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Face/Off - Nostalgia Critic

Published on Jul 23, 2015 1,454,038 views

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  • CephaMoon
    CephaMoon 3 years ago Nostalgia Critic = NC Nicolas Cage = NC Nostalgia Critic = Nicolas Cage confirmed???
  • Nigeria Prince
    Nigeria Prince 1 month ago Nostalgia Cage
  • D A
    D A 2 months ago _ Teller _ zzzlzswawp
  • D A
    D A 2 months ago NullPointer sqdzPpppspdzEzpzsp
  • D A
    D A 2 months ago EriKawaii rzpd
  • D A
    D A 2 months ago EriKawaii zapping p
  • Patch Reed
    Patch Reed 3 months ago To be fair... I've never seen them in the same room... have you?
  • Casper
    Casper 3 months ago @_ Teller _ bill cosby Trump Everything
  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 4 months ago (edited) Welll, they both are eye-bulging, noisy over-actors. :)
  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 7 months ago Not the bees
  • T Branson
    T Branson 9 months ago Would explain SO much
  • justacomedian
    justacomedian 10 months ago Nicholas Critic? Nostalgia Cage???
  • LKVideos
    LKVideos 10 months ago YES
  • Sir Iron Duke
    Sir Iron Duke 1 year ago MINDFUCKED
  • Strionic
    Strionic 1 year ago Osmosis Jones = OJ Orange Juice = OJ Osmosis Jones = Orange Juice confirmed???
  • I'm just here mate.
    I'm just here mate. 1 year ago (edited) No if he is...he already put a bear suit and punch someone.
  • Holly Schwinn
    Holly Schwinn 1 year ago Also, North Carolina = NC Nostalgia Critic = NC Nicholas Cage = NC so... North Carolina = Nicholas Cage???
  • burb
    burb 1 year ago Leah Edwards hey. You're two years late to respond to this.
  • JK Hernes
    JK Hernes 1 year ago chazmullr 馃檧馃檧馃檧馃檧馃檧馃檧馃檧馃檧
  • guilhermecaumo
    guilhermecaumo 1 year ago Transitive property of equality. Mathematically possible
  • Just B脴NY
    Just B脴NY 1 year ago @Digital Mayhem Critical Cage,the most Over the Top human being.
  • Mosqueiro Robina
    Mosqueiro Robina 1 year ago So bad that is good lol
  • Lars2015
    Lars2015 2 years ago (edited) 0:24
  • Raheel Malik
    Raheel Malik 2 years ago OMG Half Life 3 confirmed!!
  • Neo-Xgray87
    Neo-Xgray87 2 years ago @Veronica Toon: "Confirmed! speaking in a spooky, eerie monotone voice! Conspiraaaacy!!!"
  • Veronica Toon
    Veronica Toon 2 years ago ILLUMINATI!
  • JACF347
    JACF347 2 years ago North Carolina = NC Holy crap, I have NC (No Comment) about this. Guess I have NC (No Choice) but to say alot of correlation about this.
  • breadling thebread
    breadling thebread 2 years ago Charles Mueller i
  • Neo-Xgray87
    Neo-Xgray87 2 years ago What a tweeest!!!!
  • Patxiku93
    Patxiku93 2 years ago the plot thickens. I bet Shyamalan is behind this
  • Pr0toRed
    Pr0toRed 2 years ago fuckin m night shyamalan over here
  • Tavish Degroot
    Tavish Degroot 2 years ago @Nameless Avenger omg shamalon go away
  • Sauce Uchihahahahahahahaha
    Sauce Uchihahahahahahahaha 2 years ago WHAT A TWEEST
  • 转诪专 讝讬讬讙专
    转诪专 讝讬讬讙专 2 years ago john egbert = eb nc stfu confirmed?
  • Sai Bhorg
    Sai Bhorg 2 years ago No comment
  • Grim Dork
    Grim Dork 2 years ago I want to believe.
  • Jabez Crisp
    Jabez Crisp 2 years ago :D secret's out
  • Scarlet Jester
    Scarlet Jester 2 years ago +Jabez Crisp 3 = illuminati
  • kirby superstar
    kirby superstar 3 years ago no just no really just absolutely no stop go sit in the corner for making dumb comments
  • Walker Dude
    Walker Dude 3 years ago No more drugs for that man
  • Megaboss
    Megaboss 3 years ago I'd like to see them fight to the death in a mega mall.
  • Tavish Degroot
    Tavish Degroot 3 years ago NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • CaveClinker
    CaveClinker 3 years ago what the hell I made the same comment on this video when it was still hosted on the LoSC channel
  • Jam Deluxe
    Jam Deluxe 3 years ago +Jabez Crisp wha鈥h鈥hat鈥
  • Jabez Crisp
    Jabez Crisp 3 years ago Nostalgia Critic = NC Nicolas Cage = NC half life 3 confirmed.
  • _ Teller _
    _ Teller _ 3 years ago Ahhhh!!! The Egyptians and mayans saw it coming years ago! Illuminati! Megan Fox! RickRoll! Mohammad Ali!!!!!!
  • NullPointer
    NullPointer 3 years ago Critic, your cover is blown. Abort mission. I repeat, ABORT MISSION
  • MegaTamaMan
    MegaTamaMan 3 years ago X Files theme plays
  • Eva Lore
    Eva Lore 2 years ago I don't even care about Cage's acting skills or whatever. I love how much fun he has in everything. He's over the top but something tells me he's always having a great day at work.
  • The Demonic Horseman
    The Demonic Horseman 2 months ago He鈥檚 one of my favorite actors because he鈥檚 just fun to watch.
  • Sketchy Dude
    Sketchy Dude 2 months ago You should hear him voice acting as spider-man noir in apider-man: into the spiderverse, it's so obvious he's having fun.
  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 6 months ago (edited) Well think about it, no matter how bad his movies are he always gets another chance, and he鈥檚 even celebrated for shit performances. Can you imagine growing up as a Super-Rich, Super Famous, Super powerful in Hollywood; Coppola ???? AND Then as an adult, you are handed/gifted a Hollywood career as an action star, who gets away with crappy/hammy/not-caring performances, that keeps getting big budget movies for over a decade, and everyone and their dog wants you in their small budget movie later. The only other modern actors/actresses that have been given that kind of leeway, are a Dakota Johnson, and Scott Eastman.
  • Nate W
    Nate W 7 months ago Just look at College Humor's "Nicholas Cage's Agent".
  • Ollie Nix
    Ollie Nix 1 year ago Jon Travolta pretending to be Nicholas Cage pretending to be Jon Travolta Nicholas Cage pretending to be Jon Travolta pretending to be Nicholas Cage
  • Casper
    Casper 3 months ago Travolta and cageception
  • Charlotte Harding
    Charlotte Harding 1 year ago moral of the story: when you lose a son just replace him with your arch enemies son...
  • Amani Bob
    Amani Bob 7 months ago (edited) Charlotte Harding Or just aim for the head and double-tap, then cherish what you've got, ( that won't be targeted by the same dude whom killed one of your kids already). .. Ps: I mean, when shooting at your nemesis, once you've goofed and/or shot at his kids...
  • nunya nunya
    nunya nunya 9 months ago i would be a wonderful father to bus bitch's son.
  • Eric Stevenson
    Eric Stevenson 2 years ago Funniest part,"I didn't touch your wife and I didn't touch your sister", "They're the same person".
  • Furious Sherman
    Furious Sherman 2 months ago SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • waltrz
    waltrz 5 months ago Misanthropic Isolation Dun reckon race ain鈥檛 got nuthin to do with it.
  • Misanthropic Isolation
    Misanthropic Isolation 5 months ago @Dewey Salazar Racist much?
  • Amazing Autist
    Amazing Autist 6 months ago @Walter Simeon Like. Your Mom. Who is also your sister.
  • Walter Simeon
    Walter Simeon 9 months ago @Dewey Salazar Fuck. You.
  • thethunderbird87
    thethunderbird87 1 year ago Dewey Salazar Bon Temps, Louisiana
  • 8BitWaLuigi
    8BitWaLuigi 1 year ago Eric Stevenson r
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago Dewey Salazar OMFG 馃槄 DIED
  • Dewey Salazar
    Dewey Salazar 1 year ago NC should鈥檝e photoshopped an image of the flag of some southern state on the guy鈥檚 face after saying that. That would鈥檝e been even more funny.
  • JoeytheJoeyX3
    JoeytheJoeyX3 3 years ago "Nicholas Cage and John Travolta Have Fun: The Movie"
  • Nightmare Eclipse
    Nightmare Eclipse 3 months ago JoeytheJoeyX3 what I wanna see is the takes they didn鈥檛 use for this movie compiled into one movie
  • Kevin Luper
    Kevin Luper 1 year ago The best movie
  • T - tech
    T - tech 1 year ago I read John travolta as John-torn travota
  • Dusan Pokimica
    Dusan Pokimica 1 year ago JoeytheJoeyX3 and that's bad because?
  • the rudest of clouds
    the rudest of clouds 1 year ago john egbert wank material: the movie
  • Devin McCreery
    Devin McCreery 2 years ago Man, have you seen it? It's glorious.
  • El Colo
    El Colo 2 years ago JoeytheJoeyX3 A Nicolas Cage and Jhon Travolta Friday Night
  • JoeytheJoeyX3
    JoeytheJoeyX3 3 years ago @GLaDOS Knight Pretty much.
  • GLaDOS hates your safe space
    GLaDOS hates your safe space 3 years ago +Cave Johnson It's just the alternate title for Face/Off.
  • Jareth The Goblin King
    Jareth The Goblin King 3 years ago +JoeytheJoeyX3聽 that would be fun
  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 1 year ago Am I the only one who finds it weird that the kid is totally willing to live with the guy who just murdered his father?
  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown 2 months ago Never mind that, why are social services so willing to let the child or a deranged criminal live with the investigator of the case?
  • tenjek
    tenjek 6 months ago HOnestly considering who the father was and how he never spent any time with him...and that he killed his mother who he DID spend time with...
  • tiacat11
    tiacat11 7 months ago Bob Schneider Explain the difference to the 6 year old.
  • Anna333
    Anna333 8 months ago Same thing
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago Ben McDonald Killed, not murdered...
  • Prince Stormstrider
    Prince Stormstrider 2 years ago Rachel was great, but I love Tamara too.
  • Timothy Morris
    Timothy Morris 1 week ago We all love Rachel but she left. Tamara is everything we could ever want in a woman smart, sophisticated, and beautiful.馃尮鉂わ笍
  • tenjek
    tenjek 6 months ago @Yashaswi Katailiha Tamara Tamara and her sister is Elsy Tamara
  • Cooper Schlickau
    Cooper Schlickau 10 months ago Yashaswi Katailiha Rachel Tietz
  • Yashaswi Katailiha
    Yashaswi Katailiha 10 months ago Prince Stormstrider what's her full name?
  • littlegelland
    littlegelland 2 years ago While other actors may choose their roles based on how much screen time their characters will have, I like to think that Cage just flips through every script in search for scream time: "Oh, twenty minutes? I WILL TAKE IT!"
  • GamePlayMetal
    GamePlayMetal 4 months ago Nope, it's more like "Oh shit, I'm massively in debt. Well, I can't refuse any role as long as it's well paid."
  • Mr. Friendship
    Mr. Friendship 5 months ago Yeah, he turned Nicholas Cage into a protagonist and John Travolta as an antagonist. That might be a genius to switch roles.
  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 6 months ago Or. 鈥淗ow much smoke will this guy blow up my ass, for being Nic cage, but more importantly being Nicolas COPPOLA.
  • The Mojave Synth
    The Mojave Synth 8 months ago (edited) "Scream time" I'M DEAD
  • King Keif
    King Keif 2 years ago Despite all my rage I am still just a Nic-olas cage.
  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown 2 months ago How has this so few likes?!
  • Tucker Johnson
    Tucker Johnson 1 year ago Only 14 likes? Come on people..
  • tang roro
    tang roro 2 years ago why can't we have Nicolas Cage as Joker?
  • Keith B
    Keith B 8 months ago Why can't we have Nicolas Cage as a retired actor... or rather, just retire
  • Tannerj50
    Tannerj50 9 months ago his name's Deathstroke noob
  • Thrall Fan
    Thrall Fan 10 months ago Fun Fact: We were going to get Cage as scarecrow had Batman and Robin not bombed so hard.
  • OSanoBR
    OSanoBR 10 months ago Fuck you with this joker's shit
  • TheTrueLeafless
    TheTrueLeafless 1 year ago I mean...isn't what Leto did for Suicide Squad pretty much the stuff Cage seemingly did to prepare for a role? So an actor imitates another actor to prepare being a fictional character, which would be best played by the imitated actor...and we make a movie about this with Cage playing Leto to create something that is something.
  • The Mockracy
    The Mockracy 2 years ago "I want to take Batman's mask... off... His mask... off..."
  • Banana Nut Duck Bread
    Banana Nut Duck Bread 2 years ago Hooooly shit, that needs to happen.
  • Albus Kane
    Albus Kane 2 years ago Maybe if there's ever a Nightwing movie, or a Teen Titans movie that doesn't rely ENTIRELY on the badass idea of Ron Perlman playing Slade Wilson in LIVE-ACTION as well as in voice-over form.
  • xMizanx
    xMizanx 2 years ago holy crap this movie scared me when I was little I didn't realize it was so weird xD
  • Ulo Hun
    Ulo Hun 4 months ago Same, all I remembered was a fleshy face smoking. Thought it was some horror sci/fi.
  • KrystCyclone
    KrystCyclone 5 months ago Could be worse, you could be like me who got scared by the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies back when I don't know what's a Spider-man.
  • ukhistorian
    ukhistorian 2 years ago It scared me when I was a kid when Travolta's son died.
  • Dark SoulRift
    Dark SoulRift 2 years ago i wish every movie ever and ever to come, the main actor was replaced with cage it would be awsome
  • Sketchy Dude
    Sketchy Dude 2 months ago Nick cage as harley quin, that would make suicide squad actually good.
  • Casper
    Casper 3 months ago Nicolas cage as the joker and batman in the dark knight
  • Demonminer
    Demonminer 6 months ago @Jack Livesley nicholas cage as dora the explorer OH WHERE THE HELL COULD SWIPER BE!?
  • Jack Livesley
    Jack Livesley 7 months ago Nicholas Cage as the Terminator.
  • Jonathan Sefcik
    Jonathan Sefcik 1 year ago Matt Way That made me burst out laughing!
  • Pretty Brainless Businessmen
    Pretty Brainless Businessmen 1 year ago Kat-Nic if you will?
  • Mimi
    Mimi 1 year ago The Hunger Games. Nic Cage as Katniss
  • mental
    mental 1 year ago Being Nicolas Cage starring Nicolas Cage written by Charlie Kaufman played by Nicolas Cage
  • Matt Way
    Matt Way 2 years ago Recast the Dark Knight Rises with Nicolas Cage as Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bane
  • Dark SoulRift
    Dark SoulRift 2 years ago @Kate Davis that is too funny XD
  • Kate Davis
    Kate Davis 2 years ago Omg pulp fiction Imagine cage saying deos he look like a bitch
  • Matt Way
    Matt Way 2 years ago Diablo Delta Nicholas Cage as the Emperor in Star Wars.
  • Vector Vbuck
    Vector Vbuck 2 years ago Diablo Delta batman v superman HA!! More like Nicholas cage vs Nicholas cage. Civil war REPLACE EVERYONE WITH NICHOLAS CAGE! Frozen well cage will be Elsa and Anna
  • Sister Grimm
    Sister Grimm 2 years ago And yet nobody mentions how Cage and Travolta have completely different head shapes. Travolta has a square head while Cage has an oval head.
  • random guy
    random guy 3 months ago She saw a chance for some side action with plausible deniability, maybe,just maybe.....she engineered the whole thing? She was a troy groupie , and set all those events in motion just to get a taste Or maybe Travolta's character was hung like a Vienna sausage, and Cage's like a donkey, and she just figured "why question a good thing?"
  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 6 months ago passiflora incarnata Or, the distinct smell people have, that people in love would notice a change in. Or, the different nipples, or the different genitalia. Cage鈥檚 wife definitely slept with him, and she didn鈥檛 care he didn鈥檛 have the same junk shape, and didn鈥檛 inherently know what she liked in bed, as a husband would.
  • samuel G2000
    samuel G2000 8 months ago Well, it's an action movie so who gives a shit anyway
  • Quingo
    Quingo 1 year ago passiflora incarnata Took you that long to come up with a comeback?(and a very weak one at that)
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago Aaaand it begins.
  • Sister Grimm
    Sister Grimm 1 year ago SleepySheepy311 Your mom doesn't want me to shut up.
  • SleepySheepy311
    SleepySheepy311 2 years ago shaddup
  • Valen Warden
    Valen Warden 3 years ago Imagine Faceoff with Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, and Jim Carrey... The world would implode...
  • Coolartist1110
    Coolartist1110 8 months ago Face/Off 2: Electric Fuckaloo Directed by John Woo, Michael Bay, and Zack Snyder Starring... Nicholas Cage, who once again switches with John Travolta...somehow. Shut up. Jim Carrey, who switches with William Shatner. Christopher Walken, who switches with Tim Curry And finally, Jeff Goldblum, who switches with the ghost of Alan Rickman(RIP)
  • TheLuigifan8881
    TheLuigifan8881 9 months ago You're forgetting John Malchovich and Al Pacino
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago Keanu reeves *Carrey
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago D Kelly,Jr Who in living fucking hell is "William Smith?!"
  • Damian Starks
    Damian Starks 1 year ago Valen Warden you are so right.
  • Slimeustas
    Slimeustas 1 year ago Valen Warden and ALL OF THEM swapping faces
  • Dr Tornado
    Dr Tornado 1 year ago Valen Warden and Tim Curry.
  • warystatue33
    warystatue33 1 year ago MUMUMUMUist no he will fuck it all up
  • NekoSoren
    NekoSoren 1 year ago With the special appearance of Tommy Wiseau
  • Umbreon Gaming
    Umbreon Gaming 1 year ago Valen Warden then explode
  • Victor M
    Victor M 1 year ago Throw in John Goodman, Gary Busey, Michael Shannon, Samuel L. Jackson and Jack Nicholson and then you've got a deal
  • chris
    chris 1 year ago AND! Directed by Tommy Wiseau
  • Gamersmashlog Productions
    Gamersmashlog Productions 1 year ago Valen Warden What about Jack Black?
  • I am the Walrus
    I am the Walrus 1 year ago (edited) Jim carry is over the top for intentional humor actually.
  • Brody Challinor
    Brody Challinor 1 year ago Valen Warden Don't forget about Shatner!
  • RiderNexus
    RiderNexus 1 year ago Add Willem DaFoe and Christopher Walken and we have our new Expendables 4
  • beeneylord
    beeneylord 2 years ago Valen Warden RE HE HE HEEEEEALLLLYYYY
  • Nick Ruocco
    Nick Ruocco 2 years ago Valen Warden the mask: face off
  • winlover37
    winlover37 2 years ago Not going to lie, I'd cream my jeans.
  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 2 years ago Face Off-Off
  • DagahraFan96
    DagahraFan96 2 years ago what if you also add jeffgoldbum
  • katsurades
    katsurades 2 years ago Valen Warden my God man, that would be too incredible
  • Kaleb Santos
    Kaleb Santos 2 years ago Valen Warden face off 2 you mean eh ... eh
  • FireWithFire
    FireWithFire 3 years ago Too bad William Smith is too old now. he'd have fit right in in his prime.
  • wcw2793
    wcw2793 3 years ago Somebody fucking call John Woo right now lol.
  • Zayaan Nashrid
    Zayaan Nashrid 3 years ago Let's put in Van diesel in there just for the purr too.
  • Jareth The Goblin King
    Jareth The Goblin King 3 years ago +Valen Warden聽 Jim Carrey and Tom Cavangh
  • [Placeholder] Films
    [Placeholder] Films 3 years ago @neomadic聽 I don't know, if it's a movie about bulging eyes...
  • sievepen
    sievepen 3 years ago But for reals, we need an expendables-esque movie of all the overactors. Titled, "Ham & Cheese"
  • sievepen
    sievepen 3 years ago @Will McCracken聽Might be taken too seriously then.We need an animated version of him so... Christopher Walken? EDIT: Lol, totally didn't realize that had already been proposed.
  • [Placeholder] Films
    [Placeholder] Films 3 years ago Steve Buscemi聽also needs to be in this
  • sievepen
    sievepen 3 years ago +Valen Warden There is a massive appetite for crazy eye bulging glares in 'Murica
  • Valen Warden
    Valen Warden 3 years ago I will never understand why this comment got over 100 likes...
  • Ganytr
    Ganytr 3 years ago +Valen Warden Hell. Fucking. Yes.
  • [Placeholder] Films
    [Placeholder] Films 3 years ago +Schwatvogel I would absolutely watch that movie
  • Schwatvogel
    Schwatvogel 3 years ago @Valen Warden Replace Jim Carrey with Christopher Walken... and the implosion would create a black hole!
  • Alessandro Altosole
    Alessandro Altosole 3 years ago @Valen Warden add eddie murphy and the world explodes
    MUMUMUMUist 3 years ago @Valen Warden OH OH and Kanye West could be the stereotype black Chief.
  • NightBladeSpearichu
    NightBladeSpearichu 3 years ago @Valen Warden the would would impkod while my balls would explode from the awesomness
  • brendo
    brendo 2 years ago This film goes against basic biology. Travoltas body would be continually trying to get rid of Cages face because the face is technically made of foreign cells. So unless they reduced his immune system drastically like any person with a transplanted organ, his face would eventually be gone.
  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson 1 month ago Yeah, because THAT is the unrealistic part and not the completely different bone structure and cranial sizes of the two people involved...
  • Texas 37
    Texas 37 3 months ago so technically his FACE would come OFF
  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 4 months ago Think about that. It would be called Face/Off: Post Necrotic Reconstruction.
  • Amani Bob
    Amani Bob 5 months ago M12GProductions Yeah, but it's like sounds in space when dealing with "science"-fiction... Or buying the "something-something-magic" in ANY fantasy-based word... Y'all need to stop anal-ysing and either say "fu*k it it's awesome, (aka: it's good enough to be worth the make-believe), or just assume that most of everyone else are doing that very denial thing on purpose and so, saying that "it ain't like that in reality" won't make a difference. Point is: "Actual jet fuel's minimal temperature of ignition can't JFK the Moon landing, but laser sword are frickin awesome and that cake is still a lie!"
  • M12GProductions
    M12GProductions 5 months ago That different blood types thing would also bring its share of problems.
  • Amani Bob
    Amani Bob 5 months ago Doves everywhere and you worry about transplant rejection... 'Kay but why!? It's FRICKIN' FACE-OFF!!!
  • Oubliette
    Oubliette 6 months ago @RedEyesTops strangely enough, bone marrow transplants don't require the same blood type. Not sure about other types of transplants though, probably is different for each procedure
  • Amazing Autist
    Amazing Autist 6 months ago @Karolis Dervinis wow. You really need to pick up some reading comprehension and read the later part of this statement. Like, the explanation was in the thing that you read. It wasn't even that big of a paragraph. Oh my god.
  • SandwichSlayer Official
    SandwichSlayer Official 7 months ago Umm... Look up face transplants. It's real
  • Jimmy Langdon
    Jimmy Langdon 7 months ago ...also, it's a movie.
  • Deimo Gimuvi
    Deimo Gimuvi 8 months ago all of that crazy shit and this is what bothers you?
  • Cobalt Jester
    Cobalt Jester 8 months ago I'm guessing you don't know much about that basic biology that you speak of... The point you make is by no way the dumbest thing about swapping a face. In the film they have lots of make believe science, so in the films universe it's a fair assumption they could have found a way to suppress the antibodies to stop the face being rejected... The main bullshit point of swapping a face is that it's the bone structure that makes a person look like they do. If you were to swap a face you would just look like a horrible disfigured version of yourself.
  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 9 months ago brendo it's a film.. it's allowed to make humans half dogs if it wanted so chill out.
  • Reza Lustig
    Reza Lustig 9 months ago ProbeVoyages Because then they would鈥檝e had to get David Cronenberg to direct it.
  • Chaos Phoenix
    Chaos Phoenix 10 months ago brendo "smart smart smart" all i can focus on is that TBATS A SOUR PATCH KID NOT A GUMMI VEAR
  • ztslovebird
    ztslovebird 11 months ago brendo And wouldn鈥檛 having different blood types make the transplant even more difficult? I thought organ transplants were more successful between people with matching blood types.
    THE RISER 11 months ago This film clearly have a lot of sci-fi elements in it,I'm sure making a body accept a certain organ shouldn't be hard for them,as actual m茅dicine is getting close to solving that problem!
    MASTER-OF- EVIL 11 months ago brendo I wish I knew that when I first saw this movie
  • j.c man
    j.c man 1 year ago boy... I can tell you would be a fun directer and a fun person...
  • U jim
    U jim 1 year ago thank u doctor
  • looky khan
    looky khan 1 year ago Pluendi it鈥檚 a film starring mic and john.. enough said!!!
  • 8BitWaLuigi
    8BitWaLuigi 1 year ago AND your face shape is determined by your bones and muscles!
  • Quingo
    Quingo 1 year ago Moviefan2k4 A transplant is a transplant. Just because it's a face that's being transplanted doesn't mean it's suddenly exempt from rejection.
  • Kayleigh Brown
    Kayleigh Brown 1 year ago Are you suggesting that this film isn't 100% medically accurate?
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago Chameleonardodavinci *license
  • Chameleonardodavinci
    Chameleonardodavinci 1 year ago (edited) What is "artistic licence"?
  • Noveris
    Noveris 1 year ago Pluendi dicks out 4 Rachel
  • charmedfan7704
    charmedfan7704 1 year ago Pluendi Yep. Plus the incompatible blood types makes any transplant impossible.
  • Leopold Litchenstein
    Leopold Litchenstein 1 year ago So I'm guessing this debunks Hush from Batman, then
  • A Frog
    A Frog 1 year ago (edited) Btw, I assume since they have the technology to perform the surgery, they also know about immunosuppression, smfh..
  • A Frog
    A Frog 1 year ago 414 likes for a comment about a fictional story in a hollywood action movie not being biologically feasible.. Hope you don`t watch sci fi or fantasy buddy..
  • The Optimist
    The Optimist 1 year ago 400th like!!! Very thing i was thinking of!!!
  • Moviefan2k4
    Moviefan2k4 1 year ago Then how do you explain real-life face transplants, which have become possible in just the last couple of years? I highly doubt the person who received their new face has to stay on immune suppressants for the rest of their lives.
  • Luis Guerra
    Luis Guerra 1 year ago It鈥檚. A. Movie.
  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 1 year ago (edited) Willy_Th3_ Walrus I agree. He should totally just commit suicide from writing that comment. It wasn't vulgar or mean spirited in an way but still, the nerve of that guy! You tell him, random internet douchebag! How dare he write a comment in a comment section, right?
  • Drosta Dorianin
    Drosta Dorianin 1 year ago As far as I know, transplantees require immune suppressors for the rest of their lives. Why stem cell research is so exciting, because they're your own cells, and won't be rejected.
  • The Ark-Ham Sandwich
    The Ark-Ham Sandwich 1 year ago So does that mean that a person with a transplanted organ is more susceptible to affliction for the rest of their life? Or is it merely part of the procedure and a temporary thing? Sorry, I have no medical background. Just curious in case I need one in the future for some unknown reason.
  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 1 year ago & that was the only reason it wouldn't work right there.
  • SteelHunter9
    SteelHunter9 1 year ago Pluendi did you really just question the logic of faceoff馃槓
  • Legendary Rockstar
    Legendary Rockstar 1 year ago Over thinking Nicolas cage
  • Ryan Schlichting
    Ryan Schlichting 1 year ago *His face would eventually be gone. Replace "gone" with "off", and you got yourself a good meme
  • DeepEye1994
    DeepEye1994 1 year ago (edited) Apparently this movie in its inception was supposed to be a Science Fiction movie (which would explain the impossible medicine of the face transplant and the weird metal boots high security prison, where originally most of the story would have taken place) before Woo decided to have it set in present day. ...In fact... Originally Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were meant to be in "Face/Off" and then they made that film "Escape Plan" where they team up to get out of a futuristic prison... Hm.
  • Double Yikes
    Double Yikes 1 year ago (edited) So youre saying that the rest of his body would want his face... Off?
  • That Generic Video Gamer
    That Generic Video Gamer 1 year ago Pluendi and that's why it's so damn fun
  • Steven Stone
    Steven Stone 1 year ago Pluendi man, if they put that in the movie... that's some Deus Ex shit. "Your body is rejecting the augmentation, this drug will temporarily dull your immune system and allow it to merge with you long enough to complete your mission."
  • looky khan
    looky khan 1 year ago Then it鈥檇 be called face gone! And what鈥檚 the point of that!
  • pizzaalex 123
    pizzaalex 123 1 year ago It doesn't really matter this movie is still awesome
  • C Dub
  • Griffin Superior
    Griffin Superior 1 year ago That would be a great plot point. He has to find the location of the bomb before it goes off or his face falls off.
  • Pgeon Jonas
    Pgeon Jonas 1 year ago So you say there is going to be a happy end?
  • Blonde Guy
    Blonde Guy 1 year ago It's a John Woo movie, don't read so much into it and just enjoy the gunfights.
  • Ry脝n
    Ry脝n 1 year ago Maybe they use a special glue to hold it together.
  • greenyax
    greenyax 1 year ago That's how his face will... face, off...
  • RedEyesTops
    RedEyesTops 1 year ago Wouldn't the blood types need to match for any transplant? Besides, there's no scars and the wife and girlfriend would probably be able to tell the difference if they saw them naked.
  • Karolis Dervinis
    Karolis Dervinis 1 year ago Limb and organ transplants are also made of foreign cells, you MR.F
  • Paul Scollon
    Paul Scollon 1 year ago Suspension of disbelief. Try it sometime.
  • Johnalogue
    Johnalogue 2 years ago Well, the shockwave of his screams should also set off the explosives and kill the doves, yet the pyrotechnics and animal trainers found a way around it. Why can't the makeup people do the same?
  • brendo
    brendo 2 years ago ProbeVoyages heh. Nicolas Cage's freak-out sweat would wash away all the makeup probably.
  • Johnalogue
    Johnalogue 2 years ago That's awesome and disgusting. Why DIDN'T they put that in as a plot point just to make this movie more insane?
  • Andro Libre
    Andro Libre 2 years ago After Troy is captured , Archer had a good point, all those dead field agents that were part of that close secret team, celebrating with champagne was in really bad taste. Shit, there's funerals to get to
  • Gamer Raichu
    Gamer Raichu 6 months ago I agree! People died just to get this one criminal, and the case hasn't even been concluded yet.
  • RPG Is Life
    RPG Is Life 2 years ago And now for my daily Dark Knight joke, "WHERE'S RACHEL?!?!?!"
  • 缇庣殑 銈裤儵銉炽儊銉ャ儵TARANTULA_7U
    缇庣殑 銈裤儵銉炽儊銉ャ儵TARANTULA_7U 8 months ago RPG Is Life And I thought my jokes were bad...
  • Steve C
    Steve C 2 years ago My god, this is my favorite one so far. I mean how do you top Face/Off... seriously. I love simply the fact he must've swum to shore underwater... miles... underwater... avoiding a helicopter...
  • Aegislash Excalibur
    Aegislash Excalibur 3 weeks ago Bullets decelerate underwater. So as long as you're deep enough, even sniper 50 caliber bullets won't hit.
  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 6 months ago Obviously he wouldn鈥檛 have swum unaided to shore. They filmed a series of scenes, where a dolphin decides to help him. Cage holds on to her, they do underwater mouth-to-blowhole transfer of oxygen, and the other dolphins help hide him in the group to get to shore
  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 1 year ago Stephen C Not to mention coming-out dry, 谩 la Michael Caine in JAWS: THE REVENGE
  • Vector Vbuck
    Vector Vbuck 2 years ago Stephen C cats vs dogs
  • Danielnicholas Georgi
    Danielnicholas Georgi 1 year ago BEST OPENING CLIP EVER! SO MUCH CAGE