I bought until I found the ones that had absolutely the right texture/tactility for me. I will definitely use that as an idea create my own. Thank you again.
  • Incognito
    Incognito 2 weeks ago @LittleRavenInk Thank you so much. Do you bring your junk journal away with you and fill it on the go whilst you are away or do you just collect all the ephemera and then do it when you return back home? I tend to like relaxing at the end of any day to write and stick down everything at the end of the day, as I feel I lose the sense of occasion, feelings, mood etc if I wait until i return to my Castle. lol
  • LittleRavenInk
    LittleRavenInk 2 weeks ago Incognito it’s such a fun size too! And if you don’t get all chunky like mine it’s travel friendly! Lol enjoy darling
  • Charlotte Bendrey
    Charlotte Bendrey 2 weeks ago Absolutely stunning 💕
  • Crystal Momma
    Crystal Momma 2 weeks ago (edited) I know what you mean about finding inspiration. I was very sick in February I was in the hospital for 7 days I had not passion or draw to be creativity I thought it was gone but watching you and others have helped me find it. My watercolors have made me feel whole again so thank you. I am so glad you are having fun that is what it is all about for sure.